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Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York • Page 5

Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York • Page 5

Dunkirk, New York
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PAGE TEN DUXKIBK (N.T.) EVENING OBSERVES. FBIDAY, UARCil 19, 'The Amazing Dr. Cliiterhouse' Qives Broadivay a excellent assistance, too, both in his private and at gang headquarters, fay Helen Trtn- his pretty curse, Muriel Kutthisws, his pretty arid. Fr Role of a Suave Medical Raffles Is scribed for Cedric Hardwicke 'a cv.ii"r oJ in Justice Taking Issue in Stride .5 Mary UwxfJy. You've IX hive titles and iicedy Zav before every- would have out lor As a matter of Cinck was followed by hard while producing it.

He wa i-ojspeHed to postpone it once for revisions. and the second time hi; Jeccisx actor was rushed to a hospital with a ruptured appendix. IJut. had these misfortunes not occurred, he still wouldn't J'livc had much to offer. -Now for no: You've It" is is or enough to get oil with of Us c-esstra! ti bt- thiit a younK i "7 the a iiryf litn her occugu- fur anybojjy's cuinfurt.

YnusiK Margaret ferry, is a i i iy as the taip.leo arid Walter into the senatorial roll- ors ,1 snomersj's notice, doe a about it. Gut novi a thvy've done it, they don't to do with it. except IXiiiib'y forfjL-t the whole CITY arid VICINITY MRS" HUGH A. G1LRAY -c Curecli. and DIES AT uico iti.i;l:i3 fib.

I Cultural JL Kur.i It uiuis to fji thei' fur Ktspberry chifioa pies Towrs of '-f fSaturcfey, Dusfciri; Baiery.j Rey gaf ffi- I --Stsssped piUow at SSc-j ciates At Funeral. tvuRrv." R'Kisg's. iiv tt --Choice horne-dressei niiik- oer 'fed veal. Mkt, --Regular $1.28 new jhais. Chir price oaly 51-00.

jKioa's, Si. beef. 2 Ibs. 23c. Market.

29 E. CiyiLIAMS WILL BE EVACUATED interview girl: for position. Stoje, 70 E. Jth Sunday p. m.

Only experienced need taore favorable feed uricts to Hush A. Giiray, who itirvives her. Mrs. Giiray was devoti rf- i-- vk tu v.crvt -he Sheridan ileth- --Pratt Lambert paint, vcr- jnish and esamel for every pur- jpose. Free color cards.

Service Hard ware E. 4th St --There is a dash and vigor to the new toiasis in wall paoer disoiaved a' McMachars's. --Fresh dressed chickens. lib. Rfd While Market.

29 l-SUl. 3526 --1932 Dodge Deluxe 4-door sedan. 1933 Plymouth coupe, 1931 Ford coach and many at Carroll's Service, phone 1544. 80 Water Fredonia. i --1933 Dodge Deluxe 4-door i sedan; 6 wood wheel equipment safety throughout; heater; excellent condition.

Carroll's Brocton Murlr! Hutchison amazingly attrartive as thr "Tlir Amazing Ir. By GEORGE K05S A SVrvlif New York. March 19 From London Gilbert Miller ha brought "The Amnzini; Clitterhouse." a wild. mystery blond "mull" of Patrick's I'arty A St. Patrick's day card party by the Sj.

Patrick's parisl i in iiruvtoii. V.MS held at the rec- thriller by Lyndon thr.t has been a success UV' cily of the Thames. At any rate, they have in "Tiie Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse" most bv his various Yard in "fence" who can easily dispose- of the plunder So playgoers will find the Dr. Clitterhouse a bin "safecrackins" job is to take a feiiiV.v iiiiiK.

Mrs. James Kelley committee chairman and she was MMed by Ella McUruth. James Dolce. Dorothy MoGinth Mildred McGrath. Triz'-s were won by Mrs.

Edward Johnson. Brocton: Joseph teniicr.iuire and jot I Hullo. IJuffalo: Harold His daily program apparently undisturbed by the furor over proposed changes which would affect his position. Pierce Butler, conservative member of the court. vice, phone 544, Fredonia.

--You mav be 80 Water St, an excellent driver, yet you may have to pa for a poor driver's carc-lessneis Be prepared. Heppell Co, Inc. --New Estate gas ranges with all latest including quietly starts his daily stroll in light, electric clock, nev. Washington in this photo, one of his latest. Justice Butler.

71 years old March 17. started his career in Minnesota as a farm boy. union met Mrs Carrie Montfurt Thursday, r.l-irc-h 18 Rev. Ardor. E.

Miller. of the Baptist church, was present jiid nave an address on "'Evangelism." HOWARD PLUMMER, DIES AT MORTON HOME diagnostic facts. There comes a time. however, when he has gathered enough icccaoiy oresseu aria ok to crack the safe and iKhts since "Kafflos." doctor is no lie has honestly conic cei55t to a Althoush Sciitlaiid furore, lie keeps nono fi.r himself. doctor, you see.

is steal- cicnce. He is rcinduct- riments t(i detcrmisie on in the criminal 1 what effect crime the blood press-arc. And link ot no better way to KCUIIII; inn 01 me sii.ioy not as easv as he had exjH'n-t- cd. and i a the dociur must involve himself in a How lie extricates hnnsvlf his prfdii-ament is more than department can tell you in cninpiinni-e with Kuie 1 of the mystery club, which imposes heavy penalties for disclosing mystery play denouements. It is to tell vou that as the last curtain falls, it looks as tiiouKh the nmazinf doctor will net away i it.

