Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York on May 3, 1937 · Page 1
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Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York · Page 1

Dunkirk, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1937
Page 1
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PAGE TWO DU3CK2BK (N.T.) EVENING OB3EHVEB, MONDAY, MAY \ 1937 Bilbao Evacuation Will Be Under Protection or British Guns as HUM 50GO Women and Children tn First Contingent to Sail Soon. FINANCIAL GOSSIP London. May 3-- iL'P)--Evacu- ation of refugees from the area of Spain will be begun "almost immediately" in merchan ships under the protection of ilrit- i*h warships, it was understood tdday. Five thousand women and children will make up the first contingent. 'Merchant ships will take the refugees from the Basque coos*. As soon as they reach the thrtf mile limit they will be undei th» protection of British warship* which have orders to fire on any. Spanish Nationalist warship tht challenges them. Dispatches from Paris said th joint French-British evacuation would start tomorrow and thu Trench like British warship* would give their protection. Nationalist authorities had protested against the warship protection and had refused bluntly to give a requested safe condu.-t for refugee ships. Hence the evacuation will be one in which the firitish and French ihips have bi l » one way to respond to any Nationalist challenge--battle. Merchant ships carrying refugees will fly hospital flags. The British consul at Bilbao, R. C. Stevenson, will see that there is no political discrimination !n selecting refugees. By E01EK C. VVALZJEE (United Rreti financial Editor) New York, M- 2-- (UH)-- S*n- is E3ix«i vsA the n»U-h- Is "·tatiiioft" JK £nLjnciaJ cif- les. Lijtfct voiu.'::e on she «tov ry iitfr !*tst V.'**JE *.vas discoa rrting- V.'hile t.*.e European fttn tl sitattion items to have lakes .a turn Jor :fce ix-tu-r til the loo. etuis hive cot yet been ;.!i(3 lur.i; they ^re, lr;e tears rorc-ign selling in our mzckei the exjxrris s'.iie. Ear." (Coaliaued from Pans Oae) cause list from which he read: ··Application to zsake absolute ings tor the iirsi half of the yea ivili *xc«-!!*nt showing, i: btiirvi-d. bat thc-:e are OKiay tra «t-rs -.vho think the cnaiket dis counted all this at its highs n-.ad in «ii!y March. "Current v.orry a eon:men:stor noti-s, "as to ho\ C.'I the new (jhas*? of the net jil will affect the last hall can be relieved for Mrveral w POLICE HOLD VAGRANT SUSPECT IN POSSIBLE : BACKWOODS MURDER Belleville. Ont., May 3 --(UP) -- Robert Woodman, of Northbrook, a village 50 miles north of Belleville, was held today on a technical charge of vagrancy asi police investigated backwoods raurdcr. a su5peciea The National City Bank ol Ntr. York in its Alay bulletin has COJE fijlwi a list of net profits of 2? oinpanies in a long list of indus tries. The aggregate net profits o these units whose assets tots nearly 12 billion dollars are $352. 375.000. That compared with {.22a.596,000 in the first quarter o IMS. a gain of 53.5 prr cent. C S. Steel's net profit, it is noted rose 746 p* r cent for the firs quarter compared with the 193f j^riod. Twenty-two other stee companies had a gain of 448.4 per cent. Nine merchandising companies had n gain of 312.7 per cent; 8 paper products, 542.3 per tent; 5 railway equipments, 194.] per cent: 14 building materia companies 233.5 per cent. Food companies and coal mining units registered losses for the period. STOCK MARKET Charred human bones, believed to b« ;be nsnsins o' Aubrey Sedore. 