Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 4, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1898
Page 24
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DAILY PHABQS TUESDAY. 1898. at Born, to Mr. and lira. Henry Fillmore, a son. Them was no business in the mayor's court today. Born to Mr. and Sirs. Jacob Lotz, of Wabasb aTeune, a nou . Ex-Hiumane Officer Bishop Is the proud father of a brand new son. Wanted experience help. Call 430, 10th Btree'J In the afternoon. Esquire David Latng, who was «lck yesterday, was able Ho visit bin office today. Henry Myers, residing north of the city on" the IRoyal Center plfcs '" quite sick. Plenty of fresh country butter for 12Jc at Vlncu Kardes' grocery Third street. Bert Ray baa closed the fish and game market on Market street, op poslte Campell's laundry. John P. Webster, the jeweler, has returned from a brief visit with nls son and daughter at Chicago. John Beeves, the law student, left this afternoon for Berkeley, Gal where be will tittend college. Mr. Fred Schneeberger returned to Indianapolis, this afternoon, after •pending the holidays at home. J. T. Tomltinion aud Thomas Wll eon and wife are at Terre Eaute to attend the wedding of a friend. The next dlance of the Eastend Pleasure club will be- held on .Friday evening at Dolnn & McHale's hall. Natural gas bills for the month 01 January are duie and payable at the company's office on or before the 10th inst. Mr. and Mis. Henry Kuntzman, of Frankfort, ans in? the city visiting their nephew, Lewis Bitter, the grocer. Frank T. HcColgin, superintend ent of the circulation of the Clnoln natl Enquirer, is in the city on business. "The Span of Life" company ar rived this afternoon from Laportc- and are quartered at the Johnston hotel . The hospital sewing circle will meet tomorrow afternoon at the rooms of Mrs, J. M. Baker at the -Columbia hotel . Miss Sarah Knoll, who has been the guest of Miss Mamie Gallagher, of the Southslde, has returned to her home in Lafayette. C. E. Fosselii;, of Galveston, was in the city yesterday and purchased a stock of goods for a store he la about —to open at Galveston. There are sis:ty people in the "Isle of Champagne" opera company which appears here tomorrow night. The •company appears at Marlon tonight The luneral of the late William Bubmyre was tield at 1 o'clock this afternoon from the Evangelical church. Interment in Mt. Hope cemetery . The regular meeting of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union will be held :it the Home of the Friendless, Wednesday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock. MlssMainle Bish, of "Dayton, 0. and Miss Lllll* Finn, of Cincinnati Ohio," who wei's visiting the famll; of ex-Tre»sui;er Grnseameyer, returned home lioday. Bert Williams, of (jfeorge stireet went to Gas City tod ay "on business He will move llils family to that poln 1* * few days, liavlag accepted a posl tion with the uln plate company. Mrs. Shepherd, residing at thi corner of Sixth and High streets, ac ctdentally up wt a cup of boiling water Sunday afternoon and sustain ed a very palnitul injury thereby. The funeral of the late William N Martin was lield at 8 o'clock: thi morning from the residence of C. A Ly tie, oa Brim avenue. Intermen 'was made in Mt. Hope cemetery. Hon. H. •?'. Biddle was taken .suddenly ill, Sunday, and auffiere greatly during the day. There wa a change for the better during th night, and ha is again able to walk •bout his islai d home. The first o! the union services in observance of the week of prayer wa attended by i very large audience last evenlng.at the Christian church Tonight the meeting will b« held a the Broadway Presbyterian church. Miss Elsie 5 toughton is proviog an enthusiastic and able assistant in thi kindergarten nchool at 600 Sycamor street. She has been having a, twi weeks' vacatto a, and has now restimec her work to tlie great delight oil the children . The fire depirtment team attached to No. 4 truck took fright whili standing nev the Yandalla tracki last evening, t fter the second alarm and ran away. They started up Col lege hill, but 'tore soon stopped. No damage result id. S. W. Trloi, who was ill for many weeks with tfphoid fever, let t St Joseph's hoepi »1 today, and will visit friends In and about Greenville, O. tor a few daji before reeoiolng his old position M a traveling salesman for toe Suroytir ft Unl Oo. DESTRUCTION Of the TwUlIa Station and Office Bulling Iky *lre. •me «f Va| n »ljl« Becsrds Aliw Cmsnmed by tlie Flamen—A $10,000 Loss. The large and handsome station ^nd office baiildlng of the Vandalia company at, Sycainjre and Godfrey .treets, was ruined by fire between 5:30 and 8:50 o'clock last evening. It was a two-story frame building, and the loss is between 18,000 and $1.0,000. The records in the office of Trainmaster Burke, Master Carpenter Finch and Supervisor Bowen were a'so destroyed. Charles Morehart,, the trainmaster's clerk lost a new typewriter. The build ing was insured bv the tennsylvanta railroad company, which controls the eotlre VaEidnlla system, but the amount is not known to the local officials. The contents of the bag gage room were saved from the flames. The instruments, tick ets and caiih were taken from the telegraph office before the flames reached that part of the building. The building was heated by a furnace located in the basement where the fi.re started. Coal was used in the furnace, which is supposed to have become overheated. