The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1936
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

: PAGE &1GHT Locals, Seeding 24th " Straight Triumph; To Face Veteran Team ; BV J. p, FRIEND Forth'e. first lime In more than a month:(lie Walnut Ridge Bobcats will have their full strong t> to throw agilnst the Blvlhevllli ChlcKasaws Thursday night, nc- .cording to press reports. Not since.,. their opener whlcl they dropped to Ihe Jonesboro Qolden Hurricane, BO-0, have the Bobcat coiches had all regulars available at one time. But n n nre pronounced in fine shape and ready for the Chicks The Bobcats ha\e won evci-y other game so far In five starts After being swamped by Joncs- toio they look vengeance out on the hides of Hoxle, 51-C A week later Batesville nosed (hem out by a touchdown nnd safety margin 8-0 Thev beat JlTc Little Rock Deaf school, J4-7. the following Friday Scarcj easily took tlicm into camp in their tnst game, 20- Bobcals .Veteran Team Only Iwo' first year men will be In the starting Bobcat lineup. Kell, a shifty back and a voung- er member of Ihe family Hint has produced outstanding performers for Walnut Ridge, and Haulum an end. are competing for the first time The others saw service In the 1935 route, 97-0 The team as a whole weighs- 101 pounds. The forward wall scales 166 pounds With Thoirm. lefl tackle, pulling the Fairbanks to 210 pounds Callahan. right guaid, and Ornddy right tackle, weigh 174 and 103 respectively. The home club will take the 'field us. follows:' Smith (159), left end. Thomas (210), left lackle, Moore (150), left guard, Wilkinson (158), cenler, Callahan (174), right guard Graddy (163), right tackle, Haulum, (148) light end, Sailings (151), quarterback, Halliburton, (158), left half, Rlchnidson (156), tight half, Kell (145). fullback. Ha Adds lo Toll ' Flu claimed two more Chicks yesterday. Homer Besharse and Robert 'Scotty" Scott, backs, were unable to report for practice due to severe colds nnd fevei Bill Harrison, tackle, and Everett Craig guard, who have been laid up for a few days because of the malady, weie Ui uniform and bearing down with those excep- ttons the entire squid Is all right. Coach LasUe concentrated' on signals and line plnv and was get- tint' results The line was opening large "holes 'and (showing decided Improvement on tdefense„ as well.- Several of the Isecond^'stringersj ilollceablv Leou s-airord, tuiscne Hood, Jaj SmI'h were pulling up ft t scrap , Alvin Justice and Dan Wai ring- ton continued to get first call on the right side of the line and indications are that both will open against the Bobcats Dan started his first varsity game last week and did well Whether Besharse or Max Hutchms will start at fight halftack Is a matter of con- Lions Take to Air Apparently flouting about as though theh football suits were Inflakid ' helium eas, a cnmrlel of the Detroit Tigers, National proVess'ion- l Kcotbnll Uaauc Champions me seen nl)o\e dnlni! a Illlle gioimd nd, lofty tumbling as Ihcy llmiier up In practice. Ernie Caddcll i:o. 1). hard-rinmlng tack, dcmon.strales how lie expects: lo .float >ver the opposing line, while behind him. i.sfi Tackle Slenn (No am alls into an Imaginary tackier, lielow Is q close-up of the 'piinisli- l"g liulm with which Caddcll stral 3 ht-arms his gridiron' foes BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS QutsidgfLdoking lii Not Jealous, Surely? .Could It .be that Pin« Bluff, the home' of the highly touted Zebras, Is so very jealous because (he Blytiicvlllc Chickasaws |have managed