2?. a heater and trapper who JJTEC slen-e in a tiny siisck in ihe bleak, rocky backwoods. were found yesterday in the ashes of 2 fire near Sedore's home. Police were attempting today to make positive identification of the skeleton. So badly burned was the corpse that police said they were unable to ascertain cause of death. Sedore disappeared Feb. 15. Neighbors thought little of i absence as he customarily i mained away for days while inspecting his trap-lines. Three weefts ago smoke w seen rising from the vicinity of Sedore's shack. Neighbors failed to investigate until yesterday when the remains were discovered. Police said bad feeling had existed between Sedore and Woodman for some time. Sedore was believed to have had about S-300 in cash at the time of his disappearance. Woodman is married and has a son about six vcars old. He bors. and Sedore were neigh- CITY IMPORTS GLOW-WORMS Sydney. N. S. W. (UP)--Glowworms are the latest addition officially made to the beauty or Canberra, Australian capital city. The slow-worms have been introduced in large numbers to destroy the snails which annually cause heavy damage to gardens. Thift Morning Afterbking Carters Little Liver Pills Final New York, May 3--(UP)-- [Yading on the New York stock exchange today fell to the lightest eveis of the year and prices made an irregular advance. Bonds ·.vere as dull as stock: ad dealings lagged in the commodity markets. Bonds made an irregular advance with U. S. lovernmenu higher. Wheat lost 1 1-2 to 2 I--! cents a bushel and rye dropped 1 1-4 to 2 1-2 cents while other grains dipped fractionally except some of the com positions which gained a ihsde. Cotton futures were steady. Rubber gained a few points, french francs made a sharp advance. Closing Prices These quotations are furnished through the courtesy of AbboM Procter Paine, Buffalo, N. Y. Alco Common 47 A T T 1 6 7 Anaconda Chrysler 113^8 Consolidated Oil ItP.fe General Electric General Motors Ludlum Mont. Ward Nash Kelv decrees nisi in tie causes: Nos. 1 to 78." There Were No Objections Almost uninte!!igib!y--aad jhade irritably--Sir Boyd said: "Any objections?" Practically in the same breath he added: "J then pronounce Uie decrees as jnade absolute. Thrn the court read the sscie formula for ca^es one to eighi in cases on another register and U»» court made them absolute. Mrs. Simpson's case was No. 56 in the first list--"Simpson W solute that made ilr*. Simpson irt* was telephoned to her by ih Uciltd Press from Paris. .Rogers, who relayed the news said that Mrs. Simpson felt she could make DO statement uatj site had be«a advised officially **XG celebration is planaed," he said. "ilrs. Simpson probably wit l!ay gt-lf later today." BASQUES ATTACK, versus Si.'npson E. A." Sir Boyd interrupted the second list to snap: "quiet" as newspapr men hastened from the room to flai! «P-.VS that Mrs. Simpson was HAL OF .ree. Immediately, the court went on with ordinary business. The people in the room were mostly ordinary "rubbernecks" shopping or a free show and it is doubtful whether any knew that the listoric Simpson case was in Use ist Of those there on · business, most were solicitors' clerks nterested in cases of their own. Immediately after the award o' he decrees absolute. Bnal paper* vere signed in tstimony that Mrs. Simpson had been freed of her econd husband. Counsel Watches Proceedings Walter Frampton, chief counsel or Itirs. Simpson in her divorce ase. was there to see that there vas no hitch and representatives f Mrs. Simpson's solicitors v.-ait- d to telephone her the news. It .·as understood that the duke's wn solicitors telephoned him at (Continued from Page One) ihe attack in preparation for a final assault. While '.'ationalist planes attacked Bilbao the new Loyalist planes raked the Nationalist battle lines -.·/;:); tc.Tib 2,-jd msrhine gixt. From the sea, in the Beirnco area, newly arrived Loyalist warships cooperated with ihe land and air forces in a heavy bombardment Heiress's Third Is Double Honeymoon Detailed dispatches from Loyalist side indicated that Soc _ Vnc . Studebakcr U S Steel . . 53 . 3-1 . 55 . 20',i . 10 . 19's . 