The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER KEWS THIS COURIER NEWS CO. , H. W. KA1NES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINE6, Assistant Publlshtr A. A. FREDRIOKSON, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Mana«« BLTTRETTLLE (ARK.) CCTJ5TT5H Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witmcr Co., New York, Chicago, Dolrolt, Allnnta. Memphis. .Entered as ffcond class matter »t (he post- office at Blytricville. .Arkansas, under act ol Congress, October 9, 1917. Member of Trie Associated Prest SUBSCRIPTION BATES: By carrier In the citj of Blythevlllc or unj suburban t<i*7i R'here carrier servlca it maintained, 25c per week. By mail, within n rarttuj o( 50 miles, »b,00 per ye»r, »2.50 for six months S1.25 for three monthi; by mail outside 60 mile zone, »!350 per rear payable in advance. Meditations Are >r not Mien in yourselves, and are become judges of evil Ihnushts?— Jamrt Zi4. * * » The perfect luve of God knoweth no difference between the poor and the rich.—Pacuvlus. Barbs A pet bird In an Ohio town died of hiccoughs. Probably one of those night mvls. » * * .More power to Ihe drive-In (heater H i>ro- vides a safe place to sU behind the wheel and not think. * * * It's the henl that's making men .sip a higher collar than they are wearing. * * * An eastern coupJu started out In (heir honeymoon on roller skates. You can expect them to come clcnvn to parth at any time, * * * Most boy geniuses are kids who usually grow Up to be just another adult. More Athletes Sent Abroad Can Win U.S. More Friends The runners. Hie Icapcrg H n <l the heavers of the world are foregathered at Helsinki, Finland, to conical for honors in' the lf>th Olympic Games, and that's a good lliinir. It's a goorl thing these days wlicn people, for whatever reason, can yet together from all corners of the world in an atmosphere approaching friendliness. At Helsinki the common cause, is sport. And sport, fortunately for American prestige at the Olympics, is a thing we are pretty good at. Of course, in this country, (rack and field events, which are the heart, of the Olympic program, have never enjoyed the popularity of the "game" spurts such as haselnill, football and the like. Nevertheless our track stars have always ranked with the best in the world even hack before 1(112 when that noblest Redman of t h e m all, Jim Thorpe, ran off with enough medals at the Olympics in Sweden to start a jewelry store. That the Olympics competition has a soothing effect on the jangled nerves of the world cannot be denied. Where, bnl at the Olympics, would you find a Russian embracing an American in a joyful hug? When the American, Bob Richards, set a new Olympic pole-vault record the other day (M feel, 11.11 inches), who should enfold him in a congratulatory bear hug but the Russian vauller, Viktor KnJLV.ev? Another nice thing about the Olympics is Hunt no one nation "wins." TRIP, some nations will amass more points than others, bul as far as official computations go. points are awarded only to individuals, whatever country they come from. That kind of a system makes further for easing tension and promoting amiability. So the Olympics are a fine Iliing as far as they go. but do they go fat- enough? If American athletes can m.nke friends for us at the Olympic?, why can't more athlete? make more friends in competition other than Olympic? The, Cleveland Indians and the Brooklyn Dodgers have annnuin-ed their intention of making a hanistonning trip around the world this fall. Let's have more of this athletic diplomacy. A year 330, a champion soccer team from one of our universities went to Iran at a time of crisis in that crisis- ridden nation. We went over big in Iran. Let's do more of tiiat sort of thing. How about some exhibition football games abroad between the top college or professional team and a picked American servicemen's team of, say, MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 1958 France or Germany? Our top professional