The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 21, 1936
Page 2
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. ••.*;•: COUltlER- NEWS'' Social'Calendar u: THURSDAY'S EVENTS •Mr? C, C, Lnngston Town and country Bridge club atiursday Contact club incct- Jnfuith Mis Edgar Borum Mrs. A 'G, Little hating Thursday Uincheon club Mrs, H A. Tajlor entertaining Thursday Bridge club MldTWeek Bridge club meeting •»ltli Mrs, M. O. Usrc> day Afternoon Biidgc club luiicli- tolV'at 1:00 o'clock. • ' FRIDAY'S EVENTS O.>E. S. meeting 7:30 p.m. Saves Trump for !Ru f l;i ng aijdj ."Makes J?our-Spacic Contract - ' •''. :l '-, I'Ul ' - ~ - r— : , .'.' • . . ,' , l' . ' . )1V U'SI. H. Mc'KI'.NNUV i hand must be played on (lie b'nsls Rccrcliiry. Ami'rion lirldsc I.i'iifiiii! O f ., cross-run: '• •.'•';" ' East won Ihc first three trick's I: K,isl Ihe opening diamond willi 1 the-ace,-i-khi£, :-Hiid.-queen! lend wild (lie queen, then cashed ,of diamonds, so South had no | uie.ncc nml. Ihe klnsj imil.coiUIn, tied with the fourth-round ot the still. South was forced lo rulf with Ihc jnck Lo prevent hn over-ruff. With one uluk safely coupled worst of..(he opponent's Plins Announced For j Kiccl-llcndricks Wcddin.?. ! Plans .have .been announced...for .the wedding of Miss Anne Mcrl- wethcr Hendrlclts,: of Little Hock, anrt Tradjleus WilHim Nicol, or this city, Vttch \ 'II lie solcinn- izeil'VThiii'Mliiy. O;-tuber 29. The ceremony will lie performed <i ( I.JO P M. at Liu 1st ruij-oiinl church of Little Racy uy the Rev.' W. P Witscll, rcctoi Miss Hendrlcks will have her slater, Jane, foi hci maid of honor* and Mrs. Jack East, slsler •of;-Mr Nlcol. will l» malrou 01 honor Miss Mtudc Wltscll and Mast: Lucille .Lambert, a cmisin, »ill-serve at bridesmaids All of these live at Little Rock, es- .eht'M a'- in iss .. Lambert Memphis. whose home 4 K 0 5 2 VQ ... » J7fi2 *AJ,7fl A 10 V J 10 0 5 4943 V K 8 4 3 ' AAQJB7 VA072 • 10 8 4 * 4 Duplicate—None vtil. Soulh West North Kast 1 * Pass 3 A I'asa 4 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lend— t 9. 21 . direct attack over, South.' paused to take stock of his resources': The hand, of course, had to -be played as a cross-rull, the plan heln^ lo ruff out* dummy's' losing'club's in tho , closed hand am| ,•declarer's losing hr-nrt.s. In the dummy. ! Bits of News •--.-"•• Mostly Personal-^.« •Joe nicd.soe, ofwllson/has bcei. admitted lo St. Joseph's' hospllal Memphis. ., .,.,..... ' ' Mr, nnd Mrs. B. P. Pry spsm Sunday In McinphLs with rclnllves. Miss -Harriet Ijiwson, 'of Joiner Is a patient «t the' Memphis Dan ttst hospital. j l"tdscmary'M6iiaghan, 'daus'iler i>i Mr, and'Mrs.-Malt Monaghan, wtis Uikch lo the Memphis Dgptlst hos- pllal yesterday,''where she'.will r';- nmln for several <lays for treat ment. Her mother Is with heir Barbara, the elder daughter wht accompanied them, rclunicd home one round of trumps, which dropped West's len. -Aflor tha ace nf Jiearls and ace of chibs! lind been cashed, every rehia'in- Inrj trick was won \vllli a tniinp. At Ihe end, declarer wiis able to ovcr-rulf last's two trumps. margin for free' play to'- fulfill his ccntrnct of four spades. I Tills situation, fairly frequent at Ihe Iji-ldeo table, makes it-doubly important for a player lo plan Ills I'kichard Decker, of Little fiotk I cnltrc campaign, for he no longer be the brst ninn ami Ihe ushers; will be William Lnvhr. of hfi'c, Guy Marrs, Jack East, Charles Wlckard and G. Waller Hcndrlelrs Jr bride-elect, all brother of the of Little Rock. has (tie resource of a bad dcfen-- lucky finesse . to (ricks he needs. I "A reception ViIH uc gnen at (ho Hendrlcks,.. homo.'