Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 22, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1942
Page 5
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P»f• light NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 22,1942 Sunday On The Radio ••<•••'••, „ .___.,. ...- , . & .. >"' • (Keillor's' Nnto! For tho.bunofU "pf tho roadora, Iho Nmigutuuk 'I)ul).y N«WM will publish oauh SAlui'day Iho protfinniH for Sunday, tho following tiny, of tho UiiulliiM Now York and Connecticut radio HlutloiiH,). Gem Next 3 Days Highlights of Sunday's Program station- wnc ION THE AIR TODAY A, M, loM CUniHwIn, Owun String Quart.ijb I) :oci~- World. 'Now* rioumltlp 9:lN-l)ftop rilvor ilioyn, Uwu'tot 9:af>»-VVorcl« and MwUtv .10:00— Ml«UHKht» of Wu .Mlhlo 4(>:{HM«6i'UiH of- Awoclou, Wlbh Tom Tori'lHH tO:ft—VI and Vllnw, Vocal Duo H}00 p, in, WMAKr- Moadowlaml Handicap Pra'yur: Undo Don \VAlKI WfcAK WTICI (tytl'itVK NOWH • CJofiiti On Pan Nowa in, Amorlou' WATH-WJX-WltiCJ. :U:f$— Ufiy hrnurnH, Hud Iinlnoy .11 :OO"-^lu4»lctil Bonvonh'fl ll;if>-lif>rnmnncto Alary j!&:no—ln Iho South American }\ M, and Hanoo i-Sp.OPtH ^ in. Qul'/, Show 1:00— Holnu'l St. John t:tfr ..... Twl HtOwlii, Novaohot'd I ;;H> ..... Mo'ddrn Miwlo .Uto-SVlHO' Man 2:00-"Stoiftniy Kayo'n Sunday nftflo « ;Oft-~tUi ¥ : ty -Tf in 6:110 AVOIl—No WH' tt—ArlH of •! \V,JH— Kun With tho JoHtora AVIGO-Sporl* YVATM—IfHWftll Culls 11:45 p, in, WOll—Record ,Man SVAHfl—World Today •Funny Money Man AVJX—NmvH noundup in, Ha Mm th I'or' r»;l"-OornhiontnTy ( /CHls , ( rt Tho Mr. and NVMX- 7:00, p -»NfnHHAg(J Of •1 Upton Army Hour Mitt rioiiMtimur fi'<>m New York to A-morlou Oroh, G:-tf»~ Ytt-lo ffitcrprulH Hur 7:00~-Tht> llonmrkublo MM Tuttlo Platform Noah WohHt Nows; Olok .8pa.nglocl Vaudeville iflo— fjfl« tVfan'N hiw'lly ':06— Mw'nluitian Morry-f>o-Round 'lJKt— Anu'rlbau Album of FnrnlU . lOfiOOMIcnirof Cilrnrrn jn.:HO~,l(io and Mauol' it-:f5~Cteufcr Baorohrrtger, Common- PANIC lo JU j«0^~Nu\v» » 'tUiHuball Soopca IJT-jlCt-dru-linHlrft Hold • Jjj;lKV--afiiirl(M Darft and Uroh, Station VATR Ourollorn WATH-SVlGO Oroh, 7515 p, in, —Radio ViuiduvHlu 1 7UJO p, m, Iho. Tollor WOM—ftorifldofitlnlly Yours ;W,fX~-Swap 'Nlgllt 'Wife—You CaVt" Do " AVIth, Hitlor of tiu 'p. in Jn VVOli—Answor Man WATM-WIC!C-~Jan Savltt Oroh, 8:00 p. m, with r Sayn Kuhn =%«=fi=swtai=iww«e=^^ Kevlewed by , JANICE mm A ^Sf^fS5=yy^s=ss=^^ A jewel thief Mnil a detective—Brian Donlcvy mid Preston Foster —cross swords in tho new Edward Small picture, "A Gentleman After Dark," " «-..---... 'Win New ol, undur Hookor ooneorl r Doparturo Hand of Brls- Uio .dh-ootlon of Krncst vv'll! pro.sunt a program Sunday afI tornoon You," '!Ai-o You "I'll J3c -Ma Duxx.ling .now Kidding Me?" und lo a .Lqvo--.Song.". danbcs have ]jcen I'M VGETTING VIRED so II ••f,\N SLEEP ami TII1IS IS THIS ARMY, MISTER JONES, Hal MC-'e and his Orchestra. •Music-.,by Berlin—styling by Mc- Intyrc—add up to S LI A V K. Sweet; uhcl -neat, ,with ' a generous.''helping: of /Map's own saxplay. Jerry Stuart/s vocal adds the cream to t'lj-is smooth, smart discing pfi'jbhn Q." Rookie's- nightly' rcndCT^ous' \yilih" a-'-dream.