Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 24, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1942
Page 2
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Page Six NAUGATUCK MONDAY, AUGUST .24,494$; Conixn Cards* Underrated; 01ub Ha» Pitching, Speed and Hitting, Improved Dofonso Ha» Been Factor In Dodger Success, »m *** «,*-»w«k<i» m^ «•*•*« BADE .•'St. i-ouu, AUK. -•'« \ipon 'tht'lr arrival In day Ihal tho fuidKcr* pihnolttU' that H ft 1 rn curious, t'vi'ii -II svas only St, Louis to- hBgan to u.p Is something about tnt pennant baMlo In w'hloli I'hny nro (Involved. 'Phey reeo.nnl/od It an toilsome, Hwoat sv o r k long ago hilt had given lll tic though b to Ktrnngo t h e struggln l.ouls head- they even lead would ilnstead of Hut on IIIK tho St, HInHit p-ago lines Idday I'mind that ilionxh they -havM won 8-1 K a MI « N, with thn nun 1 not, yut Into Si'plrmhMP-, and hiivb maintained u .7no winning .poroorvtaKu tbroiiKh inuMi ol' llu.! Summer, thuy can't .Vt'l be MIICo about tfu'lr pen- mint. It VV'UH dtslurhlnK ivaH/atlon boeau.*m tlu 1 facts and t'lgun><» should haw I'licin on a rollor iioaMti-r, Joy rldlriK, b.V now. Ovor In iho Amorlww IP««IU> Iho Ynnkoofl •'««'!), and y»4 Miry haven't won HO many gum*'* an the Modtf- ers. Was the FlatbiMh rword no bettor than -tlint of lln< Stadium stalwarts, they would bavo Iho Cardinals bnvfilhtliiH 1 *HI Ihnlr wHl bowod nrckH, Tholr fk'iK |)0 Oi\n 01' tWO M'illlK'M sewn and a 'ball'. Tbe spluruo ol' I be Cardinal. 4 * lit rocont wi-nks--ibhuy won night. MralKht bet'oi-e, t!io Pll'uhw r.|im?kud them yesterday -l« HI'IO exjdanatioi for, tl|e rhV-umsUaruM'.'* In wbleh tin Dodgers I'liid |.hnin*f»IVK«,- but much .doopnr Uinn I bat. Tlm i'ac.l I the Xiillonai league >l>t a Iwo-c.lul league , this year, Nxtwpt fur th fliant*. all <thf> olliur km ins ar atrkUly second division. Tho I'bll HO.M don't oven linking In that company.'- AM ,H Ki'iifiral thing thai IN a reflection upon Die lenguo, but ol Jn-Hp'wUlon sUKMrxttn the. Taiiltn are porAonal. The C.hlwiKo Clubs, to nainn 'oii«i learn, have tbo h»ok of a l'a>lr- ly Kfcotf ball (dub and should liavft ({one . rnuoh better, Tim 'PlltMburxh should bo more Hat- too, biiit svlllioiit a short- f^op'lbey couldn't really bn e.xpeot- ed to fro far. Wnft'l IhoHo loaniM Is the Ui'KV anil sli'UKH'l' ft is lh< ithe OlantM Tho polo homo run Iwl.s, Tho Cards luiv<» compiled mow lilla Iliun UM< l)o<l(M>r.s and «u'oml moro runs, Th«y muni i llrst, hut' H I* not lH'<!iui.««' H|»7 nnl ' hit, ' ' ,' It'oi'hmnh'ly for Iho Dodiim's they hnve M<<(|iili'i'il .some new virtues or IhHi' own, Tlioy'vn iirown dluvnr, which IM mi odd word, lo'uso.- In connectloo with haplH'iilnfJM In Hnl- Ini.sli, where rellncmcnl.H ore usually ilioorcd when nol hi'ld In conlcmpl, II Is MIC jdiifilo IrtiMi, tlMMMlh, joi' the DoilfMM'.s are MIC .sllokcsf, tlflht- unit In Ilic National Icajinc. Their inllehlers arc surc-handcil, knowlnu and steady, and "I'oo Wcc" Mccsc leni-s olV Mn« double play. Owen ho- hliul | he hitl, imtl Hel.sor's. tliroivlnil ri'iiin the oiiMlnld aro oMmr dcren- M!VO raclor.s. And as it learn, they have more poise and polish -Ihim llm (JimlwnlH. Thov're smarler, more experienced, Thity went Ihrouoh the mill n yeni' iiim noil nre Mint'much Hheiul of -Ino Hnl Minis. II should he Ihelr ed»e ftlmuhl tho !'»