The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1934
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, AUGUST 16, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS County Haptists To Meet Friday Ai Whisp Church 'Hio Mississippi County Baptist aiiociailaii will meet with Ihe Falr- • view Uaptist church at wliisp on September 12 and 13. Tre program for i!:c> meeting is us follows: 10:CO a.m.: Opcnlii; ot session tlic Rev. J. L. Newsoin. moderator Singing led by Ray Morgan ol Drll. UcvclioiKil by C, E, Cole of Os- ccoia. , Heading ot cliiirch Iclleis. Election of officers. Recognition ot visitors and nsw pastors. Annual sermon by the llcv. K. A Kimbrougli. of Luxorii. NOON HOUR 1:30 p.m. Kinging led by Ray Morgan. Devotional by W. II. Horn, ol Manil:!. County Missions by Howard Kill'.!. Treasurer's rc|»rl. i Ke|x>rl on Slate Missions by C E. Cole. Report on Christian Education, by Uraxlon Gill. 7:30 p.m. Singing led by Ray Morgan. Devotional by Paul Belcw. ol Ma- 'nUa. Ropsrl on nominations by tliu riov. u. A. Kimbrougli. Sennon on Mission^ by [he llcv J. B. Until. September 14: 0:30 a.m. Singing Icil by J. Ji. Caltell. Devotional to be supplied. Re|iorl on Home Missions by the Rev. R. A. Klmbrough. Report on Foreign Missions by Cauglilev of Wilson. Doctrinal seimon by the fiev M P. Uafhriuhl. NOON HOUR 1:30 p.m. Ringing [cd by J. B. Caklwcll. Devotional to IK .supplied. Itecus.sions of mispinns led by i^n L. Bridges, of Utlle Rock. Woman's Work, by Mrs. Jones. DAN THOMAS klF COOPERS ><]!! 19 I&'JK 51!pO/> tie EK, &'J' IIS PiS' i;CE rt Ctl-V ,',5 CENTS A COMPLETE WAJ2DKO3 UTESY P.CTllCE COT OfCf-tP W By Harry Grayson University mrnlor. . . , better known lutors accept TtK posts , /.'OST lr£LU3J5ALOFM.M EXECUTIVES, d POJSES Br R.AYIII£ TVE &>LE cp A UOJlJTEO COUCE f»Jr.-f3£ELEe Prince of Wales Knitted Scarf Report on Sunday Schools by Alvin Holly. 1:30 p.m. Singing isd by J. B. Calriwcll. Devotional to be sui>|)licil. Deport on Or]>i:an's home by C. B. Cook. Devolutions to be selected. Obituaries lo be selected. B. Y. P.. U. Work, by J Friend. LONDON (UP)—All the members of llic royal family can knit. Recently, for :m important charily show, nothing but the Ii. 11. toimd of clickine needles was lo be heard in Buckingham Palace. The whole household followed their example, and two bales of clothes were prouuced for the show. Queen Mary was responsible tor half a dozen colored shawls. ml the Princs of Wales turned n a well-knitted scarf. Read Courier News Want —Perhaps bust-ball hi S»» Fntn- 1 Cisco being in a bad way gives 'lo K report that Fmnk O'Uoul wll ctiiin lo succeed Jimmy Caveney n inainmer In 1835, with Joe »1.. _glo. young oitlllcldtng stiiv. go- Inn to Ihe CilnnlK In the deal. . H;m Francisco is the back bone ol llic Pacific Coast League. . O'LJoul Is the most popular athlete who ever played wllh llic Seals. —Organisation of the Endeavour's crew is one ot the blgscsl pioulonib In connection with tin- Other challengers have failed due lo the men aboard. . . . The fe\v I professionals mid all Hie amateur.* on the English yacht arc enthusiastic, however, mid T. O. M. Soi»- wilh believes they can lw liuined to iheir work In the spins tafoii the inleintttiotial match. —Thai Tifirr-Cardinal exhibition conlcst was the first, professional ' baseball eatne ever "purchased." and ilagcd for any other purpose tlian gate ii'ceints. ... A clniin of drug stores "bought" II for Ihe boys *r Delroll—10,000 of them— i as Ihe climax of a letter | advertising stunt. ... No adiui. 1 - sion was charged, and Tyrus Hny- inond Gobi) was brought nil tin way frnm San Francisco, so tin youngsters could see the hnmorla their pappics uu'cd about. * • .