lo steal a considers portion of the 7,ebras' Ih 33? ''"! •'<"•' Scmehow we get that )m& slon very distinctly from amusing efforts of Eugene '^,, .ports columnist jof llherplne *l«,i 2cnnicrclal,- to deflate the stafc- tfldc ropularlty <\6l the( Cljicto with Illtle barbed comments,"now and Ihcn, aimed at Ihe BlytHe- vlllo 'grldde're. 1 ^V '^ ' >J ^;' iBut fnr-'t>c. It -from us to ' ;fn test thill Mr. Wiley desist.if"Iii fart w<re -. ul|',"forv'telllng J'MT. .vllcj to,,k'<¥>feec au j4 we llclty department of the Blythe- vllie team." Y( ' ;lb;liye up lo You've got a chance . to the good words Wiley passed your way rce '.rr.. ey passe you jwhep ; i lie said that you ",hjj!'.> the chambers of cb In < the country skinned .,a ;;<•>,' -Jpule." vft ,|3;|TI$ BlythevIJlc-Grccnwood game Witiluled lo be plnyed here Prl- (tfy, fOcl. 30 should pack 'em '. In Itjjupt huppens, evidently, that the "rl'soft schedule" Mr. Wiley referred lo r)»s, Qreenwpod coming ; cijr way. 'Or course' we' real- . ize; [that the.>t :.; makers r;. Wiley's topnctcliers for;!love or money and .had to go,out. of (lie, .stale' lo fed one ; V ' alli''»ppearances 't'lj'e'y bcllevo' t'h'at the ' football IIUILS,, , -- -.-,--....v« -vncy pf .Arka.ii5iis ( . know n whole Joll • c f¥ "*" U[) " 'Wfjs^ws. and /Mr mora'.'abouf- the pigskin sjtua- wll «f" lo °. K jusf h'ap'pehs' that Greenwood Is imdefeated' and only lory ' lion Jecture. Both did well at gould. STORIES IN f By I. S. Klein T •• - •* - • - "vrrrwyT-f.-vWYWy GMUMBUS SEEKS AID 7 QUEEM JSABELLA ,gPAIN was busy fighling back r the invading Moors, when jChristopher Columbus sought aid jto pro\e his fanciful idea of a ,\vestwaid passage to India. Through the friendship he had made at La Rabida convenl, he ;met other Spanish clerics and "ini- .porlant. retainers of the crown and, in 1486, he firsi faced King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. , They referred him lo a council of advisers at Salamanca, and 'twice this group turned down his •ear of Queen . Finally, he got a third hearing >and on April 17, 1492, the king and queen signed their rojal con•sent to the \enture. n- the idea being Ihat If the play [clicks entirely, It will go for a tn Mr. Wiley even jsus- And, eyijrvveftort 'of • Mr."wlley's »>'shove, the Chicks down Just makes them... jump . limit...- much ilgher Jn the v estimation of "' fans..over Ihe state unless we miss'-.;'our '., guess; .'They "haven't 'orgotten last fall's, fiasco with a Pine., BhjrI T Blythcvllle gaiiie for Ihe rilivte' championship fulllr/j through niter Blytheville' had offered Pine Bluft »200a to come heie nnd Pine Bluff countered with 11 it generou? »500 offer to the Chicks to play at Piric Bluff Even Mr Wiley himself Imame somewhat put out abput the Indifference displayed by t tiie Pine Bluff athletic • management toward such a game'last fall. And every time that Mr. Wiley discusses Ihe 'soft aspect of the Blythevllie schedule we believe that fans generally recalling the futile efforts of Ihe'Chick' schedule makers to Innd jmmes with the tennis that Mr. Wiley calls his top nolUiers In state grid circles. . may well ' remark ''Oh Yeah?' "With the Greatest of .Ease If thty ever find a place under the 'big top for mental ucru bats Mr.. Wiley will'come.:into hh o • , As i. ^unlifitatlon we would sup tiest the mental gymnastics bj which Mr Wilev picturing th stale title race at present man :iwes lo keep'the Zebras on top— "come what may. ^ .l : V-i • ,• Slzlnj up the situation ' a present Mr. Wiley puts 10 team In the race. Pine