('«» ll« «luwn l<» » •Ivln'l/ 1 ,' Insl 'week urney "B&h" Meets' "Big Train" WfushlnKlon,7, :Nuw,;VprK 6 (Ifii), Now YiW'k'a,' Washington 0 (2nd; called f) innings, dai'l^OM Hogton ii, Philadelphia Ho.ston 7, l»hllufialphia Chicago A Clavohuul 1 lonlngs), Sf, 1^0ills «, St. 'LoillH 4, Inning*?)'^ ., v .i{, qhjcatfb' d (3d.; 10 . IX'li'olt Do. troll J 2 (2nd; .iO The Now York liOMlOII Clovnland . SI, .Louis , Dntrolt '.,, Chicago Washington Phlladelphlu Boston i\t Pitcher* Philadelphia. (Only gaums suhcdulod,)' NATIONAL HHOW.V WINNINU pi.AYi'in, t \(eanwhlle, UuiUKh, Um Cardinals merit a bow of ueknowlodKinont, en from the nodgor Adhot-Qiits, for tho KHllnnt ImHlo thny arc wn«- IMK. Mf ooui'.se, thoy . are nicely placed. Seven gnmuH back, they nro under no Hlralli, have iiotbliiK worry about. (Ifider (hose c HlancK«i any yoimK. ea^nr, physlclul- Iv tcli'led club would bo apt to look to Yestcnhty's HesuHw Hrooklyn (1, Now, ,>'ork -^ inulngrt.) •'' ' Rrooklyn. 7, Now York 5 otflldd r> innings, darkness). C'hloag.a !i, Clnclmiall 0 • Chicago :«, Clnolnnatl -()' (iid). Hoston ,a, ..Plilladutphia . i Philadelphia 2, Hoston 0 Pillshurgh r>, SI. Louis. 10 SI, Louis ft, PlttslUu'tfli 2 .(.iKt), (2(1). t (1st), (2ci). The Hrooklyn , St, Louis ,. .N'ow York Clnolnnatl PILtshurKh- Chicago ... Boston Philadelphia Standfna W, ...... 84 ...... 77 ...... nr> 08', no tin H'< though to drive or * haB 'ni hall luok basically it-o play hall, -In the IniiHh- quality that a formidable (Iraurulers WHV. lip for- Mel fill 4hoy waul yln. Maybe Jimmy Wilson n M"' Mime esteem hy the \VrlKJey l-'lehl, hut up to have hS>on rendering only (;/tftr>iiN/\i,.M - UNW<:HI!/Vn<;i> could tho«w much r«n.«mn why I he find thftiKHHvc.M imih*r iuifix|n<(<(fiil firc.wiii'p \n Mm TiM't MIHI Mm ttwnl- inni* HK» n much belter hull Huh Hum most ob«i»i'vei'M ihuuulit they lie, Thin rupoi'lur WIIH umnnfj who couldn't fjlvc (hem loo In the Hpi'lnu, lie llumnht of their pitching \vu,<* ovowil- e<l (In I'olh'I'A It. was) and most of all lie donhlwl (hide ulill- ity li> hit, lo woi'it run*. "U'ho Is uolniF to imt Iholr IMUIH for them, now thai .Johnny Ml*/i* l.s flon«»V" vvn.s Ilio point of hl.M ur(|ii- mftnJ, Whnl he meivni was Hint thu Clnrilmiilji wore (tovnlit of u home run. punch, which ul llm lime up- to he (he DodOm-* 1 ,Mt»'on(|.' To 'mi extent the observation was accurate, The Cardinals do nils* "il)f/ .foliD." liranch II I c key admitted U liter othfM' day and (lie fucl.s «p(Mik for themselves, Was >ll/e ehmtlnif bis homers for (he (inrdlmils lnslea<l of the (ihmls, | hey would be very loufih (o dl(iest, indeed, Hut even as they are they are no dif/esllon pill for any pilelmr, Aet- iinlly, tind contrary to nil tlm form charts, (hoy have more "belt" and potvor (lum the DodfjerM, who unex- have mislaid last year's Hut beyond that thorn am elements of K'-milnc H-lrciiKth on Iho fJardinnlH 1 I'OMlpr, Six amoiiK them, ( am *uro, would be made welcomn, a place mado foi 1 them, on any club with pennant . prolnnllons, 'llVfin amoiiK lb" Dod.ufrs Homebody won Id move over to accommodate Jimmy Hrown, Stan MiiMlal, RriftH SlaiiKlttcr and Die three pitchei'H, Mort Cooper. Max Hauler nnd Johnny Imir/lcy. Thn ublfiulloiiM Hrown IH probably tbo bcHt of all tho nardinal players. They win whuniko'H around. Mus'lal, tho HOphomore, .iH.tlie, "druiKeroiiH" bitter, Iho K»iy who can hurt yon with one wallnp.And- Slaunhtor JH wivliiK "ft year." They alwayn «ald hfl would be a rnally lino filayor, biit this IH the drat year 1m has qualified. Ho ban grmn nil the way has made more hlf.H J In Ihn league, luolud- (oonlnHl. Culo Helser and ,lon L. 35 43 07 01' M OS 74 8J Pol .7Qti; .0421 ,40'ti I .400 ./iO;j .'290 HIGHLANDERS IN THIRD PLACE IN Double by : ^ Bill Brings Locals Oyrir Bristol^ & Piinter Victory Borough's Star Golfers T 1 " -'• f* ' * L " 17 ' T 1 lo Compete ror Irophy "-.' - • -•' " * - ' •• - '.