• —Lou Little 'says he Is tlirougl wllh football coaching .schools tit i tor this summer "They Uik | too much out of me for what X.gc Arts. | out of them," explains llic Coliuii on |>eieenUgc-arrangementsi. und Ihe lesser lights liuvun'l turned out lur llio courses us In UK pus't. —Cleveland copied nine games, l«>i three, and tied one In Us Imnstoiming ltl|> wllli the Giants l.isl spilng. . . . The Indians diuppcil H of 19 lo Ihe Tigers. . . ism that wouldn't keep a lot «( people, Schumacher , fioin liking llubbell, Co., in the world • Mickey Walker discarded llic !ti Irish sreethiB, "May yom shallow never BI'OW less," alter milking it to Paul WhltcniHii, when tin 1 luller wns on a diet. . . . Toy niilklog suspects thai t\- kins ol Jaw,'i forgiven him. —While he wouldn't wish lo U« otcd" Kogcrs llorn.sby hns called zzy Dean a "thrower," which Is cball player's way o[ saying tit n pllclier lacks technique. . Puul Waner asserts thai iMul in has more on Ihe ball limn /.»'. but not as gooil ronlrol. p. Hayes' Son Closely Resembled Famed Teddy TOEMONT. O. i Uf'l—Friends of I ho late Col. Webb C. Havc-s. son "I the late President, Ruihcrford !i. Hayes, recalled at, the former's doatli hciu recently hir, remarkable ifvrcmblancc to President Theodore ICOOiSVCll. _ • niiriiigAtlic Intter's lifetime, the !'*i cniontcr, who was a frequent \'!jitor lo Washington, was often riiilake.ii for Hie piesidcnt. Seen to-ieUier, the dissimilarity of Hie fvvi> men u'as marked, but alone Colonel Hayes often found him- ^clt mistaken' for the then chic! executive. Kriciids said he was pioud oi the resemblance, and often commented about, 11. NEWCOMEHSTOWN. O. (UP) — lomcr Spargroves. two. wns killed I'hcn his father attempted to light ciBiiret. while drivinp,. lost con- rol of tiis automobile. The ma» chine crashed into a culvert. WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win Pep ... Vigor ... ViulKy BLYTHEVILLE TUESDAY, AUGUST CIKCUS GKOUNDS, MAIN & I,H,I,Y LEE BROS. ''NEWIY ADWsQ! CINDEf -A' MIGHTY UNlVFRSrrY OF NATUPAL ' HISTORY-, -fcAJ iN^JU NGLELANt NAMPA, Idaho (UP)—Many boarding house side dish was >lnn;c(l out of here cUiiitig the In si [;art of Aii^usl, The prune ciop [:qimeii more lh«m 1,053 freight cais lo carry it to market. She Spent Many Unbearable Hours Stomach ;md Kidney Trouble Hiid Wrecked ilcr Health; Weak, Bloated, Hands :im! 1'cel Swelled ;m<! Pained; "Gly-Cus Hcst of All," De- dared Mrs. Ku- athorilics njtrte th«t yotir ney» eonlwn 1R MILES of tiny lub« fllt*ri whirh h«lp to turifjr the Wood mnd h**p you he-^Jthy. ' If >ou have troyHf with (oo frequent Madder pas^zcs wilh sranfv arno'int ci'tx- \ny burnior and tiiaromfotU the 13 MII-F-S of fcidncT tutx-s need wasKtn? o-it. This daiv- Kcr slenil may be the hcc>nninr of napKing bicVache. Icp rains, loss of rvi- sr.d vitAltty. If kidneys don't cmply 3 pints rvcry day }d set rid of * pounds of waste matter, your body will take up these poisons causinir icrious trouble. It may knock yo-j out »nd lay you up for many months. Don't wait. Ask your driest for DOAN'fi PILLS . . . a Joctor's prescription . . . which has been used successfully I>y millions of kidncj sufferers for over JO years. They give utick relief an:l will help to wash out IJt 15 MILES of Iticlr.ey lubes. But iJon't take chancra with stronc drugs or so-culled "kiilncy cures" th-il claim to fir yon up in 15 minutes, for they may eeriouEly "iijnre and irritate JcEicate tissues. Insist r. DOAN'S PILLS - . . the olri rdif\blc relief thit contain r.o "tlope" or h*bk-fonnErK droers. He »ure jou cet DOAW'S PILLS at JO-JT druKist, © |?34, Foster-Milburn Co- ! <j£sM| E^NGil ^COMPLETE. :tXHiBiTiaN_r MILE 'STREET I PARADE | V;ATER-P>ROQF. | TENTS AND I COVORTABLE 5CAISI FOR n^LDOOH '5OOO PEOPLE ' IpNE POPULAR PRICES CHILDREN 2; ADULTS 50 "l"u:- t'.n yrars I actually linn' tny mnnry y-.vay on medicines bs- Icic 1 trial Gly-Cas." raitl Mr.>. Matlie Kobcit.s. 420 Easl Davis Ht.. Blylhcville. Art:. "I luid bren so . .MltS. JIATTIE ROBERTS »eak I could hardly -sland LGuldii'l. (.it an>'thing willioul in my Moin-icli nnil bou-clf;. Bloafx unlil I could hnrrily ect my breath. I THOUOJIT 1 WOULD SMOTHKR. My kidneys were disordered tec. my tiRiids and feet, swelled and iuhv:d .'