. following Hie church ceremony. * • » Daujhter Born. Mr, and Mr;, Jndd Ciincr au- nomicc, the; birth of a daughter last l'itda> afternoon * • * Lanjc I 1 . T A Hts Guest Spcikcn, W; D MiClurkm, stipcilnlcndciH of the Bljtheulle ichools, e\plaln- cd Ihe question lo lie \olcd upon at the coining school election 111 a meeting of the Lange Paicnl- Teaclier Association Tuesday aft- .cfriobn.'Another guest speaker'was Miss Clarice Little. WPA counh recreational supervisor, who told of her work Mrs Ed Il.trdin i;a\e tile presidents message A, number of the students fropi Junior high school gave a prc\uu of^an [ -,oi>eiclla Ihls school Is, to present' al an early dalc'jnidff tfic dlreclion of Miss Maiy Emma HW ., H ' 'Miss Elizabeth HaWe.ul's- room «on Ihc dollar, for run Ing Ihc niost niotheis In nllcndance Son Born. ] A son was born jei,terdii> trj Mr and Mrs I o Crosthualt, of Osceola, at the Memphis Baptist hos- pllal • » * To Lnterlain t Mr - and Mrs J O »ill have a supper pirty at tjic counlrj club Thursday night foi members of the girls' soft bal teajii, sponsored by the Nu-Wa Cleaners this' summer .Supper will be followed bj •dancing and games. slve piny or give him the The hand Is one in whicli, li 16' tricks nrc to be made, dummy's tilimps must be cashed separately.' Neither declarer nor dummy 1ms a fiuil to csbililisli nnd so lliis, Today's Contract 1'roblem •• Over-South'! opening bid of one heart, West bid four 1 diamonds. N6rtli bid four hearts, which was passed lo West. What action should Wcsl now lake? . ' WEST * 1087 VO ,'.-•' 0 KQJ 10970-t : •7»J . ' . N. & S. vulnerable. v - ; Solution In ncxl Issue. tl Luxora Society — Personal nilii; lilchard TownscncI, of Ash-I perl, nnd Miss Willie -Mcna 1 Orlmcs. of Itlpley, Teini.; Marcus ' Cole and Miss Helen Rlgglns. bolh I if Holland; Otrlcf llaye and Miss 3it.ssic Dees, botli of Slcclo; lorry Walls and Miss Mary Starker, both of Manila; Edition Kin- ikon nnd Miss Geneva Trow- The Woman's Missionary society jridge, liolh of Slcele; Leonard ot " lc Flrsl1 Baptist church here 1111 and Miss Beatrice Hall*, bolh '" s elected the following officers 'or Ihc ensuing year: President, Mrs. J. I. . Mlfflln; dec-president, Mrs. Charles Evans secretary-treasurer, Mrs. c. U "Wood; corresponding secretary Mrs. w. L,. Clark. Chairmen of committees: enlistment, Mrs\ L. P. Plemiiiing; pro- gruiit, Mrs. U. O. Wtlkms;-ntKsloi study, • Mrs. -(Charles Evans; -per KQiial service, Mrs. Charles Cork ran^ltjcrntui-e, Mis.'p. 1 cV'bri'J« publicity',,Mrs. -John I'ritWjftt;': si wardship, Mrs. S. .1..-Smith; Icatle' for oil Is' -'Auxiliary, .'Mrs. W. L Chirk; Sunbeam leader, Mrs. S J. Smith; pianist, Mrs. II. O Wllklns. The society met in the churcl auditorium "Tuesday afternoon fo the regular monthly program lak en from Ihc Royal Service magazine. of Moulin; James Edward Giinlcy and Miss Verdle Christine Snrny- berry, both of here; Blnii Wcath- y and Miss Dorothy Lee, ratli of Number Nine; Vancu Yancey and Miss Dorothy Purr, both of Dell; Elmer.' Jones, of Elo- vvah, and Miss Kulherine Gc'rvln', of Manila; Henry. Slannil, and fijlss"' Lottie . p. : Simons, bolh pf \'cni. Davis /nnd Miss af; ,|}Qtli 'pt"- Bpnp; • OdcVl -find'Mi.