The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1936
Page 7
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER *0, 193!) --PAOE'SEVBN --c CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions: One lime per line 10c Two limes per line per day .. OSe 'I hrec limes per line per day .. OCe Six times per line per day ..'05! Month rate per line UOc Cards of Thanks .... 50c ti V5c Minimum diavec 50c Ads ordered lor three or six ^liines and sloupcd before expiration will l:c clmrfcd for llic "number of times (lie nd appeared and adjustment of bill made. •" All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must. l«- accompanied by ; cash, Rates ihny be easily computed from above • table. Advertising ;ordered for - irregular Insertions lakes (lie one. time rale. No vc.spbiisibiHly will be taken for'more than one; Incorrect, insertion of any classified ad. I'or Kent Business'- Dmictoty WK . I'AY CASH KOK 2ND HAND FUKNH'URB IMionc 1031 Hublmrd 2nd Hand L'lirniturv Stoic- Wrecker Service DAY.& NIGHT. 1 liEPAlll WOKK GUAflANTUKO Day Phono IJ05 - Ninht 801 MIT/TON STBRNB ' OAKAOK:' , 215 N.i 211(1 ''(Personal Will lake cnrc of working mothers' children... Dcusonable. Mrs, li. A. 'Dozier, ll(i W. Sycamore. FREE! CTOMACil 'A'CID. OAH PAINS, ; INDIGESTION n>iie\Tii quick. Get fret, snn'jplc doclcr's prescription, Udfa, nt Klrby 'BIDS. Drug Co. '.-.',". AUTO.LOANS Cash 'Advanced—Confidential PAYMENTS.'REDUCED No co-signers. Just bring cur nnd registration cnrd along. •. , . U. W. MULLINS Sudbury Kldg. . rliane 405 WE BUY Hides £ Pecans Metals' and Scrap .Iron Blylheville Iron Clicrry & R. n. .'.; Mpial Co. - Phono 448 I'AlNTING-l'AI'Ell HANGING J. B, FREEMAN— Call 749 "For Rent—Modern lliree-room lur- j nlsheu apartment. Phone 280. ! n-ck-tf Nicely Fnrnislied Bedroom, balli, slcam heat, garage. Call 580. IGe kll-1 Modern Furnished. Aparlment, 108 W. Kentucky. Call ca:i. 7-pk-21 j 3 room modern apartment, furnished 'or unfurnished. 700 W. Walnut. : 8-ck-lf Modern FURNISHED BEDROOMS 1000 W. Walnut St. 17-ck-lf Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-3011 E. MAIN 2 or 3 room Furnished Apart ' nients. Reasonable. 914 Hearn. For Sale CHEVROLET Hi ton stake body truck. U. W. .Mullins. 10-vk-tl Coal oil slove. $8; wararbbe, springs, uiet. table, chairs. Bright. baby wicker kitchen cab- Mrs. Clias. 7c wlf BARGAINS!! 1D35 CHEVROLET PICK UP 1932 V-8 FORD SEDAN Delta Implements, inc. For Sale or Itcnf Kcsldenee, store building and fixtures for sale cheap or will rent to permanent renter. C-IO Lake St. Will bo vacant soon See Dr. Saliba, Phone -111). 20-cUI O'BRIEN'S equipped. fnr past ii Brunswick POOL TABIJE, complete. CHEAP.' CAFE, complete!! Dohig good business BARGAIN. JORDAN SEDAN, in good condi lion. Al give [>wny price. P. SIMON, Call 7G4 FOL- Sale or Trade -Modern 5 room E. Vine. BUNGALOW. 