•,..• '.".•'.'-,' *i/ ! Wilt ilanders moved, ihbo 'third •; place in' Itlic Central' • loagua..Jp.y ; ,defcatI'n^' 1 i)i Bristol" Townics" ,in }3rJstol! ycster jday , 6 to . 5. , With, th e : score 5-V . in ; favor -of .Bristol ./aV.tlw)» ; end of the seventh', McCftnii^aiid^S^tJllenV •h-I t. safely i<or Wie Higli'laniiersi adv/u>ced.,\ base, \y|i eri' ( By thh ei- , sac- "rifloed.. AVith a nuvn, on.-'SeoQndi',and ; t;hircl,v,-Bl)r 'I?iliiter olouted 'i ble, scoring 1 both of them, .and | gatuck wen.t.-'lnlOi.tlTi'e"-. I'ea^ AVlii.c.l to" Two baseball Inimorlnls 'met- at;' t ho . Yankee- Stadium in New York Hie •l>eiii«nl.'j|iniii|s.rif.Qr;''|jii?/:,iArMi^t^fe- i^"^ ;Mfa^ .|>tdicr^ fundi;;; PlichingV W alter ' : 'J!<Vlnis'onj^^^^ -flu lust tried' to paste (lie "sphere- out. of the slml!iuii. ; ,,It wnsn foul, tip, ' few minutes later Habe knocked ' •"'"' the slml!iuii. ; ,,It wnsn foul, tip, but -omv Jiito the stands for ; ii bbmer; " •' ' "Ace" -Dure tie, was sent; 1,6; the ; wound; aL ; the opening- of the. gjime but had an off .day and finally; had to be: .relieved; in., 1-he •1 mi ing \vh,en ;hit,, by.,a Me was replaced ; by Hal SmulJen, No tre ', .-pa me s.i;ar . from >Ve,st Haven , vv |i o had . spl end id, • ,<jo,n ttiql .and.; .a 1- lowed:. only .four \liit,8 during^ the' remaining/' seven-'. .viiin Ings. . • It '• \Vas •Sm.ujl-eivls,'. last 'appearance; \vjth ; the H'ers , a^s . , he/'Jias : . . to k ret'urn to (iolieg-c Uii$. \yeek.. vr , , The' I-tlgh'iandei's /will' <plny, tn'e'jr last -game in the. Qentral, ; combine next/Sunday wiien they, will play (ji ddubVe-header 'with Merlden,, In Mc-riclen. • .... ' Entries < For TduVna^ieht !| Will Close on-Thursday of . This Week. . ••: ... (By::Gbarlie Jay) t | With' more than 60.--'entries already ;in, and -more coming, the Naugatuck JDaily News Horou^h Opftn Golf jtournament, is-.exceeding-all oxpcc- jtations-of the sponsor and (tee in obnrgc. The last minute en- j'tries arc .expected- to boost the total to'past Hie seventy-live mark, including some of the best golfers; around.. Hrooklyn at (Only gamos PHcberv l/otH« (night). MIDDLEBURY WINS Q-f Put On . Pa'ssqftJ.'.AV.firij " ' : ''- Johrision an •' iron The .Mlfldlpbnry Mlddlos- won Uie championship •• of... th'o M^orhperaug t>(iHol)al( leaKUH fpr I.ho.;j!)/i2. ycHlorduy Ij though: ho than anybody Iff* our own Medwlrk. l.unler IH one they t'orxet to Mtorh»« about, W;eel that hull a plloher like ol' those. pI wrlto Hport nit ho nan do /It. Tbn ClardlnnlH had him onon Iinfrtrti, Wild filll" Mallnhnn, T/nnlqr/ i» chunky like him, omtalowitly wild, but vory toiiKli vvlinn thn rnonny.lH on tlie line. A riompotltor In .oV(ir,v of the world a« thn Doctors will ilnd mil. annln tonight. flooper IM prohahly llm Imf-tor pltchor, i>i»l Cor one game I don't know. And thn nndgorn would h(!