The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1941 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1941
Page 7
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12, 1041 Gourmet's Paradise, Paris Now Munches Carrots, Turnips ^^4&^^':IS^$.\W<!^ - ' Germans t>ot around ihe ilsr,,. lei-ins by deinnndlng thai French fiiciorwvi -repair' 'impei-feci' war materials." This is where hope onions iho picture in Paris. At the time of iho armistice. Mr. o,;borne estimates ihar Paris was split M-fiO over the question of collaboration With ihe Ormans. N'o'.v he thinks Parisians are »;» pc*- c^ni U7a j IK. Tho Nms' bij. nasiake.' he .suy.s. is starving the people. The women, who arc the ones to wall in line lor hours, are mn,i bju^r 1»AK!S SOUMJ.V i UKHIN'D I'KTAJN "The Parisians are .solidly behind Pewin." Mr. Osbonie eomimied* "They believe he'll not, at Un* psychological momem." He repeated a story told every where in Paris illustrative of the Prenrh altitude-' When Peiain $$!•••• Hitlor ; Ult -, ; . the annteilre. HiUer (lellvered a two-hour lecture-. At it.- cnci, Pr-- tain ..aid: "Well. Herr" Miller 1 COURIER NEWS Puzzle; Can You Find' Room on the Bank for trout? K>KK3Saa*~1AV»-w;~v.w W .«—~«»—<-,,,. _,-„. V-'Ull* ™i * - n l " T re CIaudc Oaborne (hohlin » *»**«• »««yse) ami has ,amily. Osborne, who W eni to France with ihe A E F \n I stayed 10 live In Paris, ief, the former French capital just '.six months after the Germans occupied U. NBA Swvic?^f^CwreLncleat I*"* "* h ° llrS f ° l " * few P ° Llnds ol > NEW YORK.-Six^mmuhfafrer! Car ? tS - Pari * 1 '»« are living tori . . . (Parisians prefer not, to state i W , al fl t!me on J ust turnips I "after" what). Pails "former'citv ! CfltTOts nnd a few * he11 flsh -" ! of Liglu, Ls , a city of darkness , n ,"* °" hLs lap whlle ' hp i hunger, want—and hope ' ' ecl WJIS A/rj '- Osborne's young- | . picture of half a year of German occupation was .sketched by Claude Osbonie. who recently arrived here with the last group of Americans to leave Paris. With his wife and eight children, he left the young Is five. est child. Deuysc. She . "She was too old to get milk ru- tion." Mr. O.sbornc said, "it a i three." SHORTAGE OF ALL MATERIALS tormer French capital six months j The .shortage O f materials ex- nimosi to the day after the Nazis ! tends to all lines. You get coal if too ' t m>or ^here are Germans Uvinj? in your Western Hemisphere Boundaries Will Not Re Resi ricled By Washington Why Draft Doctors Turn 'Em Down SMMtJtoMK-VA/Aw.- »- — B " fust >»I.>I»« those massort French war veterans, their raised right arms on ' nvnv ] i — ' ~""' " - ...m. « IVIII.M \vui u C1 - jthere are Germans living in your veterans, their raised r^lit arm* Mr. Osborne had gone to France i building. you probablv pledging- allegiance to Marshal I'iih the A. E. P., stayed after the j«o«'i- Transportation is ai a stand- j Detain, Parisians are .solidly ! JC - nst war as proprietor of t-wo ' sU11 because ga.s and oil are for- j hi '"l the iMarshal. They believe mall machine factories—one in i Bidden except to the Nazis. The M'e will act at the psychological .laubeuge nnd one in Park. ! Germans are takinsr nlnimi n)i r)m i mnm»n< with jt \\«i as proprietor ui uwo •-*•-• «*.».m.i,n. 511.1 a LIU uu ure iur- i "»«"«• me mur: -small machine factories—one in i Bidden except to the Nazis. The | *»e will act at M'aubeuge nnd one In Paris. j Germans are taking almost nil the; moment. "The general situation in Paris j output oi- factories. j Is bad and getting worse daily," "The Germans weren't actually 8UC f- lhere<S l ' olhin - more to >"•' Mr. Osborne said. "The Germans ' running my factories" Mr O.s- T Htller Slormed: "There's have taken all raw materials. The ! borne .said, ""but they'were lakhi" t much more ' Re "«iuber thai food picture is extremely black, my entire output The armWice •!?" b ° Wllh lliy amiy in Mar - The.French used to live on bread i terms promised ihai ihe French I sef>s "V W ° clays Lo occlll) >' thc and potatoes. There are almost j would not have to make war ma- I v °'.. H ' fmcc -" no potatoes lef.t. Bread has been ' termls. But they a'so sured lint T'" rephed Petain ' " nnci : cut 30 per cent. Every day I saw French material must V surren- Cl \Vf ll1l . Morocto »» two hours." thousands of women waiting in clered . in perfect condition Th P Wllht lhls h ° IK -- Prench ^'stance, both active and passive. Ls steadily mounting. Almost every inominu two or three are found dead "in the narrow.' winding st-reeus ot" the Montmnrtre section. Children maki.