Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York on July 16, 1945 · Page 2
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Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York · Page 2

Dunkirk, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1945
Page 2
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THE EVENING OBSERVER, HUNKIRTv, N. T,, MON'DAY, JULY 16, Legal Matters As Filed With the County Clerk Transfers For July 13, 1943 Deeds Salome Sapp to Const,im-c Salome Shacteftine 1, Jamestown . Busti, SIM. ·foe Aibanp to Prank Donate, Jamestown, £1,00. City of Jamestown to Samuel L Bands. Jamesto'.vu. S 130.00. City of Jamestown to Evelyn ffeciiUEKl. JktiestoWi. $150.00. Leo ft. Wells to Geoi'ge F. Jac- "I'-iori 1. Jamestown. $1,00, Edward E. Johnson to Fveder- k-k O. A. Jbhnsii, Jamestown, SI m. City of Jamestov.'ti ctal to Eph- fftin C. Johnson 1, Jamestown. St.00. City of Dunkirk to Theodore hi, Dunkirk, $1 or m. Walter Crapes to . James J. CzeeliowsUi 1, Dunkirk, !pl m. Frederick L. Palmer 1 tu Ai-- lan K. Pattison 1, Busti, $1 m. Alaec S. Bates to Loon A. Carlson 1, Busti, Sl.OO. Chautauqua County to Charles Dclbcrt Jaeobson 1, Busli. SioO.OO. Mary Graham Noss to Mary T. Noss. CluuUauqua, $500.00. Chautaiuitia County to J. Alfred" Johnson 1, Ellery, $05.00. Mary B. Culver 1 to f , Alfred Johnson 1, Ellery, $1 m. Eta.ll Spinnewyn 1 to Arthur Desnercl; 1, Elllcott, Sl.OO. Frederick J. Anderson 1 to 'Mathins W. Huth 1, Ellicot'l. $1.00. Mary C. Vnlonc to Albert Jacter- bcrg 1. ElHcott. SI m. Frank V, Stein to Algol Lind- qulst 1, ElHcott, Sl.OO. /Prank E. Vlning 1 to Chester W. Sceiey 1, Ellicott, Sl.OO. Frank Smith to Frank Shartran. Elilcott,' Sl.OO. Manley M. Crowell to John D U'ilcox 1, Hanover, $1.00. CHOOSE FROM 3 KINDS Baked Loaves Punts Summertime c i l l t far taity, 'icady in I jiffy' makln's for tuppati or i » n d w ! t h I u n c h « K. Horc'i juit '^th. thing! thif* Fancy Sliced · \ "''». Lunch Meat N foorfl S h o p *' «4rl»t Vz 25 C Only Pointi AVAILABLE AT ALL NU-WAY- MARKETS 415 Central Avenue, Dunkirk, N. Y. NOW IN OUR 74th YEAR, FRIENDLY CONSCIENTIOUS SERVICE E H L E R S Funeral Service 39 West Fourth Street, Dunkirk, N. Y. Phones 2443, 2496 or 2094 , H. C. EHLERS CO., Inc. Reginald D. Gartllnler, Licensed Manager .. Ansott Steward, Licensed Assistant REAGAN FUNERAL HOME JOSKPtt T. REAGAN. Proprietor Successor to W. H. Brophr, Ine. A.MIM LA K 2326 -- 103 SMI fourth Street Xhukirk if. T. Entered Into Rest MM. Frances, Friday, .July 13th, 1945 at the Brooks Memorial hospital, lifelong resident of this city, member of St. Mary's church. Widow of the late Alexander Maltislewlea who passed away 20 years ago. Mother of Mrs. fgnallus Fafiuskl and Mrs. LouU S. Van Wcy of this city. Mrs Harry Brckmun of Somcrvlllc. Mass, and Miss Bcrnlcc Alatii- «le\vl« of Buffalo and the late William Matuslewtcz.' Sister of Mrs. Peter Tygsko, Frank and John Romanowskt of this city. Sts grandchildren also survive. ' Funeral services Wednesday, July 18th, 1945 from the family residence, 71 East Courtney street at 8:30 and 9 o'clock in SI. Mary's Church. Interment to follow In the family plot in St. ll«dwJr's Cemetery. » Supkoski Funeral Service -- Incorporated -- · John D. Wllcox 1. to Manlsy M. Cvowell I, Hanover,' $1,00. .Ei-Ie Railroad Co. t o ' Willis- Karcleiiger, Harmony,. $1.00. Willis Hafdinger to Emmett L. Ecfcor 1, Harmony, $50.00. Margaret M. Deegau to' Axel W. Hagstrom 1, N. Harmony, $1 m. ' . . Mary Evaline Newton to Gerald N. Dengle, Pomlet, $1 m. Helen M. Frisbee to Beardsiey R. Fi'isbce, Stockton, Sl.OO. Mortgages George F. Jacobsoti 1 to Leo H. Wells, Jamestown, $2000.00, James J. .Czechowski 1. -to Lake Shore Savings Loan Ass., Dunkirk, §800.00. Allan Kt Pattison 1 to National Chautauyua County Bank. Busti. $2800.00, .Mathias W..Huth 1 to Frederick J. Anderson 1, 'Ellicott, S2300.00. ' A r t h u r Desnercli 1 to Emil Spinnewyn 1, Ellicott, $2000.00 Chester W. Seeley 1 to Frank E.'Vinmg 1, Ellicott, $3000.00, Albert A. Jadergerg 1 to Mary Lawson, Ellicott, S2600.00, Gerald N. Dengler to Citizens Trust Co., Pomfrct, $12,000.00. Discharge of Mortsragcs Donald R. Li'vengoocl to Earl Hilton 1. · David V. Danielson 1 to Federal Land Bank. Bennle Anderson 1 to National Chautauqua County Bank. Axel