«l- inte, too, bet'orn they'd pick TiUiIlor. flooper IM Invlnnlbla wh«n h" linn all hU MlulT, but thol-n are dnyn whon n lltllo -short. Lanlor golH In more JarnH, rnorn l.)ghl Hpots, but bo iho pltahOH hl« way out of thnrn. I'lial. wan llallalian'M Irluk, loo—re- merfilier Ihn I to 0 garni! with whluh he bent Vanen and the Dodgers out Ihn MttM pniinanl- (iL Kbl>ntH Mold? A* a hodgnr" rootnr f/anlnr IH tho guy I'm worried almul now. If thoy Ket POM! him lonlKht, the ponmmt mixlil In Htralghl-nn away. Hut they don't, he'll hn bank for a return on«agement on ThurHday--ancl ifter that thf pennant, hulyards may et. ntuek In thn fl/itf polo pulleyH. . A two-run honjor'.by Wal- LOP Hicman did tho trlok for moro runH hpfore thn slc|d.-..\v«H , i-c.tirod- In Ihn blK i.'Uh, Uronnan reached Ill's I. on an error; Matthews, singled, and Daly hit to Hal Hoppi, ,\Vho threw poorly to Coopnr, • •l^ronhiin and ,\|atthpyvH .snorinK. 1 -' Aftor J^lo- kas, holnhul,' nicman- hit a; iiom'p run to Icft-bon'tcr,' • " ' ' rtnlhany Hcorod first: in the slxlh'l 13, lloppl .I'oaohnd first oji an or- ror, Htoin Muooud and wont to 'third on Ooopor's ovor- throw. . Holy llro^'H rly brbiiKht-Hoppi honin. Tho Middles tied It up In the olKhth. . Matthnsvs reached first, on an error, stole second, advanced on Daly's saorlllco and- floored on (loopcr's passed ball. Frank Ijnary unrl Johnny Grab- owskl contlnupd' the brlljlant duel until Iho -12th when Bethany thrca,l- iincd, Joiinson leading 'off \vlth n double. I^uiry lightonetl up, and cs«5ap»:!fl trouble. I.eary, gave up six hits, struck out four; Cirabow- ski allowod nlnu , and farinod a do'/on, ' . . . ' Next Sunday thn regular Inagiue playoff's will bo under way between tho first four teams, Niuigatuok HJucblrds playing/ at Mlddlobury; Hetlumy at' Sandy Hook. Tho score: . iMlddlcliury • 'Tf I Mr/j.'Chilcflgo. •v pi tfcH him ' bvorVwl » '.[].' •gnivips ."i !'s n5) and 1 t|f.c.\Guljs; : tM 1 6' i -njiiSx!or'-8)xfch:'; -:.'.' ,lJn;iimy';-'.\Yilso;n's -\vfi)lf".yp^tqrc!'nyi ^'ag .na.ti Hed's,'- winning .w.o.n,. on rlglU '.thp.;-Cincln- bpih'-' : 'dnds/6f score Butcher, -If'•'.' Painter, cf-. .. Pis'tarelli, c . Edmonds, 2b Petrlllis, lb . Nanny! A. game to'-nothing/'- ' ''•• Av.orkni;.l.< thp d J .ril'ilfi iiit3/'tO,''\vlii '.' :i7lh';qt t -''t;he' .Hims'on. -..Lon W.fis :-on,;-tJie lijll,. for ''th'o^xv.iniVors/.i '^ Oi'iV.nt.v ^!x' to ami. 'siweh'' j to was /oWloff.'-al,- -four in' • 'live. 'Thq -;>fif|6ri?lepp -- i th < 6'..'on(l,rqjr."'^!vo- Iri> ' 'I'he rlvfsrs In Oolorndo, s'onoroiiH- y 'naiueri -by Ihn Spaniards, Ml illo le I/as AnlmaH PnrdldaM on PIIIWI- torlo (Illver i>f Dost Souls In Purga- ory) w a ,M proiyoiincod l»y later •'rench (.ivippnrH "\PnrKHl-olrn" but o American cowboys It soundod lilko "Plcket'Wli'e" and that's what tiey call It. lodny, Hronnnn If ab lib **** - mtr O*A*U . VKXQ* rOOTLIOHT SERENADE PCRSOM JACKIE ATTHACTIOK HOFF ORCHESTRA TOHIO U.S.A. D/ilv rf SlokuH o Hlumnn H Hont-vllln, flrahowHkl TeNNlur lb hoary p . Totals S/,otok C! oop o iloliiiHon ih 11. Koppl HS I 1 !. Hoppi r Swminny -,'lh Holy CroM.H llHHkott, If. . GrohowHkl p of . -. ;XJ\h'e- «peond-"' p face .-'Cardinals -spilt WH;h Uio. 'Plra'toa/ PiHH]nirg}r x won Uio 'bpannr, ; five 'to/ throe .and . tht) .nnrrts took' -Ihp anoo.hd,, ilyn to.. t\yd. Hosticjri licked PhNadelplVIa throe -tjQ' 'onb . in 'Hie jlrst, but losl^ the 'sec'-: ond Kanie; ', two iyol'h Irjg. " ' .In. the. Am.ct'loan .league, a-. couple ofd.. '(liTicrs-. stole the.:. show..; :.Bn.b.o. Ruth-, and Walter Johnson v put- bn a ''gV • cxIilbUibfi ' ,';ati "" A'anUoe iiii bcl'oro - -th'o ' Ytink-Sendtor ; dou bloheo.dor. ,f ojinspn - •'/.[ pp'cci ... Ch o 'b'ill .,ih '\vith at lo'astyaome vdf 'hia old stcajn',- -o'lul Ruth \yliaokcd. ,a tioupio- Into'' tho fitands,,.