-: I,'. ;.THIS IS THE ARMY, AIR, JONES ther: army :life tlilty from th al-3oldioi ; . production, is the 1 'foh^pf.V'.b.Ii-.'ltH.ow-.I Hate To Ge ,U'p;'.]ri' i The, M'orn 1 ng," A Mel n ty r •outfit, riiff show wifih trumpets kid ding, 'recrui'ts about their backaches s,qro, H :f.c,<?t .and ca'ljoused hands. The ces merrily as Jack LatH- warns, the rookies, "No privalo or ; '.pliories— THIS IS THE A RM(V,, M is tor Son cs.'' Bo tii tunes are .dahceablQ,- and, given the Mc- jre. to'ucli, (which means, "Peel, ido . Wii:ngs I")-'; they \vkx rhyWimic. -floats gently along and- lazy rhy- croatod by 'onv It to f> p, m. Vocal selection? •Ill be rendered by, Miss Anna Mon- jlolla. -In addition ;lo the many rkloj land atmiHiMiionts, hake Gompouneo i features dancing on Thursday and jSnLurday niwh'H as wo II as Sun- jdiiy, Holler skating is also a pop- dally pastime at the lake. World Tho Air 'of Dafvnry ' "Scot* 1 -Olivia' oroh, win's Sport>» I'ago J;.ir> 2: (liWtP JJiUtmnhin Chamber or Dominion, CJommont rl Id Fort WA'l'a-Wun-'WlGC loan 1'Jagln G 8s 15 p, ' m WJX-tllbbH A f'lrinoy • 8 jfjr p, in WKAF-WTJCJ— Volvo t OUT/,- Koojllng Up wllh VIal| to Amor- . . X^TIiu,aro<>n .lloroot TlUWKK^'HOl) "CroHby preh, ' ' . t/;(K» p,' in. -Ham Dancf .Qroli, :Soroha-.lo .N'atlbnul .Conbort a Molody ' ' " p n 0:45 WAUCI— Saturday WJX— *NoSv« JOiOO p, in. iNI-ght p, m, Olx' Qroh. 0:.'H>- franco Or(MV(wlr» i:(X^~rinvlnwlnK Stand 4:0p— Yfturur PROplo'H Ohurt Uftsipol fl I lour .pvorrtoa.'i ftoporb l:0j 7:JK H;OC Army Program -Stvvonlh . Day AdvenMHtH and ^iplpc'H In Mrltnln Mcrtn j'orurn of Inn Air Your fl^ltlo Station* 'VHhlomul •Uuvlvtil- Hour r), HlltfhOfi Tuokor'H .Oroh, IH (>ui' Wnomy JliCXV-Yankeo 'Newa . - . H :J5~f)«noo Oroh, JfiiW-'/An'MWorlnH You" StatioiTwBRY A- M. »:00— Now« pf tho World -Wlfolior, Organ W.fX—New Prus/coU Show '-wiat—j. 'n; 10:15 p, m, WKAF-WTIG—Lftbor For Victory WAUC—Bifardsloy IHiml, .Talk WATIl-WrM-Wiai—Troplcul Suru- nado ' . lOi.'IO .«», m. , •WKAF—-Ted Stttolo'a Sludloa .'WJH—-SliiK I'fll'ty 'AVTIG—Vlotory lloup HVAHG—Hlloon Mil-roll, I0i45 p,.iu, 'WOh—Hohby Byrne Upyh, ;WATH-\yi6'(J—1/ouiH 'ivlnn Oroh, IhOO p, in, ; WATIV-VVAIKJ-WOHAVKAF-iWJX- ! Wno~Tlnu>; NOWH; Weather It: 15 p, m, \VOH--,Iopry Wrild Oroh, WAHO-Sam Donaliuo Oroh. WKAF-WTlG—Story Dramas W.IX--Glmrlle yplvak!n Oroh. WATIMyiGO-niok Ktiim Oroh. HiDO p, m, won—lilohapd Uliubor'H Oroh. WAI.Ur—Dance Oroh, WKAK-WTifJ—HoypHnllty Tlmo UVX-lmy KonihoHon Oroh, WATH-WIGC—rr«(l LfnvlH Oroh. 12:00 .Mldnlfjht Your Number, Jackie Cooper i ; Is Leaid Now at ; State, Hartford Jackie Cooper-, • Hollywood's Fa- vorllo Young MovJo SUir, (pictured jtof), center), \vlio has just arrived Ifroiri ."Hollywood, Is appearing IN jPIC-nSON, with his own prcat stage [show, on I'lic slago of the alr-con- idlllbnod Stato l-hoalor, Hartrord, today/and'Sunday only. Jackie.Goo- .poi'.-ls'n K,reat ontiirUilnor and displays-ills proflciioncy at Hie drums as part of 'Ipis stAgc act here'-this woiik.- A'pbparing, with -Jackie Ooo- por, . ils the "Tisket-Taskct" ' Girl-,' IClla. 'I'Ml^'cra'ld; 1 "Firsf LVdy. of Swing," ..(s'hown -at rlgbl)', and her KainoitH• OrnlihstPA; conceded as one ofv.W)o vSwijiyiest .bands • in Ainepica hy.. in'iiHlu' lovers-"overywhero. Also InckKled In the show aro Buster WpHt'l and- Lucille Pa^e, dancing comedians o.f "Tlie Flood's In,.". "Peg Leg" ..Hales and a' host of'other Hermes Grablo Pan,.