15'i .101'.i G. O. P. WOMENGO TO SCHOOL ; Albany. May 3-- (UP)-* Republican women lenders * throughout the slate will "go t to school" next week. f * The Republican state com- t i mittec announced orgnniza- $ t tion of Ihe "school." explain- $ ing its purpose is to promote ? * party organization and in- * I struct women in leading po- t * litical issues. Mrs. Harold Remington of Watcrtown has f been named chairman of the * movement. · PROSECUTORS IN GALLERY Toledo (UP)--Portraits of 21 former Lucas county (Toledo) prosecuting attorneys have been hung in the present prosecutor's office. The idea was sponsored bv Frnzier Reams, retiring prosecutor. The gallery was dedicated in the presence of friends and relatives of the 21 former officials. At 5-52 degrees below zero, some metals, such as silver and cooper, lose their resistance to electricity, become suoer-conductors. competent instruc- whole- direcnon 01 souled helpfulness. This i our organization t. Wolfgang. Austria. Portly. red-faced Lawyer "rampton for Mrs. Simpson, in ig and gown, and members of he law firm of Theodore Godard tvhich represented her as olicitors. bustled from the court oom as the decree was granted. Horace Harris, the tall, hand- ome. clerk of the court with urly gray hair, dressed in his sual black coat and striped trou- ers. read the first divorce case n the list--a wife's petition, Erst : 28 undefended cases to be card. The old court room was back normal under its dim lights. Statisticians at once figured out lat it was six months, five days, 9 hours and 54 minutes hc!ween let opening of the case for its impson's decree nisi and ttie ward of the decree absolute. Of that time only 26 minutes was spent in actual court--25 minutes at Ipswich and less than onc- the the Nationalists might at some points have advanced too fast in what had been a triumphant march for weeks. Strong Line of Defense Apparently the Loyalist defenders had consolidated themselves on a strong line of defense. A United Press correspondent who visited the Amorbieta front yesterday reported that the Loyalists attacked after an intense artillery, machine gun and rifle fire and that fighting was vicious. Loyalists asserted that the Nationalists were in dangerous position at portions of the battle line. They claimed numerous prisoners, including Italians, and two "This time it's for keeps," declared Mrs. Marion Snowden Rospigliosi Reed Dresser, who has plenty of Standard Oil dollars, as she danced at the El Morocco nightclub in New York with her new mate, Bradley Dresser. No more marital troubles, no more press interviews; she announced, but a return to anonymous normalcy. She and Bradley, married last week in Reno after her second divorce, will spend a four-month's honeymoon in Bermuda. On the boat with them sailed newlywed Mrs. Walter Hoving, Dresser's mother and widow of Colonel H. H. Rogers. flags of serving the with monarchist militia the Nationalists They asserted also that Nationalist radio messages, intercepted at Bilbao, appealed for reinforcements. An Italian prisoner capturer early in the Loyalist counter- drive was quoted as saying that there were 3.000 Italians on the Cerineo front under command c! Gen. Sandra Piassoni of ihe Italian army. This prisoner, it was alleged, said that he and his companions thought they were on their way to Ethiopia. Loyalists Drive on Burgos A factor in the situation at Bilbao was a Loyalist drive on Burgos, the important Nationalist base, 75 miles southwest of Bilbao. Loyalists claimed some progress in this drive, intended to relieve pressure on Bilbao and it was believed not impossible that the Nationalists might have to send reinforcements there. Plans to evacuate refugees ' . . f * it*.io iu CTVCII.UCJLC; i^iufcti.i» v.i^c minute this morning, except for advanced when ihe Basque gov _ a hearing in March a.. which .,,,,,.,,* -. nr , c ;/im-o,} tv--;,,=r ,,-.