All this Sir Cedric performs aminbiy and leisurely, for "'liie AmaziriK Dr. Clitterhouse" is. likel i I i i i i i i i i f- r. I t-i Mrs. A.

B. Mateson. Spoto. Fu 'iera! of 8-year-old Boy to Anne Emerling. Sjm Louise Miilonzi of Ihis place.

ilKC Club Mrs. Watson Barber entertained members of bi idge club for luncheon at 1.3'! High iionors were 'won oy Mrs John Iiiley of Westficld. MIJ- Mrs. Kiley of Mrs. and Walter N.

Clark" of Fredonia were present fa.m out gather material than to join with a gang of yeggs and upi'nost British thrillers, in no hur- to Kct to the climax. Ray Owen is visiting in Mrs. Don Newark oauchtci- Donna Edna t.ave left Minch hospital. James E. Donivan.

Pci.nsylvan: has born transferred to Johnsonbtirs. I'. The will move there in the iiear future. The Woman's Temp- Held At Silver Creek Today. Silver Creek.

March 19--Howard Plummer the eight-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Plummer of Coatsville. died earlv Wednesday at the home of his grandfather. Charles C.

Korton. Death was due to double pneumonia. Ke is survived by his parents and a brother. Pierce. The funeral service wiJJ be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the C.

C. Horton home, the Rev. Alexander Corti of St. Alban's Episcopal church will officiate. Burial will be in Glenwood broiler and waterless cooker, Service Hardware E.

4th St I --Coffee cake. iOc: fruit layer cake. loc. Housewife Bakery, 35 Third St. --Heinz

Buy 1 can spaghetti and 1 can macaroni and get 1 can macaroni for ic. Got- shali's, SOI Central phone 2019. --Easter coats and suits dry cleaned and nicely finished by our Swiss Method Dry cleaning. Valones. 323 Main Phone 2834 --Phone the W.

W. Heppell 24-56. and have our representative accident insurance which will meet your individual icquirement. --Our special coffee cake for Saturday, a butter ring with date filling. Dunkirk Home Bakerv.

--Hand bills. 6x9 to 24x36. Prompt service, reasonable prices. Dunkirk Printing Co. Whatever Your Heating --AT PRICES THAT SAVE YOU MONEY $2.00 Down $2.00 Month --Pure maple syrup, fresh countrj- butter, selected white eggs, rich snappv cheese.

Got- shairs, 801 Central phone 2019. --Coffee cake, IOc; fruit layer There's a Modem RADIANTFIRE to Fill it! TPSTAIRS, downstairs, the basement you have a room that's cold and chilly there's a Radiantfire to, harmonize with its furnishings and provide instant, economical gas heat. whenever heat is needed. No fireplace is necessary. The Model illustrated Is No.

311-Ready always at the touch of a match to bring you comfort for only a penny or two an hoar. la addition to this popular design wt can supply JOB complete mantels for rooms without authentic period deiigai, or new portable Afl models arc OB special now. COM and tfcem and make selection for chilly daft Republic Light, Heat Power Co. AND ASSOCIATE DEALERS 15c.

Housewife Bakerv, 35 Third St. oil furnace burner now on display. We invite you to see it. Service Hardware E. 4th St.

--Wall oappr from the- cheapest ihat's soorf to the bssi that's made. McMachan. hams for Easter: order today. Arpeako wieners, bacon and cold cuts. GoishaU's, SOI Central phone 2019.

--An automobile accident is costly. Let us assume this responsibility and expense. Nationwide protection. The W. W.

Heppell Inc. --Again, by popular demand, 2 new spring dresses for S5.0D. Only Simon's can give you these values. --Hamburg steak, fresh ground to order. 2 Ibs.

25c; pork aausagc. 15c liver sausage, 15c Ib. Milier's Cash Market, cor. Fifth Dove Sts. --1934 Chevrolet 157-inch truck: motor thoroughly reconditioned.

Carroll's Sen-ice, phone 544, 80 Wa- Fredonia. --Fancy milk-fed veal should- loc breast, 2 Ibs. 25c: legs and rump. 17c chops. 19c steaks, lb.

Red White Market S9 E. 4th. Phone 3526. --If you are planning a trip, are vou carrying adequate protection for yourself and family? See the W. W.

Heppell for rates. --Our celery hearts can't be beat. Complete line of fresher fruits and vegetables received three times weekly. Phone 4030. Graziano's.

4th St. --Asparagus, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, spinach, cauliflower, strawberries. peppers, lettuce, celery, new carrots, cab- bane, turnips, new beets, grapefruit, bananas, oranges. Phone 2019. GotshalTs, 801 Central Ave.