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon when the lanitor visited the base ment last. ' Shortly after 5 o'clock James Mack, the operator and ticket agent, first discovered smoke in the building and shortly after the flames burst through the floor. He escaped from the bnlloiing by crawling through the noith window of the ticket office onto the platform. Supervisor Bowen, who was in his office on the second floor, alsio escaped through a window. A baggage truck was pulled up under., the window and the' drop was thus ru- dnced to four or five feet. The fire department responded promptly to fihe firsit alarm, but owing bo the fact that but two lines of hose jould be stretched, .the firemen wojked at a disadvantage. They did well to save the freight house, across the track from the station. Tfie ruined building was the largest and handsomest on the Michigan division of the Vandalla. Tbe original depot building was enlarged about three years ago to accommodate the officials of the Michigan division, now located at Terre Haute. It is now thought that while the company will erect another building, it will be an iinsignilicant affair, wheia compared to the one just destroyed. The department, was called a second time at 10:30 last night to cx- lingulsh amother outbreak of the flames. Superintendent Hatch and other division officials came up from Terre Saute, this afternoon,, and arrangements will likely be made at once to rebuild the station. the* Impwrtmnt Cases WWck Come Dp for Fluid Settlement. The supreme court will resume its work today. There is pending lia the ourt a number of constitutional uestions Involving acts passed by he last legislature, but it may be ome time before the court will hand all the decisions. Ooe case Involves tbe law regarding the election of county superintendents. This case las been advanced on the court locket. Another law to be tested is that making tbe terms of county treasurers beginning- on January 1 after election. Tbe appellants have not tiled their briefs In the case There is a case which assails the constitutionality of girniahee law, and another that is known as the "co- employes' act." Tde court is to also pass on the legality of the act luthorizlng courts to sentence prisoners to indeterminate periods In prisons ana reformatories. A GBEAT OPERA. "The Isle of Champagne" at Uolan's Tomorrow Ni(fht The Isle of Champagne," that play of fizz and sparkle, inimitable, iomes to the opera house tomorrow ni^ht with an entirely new production from stars to ballet, new scenery, new costumes, new management and new life and fun, everything new excepting tbe opera itself, which ia a perennially.good thing. Mr. Richard Golden and Katharine Germalne, both well known and deservedly popular^stars, will shine in this production, and anyone who has beard Mr. Golden laugh will go straightway to Ihe theatre to hear that laugh once more. The same la. true of Miss Germaine's singing, who, besides being an exceptionally beautiful woman, has costumes designed especially for ler role, which are exquisite ia design and finish. One. gown alone, the "jewel dress," is worthy a. poem n its honor. CHICAGO MARKETS Received Dully by W. W. Mllner, nt 9. A. B. Building. Chicago, Jan. 4, 1898. Wheat—May opened at 91i@91Jo high, 91}c; low, 90Jc; closed, 90>i @90fc. Wheat—July opened, S3Jc; closed 83c bid. Corn—For May, opened, 29J@29u high, 29«@29Jo; low, 28Jc; closed 29io. Oats—Mayropened, 23Jc; high, 23:j low, 22Jc; closed, 23}c. Pork—M»y, opened, $9.25:; high $9.25; low, 19.17; closed, $9.20. Hogs—Market opened 5c lower and closed weak. Receipts oi: bogs 34,000; estimated tomorrow, 41.0CIC head. Mixed, $3.45@3.67; heavy $3.45@t3.47; rough, $3.3!5@3 4i light, I3.40@I3.62. Cattle—Receipts of cattle, 4,500 receipts of sheep, 15,000. Curb, 91|c; puts, 90| fc; calls,92Jc Sfttice. All members of Erin Council, 0. B L., No. 4615, are requested to mee tonight at their hall. The Weather. Fair tonight and Wednesday. THE 80PBE1B COUBT. Cloaks, Blankets and Underwear AT COST To Glose out the Stock* SCHMITT & HEINLY. The Golden Rule. GEE=WHIZ! That's what the man said when his laundry came home yellow, ors and faded. Then he concluded t* try MARSHALL'S LAUNDRY, and his linen was returned as white as snow and"without being torn in the least. 'Call up phone 110 and have our wagon stop for your work.,. ., THE PUMPS AT WORK. Oil at Walton Being Stored In Tanks. Big Expense for Trriint Officers. The expense Tor truant officers under t&e new educational law will be larger than was counted upon, for e reason that they will be employed 'or a longer period than was named at the uime the bill was under discussion. It was a popular impression that they would not be on duty more than two months, but .their iervices are averaging longer than that. In Fountain counoy a few days ago, the county commissioners .