golfers should compete abroad much more than they do. They're the best in the business and people in other countries would love to get a look at them. That grin of Snead's could make tin more friends than- Ihree trade agreements and a mutual assistance pact. International diplomacy in this day and ,-tge shouldn't be confined lo the striped pants and cookie-pusher boys. We've got some of the best athletes the world has ever known, and their actions can speak louder than a lot of words. Let's use them. Let's Not Be Half-Tipsy On the occasion of his retirement a few years ajfo a waiter nl onn of the country's hijf hotels recalled that the Ijitffrest tip he ever jjot was a $100(1 bill. The only reiison we tiring the point up here is that the kind donor turned out to he insane. Korlumitfily, everyone who allows himself to i>e litillieft, cajoled, or mocked into ln'coming a parly to the tipping racket isn't insune. We're usually just spineless to the point of what .sometimes must appear to lie insanity. Hit I if we've not to he spineless let's at least be rr>ii,sistenl. about it. We lip the waitress, the Ijellhoy, the cabbie, the hntcheck girl, the barber. Why not the mailman, the streetcar conductor, the guy who sells us a shirt, the policeman, the fireman and Ihe men who sweep up the streets? Let's not be half-tipsy. Lei's ilii the thing up right. Everybody tip everybody. Views of Others It's All Your Money The trouble u-ith mnst discussioli? of tnxes anci Ihe national dobl. Is that (hey tnke place in a [t- nnncial strnlospherp. Almost no one think loBk'ally In terms o! tens ol billions and hundreds of bilious. But when Ihe mean of taxes is related to the average mnn and the nvnraBe family, the ominous picture clears, ''The Bulletin of Ihe Southern BtntP.i Intlnslrinl Council recenlly did that when it salrt. "The public dent l s $2r.O billion and this Inys a burden of 46.800 on every family in America, The interest alone of this debt aggregales more thr.n $6 lilllion annually--or $1HO [or every family. Last yenr Ihe average family paid »1.S89 In direct taxes and another S.Wd In 'hidden' taxes. A total ol more than S2.000. This year the 'lake' will he Rreatcr. "When the .$85.500.000,000 burtRft proposed for next yenr—which II Hj ; ric>w esttmalert will create a deficit of ,$,000—is compared a'ith current Federal spending we find that- II will add an averaKe financial liability—cither in taxes or increased debt—o! $226 for every family In America." There if is. We cnn't think in billions, bnt <*'e ran think in hundreds anrl in thons!ind.s. It's your money. Il's coming out of ymir nockel—and it will come out ot your children's pockets. Debt and laxes are destroying us from within. H isn't * question of whether we "want-" to Roverti- menl suendinc. We "must" cut tt—if we are to^survive as n flee people, —Sandcrsville (Ga.) progress Early to Maturity Britain's famed philosopher Cyril Joad observed with some logic in a recent newspaper article that American children are forced into ma- Inrlty loo early. "Poor little bruits!" vvrole Joad. "EiUini; Iheir rake loo early, they will get through it loci quickly ..." Well, mnyhe n-e do srmv up Ion quickly One I'rn.wn is that \i-e rmisl z n I" ivorlc lo support ourselves, om government and brother Joad's fellow countrymen. — Rcx'k Hill (S.C.I Herald Getting Harder and Hardw t« H«o» Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD Pettr frf«on's Washington Column — Comic Opera Plots Flourished Backstage in Farkouk's Ouster HOIAYWOOD —(NBA)— "It's a new Hollywood—the Hollywood of television. And the movie indusl-ry now knows it. Everybody's trying; to get into the act." CBS Vice President Harry Ackerman — the Irvine Thnlbclj> of Hollywood TV — leveling on the state of television 1)1 niovictown and predicting that CBS' newest home screen entry—Bivft Arden'K leap from movies into the telefilm version o( "Our Miss Brooks"— will be as successful as Lucille aH'R "I Love Lucy" show. Marie Wilson as