\vho teams in some of the wllh Miss ^routines. ' • ' , ' - On Llip same program is tlio liiiar- .ious comedy hit, "A-Haunl,ing We •Will Co" featuring Liie; screen's i'un- nlost, team, none other'than Laurel and Hai'dy, long time fnyprltos. I -Selected shorts and the latest MOWS 'events round out the..screen fare. ^ Jaclcle Cooper, young ".Hollywood \scroon star, will "appear, in person \ycdncisday a.nd Thursday' on, the, stage of Iho Loew.Poll theater, tb- 'ge the r • w i If v p o p u I a p' Oa r 1 1 To ff." ah d bis oi'chestra. Don't -miss- this 1 big show to be. presented for four performances daily. In addition there will be a.fine screenT program, topped by the 20th Century Fox Jilt, "LIL'tlo Tokyo, U. S,-'A."'with' Preston Foster bunding an outstanding cast of favorites. '.-•'.-'• .••-....-• , .'-.--., tho.vpoli-stage .In person,, -reaI soon,:/are such stars • as Johnny Long' and,', his orchestra, Charlie Spiv»k : and nils ;band, ..Ray MoKljiloy '.and. liis,.-.biin.d,, and .iiiany others, .together'llglU .favorites of stage; .scr.tfen and' radio' on the surrounding bills/. ...>.'..' YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO SOLDIEIt fttid 'MISS AMEIUCANA, Swlnji and Sivay with Sninniy Kaye. Kaye and Swing and -open the 201/h Century,, film, ."Iceland," (Sammy's first ,'iriovier-Mventwe)/ with the -Gordon J a;hd v 'Wfti?rcn-number, YOU GAN/T 'SAYoNO TO A SOLD1J3R. Tho song :g-ives .the picture 'a rousing start :and. sets the., "pace for the entire ;lcriffWi , 'Of. this fast-moving star- .stuclded s-how; The Jilt-prophets predict a bi-g, future for YOU CAN'T , SAY NO, KTC.rand who Hi at -heaps it' 1 can. say them .nay?,'Porky, easy- .to-rernember 'melody, -and clever lyri(is Which the Three Kadcts blend into -a:.well-rounded- harmony vocal. Sam my'-gives it a moderate swing, lifting it r.ight out ol this world.... The companion piece is a ..F-ox-trot ell orchestra- wil-h polished thm. ..,-,. i . • . : •THERE WILL -NEVER BE ANOTHER YOU is Trom the Mack Gor-' don-Harry Warren score for the Twentleth-Ccntury-Fox film, "Ice- lajid." A plaintive song with tender rhythmic appeal, '-bills' item seems' definitely •headed for popularity. Peggy iMann is charming in the vocal refrain. • ^ IJTAiLISHED 1611 . _ : Adventure Heads v Strand Bill There l.s a-' MidnigliL Stage and Sonrno'SlioW. on Sunday Midnlgbl, sta'ptlng- at I :i5 .a. m. -On ' Sunday, the,''floors for iiju .Midnight show oporr'Al. 12:01 a. rn,' of tii.h World — Amlrn'w Tlntjun, Or^an jf):(M) 7 ~Coforcfl NOWH, Inter vlinvs 40:^-AVinMM ;OvVr .lordwi H :(KV~JaokHon Whoolo'r, NOWM \ 1 :0ft— H.nn(l«y So/ig -Horvlnn J.l:ir>— KumouH Marlono Klckllo* 1.1 :30— 'liivl-Ullon lo n:00-jt)li'n Daly, |>. M. — Ainorloun Polish Pronrarn h of -the Air -N<rw» . ll of !,OU|H WJX—NOWJI ; MuNloal WAHCi—NOWH; Jlay.Klnney \Ji-ch. WOn-NVlOtl—JJmrny Joy oroh, Off ' ph'orry 4 :QO«~Ko f 8loUmU«- ' Municipal opera Syrn Albert , Krorn Hox Oroh, |>:OP--Th<y family (four MJS-St.ockwon'H TrallH fl:00--KVlw/ird fl Morrow , ' • London «.'tr>~Mu»lc Salon • '6'iflO— S>6i'M»ftnt' Ootio An try 7:00— "Our Howot ' Woftpon" Siout 7:«r>-»-Tfruo Out for Laugh* 7:30~r"We tho Pooplo ' WorW NflWH TorHxht -CJrlmo Oootor Kplo Hovarold and "MlHoha tho •;0:30«"Avtf Maria Hour fn;(xw'IViko If. or'M«v« It" 10:30— Thoy filvw Korovor Hltfrml; Nfuvn; Sporty rn«M Oroh, if :Df)«. Woody Mflcman Oroh, J2 ;00.