Naugatuck Daily News from ,  on August 24, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from , · Page 3

Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1942
Page 3
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* v*» »*?? ttcx&^MmteMfcxte&#m -, ..,.,. . .-, 'lM^0!^ Page Seven f ^j - «| I _ r - - ~ Spttrts My MALI 1 !! I), PALMRII U Keillor, UiUtoll Prb'ift Radio kn'OWr\vhat,fractlonal,;tin»ea moaii. ypu come to; A.- B.'-iHanppiik's^.Ghijr'- No''hoi-Hos ari> ; put for the ;air at • b,6rrie 1 -StudV^hpmc,-'&r.'!ii31bnii^ii\i-! i i;iic Koeneland. RaocH;are; truly run and/ Second, . pullan\t\:^p^.0li^a-hi3i?: '£Jr imr-Hiiir. -iHiiifrfimfitA;•• .'».iih;-: i^«i. ;; ,hnr«Vv ri^ii a! i 1 ( U j.' l j.|jo:;Thlrd;"imcl^a;bhnsjoi§h.,; Almost; act'oss l/hc ; roiad Is mlili'&w 7 ' barring- accidontB,:; llic" • best ;; wins!. .-'... '..: •.. ;. .•;•...•-...':.....•'-.•••;. '-..'. • l<Wm the grandstand you can.-sop; Mi.p ithduratlng'lillls; the.noble'.trcfos/ lhc..,,\vhiit/Q>yaslied .Ion cos. limning lovoly^iomcs: ; • / / ;,; ; . You/can 'see tho mares "arid.: their . \Vc Ullv of and tho ii ,, Mm (inly pi'opor oot'toui'fi or, ' Just nosv 'L|'\NV arc rlghl, . , ;,,t svr arc I'ljflrl loo,, wboo we; ,,, va-ranl momi'nU to thoughts f \VHY wr arc 'flKb'Hitg, so that. ,,'. jurriflri 1 !* any of us .may bo I'„,,<,' ,i|,,.ii |o inako do NOT be-' r un*wt'r can ho varied a.s And till corroot, .too, au to OKI lights of him who • (|iirslUm rovorborallng I h all IbIngs lo all mon- nlli' SUppOSI'S, tlld OMOIIiy, Mit-n- urn ftirous at work In ,i- world today which brook NO , ( ,, H llnnH, Tbo answers uro dohul ,[ \\lih I he •rallpfjM, , I',, ihoHti still blossMd with tlio if,t; lOblmty/ I;lol/l ' ;\vhon OHO svould: •got '(lib notion '. thai- to I/ho thou's- uiulM there tbo Idea of lioavon-oh- oiu'th would' bo, for. Dol-pli Gu'mllli ito, park' "oiiu lh.j.h(! blinioliur.s, . As for u smaller, but NO do-. , ivout g't'ou-j) \vo boHovo wo can sbo. ni'lvll-'K' 1 of Indian' Wldll I lln- answer can 'boat ho Mymhollxod, y lani 1 , a bla'/,!ng square, lliHvliix hainlnl, Theso things, inirly, will coiiK' lo .mind, as ( will to walk alono and v/llh' mob may mntamor- II ii Illllo dlffnrnntly, Dor- H'would.;bo focused In Iho Ing -btuu grass oounU'y of Kentucky, Thoi'p wpuk'l l)u tho .smell of clean buy in the air a'lid itho sound .of.\a' Irumpu't, sumrnonhig ibtoodcd raso- Tho niime.-of-tljio,.place, if It 'ma'l- low, is Kobuoland Park, You'vo ,n'i\yo,r. ,S.O'QO racing in rtn prtipop atmosphero until you'vo'ljoeh to .Kcenoland. v Np , chock t c-r<j(l : . vo.sta, oui-of-thC- tip'riior-of-'the-Vnoii'lh, tips or ulr of uh'lldiion', ' rlinnlhg a ivd romping,- n\uxxlin' ,'ahd nu^lin' through tlic sof-t. grass,, .'