Bluff, ^-ith 3 wins nnd 2 ties. Is at the liead Mr. Wllev's parade while Ho Dress rehearsal under the lights' Touchdown s ^scheduled for tonight. The team | This happened In the second Kill leave, early Thursday morniiuj. period of the Plt.sburgh game I Snrln ., ',„ „ when i the Dukes shook Georce P P E " ',* llllj 3 wl '. ls Matslk, substitute right ImVfbMV f secolul nlld "^ 1" loose on a simple off-tnckle play..;, I The piny ,was limed-so perfectly,-J, nnd the blocking wta so excellent' n that Mnlslk plvoledi and sprlr'" 1 -* By d 1. tie Is third. : Blytheville th 4'wins.. no ties and ''noetic its is 'ninth and Nashville will wins, tio ties and no .delKita lot likely to happen In This Surlngdalc, i,. he case of Dumiesne University, lowever. For some time before Uic 3ukes' 7-0 vlctoi-y.orcr Pittsburgh, While' Michael James Basrak twos known .Ihat all the goo<i being boomed for an All-, foolbnll in the'Smolgf' Cily wasn't berth, there-.are four other staj- )laycd by Ihe Panthers and Car-'wnrrs-ln, Ihe DUkes' big forward iiegle Tech.. The triumph of Ihe wall, who are, It anything " tijpe- Cathollc school on the Bluff—old rior to.' the .Jldrpound, six - foot- Holy Ghost College—wasn't nearly .two" ca'ptuln. and 'center. Tliey are ' n< J J°rnes; ;B U t; what''-«'c 'curilt 'uiidi-rsliiivd a .kicks .us; is W |, y Hope-with; 5-w|ns'and-..! ', Mr. Wllc>' ! "says; he.'has nrade lio' attempt;: to--' .list:j the ',-teartif in the order of: .wins and .losses but -on th.C''basis.'ol'"opposUloli n the outside they irave 1 faced... .Our •'hope ,:•;!« ,. - r. < , —^, thnl th'e -Zel>ras, manage iKuard -' "" Amann; a °" 1 of' .{he . loss, 1 cplua.n ,, „. Jnucsne earned II* vie' TI •'•'"' ', , ' I " 1C Arkansas'-boundary) -so. tliiit lory over P tt In thn Jtn \ i t>,W f C , " 1C " ""'' nl ° st to ''o with Ihcy will not for'ce Mr. Wiley nick «!•• C O ,,|P, np^, H PHI being dealt Its first defeat by'into dtelcr.'acrobatics . to. ke«o st aVed ihc Imortnnce of'tllr" :"» easlcr11 chlb since >«• »"d 'en, on lop... And b>- '.way -of iraien uic I nportance of the psy- belnij scored on for the first time, warning ;- but -we, believe game ™' , " liS S ' 1>SOn "' ' •' I Zrbr!ls already .'know'.. lt-b< ' Pittsburgh appeared .Invincible ' Df out-of-state teams..' Of course as', much as.attempting to i ; pass of any " ist Ohio stale, In trying to over,. the place the It was only natural Ihat 'lit varsity suffered n let,,-,,,. following Its smashing victory over Ohio State. With that per- ,,..., lormance to look back to and >,„ ,,.„. „ gloat about nnd Notre Dame the 1 ' , '' ,,, - • im objective in Ihe minds of Iereb 5'' B el , ll »K Into trouble in ho Panther, the Duquesne con- S'nl^'.H ''^ "^ , D "W^»P- cst was nothing more than some- 1",^ n .° llllnB for grantecl il! foot - hing sandwiched In to fill out the - ' schedule. | ~ • Shrewd Jock Sutherland tried Pro Grid Gait Up 10 ngi,t off ini s reeling among his.' CHICAGO, Oct. 21.—According "™U ' " nn '"'Possible to Joe Carr, president of the Na.„, lv ni, sf> nmc fr c | Je (0 ta) |. [] 0 - |la | po,]tij n ii i, eaKUCi attendance i!, r," b .?''' Bl l' roresslon nl football games this the Panthers, who Inck only fall is 60 per cent greater than it doesn't mar. a,'state record but it docs kiniV'. hurt your pride'to lake a :boatlng loo oltcn from' anybody ' litre's Your Chance And now a word to the n , , ,. ony a in-sl-class kicker, became amour : last -•'•--. »»vi\v.i, uv^mim ttnionsr tlie newest bunch of college athletes to learn that football l s a game In which It doesn't pay lo