·«,,- Francis Stephenson. a solicitors' clerk, withdrew an intervention against the final decree. Jlernraent considered taking ever Duke Hears News By RICHARD D. McMILLAN (L'nltctl Press Staff Correspondent) St. Wolfgang. Austria, May 3-(UP)--The Duke of Windsor received from ?.Irs. Wallis Simpson today the news that they were Iree to marry and arranged a* once to leave by train to join her. The duke was to leave this afternoon and is due at the Chutcau dc C::ndc, Monts, France, where Mrs. Simpson is staying, sometime tomorrow. Mrs. Simpson telephoned ihe news to him from the Chateau. There was n happy conversation during which the duke exchanged felicitations with the woman for vhom he gave up his throne, the American bom society woman, twice divorced, whom he is to make n royal duchess because he could not make her his queen. For weeks, the duke and r.Ir=:. Simpson had talked cautiously for fear of wire tappers. Today hey abandoned caution in their inppiness. As socn as the talk ended, the duko made good a promise and sent for newspaper men to teJ! them his plans. With them, to the villa on the lakeside, went photographers. The duke left by automobile to hoard the train for Tours, 10 milt? 1'rom the chateau. U v.as believed likely that the duke would leave the train at soine small station in France and .notor the rest of the 600 miles to Monts. He had been studying a load map of France this morning as he waited excitedly in hi. study for the jangie of ihe telephone bell and the message that Mrs. Simpson was free. It was five months to the day since Mrs. Simpson left him Jl Fort Belvedere, near London, and went to France while he foubl for the right to make :iucen. her bis ihe old Spanish transatlantic liner Habana to aid in sending women and children to France. At Salamanca, the Nalionali.st capita!, it was insisted that the battleship Espana. sunk by Loyalist airplane bombs, really struck a mine. It was said that four seamen and an engineer were killed by the explosion of the "mina" hut that the rest were saved. PROPOSED GRANT TO . MOTHERS INSPIRES FLOOD OF INQUIRIES Albany, May 3--(UP)--The rite bill, providing a S75 grant to expectant mothers, is causing assembly leaders an untold amount of concern. The leaders, who have received 1 hundreds of letters from persons expecting to receive the money, appealed for help. They asked capitol reporters to inform the public that the measure had only passed the assembly and that it «*ould not become operative until the senate and Gov. Lehman also p.pproved it. NEWSPAPER STREAM-LINED Toledo (UP) -- The Toledo News-Bee has c o m p l e t e l y ·'stream-lined'' its appearance. Larger, clearer type of extremely simple design is a feature of the paper's new dress. Headlines, once black, are set now in a type with thin lines. Only initial letters ol words are capitalized. Mrs. H. H. Rogers, widow of the ate oil magnate, surprised New York society vfith her unexpected marriage to Walter Hoving. department store executive. Pend- ng is her decision about a suit to break Rogers' S26.000.000 will. PARKS GET 75 BUSES Cleveland (UP) -- Officials oi 'our national parks, anticipating a tremendous increase in tourist trade, have ordered 75 14-passen- ;er sightseeing buses. The order vas valued at more than $400,CCO. MRS. PAULINE ROGERS WEDS FOURTH SPOUSE The marriage of Mrs. Pauline van der Voort Dresser Rogers, formerly of Jamestown, to Walter Hoving, president of Lord and Taylor, New York department store, has been announced: The bride is known to many Dun- kirkers. When she was Mrs. Dresser of Bradford, Pa., she spent much time at Hickoryhurst. The marriage was performed in New York in the River House apartment of the bride in the presence of relatives. Further details were not disclosed. Mr. Hoving and his bride sailed Saturday afternoon on the Monarch of Bermuda. It is understood that Mrs. Koving's son and ciaughter-m-law, Mr. and' Mrs Bradley 'Sherman Dresser, also sailed on the ship. Mr. and airs. Dresser were married Monday in