- a .swimming gesture v.'hen German officers pass. This gesiure .suy.s: "The Channel is wide and cold." The day after Hitler restored L'Aiglon'.s ashes to the side ot" his father, Napoleon, a large sign appeared in the. Paris markets: "Take back your enplet and give us back our pigs" RUMORS. BUT NO XliU'S There are rumor.'; of many other signs of resistance. They are* mostly rumors, because Paris" is without news. Mr. Osborne illustrated with a story from last Fall, when the R, A. R dropped a weekly newsletter. "Quand Meme." over Normandy. One Item asked: "Did you know that a lump of sugar in a gas .tank will put a motor out. of SltLt 'SDAY* ,^>ti*K I « In Arkansas' cleanest AusUcm Karn . . . weekly . clean ut all times . . . convenient We Do Not Buy and Trade WE JUST SELL "IT FOR YOU. Buy and sell at a fair price, se< a. square deal holti way* BARN ON OLD CHICAGO MILL & LUMBER ™,.i SITE. BLYTaEVTLE'S WONEER AUCTION SALE: Muscular skeletal defecfs- START SAVING NOW... .*j&l*'** J FOR Pictocharl shows major reasons and pcents o tit or .first three months of drXtfag. Germans, says j Is quite small to buy bright colored . will never know how i or extremely high-styled shoes. pumps In neutral colors. about which she hn.s tin "l-cnn- inke-li-or-lettvo-lt" ultilnde. (Un- i lo.s.s .she focLs that, she must have it, slu- .shouldn't buy It at all.) Dyess Personals Mrs. Roy Kersey uiut chlldnMi nrc guests of Mr. nnd Mr.s. R,. L. Kcr.sey this week l)i-fore leaving for Glendale. Calif., to join Mr Kersey. Mrs. L. j. Curtis, who luus .spe«t Liu; past few months here wKh'heV son. is. L. Curtis and family, w ill leave .soon for Uo^ahusn. Ln., to vLsii her daughter, Mrs. Hcnrv Shuto.ska. Mr. and Mrs. w. n. Metculf en- tertaiund with a birthday dinner t Sunday, honoring thc birthdays of I I-ienry Hastings and Johnnie' Lee Hustings. Lee liihath, nnd Mr« Metcair. other quests wci'o Mr nnd Mr.s. Dcwey Henry. Mr. und Mrs. Orville Gouchenour moved to Lake Dick. F. s. A project. Wedneschiy. 'I'he Senior B. P. Y. U sponsored by their lencheiu 'Mrs! J. S. Olive; and Pruncoy Rob- iiLson, will have a .social ut the tcuchcruge on Monday " night March LO. jtKflV 'Air. and Mrs. Sherman Bl^gs from Little Rock,, were recent visitors with her brother, John Me- Knskle and family. -Mr. mid Mr.s. E. B. Brno and Mr. and Mr.s. Basil Bezzo nnd t'tunily are leaving soon for Mllnn, Tf-nn., to make their future homo. The Council of Dyes.s Women's Home Demonslration Club will meet Monday at the club room for their regular monthly session. Guest .speakers include W. E. Burns, county ngonl,-.ami . Miss' Inex Klnculd, home demoiwtratlon agent, from O.sceola. TON (UP)—What, fm» the Ijoundarlon of the W.esleni HemLspliere? I'mposnls in Congress to restrict tlu> use of Amorlcan soldiers, .sailors nm! marines to that area made Its g«'0|.u-apbir;al de/mition a knotty problem for concerned V vUh formulaUon of naMonal nnd for- i'ii;n ijolicy. Hut. it tipjioars that geographers Mover liavc l)«?r»n In agreoment ojj hf»Mil.sph<M i l<! HmlLs. and nppear no noan-r u .solution today. The ndministrnUon was nndor- slooil to favor u "common sense" definition. l>i>nsc of the hemi- sphi'iv, it wns said, mlglit, involve dolensc outposts nven beyond which MIP Diakors of .school textbook.-; consider a pan of (ho hemisphere. For oxampU', the question whether Iceland of the Axorcs Islands an- wiihhi th t > hemisphcrr- tniyhi. be simple (o a gpogrni^her bin, In questions of national de- iensc they mi^ln brcomo nf hl^h> esi Importance. <l< v «K«'Hi)lu?i-s al Odtls Geographer:: always have dls- "Breed over the dividing line In Ihe Atlantic where Iceland Is con- n-rned. iuu none has Included ihr Azores In the VVc.storn Hemisphere. li«einis(? the question has assumed such national importance, Kvoiinxphers and Bcoyrnphical .societies shy away from it, Siunue) W. UotfRs, State Department does not discuss it. position bars him from I'MJ on .such possibly controversial subjects;. But his opinion undoubtedly will carry weight when an onirial definition is culled for. Last spring Bonus, in answer to a request from Hep. Edith' r«0|jers( Hupubllcan, Massachusetts wrote- her thnt "Western Hemisphere" wns an "indefinite term." Uut, ho added, it Is commonly mi. derstood to include continents nnd Islands of North. Central and South America nnd the Indies. He, nlonK wli hall others, however, accept iho inlcnmilonnl dateline as the boundary in the pa- cific, Dateline Not/Rigid' The