112 n-pk-22 Coal & Wood FKKSH UKKLFOOT CRAP PIE 35c Per Order LION GAS lli.Sc Per Gallon Wauled o Streaming\Frericlv Settled Wlillc Woman for homework. Mrs. Redman, cull 10IB I • •••'•'•.' iQc ktfl Size Used SAVE. Call . He klJ Medium 278. COUPLE to work for room & board & small salary. P. W. Lemons. route 2, Box 246. 15-pk-22 1 room house for nesro couple who work out., . call 25C-W. Male Help Wanted MAN AND WIFE—to Tim local [ Ccffcc Agency. Kamlntfs up to S240 in a niqnlli. New Ford Seilan given producers as bonus. I soncl -complete outfit.. You don't- risk a penny. Details free. Albert "Mills, 381 Monmoulh, Cincinnati, O. 'Clmite li. Met cult, In Bankrupt ••To llw eredllors of " named taiikvitnl ol' R. •!!.- No. I, Box G, in .Hit ty,. o! Mississippi, Division N'TIir; . ..,. _, 'Till) •' -UNITED HTA'iBS • FO R THE JONKSDORO DIVISION CP'THE KAS'IKHN DISTRICT • OF AUKANSAB. , .....,, Ill tlie Mailer EaSt, FiJth/ Principal r Meridian, Aikimsn!,, Ins fllcil <rvotlc<j .of in- lenllon lo nmkc three year llnal I'roof, to establish- claim to the land abo\c v <|e. l erlbccl, bcfoie Carey- ,tj Wcodbuin, jOorjnty 1 Oleik of MWj ,--e&. <|M| DI'1 Count), \ at, i > Blylhevuta,' \ (ho abo('e| AlkaiitnsVonUlic 30lh clay of Sep* I.tnclivllie',|l<.niljcr . o nn(l E_ P^CWlbf, ns> ^ f"** Koblutoiv p.f ,Gosncll, Aik- K' '' ,',' I-' . • i -' • Box CO, Ulsl.rict. nfore.wljl, a brinkrupU ! -'Notice/ Is h;relv''-'given, tlia'l, 'on Cft.' 111. 10M,^|lio-'^bovp!-iiwu'(l r.el!lloiier. : Mia : 'duly Xuijiidutd' a Un)irept v ;iind tl*i. ili-sti mccllbi! of (lie cr«dllorii!,wlii' (JQ", hetil !-al , my oijlce, in' tl)9..Qily: nf : Jciles- l Acting Asiilsjant Coimnlhsioijejv", l-ot.o.-':jn:,siil(! ;l)lsjllcl- 01)' b:U:-fl7, ' 21-28-1-11-18 j93(J;;,Ht ;, lft ; A.^M.;i,nt 'which ••• 1 tljue i — -•" - r-, — " Iho snlil vfredHori! may;'. attend,! Predonin, Arl/ , Is located 00 m||es D. 1C. Pnrioll, . , li 1 .., claims,-. , appoiifc , a fiom (ho ' - isllroad cghv,- ,-. before raid Jonesbora, Arkhnsns;'; ^li 1 s HARRY BAILEY'S At the Arch State Une Buy your Hardware,' Deled Radios, Bicycles, beibcrlrng :Tires, .Deleo Batteries & Aiiio; Accessories at Hubbard Hardwiare Co. Terms To Stiit You : : ALADDIN LAMP PARTS Don't forgt'l we have genuine .n Paris—2i>c CacJl BURKE HDW. CO. Mrs. J. J. Davis—Spencer Corse tic rr Call 421-W lor Appointments , Glass WE CAN MAKE DESK & DRESSER TOPS AT VERY. ATTRACTIVE PRICES. Arkmo Lumber Co. Phone 40 Lost iold framed child's classes bs- livcen 110 E. Kentucky and Parkluirsl. Reward. Call 348. 10-ck-tI Pair of double vision glasses with black and gold frames, last Monday. Return to Courier News Sl.OO reward. lT-pk-21 For years there lias b:en a stand- ng reward of $1000 for one pound of manufactured comb-honey. If you Iliiuk llml America has gone uUra-streiimline in its automobile mo'dels, you otighi to see Paris, The wf-11-tn-do iM'cnchman with a flair for tlu extreme 1 will drive something'like this In (lie next year: prctably (lie Pcugrot, top, be.irlhi; n siiuvkwl icsoinWniice to the newer type of nliplanes, or Hie Dimatli' telow, featured by improved. ncrodyiiamlc design.''