S. Carlson to Carl J. Carlson 1. Bennle (Benjamin) Anderson 1 to National Chautauqua County Bank. Carl Gustav FritioX Palmberg 1 to Peter J. planes. Alvln -R. Hultqulst ' 1 to Edith Meredith Cole. Ray R. Newton 1 to Sarah S. Butcher. Walter H. Vosburg 1 to Dun- krrk Trust Co, Elton Lee McNinch 1 to Nathan Vining. Beatrice Ml Burrows to Dayton Moore 1, ( . Assignment of Mortgages · Bertha T. Waggoner to Frances K. Livengood. Sam Nicosia etal to First National Bank oi Jamestown. Release of Mortgage Bank of Jamestown to Frank V- Stein, Ellicott, S I ' m. Will ' Alma W. Cox to John John AV Cox. Certificates of Assumed Name Of--Charts Distributor ol Jamestown by Joseph Abramson, 1001 Prcndergast Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. ·' ' Of--L. M. Hooker- son by Lulu; M. Hooker, Sherman, N. Y.; by Kenneth R. Hooker, Sherman, N. Y. Funeral Notices SALVAGE COMPANIES ARRIVE III NEW YORK New York, July 16--(UP)-The transport Thaddeus Kosciusko is scheduled to arrive today, bringing 374 United States troops from Europe. Yesterday,- 366 troops · disembarked from \he transport Isaac Colos. Aboard the Thaddeus Kosciusko, which docked at Pier 84, North river, this morning, were units of the 3052nd QM Salvage collecting company;' and the 6837th, 6838th. 6839th, 6840th, 684-lst. 6842nd and 6843d QM detachments. Protests are being made, in South Africa against paying'Cull ·.'are for .children in arms on air lir.ors. LOANS . DECIDE THE .AMOUNT NEEDED --then-- Pick Your Monthly Payment Plan 2 4 - 6 -10 1 2 Mos. Mos. . Mos. Mos. Mos. 25 , 12.97 6.65 : 50 25.94 13.29 9.08 5.71 75 38.91 19.94 13.62 8.57 7.31 100 51.88 26.58 18.15 11.43 9.75 150 77.70 39.79 27.16 17.07 14.36 175 90.60 46.38 31.65 19.88 16.95 200 103.51 52.97 36.is 22.68 19,33 250 129.26 68.11 45.08 28;27 24.U8 300 155.01 79.26 54.02' 33.85 28.82 Interest is computed at the rate of 2Vs% per.month on principal balance not in excess of $100 and 2% per month on that part of principal balance in.excess of $100. UPSTATE PERSONAL U LOAN CORPORATION 409 CErfTKAL AVEKUE -PnOnE 2314 M. M. Woelfle rmnsBAL DIRECTOR Central Avenue ·t Fifth Street Phone 2263 Dunkirk, N. Y. AMBULANCE SERVICE WOEUTLE, Arthur H. -- Funeral services were held Saturday at 9:30 from .the WoelCle Funeral Parlors and at 10:00 in St. l^ary's church. The Rev. Father Bertr.and McDewall, C. P., celebrated a high mass of requiem, the Rev. Father Egbert -Gossart, C. P.,, and the Rev. Father Rupei:t Langenstein were present in the. sanctuary. The hon, orary bearers ,were Dr. Joseph LaPaglia, Murray Shelton, Albert Walter, Frank Bartela, John Schiffman and Frank Janice. The active bearers were Leo Pfleeger, William. Smith, ' Raymond Locker, Thomas Morrissey, Theodore Lempges and Joseph Clifford. The Dunkirk . city council attended in a body. Attending from out of the city were Mrs. Walter - Corkins of Los Angeles,, C.al., Mr. and Mrs. August Woelfle, Erie, P a . ; ' M r . and Mrs. Charles Hylanci, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cottrell of-Buffalo, Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Breth of Fort Johnson, N. Y,; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hooker of WUliamsv'ille, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. 'Leonard Fredrickson' of Jamestown; Mr. ' and Mrs. Charles Moser of Toledo, p., Mr. and Mrs, John Carlson of Fluvanna, N.. Y.; Mr. and Mrs, Richmond Palmet" Mr. Mathias Birk of Mayvllle, N. Y. Burial took place in the family plot at. St. Mary's cemetery. CALLAGES, Mrs. Sarah.--Funeral services Tuesday, July 17th, 'from -the family residence,' 606 ·Deer street, at 9:30 and 10 · o'clock in St: Mary's church. Interment to follow in the family -··. plot in the parish cemetery. WHIFFLE, Emm'ett R.--Funeral . will be held at..2:30 o'clock Tues. day Jrorn the 'Woelfle' Funeral .. parlors,' The Rev, W. .J. Strack ; . will officiate. Interment will be '.;. in 'the Portland cemetery.. The remains ar.e at the funeral ' parlors where friends may call. BELDE.V, Mrs. Jessie M. -- Fun- · eral will'be he\d at 2 o'clock ·'·Friday, "-July;- 20th, from- .the ,-· residence in ..'-'Stockton,'. Intev- · ment will be ' in Stockton Cemetery."' . We .