The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1936
Page 8
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frAGE EIGHT LILSJRIS "to Wheel-horse of Porkers Weakness • Near Opponents', Goal 'Line Gets At' lehtion of Mentor BY J/ P. FRIEND • Offense commanded the mnjo; 1 ; portion of the yesterday's training menu as the Blytlicvllle Clileks -.prepued for tielr engagement wilh 'tlie Walnut Hldge Bobcnts, Tlmrs- . day ntglil in Wnlnut fUcljje. " .Conch Carney Laslie Is convlnc- • cd that Ihc Tribe Is pnsslng up • miiny golden scoring opportunities by the fnlliire of the 1 line lo ': open up deep in Die enemy territory. Tnls fact came home' In Hie • Jonestoro tiiwi p.iragould battles when they got within tlie len yard line nine limes without scoring, ' 'AVllti .Greenwood, Miss., [Searcy, nnd Forrest City, nllA-1 _,l«ims, 'every score can 'be used 'Olid probably will be needed, I The forwards spent Iwcnty- ilhrce minutes ' on the charging •fled, follow^ with a drill nt tnkiug: oilt opponents, nnd concluded 'with 'n.. rooting contest, In the 'ing. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1936 I S. U,, ili Sutherland Also L i k e s Chances of Gophers, Missouri Fears Irish , JIV JOCK SUTIIKiaANI) I'iUfliuruli's Ilr-nii C'oach PlTrsuuiJGH-it's a rich fare for football fans on SnliirUay as I hoy pick out which ^nme lo ifc, ^ctro name fravr-'liiT to 'Pittsburgh, iintl Paint Mary's eivxa'g- \n<s I'ordham In New York. Purdue sends ils lighting ,lcam fidolnst ml'jhtv Minnesota in tin" lite Ten fenlii* in Minneapolis \Vlille I'liMm-i-h mn.v b c m1 <i,. ilic' favorlle over Nolra Dame, Ihe Pnntlters are conilni: Imck .if- 1 ler Uuislnif tallies. ' will):-'pWo: Etnlc mid Durjiicsne. Elmer Lay-' ('in iii-s 11 ciimplcte line that )"'i'od l<> brat us a year ago. r-nd H lins been reinforced by Double-Teaming A Bear • - - . I" .f. -f.: , f^J Is what University of Arkansas footballers i-niate mid sub-captain Hobble Martin, veteran Imlf- 11 ic the for when Ihe occasion demands, already linvlng served In this cupaelty In tin! opening gnnrj of the '30 scliediile. Martin is playing his third IUH| ni'inl season on Ihe Arkansas vnrslly. while not n flash on the gridiron. Martin Is dcnnitely n shilling light In bnskclb.ill—he's yuurd and captain of .the Arkansas cagers for next season who will bo lighting to retain their championship of the Southwest conference. lunnlng, sldeslepphig. "'"." j™ 11 " lo1 ' A long sciimmngc, featuring ^ (rcm 'Icxnrknnn, Ark. Nol-a sensational player, Muilin is hard running by LcRoy Brown,' wheel-horse ol the Arkansas bneklleld—he passes, punts, carries ley, nnd fine work by nan War- ' ns >lcr lotc ilnglon, Jay Smith, Dick Burns nnd Bill Godwin concluded Ihc " 13111 Harrison li nble to be up p,flcr an attack of the flu but was not In uniform It Is likely lhat he will miss the Bobcat game, too. Alyin Justice,' husky Armdrcl recruit, worked at right trickle, and James Burton wns shifted to left. Lloyd "Tonr" Wise, who had an Inside track on left Inckle post, lias not lived up to past performances nnd will have to scrap his way back to a starting berth. If Justice continues lo Improve lie may be Included In the first eleven, Thursday night. .Warrlnglon -has been getting a preference at right eiid and Bc- sliarse'.Ecnt back to the ball carrying . department where lie continues to shine. Dan did right well in ills first stait of the-year at Iliree dc-ra in other positions. 1 am net sure nlinul Just what 'mil of strength 'Pittsburgh can By Harry Cray son NEW YORK.