The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1941 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1941
Page 2
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PACE TWO Magnesium Now Irjiportan In Plane Industry and 1 Making Munitions NE\V YORK. (UP)— This war i' making a new uidustry-r-fabrica- tiqn of magnesium on a large scale. 'The Germans discovered meth- xis of extracting- aod fabricating ndagnesiura in the World War. Patents for the process came here later and American Magnesium Company was formed," half )wned by Aluminum Company of America and half by General Ana- ine and Film, Corporation. Recently Aluminum Company took over ;he latter's interest and now owns .he company 100 ger cent. This corp.ora'tiDn oruy fabricates ;he magnesium which it. obtains 'rom Dow Chemical Company. Dow ;xtracfes the, metal from, a brine ised in its other chemical processes ind from sea water. Magnesium, -:aiuabie .'defense product, is lighter :han aluminum and is used for a .[arietjr of purposes in the airplane ndusfcry," for flares, tracer bullets, lid "many other things. Many Tests Demanded •Until recently, army and navy in^ineers reiused. to consider mag- lesium for its uses. Tney wanced o wait until, the metal nad been perfected in all ways, mcluniug j>rcoi' it would resist corrosion. aence, there was. small demand. Now the rush pi orders from niHcaijy and ... naval . sources is so treat • that plants have been ex- >anded . and. new .construction aannecL Pour buildings and a tract >i' land have- been purcnased at indgeporb, Conn., wn.ere castings :qr au'pianes wiil be made. Wun his: addition, the output of mag- lesium castings will have been teppeii up more than 20 times the Jprmal peacetime, demand of 1938. Accoraing; to, Wiser Brown, vice- president- of the company, output >f- .magnesium, in Marc a will be Fell; over the. . total, for the whole [ear of 1938. At present,, the com»any operates plants in. Buffalo, Ileyeiand, Los Angeles,/ New Kenington, Pa., Edgewater, N. J., and iarafood, N. J., and employs 2,000 tien. Addition, of the Bridgeport llants .'will step yp the. number of inployes. . to around 3500 by mid- ftfc4,; according to Brown. Put to Various Uses Magnesium finds its way into he. national deleave program in nany, forms, Brown said. "Sand askings. made at Cleveland. Bui- aio,. and Los Angeles, eventually (•ecome parts for the aircraft gyro- ! copes,' ; - control ins.tnim.ents, fit- ings, airplane wheels, drive hous- ngs, airplane floors, oil- pumps, oil )ans, airplane nose pieces, valve ! :overs," magneto housings, distribu- or covers, carburetor parts, and LIP scoops, "Forsmgs and most permanent castings -made in Cleveland go into >arts lor airplanes. "At New Kensington, Pa., tubing 3 produced for such, purposes as' drcraft conduit; extruding shapes or- .structural pacts such as door rames, pilot seat frames, and bulk- veads, and job. shop work on air- Jlane oil tanks' and wheel' dust " A Diving Queen With Wings In a bathing suit, soaring fiora a s beauteous miss as Helen dioikwvich, foiutci- diving cliumyion. She luakcs an equdUy ap^c-al * of Ucuuu,^ i/loiie pit.ijcu.ciloi.-y to i?olo fli^Jut at Sail cisco airport. \vu m cu's To Whom It May- courier News want ads. Eoys at Ft. McCleUan. Ala., let one and all -knoxv how they feel about- this war 'business. 1APPY RELIEF [ ROM PAINFUL iACKACHE Many of those gnawing, nagging, painful nnckucnes j> CO plehluineon colds orstmins nro often caused by tired kidneys—and may bo relieved_wben treated iu. the right way. _ The kidueys are Nature's chief way of taking excess acids and poisonous wuste out of u>e_blood. They help most people pass about 3 pints a uuy. If tho 15 miles of kidney tubes und filters dim b work well, poisonous waste nrnttur tstoya in the bltiod. These jiokons muy start nagging bnckachts, rheurnixtic piuna, loss of pep and energy, gutting up nights, swelling, pui5i)eaa under the cyea. hcndacLcs nnd diz/inc^e. }'rc- t;uunt or scanty iia^saRca with smarting and turning aotnctimca eliows there ia something wrong with, your kidneys or bladder. Uon't wait! Ask your druKgibt for Doan's Pills), wafc<! Ruccosafully by