The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTIIEVILLR (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1939 Peace Palace At Hague Strange Role For Man Whose Coronation Was Bloody Event EDITOR'S NOTE: Armlsliu Day, 1939, ivill fliul (he armlts of furope again on llic iKiUlt* frciil, aiiollifr setback In tlic lun£, precarious movement toward world peace. Here is n stoiy CH the men wlio set down mtloaoues lo mark the larger sln:£gle ffir peace instead »f war. * » * UV VVIl.US THORNTON -N'KA Service Slaff Correspondent Strangest of men to be portray- cd as a peacemaker, is Nicholas II, Czar of All the Russlas, who led his own people into two disastrous and bloody : wars. Nicholas' very coronalion was an nuitury of blood, for 3000 people trampled cadi oilier lo death at the ceremony. " Yet Ihe mild nnd simple Nicholas, whose own lite was to be snuffed out by rifle builds In a cellar at Ekaterinburg, was a man who wauled peace, and who, according to his lights, sought, pence. It was he who culled Ihc first modern international conference attended by representatives of governments themselves seeking world peace. If was his imperial icscript of Aug. 24, 1898, which summcned the conference that met at. the Hague In May of the following year. I'OUGHT liUKOKN OX BACKS W 1'EOl'l.i: The very summons Itself caused a tremendous sensation, for the Czar, Ihe Krratcst autocrat of his day, denounced war in round terms as a destroyer of civilization nnd Ihc cause of an intolerable armament burden on Ihe backs of Ihc people. The Hague conferences were a ulep - forward ' in International affairs. Peace societies had grown by leaps and bounds throughout Hie 19th century in ihc United Slate?, Britain, France, and Germany. From 18-13' until the World War Interrupted them, n scries of almost annual peace conferences were held in various wcrld capl- lals. These were, however, private .organizations whose nlm was lo , put pressure on governments for is peace The Hagvie meeting of 189D v ' conference of representatives of governments direct. Further, there not a single cloud cf wnr ir the sky when the conference ns- STsembled, .which was a novelty h £: peace conferences. 5j HOPES WEUF. CHEAT, ' RESULTS iillNOK Twenty-six countries were rep resented. The actiml results wen meager enough, considering tin tremendous sensation the confer ence made, and (he high hope it lifted. ,up before the world. There, was -a.'pious resolution condemning the accelcralini; arms race. There wns another resolution opening wider the door to arbitration ,and providing that any government might otfer medi- atlcn during n war without the act being conslrued as unfriendly. It provided for Commissions of Enquiry, with' neutrnls ns members, to sellle peacefully disputes be tween countries. Most important, a Court of International Arbitration was established at The" Hague, Which was lo met and hear cases whenever any country would submit them. Though this rends oddly 40 years later, The Hague conference adopted declarations against dumdum biulels ,gos shells, and projectiles dropped from balloons. The airplane as a major, perhaps, dominant, war weapon could not be foreseen. The Wright brothers night was still years in the future. COUKT SUCCKEns IN SOME CASES Even Ihls sketchy court of arbi- trallcn, without permanent status or power lo enforce Us decisions, settled 14 cases before the World War came in 1911 Nicholas had already led his people into one wnr—Ihe beating at the hands of Japan—before he called the second Hague conference in 1907. President Theodore Lee Stickier lo Try Stunt As Race Program Feature I'csice Palace at the Hague: Unlit where Nleholiis 11 culled the Inti-rnntlonnl pence conference tn 1808. Whole Families Are 'Losing' Tonsils Today H's tonsil day nt Ihe Walls hospital with six members of two families losing their tonsils today. lluford Jr., 11; Tommy. 