—The thunder of Harry Bnlsamo's lists Is bslng hoard 2500 miles from the 1'aclllc const where Freddie Stcele is freezing the world middleweight championship, but. thc drive the Paragould. He lias lots to learn ., but -is learning fast nnd should tlon ^ Ul ° snme lank as one of'the best ends in the state before he winds up his Brnkcmnn will Tap|Mr Into ac- prep school career. He makes pass And wlien Slecle docs crawl Into the ring with • Balsa mo, lie will have lo be nccoiniKinlcd by the . - -- — --^ — ^--i' — ^« "j n"- leceiving come easy and Is faster I crown lie. won from 1 the mediocre than sheii credit for. , • I Eddie (Babe) Ilisko ' several Everett Cmlg is nursing a bad "ontlis .ago. New York's newest eoM arid was evciised from action i arc likely to b; jolted when they 1 collide. Balsamo rose lo th: position or Sleelc's outstanding challenger in Just 17 -. moiitlis "of professional warlnre. After Halsamo ironed out Jos? Hcdrtnuez at the Quaensboro Stadium during Un> past siiiinncr, Ilic Boxing Commission ordered him to meet worthier foes, ills handlers pleaded for in ore time in which to season their pcagrcen,- but th.2 board was ndamanl. Lelbers field were a bit appreliciisivc when. Ihcy paired their boy with Piuil Pin-one of Cleveland, who cnn do a fair to middling lob of beltln. But yesterday. Byron Walker got inlo the scrimmage • and showed but, Irpm Ills bruised mile. : . effects kiiee. _ luminary Is In llie hands of 3nm Lcibers nnd Vic Saher. \ccn\- :hy" : mcn wlio want hone oi thai above-thc-weljht monkey business. They nre due for another stiff workout this afternoon,' will drill lightly tomorrow and leave Thursday Game, for the scene of the :Joe .-Applcbaum, or the Famous Store, has announced that . the game will be relayed play-by-play by long distance telephone from the playing field. A modern public address s>stem has been .secured from; Tom Liltle Chevrolet company-for the reception which is'expected to'add. much to the report, Mr. Applebaum Mid. In addition to the Famous Store nnd Little Chevrolet, the Palace Calc, Pla-More Bowling Alley, nnd Hubbard Tire & Battery Company are sponsoring the progfam. : , ' . ~— —.....-..., ut'io.iiuu [u 1.11],% ctnmiry as a cnncr ^•bslbcrs'-'aiid.,. Sato purchased satisfactorily met the test that the Harry knocked oiit-45 of 57 nmn- Bnjsnmo's contract for -$500 at a s " v "'' nr '"•i""- f«cic» nv.i - n~i _ ..... J .. . r" .'"."' •" '""" time when Ihe so-cnllcd wise men of llijs cauliflower |liu'|iistry pronounced the young niun.'n 1 bum. They already have rejected n non- title proirosilioii. now a bnlllc between himself, there ts ------ ._ every Indication lhat the good ones are lo look no dlircrcnl than the Iv well, and we expect lo find til's vohir: toiifdi. ?alnl Mary's has nnolher great «liiml which comes eiist anxious la mike uu for last full's scoreless tie with rordlmm. 'Hie, Ram lias n rugged line that should keep Ihc Galloping Gaels at hay. hcwevcr, and Jim Crowley's ar- lay should be able to score al least once to win. Purdue, doesn't appear to milte enough material lo repel; Ucrnle 111ertiian's remark able Minnesota machine, rriiicrton Sim Tun Strong Fur Scrappy Navy Team A number of arguments will be setltcd nlrm s the Atlantic sea-, board, traditional and sectional. 'I'l'l. Ya| e Navy has a game, scrappy eleven,! easily, Not only wa.s the University of California at 1.05 Angeles' victory over California a. collective headache to the Berkeley Bears, but it alto caused no little. Individual pnin in the noggin of Bill Archer, California halfback. . During-the 11-li U. C. L. A. victory, Archer, center, In an end-around play, was double-teamed by Gearae Dick- crsoii. left, and Pete Flnrbsr, right, opposing tackles, and bumped heads with nickerson. The expression-on Archer's race lolls the story. Cress. The Tartans have had a'edge on Iowa Slate, nnd Kansas Iciijih row to hoe thvs far. and Elate over Kansas won't llnd Holy Cross a lot eas-l The culstnmling southern game |C1 ;, „ , I Mnifs to-'other Georgia Tech and Cornell nnd Pcjm Slnte renew Vanciefbllt al Nashville Thc En relations, with the the choice. Dartmouth and NltUmy Lions Harvard resume ! Ihelr Iradilinnnl rivalry. Tlie Big ' Grewi lins served notice that iL Is u learn to be feared, nnd the Crimson, while Improved, must be rated Ihc underdo*. Pennsylvania should heal Brown, Blncers should prevail in a hard (battle. Duke figures lo find Tennessee below nnd' cop. is its margin of Georgia. soils of liar of other years Auburn's line again superiority over .TiElnnc has caused al. trouble already in the I'Ul It cannot uwlcli In weight, experience, power. ' ; Carnegie Tech nice Is the year's eastern leader; Princeton or nun.