*.'' 'oi-d, boili-.of -Manila; Floyd DC- Spain anil Miss Mary Lou Brigham, both of Manila; Joe A Pliclps anil' Miss Lillian Jimnltn Lee, both of Halllestmrg, Miss.; Elvin Fbrlncr nnd Miss Carrie Plilllips,' both of Manila; Krkine Connelly and Miss Vadu Conrad, both of here; Roy Manuel and Miss Mac Southern, botli of Keiso i 1 .' ' Wilson Socicly — Personal •Has, Club. Mrs W A' Affllck had tlv Younger bcl Bridge club Tues day for lunch sl'id n brid/ game when, she also had as he guesls, Mr; Anne Stc\cns Pollc and ^^^ Icuh Applcbanni She decora led her new apart ment In autumn floucrs and nsull weeks ine'cting. yellow roses for the centerpieces' ;of the luncheon tables. Hal- lowe'en score pads and tallies carried out the October holiday motif. 'In the card .games Mrs. Pot- ler'won high and Mrs. Applcbauni, second high. Mr. and Mrs. A. r,. Boyce have as their guest their daughter, Mrs. Arthur Nelson, she will join Mr. Nelson Friday at Camdcn, Ark., where he is singing in a two weeks evangelistic meeting. From there they will go to file Jonesboro Walnut Street Baptist church for n-hvo Clulj ;•• Sleets. : All the' members were at the party pf the Tuesday -Bridge club 'this week when Mrs. Floyd White was hostess. Radiance roses dec crated the living and clttnn, rooms and the popular comity holiday, Hallowe'en, was noted in the tallies Leon Smith won high Mrs W and Mrs Hunter c Sims, second high, in the bridge game: followed lunch £lnb Has A Parly i Brid Members of the Young Matrons dge club and their husVntid, and Mr. and Mrs. Bilbo Gil IJrt were entertained with a sup Bfr party last night when Mr and Mrs. Joe Tricschman wen Ijpst and hostess. 'j'Afler supper there were bndgi games with Mrs. Max B. Reid ^ivnliV, 'ash fraj-s :],r ladies high and Llojd Stickmon, mcns hfgh score prize, cards -^Ihe Hallow e'cu scheme was , carried out ,!n the decorations. '- j>brriagc . Licenses Issued marriage licenses Lead i vi lie Society — Personal 'lillK pmiiillcd (lie.'drawing. ot' lilst "\slii and Is the guest ot Mr and Mrs. Jesse II. Webb while hei mother Is away, i Herbert Allen Sandofulvof kel cr, is a patient at the.Memphi; laptlst hospllal. | Mr. and Mrs. 1 C. A. Cunningham nive as llielr guesUs, MIS. cnn ilngham's mother,. Mrs. J I cren haw, of .Trenton, Tcnii, and 'ie Islcr, :M'ts.- Mary c." Uindh, "o {noxvillc, 'I'enn. : Tltcy arrivwl s*v rnl days ';hgo' and accomapnlci Mr.s. Cnimlngham to Lltlle Ilg'e. nit all returned here .night .Irs. Cunningham will motor' then o Trenton tomorrow. Billie Taylor, of Kcker Is a pa lent at the Memphis Uiptlst ho 1 iltal. ^ Mrs. j. s. Kal, of Jolncv ha icen admitted to Ihc Menmh Baptist hospllal. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd V Wis"iha\ is their guests for the ies,t of tl week Mr. wise's brother,-Rlchar H. wise, and Miss Ida Rnehlma of Chicago, and Miss \fcibi proi tor, of St. laiils. Hilly Ayre.s, son of Mi ind Mi Ned Ayre.s of Osccolfr. is a patie at the Memphis Methodist hosp Inl. Mrs.. H. n. Stricklind of 'M nlln, has been admitted to t Memphis Methodist hospital Mr. and, Mrs^chatlis Penn 11 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Woodion we in Jonesboro Sunday us guests Mrs. Pcnn's sister, Mrs J L L' Is, and Cap!