Heno. Mrs. Dresser is The former Mrs. Marion Snowden. Reed, daughter of the late James H. Snowden. Mrs. Hoving is the daughter ef the late Charles R. van der Voort of Jamestown. This is Mrs. Hoving r s fourth marriage. Her first husband died and she and her second husband, the late Carl K. Dresser,, oil operator, of Bradford. Pa., and Tulsa, Okla., were divorced in 1927. There are two sons by this'mar- riage, Bradley S. Dresser and barles V. Dresser. Her marriage to Colonel Henry Huddleslon Rogers took place in Southampton on August 28, 1933. Colonel Rogers died in Southampton in Julv. 1935. Mr. Hoving is a leader among the younger generation of retail executives. He started his career with R. H. Macy Co.. Inc., and has -been associated \vjth Montgomery. Ward and company and chairman of the merchandising division of the National Retail Dry Goods association. --For wedding stanoce^-y see Dunkirk Printing Co. If suburban towns are included, the population of Washington, D. C., is more than 1.000,000. Mrs. Simpson Under Guard I By MARY FEXTRESS j (United Press Staff Correspondent) Monts. France, May 3--(UP)-Mrs. Wallis Simpson, under close guard by French secret service men, received by telephone today the news that she was free ti marry the Duke of Windsor and, as the Duchess of Windsor, be- ] '· i' i iff --I --n^vrvtxAv (*f *f~4 15--^*«^1 ^.sj..... *. **^w...«C.. UA «»iC jk-»u5* royal family. XO-A- she awaited news thai the duke who gave up a throne for her, bad started from St. Wolfgang, Austria, Jo join her at the Chateau de Cande here to complete plans for their -wedding probably during the week of Alay 24. Herman L. Rogers, who with his wife is a guest at the chateau hero--they were Mrs. Simpson's host and hostess at Cannes, where sihe stayed after leaving London last December--said that the duke would arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. News that Sir Boyd Herriman, president ol the British divorce court, had granted the decree XOT1CE OF PETITION Notice of Application for CoBMBt to Operate n Motor Ban Line Orrr Certain llich«TBr» !· the ToTra of Vlllrnova. NOTICE Is hereby Riven that » petition was filed in the office of the Tofcn Clerk on the Sin day of April. 1S37, by the Buffalo Erie Coach corporation, directed to the Town Beard of the Town of Vil- requesting permission M. operate a motor bus line and motor M'ses over the following- roates roush said town: From the northerly line of the Tcwn of Vilienova southerly aloes: Conntr Road No. 30 knottn us the Soath Davton- SrcUh Mills Road to Its Intersection -with the Fredonia- South Dayton Koad. part 3, known as Xc. 13St: thence easterly along said road Jo the Village Une ot South Dayton: thence westerly along the Frc- dor.ia-Soath Dayton road to Balcozns Corners; thence sonth- criy .liens the Conewanfro Val- ley-Balcoms Koad Xo. SC52 to the southerly line of the town of Vi!le:iova. and returning over ths same route. Also over the Fredonla-Sonth Dayton ixad ?rora Balcoms Corners to the northerlv town line. AND ALSO TAKE XOTICE that In accordance with the provisions the law of the State ol New York, the Town Board will meei at the office of the Town Beard in the Town Hall at Hamlet, X. Y.. on the Sth day of Hay. 193J, at one o'clock P. JL, for the purpose of hearinsr all persons and corporations either In favtr of, or opposed to said petition and to determine whether or not said petition shall be granted. Dated at the town of Villenova N. Y, this 13rd day of April. 