~JSf«ii Off 8:flO »:00 Buper Xadio SpeoiAl <jow.'fil.ii MICH M SIMON'S IMIHO Glen Gray Is Sunday Lead at Lake Oompounce Olon Oray and tho Casa Lorna or- ohnHtrn who lake next Sunday oiT from tholr current cngage-inont at tho P.oiuiHyl.VHi»lu Hotel to appear at Lako Cornpounoo,'havoHoored many fiinjouHHOH, not only with Mio oldor, I (nonoy putrortH of upolH such as hho'Waldorf and Halnbow lioom In f Now York but With tho Jitterbug dlvlHlon of'tholr fann an-woll, ,/iiHfc JIM they .woi'o tho -Wi»Hb -band ,to.por- oolv.0,- 10 yoai'8 ago,' tho. motamor- plioHls of/Jnj«« Inlo, swing, they woi'd ul|<o tho .flrnt, band to take ruoro rooontly of tho In- Impbrtunco o-f Hweet niu- 8lc, and to balance 'their prograrnn uouordlngfy, Thoy hnvo alwaya made It a point .not lo conform to tho oiirnml. tnwda In ini«8lc, but to bo Junt a 'little whuad of thorn, which purhupM accounts for tholr ooji- Hhinl popularity and tholr box- offloo dopondublllty through tho Grea,t Double. 1 , Bill Next 3 Days * , - - - • • At the Gem "A -ncnljcman Al'loi- Dark," Liu; :dramatic- adaption of nichard Washburn .Child's nosv famous magazine .Htory..'.'^ Wblff of Hollothropu," th.o Mdward Small production whloh opony on. Sunday for throe days at •tho Ooni (hfrator, can boast of an oxoollnnl uast. Throe populai 1 stars of tho Hc.rt'on sliare the leading ,1'ohJS, Urian Donlevy, Miriam Hopkins and Preston Kosler. ,Hrlan Donlovy plays tho title role, a sympathetic one for tho Hrnn In his career, ovon though it IH that oi' a Jnwci th.Icf. , Miriam ifopklnft, who Is sonn on Iho screen for Iho llrsl, tlrnn in u year, during whloh tlmo sho lias been on the Htago -plays a vnry dllTloult part of a mothui 1 who prefers oxollomonl to the (jam of hot- daughter, Preston Foster, as the detuollvo, floes more than track flown criminals, soine- tlinos he helps them out, in a very unusual pnrt, Many Impressive sots were built for "A (Uirilloman After Dark," One of the hiost unusual Is ''a roplhwt of Iho hoodlum holol on.the llurlsoii, bnltffi' known as Sing Sing. This Includes tho warden's home, ooll blocks, visitors' room, exterior walls and tho gardens. Miss Hopkins appeals in what might be called a cavalcade of. stylos, which form an Interesting oonf.rasl .between tho overling and n rim-noon drossos of 1023 with the 1 pros on I. day fashions. , On the same program Is "Melody Lane" nnd a sport reel." "Footlight 'Serenade" Is Now at Loew'is AH for tholr s-pli'll,' ono has only to Union to tholr -inualo to roall'/o thai It IUIH OVUM moro 'hounoo, Jump, Jlvo, KWlng, hoauly or what- ovor you want to tmll 'II, wllh ovury yoar. From a standpoint of UIUH|- olnnHlilp, tholr altaok and i'holrskill haw <u»MHlahtly Inoroanod, and from an fviictlonon'M Hlawjpolnt of onjoy- inont oaoh oxpnrlonoo with -thorn !«' « HdooOHhllon of HUpoi'laMvoH, Tho flrnt co-op hand, thoy'ro also Jho 1 inoMt MuooeMMCul, and Iho -boHt nrgih inont that that typo of hand roHults In Ihfj host fittmlti, t'ho loast turnover anioriK inUHlnhum, and Ih'V Aralhf!i'ln>r lOK^Mior of thn wroMlc'sl hunoh of. follows you could hnag- Inu oh or oi'f u btuuUtund, Holly Grablu, John Payne, and Vlotbr, MaLuro aro sturrfud In 20th flo'nt.Ury-Kox'H nbSv, 'musical, -"Footlight' SormuuhV' whloh oppns today at' tho , Loow.. Poll 'thcmtor • for uh en-' gagomont of 'llvo -days; .lloro. la- u ' pjoturo' that', |.s ba^llqcl as the u por- fiiol t'onlo for tho llmos," 'featuring' lovo, ,laugh« j and lyrics, 1 1 is 1 nclood ft morry muslcti,! Ireu'tl f .' „ .