/ LSWLS. and slopped cnroutc hoimvat Paratould lo be guests of Mr. and Mrs I L. M^ Hnney and their Infnnt son t The Rev. L. C. Craig was taken to Ihc iMjcinptils Methodist hospl tal yesterday. /. .''Mr. am! Mys., Frank Whitwoftli mid Mr. and,: Mrs 1 . Ctinej liiMc ipent Sunday in Pari^nuld J"5i "IVIr. and Mrs. T. I,. McHnncy .Ml Uiclr Infant sou v. ,f- f ' P. H '.'i5iiriis,"'of'Dcerlng 1 ' Is i patient at the. Memphis Mellio- tiist hospifal. - j ly from Dyers Tenn.i where they visited •clatJves for several days t Mrs. d. E. Keck and Miss Ma- oycd at the"i'diA Lit'tle''Cricvio- t company, are"nioylna today (a cst Mcmpliis,''Ark." : - '' Mr.'and Mrs, Eugene 1 Sill), of lymoulh,- >N. c., will arrive m- ny-night-fov- a visit with Mrs. tlll's 1 - parents, Mr. and Mrs.- O. Stevens. l • _ • WFJPNESDAY; " ev. L. D. Summers Speak Tonight Rev. L. D. Summers, former, pas- or. of. the First. Baptist church, vUl siieak' ,l[erc tonightat; 1;30, sing as his subject, "The Arknii- 15 Redemption Campaign'."*. ', •Rev. Summers Is, at present, pas. or of Hie iiii|itist 'diurcli at Me-: it, Ark. His former members nnd fiends nro cordially Invited to this crvicc. . , .,, • VOIi, SAL13 "Bcrnat" Knilting Yarns ' ' iNsi RUCTION ' Itl'GUI.AK '<:i,ASS'KS" Friday, 2:30, p. M. . Mrs. Leslie 'Hooper Chle'knsntt'b'a - , , Phone IT Z for )onr eiitert.iinmcn .mil ,ionifnrl ,. Cnntmuoiis Sliowhu;' Kvery Hay Weds. - Thurs. T/ie Biggest "Big BrWcast" of All! JACK BENNY GEORGE BURNS GRACIE ALLEN BOB BURNS and MARTHA RAYE BENNY GOODMAN and his Orchestra SH1IUEY ROSS RAY MILL AN D . Dr. and.Mrs. Paul .L. Tipton k- turned late yesterday from Dyers- Mrs. L. p. Flemmlng was leader. the have reiently ,bcen Issued from the Ely - tlicviHe office of the county court clerk: Will McBroom and Miss Kitle Sue Snider, both of Riplcy, Term ; ' Walkei Garrctt and Miss FrpnkleiWaldrip,' both of Manila; Sam Wogstcr and Miss Hattie M.iylicUl-Illnklc. Ma.rlin D. Mnyfleld of Lrachvillc and Miss Alma M. Hinktc of Cape Girardeau. Mo., were married at, the bride's home in Ca|>c Givar- dcaii Saturday, Oct. 10. by the Hcv. Daughcrty of Ihe Cenlcnary Metlt- crtist church ot that place. Miss Hlnklc is the daushler of Mr. ami Mrs. B. H. Hiukle of Cape G'rarrfcau 'and received'her edticalioii 'at the Southeast Missouri Teachers college. Mr. Maylicld Is the son oUo'r.' and Mrs. M. p. Mayficld of'uach- ville and has made"his home here (or several, years: 'He received his cducatio^ .a.t,i"lhc Southeast • Mis- tourl Teachers college and Arkansas State college. He is 'at present a teacher In the Carmi school which is a'part of the liaehvHl- school district.' < • .. * marriage. ; , .Mr .and Mrs. thl; C.'' Olftards arc speeding'this wdck'wltlv their ton, W. W. Obbards, and family of Marmaduke. Mrs Mary NEtpJicU'-is visiting relatives itt St ! Loiiis this week' Mr. and Mrs. Van Kiggs, Mrs Gibbons and Miss Geneva The Methodist Mlsslnnnry society, met at the church Tuesday afternoon with eight members and one visitor, Mrs. C. M. Slmonson, of Parmersvillc, 111., present. .The ..riicctlng was opened «ilh prayer by the president, Mrs. j. j. Johnston. Mrs. II. w. Thomas gave the devotional, The program topic, "World-wide Hook-up,'/ was presented by Mrs. J. J. Johnston. Mrs. T. P. Denlon, Mrs. Wherry and Mrs. T. B. Dud- ncy. . : Mrs. C. M. Slmonson. of Pann- crsvll'c, HI., has arrived lo bo the houfe Kitost