Irmn, Lucille as Lucy and Eve as Miss Brooks are. Ackermnn's idea of high TV voltage—"I like to wed a roie with a personality rather than with just another actor or actress." The future of movie stars on TV: "I'm wtcle open for new and untried talent." Hollywood's TV star maker told me, "but J have u tremendous respect for slur personalities. H movie stars .ire properly nast on TV, they'll have renewed life." The series type of show is the TV ratine; block btiMor in Ackerman's fmure pi eduction blm-- prints. The stars may wail about playing the same chamo-tor every week but this is Aekerman's pel theory: "Television Is different than movies —it's more like radio. There's n .' -otin? interest a( home in the adventures of the sntne character. I've talked to only one star — Gitijrer HORPI'S— who flatly refused lo do a series show." Stork Hulls Career .lane Nigh will give up her acl- iog career after her baby arrives to farm in upstate California with hubby John Baker. There will be a new Lorelei Kilbourne in the "Big Town" telefilm scries. silver-blonde singer gets TV rights along with her spanking new studio contract. Her first film will b« "The Jaaz Singer." Neil Hamilton Is back in Holly, wood for Hie first time in eight years and Betting autograph requests—the results of his TV click as the MCN on "Hollywood Screen Test" on ABC-TV. It's just j^ vacation lor the former movie swoon king, who's now over the 50-year mark.' SOME. MISSISSIPPI FARMERS sued a seed firm for S50.000 at- leged damages, claiming they got die wrong kind of watermelon seed. Those farmers must have believed the pictures and descriptions in the catalog. — New Orleans States. ! A NEW RESIDENT from back [ East moved into one of the uu- \ stale counties and one day stop; ped at the court house to register. I "How long must a man live here, before he can vote?" he asked. T'ne | politico at the desk looked him up i onrt down and asked: "Which [ticket?" — Carlsbad (N. M.) Cur- ent-AiRus. Peter Frl«on The second WASHINGTON —(NBA I— Behind the ouster of Egypt's fat King Farouk were a couple of comic •ipern plots worthy of the best traditions in «n old-time Latin- American banana republic revolution. The first had to do with whether or not one of the king's favorites. Gen. Hairiar Pasha, could be continued in. office as president of the Cairo Officers' Club, had to do with charges of Kraft In the procurement of defective arms and ammunition tor Egypt's disastrous war against Israel at the end of 1918. An investigation into this graft was whitewashed, more or less with Ihe king's blessing If not on his direct orders. Much of the graft was believed to have gone to high officers In 'the royal palace. Some of It may have gone directly to the king himself. That was what burned the young line officers who fought the war against Israel with barl guns and shells. After this Arab-Israeli war was over in the spring of '49. the Egyptian troops marched home to Cairo, where they were hailed as conquering heroes. Roses were strewn in their path. Actually, they had taken a terrible beating. Mostly it was a war of skirmishes. But in the final battle for the Negeb desert, the Egyptian troops were driven hack on their own soil with some 2500 casualties, and Israeli troops invaded Egypt. Had to Buy Italian Surplus It wasn't all the Egyptians' fauH. Shortly afior ihe war began i ceiV corps have long; rebelled at the Uniled Nations slapped an' the dictation from ihe patriarch.s. nrm* embargo on Egypt. That pre-[ These younger officers have been vented the British from supplying threatening social revoH an4 army 'reform for some 20 years. They first came into the army when Egyptian authorise? started the Egyptian army. In the scramble fo military supplies, the Egyptians had to buy .sin-plus Italian army ^ooris, left j in build up an air force atid niech- over from Italy's African cam- j anl^ed units, To their chagrin, they patens. Ammunition was defective. | found they had no technicians. 