-,"---". ,' ' .' . - v; : f r,lvp g'a lo', oxooo'fll ng /^fliff.OQQ, wen t to tlie sbi 1 v I O;O L: 1'u mis;,;' Wash 1 nglon • took /the "opener, Hoycnv^to. ,six, and • t,lio''S'arikoes won l.h'o Bocopd- garno, threq l,o nothing, /• ,''.,'•; ; . ;• : ' Boston, took u pair" 'frq'm. Phila-do I pi j la , IAN- o to. . no Mi i n g an d . so ven' " :to; nbth Ing. Ch loftgp : ' and' Cleveland s p M t. T ho. W h i to • Sox \vo.n l,h e 11 rs t •ga'lrfo,." throb to one, r rand .(Sloynla.nd took the Hooohd one •'t6' : nothing, in ton'. In'nlngH. - - ' • „ St. Louis 'won Iwo from Detroit 't\y.6 to pne'aiul fo'iir to two.' ' ' ; i- " v ^Defending ,Def eated : Dr. ;, •• • •'.; E, Andier^on, & ; a^nd. 4, *.-••;•-';"' 1 V :/ (By: Cliarlitv .Jay) ; , • "-y • .The. first-round- matches.'Jn 'tho fpp '-Brook Golf cl.ub Ghainpiorisb.ip '' \vif-lr one- fcaLure'.'of the Old-ako.wskii McGann, rf Dur'ette,-pi Smullen, .p. ' Totals ',. Nicqletti, 2b Valp, G ',.- bynch, 3b Qroutch, cf. Rlood,"- p .... Gileco, lb .; Ghariman, ss. liinlz, 1 f ..V,;; QiU'tman, rf Totals ...'. ss Bristol ab . 5 . 5 . 4 . 5 ,..4 ... 1 .....3: 41 11 ab :... -V ,;. 3 ,., 4 .. 3 ..4' PEPPER MAKTIN'S 12. o, 2 •h 1 0; : 8' 1 2 0 ; 1 1 0 0 11 1 0 0 • 2; 0 ' 1 1 1 • . 35 5 : 37 11 lit) 0 2/0— « 10 0' 0-0-5 li, Kdmonds, Sin u Hen, : El-pad 2; -'Edmonds .40 •» 38 if HoUiany ah of h l o i j •o- 0,1 i' i' 0 i 12 a '2 2 12 1 2 4 2 : 0 1 .3 /i 0 /i 0 d 3 no in Totals /il Scorn by InningH! ' < Mlddlobury ,,.. ,OQO QOO.,010 OXK) Hotliany 000 (JOi 000 000 Hrcnnan, MaUhows, 2, Daly; Kj MoppJ, ;Ki«roKH—Hojy- Cross, Hoppi, Montvlllp.,' In-Hlorhan / S>, Daly 2. K. : HopRl;' two Im'HO' h'lt—-ifolinson, .Stolon ihnnon. • TWO"' ba'Ho • hlt~- Johnson, Matthows, .Br.ohnun.vSaori-. .'., Loft, on l)|iscs—notiiahy 7," Middlobliuy 11. ha'sos on balls- off Loary 4, •Oraliowski C.'Hit'by pltohor, Ry OraboNVHkl (Daly). Striink out, by heary 4, Oraliowskl 12. Passed balls—-Coop'or. Umpire— T.uokoy, HOllg;NolHOn. Time—2:30. rii'st book, Kathnr fn of .fnnlppv Snrra; tho plonnor loador of tho nil«- iln'^lalifornln, -\vasi' writton lilHHlpn l)oloro/i ( San. Fi'anclsqo, Mission Htlll exists; '''.'• : :" » ; ;feh-|on ; gOi l T* Aug.. : 24—(UP)'—'Comma n dor ;. : J- a; m e s J-osopli: Tu ri n oy 's ......,, . . r .ser ; vlcxj • 'l,fid''his • tztkl n'g it;;i;6'otball V ''s]>ooi)af5lcs'has ''gpt iip" ;in bid iBo'b 1 Zuppl\6.' ,former ; Illinois .coach, who o f r e 11 r e ip on t 'to train t;l i o ly-Stai: teaim which plays tho.rGhicagp -bears' -a ' benefit ga m n:-'.' a I, -.'• So Id i e'r' Flel d in C11 ion go rvoxt'^Prjd'ay, 'Iliinks ei-udite Gone .ought' 1 ; to" r.oad less Slvakespearc and mo nq t of r ', fro n o r a 1 - M acXr tfi u r , o n fO-'olfthiH/; , 'Says '!';Tunpey was; a ;figli;txir and; a on'p,i-.vtiiit'.'^, do'iVt -romem'bor ho qv.qr.. i)lay-ed fullback' -and hiado •-•- •• •-" •--••-" • Thaps '•tea'olihs •Pel':Burke, 'detondhig- cllampip'n, c the: ineasiiro of. Dr.' 'A."'P'. A"n- ah'd.-'-'/j/."G..!; Wp.jnck, .• shot a.spfU'kTfng 37 ;on tlie. out-nine^and th'eiv ^wcn t onto : fief eat' P; ^Gr,een; 6 (j,n'd/y/i.V,!Gij.s -'Klem. ran'.'.into..''a/ llj-tle trouble; but' managecr.'to p/t'- : Ar. ; 'Gbaplicki .i". up';, ^a-rris- t.o i n T bm "Keary -ran true to form Jn tnlcing ; the .measure, of Tom Scally a n n r I 2 \y 11 i le F. lp oari Sri, \va s jiay- Ing an ' baHy": time bllmihatiiig ."Al Wntaon <\ and.-5. 'Henry Gioslewski, local higii school' teacher., hailViio troubioVelimlnntlng D. Sweet (3 and /i;-, 1,0'.gain his . quarter-finals berth. In .