. These ptctmes mre taken at llic 3Uth niimiiil I'nrli Motor Slio\/ •" ' ' Clark-llamls Invisihlt: MARTINS FERRY, O. IUP)—The workman who painted a clock atop, the Central school was (CD decorar live. He painted.Hi: tips of the clock-hands and --nobody could read the time. Exiieiics iow in ; Argentine BUENOS AIRES '(UP) —Studies by tlie National Labor Department slciiUiij; houses, disclose that, the avcrago' Argen- line lainlly of five persons can live for $35 a month, Tills Kiim in, eludes costj; of shelter, food and clolliins. Iloiue Slealhiff New Uui'kct 151. CENTRO, Clll. IUP) — Tile, latest racket, developed here Is ' One - - which tlie shcrift'.s olTlce Ls InnkiiiK for was apparently completely " demolished and hauled away on trucks. • AV . ;;'-'.RofWcc 'In' Ua'nkrii|>t,cy. : pepartiiient 'i'of .'llic Interior fieneral Lnnii pffici; at Waslilng- •• ' ' ' toil, D. C. • i,' .August '15, 1038:'...' : K'ollce is'licroby ^Klven ^lint .Eu- licnc ;• E. :.LoffcVy. ..!of:. .Blyllicvillo, Arkansas,' iv'bo, in March '2. lyi'l, made Hrcliou 2283 H. S. Ilomc- •slend Entry, Ullle Uock. Number 0^3205 for Lot Number 1, Ejection II, Township ,15 North, Hnnfe 10 •AT 1 - -BEST 1'UICES PHONE Cfl; On. Wert & Wert, over Joe lsaHr.4'.Storu "WH MAKK 'EM SEP." Phona (Hir •G-AY-.& -BILLINGS* Inc. Coal - Feed - Kindling :.',,., PHONK 70 . Fowey, favorite Cornlsli holiday resort, oneo was a: big port mill provided more ships lor me navy of King Edwnr-:) III than did LDII- don. , Now I.iH'aleil at 101 -North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER • SERVICE BUREAU . DON KinVAIIIlS, rroiirlclnr niiikn':. of lidinllt Typeiirlters, Ailillnj; M.iLtiliie!, -Ontcuinio'rs—lt«|i»lrlu'K—I'iirts—llilitiorijf anJ N. W. TRANTHAM Dealer In BEECH CREEK COAL Other liitii giarte Coal, Wood and Kindling S. Rroailwav - - 1'honc ilB' COAI/ BUSINESS Location changed from Mahan Gi" to S. 5lb & R.R. BEST PRICES—CALL 244 . 1,. I. KICK BEST COAL—BEST THICKS i • BUY .NOW! "My coal is Black— But I treat you White." LOCAL HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE 107 Economy Coal Co. Cherry & Railroad I'hone -MS Coal, Wood & Kindling Keal Estate IISF.I) COAT, STOVES 55 ANT) UP Hardaway Appliance Co, MAIN & 2ND - - PHONE 233 EXPERT RADIO REPAIRING RADIO BATTERIES & TUBES Close Out Prices On All Paint To prepare for new slock Sherwin-Williams line. Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. Plione 35 - - Free Delivery JUNK WANTED—AM, .KINDS $5 to SC Per Ton Aluminum, lOc 11). Brass, 2c to 4VSc II). Copper \Vire, 4 to 5c Ib. Radiators, llic. Ib. • HIDES & FURS WOLF ARIAN PHONE 116 123 E. MAIN DANCE AT THE GREEN INN CAFE IN CONNECTION Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith, formerly of Blylheville, riC"; owners FOR SALE-80 acres, 2 mils,'; SE Manila. 2 bouses, barn. Good cultivation. $40 acre. Small down payment. Bill Nir.ricr, Manila. 