1J37 FRED J. RUTTEXBUR, Town Clerk. SOUND SLEEP and PLEASANT DREAMS ON THESE Spring Filled MATTRESSES Enjoy years of solid comfort on this Sisal padded, felt covered mattress. Ofl tempered springs guarantee years of perfect sleep. FOE ONLY IN ALL SIZES GLABERMAN'S 200 MAIN STREET OPEN EVENINGS INCOME from your INVESTMENTS! YOBT investments, if properly planned ^ and managed, can bring yon a regular income, together with safety of principal. PHONE 152-W for INFORMATION E. M. BOWEN 109 CENTRAL AVENUE FREDON1A, H. Y. INTOPENS TAX CASES AGAiNST New York, May 3 --(UP)-The government began today its efforts to prove that Pierre S. Du Poat. aad John J. Raskbb created fictitious losses in order to reduce their income taxes. Dozens of financiers and others have bees, subpenaed to appear at the hearing, including Alfred E. Smith. Today only Du Pont and Raskob were present at the proceedings, flanked by a battery of attorneys. The government charged that through transactions involving more than $27,000,000 the JJnan- ciere were enabled to report taxable income considerably under what they should have declared Ou Pont, the government contends, owes $817,316 on his 1929 lax and Raskob $1,026,340. Both lave entered general denials. One of the points stressed by J»e government is that despite he huge aggregate of the stock ales between Raskob and Du 'ont, there was a difference o! nly $«.86 in the final reckon* The capitalists are expected to rgue that the back and forth rading was necessitated by ef- orts to support the crashing KMJm market. Mason B. Leming. chief counsel or the bureau of internal reven- e of this district, is presenting lis case before Richard L. Disey, member of th e tax appeal:1 board, charged that OB on* ctft- sion the men exchanged- checks for $4,606,000 sad t*3». Hsskob's ba,Tfr account 21 tte tine was far below «*ti £gure, t* said, but the checks were- met. CAPITAL CHURCHES JOIH DRIVE AGAINST INDECENCY Itt BURLESQUE . May 3-- (UP)--Tr* Washington Federation ci Churches look up today the drive siari- ed by Xew York churches ^r.jr burlesque theaters. Through its committee 0.1 civic affairs, the federation nlacced a showdown with District of Columbia police '·about some pretty terrible things going on" at Washing- ion's only burlesque house, the Gayety. James Lake, Gayety msnsger, defended his strip-teas* emporium. He said he was confident that "There'll be no trouble." "Burlesque just isn't the sroae thing here as it is ia New York," he said. "There's been so much competition there, and ont thing has led to another." But Wilbur Laroe, chairmen ol the federation's civic affairs committee, had a different idea. My committee has been csrry- ng on an investigation," he said, "and we find some pretty terribJe hings going on. We're going to the police for a showdown." The federation's drive sttmcted he "interest" of the Washington Sodality union which acts for ihe Catholic Legion of Decency. Miss a Ecthermann promised SB investigation soon with E view to action. "We're against immoral shov.-s of all kinds," she said. Sod^iiy union action cannot be taken without approval of Archbishop ?-U- chael Curley of Baltimore. NO BOND BZCOMMENDED BT THIS HOUSE HAS EVER DEFAULTED This record goes back through- years previous to the depression! Our policy remains unchanged. Listen to THE INCOME BUILDER every Friday at S:05 P. SI-., over Station WKBW E. B. BRENNAN, Iroquois, N. Y, Local Representative HUFF ft HASKINS, Inc. 701-707 Brisbane Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. THE BABY WEEK SPECIALS ,,89c S1.98 Baby Blankets . . . Beacon quality blankets, 36x50. in pink or blue designs, special _.. . Comforter Sets . . . Bayon comforters, cotton filled in pink or bine, with pillow-to match, set Bathrobe Sets... Beacon bathrobe cloth with booties to match, pink or blue, set Knitted Sets . . . Jacket, cap, booties, all wool, trimmed in blue or pink Sweaters . . . All wool knitted sweaters, slipon or button £4 Aft ttyles, white, pink, blue, special V I iUU Gowns, Slips or Gertrudes .'.".Flannelette, Cutie brand, flfl* and a t . . . . . . . . . . «b Bands or Shirts. . . Part wool, "sizes 1 to 5." nr- and Special . ^ 3 ... AUU Dresses . \ . Organdie in blue, pink or rose, white, 61 A A hand embroidered, at y I iUU

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