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St. Joseph Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri • Page 5
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St. Joseph Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri • Page 5

St. Joseph, Missouri
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k5A St. Joseph. (Until, Friday, luni I8ST TV0 ARRESTED Anor tiik Wlf we Episodes Peopl minis urmn nucloisc Grand Jury Continues Study of City Aff cars effort and the gift may be kept Wailing Wall Sign Removed extended an invitation to the grand jury previously to check all phases of city -government. The mayor pledged full co-operation by all city officials. City financial records are available in full for the jury.

City finances are audited an-' nually by an independent -accounting firm, and records are accessible. The previous grand jury criticized the lack of full financial records and periodic audits at the Courthouse. City officials are stressing that their records are current, checked and complete. The grand jurors earlier re ceived copies of the city char ter. Thursday they asked for guides depicting the makeup of the city administration.

Rent your apartment through a want ad. Call AD 3-6181. JERUSALEM (AP) Former Prime Minister Ben- i Gurkm paid a visit to the Wailing Wall Thursday and short- ly afterward an Israeli soldier erased with hammer and chisel an Arabic-English inscription from the Bhrine in Israeli-captured Old Jerusalem. The inscription on a thick slab read "Al Buraq-Wailing Wall Street." Al Buraq was white horse on which, according to legend, the prophet Mohammed rode from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to Heaven. The soldier said Ben-Gurion ordered removal of the sign.

"This sign was not here before," the soldier said. "It's a sign of possession." Selects a New Birthday JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) Gen. Suharto, acting president, picked a new birthday and turned 41 Thursday. He celebrated quietly, receiving friend and party leaders at his residence. Suharto was believed to have been born Feb.

20, 1921. The adjustment was made ac- cording to the Javanese calendar, which has more thai 39 dayi a month. They Still Need Buckets ATHENS, Ga. (AP) With all its expensive equipment for measuring rainfall, the Weather, Bureau also uses ets. A.

S. Higdon of the Athens Bureau said a survey is being conducted in the area to find out if anyone happened to have a bucket out the day the heavy rains came down. So far, 20 to 25 persons have vdlunteered information after a radio appeal. Result one person reported about 14 inches in ha bucket. The bureau had officially recorded about 10 Inches.

Will Be Three-Day Fireman EUGENE, Ore. (AP) Municipal Judge Frank Bocci fined Lon Lee Samuels, 18, of the University of $75 Thursday for setting off a false alarm at a women's I dorm during a panty raid last week. Samuels was given a choice: Five days in jail or three days working for the Fire Department. He chose the Fire Department. 6,500 Students Free to Stay WASHINGTON (AP) There are about 1,500 students from Israel in the United States and about 5,000 from the combatant Arab countries and the State Department said Thursday they can stay so far as this country is concerned.

4 ARRESTED ON WARRANT 'George Scotton, 43, 307 er street, was arrested ly city police Thursday on a city warrant charging him with disturh-ine the peace. Elizabeth Rob erts, 305 Beaver street, is; the complaining witness. MvortllimiKt- Youthful Beauty From the nrly twenties, bedtim musaga with a vitalizing night cream ia Ideal tor softening traces of surface akin dryness and tiny llnea. Apply Olay vitalising night cream to cheeks, forehead, and throat and coax It into tht akin with light, upward moulding atrokes, then remove with a tiaaue. 8uch care 111 encourage complexion lovellneaa.T Margaret Merrll.

DeMUTH Supply Co. C3 Deal1 Heloise: The 'little plastic containers we buy our tomaties in make ah ideal holder for spools of thread. One container will hold many age also the large size. -The 'thread can be pulled through the lit-1 tie openings Kimuow along the sides without removing the spools. If the container is solid plastic, just punch holes in the, side with an ice pick.

Since the container is transparent, you can see to select the exact color you need. And it is handy to carry wherever you wish to sew. Also saves cluttering up your sewing box as the plastic container can be lifted out. Iva Mitchell And Iva, they are whjng diley In that sewing machine drawer. So neat! Thanks, pal.