of Mrs. T. F. Hudson for ten days. Mrs. Dob Green, 'who wns called to Lnxora on account of the illness and death of her brother. Bob jr., rctiirugd to her home in Flint, Mich., 'Sunday. '" . Mr. hmrMrs.i Harry Stanford and Mrs.'W. II. Lucas were Memphis visitors Monday. Mrs. R. T. Ballcw accotn|Mi)icd Mrs.' Mary llattlelrt, of Huffman, to Memphis Saturday. Osccola Society, -^Per Pepy, both of Cooler; Harrison Andrews, of Van tiale. Ark, and ites _ Pearl Woody, of Rosebud, Antiijj'Etuoti f Jtunvsui snd Mi*ss * »- •»— f »« f wjiu A>i*cJi >n, u »iii ,- oijvurj nil ri.e 5"Ruby Faje Sawj^cr, both of Ma- sister at Manna duke. _ ' '. ' Mac Mr^SL. 6'.!.ci4rc Is'Jlll;'rAV-i home here. ' •'''<• Mrs. R! M. Flelclicr and'chil- 'dreti arc .spending the week ir Memphis.,".; ,.i -,' N. M. r.foore was In Nc\v Orle- nns on business yesterday and to day. Jphn Andrew Edrington was ac conipauicd to Memphis Monday by his wife, where-hc entered the Baptist hospital for an operation. Augiist H. Benassi of Springfield 111., was a business visitor here yes tcrday. .. Frances .Elaine, anti Martha Kali Bryant', spent Monday night ii Memphis. .-:•••..••• i, --.-.- „-...... All .the fancy breeds of.goldfcl Mooring were visitorsiili Memphis! arc the products of man's breed Tuesday^ in BCxperiments, nnd all the faticj Mrs M. c. Ralph and children, I breeds would rivcrt to . , Jimmfe, Mackie and .Wylie, atiti her da^|Mer. Mrs Mildrcd.vinsph, and tl-s latter's hisband and rionj >all of Luxora, spent a day 1 moti typ2_.lf man ceased his t< In ChW, i.ljie :book, ''Alice' It Read Courier News Want Ads :.-'•,"•-.'.Mri ; ry Catherine Martin spent yesta'r- day In Memphis. > Mr. and Mrs. Ned M: Joncs'nn-t children, Japk.and.Betty, of I3 0 x- cr, Mo., will-nrrive tomorrow In •a guests of Mr. and Mrs kelson Tlioi'iipson aii<I fami he weekend. l\Irs. Henry T. Brandenburg fof Icrre Haute,' Iitd., Is spending; a month with her parents, Dr aiid Mrs. D...L." Boyd. Mrs. 'Oarlnnd Morgan. Mrs John Waldcti = and- Mrs. J. - w Bader have returned from a visit *n 31. ' LOUIS'.• Mrs. Morgan and tor mother, Mrs. Waldcn, w,-ht ID to be; with Mrs. Luther .Williams, who underwent an operation al Barnes hospital and who 'returned there tortny for another CHAS. S. LEMONS Home Furnishings Moderately Priced r •<• LEOPOID STOKOV anohisSymphonyOrch., Louis DaPron, Eleanore Whitney, Larry Adler, Virginia (PI'JIJJ'I) Weidler David Holt, Billy Lee. A Paia mount Picture Olrse1»d by Hil:K«l! tiinn L: Alsti 1'araniounl Ne^rs —Adnmsinn— ( Matinee—10 .& 25c—With lc Tux Niglit—I5.*.J5c—With lc T:ix Mrs. Bader visited rel- :pc ration, atlves. W. E. Roddy has gone to poliits of Mississippi, havtnx been iraijv Icrrcd to ; Ihnl si-ale by (he International -Harvester ccnip.iiry -vith whlciv'ltc is connected, lie tuay be' hcndqiiaitered at Grcrn- vl lie.;-. Mrs. Ralph Goldslicn arid lauahtcr. Elaine Blyllic. will leave Thursday after spending several weeks 'wltlv Mrs. CioWsllen's psr- iiits, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Greene They will go v lo Pittsburgh, ' *or the Pilt-Notrc Bame Coot!»ill •ame,- where Dr. Oc'ldstlcn meet them and accompany (hqm ''o their -home in Renova. p n . Mrs. •Anne :steveiis' Potter tes returned" from h week spent ir Memphis. . _ • • Nlr,. i(nA ^ .Mrs.' .J;' K. Wootcn who have' lived here* for' ssvcral tveeks while' Mr. Woolen" wits em- .TIJKSOAY, OCT. 27— ! S22i).00 llAiS'K NKiHT! ! ! last nlglil Mr. J. T. Wright nf tliis rity ivas railed Tor Ihc $200— i ho was nol present cither 1 Mnlhlcc or Nighl—Mnklni; BANK! DEPOSIT next -week 52Z5.03! ' 11 Adm.