-•; With a .story that s])o'lls onter- , lalnmont all tljo way, . ''Kpotlight Soronado'i tails, of jt'llghtor who turns actor. VltHor Mature roalis- tlcally portrays the -'boxer, as John Paynq can tostlfy— whllo both boys nro "'nuts'.' about curvavoous Betty .(Jrablo.'as who Isn'tl , ' • Uator by previowura as a worthy suooos.sor I,Q ",My,.Oal Sal," tho'plo- turo is studdod with topflight, talpnl, such as Jano Wyman, Juino's Oloa- HOII, Phil SI Ivors and (Joblnu ^yrlgbl, Jr. -Prnrluoud with, all tho -omDolllsh- inontH. thai, mark a. top-flight inusl- oal, "l' 1 ootllght ..Soroiuidp" luus boon hallod us ono. of the best. . . Loo llobln and Halph Jlalnger havo provided', tho sparkling music. Among tlnv hlls you Win lio-.honrlng with Inoi-oaslng :fro(|u'onny-'- In tho coming wooks aro "I Hoard Ulrdlos Sing," "I'm Still Starting today f,qr.' four, days,' the Stranrl,'bqry./' will present tiic . memorable, screen, spectacla "Gunda Din." High.'advAniurc in^thc .Bri!'- : , Ish army, ctunpalghjng on LliG 1 north- 1 wcstei«h frontier'Qf'-lndia-11,011' a century ago, colorful /romance; : 'rowdy fun, hci'.o'lsMi and sacrifice aro compounded hi the-screen production .of Rudyard Kipjing's ballad ,of "Gunga,.fJiiV-': diii^y Grant, Victor McLaglon,',-,Douglas l^aji-banks, Jr., and Joaiji'•.i |1 onta;lno,,^winner of '-.t'ho i^-il M.otipir Pic.t.vire a'cadqiny award, share the Tjonors_ in ..Piis-'mammolh .prpduoliqn \SvhicJi employs a notable suppor 1.1 ifg oust,' 1 -, and • boas Is. of .b'tab- prate' scenes. Tim .mala 'Starsi arc cast -'as l.ri'o ! 0'f ^sergeants in the Mrltlsh. army, close Cr-icnds despite ,thoir surface riuavrels.- Grant is' a restless, treasure..;,seeker, hoping sonic day to find a rajah's hoard that will make him wealthy; Me Laglcn IH tho typical two-llstc British NGO, ready for a fight o frolic, and Fal-rlninks Is a gentleman ranker who plans to marry Joan Fontaine, as soon as.his cnllstmon expires. " K i rig - Kong," w! I h Fay .\Vray Robert Armstrong and Bruce Gab ol, is the socond Ihrill packed fea lure on , this same program. In substance, "King Kong" is the thrill ingl-y Imaginative story of a,prehistoric apo-taken captive and brough to Now York, where- it throws ilic metropolis In a 'panic and creates tremendous devastation. Tho second giant balh'ing boau'tj contest will tako'place next Wednesday night, August 20, on -tlie Btago of Lite Strand, theater;. The grand prlxo is a 'beautiful $100 diamond ring plus tho.-tlHo of Miss Wa- Lerbury of 10^2. Registration blanks may be obtained, and-left at the Strand theater,or the MatUituck Music , jstore, '. .Watcrbury, where the b e'a u 111'u I p r i BOS a r b now d i s p 1 ay e'd. As attested by tho tremendous aiidl^ enccs who /viewed"the first .of these oontos'tH, last Wednesday, 'Ml Ay as loads of fun and entertainment. with Latin .'tinges, played in.a scnfi- su-per-s;mooMi -tempo, interesting, contrast ,to Don Cornell's romantic ban! tone serenades the 'bewitching damsel from Latin Anie'rica in a way that •won't .do ..any .h-arm to .the good- lie i g h bo r p o H-cy—n.o t any 1... A rea 1| ly "handsome dp.ublc, and every bit of- it 0!, Kaye'tf" 1 ',;, . ; ' Hhiohird, UV THE LIGHT OF THE SI'LVEIIY MOON nnd SWING OU' •TO.'