Heloise Dear Heloise: For those who send money to school with a small child, tape the coin to the inside of the lid of his lunch pail. The money is never lost this way. Florence Dagg Dear Heloise: Save the cardboard and plas tic covering from laundered shirts and use them to store slips, bras, scarfs, gloves, etc. Dresser drawers are always in order just like down town! H. Andrews: -Dear Heloise: Try this suggestion when wrapping gifts for the aged or those who are ill: Take a little extra 'time and cover the box and lid separately wim aanesive Dacnea paper or tape on some "pretty, but heavy paper.

Keep the lid decoration sim pie and preferably flat. Then the lid may be lifted off with little 7 I "IN FORD RENT-A-CAR DAILY RENTAL CARS II yov n1 a cir ky thi diy er wtl, rent ni lur brine' new Muitingi er 6ilixlt' S00 Hirdtopi fit, oil ind Imurinci fur-eithid. Cimpiri lur ritti Yiu'll bi ejtael you did. Grand jurors lengthened their look at city affairs Thursday afternoon with a trip to the pub lic worka department. Earlier in the day members of the jury met with City Fi nance Director Walter T.

Welsh and Health Dlrecotr Robert C. Weir, Four Jurors continued their study at City Hall Thursday afternoon during a discussion with Building Commissioner Ted Zebclean. Mayor Douglas A. Mcrrifleld Case Certified to Circuit CourC charge of second degree burglary and stealing against Ted LeRoy McKinney, 26, 224,4 Illinois Avenue, was certified to circuit court Thursday by Magistrate James P. Hull.

McKinney a prelim inary hearing on the charge. His arraignment before Circuit Judge Frank D. Connett Jr. is scheduled for Ot. 2, 1967, at 10 a.m.

The defendant is accused of burglarizing Turner's Hy-Klas market, 302 Illinois Avenue, on May 23. Noyes Swim Pool to Open Today Noyes Pool should be ready to open today. City Park and Recreation Director Byron K. (Bud) Baker said the pool was being filled on Thursday. Last-minute problems have delayed opening the pool since Monday, but Mr.

Baker said the facility should be ready today. Mr. Baker advised swimmers that for a few more days there will not be any facilities to store clothing. The temporary bathhouse is not completely finished. For Results Use Want Ads SUMMERFIELD FUNERAL HOME SnWARTSVILLI.

MO. PHONI NO. Call Arlo Ericson or Ray Sherer at BR 9-7485 CASEY MEYERS FORD IK -74II Teer 6ed WUI 'era' Dealer 302 Saath ltd iris)aaVy SUMMER WITHOUT AIR C0IIDITI0NIIIG IS LIKE WINTER in an attractive box until ready for use. Mary Parsell Also the person who received the gift can use the box to give a gift without the effort of re- wrapping it Heloise Helpful Hint Dear Heloise: The dishes have to be washed even when you have a brand new manicure. Save yourself chipped nails by holding your soap-filled pads with a spring clothespin all one has to do is put a piece of it in the clothespin.

Sure saves my nails and polish. Mrs. L. Antrim Dear Heloise: Ill you don't care to dry large plastic bags with a towel after washing them just hang them on the line, pinning along one side only to allow the air to enter. M.

Starr Dear Heloise: I use two dishclothes at all times instead of one. The soapy one js used for washing dishes, pots, pans, etc. The other dishcloth is dampened with plain water and I use it to wipe up spills, clean off the etc. Maybe this idea will help others. Mrs.

C.C. Lively Plant Cleaning Hint Dear Heloise: When the leaves of my house plants get dirty, instead of wip ing them off (which is a tire some job) I put them in the yard and turn the sprinkler on 'em. They are cleaned quickly and look very fresh. Also they get a little needed sunshine. Jane W.

Dear Heloise: When ripping seams off dark materials stitched with dark thread, rub white chalk along the stitiching and it will make it much easier to follow the line of stitching. Maude A. Daniels (Copyright, 1M7) Here considered by the legislature be- it adjourns June 30, No purchase price was men tioned in connection with the possibility of the state acquir ing the building. It is consid ered possible the state, should it acquire the building, might be nterested in other, pieces of property located just to the south of the former bank build ing. Red fern Will Head Consumers Group JEFFERSON CITY (AP) The Missouri Association of Consumers elected Sterling M.