•> I WAS CONI'INFD TO MY BED at times. Tliir, continual suffering was wrecking ray Eyst;m and I s|Kiil many unbearable hours beforr trying Gly-Cos. I had taken many medicines before but GLY-CAS IS THE ONLY REAL REMEDY OF THEM ALL. That former suffering has left me—and I know people would not want a better medicine than this Oly- Cas." Oly-Cas Is told by Kirby Bros Drrs Co, Blytheville, and by s!l leiding aru; stores In surrounding tom\£. — AtJv. Certain-teed Universal- Shingles The-tiMosl Economical, • Quality Shingles on the- fMarkft--. For Single or '•Double Thickness'^Rpofs YW'HAT sott.of a roofing have you in mind?-Is it.arrattriaive/.faeT proof, dutable, and protecting shingle roof?- Is it roofing of.complete single or double coverage, asecpnomicalas it .isIasting?IIn any'case.'the Ccrtain-te-J Universal Shingle thoroughly fills-the need.':TKe Universal is a distinctly improved type asphalt shingle,-unique in .artistic design, Right Over Toe Old C /(pO/. _^ m UmverMl<Sriuiglej^can-bs Uid over the womout.wood jhinglea with abtgluU-SKurity—thiu pcoridiog t fuidut ud more economical way to re-roof. " E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 100 Glenn Scolk'y Winner. Ihe ic- Temple coach, Is ptfsldeiil of » canning comp»ny Hi Spring- vlllc, N. 1 Y. ' —"Death VRlky" Jim Scolt, Uie. old White box right-hiuidcr. now is the iNeacher of n new religious cult which 1ms Its lleadquailers In 1C motintalm near I/B Mitelcs. —Fight mid siixyini! i\uutt\y tlml lius accounted for cluht of nine cxlrn innlni; n«ine.s Is Uw princlpul rciifion why Ihe Delrolt i-ntry Is Icndlni; the American Untile. --'rhc. l(l» Teu Is to hiu-c iinothei' Hank Drudcr. this one a sophomore id nt Illinois, nnil no kin of Northwoslern's Hunk. —Allen Stnint;i\ Hie Ihown: lively shortstop, run cm of one ol His .shoos In twailiii; onl n bum In (JhlcuBO. — Five of Call Hnbtell's IV vlc- lorles hnve l>oen til the cxpcivic of the Boston Ilravcs. —Alii;. IB will lie Clmrtey Drcssi'ii day In Olnclnnall. —Biiscfoall Is siireiiding. ... A Nlcarneniin team will tour Japan if Micccssful in U.s ilefense of the Akotlkh Word "UndtrUktr" MILWAUKEE (UP) -'MilwaukM County funeral directors liave appealed to the st»to as&ocUtlon to ubollsli llic word "undertaker," itlns Umt UK terms "funeral director," "funeral chapel," and 'fimcnil jxirlor" be substituted. Vouth I'Uvi lluxe Orjiti BAKADOO. Wbi. lU!')-Oliiiiies Fiiboraky, H, one of Hit world's Ki'iL oiKunlsts, hits been put.I IDAHO FALLS, 14^0 ' "Mickey" saw YeUowMane al Park in. style. When.he through her«. be special compartment fc. his M-\ luxe motor coach. Uiekty |i » pip. 1 Cenlrnl American Cluimplonshli). FARMERS BA« & TRUST CO. INSinUNOI DOT. SPECIAL PURCHASE of SAMPLES 1.95 2. 2-Picce We purchased the sample living room Suites of Ihe Memphis Furniture M((i Co. of Memphis, Tenn. x In the purchase we got every conceivable style, color and material lo be had in a living room suite and of course bought these samples at a FRACTION OF THEIR ORIGINAL COST. ^ •' We had lo take these sample suites uncrated therefore must sell them at once. In order to do this we arc pricing them at prices unheard of before. Group No, i Your Choice Group No, 2 Your Choice This group consists of 2-piece Builes made up like the picture above, upholstered in Mohair, Tapestries and Horne-Spuns. Group No, 3 Your Choice These groups arc made up of all [he balance of samples and range from the medium grade suites up to suites worth over $100 at regular prices. •< tii lllill Now if you are at all interested in a living room Suite here is yo.ur .. chance to get one at less than half price and have a large assortment to pick from. .' llcmemher sample suiles are usually heller. We will take uour old suite in trade and will arrange terms at a small additional carrying charge. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Blytheville, Ark.

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