17p k28 rOR SALE 6 room house, bath. Large lot. Across from hiph anrl erade schools. Cheapest taxes in town. Could be made Into apartment. *<M Cliicknsnvb dh r" KOR SALE—Pretty cotti^e in Pride Addition on 2 lots, comer gravel streets. For quick cash sale, priced S500. THOMAS LAND CO. FOR SALE Several thousand ncros «™thcasl Missouri rich j-lluvial, cotlon & corn lands. Any size tract. TERMS LIKE RENT. Everett B Gee, .Blyllirvillo. SOUTHEAST MISSOURI l.AXl) Improved or Partially improved GOOD LAND-LOW PRICES F.ASY TERMS C.-M. SMITH Sr., & W. J. PKCK, MAIDEN, 1 MO., Your Icet will be at case h: Sclby's Styl-cez Shoes. S6 & SG.50 Other Slioes $150 to $5.50 New Economy Shop New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEAT'BUS, COOK STOVES. OIL & GAS' BURNING STOVES, FUEL OIL HEATERS SEE OUR NEW STOCK Liberal Trade-in Allowance Old Stoves. Hubbard Hdw. Co. . HATE TO'ADMIT IT, BUT OOP WAS EIGHT....... WE SHOULDA STAYED AT ,OUR LUCliY OAV! LE'S GIVE A-'WHOOP j 1 THIMK -ITSIOINWY AM' ALLEY OOP]! HEY, LOOK!) LOOK WHAT'S COMIN'I ROOTS AND HE!. o'c\_oa< '.ME TO V A A\i Q1836 at HE* BEBVICt, IMC. T. M. REG. U. s. PAT. OFF. GONE—KEYS AND AM.! IGLORY BE TO MOSES' WOT 1 THOS 1 ^, JIN THE WORLD ARE VE DON' IM JA\L, HONEY? SUPPER'S , VOL1 'T NO PQME 5UMPIW ) MAD KEASOM WROAJ&. WHV, WA5H gi,sv ARE THE FIMESTBPVSI EVER SEEM. JIST A MINUTE. HOiMEV. I'LL HAFTER FIND BOT WASH AMP EASV TOOK WE" SAW TMEM HOP A. , BIN WAITIN' FEE HOUES (0 1936 OY NIA SERVtCEJXC/.T.-. M. REG- U. S..PAT. 0 Call Parker - 127 Daily Freight Service Batteries KATTKKIKS 1'KKPARIil) ' FOK WIXTEK WEATHER J. B. CLUNE Jackson Service Station - Call Tailor Sliops Good allowance Jtor.-your old suit on now tailored suit • '' CEOKOK I,. MUIti, Tailor WELL,MOOSE, THOSE: KIDS GAVE US A TRIM: MIMG! AND V&LIR SECOND TEAM HAS IT ALL OVER HHE FIRST STRIMG.' HOW COME YOU DIDVJ'T LET FRECKLES CARRY THE BALL 2 DID YOU SEE WHO 'WAS DOIMG THE BLOCKING OUT THERE? I'ATS ON" THE I kMOW.... i SURE^AMD \VHEM rr V/AS 1 SOMEOME gllsg 13 FPECTrLES,.ACARRYIMG IT, HE'S BUT HE'S h STEAMROLLER .' A STREAK | p(j OME pL^y HE KWOCKED DCWW FIVE PLAYERS / WHEN HE CARRIES THE BALL! A GUY WHO RAcj<S THK BALL GETS THE GLORIA BUT A j GOOD BLOCKERVWS, FOOTBALL GAMES, AMD WfTH • j . .LEGGED GLf/ COULD, SCORE A PIAUO TIED TD EACH CRUTCH GRIPf QQN Hftip^ r^\XK of the greatest forwant'iia^cia ^— cvor lo'grace a gridiron was I!i ick' Mullcr. California star back in 1P20-21^ : '•'•' PdMc.-.'od of a gi' pair'pf li.ilnK Brick nvoJM.i'sd G3 yards on bis'tosses in ]fl20, ami was thc.Ulk of tbo country tlie following year, when Ohio Statement west to engage the Bears in tlio Rose Bo\\l gnmc , In thai famous intersectiona) clash. Mullet, altliongli liounilei! by Buckeye for- Wirils all afternoon, got olf scyera,! co^es, climaxing bis performance by nitciiing the pipskin fora tqticlnlown pass tint traveled a riibtance variously estimated at from G5' lo 7.> yards, and-sending the liucks iiomo on the'tail end of a 28-0 score. •' '• Tii'acUitioiitiil^ingr.itc-iHfc!" ten! of trie cfti«l : iy'in-]921, Muller i.'lso wn^a

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