-yiCTOHY, "Fats" Waller an his -niiytlim. "Fats" calls in ine Deep R'ivei Boys for a little -close barmonix ing on that-favoi'lle of all bar rnonlzcrs, : BY THE LIGHT OP THIS SILVERY -MOON; It goes withou saying . fciial "Fats" kicks this kid off 4iv-a sti'dngly rhytlimic style Spankliln^ piano work,' saucy vocal mu^gin^'by WalleV and sharp rhyl/h- mic "•'qirarteting' ; .'by Mid Deep Rivet Boys give this staid old ballad a idw setting thai can't .help but at- ,racl, attention. \Vo go for this— look, line, and -sinker. SWING OUT TO VICTORY is aa- othcr snappy - pr-Jg-Lnal -by Waller nd his nianager, Ed Kirkeby. Tin's side ; is reminiscent of "Cash" For Your Tras ; h" : both in rhythmic an.d melodic style a.nd in, treatment of the >,sub,jecl,- matter. • Latch ,on man .—tli-is Bluebird bisc.uit is a killer! Popular relenseis: I'm GETTING TIRKI) SO I CAN SLEKI'I and THIS IS TJIK ARMY, MR. JONICS; Hal Mclat.yre and his Orchestra. YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO A SOLDIER arid MISS AMERICANA, Swiiifj' and Sway 'with Summy Kaye. Illticliini; ' THERE WILL NEVER HE ANOTHER YOU and YOU CAN'T Ground floor prices in our Prep shop - basement floor for Juniors and Seniors school days in September. The time to buy them and store them for September is now— don't-beat around the bush—Just get here regardless of the weather—time, tide and these clothes wait for nobodjh Suits in wash fabrics and sports jackets, $3.95 —from $9.95. ] • i ; Wool, long trousers suits— ages 8 to 18-^$9J75—from $17.75. Young men's suits and winter overcoats $19.75 — formerly as high as $33.75. ]-, maU-ing an i SAY NO: TO A SOLDIER, Joun Mcr- the A side, f nil1 *vitli -.Orciicstm. . » '••Bluebird, I CAME. HERE TO TALK FOR- aOE and GOBS OF LOVE, The Sisters; with 'tho Rhythm -- • •• '•Crossroads" Is Sunday Lead At the Alcazar Uluelm-d, THERE WILL NEVER HE ANOTHER YOU and YOU CAN'T SAY' NO TO A SOLDIER, Joan Merrill ivilli .Orchestra. Jo.Tn . Alerrill, 1 • wlio also sparkles in "Iceland," .-sings two numbers,the show. TI-1I3RE WILL' NBV- ER 11313 AN OTHER 'YOU, also disced b'y Sammy -Kaye in a smart orchestral 'version 1 , •'• is another Gordon- \yarrdnv iT.iel-9'dy t'h'at bids . hlg.h for Che -hit parade. Joan's toroh-tone- l-hrobs ! -as sihe-laments lost love... YOU CAN'T SAY NO TO A ; SOL- pIISR 'is another, tune tailor-made for Jonn and for the times. In her best personality voice she tells-the girls to make tbemscivcs "beauti- i'ul and dutiful,." and she's very convincing. ' HAILED AS HEROES New York, .Aug. 22—(U P)—The Japs who smoothly talked peace to Uncle Sam while bwubs raJned on Pearl Harboi' arc herpes in Tokyo. Peace Envoy Kurusu ajid formei Ambassador Nomura. : «rc back in the Japanese capital after the trip home aboard the exchange ship As- arna Maru. The Tokyo radio cheering ci-owds jammed the 1 streets as they drove to a reception hi the governor's palace. rM-THlNlfc|NG TONIGHT OF M Y BLUE EYES and P UT M Y LITTLE SHOE^ AWAY, Montana Slim (The Xodeliiifr Cpwhoy). Bluebird, NO FRIEND BLUES and FROM NOW ON, \Jazz Gillum. o-WAR IN EUROPE A YEAR AGO, 22, 1941 -Bluebird, I CAME HERE TO TALK FOR ,!OE and GOBS OF LOVE, The Four Klnn 'Sisters with Orcheslra. "Tlic'lving- Sisters go pensive in a poignantly-paced, liauntingly 'liar- mo ixcfl version' of I GAME HERB TO TALK FOR JOE;" This number was recently released in a Sammy Kaye version. It i-s the kind of tune you can't forget,"and the Kings give It just everything-. Steady accounted: .bass stresses . Hie smooth King- flow.... 