75 Years Ago In Blythevillt Mrs. Jesse Stitt has been electr^i president of the Auxiliary of tra Arkansas Hotel Grcctcr* " Association. Miss Elizabeth Ann Wilson plans to enter Lindemvood College, St. j Charles, Mo., this fall, j .Some ,500 women attended the ! final .session of the Courier News[ Arkansas-Missouri Power Co., cook' ing school. Peggy Lee's ihe envy of all ihe femmes on the Warner lot. The at game and rubber with their contract of four hearts. Against South's intended s;icri-' fice of five clubs. West opened thn i kini? of diamonds. East played the i discouraging three, and West has-1 tily shifted to the queen of hearts, j East overlook with rbe Jcin^ of! hear is find then wavered. As East explained laier, he kn that South hud one more red card. Grenades exploded in the Egyp- i This crisis wa* met bv recruit- h m h* ™»irt«-t .11 i u linns' hand.-? before they co«ld be I ing bright vonne men of coed tarn- { \ „"" l le!l ' vvhorher u *as .. ~.., .... „ ° . - - * ia diamond or n heart. He war thrown. Rifles and artillery weapons exploded in their faces. ily and shipping them off to Eng- I afr aid "o land for scientific and engineer- ' What rondo il worse. w»s Urn ing education. These are (he men these supplies hrtd been bought at I who »re playintr important roles in ead the wrong suit for lat South would ruff and n the rest of the tricks. As ........x. ..,.,,,,<.<„, n,,u wi,mi >SULI£IJI, .11 vLiu *, K jjjayjjji? imjiOTiani Toies in j .-. t,__-.__j u ., , inflated price.,. And this inflation j trying to modernize the armed « L vh ? PP . Cnedt . he &***** *'™»S- included a healthy piece of erafi j force* and drive British military °? . ayms anwn lne Rce of dia ' far the kinp'A coiTupt war ministry i control out of the Middle East. ^,,,h >. -<• • official. When the troops came; Amone the leader? of This group home they talked, and they de-j of army reformers was Maj.-Gen. manded a ruiuse-cleanin^. : Mohammed Nazuib. Though not Gen. Hnlclnr Pasha, commander-j European - educaied. he speaks in-chief of the Egyptian army, was j English. French and German suspect. He prevented any Invest!-] fluently and is considered a bril- gjiLion until November. 1950. when | liani lav/yer a.s well as a military he was finally forced to retire so the charges could he brought 'lo leader. In the Palestine war he managed to collect Ihree wounds, South ruffed with the ten of cJubs, drew (hree rounds of irump?: pndmcr in dummy, and led ! the ten of diamonds through En^t. This play was fortunate enough to pick up West's nine nnri therefore t r o diamond tricks in Library Makes Recovery After Being Destroyed ORLEANS, Mass, MV-Less than five months after fire ra?.Rd the Snow Library here destroying 9,61)0 books, there are now more books Rvnilnble for borrowing than before ihe Eire. After word of the loss spread, offers of help find book contributions bpoftn to pour in from church, school, civic and veterans organizations, newspapers and book companies. Book contributions and messages came from all over the United States and ateo from Africa and Hawaii. Temporary location for the library WHS obifiined in a nearby frame house. Volunteers repainted and r^jfc decorated ihe structure. - Miw Ritth L. Barnard, the librarian, says the library lacks hooks in only a few ctiteeories such as travel, navigation and the sea, biography and more volumes on Cape Cori. trial. But the probe xo\ nowhere. Principal reason was that the Icing ob- I jecfed tc Hie investigation as dis- J eral Haidar postponed the elec- i ruptive of nrmy morale. So in j lions, the young- officers went lo I April, 1!)51, Haidar Pasha was : the back in command of the nrmv. I Cni ,,,„ j , ,,, "'"' ° l " ** Q " wn n[ The younger officers decided ic | of SDlrie ^ Wpqt _ . ,. run Genera] Nagtiib for president I ... ' J \, L ^irca \.iin tu^ of ,he officer,' club. When den- ff"" " ri . ^L "°" ..