Redfern of St. Louis Thursday as president. He succeeds the group's first president, Dr. Edward J. Metzen of Columbia.

Also elected were: Robert W. Hood of St. Louis, vice-president; Mrs. Mildred BradsherTof Columbia, secretary, and John S. Lewis of Kansas City, treasurer.

Building Midland Empire Deaths ITHOUTA FURNACE WktlW fM tM ktM I it HitH Wei M0 DEI if I bit mM ii mmmw. TWty, Htki it prMtiiel, Huiilt iai Itw mt Gil far i kH Hli nmj jtm imn. State Studying Plan 1420 Se. 4th NOW! FRIGIDAIRE AFTER CRASH An accident was Involved In the apprehension Thursday of two young St. Joseph men who reportedly attempted to defraud a service station attendant.

Held in the Andrew County jail at Savannah on charge of stealing under $50 are James A. West, 21, 5614 South th 9th street, end a passenger in a car he was driving, John W. Coe, 18, 825 Mason Road. West also was charged by the State Highway Patrol with careless and imprudent driving and improper registration. Andrew County Deputy Sher iff Reed Davidsonand the State Highway Patrol said the two men drove into the Hart Service Station on route in Andrew County and had $6.31 worth of gasoline put into their car.

After sending the attendant into the service station office for some oil, West started the engine on the car and attempt ed to drive away without pay ing for the gasoline, it was alleged. Officers said he drove onto route in the path of an oncoming car, driven by Norman L. Steinman, 42, 2225 Jones street, and the two vehicles col lided. West received a small laceration on the chin and left arm and Mr. Steinman suffered an injury to his left elbow in the accident.

Bill Opposed by Doctors Killed (Stiff Writer) JEFFERSON CITY A bill which has drawn considerable opposition from medical doctors in St. Joseph and throughout Missouri has been killed in a Senate committee. The measure would have allowed services by chiropractors to be available to injured employes covered by workmen's compensation. The existing Jaw contained no such provision, but a House-passed bill would have enabled an injured employe to obtain the services of a chiropractor. Legislators had received con siderable mail from medical doctors in oDDosition to this.

It was killed in the Senate public health and welfare committee. Medical doctors have also expressed their opposition to bringing services of chiropractors under the Medicaid bill now being considered. T7 Protest of India on Way to Israel MOSCOW (AP) India protested to Israel Thursday against thekillingof-Jndian troops of the.U.N. Emergency Force massed at Gaza this week for departure from Egyptian soil. The protest was delivered here because India and Israel lack full diplomatic relations.

In New Delhi the government said nine Indian soldiersjdied, and that it was seeking compensation for their families. Serving King City and Union Star Communities CLARK FUNERAL HOME line Cityr Mo. 855-4311 Welaan, Kiat Hill at Hyde Park 2 A VOU A GIANT 154-lb. SIZE FREEZER IN A BIG FrostProonS 1B.6cn.ft Mrs. Howard Gordon Special- to Thi Gaietti ELWOOD, Kan.

Mrs. Mary Pearl Gofdon, 54, died Thurs day at her home after a long illness. Survivors include her husband. Howard Hodge) of the home; five daughters, Mrs. Robert Parker of Hiawatha, Mrs.

Mary Elrod and Mrs. Willis Barger, both of Elwood, Mrs. Glenn Thornton of Kansas City, and Mrs. Lynn Baker of Liberty, a son, Ronald Caudle "of Sparks, two Mrsr Clem Meyers of Bern, and Mrs. Glen Jones of Falls Gity, and 11 grandchildren.

The body is. at the Noll-Hart mortuary at Highland, Kan. Atchison, Kan-VintonW. Pair p.m. Satur day at Sawin-Dyer mortuary.

Burial in Mount Vernon Cemetery. Weston, Mo. Edward F. Rogers, 61. Services 2 p.m.

Satur-dayTat First Baptist Church, Leavenworth, Kan. Burial in Graceland Cemetery. Stewartsville, Mo. Mrs. Daisy Schmidt, 99.

