The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 16, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1934
Page 2
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ILYTHEVim, (AEE.); COURIER THURSDAY, AUGUST 1«, 1*4 Socjai Calendar **^^^^^^ ^^™^^^^^« . •Tht B^ruU«-»«»rd oi H* W. Mr 8. of • th« • MptUt f$w;h idll -her home DC Afti s&et at 3 o'clock !M»; «flenjqcm to.»twnd. Miss Ryan Proves Her Game Modern . . iaocc o{ Mto Jane Koct-.t'itaky. who i$ |BOY- Jnj- to Columbus, -Ml*., «'« g! v «> list night ihstttd o! Thursday •nicbt as pUnneif .Following a bullet- supper it the home 'ot Miss Iftxtaret silver a large number of.Mlss KochtiUiky's frtend* danced •t--the .country club to toe music ot'. McDoweJl'i C»viliW6. Tr.ere •»ere a aumber ol out o! town gwcts present, and the Kosvettts *we Misses Anna Mae Jones. "Mar•B»net 6h»vsr, iJUdrtd Moore, Mary Spain Usrey, 3211 jo Uittte and Isabel 1 Brandon. • ": • » * * Buffet Ww» .Meet. •: Circle number 1 of the Baptist 4CssJ<?niry -society jpet at tbe Ji of- Mrs. W..D. Dolen On 'M»in ttreet. There n'ere 14 memberf prejent "hie 24th ch»pter .0! .AtfB v»s used ta the Bible itudy. Mrs. Herman Walpoit close!) the jntetlng with prayer. .. 'Circle number 2 met 'with Mrs. W. M. Williams, eight JTiepbers at. iendlng. Mrs U. W. MuUtn* was ta chirie 'et tiB -devotional. Mr; 1yUlUms xrwd a» ice tone Tri- 'lowing " : tbe 'm»«tC«. : : < "' : Circle 'number -3 met- »t -the rtfiurch witK'-io JntaifcetB jjreaent. . firs. Blomejw -was r ln charm pi the devotional,- tor -which -she used 11 Obr. «:1-10.' tbe •tpplc :etudled was jJCipportwaity. 1 ' JJ&B. Jackson dls- mfcsod the .group with prawn Mostly Personal Manila Society — Personal Beauty Marooned In Penthouse - COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES IBERTY CASH GROCER Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday here lor jewrU , rt K«natK. Is ••vofielas HOT '3. 'MeU "Brooks,- who 'tttt been ill lor snrnlijtys. T»s^»ben'to Hot Springs toflmj Tor treatment. C- H. •Wilson *ccomp*nied'£bh. - Wr. »nd M?s. j;-TB.-CUrk w then- .guest : Mrs. Arthur Oliver JM 'St. Loub. T*rs. Olrrtr was .here iewrtl ii»ys «o,.but "has returned to visit W. ind MJS. CUrt. . Junexson, Menrphls attar, ' ney, vill' arrirt This attamaon -flerve &s one of tbe 'juQ^e£ In *e»uty contest »t'<the 'JRtte i; 'tooight- are moving -Mr. Mr. and Mrs W. P. Turnr; and Glenn Horner have beer, visiting In Savannah, Tenn., the pasl week. Mr. and Mrs. L. r.'. Moblcy and son, L E.. have returned from a two weeks vacation in Hot Springs. Mrs. G. O. Stuart is visiting relatives li! Hiuttlngton this week. Mlis Morthn Blyllic spent Siindny with some Lcachvlllc young ixo]ile In Pnrngould. Miss Olllc Wnlliice, who has !x>en <iulte III al the home of hr>i sister. Mrs. Elmer TlirclkeW, Is rci»rto<l to be Improving. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin crlltemloii S|X!tit the week end in Meinp!!i3. The ladles of the Order of the Eastern Star sponsored a banquet here Thursday evening to raise money with vhlc'ri to purchase 11 plnno for the hall. ' Max Reid, of niytlicvllle. was toastmastfr. Quite a nice sum was made. Mrs. F. NT. Sweet has returned to her home in Monette. hnvln; spent several days In Manila. Mrs. M. P. Gnthrite is visiting In Iho home of h<i son, Gralin Gatli- ritc, In Batcsvillc, mid v.'il! make a £lil*betU Ryan, lamou* xetci ot tutatlt tournaments, in her first comeback appetrance ou Amerl-' c»n courts proved her some ha» kept pace 'Tlth tbe times wbm «&• 'pkjwl 'in -the Women's Na- tlontl ch»mplDBJhip matclies M fcw«t iiilU. L. I., attired lu 111* •popular aborts. r.otty nanJolph, once glorified fn Kollla became tha trip lo Loiilslan.. with her son l>e- feiuiuino Robinson Crusoe o[ Man- fore returning to licr home In Ma- liiittnu Island when she marooned herself In her 18tli floor pent louse atop the San Carlos Hotel or fear she would be locked out by the management It she went out. A bill (or »«0» root wu th» cause. to ch*xfcBo&, Mo., Wm^mp «U1 -be em- 15 « cofcon'bujer. - Mrs. J. H. - Keetisoc is accom- •puiying lier dantMer, Mrs. £, .M. BioaE, to her Vrs. Morriui •her lor tn MrternWd-'vljsH. "Mrs. W. A: «|ick»»i, -«'ho has teen Ttetflig 4n'-youthern Indiana for sever*! <l»ys, .iias- jetumed to her home.- ^•:Dr. Omrl Hies, who has been ill bi Lakeside hospital, in .Kansas City, Mo., ^or «TBrai tiays, -«turn- 'ed to fcls home :ie« yesterday, lie is much'-' TOUte .to their home In Conroe. Tex. The Bev. P. Q.-Rorie. former pas- t9r ,D[ the First MctliodUt church here, and present pastor ot ttw Dodson Ave. church i» Fort Smith, is Ul with heart trouble. He has •Wten .in the 'hospital there, but is much Improved and was recently refljoved to .his home. Miss ilarjone Stevens lias re- tugii'a from Lepanto. Ark., where ^be was the guest of Cora Lee WoodruB for several days. •W. M. Fyles, formerly o( here, •nd now of Hot Springs, spent Wednesday Kith Us daughter, Mrs. Leslie Hooper, and family. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. I'ctcrs and on, -.Nathan, of Dyersburg. Tenn., ave been tire guests of Mrs. Peers' sisters, Miss Alnm Peters, and IK. A. C. Haley, for .scvernl days. •F. S. Webb is ill <U his home on lain street. Will Pick Blythevitle Beaaty at Ritz Tonight Along will) the election of i;tate MXl county ofTlcci-s conu-s the selection of the most brnutlfiil girt In Blythcvlllc and l!ic surround- liiK territory, who is lo represent this section nt the Mkl-Soiill; Fair, nnd enter competition In which'tlie most, beautiful girl ii( the Mid- Soutli Is [o be selected. A nimiher of additional entries liavc added interest lo the routes!. vhlch Is to be held tonight nt the Rllz theater. Hugh Jnmlrson. of Memphis, rcpresciUnllve of the Junior Chamber o( Commerce, will be one of the three judges tp decide the winner. In the Intermission between tfc contest and the derision of the judges. Miss Mnrjorle Uuchctt, of Memphis, who will have a dancing class here this fall, will dance. She hxs SUGAR Pure Cane 10 founds Shivering with Chilis Burning with Fever Sore Relitf for Malaria! Don't try homemade treatments or newfangled remedies! Take tha good old Grove's "Tasteless Chi Tonic. Soon jou will be yoursell again, for Grove's Tasteless Chi* Tonic not only relieves the symptoms of Malaria, but destroys the infection Itself. The tasteless quinine In Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic kills the just finished an engagement at The ' Malarial Infection in the bloot Belvedere, at Hot Springs, and! w ''1e_ the iron it contains bullcis promises an