- Army should walk over Spring-' will handle Rutgers Colgate will l\nv.e trouble with tafav- over . the ropes lo dry four punches, nnd after two knockdowns. ,,,;, 13 used oil the first two professional boxing shows "at the New York Hippodrome, Balsamo already Is a hotter box olflce draw Ihan Joe I.ouls. More. tickets were sold very .... _ etle. Thd tl; intersect tonal tei'llc. one nf,' 10 ' 1 ™ so "lh will sec Texas Chris" In Holy linl > passing 1 to a win from Mississippi Slate. with Sammy Baugh's good right arm- representing Ihe margin of victory I lcoks like l!lc '' ro J ans - Wasl1 ' "•• In other games between section-, In 8»°» lllls Ios t some key met al'leaders, Columbia will be fa-' bv '"J"""' bu t California linsn' vcred over Michigan, lx>ii jusl ones lo for his bout will ., u , „„ „„„,, wml ^.^ v Balsamo. At lenst that !..P.S been imlrtlcd for Loiils' affair w the story lo date. I'lrrouc went Brescia, at least down 1 six limes and oiit' in 2'min-.- Balsamo, former • than were south and should hand North Carolina a defeat, further complicating matters. Tlie southwest lines up Texas A. and M. against Baylor, and Texas and nice. Texas A. ana M. aiid Texas will finish in front. Pciilhern California is niovins and Stanford Is finding' the going -heavy after Ihc loss of Paul- 'uian, a Tine back and kicker. Tl I by injuries, I hit its real having one of his teams this year; Catholic University should win over n travel-weary Missis- Little 1 ' vote for the Huskies ntes nnd 24 seconds. --. subway employe, | wns born in Itnly, but was brought ., ""a wum (u iiuiy, out was In that brief skirmish, Bakamo lo this country as a child. Slecle nnd Balsnmo would pack' n K oatl cn <f . -, crlllcs insist that a n»htlng leufs. He has- treated 1G of 2(1 '"In ni , ,' ' ' I professionals the same way. Alter flooring Pirrone three times, i. Otto, n deadly' hitter nalsiuno.wns himself dropped, and ' among the llghlwclghls in the days Hammer n B Harry convinced more or Entiling Nekm,. Harlem Tom,, v rooters that lie had nil tlie require- " ' "..'--. ments when ho got up madder'than Madison Square. Garden lo the rafters, but It probably will be held off until spring,'when Mike Jacobs will present it at one of Ihe New York ball parks. been taken and it's ____ .__ ____ __________ this one, Washington Slate should beat Oregon, and U. C. L. A. is picked over Oregon Stale. . (Copyright, 1930. NEA Service, Inc. "Pee-Wees" Wl Meet slppi . eleven; Detroit will have a slight cdije on Manhattan; Loulsinrin Slate's ruggcrl line will be too much for Arkansas' IMS- SOS; and Syracuse will have .a long, hard, but successful afternoon against Maryland. ' ; ' Oliici Slate Is I'ickcil To Brush Indiana Aside Illinois will throw its trick formations nnd wtrtc-oncn game .of this .section, will meet the Tur- aiuilhst Northwestern, but Lynn fell "Pigmies" in a scheduled 'game Turrell on Derby Day LEPANTO, Ark.— Lepanto's "Pee Wee" footb'all'tcam, member of th_ newly organized "six-man".' 