-.the other ,matchi ,T. Wujcik ; hlt- tli|ig,-.t-hia;bal! well;this year, put out 13 ,'ti I cli' WH k i' w h o was,; c o u n ted- p n ' to make' the finals of..-,the .Trj th.Q .other match: L.',Ges- ?oc. ; -fiQd' no '"tr'piibley defcating;>, DqQq, ; ,ir.,,'4 and/V . ••/• . - •-.- -JM'Uhe Wujcik-Glchowski -match, )'oth boys seemed to Jiavo trouble with .their putters, missing sliqrt ones on many of the greens. Gichow- ski ..took the. IJrst hole with a birdie our, but the second to Wujcik's )irdie. throe. Giphowski then .took ho third with a bh-dlR, and not to )o i ".'6iitdohe,'. Joe /^ujcik took the our t<h with a birdie three. All /went nip nnd, tuck until the eighteenth .,rocfT./when GJclloski -failed to can an eighteen foot put' for a,,balve, '•' In the m a tch es. ( . th 1 s, \y eek.' B u.rke will meet G. Wojack, 'who, if lie ,is on'his game, may'give Pete a'sur- prise, nl though here the match; i ex- perl eiicc of the clef eh'd i rig champj on will be a big'.'handicap to, overcbm'e. GuH: M Klo ( mj, perennial.; runner-up. In i d,our 1 'n'ey.s> i''th.ese. Hind, ; .takes.-, on '•'OscaiOeHsclc.-Tom 'Neary should drives 'start loft'. .What should 'be/ the best match.'-/.ot >' the .week ''.Is/;;'lilin ' Henry • GiesleWski-Joe AVujcilf. .match. J .Toe/ is fitting: the bnlh this/ycar,',better- than 'he . has. since he i'opk the District champi.on- sli Ip : a ' foNV' y cans back r If his • put- 1,0,1'.-;'can be: made- to- 1 -hIt 5 the . -bal 1 where' hi?, wan Is ,J t,- ...he .'-may prove the, •surprise'of; the tourney, .;• . '''' Bristol':....:..... Runs .-.Painter Qlda1fo\yski-; :.McCann\ ,- H Bristal, : Nlcolettl, Ly.nch, Chapman", Hun.A -bati'Cd in- 2j Painter, Butcher, Flood, Lynch, • J11'0pman: T\yo IDase A : hi ts^-EdmohdS;" Hh'ree base hi'is—Flooil. Stolen bas- os-T-iiklmonds 2, "Chupnia.ii,: Left on hhVes—Naugatuck 0, Bristol 7.: Hits off.: Smullen 4 in Tinning*,; off bur- otte, 0 In 2 innings;'off Flo.od, 11 in })•: innings. Winning' pitcher—Smiil- Ion/ L'osiiig pitcher—Flood!, Time— 'Oakvillc Wins ted The Bristol Townies New Preston . . Bristol Endees MerJden ....... New Mil ford . Pet. .733 .643 .015 .571 ;533 y*fi2 .200 .188 "SHEA GOING STRONG FOR THE I Naugatuck Moundsman Defeats St. Louis 7-2, Far Second '•'Oscar)^ ^eHsqclc. • Ton1 Nn , h a v G/ n.§}) ^i;b u b ]'§."; i ii' .Ii I s h 'l ( V'Derin 'Sr/., "unless, liis'.'r] '•wan f?p ri ng ; , to"* tl)6.-r I gh t 'or 'Spec 1 ' Shea, of Naugatuok, won'his second victory in the last Tour starts 'yesterday when the Kansas City Blues defeated St..Louis 7-2' in an American association encounter which, held the ;K.G/sJn third position' In" the league. The gam'q . was a seven-inning nightcap affair and Spec allowed only eight hits;: '"'""'. The Naugatuck twlrler lost a tough one 'to Milwaukee las.t Thursday when failure to hit by the Blues allowing the-Brewers to win,.1-0. Sliea fanned ten 'during, the game -vyhjle ; his opponent, Walt Lanfrahcohi, -retired 1 but four on strikes. Picking a favorite to cop the laurels would be like'looking fof;: : a needle in 'the . haystack. Seasoned gol-fer's and beginners alike 1 will vie for a formidable list of prizes to be given the winner.of.each" flight."The winner of the championship. Jlight j\vlll carry away.