• " V / ' ,•.-'•• . , Hero IH , a. raco track; •'•NOT in the Clpldstrcjam' Stud, v: s lie] terlng 4 Bull Dog, sire, of Our: Boot^l"; ? aTi'd'.'many 'ahotlier champl-on.''; ; "v.; '^ •; , . v^ ; ' . .Surcy.. Santa.;Ani-tjx ; ' ' riffo.r'ded an 1 :bf' the, pu'i their; win gs/^ outskirts --".p'fj'rt. ,H^ai : nUng .^lity, :-/b.ut : : '^^vWv-'WW^'&W \uvWn'><\ jj :pjii-i.nliMifii> "ciiinn.M ' iVn __ .\\trf. Hob-•'• Jiavo' the . macliirib-a-«'o'i'vfl'tuo racctraok \slibuid,' JJc— tlio- hoart.of Iho JVorsCrcbuniliT ' ' '' ' trops, ,js the Jdlc;Hour EVmTi of Col-' onel :HJ,-..;H, Bradley; To the, -Hard Boots of .Kalhtuck' lib I'is "Mister Racin'g" , and -lils .'!B'! 'ho'i-ses ' the 10 ; .- nave me . macnine-a-^o.;--^iriiio \ :., |)i ; p x | ni i t y : tiov; larg^ ( oeijfters; oJ! jkiiaition.' 1 _' ; ;; v •'••J'^^-^vlf ; .V'S\ ';/•'••'•"'• K\l- ai'l : of •:tliinfee!'^tracits^'^ii^'rjri-- itunate' i s : ^ . tion. , r,t'$- -f plv awai t . .,. . . . for ;tlie. dura- Ive'en'el and:; ... fans figure the; • -m on ths -^m ay be years'— d ii . b c- e. sense ii; they '11,;. one via'.B-tj 'clear ypicture to carry with' them.' -- ; •\-'.- i , '",: : ,.- ; Ihoro, Nobody trots pakl at Kcoholand. NO"' ' body any "prbl'l-t uxoopt x ' lucky 'bettor. .JSIon and woman who have money -and lovo thoroughbreds run It, Thoy'servo for noth- Tho fans who sbo the races know the oonfo.nna^pn qf a thorough- i- »- ,,^,_ _^_ ., tia«.'*Wt.|^| t~ H'od, Thoy know tho blood .that.' 'lows through, the ye Ins of those • iiii-ri' lijivo 4>uojH .al'tunuiOAVJ}. .jalMus., nunujUn-g.tio tho. noat, Thoy -• -»...•.- . . • ^ .. . __ " i . ', * '. .r' • i/ . ' • .'• • •• ' •'.'.. f. \ • arlstporaoy of '<ho ; ThoVp^ve'i'p fo'aled Blmclecli; Blue ;Larksp.'ur, . Hurgoo, .King, ..Bubbling .6y6,r .and all : the. rest. Thero tlie 'momory , - of tho gi'bat 'stall tons; gk.Tohuy and Nonth Star, Third, still -arc ' ' ' ' houhcci' . nudge^ /^o'll^ia^ ijoiiU- ; tnWto.p ; --1.n liiii-i-v nnA nlirrfp'vnVnivVjhi^ pe.akeiV'-tpJiu.rry^ •lest ^oii-; v b(;: rstl|,Ut./qutl,:^.:^:"';,^-:-^:-,- :;• . jiN\l0e! ; enit ? Down the, 'Plko a i>lbco- is Sood- Ini'r'n 'S'lUd.. , •.. . . .". AniV/ft inilo/away tliq 1-iOQ. acres ;bf . fcJalU'met^ -Forms .run and dip through th<5 lurih • opun'trysldo; 1 . AVith , a. '.pair >6f /glasses , you- ' ca'h seo 1 Faraway;. Farma where; 'stands 'tho nilgli'ty, M.ah 0'' Wm' and Ills .nunning .li.iitIP, son, War Admiral, What a pity, you m^ay think, -that the inspiraMo'n'-'of thci-r names wtis wasted . on poaoe-time. - - , •-.