—AUvay.s IN ECONOMICAL HEATING Ta\ Friday '« Sattirilay A 25c — lc y-. Night Frtihiy, Hnliird;iiy, . Smul.iy . Sutnby MnUnces— 2:tfi --1:00 Till 11:00 M. Anoth&f -Question .:.-, About CARDI1I MPIHERS RECOMJIEND ir "Why do -so many MOTHt'iS rcccniineitdi Cardui, Id their diu- ghters?" '• ; " ' ; " Isn't, It but natural that any! good mother should tell her dau- Ktjler 'about Cnrdniiif ,1110",mother herself felt that she' 'hart be-n bmcnicd by Oils medicine? It Is Impressive Uint so many women report having taken Car- dnl on Ihe ndvlc'e. or' Uteir ITO- thers. Cardttl has been found lo brnr- At women when wenkcned i;y, nmlmilriUciv (poor' nourlshmenn;' nnd .Itjiclps to relieve much discomfort nt monthly periods. Thbusands ,of, women 'testify Cnrdul helped them. Oi coiii-s»;' If "It -doW'riot'- help 'you;- consiiit a physician. • —Adv. 3C193' PALfiHTS! |2 Ailiills ,\drailt'rd 1 for'i>ricc of, I) FRIDAY IS"-iMERCHANT'S ; CASH .A\VAR.P'I'.A.V— ' JACK I 1 Of "SI 0-1.52 " " ''-- ' *~ ' The NEW Coleman OIL BURNING HEATER Really two heaters in one. Besides circulating comfortably licated air to warm your home, the Coleman spreads a"Focused Comfort Zone" of radiant, heat that warmsyou like summer sunshine. When you want this extra radiant heat, you open the Heat - A-Justor Doors in t»e sides ot your Coleman Heater. By swinging these doors you can focus the heat where you want it. The Coleman Heater banishes dirt and drudgery. It burns low cost furnace oil. No fuel carrying and shoveling. No ashes and dirt. Turning one valve gives you much or little heat as you need it. Economical I . Dependable! Leads all in beauty! Modern to the minute in design. "FOCUSED COMFORT ZONE" Open Ihe. doors andradlnnt heal warms You. dole the doort end cjrcutellsg Tieat warm: Stop in and let us demonstrate this magnificent hew heater. " CHARTER OAK HEATER A Sliinriurd of Value for 8(> Years Priced Jo SM but Made to Last A slotted fire pol that will last as long as you will ] let :il. Priced Beginning at $ 43 M A STANDARD OK VALUK; COME IN AND GKT YOUKS Cover Your Floors NEW "'ft-jQ--'^ ' i^'flMi2«SSSlS----l^**'^ER-RUGS with anew ARMSTRONGS FASHION-THRIFT LINOLEUM FLOOR ' smart new Inlaid' Linoleum floors per- mnncnlly installed i n your., home arc rcnl rronom'y, Come iiv i\ii(i see" them. The hriincl- »c\v patterns make the" Kaycst flonr.s for every room in the house. Long-, wcarinjir. Qniet. C o m- fni'lahlc. And ahsolntc- l. v the casiesi :of all ""ors (o keep clean. JNIS KtW BOOK .how. room, lit ,'»U ri'lot . . . ,,l|, you how lo l1 V nra 'c»mnrtlyandlnciiicnjlrcly. ic ' Irrc to you the slayyon tonic In •" «<r the Armstroni! » , K.ulilon- Thrilt Linoleum Floors. EXTRA BEAUTY FOR YOUR HOME T MIE most;.oulstniiding vulties ynirll.lhid ;it ih c j)riccs[ Kiilircly-iicu- design^., ^colorftii, (k-fonilivc. Sec tlio Mellow 'roue'imirbliv, shaiicd tiles, brillinnt florals. Picliira tliciu in your lunnc-rllicrd's a style and color for every room I Ami Armstrong's QuakcrKvigs need only a lif-lit nui-.ncr with a dry jno|> for <cIc.niiiig-H they save you work. ".. EVERY, DAY A SALES DAY •H

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