dateline nms up the 180th tiegree longtitude but swings out to •|.he Knst to.keep New Zealand in the liastom .Hemisphere. It also jswines casLwni-d again to avoid Chopping off a piece of Siberia and "ins foplwpon big- anc1 jj tHe Dio _ mode Tslniulfl-thtt dividing point Delween A.sln suul Uie United States ui Alnskri. The Pacific dividing line leaves Guam nnd Wake. Islands out of thc hemisphere but brings in Samoa (iunw nnd Wamoa are io receive defense Improvements under new legislation. The noted explorer Vilhjalmur SteianssoD recently urged an At- lantkv dividing line which would Include al] Iceland with Greenland. Iceland is only 130 miles East of Norway but 850 miles Wests of the nearest 'European mainland, in Norway. Otherwise Btefansson run the line down halfway the main coastline of the find the main coastline of Europe tint! Africa. Or. Isaiah Bowman, heed of the American Geographical Society, take?, a somewhat similar viewpoint but would exclude Iceland. Recruit Tunis Recruiter RT. LOUI8 (UP)-Aiien A. Sanders, Jr., 29-year-old St. Louisan rtrsl volunteered for a year's military service, long before his draft order number was due to place him in line for .1 cull. He then turned 10 recruiting on his own and, before being inducted, brought in seven friends as volunteers. The pirate bug: Is' known as "the devil's riding horse" in the south. N«'\v Sears RADIOS AT DISCOUNT FOR CASH! Radio Hospital Itldg. iox E. Main PIMPLES FACES ARE RUINED BY due to external irritation; Beauty is marred. Don't stand for them without trying Black and White. Ointment >ar Vital In cleansing is mild soap. Use Black and White Skin Soap daily. EVERYTHING FOR YOUR OFFICE PHONE 16 PRONE DELTA OFFICE SUPPLY STORK' R.K. & Ash many of their stalled trucks had ' sugar in the mrbureior. which may be worn with every- " v *•«"wniL-LUj. wiiiuii iiMiy ue worn ' "Dark and hungry as Paris is," j thing, are her forte ) Mr Osborne said, "the city is full I Any woman to buy oi hope. Pm-lslans now believe ! Uuu America ;it last is in the war ! They believe that with American i aid. ihe German conqueror will ' be driven from Prance." • Tin* average useful life of steel in the many forms on which it is used to about :J5Hr years. R-end Courier News warn »as Strain 3 COTTON SEED Stale certified, re-cleaned and Ceresan treated. R. 0. HUGHES GIN CO, <&>6-T&&tC RUCK THE LOWEST D«/»lr 1 1C»V •»•'••• j[ dl»"^ Chassis JW5"' 5^ .. Come in —we'll show you how to save some REAL money on your hauling That's our business! We're "headquarters" for DODGE Job-Rated TRUCKS— and these dependable cost- cutting, QUALITY-buiIt trucks can save you PLENTY of money ... al] along thc line! They re priced with the lowest, too for every capacity. And RIGHT NOW-we're prepared to give you an cxcen- tionally "GOOD DEAL'»- wit h "easy budget terms and liberal trade allowances! Come in-you'll be surprised how much further your truck dollar can go! DEPEND ON DODGE ofaJ&bC TRUCKS BETTER Betov&e o i CHRYSLER CORPORATION ENGINEERING 117 E. Main Elytheville Motor Co. Phone 808 Togs For All Types This Spring By AUC1A HAK'I NEA Service Staff Writer 'Hi'M-e'.s enough variety in iho spring cOllectiun.s of New York's iji.-^hion designers to enable rvvry •A-umaii to nnd clothes which are »5ny hundred per cent cmfdn to nit not only her taste bin her .ypt. ht-i budget and hc-r modr ot living. There axe sloping shoulder*, to ' oe sure. But tliere are many mod- • Hs with .shoulders that do not ; ^!ope at all. The latter are right J tor the noD-80-.slim-hipped and for tin- woman who just't tuippy ^ in .sloping .vhoulder.s. Evening dresses with wide, al- , most kiiL't.'-hK;h band.-, o! u.ins- parent net at thehemllne are for ; girls with truly beaiuii'ul legs. ' The woman whose leys art; just! so-.^-:o .should even consider them. It would be' a mistake ior the. long-faced, thin-ncc-keri girl io in- j slst upon wearing blouses with i plunging necklines. Tlh-iv are j fjuanlities of new .sprint; blouses with high necklines ihai will minimise the length O t her tuce SPRING STYLE ! SUGGESTIONS j In addition, it would i>.' -.» bad | idea for— ! A .short, plump ;o try | to wear the new giant cartwheels. (There are plenty of smart little hats for her.) The woman who can have only I one new evening dress to get an ' extremely decollette, exotic model of sirenish, 19H Inspiration. (New variations of the ever-flattering shirtwaister are wVnt she might very well look at first.) 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