•-.• Beyond the baokstreUvh 'is Joo Widener's 'plape— BJiiiendoi'f Farms, in its -trim 'burns m-c Sickle. Brev- ,A fi'om there i,-' vurih. the rubber i t costs y oil. For there;:- Is . the, quie^: library; 'vvJiose shelves • /w'l 11'.";>'l&lc|.'i, t.hb;^i'inQS(t; v cplr ,lec'ti'pn';'pl', racing bopks;in-;0i0 \yorld.. There Ls ;NQ ^ui;iT(c^adch!!esa ; sVs~ ; t.nm n\. knn'nnlffhd: •NO";.-'-iTi'n'irlfl;-nvfi : '. icm . at- v -rsy;;'--.-,m.ngic-cye "?amei!a ; 'to icl 1 wJip;.,wiits'^tiie;close •onds, ' Thoy 's'tll 1 tiMi'sit'a, man::s. j!udg- •lien} Vmay be . - 1 n oth,e r roa s b $ , j^ t f , ' Wie.' ;iiii n)cj '.,; c) ings ' ' ; ' :!.0.:il- >qurb.' fli'tui 1 of' a O- cast to-: ple ^Bi'itisli a]d.Atov;Tj; S.^in ifeycnt 'bi'.''J«xp.4 . . . , : ,Oc!')iiaiiJ3: announce sinking 21 )3rlt- jis'li frqjgiiterk:';and. Uirep -warships b.yYuSb'oa.fc^ , .__ . ffti , tack on ; con.yoV en route ; to .Gibrai 1 .tar. ..; , •:•:'•• .;>-',;^;;.'v.- •' '. = ., ;•• -' : -r- : -, -.-sLoi'd .Beiiverbroolv^ Bri'tish^mini's^ ittO'r./of--;' .supply,-, 1 .arrives> ; ' in Britain' from , -.•. . ,, Russians :;:',;aiinoii nee' •; ,smns;hing; Third •Infantry- division- 'of Rumah- iun • T ^yomiiigv 'sclwois -.r on itlie prowJ -for;. :coaches;;-Sherldau; AVJicatlund, ;. Douglas,; and, Rivcrtoji are looking .Tor liead coaches and LaramiC is \briiing for "an assistant. TW.O replacement s 'have /recently beeii .made — a't' , R.ock Brings and Superior. -*~*H* ; A,. decrease, qf , 10 per;. :cent iiv the lui m be r '-p f •' e itj p 1 o ye •' a pc-i d eii Is - . 1 1 as ( )?edn recorded vbylhe^: Pullman, 0om p'any .- duri tig 'the lias-b Jl 5 -years, iit-.'is rc'pbrted' ; by, Harry^Gu'ilb^t, sttf-ety director, .who attributes 'the rcmarKaible showing .. to- • what. Ue^ ^jills i;lio three 'B's-^BdiiciUion, En-_ forcement ant ' NOTICE; •.";/•; -.- .'.;. Naugalucfc,, Conn., August iOihi .1042. TO THE; RiSPUBLTCAN ELBCTOUS L •"••'":. •••'.-••• ' - ; .' :. 'of •:. -..• ' -•.• '. , 'V.THB TQWN OK NAtGATUGK , Tlic c loc tors Of the town will cau j on'- Wednesday;, August 26th,. at Iho Town Hall Building at 8 p. m. E.W.T,, for tlie purpose of delegates oiicl 'alternates .to ; th o $tat e, Congressional, County and Probatp Con v.en lions arid. for -the election or a TOWN COMMITTEE. J. C. ^AYTKWICH,- JR., i Chairmfin Town Committee. f O R W 1<K ESS ES KHEEL. IK 1AW Consult Annotmcemems \\cv\\ lost. it iid Found UOok iN'o., ir>,105 , oh HavlngH Hank \\i\n Any pot'Hon ; ,baylng tut