1 league Murphy, nnd Abe Attell. brought go Balsnmo out ns a simon-pure. Otto fl.ull seconding thc youngster after ' he had stnrrhprl hlc elvFli mv,vn_ now. his will team .ready loj here on .Wednesday, Oct..21, as purl have loo much of the American Legion Terrapin Skyrockets to Top ERiciency experts say that "happy" staffs do more and belter work . ExjKrts nrc tossing superlatives In connection with Balsamo Just as they have in describing all ol Ihe brighter prospects before him. There appears to be some justification for calling the 22-year-old hrt from Harlem's Italian East Side , , ,, . , •• -i'--- ^-^-wim't; LIU; iutuiiiaier niter ,... md quickly put the crusher on he had starched his sixth oppo- thc Cleveland clouter, j nent |» -a row In the final of an - - , that kid." remarked Otto. "He'll put somebody down for. keeps some night, and we'll go to Jail." My advice lo Freddie . Steeie Is r „ , " - -,v - iv n Lou Halper, a mtddlewetght Joe I amalcur tournament • Gr.mni, was next. 1 He went out I "No more socond'ln« I Olildraws Joe I.ouls Balsamo won International rc- tlian those working under bullying the best whoop-de-do clouter since or nagging heads. Nearly half of i Stanley Kclchcl, however, the working time of "unhap- Smacking 'cm happens to be py staffs, they claim, Is wasted. ' Stccle's forie, too, so a pair of Jaws Ihe oilier night by hanging Eric Scellg, thc German refugee, to take out plenty of Insurance tefore coming east. I Derby n ' r^lln... festivities. game- wil i:o?,-er for thc lllini. _ ._. = ...... . Ohio Stain should have little 1 follow the Derby, .which°is sched- Ircutlc with Indiana In another ulcd for 2:30 o'clock. The line-up Blft Ten battle, and Michigan for the game follows: I.e., Fielder Elate should' 1 have little trouble e., Crowell; r.e., Dean; q.b., Nca! w'"i Mnrnnell'n. il.m., Uc; r.h., Walls. Substitute :In the Big Six, interest centers are Tarvin and C. B. Hannah. on the Nebraska-Oklahoma yanvj. One of Ihcse will ccnrerence leader, come out the More than $0.000,000,000 worlh or , and Nebraska government securities now are held is (in cdds-on choice to take (his by 20 of the largest banks in thc contest. Missouri lias a slight United States. • Turns Tables On Titanic'; C li-'a n e y Wins ; Qvev Newcomer Mere?' :>:'•*• By j. p. FRIEND; .-;"',• Hex Mobley,..: Amnrlllo','-;' Texas, gained sweet rcveiige'.for a'laliiled defeat several week? ago by Charles 'Cry Baby" Slnkey «,with, a''well larncd victory over vthe Corinth, M'ss.. bruiser last night .in tlxo rialn'. attraction of tl'iC'''Amcrican /Jglon weekly wrestling show. Mob- cy took the first and third fnlls, filh Sinkey captufinj ihc middle, 'he weights as.'announced by Ref- rce Mike':-Mcrohey;. Mobley 193. llnkev 198.: ,."-.• '-'/•.'" : C,' •-. . . • . Mobley had no eosr (line In ?aln- n» theMrluiiiph.. ; :Iri; facti' s'lnkey' arricd'hlrn'i'nt'.n-uicrry and rougli >acc and cama; within a fraction. )f'rcocating. .A nimble piece $ hihklng plus "piire" wrestling skill vns the only thing that saved him'. Tlie stage was set just, right for lie deciding Issue. Each had pin- led the other and they had been :ntt!,lng'along at fnlrly even terms —Sinkey wilh his usunl' non-skill style;'.featured by everything except vrcstllna, nnd the tall Texan doin? ils stuff a la Farmer Burns, ct al —when tlie cllm.ix came. Sinkey >|cked up Mobley and began an nlrnlanc spin, tho same way in which he had gained his fall 3ound and round he went, prob- nbly six or seven times, preparatory to Ihc usual nip on Ihe caii- i'ns. While lie was spinning Mob- ey gained a good hold on Slukey's neck, instead of being thrown free he held on and flipped sinkey squarely on liis shoulder blades for the fall. Severr.l 'of the fans had already made for U» e exjt wb.-n Sinkev ]>lcke<l un Mobley. thinking hat It was curtains for Mr Mobley. Slnkcy llicn put on a demonstra- -ton, paundliif; the mat, yelling, etc •>nu threuteninj both Mobley and the official, clainiln<r hi s shoulders were not. down. He wns left In the ring, though, amid the boos and catcalls from the fans who swarmed .around (hcTing.-. '"'i 1 /.'