-JJie ' "permanent" •trophy for a;yea.r, and if successful ',in. defending the championship .can .keep it'permanently. With champions and former /champi'ons... In the fray, the rch' • piqnsbip flight-. should display, a :very high type of golf for the en- fjoynient of the. galleries. To. mon- -tion a few .that this humble, duffer •picks there when the •matches start,, there is genial ; master• l?mnk Green, ,a top llight golfer in" this, territory. He's been hitting . the'-.;• bail ,/XvelI-, except - 'for *very few- rounds where bis' putting ;fa.HGd, : .;.Eddie "Clchoski,••'scnil.-llilal 1st' in the state amateur tourney held at Waterbu ry . a m on'tli* ago; and al-' mostrcbnsistcnt. winner of .low-gross' h o'n oil's • in-! 1 the Industrial. leag'ue this season. Gus. KJem, the, consistent Tunner-iip- to champion both at the localolub and-the District events Joe Wujcik;: district champ a few years back,,,still, hitting the - ; bal , well despite U on g boui-s of-war work :3n , the ideal! rubber eoiieern^v Then ~ therfe is the dark horse w.ho. .n ^surprise, Toni-,; Neary, 'consMo'Cd 'one of the longest hi Hers "at the 'local club. Henry Cieslcwski, better known for bis tennis prowess* •but nevertheless a'clasc-to-par-golf- ,.er, is expected, to be in the thick !of tins battle before it is "done. Two youngsters, just .out of the caddy- age, Hay Loman and Ed Dugals, should bo in there s to uphold the honor of the youngstei^s against the older and more experienced golfers. Pete Burke, Dinner of the district .tournament at 'Watcrtown, lias not at the time of this .writing luvnod in his entree .and could not be •reached but is expected to enter if his working schedule in a Waterbury war plant permits. Also expected to be a last-minute entry is Felix Cichowski to,-.uphold., the honors of the Bristol Go. in the local tourney. Entries will close on August 27|h. and blanks coj) still be procured at The News o'nlce, from Fred Zonino and Jack McKee at the U. S, Rubber Co., Art Swan, at the Swan J51i36- trlc 'Co., Frank T,' Green,at the .local post ,0/lVce, -Carl Peppe.rman at -the Cewis 'Engineering Co., v ,foc ^uran- skl at the Eastern Malleable Iron; V (By Unifeil Press) i When the topic of conversalion turns to colorful baseball players, one fellow who must be considered is John Leonard Mar-tin, Or perhaps you know' him as Pepper Martin, (he Wild Horsie pftlie Osage. « Pepper's career- was a stronge one. .11; was meteorlc-^but In TO- yerse. Most baseball stars achieve their greatest fame;, towards ilio cjose -of their careers.'But with Pepper it:was' different—rthe. c,limax of 'his career came near/its'-start. !- The \yild Morse of .the Osage left liis native Oklahoma to enter baseball, in 192o. He kno'cked around the 'minors ..until.he was brought up hy St. 'Louis'"Cardinals' In 1031,, When pepper .entered th^, ; ]Sational league., he made the f act T 'kn6wn. He' jn tro- duced- a style of play which won |i4ni .the Osage* 1 iiickiiame, and .which made him' tlvc Icyider./of tlie famed Qas House gang. Pepper was a reckless, careless, 'dar.iiig player. Ho charged' 1 ^!! over.;the-field,,,slid for ;home. .on his stomach, crushed inlo teammates goi^ng after flies. And he Imbued" 'tlie rest of the team Nyilli liis boundless energy. •, •When the Cards got into the world scries in 1931; largely.through Pepper's efforts, .they weren't given seven- an outside chance to heat the ^Philadelphia Athletics. The A's Jiart ;\von the series in '29 arid '30. Anjl ]they were sure they .could -make it : three stranght. But/they'didn't ng- 'urc on Pepper Martin..' , ' , . ; Pepper. Avrecked the. Athletics ;sing]e-lvanded hv that-s.ei'les, and Jn- 'directly >tlius led -Gonnie Mack to break up the Atliretlcs'-million-dol- • lar' team of that year. -He staged the greatest one-man ., show /ever s^en. on a baseball .diamond, and personnl]y~well, alnrost—won the series from the mighty A's, ...;'' . In: the ; 'seeond game, .Pepper's series totals ran like this—batting t average,. 