^ lh . "'? Kerim Tnbet, Another of the court favorites believed lo have had an important part in the arms scandals, quietly went into hiding. Nagutb into office. The king protested. His premier at the time. Sirry Pa.sha, advised 1 the king to appoint Naguib as min- Then came the big blow-np over lister of war, but the king said he the Cairo Officers' Club election, j did not consider Nagulb loyal to If all tfirs sounds a little silly nnrt picayunish as a cause for overthrowing a throne. American nb- the throne. Then he reversed the young of- election and interfered lo 1.servers familiar with the Egyp-] order Nagtiib ousted as president tian scene explain that the [ of Ihe officer.^' club, and to fire (tent of Ihe officers' club is ihe numher-ono socinl leader in Cairo. The job carries prestige. Ynungrr Offictrs Jninf^l I Younirer rurtubers of the offi- Pasha as premier. <j. Now South could discard the losing heart and the low spade ou dummy's good cliamonds. afu:r tricks. East's "ctioBs" was, of cours-j. nothing- of the sorL K was perfectly safe for East to lead a litsh heart. H South ruffed the henrt. he could rio nothing to dispose of. any diamond loser h t ; might hold. Jl was true that East couUln't tcil which suit to lead to win an immediate, bin Ihis was not important. The diamond trick co-Jld not run awny, but if a heart * rt£>iiM no IM ennui „ *,.'T, 1^1 • i- i. '.-= how it all began. Nagutb 11^* CO " W bft won - U had lo be seized Cairo, installed Alv Maher ' once Pasha BS premier and forced King We're making tip a pool a* the store on how long H witt take the Ruwians to snarl up the Olympic games and have everything in an uproar at Helsinki. They'd probably rather do that than win a foot race. Farouk to abdicate. By KWV1N p. .JORDAN*. M. D. Written for .VEA Service • JACOBY ON BRIDGE Guessing Will Often Tnie eczema or dermatitis ve-, can he so severe as to cause other ui i • D -j /• Help m Bridge Gam* llx Doctor Says — as it should be railed, is I rhunger of the skin as a result of nne of the allergies. In o(her j scratchinc. words, this common skin condition I Doctor Musi Find O;ius« .T tnicnt of eczema Is j aimed at three tliinps: identifying i | the otfendin? suhstnncc and taking | br ., instorm By OS\VAI,I> .1A CORY Vrht^n /or NKA Service tnlimes a bridge player has guess, but it's often just A SO THEY SAY I meant whal I ^nici i have servrrl my hme — thU is n maii-killiliB job. I rlotVt \va]it tr> find ynn wouldn't \v;\nl t<i ser mr— be cnrrircl oul o[ tnr White House In n pine box.— Presirlrnl Tru- m.-iis rrply In Dfmnrratic Nutional Chairman Frank McKinnry, r-n Ihe .iubjecl ol renomlr.ation. accorriinc to McKinney. * * • We sri all ovir painting from Pranrr. all our nmsir from Oerniany. all our dnnrrjt from America. This is rallrrt hpjnp hronrl-mtKrirrJ. Only Ihe toieicn is ptiixi.- Kaluh Vmighn Williams, rtenn ol Ritush conipi^^eis, critici/inc hi? coinifrymen as "firM-talr aifisiic Miob5." U'hrn addressing a Never again can i cannidate conduct, a cam- pnifn on a hieh. dignified level. To win the ran- rtldate milfl l^kp nft his silk cloves nnd hit his foe on evpry ov-rnsion (;ov, Tliomas E De\\ev. * * * I am no! eloquent- bul I nm sincere. I hope lo brliif a mes^ce of militant [sith nnd hope to the American jiroplc in wliat thi-.v h;ivr Ihc ca- paclty 'o no. rsiher lhan co into deuils of a specific program.— Gen. DwigtH D. Kisenhowr. 'he result of unusual sensitivey The fo sotnething which the skin comes j in contact. Tl is likely to be the first si a n stops to avoid further contact.; whftl hap p cne< | to Easl in the hand ! nf ftllertty in a child, who nin>', ' avoidine the use on the skin of • S t 1own todav i but clnes not necessarily, develop I prrpnrnlioiiR which might make [ [other flllerpies Inter. j the condition worse, and. of course. I t)OU ' n roit] rt have defeated ilie Almost anything cnn cause ec- lo ^' 1rttnfi : ^own the inflammation! 