0; Billy, 9; Elizabeth, 12. children of Mr. and Mrs. n. F. Boyles of Wilson nnd Nancy Jean. 9. and Bobby, 7, children of Mr. and Mrs. Grovcr Yules ! of the same U'A'ii, decided lo "have 'em nil Uiken put nt once nnd set It over wilh." All nre resting very well anil will return home tomorrow. The AnnLsilcR celebration, pliiu- iic'd by the Dud Cason post 'of Hie American Ixiglon for Nov. 11 and 12, liad itiiotlicr /e.iture added to Us program today when Lee "Jitterbug" stickler announced he will allcmpt to drive blind folded arcund the race track in his automobile during the Jalopy race program Sunday, Nov. 12, at the Mississippi County Fair grounds. The midget race driver, who has teeti In ilils game since midget nilomobiles became popular, plans o start practice* Immediately HI \n effort lo negotiate Ihe track jlind folded at a speed of Ml niles per hour, Nine cnlrlen have already br:fii reived and live more have ap- illed for entry blanks. It is also iroljuMe that American Legion ; rasl« of the Plflli district will also ?nter-ol(l mrs for a spet-ln] hand! cap race for which there will lj. iuecinl In Ihe old car derby race, cars Negro Robber Gets $1.56 Early Today Boyco Cfllilc, attendant at Ihc Parker Service station, Broadway mid Ash streets, was held up mid obbud of $1.613 early this niorn- ig by a lone negro bandit. The negro entered the station at :15 o'clock, knocked the nltend- nt in the head wilh his fist and hen struck htm with n metal'chair n render him unconscious before ,e looted the cash drawer. Police hud not made an arrest t two o'clock this aftenioon. Czar Nicholas II: Man of peace who twice led (lie Russians to war in 1904 and 1014. Icosovclt was instrumental In this call. At the second Hague conference, countries were rcpescnted x - Port* uguese proposals for compulsory arbitration were blocked, principally by Germany. Disarmament, proved too hot lo handle, producing only another pious resolution. The clement of hone, however, came froin the setting of another conference for 1915, this lime not nt the Czar's call, but at the call of the second conference, thus making it a Inily tntcrnnllonnl undertaking. MAN OF I'HACR iSOWS TO WAR Bi.'t it was net to be. In August 1D14, the timid little Czar who hnt Ircaincd so mystically of peace, vas helplessly watching; his min- sters mobilize. As "Nicky" he wrote his scared llltlo letters lo "Willy," the Cler- miin emperor, hoping sllll for pence while his military cslablish- bit In its 1 little mnu j was heipiess lo halt the calastro- [ phe he. feared and haled. Disaster followed on _ disaster; the rotten empire crumbled and fell. Nleholns nnd his family were imprisoned nnd led finally lo Ihc Ekaterinburg cellar. There (he "C?.nr of Peace," his wife, and their five little children fell beneath 11 hail of Bolshevik lead. Their bodies were soaked in kerosene and burned, a last Ilicker o( Hie tlanie Nicholas had tried so wislfully to avert, from all of, Europe. Roseland Baby Dies Of Colitis Early Today Totmny Woodard died lliis morn ing, six o'clock, at the home of liis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roaey Woodard, of near Rcseland. The len- monlhs-old baby had been 111 of olilis for several days. The remains nill be taken lo 'lain View, Ark., near Ru.sseilville vhere funeral .services will bo held Saturday morning and burial made I Salem cemetery. Besides his parents, the baby survived by one brother, Leroy, nnd wo slslers. Virginia Dell and Mary Nell Wcodard. Holt'Funeral Ifome is in charge. been manufactured 1, 1931. If this nice mist, have lirlor lo ,Tnn. is a success, the post will sponsor regular Jalopy races in Blytlie- villc. There are substantial cash The derby will be the final Tea- line of American Legion Week which has been declared by (jov ernor