500, 1)it a liome run and 'two' doubles, and, .just for good measure, he stole 'live bases.. Pepper played, for nihb more-years on the .Cards. And. althqugh;hc ; never 'again •aUained tlie heights .'hp'r^id in. his; flrgi,world • series, 'he .wftfc still the sparkplugsOf: tlrq. team. \ : Now Pepper's managing the Cards; Sa'crantento: fa-rm, and doing ,16b. 'lie •Ii.opes>-8onieday-f to-get;; to ; the majors as a.nianagcr; And .a good bet the Wild Horse : .ofr Osa ge wi 11 bo sta m pod ing-1 ri" tH e . leagues 'itureY lh;";t,lve.. not .too distant^ fu- 'Alaska--IS'\vell- supplied .with ex- 'i press ; . : and: nmil'c;serVIce,. 'Including '•'parcel;,.poftt. TheVteleg'ra'pJi .systeni ils operated by.^he;U».S. Army. SIg^ -n«l:corpSj --providing radio communl- J.Citti-pn; . '.../ •.'••/•:•-/.._.•;•:. •' ' ' VLarry or Chris: Kolh at the Naugn- ;tuck Chemical.'Co., ai the Hop Brook club and fVorii. Henry Cieslewfiki or Dr. A. E. Anrtersom, ,Tbe cjualifying round wJH bfl played Saturday .and Sunday, August 29 and 30, after which pairing for the flights will, be made. The first match .will have to be plnyqd by the fifth" of Soptomljer, with the finals being played on Sunday, September 6. After-the final matches, a supper will be enjoyed by th« golfers at Nvhich; prizes-to-the various winners will bo. presented. GEM Today - Tues. IIUV WA« BONOS & STAMPS HERE . a ijJptjk'.Tdr ,itho bait caniier oo-operal'io/ii,.. ami., football '' '" ,. ... . "Tunnpy's stuff Is. g;bod," .continues \ thtr ; vdn.ora'bjo; .-,• liio.ntor. •- ^It's rou-gli and toug-li ; andV,gaod A for ; trnlnlng' I'tor '• the battle /front, • I 'taiiM:ht. callsthpnlo^iand, I- 1 kriov.-Mnuph ahoul, punching a . bag or/; ski japing a, nope,; , Put I-, r.ealize ALCAZAR vToday - Tues. ^VVilko^-3-qncl rn'n f.AH>-.i'-'rr4 i i'n>/ •. 2-ini'an 18~ho]e v 'flh'al ,,,..„ .... niatcl^To'rax.vplay'edvtop-fl^^ :ha ; l'' |.s ; :go6d. -conditioning drill. So i t!ir.qu||"fi i qii^.'the\:t 1 p ; ui;nftm'e^ s , mjU'cliIng 25'- (mlles' 'carrying' a j;dre.vy (,b^ i|lggest.riumber. pi\;j »• --— t ,j ; ' ;rofv.any ; -state tourhamiBht;)'th|s; Victor i McLAGLEN ' Douglns FAIRBANKS, Jr. ' t Cnry ^GUNGADIN" — r. plus INKING FnyWrny— Bruce Cahoi Wednesday "Tarzan's N.Y. Adventure" plus "Mnaniflccnt Dope" Starring: Hedy Lemarr and William Powell ..;-: Also "Blondle's Blessed of th* flowtr • truck ttrror Into h*r htartl MURRAY'S Amoca Service V WethersfleJd, Winner of -the;fli'th arihual.Wethers- -Jleld- •iirvfta-.tlon golf • tout-nament,' ,is ,22-ye a ?'8- p i d. £01* nip p .Ha. r if ord _ r paddy, 'Pelipc Tp'riia./ He'..took .".tho 1 - iitl^; in ile^t'eating ''State ;i Champion EcJclle ' Eve. Me—22e Inc. Tax Sat., Sun., Mondays under 12f r 4^ ON STAGE — V WED: BACHING BEAUTY CONTEST 65 SOUTH MAIN STREET Batteries Charged While You Wait { •• ' & » >. * All Amoco Products BRIAN DONLEVY MIRIAM HOPKINS PRESTON FOSTER "MELODY — Also — LANE" -.'mid. Short Chrysler and Plymouth i a.M.G. Trucks | C. Raytkwich Jr. ACCESSORIES R^pikiring IM, SOUTH ;H*Jtf 8T. •Telephone 40M i i i i i i

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