7.ema m a sensitive person Plants' i * nd b ''»wnp th « -^n bnck to nor " { NORTH find weeds of all varieties are corn- mf ° ns ™&My ** possible. | mnn sources of the condiiion. Re- It niny be extremply difficult to J 70ma has even beer traced to the | find thr CAUSC nf pc^en1n. yet this i ink of comic strips, (o match- | is of iifmosl importRiic**. Doctors > hoxps. and to practically every j may have to become "detectives" WEST substance used in indxistrv and In to find it. the. home. For application lo trip skin itself. r>*ema Is not onlv an annoyinp j lh " e * rp " K0o<1 man >' ""othlng conrtilion. but carries riangfrs for I Prcparalions which help to relieve somclhin* even more serious It I lh<1 "chine and .speed nature's re- has heen claimed that almost six i ™ v 'r.v. On ihe other hand. puttmK !J" sl »'<V olrt oinlment or lotion on l1 "' • likin can cs>1se a lo1 ° r e * tr " lro ' lb ' ! '. nut nf ]ft rhiJdrpn who havr a)- j Irreie op?.ema which is nnlreatod. will later develop asthma or hay fever. j Kc?enift Is a true inflammation [ T rain Signal ">l t he s^t m. The a ppn a r f» nee of "c/ema may vary svll Ihe way from a s>mplp rerlness to bliMer forma- uon. or c\-rn small pus pnrkel. 1 '- /mprovcc/ in Illinois CEN'TRALIA. Ill if-— Ever been stopped hy automatic railroad At first the trouble is usually [ crossing eaTe* orily lo see the train rr-snicled lo that area of the skin • .lust idling down the tracks. This which has come in con'acl with • can he corrected hy a new device, the substance which caused the | Illinois Central Railroad has re- irnt.ition. Later tt may spread [ warded one of its signal testers. Clay somewhal. Ihoiiph II is usually ' Owen?. 32. of Effingham. for the » 832 « 10875 J KAST {») VAK1C84 «K9< «AQ6J 4711 *| SOUTH 4 AJ 101 v r j * J 4 A K Q J 10 5 Sasl-WMl rul. North-SotXh, 50 part-»corc IV 1 * 2 « 1 * Pas» 3 A 4V S * Pa» Pass Opening tod— « K Past Double Dcub)« Pa Pas PM« opponents at four hearts, but he worse on such parts of ihe body a.s improvem**!!!, Owens pot *50 and a. i thought it was far safer to RO to the hands, face or leas—which nre i citation for the device which per- j five clubs. He rxpecled to be set mr>s| oflen exposed lo irritatlne inits ent<\= (o sifly open if a train j one or two tricks, but hf.s honors substances. slops wil.hln the sienal area. Only i were sure lo reduce Ihe penally when the train resumes inoveinenl • considerably, tt was loo risky to Burnmr «n<f Wchinc of the skin Is characteristic »nd ai tim« this do the gat«6 clow, I let Ihe opponent have * chinct Gome of Authors HORIZONTAL 57 1 Humorist S8 i Horatio | , Jr. 2 9 Poet Edgar 3 Allan- 4 12 Sun 5 13 Hangman's knot g M Beard o< 7 wheat g 15 Camera 17 Enraged p, I35k;enls 21 Sea ducXR " jo 22 Lively dances 11 J4 "Little " 16 by Louisa May Alcoli )a 25 Leer 31 27 Stressed 31 Francis ScoU of "Star- Banner" 32 Flouts 33 Warrant officer (ah.) 34 Sun god 35 Ceylon tea* 36 Soak flax 37 Divisions thcaler Kate 3fl Minus 40 Help 41 Leather thong 43 Forces 46 Staid 49 Discohxraliflns from dampness 51 Properly Hem 52 Consumed SJPatntable 55 Number S6 Middle Shovel Small (Scot) VERTICAL Inquires Condemn Aged Leg joiril " , Ihe poor Indianf Gazelle Hireling Prevai ing systems Mother or father Debtor Finishes Toward the sheltered side Paradises Sports trousers i i n Is M !f SI « V9 if » a, •N Zi '•'& '//S/. 4, V //*', •'''/ S A ! i_ A iswer to P 1 v A E A F T t HB ' M|A t 4- MjO ^ V 1 t R Z • ? N z t £ 4 ^4 3 E •y e & ft •2 V i_ •? i e ^ < & !_' ' C. l_t £ K B E i R N M E e ls 23 Goes swiftly 25 Vegetable 26 Equipment- SB Summits 29 Female sheep (pl.) SO Specks 32 Not sowed 35 levered 38 Meals 38 Trees 39 Boys s ^ u bj 57 '2% ?M *Q fl •y/^ K "1 m n >ii '^ 50 2f m n % • / /.-'.' M rev R L 1 K T i A C t fS, A £ P E p t < OU< T^ K *> S E ; E Pt i R s & \ M ~ cT V P £JE A L l_ 1 T E ^ e, '•' - r= o t tz. > jzzl T ^ i * -r E S » = = =• *["<; MIS - iifr r^ls \^ 42 British ai/thofl Charles 43 Mohammedan priest 44 Tiny objerfj 45 Trade 4 7 Seethe _. 43 Volcarvo « Sicily SO Watering Place ,\ MP^yche parOi •fi •:/.•:, '•j// n •>! ^ $ « % » if !» 10 S 1 Sj 17 « !?" VS

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