Uarl B. Uailcy, beglniiiiu, Monday, Nov. G. Special oilier daredevil sUihls are being considered for that program, which will be announced later. On Armistice Day, the local posl will be host to nil service men o Mississippi County'for aim all cln> gct-logcllier at Ihe hut when 13, A Brooks of FayetlevHle, past department commander, will speak at one o'clock when lunch Is being served. E. A. Rice is general chairman of the committee In charge of nr- rangemenls, assisted by Don Ed- wnrris, post commander. (cd. Nnncy milled. Jean Yules, Wilson, ad- Hobby Votes, Wilson, admitted. lliiwl Kllllnn, Miiuila, dismissed, J. W. Nichols, Cooler, dismissed. Mrs. A. T. Andrews, city, dismissed. Memphis MflhoilM Hnsjiifal Vf. I,. Flemmlni!, Oscpola. iiclmlt- ted. Aremiilits Ilnpilsl llosjiilal Mrs. M. R. Llllle, Osceoln, admitted, Cherry Infant Dies On Thursday Morning Ijarry Keith Cherry, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Cherry, died yesterday morning at Ihe family residence. 409 Sou|h Franklin slrccl, :t short (Jmc after birth. Funeral services were held uioniing iit Klmwo:d eeiiietwy. cobb i ;> uncral Homc'.vas in charge. The Editor's I-oiler Box | Dban fci'Bil lor cook some short- nin bred. Some folks like de lail an some like, de lied. ,, Hut do bes ob de hang am dfj shorinln bred. Jno. fi. WelKter niylhevllle, Arkk. this injured WPA Worker Is Slightly Improved Herbert Clinton, who was critically injured in a highway accident late Wednesday near llayli, in which 11 WPA workers were hurt, seemed slightly improved U day. Jack SMton, who with Clinlon was tiie most seriously Injured, was belter today although he is not yet out of danger. Both are at the Walls hospital as are Orvil McLean nnd Kirk Brawn who are much improved. Others injured are no*' able to be out. The accident occurred when a Uuck driver swerved to avoid striking n dog. causing the truck, loaded with 35 WPA workers from Brag- gndoclc, - to overturn into a ditch. Boat To Await End Of Hope-Blytheville Gamfe Music for dancing i:1 llle cnclosed steam heated ballroom of the boat "Cnpilol", which is being .spons'.rcd lonighl by the local chapters of United Daughters of (he Confederacy ami die Daughters of the American devolution will begin at H:30 o'clock, it was mi- lounced today iiy committees in liflrgo. Thb U. D. C. finance committee cmposed or Mre. Roland Green, Vfns. J. W. Adams nnd Mrs. S. P. Martin, rind the D. A. II. commiU c'c composed-of Mrs. F. H. Joyncr mil Mrs. James Ii. Clark have been n charge of itrraiifiraiciil.'v. Mrs. W. T. Is president of the U. D. C., and Mre. M. O. Usrey •egent of Ihe oilier sponsoring group. Although dancing mav bc?ln at 8:30 o'clock, the boat will not le.ive This Dop Will Likely Be Sent To Doghouse Diphtheria Fatal To Three-Year-Old Boy Diphtheria claimed the life ol Corthtim Chancy. Ihr'ee-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Chancy of Hlckman, who died early lost night at his home. ' Funeral riles will be conducted this afternoon with the Rev. Jasper Patterson, of Tyler, officiating) with, b'urial nt Mount Zion cemetery, near Cooler. Besides, Ills parents. Ihc chilfl Is At The Hospitals Dlythcville Hospital Mrs. Ravmowl Whittle, Nutnbc Nine, admitted. Wilbur Wilson, city, dismissed. Mrs. Eberdt Penny, Hayti, dls missed. Walls Hospital Buford Boyles Jr., Wilson, nd Tommy Boyles, Wilson, admit led. Billy Boyles, Wilson, admitted. Elizabeth Boyles, Wilson, ndmlf Barfield landing after the 'oolbaU'gume lonlght between Hope and Blytlieville. It Is said Drat sugnr is n belter slinmlaiit Ihan n cup of tea. cle i)ii>r(nin bread Well, its Blllln cole and de norf wins n blowin C'toiids a -smotin over likft it inought be snowln Jiow mnti nil up by de lo clock Inrin. It • gwin.ler l>e a busy day on dls heah falim. He run all roun ringln de bell. Say git up Charley \ve (jota woi* like hell. Go down (le byou and git you pa and ma. F«r dl.s Is hog killln day in Ar- kiinsaw. Ole uncle Ned choppin on a los. Makein fire roun dc )x>t scaul dal hog. Souse em in de barrel sl?.lln hot. Scrape cm in a hurry fo de hair git sol. ty hard. Out In de yard wc's workln mlgh- Ciillln up de fat an rendln lard. Shu way dr: chickens, an kick oil de pup. WhilcR I take dose cracklins up. Miss Mollle in de kldion boss;" ImiiK. Washin pols an rallin pans. Grincin up .stiusagc wid de pepper red. An .she gwinc'lr cook sotnc shorE- nin bred. Now look Q dare at old man Ned. Come snlffln an smcllln fei- de shoitnin bred. Shorlnin bred O shorinln bred, THIS WHISKER IS^YEARS OLD " Stove and Furnace OIL * Diesel & Tractor FUEL "DU^KfC 1 DAY NIGHT PHUJNh 355 166 Barnsdall Refining Corporation America's Oldest OH Refinery C. B. Wood, Jr., Agent i THE HOUSE OF MEAD: A dog overturned a stove In the office ,of Dr. P. J. Wcilz, HH^orth Franklin slreel. this morning nbonl elsht o'clock lc- cause n fire alarm. The damage was very slight, no- survived by one brother, Olen Jas- cordint' to Fire Chief Roy Head. During the winter, In Stock- holf, Sweden, (lower .vendors have regular dally customers like the ice man and milkman in America. per Chancy. Holt Funeral Heine is in charge When two queen bees fighl, thcj not only try to sing, but they also pull each other's Hair. ,.-..,"' men! wns ttiklnt! the Iceth. 'flic Ineffective PAVING TAX NOTICE The hooks are now open for puviiig lax nssoss- menl for 19M in Districts Nos. Two and Three, anil such assessments will become cleliiuiuenl after November SO.'liKW. .Pay before that tlate ami avoid penalty and costs. . If yon did not pay for 1938, please mlcem frnm office of Circuit Court Clerk at once, or Ihc Districts will be forced to collect vent from such delinquent property. IJTHE "THREE MUSKETEERS" OF THE TOPCOAT WORLD RAMBLER file coat that's "A Bear for'Wear" Rambler is truly "A Hear For Wear" because its scientific blond of fine .wool, sturdy alpaca -'ami •silky mohair makes it practically "wrihklerpropr, wet-proof, wcnther oroof,-and wear-proof. We invite you to try on this '.amazing topcoat. Tailored by . Hart Schaffner & Marx Frank C. Douglass Radium gives out. enough heat o melt Us own \veight in ice per lour. It can emit both heat and ight for tin indefinite period with- J out losing fis power. Collector. itfention To All Old Car Owners SOUTHEAST MISSOURI & NORTHEAST ARKANSAS CAR DERBY 50 Mile Race irse •- Also $50 ADDITIONAL MONEY Dud Cason post of the American legion,'. Rlylheville, is offering SliiU.UQ to entries in their OU> CAR DERHY, SUNDAY, NOVBiVHER 12th, al Ihc FAIR (JHOllN'DS, ttlylhcvillc. Ark. All cars manufactured up lo and inchulinc 19.11 models are eligible to enler. ON I A' ?5.00 entry fee. Entries must be in not later than Noon, November the HUH. Those dcsirhiK U> enler their old car in the Legion Old Cur Derby may write, wire or phone Don Edwards, Post Commander, Blylhevillc. Don't Forget the Date — Sunday, November the 12(h $150 Purse, $50 Prize Money. Entries Limited Don't Get Left Out. Enter Your Car Today SURREY VELOURS • -soft luxurious snug warmth Try as you may . . . you'll never find another conl lo duplicate Surrey Velours at such a remarkable price. We couldn't besin to duplicate them on today's market at such a low price! Choose your Surrey Velour before our supply is exhausted. Tailored by MANSFIELD 75 WEST END COVERTS -a domestic copy of English imports For vears the well-dressed Englishman has favored Covert cloth for dress-up occasions. Now this rloth has been reproduced by a famed American mill and we bring you the domestic reproduction ™lorcd by Mansfield in the smartest Kail models. Tailored by MANSFIELD As Usual The Best Is Always At MEAD'S •MAIN 315

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