snld lioak Is cnllod up- oii lo present Iho samo to Iho hunk wllhln two mOdlltH or tbo 8AUIO book will bo doolarud dan- (spiled and cxtlngulshod, aiu| a now onn iMHtiud In llau thereof. Dated at Nnuguliiok,' Conn,, July 'II ID-Vi, AUK, 10 and.2A. LOST—A pub' of lioiMi-i'lmiiHMl IM, l»'iis»« NllxhLly Moratoluul. alioiil t wuukH ago, Kiailot 1 Hiimo'to 'I'h'u NOWH ofl'loo. J,()ST-A hluok pui^ivdi vicinity of If. S.- Hublxu' oompany ih aftornoon, Flndin' sumo at the FS'U'WM olllco, VU;- wni'd. special prices on All Mornorlals W, IlKillAUDS 2»50 30,-Mnln St; To!, M87 Merchandise Artichvs .Furnittiro Abancloirod Diio to un'foraoon PlrcumHtancp's, 3 rooiiia 'Of 'furniture purchased '4 months ago by a young couple, rb- »nnl.|y ahiiiuforiod. Thin furnl- luro .sold for $209 and IH now available for yome lucky person for, $141,75 : ' Pay »tJ8.iJ3 DopoHlt— jHli.50 Weekly Inoludos 2 PC. Living HoPm Sijl'tc, with iamps and tables, Modern llcd- •rooni Sulto, r> PC. ninbltc Sol, rug, and sllverwaro, ISvoryllilng Business Service 45 Wunlcd to Iten'der. Service SAVE ON YOUR OIL AND COAL .Installed Storm' Sash Combination Storm Doors Insulation. Orclpr now ; for Lutor Delivery, Free- estimate. .looks -like new, Uan be HCOM at your uonvo'nloncu at -Albovt!s, 268 So! Main St, Watorbiiry Phono 4-33:44 'J'raln, biiH-or oar refunded on purobaso of abovo 'outfit, SAM-: poiutors and vlnUKar, D, Dillon, 117 Mbl- bourno court, l)lal ','U>7. 8-1-dliuo.x ,SA !,!•:— l-'lre wood, ohnip, , In tut tho Uuard HOIIHU, Kim , oi 1 phono frtli), H Aulo.s nnd Trucks Tor I'AOKAIM) (i()(>!') l/SKD CA'HS Packurcl-Watorbury, Ino, M SVdtcrlown Avonuo, Dial-, -^(IK " IJSUI) CAR SAIJi mi) Kurd Coiivortlhlti Co.upo OT Knnl (lonvoi'llblo S«dnn WJii) Ford Tuilor I!>!I8 Ford DHuxo Kordor WW Fnpd SI u lion I9W Ford Conpo Sedan CO, l!>i() Sltiilrhiikci 1W I.lnroln Xr IWf l.liKuiln /ophyi' S<M|IUI 1010 Llneoln / THK NAUriATl/l'iK r.'Lt.t^~.-.r---.-^±;:?-:~-.~«f-i r yL-r;-r If)—Auto I'nc'Ls A V I JLU A'N ['/, [N & oniiikd 'I'lrn Umpootlon Sorvldo CA RTT/Q Imltud 'i'lro Faof,bn', XOXJ °' Employment Mon Wanted IVANTKD iii' own l(»cn «i(« invtirtlinonl, nt1vfii\oo lU»Hll bOfUIH, .Outfit i M. Tumiorn i, MUSH, Shoos; WiOA 'I'.UAS CAHl t'n ,moMt, fitj oards n aj j,,j ijll, fyool 2'!-" ' l"' fl lll. filhcr Iciftdoi'H, Saiuplon on "I'Pi'fivul, Wallham Art (TH. n;o ,\ 10-DAY— Special on gas and com'bi- nation 1 ranges. fOloctrio ranges, JfOO.; metal folding bod with .Gobdrjust. nmtlruHH, $JO.D5; 0x12 linoleum rugH regular $8.00, now ^5.