•(<, Mobley used a rare hold—a surf I board—lo take a one-fall lead'. In 10 mlqutcs after being roughed aii'U choked around for the greater paflW of. Ihe time. Slnkey pulled up on' even terms via Ihe airplane spin In only nine minutes. Considerable comedy was supplied with Referee Meroiiey usually be- lli" In the middle, slnkcy used Mike lo pull out of: several close CiiUsiand ones pulled. Mice's sweat Shirt :0(f him while Mobby hud a "double'toe hold.' Tte fans got a great 'kick put of it, .--... ''..> '.'Chancy Wins Again .- Lo'n !ph'ahey gave Uillh McEuin, Laredo, Texas, a warm receptbn on his first 'appearance here, taking the livo last rails in* the runner- up event of th-> program. The match'WHS a rough.and tumble affair—all Chnney's' inntchcs arc lhat way—with Chansy holding the upp'r/hand due to his' su- ,[vu'lo'r . exvsi'leii<5° and ability to Eflectlvely mis ihc "-rough ''stuff. Much tlie-'lighter, chancy' weakened, the baby' faced Texan' 'by crokiDg and sharp forearm blows. : McEuin started slowly UUt warmed iii) ns the iiielec gained momentum. Ife brought (kj first all to a rapid close with three kangaroo kicks followed by the usual body straddle The Urns was 18 minutes. Chancy surprised Ills most ardent admirers by coming out with science to Uike the second. He concentrated his attack-on McBuln's legs and forced him to surrender the fall will) a Prank Ciolch loe hold In n li minutes. - McEuin's kangaroo kick backfired on him nnd led to his defeat. He lander; two right on Chaney's button and had him on thc verge of defeat. But he missed tlie third, fell hard, knocking the wind but of him and was an easy mark'for Chancy, (hough groggy, to pbi for the Uiird fall. In the preliminary boxing exhl- blllons Virgil Nccdham, 129, scored two knockdowns in taking a live round decision over Afteon Cbeno- with, 125. Lawrence nnd Leon Montgomery, brothers, put, on anything but n brolr.erly act in three rounds. They slugged it freely and were rewarded with a draw and a generous throw-in from tils crowd that taxed the capacity of the arena. FOOTBALL CONTEST Two Valuable Prizes Each Week Second Prize —Arrow or Wilson Tic First Prize— ARROW SHIRT All you have to (!o .is visit our stove, secure ;i ballot containiny; Hie sc|if(i)]] c lor the week and drop it -in ' the ballot box. /All lialjrils must lie in by Friday proceeding each'wook's """">"» '' " THIS WKEK'S fJAMES: Itlythevlllr. vs. Walnut nidge Jonrslioro vs. Sfarcy I'onljce vs. llol S|irin?s' Vine IlhilT vs. Kl Dnraclu llnpn vs. Nashville L. S. I 1 , vs. Arkansas V. Tcnnrssee vs. Duke vs. Gcortia Tech Pitt vs. Ntitre Dame Miss. Slalc vs. T. c. u. I -.AST WEEK'S WINNERS: T.ouis Cherry, First I'ri/.c; James Terry, Second Prize MARLBORO The Aristocrat of Shirts $1 .65 ^1 .95 1 .65 ^1 Sparkling new pallorm ...beauliful solid colors ant! plenty of while. Sec llif^c outstanding shirt values (ortay! See Our New Ties, Too! THIS VJIND BLOWS MY'MAklN'S'ALL- OVER THE LOT.' J WIND OR NO WIND, MV^MAkriN'S'STAY PUT. LOQkT- I JUST ROLLED A i ClAND/ CIGARETTE 1 PRETTY ^ 1 SAY DOESN'T SPtLL OUT THE ENDS , EITHER. HOW ^ E? r^^ CAUSE I ROLL 'EM WITH PRINCE ALBERT fTS'CRIMP CUT- LIES RIGHT— FZOLLS EASIER K'tw style successes from leading univcrsi(ks...fine, all .wool fabrics .expertly tailored...You'll like these I'ejuy-HKIng.. Capps Clolhcs. .25 Capps Fine SUITS 26 HUDSON 'Cleaner-Clothier-Tailor PRINCE ALBERT IS THE SWELLEST SMOKIN- EVER. HERE — READ THEIR SPECIAL FRGE TRIAL. OFFER AND START -, ROLL1N"EM RIGHT V.' NEVER B\TESTHE TONGUE.' OTHER TOBACCO LIKE IT A SPECIAL RA.*NO-8!TE* PROCESS GETS RID OF THE HARSHNESS- GIVES YOU MILD, COOL, HEY MEN! f?A IS MIGHTY TASTY IM RA.IS CHOICE TOBACCO, PACKED W TIN FOR FRESHNESS. NO 5PILLINQ. NO WASTE. LARGEST SELLING TOBACCO IN TWE WORLD • THE NATIONAt JOY ^^ XRB. NUNN-BUSH SHOES TOO GOOD? Many of our customers actually tell us so ... But the way they come back again and again for additional pairs is proof that it pays to sell a definitely superior product ...... Nunri-Bush As Advertised in ESQUIRE $750 ( 0 : R.D. HUGHES & CO.

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