The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1941
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 1041 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUUIER NEWS Late With Civilian Gas Defense, America Plans Now To Catch Up While the U. S. War Department has made full arrangements for a supply of gas musks for the, armed forces of the nation, the nearest the government has come to tackling the problem of masks for civilians has been recent action by the chemical warfare service of the IT. S. Army. It has let what have been strictly denominated as "educational orders" for small numbers of masks to bo made by five firms. The masks are to be of low cost and are known as non-combatant masks. They are less nomplieat.oci and li'i-'s rugged than those made for the nruiy. but an> adequate protection against all so-lav- known forms of war gases COASTS WOULD C,KT FIRST ATTENTION It is said the ne\v masks are being made t« meet the requirements of military commanders in providing gas musks for batants remaining in areas linger military jurisdiction and control. That would seem to mean the masks would be distributed only In ' case of war or danger of war. The chemical warfare section thinks the type of mask now on small order would J:e suitable for general ! civilian use if the emergency ever arose. The numbers now' being manufactured will serve to teach the manufacturers and prepare them, in case of crisis, lor wholesale production. On (he assumption that big cities on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts would be the most, likely targets for gas attacks, first attention would be given to the <jO,- 000,000 persons (out of a total U. S. population of 131,400,000) who live on those coasts. PAGE.'FIVE Swell Idea-If Ii Work Civilian gas masks arc less complicated and less rugged than Hie military masks shown being marie, aljovo. But (hey are adequate protection gainst all so-far known forms of war jfas. RV MILTON NEA Service SlnfT Correspondent WABHTNGTON.-Th R production of gas masks for American civil- Jans is lagging many years behind thn provision of similar protection for European non-combatants. The recent contracts for civilian gas masks placed by the War Department. underline that fact, ^ ______ '_ __________________ The recent contracts for civilian i- Lias masks placed bv the War De- 1 „' , , pertinent underline' that fact ; C ?V oncc iind gcL your » as I masks! Partly because the breadth oft Ancl London newspapers at that, the oceans makes widespread gas | time announced that every citizen attacks upon the United States < xvas to visifc his pl . C cmct polling less likely and partly been use gasj placc and be fjLied with n , nask _ actually has not yet made its dread j wi thin a week nearly 40.000,000 appearance upon the European, war | were distributed free of charge scene, there has been a minimum j Great. Britain, being so much of agitation here to provide masks j c i oser io war danpev. hod quietly for the general public. | takoll time by thc foreiock , omc This situation is in sharp con-; years before that crisis arose. trast, however, to that in Great Manufacturers had been called in Britain where, as long ago as the and quietly given orders for enough "Munich crisis" of September. 1938. masks' to supply every man -woman I saw trucks roll through London and child— even babies — in the streaks , with loud ^speakers- .boom- • British Isles. . '" : "" '"' ' * ''•• ' ^:^^ ouch if purchased iu lots of '20 or more uniUs nf one time. The Album contains n general sloiy. text clfi- Kcription of ilu- stamps,' a colorful spread oC the 21 ilin;s. and a map ui' i ho coniinent. ulso in color. T I ? A f I oday ,s Menu *s uy MUS. <;,\YNOK MA»IU>.\ Ni;.\ Smicr SUUf U'rlti-r For .'3t. Pftthi-k's Day. or any this economy incut cut value. Tlio shumrock adds an npproprmti- IRISH sriiu" tSorvcs t d> (•') pounds lamb i breast, i.lmnk, - ror nock>. 1 teaspoon :,ali, prpj>;T. flour, 3 (I\QH>~ fat or bacon dnppiu^s, 11! onion.