Savannah, Mo. Mrs. Josie Olive Sweigert, 78. Gallatin, Mo. Clyde Oak, 78.

Services 1:30 p.m. Saurday at Hope mortuary. Burial in Winston, cemetery. Hiawatha, Kan. Charles Stetler, 80.

Star Hears ta 4 A Perfect Gift for on Fdihcr's Day 1 n.i- IK 9-0011 GIVES ill Payments as Lew at Gunshot Wound Proves Fatal Spiclat to Tlx Gazttti MIRABILE, Mo. Lawrence C. Holt, 46, died Thursday while hunting. Caldwell County Sheriff Mau rice Robison said that Mr. Holt suffered an accidental gunshot wound.

Survivors include his wife, Lil lian of the home south of here; a daughter, Patricia of the home; four sons, Rodger, David, Wayne and Steven, all of the home; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Holt of and two brothers, Raymond of Kansas City, and George of Texas. The body is at the Alspaugh-Cowley mortuary at Polo, Mo. Brother Cosmas Ipedil to Th Gaitti CONCEPTION, Mo.

Brother Cosmas Groux, 92, a brother at Conception Abbey here, died Thursday at a Maryville, hospital. Brother Cosmas was born on a farm east of St. Joseph, and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. August Groux.

He" attended Christian Brothers College in St Joseph, and entered the abbey in 1930. The only Immediate survivor is a sister, Mrs. Laura Za-grodzky of St. Joseph. Services will be at 10:30 a.m.

Saturday in the basilica of the abbey. Burial will be in StCo lumba Cemetery. 'i. i. -a 1 1 that many people can't Thlaf ta Heme pi tlA 111 to re for Offices (stiff writer) I jci-r anouw UAi-me sibility of Missouri purchasing the Empire Trust Co.

building at 6th and Edmond streets for use as a state office building ap-parently will be studied within the next few weeks. The state now rents the 1st floorspacein the- buildinir for its revenue offices. An insurance firm occupies part of the 2d floor. Governor Warren E. Hearnes said Thursday that W.

F. En- r'tobt a St hnnlrpr had talked with him this week about the possibility of selling the biulding to the state for office use. Vacated in Bank Merger Mr. Enright was a vice-president of the Empire Trust Co. at the time it merged with the Tootle National Bank to become the Tootle-Enright National Bank.

That bank has since joined with the American National Bank, under that name. Governor Hearnes said further Information would be needed before the state would consider the purchase. One factor to be tak en into consideration is how much office space now being rented Jiuiither be eliminated if the state ac quired its own building. Mr. Enright has been asked to furnish complete Information and supply other data in connection wim the building, Decision Up to Board The decision as to whether the building" Is needed would be made bv the board of nublie composed of Gover nor Hearnes, Lieutenant Gover nor Thomas Eagleton, and Attorney General Norman Ander son.

That board relies heavily on the recommendation of John D. Paulus chief of planning and construction for the state. Should the state decide it needs the buildinc it A Con ceivable an appropriation to ADtrfli iha mirnhncA rnlJ Ka in. VI Mil, UI V.1IUUV kVUiU lV 111' duded in the omnibus bill passedfcyihis session of the let lsiaiure sucn an nmninns dim will hp tmnn the last llpiru Ibme of Personal Service for Over lOOYears IH.O.Sidenfadenl 1 FUNER-HOA i st. n.

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Except Saturday A FURNACE rihe qny-dqy permLpress panfrvr In Sixes 28 fo SO At the "old be wrong. saying goes, HeyAvis. 6215 King HilU r- special Quantity Discount" Service I a Byword at Ft, Friendly Expert Factory. Trained Service Assured en Each end Every Product We Sell ALL GIFTS Beautifully Wrapped AD XlShV Kinej HiU Store i OpenS A.M. to Friday Til P.

M. if you act fasti Tke Clotett i On Belt Hl-Woy-lust look i for tht Goldtn Arthtt f.lcDonolcl's,u,itmtcmm mmw momm tn. tm South of Frederick.

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