-'i9; 5 pl^cc Mhpln bi'oakt'a'Ht 'sol,, $20,50,. Deduced pi'l'ces on all other floorsnm- p('OH, WATFOR'WUriY FUltNITUIVK GO. 480 Went Main St., Watcrbiiry, , Dial JOHN A, CARROLL & SONS, 2:J1 Spring St, Phone 257? FOR SALE — .Goktoii KniVtain sweet corn and kjirKito'es. \Plclccd frbsh for* canning.. William Schlldg'en, New JIaven road, ' . . SERVICE t . • . .' • ; On all makes of refrigerators and \vnsho''9, modcrato prices, 7s 7 FJ\V ENGLAND MUS1G.SHOP i02 .Grand St, Dial 3-7103 Metal GeilingB : .Gutters, Leaders, 'Tinning, Roofing and 'Furnaoo Work JAMES BAKER Riidloy St, . , Cohn DIVITO'S MUSIC •'& RECORDING S1 1 UDIOS All InatrumonlH Taught. Rooords Nfado A» 'Low AH 50o. , 257 So, Main St Tol. 4-1JB51 OU f S/\'LK—.(Jlo'iVyvooti tjoinhlimlloh ooftl-ga« kltc'lu/n rarVge. Cira.te.s also. Kxocillont 'condition. -Roason- nl)lo, Telophoap IJ304. .,'.. Hi > l ( JC5IAI--~Durlng pur August Sale, 3 I'looo Maplo Hedroom Suite, J|Jtf2;riO. PTPT T A' PT IP FUUNlTUhE \\ H*JLjl J\E>LjEi COM PAN Y M\ Ii), Main, Cor, Colo, Watorbiiry Tol, 3-OD30 , Cf/OSlN(.i OUT—All gas ranges ;iuul oombinali'on ooal and ga« ranges. 20% off I TJ1K RADIO, SHOP. J8a Grand-St., VVaterbury. TIIK RADIO SHOP 18fJ Orttud St. Wutorbury '. ... . .. FOK SALK—Saddle horse and Welch pony, intiuiro. Umnon Farm, Andrew Avo., • JNuuffiUiiGk, 8-17-dG, bm'f/alhs lii J/pod used radios, priced at 93-$5-$10, 'Now Knglnncl ' 'Music Shop, . 102' Grand St,, Waterb'ury. -..Dial 4-7193. ... ANI> MD10 REPAIRS PossH)li> Prices SWAN ELECTRIC CO. .-,.., Elootrioians . 15 u'huroh Street Tel, 8574 ? t Js.tlic lln|o to store ypnr fiii' cofjt, Pick;up un'tl if oil very ^orv.lcp, Also for v tli'ti iVrVt clry cleaninj/, tolb- , 78 Churcn LET .W -Put."'.Vf*,MK v Itnwn JWowpr gh'a'po. 'for, tho' season. .Mowors ' BhUrp-qned, repaired, otc,. : ,Qall ,'f.or >a,hd delivery 'sor/vico. Mol'bp'U;rne t 's >'Sqr|ylco ,v Sta'tlori; 'Rubber avchuo. Toibphono 8420.- ; : 4-7-tf Beal Estate SorVIOU Watcrbury. GravoHon & SimH,.^HO North Main St. INVITATION TO; SAVE • IlNAirAlTGJJST SPAfllO IIKATI'JRS , Now On Display I Odd Kltol)6n'Tablo,,,. ' ,'U.OO MUH«, OP 1,1,-!, to. work. In • Ml()|1(! imrl Lhnn or All day, Good Kv. Apply AdaiiiM 1 Drug Storu, WAN'I'Kh ou *5,W) for . H, fio b(«au|.|ful bnpi'lntod (.IhrlHtmaM • M " -^l.fH) your p>6flt - f)()0. '"II|»|M.S. Chuori'ul (lard (.!o,, '- Plains, N, Y, .M.Mlf, Hoi) i . * .m PopHoiml fifirtainmft OardH,;: s Mdlonr-ry— I'l-no HfimplOH, . , ; »v IJO.NOH nf) 1-a« up, Odd/OardH -!ir. War stamp Wvorydny Gai'd.s.; - orr^, Now ' Hampers (lard ,Rooiiv SulloH 'ipr) OUCoolier 5-pc, UroakfaHt Sols , l'ab(q " Hrldg'o Kloor i Living Room, Mugs ,,,,,,.. • ST6P IN TODAY AND MAKM VO.UH .SKI Moarow Strnot WatorlHiry E&tate For Sjae Fnrma.For Hale FOR SALK^-LnckJUick!, AVliut. i»n InvoHtincnt. ,10 1-2 porcant. 