consider yourself too capable The reverse will make Ihe Gold and Blue just Ihat much tougher for Notre Dame, Fordham, Pcnn state iNebrn-ska, and Carnegie Tech' that way. g ™ ' season. DuQiiesne Systttn Scores demonstrated Read Courier News Want Ads. B*f«rt Yon Buy Any Outboard - S« the NEPTUNE : i H. r. - vAc ' Sinjle CjrL : ST-* 1 * (Other Sizes to. 18 H. P.) HUSBARD TIRE & BATTERY CO. ,^. .._ "viiiuiioil iH.tU lilat the Notre Dame system was not I as obsolete as Heartley Anderson 1 Indicated. The trouble with Anderson at South Bend was that copy of the of o e • famous painting by Biozik. now 1 >in the Mctiopolitan Museum in 1 .New York, showing Columbus so- 1 ilicltlng aid horn Queen Isabella. ' - t ' U. S. — IS93 ' Columbia before Isabella Sc— chocolal* 1 { ' , !»«. NBA .Rockne have—and are— Proving his basic principles as sound as a savings bank. | Among them are Johnivy (Little ; Clipper) Smith, who ascended To! the head coaching position at Du-1 quesne this autumn. Smith, waleh * charm Notre Dame captain and guard of 1527, pcvhaps stick" clo"-' cr to the Rockne scheme than Dane ^^ ° f "' C lmmorlal Red and Blue ends are expected 10 .take the lackle by themselves one man Is assigned to each- of the defensive . team ' Important Notice CITY PAVIN<3 and SEWER TWOES All scwcr! and' iwvinf taxes are now due and payable at the office of the City Clerk in the ,,'City. ilall: ^ •'.'..': ;. . " Please'pay these taxes without delay and save '.penalty .and extra costs. - RuthBlythe, ' City Improvement Collector lust, ]week baUled qenfrals of Columbus' Miss ' to a draw. Now the Oenei-als iicre 1035 state champions of ; ! Mlssls- Al^DlxIe and All-Amerlc^if 'there' Is such a thing, backnild ace.i cil and milled Greenwood, T WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 21, 1936 until they met Certainly we know your Chickasaws arc in for a real bnltlc.l Just another "set-up", refusing! [Pro Football Linemen Through After Thirty slow to keep up with younger opponents, ..>....•-.,«.. ./... . __^^ • • i Of the more than 20,000 sixains of land mammals on this -, reusng! , , . to'.piny the 'part: on that "soft"! NEW YORK Oct ••>! -Pr6f»v or ' a ' Kl J» a »»Mls on this oartKj schedule- of yours. Your Chick-js'onal iootball linemcn'Vre loo old ! °f V"' * ka "£. aro ° rat ' '^ s!» »s«W8 may even el beat 1 '° 1>I'> In a ° iere " 1>cMm <™ fused tb-f may 'even gel beat but at. least we. hope to.see a-real! game. . Anyway ,wc can always 1 to Play In a fast league when g c i h ':?. y.get lo be 30 years .old, nc-' Ing lo Sieve Owen, coach, of! The — , .... V .. U|| ,,,,, V«Wi aiWiljDJ -*•• ' soft pedal" these out of state 1 lf >e . ?"Wf»«pft«rwards. If you doirt,"8 e a lineman Is Just as Hood >is >,r,.i"T""i ••••••"•& i"i me k«oV how, ask .far.' Wiley,- 1,6 "ft was going'-1,, a slralglit' Ine ' rni ' ls ,, a ,'. nos . t ' ll <' 1 I> !e M 1" a dead Shr^r* <t ^4^ rt ry^^-^S £r"^ a "" ^H All(] hv (>10 u'au nf»X,.' n._ \»' i ' • • OUS, , • And by the way after' the Wnl- rnit, aixi Ridge, game this , week-end the : Oreenwood ; affair -ncx week the Chlckasaws ' will have " couple of "sofl spots"—Scarcy and Forrest Clty-before kicking oil agaiast the best team In Memphis .on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe' we'd belter concentrate on 1 -the business al 1 hrihd before worrying • ourselves- ' sick • 'about that state title ..situation. At least there's no doubt ^that Mr Wiley, will.- manage.•;to i keep well In . hand. Courier News'Want Ads. ! 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