entirely different dance feature. i MEAL 24-1,1). Suck Kach 49c GREEN APPLES EGG PLANT GREEN BEANS Pound 3c Pound 3c found 12c VEAL CHOPS °"""S,. K -i, > J ilk ;10c GRAPES Fed. Pound Thompson Stt'dless Tfjl I'liund* /2' 1 fioldon Ripe 4 ^ _ Dozen X te C BELL PEPPERS I'(Hind 6c COFFEE Liberty Special ' Pound O 1 *» £m A C Kresh and Meaty A f f*. LARD Best Compound ,<•"' Pound m 2 S ?Ba He MA FISH ^^'"S'llc POTTKD MEAT, Can - - - 2|/ 2 c VIENNA SAUSAGE, Can - 5u HAMS Sniall. Shankless Picnics 4 A* [»ound Camay or Palmulive a Bars GRAHAM 33c EXTRACT ^"""""-'ir-^g'igc PORK STEAK LEMONS 8-Oz. Kottkv Or Roast 1 C ^» Pound A9C Fancy Size Do/en 17c found - W. -M. licKienzie; ol -St. Louis,- is the -guest of Mr. -and Mrs. Marcus Evrard. • -Mrs. C. W. Afflict has gone to ' Charlotte, S..O, -wbere she will visit her mother. 'She-will be accompanied -home by her,daughter, M. iy jean, who lias been attending Camp-Lure lor-several weeks. Mrs. "Aflllek 'iras 1 . accompanied 'to Charlotte by Mis. Walker Eater. ,.-,Miss Jeaa BiUalsunty, -who ' fceen "ill with- malaria lor three i»eek6, is Improved, she will be tpnfined to her-'bed lor about E seek more, it is predicted. •-Mrs. John Webb..has been 111 al her home-on Main street .1or abmil tin days. •-Mrs. A. w. Stevens, and sor Martin Blair, are on the cilj- en Recce News Hospital Notes Admitted: Mrs. \V. T. Chandler, Senath; Mrs. Anna Johnson. ?or- agevillc; Mrs. Eddie Dohcrty, Horhersvillci Mrs. W. T. -Stiles, city; Mr. Victor Cliflon. Cooler; Miss Bobble "Lcc King, city. Dismissed: Mrs. Max li. Reed, city; Mrs. Ed Kerltough, Yarbro. A large amount of soup, com, nnri peaches, was canned In the community kitchen Tuesday and Thursday. Miss Vivian Akitis visited friends In Yarbro for a few days list week. Miss Olive East spent Saturday night in Blythevllb. Miss Francis Chlptman, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Jordan, for iwo weeks, has returned to her home In Tenn. The Rev. J. B. Ruth is holding a revival nt the Recce school house, to which everyone is invited. VINEGAR Bulk - ™« "'^ 15 c SJV1TPOTATOES New .S y Ha " 5c FRESH TOMATOES: « 5c LETTUCE up the blood to overcome the ef fects ot the disease and fortify against further attack. The twofold effect Is absolutely necessary to the overcoming of Malaria. Besides being a dependable remedy for Malaria, Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic Is also an excellent tonic of .general use. Pleasant to take and absolutely harmless. Safe to give children. Now two sizes—Me and 51. The $1 size contains 2'- times as much as the 50c sizc- and gives you 2ori more for your Read Courier News Want A<ta. Making, Be-bi«kinc i Trinunhif llaU We can make your old bal» tike new. Steam blocked ii/to any ne* St>le, Mrs. U. G. Wickham - Besi Hill At Our RniAnsct 611 West Main - - Phone 280 Yarbro News Little Harry Robertson, who Iw.