-;, ti carrot;;, (> small cup.s Witti-r, 2 1-2 cup,-; Earmuff Business Dates To Frostbite in 1873 FAHMINGTON, Mo. (UP)— When ir>-y(ar-old Chester Greenwood's ears were frost -nipped in 1873, \v devised some eunnull's for protection. Later he pi\teti(<'d the idea and peddled them from door to door. Now Greenwood's daughter, Mrs. Maroon, curries on tlio business worth many thousaii'l dcllur.s and rstriuliny throughout the world, IN THE CHANCKRY COUNT FOR THE CMICKASAWB A DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Mix ilJl' I! llOU itiul cook And peas. .sU'W into UiM'Uit ../Klpe. Luxora Future Farmers Will Sponsor Barbecue LUXORA, Ark., March 12—The: Luxora chapter of the Future Farmers cf America and their instructor. Ray Whitmore. arc sponsoring j their first annual barbecue Friday ni«JH at the Scout Hut. Special guests will be the vocational agriculture instructors ol' BlythevilJe. Learhvills. Manila, Dell. Dyess, Joiner, and Wilson.) tlie members of the Luxora School > Board, and Inariing farmers anrii merchants of Luxora community.! The principn) speakers for this! occasion are H. N. Gill, farmer and| business man of Dell, and Earle! Chambers, district supervisor of. vocational agriculture. Members of the Luxora chapter who will make short talks are: Leonard Ellison, Marvin Spann Wilson. -Pluett Rodgers jr., Charles Hicks and Elkin Rapor. Sounds simple enough, the way they're frying to dislodge the Manhattan liner from that Florida sane" -jar. U. S. destroyer Lansdowne. foreground, steams back and forth attempt inc; to create swell that. yill bring vessel oil' bar. Photo shows Manhattan, nearest shore, hos shifted position. When first .grounded she- was parallel to shore. Most Dangerous Animal The buffalo is considered the most, dangerous animal among experienced big game hunters in Africa, because of the vengeful ir- lentlessness of its attack, and the determination to get Its man. WASHINGTON «UP) — The '21 American republics will celebrate April 14 as Pan American Day. as they have for the past 10 years. Commemoration of that even will Uko various forms in ench country, with the theme ol' p?ucc, i'rien|-hip and solidarity amo'n£ the 21 nations uppermost. The: Pan American Union, which is the international organixation of thc Americas, has prepared considerable material to facilitate thc preparation ol' programs appropriate Cor Pan American Day. This yr-;ir it has prepared a series ol Poster Slumps, .so thai our people may better "know the America." These stumps I'm lure I ht—extensive list cf mate rial which th<-» Pan American Union has announced, for Pan American Duy. and which in- eludrs plays and pagennts. biographies, short stories, ami literature on dllYeronl phases of Inler-Amer- ican relations. The Poster Stamps. '«! inches by !'•!•. printed in four-color off-set process, will 2<\ subjects ol' interest in the 21 republics. Depicted are Kiich outstanding sub jet-is iu; "The ChriM, of the Andes," towering above ihe momi- tainoti.s skyline of Argentina and Chile; the Mcxi?un Chioen lUa; the siUmt enigmatic 1 relic of i\ civilization that llouri-shed beiore Europe knew of the Mew World: the Falls o! Liu: Ayuzau, mighl.ier tlian Niagara ;the Citadel of Christophe in Haiti, begun in 180(>, above the sea. to defend eni Hemisphere against menis i'rom the Old World, anci other Inter-American ten hires are depicted. Tliis l<m KdrK'K of -J Poster Sttrfhips and an attractive descriptive album tor mounting will be offered si I ]. r » cents per unit, mailed itnywhm: within the scope of the Pun American Postal Union and Cdmula, post paid, or at 10 cents ' v tp.a- powder, moout). men! In I-inch pieces. »nd salt aiui j>e|)pt>r the lamb Miu;vres in the mixture. Iiout lat in an iron skillet -liid brown the meat lightly, Add Ciller, peeled onions, and earrot.s, wnidi have been srraped and em. rs. Add imtauvs. cuoed, lor iiiiomor half Hour, mix well, mid turn the a casserole, Top with dough, cut in siuunrock piacc the niK'ierolc in hot. tivrn i'l:!l) fii'i;rei!s P.) and hake i or '20 minutes or until the. biscuit?; ure dom- ana niciMy browned. SIIAMJUK'K niSCl'ST TOPPING I'ini s'rr.vv One cup silted Hour, .spoons pnosphato bak.nj ':.• teaspoon salt, ;j .shorl.enm", 1-3 cup milk •bir together Hour, pho.sphate baking powder and .salt. Cut in .^horu.-nin.:; until mixture resembles course meal. Add milk, to make :i soft doiif.h. Turn out, on floured surface and knead gently for :u) seconds. Roll out lo :v i Ineii thickness. With n .shamrck- -s-linped cookie-cutter, cut. three .shamrocks in the middle ol the ilounh. the .stem oiulij Umt'hinj; enen other, Lift the biscuit dou^h carefully (use a .'.puf.ula to hoid the .shamrock pieces in jilnce) to the to[> of the c:\sserole. Trim olf eclv,\' around the casserole with u sharp knife. Here's an idea tor uuikiny H.OOO feet .someihiny even better than slew: the West- KVr: HKK.-U) DUiVH'LING.S encroach-5 Two mips scrft rye bread crumbs, 1 teap.'ioon miueod parsley. 1 small onion, grated, 1-8 teaspoon .sweet, marjoram topMonal). l-tl tensptuin suit. l-?i t«v,ispoon pepper. 