-wish-.to-thankr/ill our neigh- bors'arid friend's for the sympathy; and kindnessesVshowu during turn recent:bereavement. Also for yars donated and. floral pieces. ·. Sincere appreciation is extended to ,-the ·American Legion and the Veterans of. Foreign Wars for cheir-services. : ', MR. MRS. ". JOHN KACHERMEYER WILLIAM ICACH- EBMEYER. U. S. TECHNICIANS % TOFS Technical experts who followed our armies into Germany found to their amazement .that . the vaunted technicians of Germany aren't so hot. Only in one instance, in the case of rubber, were the German technicians able to keep up with or even abreast of us and that was on the production of JKoi'oseal. Hitler defeated himself in. the battle of technicians' when he caused the nation's best t 0 be killed or imprisoned. UNKNOWN SOLDIERS There will be fewer unknown soldiers after World .War II than World War I through efforts of the Graves Registration of the Quartermaster' corps. In addition to the use of dog tags and identification bracelets on all personnel, they are making use of new fingerprintling, and mouth and tooth-print methods to aid in identification of dead. HEAVY OF JAP CITY BY FLEET IS DESCRIBED BY ERNEST HQBERECHT Aboard the Battleship Iowa off Muroran, July 16--(UP) -- The mighty battlewagoiis of this task force have just sent 1,000 tons of shells crashing into the steel port o£-Muroran without a return shot, and the city is burning fiercely within 1,000 yards of our smoking guns. The Iowa ran up 'its battle flag in- full sight of the 'enemy and fired the first salvo at 9:37 a. m. Now, 62 minutes later,'the cease fire signal has been hoisted and our warships are drawing oi'f after throwing more than. 800 rounds of 16-inch shells into the port. ', It is incredible that we could venture this close to "the .enemy homeland without a fight. There is land to port, land dead ahead and land to starboard. There must be Japanese shore batteries on that land, but they aren't firing. Not even an enemy pistol has been 'levelled at our warships, which include the battleships ·Wisconsin and Missouri, as well as the Iowa. ' The main targets were the big iron and steel works at Murorun on the southern tip of Hokkaido, j To get into firing position, we had ti steam 125 miles Into enemy waters between Hokkaido and ,Hon- su, but we made it unchallenged. Our gunners fired, with deadly accuracj'. How accurate can best be described in the words of aerial spotters flying over the target. Repeatedly they called back: 'No change, no change," signifying that our salvoes were on the target. The spelters reported "extensive damage" and said the areas were "thoroughly worked over." " Our ten-ton broadsides touched off a terrific explosion in the Ni- 5011 steel works. The Wanishi iron works and the Mitsubishi coal factory were wrecked. When we first peered out through the murky morning we could see numerous buildings and towering smokestacks. Now there is only smoke, (ire and devastation in Muroran, once' a city of 107,000. HEAVY RAINFALL IN WESTERN NEW YORK RECORDED OVER WEEKEND Buffalo, JuryTe--(UP)--Rain- fall in the Buffalo area was unusually heavy during the first 15 ·days of July, the U. S. weather bureau'reported today. Official figures showed · 2.94 inches of rain fell during the first half of the month, more than-double 'the-normaL amount of precipitation for the period. For the entire month last year the, total average rainfall was only 3.03 inches. !\Vith the increased rainfall and below normal temperatures, affecting particularly Buffalo sports sched.ules have suffered, games in the International Baseball league and contests in the Pony' loop. 'Games postponed be- ctaise of weather have forced scheduling of many double-headers for the balance of the season. The temperature today had climbed to 62, as compared with yesterday's low of 59, but the' average 66.8 mark for the first - 15 days of the month was still far short of last year's 74.4 average for the same period. Normal temperature for this time of the year, the weather bureau said, would be 70. Australia has an e'gg shortage. JAPS ARE DISLODGED BY BRITISH TROOPS Calcutta, July 16--(UP)--The southeast Asia commarid announced today, that British forces had dislodged Japanese troops dag in with 81 millimeter mortars near Myitkyo, 2g miles northeast of Peru in southeastern Burma. Following an artillery barrage. British troops attacked