'GOBS-. OP- LOVE, .written J?.y JVedd lOvtins, Is dedicated to the boys in. blue. The Navy gets, the breaks [his time I GOBS OF LOVE mtikns ,;a particularly snappy little number for the pour Little Sisters, who give out with enthusiastic y'ocadancc. Tho band boys join I/be lyrioin-g. A tricky, foluos-stylod open- : ing soon turns'to speedy swing. (By United Press) Germany . summarizes Russian losses in two months of war as follows: J, 250,000 prisoners; '14,000 tanks; 15,000 guns; 11,250* planes. German looses for two months of :war, according' ;to Soviets, wore: More than two million killed, wounded and captured ;• 8,000 . tanks-; 1.0,000 guns; more than. 7,200 aircraft.-. .Finnish High Command reports further gains northwest of Lake Ladoga. Troops placed within 50 miles 'of Leningrad. Lt. Gen. Ernst von Schaumburg, commanding German forces in occupied France, issued order stating all Frenchmen''arrested would be held as hostages - for assassinatio-'n of unarmed .high .German officer August 20. . NOTICE; ; : The Democratic electors of the first ward of the'Borough of Nau- ;gatuck are requested' to meet- --in caucus in", the town hall building of Naugatuckj'the Democratic electors of the second ward of the Borough of Nau go tuck are requested to meet in 'caucus' at .-Goodyear hall. Odd Fellows' bui.lding ; ; the Democratic electors, .of : ,;'.the third ward of the Borough of -Nauga'tuck are requested to meet in caucus at the Raytkwich hail, Bridge street, Union City. .. ; - .••;-'•" '•:• '" ; All above mentioned caucuses will be held on Tuesday evening,.-iAugusl. ,25, at 8 o'clock, for -ilie purpose of electing seven delegates-and two alternates to the Democratic convention to be held Thursday evening, August 27, at 8-o'cl-ock,, In the Borough court room in the Town Hall building for l,lie purpose of electing delegates to the. state convention, congressional district, convention, state senatorial district convention the sheriff's convention and the probate convention and-to transact any other business proper, to come before said meothig. • , ; MATTHEW SCULLY, Chairman, Democratic Town Committee,. Nau-. gatuck, Conn., August 18,' 1942. ' WARNS AqAINST. DICHT.S Berkeley, Cal. (U P)—Inflation the time to get out -of debt .a not into it, according lo Dr. H ry R. Wcllman, -director of>nf;i nini Foundation of Agricultural Bee nomics at bbc' University of Ca( ifornia. "Lnflntion debts may •hard to pay off with post-warprolj its," Jie \vurncd farmers. Order a Deiicious COFFICIC CAKIS .For Sunda.v's H Ordci* Your Picnic Supplies Now. .. Bread, Roils, Pastry, Kuhn's City Bakery HAPLE ST.. . , .' TBL. W78| Giv;e: Your j House "Once-Over" Use Murphy Paint CANS, INC. Maple St. Tel, 3507 TEY A CLASSIFIED AD ; IN THE NEWS ".-Bliicliircl, A HOY IN KHAKI — A GIRL IN LACE^ond TJIEItE WILL NEVICR .-BE, AlSlOlTIKR YOU, Teddy Pbwoll and liis Orchcslrn. . .. .. . •; Teddy, like Tommy, gives A BOY IJs 1 KHAKI — A GIBL IN LACE a twirl. :A, somewhat cliffcrent iriter- p>ctftLioln:;- finds Tommy Taylor rc- Alin-g "the -male'- version of this promising new ballad. Tho Pow-> VICTOR-DECCA COLUMBIA Records (LARGE VARIED STOCKS) Swan Electric Co. 15 Church St. Tel. 2574 RADIO nntl ELICCTR1CAL VISIT OUR RE C OR D WE "Blondle.'s Blessed-'.''