- bccn HI with colllis, is much Improved. •Little Margie Sell spent the Pasper Yarbro is ill at his home, weekend in BlylheviHc us pnc?t of her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs Golf. Tlit community caYtnins kitclwu reopened Modoy innrnlin;. liavins received a ew allotment of c.ins. THANKS- Permit me this means <if extend ing sincere thanks to \he voters of Mississippi Cour.'v who supported me Tin>da at Tp me, it was a nice way of ..showing your appreciation and confidence in my administration o c the af fa;;:. T.J fv« I B, Harrison It is the only beer that tells its own exact age! You can see for yourself *-» by the BREW-DATE on every bottle:— that Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer h?s been fully-aged to bring out everything you like best in good beer. How rich, full-bodied and mellow! How superb its flavor in contrast to the raw flavor of un> aged beer. You'll agree — Blatr Old Heidelberg Brew- Dttcd Beer is certainly worthy of its slightly higher cott, // 'it's brew dated, it's Blatz! BLATZ MIWINO CO., £st«WsM Ml, IULWAUKXE Distributed by A. S. BAilBORO & COMPANY Phone 8M BlythevUte, Art. Nice Heads BARTLETT PEARS SPARE RIBS TOILET TISSUE COFFEE Fancy Kach Fresh and Mealy 1'ound" Sic Fort Howard 2 Rolls ISc Maxwell House LI). Can CORN FLAKES " """" ;i-Lh. Pail 35c fi-Lh. Pail 69c POTATOES Extra Fancy Reds Pound FRESH CORN Ear -2ic lie Colorado WISH PEAS coltr: FRYERS 12ic Fat. Full Dressed 1'ound 24c RADISHES Or Green Onions Bunch MUSTARD GREENS Bunch _5c 6ic Regular Size, Package Large Size .Package - 6c WESSON OIL SAUSAGE Pint Quart 21c 39c Pure Pork Pound SHREDDED WHEAT lOc 13c Macaroni or Spaghetti 2 for 15c COCO MALT MILK GROjiNDBEEL TOMATO JUICE 'A Po.und Can 1 Pound Can Cottage or Van.Camp <\ ;"f _ 3 Lar^e or (i Small Cans JL / C Or Hamburger Pound Sugar Loaf Can 5c TIRNIP GREENS Real l»ak 4 ^ _ No. 21/ 2 Can J,<£C TOMATOES Standard No. 2 Can PORK & BEANS DUCKS """*' ""' FLOUR" _ GINGER ALE COFEEE Van Camp Can 5c Fo " Blue Bunny 20-Lb. Sack 18tc 79c Liberty Bottle lOc Canova or Sunny Brook *>A-k , Lb. Can 3UC BEANS & HAM SALT MEAT Old Virginia Style Can Butts Pound 8c JELLO All Flavors Package Pet or Carnntion 3 Large or 6'\Small Cans 19c Pel Brand Uim ID fLUtil Mary Jane 12 Ib 24 ibs - - 85c 48 Lbs. $1-70 Or Brisket Pound RFFF ROAST K c RIB r>oim[) ULtLf UUJiJl SHOULDER, Lb CHERRIES SOUP Rod Pitied No. 2 Can Phillips. Tomato Can Jlpc 5c SALT Jefferson Island I'/; Lb- Package MACKEREL HEfNS PICKLES Salmon Style Kilt. Kull Dressed 4 ^ Pound JlOC Home Stvle Jiir 15c 6RAPELADE Welch's 1 C^» \ 1f>-0z. .far 4,*>C MUSTARD Marco <f f\~ Quart Jar A VIC PEANUT BUTTER 1 - ta Sr£:2 SALAD DRESSING Regular Size 2 Packages LIBBYS SPECIALS Pineapple, No- 2 Can 17c Pineapple, Z'/i Can - I9c Peaches, 2i/ 2 Can - 17c RA Cherries, 2'/ 2 can 25c Fruit Salad, 2Vi can 26c Apricots, 2'/» Can - 23c Tomato Juice, No. ! Can 7'/ 2 c Corn, G. Bantam - lOc Asparagus, Picnic - 12c Pickles, Sweet Plain or Mixed, 22-oz. Jar - 24c STEW BEEF I ARH W'bron's .|-Lb. Pail 43c LllUllf 8-Lb. Pail - - 85c Jc ri AITD Oblisk. Always Reliable 1« Lbs. - - - 52c rLUUll 20 Lbs. ---99c PUFFED WHEAT Package HUMKO Lb 9c BACON 1-Lb. Carton ;{8c 8-1,b. Carton ...... ,G9c Sliced. Swift's Oriole Pound FRUIT JARS o. 75c 85c FRUIT-JAR CAPS, Dozen RINGS, Dozen ji/, c HAM HOCKS BUTTER *" " J2ic Country Roll. OO*» Pound £OC SUGAR Brown or 4X Confectioners Lb. Box GRAPE JUICE STEAKS • Nelson's Pint ----- 13« Uuart 23c K. C. Baby Beef. Round or Loin. Pound ICE CREAM SALT 10-l,b. Bag lOc All Brands CLEG GRAPE NUT FLAKES Pound lOc 2 for 17c BACON SQUARES WEINERS Pound fRANKS 124c CORN Fresh Ear lie

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