•efused to pay the bills of two tr.uant officers who asked for $160 each for eighty days. To test tbe meaning of the law on the point or service a 'riendly suit WELB brought. Judge Babb has just decided that the truant officers were legally emtitled to $2 a day for the entire school year should he school authorities! appoint them for that length of time. Natural G:as Decision. The court at Klchmond has de; ilded against the natural gas company as follows: "The rule promulgated by tbe defendant on the first day of September, 1897, fixing the price of gas to consumers at 12i cents per thousand cubic feet, when used for fuel purposes only, and when used by consiumers for botbi fuel and heat- Ing purposes, at 20 cents per thousand cubic feet for both purposes, unjustly discriminate* against those consumers who use such gas for both purposes, as far as the use of natural gls for fuel is concerned, and cannot be enforced against such consumers, as far AS the use of such gas for fuel purposes is concerned." New Laundry Firm. Mr. John Vlney, who has been with H. Wiler & Co. so long, has formed a partnership with ICr. Charles Malben in the laundry business on the Westside. The popularity of both members of the firm, together with the excellent reputation of the laundry, Is a guarantee of prompt and satisfactory service and promises a successful career for the new firm. Work Temporarily Suspended on Account of" Imperfect Pumping Machinery. The pumps were set to work in the Walton oil well last Saturday aod after some 40 barrels were stored away in the tanks, pumping was suspended on account of some detect In the machinery. The olHs of a superior quality and from what can be learned tbe well will prove a good producer. Pumping was resumed again yesterday and will be continued until the value of tbe well is ascertained. The belief is that the well is on tbe edge of the pool, and that further explorations will develop a very productive field : A. Findlay, O , firm will erect a derrick on the Chick farm southwest of Walton this week and the Logansport company expect to locate a well on the Ijams farm. TheaBunker Hill company will likely set the drill 60 going this week on the Snafer r arm. It has been disclosed by the pump In the Bumgarner well that water abounds below the oil. The pump brings up one barrel of water to every two of oil. There are not many wells however in which water Is not found with oil. Later—The pumps are working satisfactorily today and the oil seems to be increasing in volume. Rural Delivery a Success. The experiment of the free delivery of rural mail begun near Muncle mcire than a month ago is proving a success, and is accepted as a great boon by the farmers. C E. Lam t, carrier, has just made his monthly report to the, postoffice .de j»:ctment, which shows that the cost tff delivery and collection of pieces of ihiiil matter for the month has been & fraction over 2 cents for each piece. In other places where the experiment lias been tried the cost per piece has been from 1J to 6 cents. Officiai f rcsimHe of Meda! Awarded PRICE'S mm POWDER 1893 Circuit Court. Magee & Fanl: have filed a suit for Joseph Oiler against Adrew J . Bteh ardson and others to quiet title to certain real estate, Lairy & Mafaoney have filed the complaint of Georgu Harrison in a suit sgainst Gustave Yedder an'd Andrew Hlel to collect a note ot 1100. Peter Fox Ii Dead. Peter For, at one time marshal of the city of Logansport, and well- known to a large majority of the, older citizen of tlie city, died, this morning, at his home in Monticello. The deceased inceoded John M. Baker as marshal of tibia city in 1373. Fvneral •(' lire, The funeral olf the late Mrs. Sarah B. Tangny, wife of 3. L. Tangny, whose demise occurred so unexpectedly list Sunday evening, will be held tomorrow Afternoon at i o'clock from tbe residence, Intermeai in Mt. Hope ctnabery. . HOLxIDAY Shoes and Slippers The handsomest, and best assortment of CHRISTMAS Shoes and Slippers ever shown in the city. Patent Leather Kid, Ooz Kik, pink, green.red, lavender. In fact anything in nice evening slippers. See our Men's Bootee combination, Boot and Shoes just the thing for winter. Stevenson & Kiinsict 403 Broadway. THE TAILOR Can Suit You in||Style and Prices. Before selecting Holiday Present Or Furniture to adorn Your Home we Desire to call atttention to our band- some and complete line of the very Latest Designs and Novelties IB Furniture and Upholstered floods ({consisting of Roman Chairs, Tabtor- etts, Divans, rockers, couches etc. at Low Prices. Cummings & Morgan, Cor 3d & Broadway. City BuiUfaf. Annual Gas Rates O RTIFICIAL, and Natural Gas Bills are lU now due and payable at the company'! * * "office i Natural Gas Con«umer« desir-1 ing to avail thtmselTea of the Anoaml Rate, commencing December 1st, can'do so by calling at the office and arranging fortijime. All bills mustibe paid on or beforef thfl 10th of each month; :5 ^ '- Wley Gas Co, The "Domestic" Office Now is tbe time to provide self with a good Sewing a very low price. My stock atl the leading makes. My are easy, and there is no t being oat of a good sewing o tbe boose. Tbe old stand 529 Broadway, near R B WHITSE 6th niVE.THEM FITS. Tliat's what you'll get if I make your cloth* maJringFaU Suts and Overcoats to order to $40.00.... Pm

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