•;lii.yont,'V.;latest in 'the Jaiigh^pa'Ckesd, ;.s.creen • series based upon Ohio Young's 'delightful comic '.strip':family,v/ppQns' Sunday• for th roe. days';-',the - Alca/uar,-' iJhe- ntor. Penny Sin^let6n\.i i Arthur La-ke and Larry' Siinnis^continue .In fam- lliar-.•rpl08,/and'i-:fe:tilipf title. Qf the now.Golumibia ntm..;inTpliesi a "blessed oven I,"' named ''CopTtJo'-v-hflis-;'jpined 'the. nuriistoiid 'monage'. Gpokie'a said lo be an .infant pf no mean ability; she - can 'yell . louder;.than .Dagwopd wlien : he's In !^iiouble! Frank ;R. Sli'ayor'dlre^tod,,"-'-';':. • The: load' t'ihvi> ; 'is. st.arrins lledy tho .lor.' •• . • .- VOi'ossrpads," William DEPT. CARRY A FULL L IMC OF Victor Bluebird Columbia Ofceh-Decca RECORDS nnd ALBUMS NEW ENGLAND MUSIC SHOP 102 GIIAND ST. 3-71MII "It is incoinphruhly superior to «11 others." Jose Iturbl Only. Baldwin' iniike.s do ACROSONlC—Thc World's Finest Spinet-Type Piano — -.Kxliiliitioii- Models • Now AvnilnUle. BALDWIN PIANOS SMALL DOWN PAYMENT WEEKLY OR MONTHLY TERMS p.Iv"lT ; O MUSIC SHOP 275 So. Main St. Phone 4-1B57.. Tho ,' ;0\vnor .•-..-nn^-,' .'Piihlls'libr - of Uic ; ' Lnwronco ;l!)iigle^Ti'il>unc; has died at .h Is .sti miner h O'in'o;/.a j .|,y3c_ftbr;'o;pk 1 •^ci\\' HuiniJshlrc. 1-!^ v ^\'^;^lcwu^ioiv'% Rogers :\v|io wilso ; Twu:s'V:pi'esideTil^of Roge a •'•firm- which rphoo rndio ors-, died fU, thn orul months nponitos 73 - Lincoln Siore 61 VV. MAIN ST. Phones: y-5030 • . " 3-1011 FINEST, SELECTION OF RECORDS I\ WATERBURY BY Golumbia - Victor - Okeh Elite -Bluebird AT NEW LOW PRICES Gash Paid For Old Records Now Records Exoliniificd For Old Mutual Savings Banks originated in the unselfish idea that what blesses one blesses all. The depositor finds a safe place for his money, The Bank invests his money and pays him the profits, less expenses and a surplus reserve for safety. Naugratuck Savings Bank The Old-Time "Mutual" WAR DAMAGE PROTECTION Now in force on nil properly «'JI|| expire'June 30, 1!)42. This prolccUon may he olitnlm'tlj Mirou.tjh <Iio local insurance ngcnts who arc nctinn for tlicl I'nited Stntes GovcrnmrnU FOP infonnhMoii sec or of rot nil un No/ net Crc SI Naugratuck Insurance Agency, Inc. P. W. EATON, Mnnngcr. Room 9 Neary Bldg, Phone 2080 Rf 8C.CC Hire lake T) eras Kiel ilon, pan I mod Mam five, ofllc trail wlii] into bom I-'rfd nine Coal In Your Cellar is a better guarantee that you will be warm next winter than fuel oil in'Texas or Oklahoma. It is tlie old story of "a bird in the hand. M Many-wise.'Naugatuck people ^ire changing from oil to coal. Some are making temporary changes, others are installing automatic/coal'.-.'burners as permanent equipment. We still have on hand a few Fairbanks-Morse automatic coal burners—a survey and quotation are made without cost to you. The best available advice now is to make up your mind how you will heat your -house this coming winter and take action before stokers and coal are rationed or-frozen. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. |)i*lrilm<or.s of FAIRRANKS-MORSE AUTOMATIC COAL BUKNKKS •Plionc ,52,16. N Sar (UP). an the J>y si tin

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