but found " C H E C K " on our CUTE COTTONS Plaids, solids, checks, pastels in every style and color you could' want. Choose several for work and play. S P O R T S W E A R See our wide selection of Slacks, Shorts, Shirts, Swim Suits and. Short Sets. the enemy had. already withdrawn. Five villages in the area southeast of Pegu were reported cleared pi' the enemy. ELABORATE SETUP Potsdam, Jun 16--(UP)--Security for the Big Three conference today is so elaborate that it took the. chief security 'officer an hour to get through the barriers surrounding the conference area. The official, passes' for the conference are the most- elaborate ever .used for such a meeting. The intricately designed cards bear the United States, British and Russian flags. They are- carefully checked, at each ** the almost endless road barriers into the c viference zone. President Truman is abiding by an agreement with Russia and Britain that correspondents may not cover the conference physically. The three- \Yhite House press association reporters accompanying him are allowed to go with him on alt journeys near Berlin But they are prohibited from entering the conference area. Allied correspondents have been notified by Lieut. Col. John Redding, chief public 'relations officer at the Allied press camp, that they-'will be subjected to a 72-hour suspension "if you even attempt to approach the conference zone." Redding said that the military forces. guarding the airdrome where the Truman and Churchill parties landed- were not even going to allow official army photographers on the scene but he said he had intervened so that American army cameramen could record [the scene along with British and Russian photographers. "C" GASOLINE COUPON WILL BE ELIMINATED Los' Angeles, July 16--(UP) -The Los -Angeles police employe's union, AFL, today asked the house committee on un-American activities to investigate-production o: gangster films and suggested- a federal board of censorship to control all motion picture production. In a resolution, the union asked the'committee to determine if gangster movies were a "scheme to undermine the moral fibre of the nation." ' The union said that "gangster ·films tended -to glorify cruelty, inhumanity and ruthlessness and that while the "crime does not pay" moral of gangster films has its effect upon adults, .it fails to reach juveniles; Washington, July 16--(UP) -R. A. Youngblood, gasoline' rationing chief for the Office ..'of Price Administration, today confirmed reports that the use of C gasoline coupons will . be discontinued about Oct. 1. He told reporters that,the date "has not been finally decided," but it was expected, to be thp latter part of September or first of October. A new gasoline ration period bagins Sept. 21. Youngblood said OPA decided to abolish C coupons because nf the recent boost of B coupon value to 605 miles a month. As a result he said, "the line of demarcation between the two is now pretty Ihin." He said the action would ease the work of. local ration boards, and reduce printing costs: Street lighting restrictions are being removed in Colombo, Ceylon. '· LOS ANGELES POLICE ASK INQUIRY MADE . INTO GANGSTER FklMS COMPLETE 1 Each battleship j^ unit, generating lts 0 ^' ity. having a complete, and telegraphic expand mechanical si ^,i ces. prints a d auy ^S I4-C nlT'M _ . - · i . "^flBte*. oivn 1 Headac Terms As Low u $l!si . Sturdily- cased,. shock-ptpc£ij terprddf and anti-magneBt S . .-with sweep second hand, ... .with radium numerals .and k and; black.-out dials. . Prices Subject to Federal Tax ' · ' Leo -M. Levy, Tilgr. · . : IJUK1 J *onsons JEWELERS StHCi ,.~~ --JTince With Krery PmrthMe, . EHLER GREATEST SUMMER Our Greatest Summer Clearance Is IVow In Progress You Will Find Unusual Bargain^ In All of Our Vast Three Floors! V LIVING ROOM FURNITURE DINING ROOM and BREAKFAST SETS BEDROOM SUITES MATTRESSES and SPRINGS STORAGE CABINETS TABLES OF ALL KINDS SUMMER FURNITURE JUVENILE FURNITURE - BABY CARRIAGES and GIFTS Come Early While Our Stock Is Complete! Liberal Credit Terms! Free Delivery!" 1 We Will Pack and Ship to Any Destination! H. C. EHLERS COME "Quality at Low Price" HOME FURNISHINGS -: : -- FUNERAL DIRECTORS CENTRAL AVE. at FOURTH ST. DUNKIRK, NEW'

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