8 roqm 2 family bouKti, .0 .garages /arid , y,; $7;000. 9 robin, '2 .famlly.vbouHQ on .Car- 'oT'd'1;-, ' '&M, fioo Pat«y -Lnb- rlolo, Realtor, 172 'High sti-enl. 'IVilepbnno M&8, ,;'!•' tfoil..SALU—•J7, ncrfl.s .with,,f>0(|, foot • f r d n't, TJro'dk aiicl .Ta'rg"6 ' ; J5ar'h^' $1800. • A. Sheploy.; Naugatuok 2433,' t 72 'Apii'rtinpnU'iind Tenements AVANTKH—liRNT 'Of 5 or G .r^dnVs -by' Hinal I- Ariier,'iwiri faml ly . ,. .bliil .'3' or r> rooins • WANI'KO— Rmit of family of, I, wo adults. Irving 'Rosenblatt, tel'o'p boric' 3742 or 2705. 8-19-dG, FOR SALIS-^OiTo" of ,l>sl. ... 10-rf ttiii,',' "2- ' family 'bouses. All hio'ddrn irn- pVovc'mon'tfi. Fully insulated, large rbom$, 2-oar garage', , Nicely Inhd- Hpapcd. Price l .$10,500.00. A. . Shep- i^y, iioiopii'pnd 243^. : ; :.;';;. vFOiV SA'Lte—In 'lioncon FJiH.s; j5-i : 6jDYii v bungulbw: >yitb dxtra v ;un(lnished rootii. •Cunti'hrl'cfia'tlbn. Ayailablu ,S(ipL' JsL'.Pricp :$iaOO;O, .in ;Nauga~ " tjirn, Jrtpw -'i-ro'om b'uiigfi"lo\V. Mod- pr|j •jiTiproygrnout's.'' ; Bargain; •••<M ) , > X^OO-Ot). toady to;moyp r .lnto ini- rnediatqly, A. Shcplcy;;'tolephono 24^3, " ! ,TO a f k-y S-oom, 1 "-^ cohvoniencoa.- Te-1, 4730. t 'with. Hie Ll.qu or .Control. CJoinmla-. ions I'oi 1 > a .;Ros-t-ftui i niit;'- < pdi ; mT-t for''. o'sale ol'-iitcohpl iiVjiiqi 1 on tlie p'enVlscaV 23 "Union ' st'r'eot, Uhi'pn' Cjltyv; CJann. ..-The.'.-is ' owned. by ' Sophie" Joseph'i'ne Scully, 'of : .23 Union Htreot, '-Union - City, Corin., nnd, ,wHl bo. oojnducted.,/ b^.. Soph In t ,1 os'cph Ino Sn'i ill y y "tit 2ll ;U hi oh strep t, '< Union Gil.y, Conn., ns perml-Eoe'; ' v •SOPHIK JQSEPJil,NB. SCULLY. . Dated : August 17, 1942. By PAUL ROBIttSO ETTA KETT THAr<5(QL. f SHE ON HEf2 AND WeNf CAfZ WALklED /N AS L'/N/EO By ROBERT STORM SECRET AGENT X9 BROUGHT Mt- TO THE FOZEI&N PERSUADE By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE GRAY BRICK BRADFORD riEDGUNG GROWS STRONG STRIKE -DESTRO ANDTAKE.tHEIRLftNDS IT MAS COME TO W-EARS THAT ( OUR AHCIENt>ENEN\1ES i THE MANTU LAROONS,MAVEANEWK1KG/ - WAVE CALLED COU.NCIL.FQ'R IT IS WE ART TO'WAGE TWONG, KING OFTttE 'HAKKA. CAMPAIGN ..OF CONQUEST By BILLY !DE BARNEY GOOGLE AN3> SNUFFY SMITH 942-. KtnyFca'turcs Syndicate; Inci, World TiVhtiTitxrvcd By LES FORURAVJE ••••mMm*- .TKingTwlures SyndiMte, IiiciiAVorld ri AND SK*iSTEfe By WALLY BE TE

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