1--I teaspoon bakini; powder, 1 e;^, w\;ll ceaten, Mix ini^i'filieni.s in order »iven. Di'op by t.easpoonfuls into ho! <:te\\. Cover and .steam for lf> mh i UK;.s. M.LTE FORRYTHR, and B1SULAJI ODUM. Pin in tin's vs. No. 737(J I..UI-A WCOD^RIXS. BETHEL Me- CAIN. CLYDE McCAiN, AND LOIS McCAlN. Defondnnts. NOTICE 1 OP fa'AIJ: Net Ice is hereby rivon that the iindersiunRd as Commissioner of the Chunccry Court, in pursuit nee of :i decree of the Chancery Court !-nicicri'd on the IMth day of Kf'b- nniry. ![)•!! , in a therein \vhereln Altie Forsythc Beulnh Odum are pliilni.ifK LU'II Woorlards, Bethel McClyde McCain, and Lois Mc- um defendants, will, on Tues(he 1st duy cf Api'll, 11H1. be- n nd IMH! Cain, Cain day tween the hours uf l» o'clock A.M. i find a o'clock P.M. nf satd day, ai : pul.'lic outcrv, and .sol] to the highest, kid dor for cii.".h in hand, tin 1 iollowint; de.scrlbed land, situate in (he Chickii:;u\vbu Dintrlct of Mississippi County, Arkansas, towlt: The northwest quarter <N\V ';) ol (he Northwest Quarter (NW 1 ^) of Section seventeen 1 17). Township fourteen i t-M North. Rmu;c nine tSJ) East, containln.ti forty acres, more or less. WITNESS my hand us such o'clock A.M. and 2 o'clock PJM. of said date, offer for sale at public outcry to the highest and best bidder, upon a credit of three months, an undivided one-fifth interest in and to the following described prcpn-ty, situate in the Chickasaw- b:x District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wit: An undivided one-fifth interest in and to the South three and sixty one-hundredths acres cnrvod out of the north-west Quarter (NWM) of the North- cast quarter (NE'i); and the Southeast quarter (SEVS) of the North-cast quarter (NE%); and the south-west quarter (EW J ,-i) of the- North-east quarter <NE!-;); and the North thirty-six and four-tenths acres carved out of the north-west (NW/,) quarter of the North- oust (NEv,j, the total being 17.0 acrp.s, mere cr less, in Section Thirty (30), Township fif- Iren U5> North, Range Twelve HH) East. The purchaser at s?.id sale witl be requirca to execute bond with approved security, and a lien will lie retained upon the aforesaid !n»Kks until the purchase price thereof is paid in full, Witnr;>:< my hand as such com- m!:rioner, this tho 12th day of March, 1!M1. HARVEY MORRIS, Commissioner in Chancery. Cluude R Cooper Atiurney for Plaintlll's. 12-19-26 THEATRE LUXORA Phone 42 . -iu.'r. this the I2lh day ot'i March, HM1. ' I HARVEY MORRIS Commissioner In Chancery. Claude F, Cooper Attorney for Plaint ill's. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHfCKASAWBA DISTRICT j OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY.! ARKANSAS, ! A. I:.'. tULLftSy, LT AL, PluiiHil!':-, i v«. No. 7300 i JOK GTLLESS. ET AL, Delendiuils! NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S ! SALE i Notice is hereby KIWII- that tht'j undcrsJKiutd, ns eommiwiioner of| Ihv Chancery Court, acting und^r! authority of u decree of .said court \ rend-, red In the above on' February 2411). .ifMl. will, at tln-j south front door of the ecutrthoirici in flu- City of Btytheville, Chicka- .sawha District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on Tuesday, April' 1st, ir.-JJ. l)i;tvveen the hours of 10 Mat. SiU.-Sim. 2 ami 4 P. M Kvcry Nig lit 7 r. M. Always We - 20c WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY 5 lark of Zorro TYKONR POWER ('omctly and News FKiDAY-SATURDAY Tlu» Three lUcsquileors in Moontain C.'ojnedy "AJiri* In WontlrrUnd" CMiaf. 7 "Unrms of Fu Manchu* including Usual Corryiog Chargo COMPARE! AND YOU'LL CHOOSE THE NEW M-W! MATCH WITH *!70 ELECTRIC RANGES! * Tip-dov/n fuel tank • Double-Quick Oven • 5 Wickless Burners * OvenholdsiOIoaves Compare! You.\von't find all these Features in most $50 ranges! Has giant 10-loaf' over? ... double-quick because it's baffled to hold heat! Double-action cooktop . . . heats 6 holes at cost of 3! Tip-down fuel tank.' Liberally porcelained body! Why pay more? .Timer ^ Big Speedy Oven • Switch lights * Deep-well cooker Compare! Where else will yott find all these features at this price? Automatic Preheat cut off! Speedy oven . . . reaches 400° in 6Vj minutes!'Light in oven! 7-heal Chvomaiox top units! 2 big storage drawers and storage compartment! Why pay $170? Sec for yourself— and compare! Because you'll find that this big &/ z cubic foot M-W will hold its own \vith other makes at $20 morel you'll find its newly styled white and chromium beauty unsurpassed by any refrigerator near thc price! You'll find its quality construction truly amazing .. with \ such specifications as Bonderizcd steel cabinet and ^J .?-/m-/r Thermex insulation! And you 1 !] find fea- ^ Mires that you never expected at this low price! 6% CU. FT. REFRIGERATOR Brand new 1941 super-value M-W!

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