inilliuiw for lu-er 40 years. They giv? happy relief and will help the 25 miles of kidney tubes flush out poi-on- OIM wa-sto from your bboJ. Get Doan s Pilla ."At Edgewater, N. J. ( pressings. ^A fQ? small fittings," hinges and (rackets, as well as' screw machine products I or such uses as rairk ftielding- harness," arc manufac- ' " ' " " also makes magne- ; *Hm. powder- for flares 'and" tracer immunitiori. At Garwood," N.j!. die lastings are made for aircraft, use." Research experts are exploring lew uses for the metal to absorb ;he productive facilities when peace ENNA JETTICK WomensSpring Shoes As Pictured m Soft Llatun. Trim White, BroTvn Trim All White All Brown All Black i>res i-to-lD Widths AAA-to-B Eixna .Tcttick Historic Fort Miami Is To Be Restored .TOLEDO.. O. (UP)—Restoration of old. Port Miami, early French and. Indian txadlng post which existed in 1630 and later became i British fort, is planned after title to the .site is acauired by tfaa Toledo' Chamber of Commerce.' ' -.The Chamber holds an option tc the, six-acre plot where the Ion stood, and plans to turn the sih over to state and county bodus wrhen the purchase is completed. •Fort Miami came into'possession of the United States in 1796. Fuchsia plants were named in honor of Leonhard Fuchs. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY ' "' -v :. ^or Rent ' '•" ' 3 room furnishea apartments Also. 4 room house. 509 Chicka- Ehone 346-W. 13-ck-r< OUR SPECIAL FOR TOMORROW! Fresh River Catfish ;. Hot Biscuits Morning " •'' " 'and Right AS PICTUKKI) IX SOFl' LLAMA! Beijjc, Brown Trim Turf tan. Tan Trim Black. Patent Trim "White, Tan Trim s 'l-lo-!» Widths AAA-lc-U FRIENDLY SHOES FOR MEN TRIESCHMANN'S CAFE 1 >• Across prom City HajB Blacks MZCS 6-to-ll Widths AAA-lo-D Baby At Popular Prices ^1^^ ^SSS ! 312 W. Main !OE STORi Phone 231 _BLYTTOVILLE. (ARKj COURIER NEWS Her Clothes Will Tattle On Southern Resc r; Novix e By ALICIA HART NBA Service Staff Writer NASSAU. B. W. I.-A11 too often, you can tell at a distance whether a woman is a novice at this fine business of winter vacationing (Dear Editor: I am not vacationing. I am working.) ^ne neophyte is all too likely to look "all done up" in her slacks, Play suits and evening clothes' whereas the veteran resorter, if she Mas a of chic, manages to achieve just the right ah- of casual smartness. The woman who went, to the. races at Montagu Park yesterday in a dusty pink dress with matching jacket, fussy, pink straw hat pink gloves, bag and. suede shoes and gobs of costume jewelry in Pink: and blue, looked odd indeed compared with Brenda Frazier and Mrs. Axel Wcnncr-Gren, both veteran resorters. DON'T LOOK LIKE A WALKING AD Brenda wore a handsomely, tailored slacks suit of gray gabardine with a rod blouse and a red bow m her hair. The good looking dark- nau-ecl, American-bom wife of the prominent Swedish industrialist- Axel Wennei-Gren, work, a silk, dress and full length cape in royal blue silk with white confetti dots and a matching turban. She earned a .small white bag. The girl at the British. Colonial Hotel who. wears high-heeled alligator .sandals with her slacks and play clothes looks pretty silly. The woman who goes to the beach with a beach bag and a rather large makeup kit looks like a walking ad for beach accessories. i ELABORATE HATS ARE ABSENT I notice that the smart girls use the pockets in their sports clothes as pockets were intended to be used: to hold stuff. They carry siin- t tan lotion, compact, lipstick, comb [and cleansing tissues in the pockets of their beach robes. They put a.comb and a lipstick in one pocket of wool day jackets, change purse or billfold in the other—instead of always toting a bag. I notice, too, that they like small, close-fitting hats which look as if they would be no trouble at all to pack. I don't .see ostentatious hats of any kind on the chic heads down here. There are approximately 13,095 students enrolled' in journalism courses in more than 450 colleges and. universities in the United States. For »uily biscuits Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, with Ease for Stomach, too When constipation brings on acid indigestion, stomach