Free delivery. --Confidential. Wanted to buy outright, or substantial interest in. a business in Dunkirk or immediate vicinity. Sufficient ready capital and enough more to buy any size, good going business setup which is for sale or in need of additional development.

All replies will be held ifi strict confidence, and they must contain comolete description of offer "ERF." Observer. --Easter Special, new and improved Eugene Vaporine Lady Eleanor permanent waves. Zoios and Jamal. N'o machine, no electricity. Superfluous hair, moles and warts permanently removed.

Work guaranteed. Evenings by appointment only. Phone -597 Fredonia, Viola Beauty Shoppe. salad dressing, qt jar 27c; best coffee 20c; beets. No.

can 15c; Arp tomato juice 3 for 29c: Premier tomatoes, No. 2, 3 for 25c; Hormell onion soup IOc; Heinz soups 2 for 25c: Heinz largo ketchup 2 for 35c: keg herring, mixed. Renckens" Mkt --Sunbeam salad dressing, qt. jar 27c; best coffee 20c: beets. No.

can 35c; Arp tomato Juice 3 for 29c; Premier tomatoes. No. 2, 3 for 25c; Hormett onion soup IOc; Heinz soups 2 for 25c; Heinz large ketchup 2 for 35c; keg mixed, 79c. Renckens 1 Mkt church asd lodae. Besides her husband Mrs.

Gilray is survived by a son. Carlton Giiray at her narenis. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McClenathsn.

and the folio wins brothers and sisters: Wiiliaai McC'eaathan. Smith Mills: Clarence McClenathan, Buffalo: George McClesa- thdn. Raj-raond McClenathan. Erie. Walter McClenathan.

and Mrs. Abba Hurd. Mrs. Leah Whittaker. Silver Creek: Mrs.

Olive Alff Hamlet: Mrs. Margaret Mar- In-ing Funeral services for Mrs. Gilray were held from her on Thursday afternoon. The Rev O. L.

pastor of the Cher-j Creek Methodist Episcopal church officiated naaisied by lite Rev. H. Oviaf, Irtermen: followed in Sheridan cemetery. aad Doulu-y. late season hatch; iaes will he stroiiser." Returns indicate conteinplared increases -n ehicas to be starred.

as comoared with year. in only sixteen counties. Counties the largest number to be started ate as: Chenanso. Delaware. Wayne.

Sullivan. Tonso- Saas. Suffolk. Oranga. Cayuga.

and Onondaga. alist Oifrifeive. Loy- reporu said Arandz was ureaarinx to move the civjjaes firsi to Mount Katlonalis: stronshold in the northeast comer of the ty thence to San Esteoan where they could be on ships bound or N'atiooalist-coauoUed Bay of Biscay pons. --Advertise in the OBSERVER. STATE'S POULTRYMEN TO START FEWER CHICKS IN '3? Survey Indicates 4 Per Cent Decrease--Commercials Are Unknown Quantity.

Ithaca. N. Mar. 18--New York ooultrytnen will star', fewer chicks spring than in 1936 according to reolies received from 2.000 of and representing about 2.0FO.OOO chicks, or abou! one-tenth of the state's' estimated average total. This is a decrease of four oer cent as corn- Dared M'ith 1935.

In ChautauQua county, those reolving indicated they would start 57.275 chrcks this soring. The corresoonding number for las; was :8.751. The study was undertaken by P. M. Curtiss and A.

Van Wagenen of deoartment of agri-. 1936 Dodge Coupe DeLuxe equipment. Broadcloth upholstry, 4,000 miles of very careful summer driving. Looks like new. Guay's Garage Machine Sbp A Complete Car Service 113-15-17 Central Avenue Phone 2355 Go Places and Do Things In Style and Comfort! It's dress-up time in Dunkirk and as important as any other item is your shoe problem.

Kushner's invite you to see their smart new line of quality footwear, for men, women and children, featuring- the very latest modes, the new leathers and shades, in sizes and widths for all. When you think of shoes-think of Kushner's! Women's ARCH SHOES $1.98 Hamflton-Brovirn's ARCHIMEDIC HEALTH SHOES $2.99 WOMEN'S SPORT OXFORDS Grey Suede--Black Kids White "Buckskins $1.49 $1.98 FORMEDIC ARCH SHOES Combination Health Last $3.95 WOMEN'S NOVELTY SHOES for Spring! DOESKINS KIDSE3NS GABARDINES Black, Grey. Blue, Beige All Heels $1.98 $2.99 Growing SPORT and NOVELTY FOOTWEAR A Special Purchase of Smart New Styles Sizes 12-3 $1.69 MEN'S DRESS OXFORDS Featured for Spring Leather Soles Sturdy Construction $1.98 Others at $2.98 BOYS'DRESS OXFORDS Good Looking and Built for Wear $1.98 ADVANCE SHOWING! WHITES for Men, Women. Children They're here! An the whites yonH som wearing. Never broader selection! before greater values! Come in! MAKE YOUR SELECTION NOWI NO PRICE BISE HERE! We bracht early to you money! KUSHNER'S Children's OXFORDS and STRAPS For Palin Sunday 98c 317 MAIN STREET DUNKIRK, N.

Y. SHOES for ALL!.

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