upset, bloating, dizzy spells, gas. coated tongue, sour taste and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the biues" because your bowels don't move. It calls for Laxative-Senna to pull the trigger on those lazy bowels combined with Syrup Pepsin for perfect ease to your stomach in taking. For years, many Doctors have given, pepsin preparations in their prescriptions to make medicine more agreeable to a touchy stomach. So be sure your laxative contains Syrup Pepsin. .Insist on Dr. Caldwell's Laxative Senna combinedwith Syrup Pepsin. Sec how wonderfully the "Laxative Senna wakes up lazy nerves and muscles m your intestines to bring welcome relief from constipation. And the good old Syrup Pepsin makes this laxative so comfortable and easy on your stomach. Even finicky children love the taste of this pleasant family laxative. Buy Dr. Caldwell's Laxative Senna at your druggist today. Try one laxative combined Vith byrup Pepsin for ease to your stomach, too. FK1., SAT. MON. Mar. n, 15 17 Uomc Owned & Operated- We. Buy Farm Pro- Jucc. BE ON THE DEFENSE OF -ER- HOKS—DEMAND &• CHECK YOUR SUPS ANV- IVII E K E YOU TRADE. DOUBLE RACK. —OUR ERRORS. JVWMu AMEBfflS ' Molhers l>oz. He GEKBER'S BABY FOOD ......7c lb. lOc TISSUE. AValdorf Roll 5« Box 25c LUX SOA P Bar 6c Ib. 10': COFFEE, Maxwell House ...Jb. 25c KAt'K NUTS Box IK PICKLES Quart IS'/iu • v.»A.KIijH.ES Pkp" ITVi'.r i>r»/^ irctf^n iu „ £r~ , ir »b- ^-'/»*-' u \j\ji F \jijtj ID. cjin jC St. Joseph 6c KRAUT. HMAS r PEAS ....ea. lOc; -ETTUCE. Crisp Iceberg Heads ....... .. ..7 arge, Each ............................ ...... I C S, Tbin Skill, Sweet, Jijjcy ...... ' POTATOES, Sweet or Hole! Bakers .. ounci .............................. APPLES, Yorks or Wiiiesaps •• Pounds ONIONS, Firm Yellow, 3 ibs. lOc Bunch 6c SWEETEN-UP PUKE PRESERVES Jumbo 4 Ib. jars JELLY, FARM BRAND PURE Quarts only SYRUP. Steamboat, quart 15c Gallon for ', * HONEY FLAVOORKD ".SYRUP Quart • APrfJi BUTTKU Full Quarts GRAPE JA.M. Seeded. Pure Pint Glass ,.. Pure 68c 19c 45c 24c 12c 14c >cd Potatoes Cert ..... sack Sl.«5 r, A KD. -I lb. Pails : ••••• •• Bmich 5 ° * 7 '- r 35c ._-,.. ,„..... t .-..-vE, Fresh Grd tb. 15c .fcTh. Alt Kinds -I Ib. Gal .-..2.V- strOAR, Bust 5 «.s. 25c •AHI ol»ICKS, Heavies ST.S'i RK.AVS r;i Vnrthor,, 1 e il J «.r?i' ICKS ' llcavics S7 - VI KKANS.'Gt. Northern ..10 Ibs. 39c Qr ?- >W6.H ....10 ib?. r.V RICE. Full Head Ib. 5c '- Kubhin^ pint I0r TOMATO PASTE FEEDERS ..ICc & up FLOUK,' Special ..4S Ihs. S.R. 98c HA BY BEEF STEAK '<. C. lb BACON. Stic "•'ound FRANKFURTERS ^, Ib ?ORK SAUSAGE. Ji"<r Pite. lb MUTTON STEW 33 17i.c 15c 12^c FRYERS, N. Y. Dressed PHTIPCl JJEAD CHEESE ^P'CV, lb •'•"AR,S. SNOOTS. TAILS iV-nnH FAMILY STYLE STEAK round 15c .7k 19c RITEP One 4 Qnt\- —Hi-in K AT.,?, , nv -T* iu,i.ii-. In Fivther'Hc Across from Bakery Btbl FOR LESS; EVERY D.\Y-JfEVEB UNDERSOLD iancy and Staple GPoccrk's-MttUw-Vc^tablcs-Gcn Merclvi.uHsc Fhonc 234 Free DeKvirv I«yw^ Merchand ^ - H. A an Bibber, owner & operator Hear KLCN at lo'a-m. & 3 i«n. THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1941 Liberty Super Market ^ & SATUHDAV C " m " Iete °" e - S( <>>> *"* Stores ^p* SATURDAY PRICES GOOD Pineapple Rosedale Sliced (2 Limit) No. i\/ 4 Tin 9c Jar Red Pitied No. 2 Can PEANUT GUTTER 16 oz. -Jar 3 COFFEE Chase & Sanb< * n IfllPir Grapefruit WSSEATIES ORKlL; 11 121 Tomatoes S!ar:dard - N °- 2 Can 'kgs. A COFFEE ,, 32 WESS0KOJL 1 " 1 Quart PILLSBURY "-^ST 8 CRACKERS Ib. 19e 1 pound Can HESKZ VINEGAR JilSC Swifi's o Small Cans National Regular 3-Minute Quick Cook, TUNA FLAKES Can Crowdcr, Sailor Man No. 2 Can i 2 Tenderizei! Armour's Star Sliced Rind le lb. Armour^ Star Sliced Rind-on Ib. ICK CHILI SAUSASE H)0% Pur s E* 8££F ROAST K. C. Branded U. S. Good Beef Thick Ribs, ft. 19c ^^™^^™BB^WBIBBBB Red Triuniph Shldr. Round or Prime Rib, ib. 25c lb Sack FREE Friday & Saturday TWO WATERLESS COOKERS WITH Shibley^ test Flour Register your name and address. Plain or Self-Rising Sark 24 lb - 61 K GRAPEFRUIT S . 1 H .Mustard or Turnip ^ SWEET POTATOES rer; Doz. 12c DRESSING qt. 18c 3lb. Pte pkg. 13e

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