The Democrat-American from Sallisaw, Oklahoma on June 18, 1926 · Page 1
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The Democrat-American from Sallisaw, Oklahoma · Page 1

Sallisaw, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, June 18, 1926
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SEQUOYAH COUNTY DEMOCRAT STAR-GAZETTE, VOL. 31, NO. 25 ' SALLISAW,. OKLAHOMA, FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1926. VOL. XX. NO. 24 THE OFFICIAL COUNTY PAPER—THE PAPER THAT IS READ VMting Realtors High in Their Praise of Sallisaw PENN'VA REPUBLICANS DEFEND PARTY IN CORRUPT ELECTION CHARGES! CITY DERIVES UNTOLD BENEFIT .1 FROM TWO-HOUR ENTERTAINMENT (From Tulsa World, June 13th) The Realtors enjoyed their trip immensely. Sallisaw, county seat of Sequoyah county, placed itself upon the map of the United States through its joyful, whole-hearted reception and entertainment and every returning Realtor is singing the praises of that little city. The brief stop at Sallisaw was easily ono-of-the-features-of the. tour. K . The visiting realtors from every section of the United States came to Sallisaw last Friday, Jung eleventh* : thay saw Sallisaw, and Sallisaw conquered them. They frankly said so and they left Sequoyah ..Q0j ^y: ,,jjj $ti words of highest praise and admira tion and thanks and if indications are correct, they will keep on singing ' Upraises for many months to come. . The most eventful day of the whole . year broke clear and the. visitors •'A started from Tulsa, where the ;na- ttonal convention was being held/ at $:36 a. iur~ Tie delegates had been ; |^p ^enBly v invited ^n^jtfte: auto| :W *our through northeast (JkWboinft and .** fcortir*|ftrt Ai|f »n ^-and^a»' one ••^M^mt^^iia forthe trip. An* tooiobiles Had been provided at# the •. s ; entire trip Was made by. auto, "#fee •; visitors ate. dinner at Muskogee and ^confibtiuecl toW4rd Sallisaw soon after, ^arriving here about 3:45 p. l m. The .^ream of automobiles continued for 'ttfere than art hour ,with four large , Wardway buses included in the caravan* It was estimated that inear 1200 visitors passed through Sallisaw during that short period of 4ime, and all of them stopped and partook of the refreshments which had been provided, Which included , delicious sandwiches furnished by the women of Sallisaw and Marble City, and also of ice cold bottled Nugrape, supplied by the Romans Bottling Works. The deli eioussandwiches and Nugrape were served by twenty five of Sallisaw's most winson$e and attractive young ladies and the^did themselves proud. The serving tables' were arranged on the outer edge' of the sidewalk on Cherokee avenue, starting at' the' Palace Drug Store and continuing .west to the Blakely-Woodward store. .Every visitor who stopped, was fur- aished* delicious 8andwich .,and£ot.tle. Nugrape and compliments by the ,- score were heaped upon those wh. were dispensing the refreshments. Addition, several hundred sou-; - venir pencils were given away by the Ad Club committee in charger-of the ' big affair arid" also two thousand at* tractive folders depicting the fine points > in regard to Sequoyah county I and inviting the homeseeker and the investor to come here and locate. F. ' W. Ahrens, leading realtor here, was .named-last month as chairman of the '' edmmittee to handle the entertainment arid make it an entire success, and lie was also-empowered to draft any cit' 'izen of Sallisaw to help bring about • the desired results. As a consequence a score or more of citizens were called ' upon to greetine-visitors and bid ther- welcome an dmake their stop pleasant and enjoyable;«These men rendered in- valuable service and had much to do with the success of the day. • The entertainment feature which seemed to attract most attention and arouse most comment, was the first, round, arranged • at-the new bridge across Sallisaw creek near the water• Works dam. This feature had. been worked out by Jas. L. McDonald, ably assisted by Gerald Flowers and Joe / Hail both of whom were black face • characters and -with Gerald Flowers • representing-.the character "Sally." They were befittingly dressed. These three men halted every traveler who approached the bridge and handed them a neatly printed card setting forth what "Sally" saw and urging the visitors to keep their eyes open and try to also see what "Sally-saw." The card made a great hit, and by the time the visitors reached the city, .they were irt happy mood and the reception accorded them by the towi} folk was SO Cordial and whole-hearted that each person departed with words of highest praise upon their 1 iipa and with Warm memories of the livelst little city in eastern Oklahoma. They said so frankly, and a booster,, from Florida delivered a brief talk extending thanks and stating that "he had "vMte^big citieTand" little ones as well but that Sallisaw had the world beaten for entertainment." His remarks seem ed to reflect the spirit and the reel­ ings of every man, woman and child who stopped. The realtors were from MRS. J. C. WOLL CONDUCTING BIG CLOSING OUT SALE, One of the surprises of the year tO Sallisaw people and to people all ovyrl the county, was the announcement last' week by Mrs. J. C. Woll that she v;uS retiring from business and that she' would close out her stock of ladies ready-tq-wear merchandise at pnee. A two page announcement of the big sale was contained in our last issue. The sale started on June ninth and is to continue until July third. This establishment is one of the oldest in Sallisaw arid has builded a splendid name for reliability and integrity • and the city will indeed suffer maceral loss in Mrs. -Woll's retirement from the busj- THREE BROTHERS, ALLEGED ~iT CROOKS, ARRESTED S r^. —— '**LJP* V ~ Deputy Sheriff Perry Chuculate Tuesday, night arrested three brothers whom officers Relieve to be a part of a band of car thieves and hi-jackers. who have operated in eastern Oklahoma western Arkansas for several months past. They gave their names a§ Whiyg Atkina ; B. C. Atkins and Jack Atkins and ilf&V Wl? apprehended near the K. C. S. station", following a five mile chase with Deputy" d?, u " culate as the pursuer. Chuculate was lying in wait for whisky > peddlers when the three brothers passed him and he at once gave chase and captured them here in the eity~-single-| nearly every state in the union A boys band from Birmingham. Alabama ^th^ police band from Nejv Orleans Louisiana, accompanied the caravan, and rendered delightful programs. The caravan was headed by R. P. Harrison of Muskogee and Wm. K; SaVariaughV manager of the Eastern Oklahoma Playgrounds association and they paid high compliment to Sallisaw for the able mariner in which'the visitors were entertained ' ''-k v ic^UKMgiuW <fltfr''' ing" EL,W;. Ahrens, 'chairman of the arrangements committee and J. E°. McDonald, one of his right hand work ers, accompanied the travelers over fte balance of the io\xr as far as Si- Joam Springs, Arkansas, and returned ft'dmS late Saturday flight. They came bacfe highfy erittosed, and it is their belief that Sallisaw has derived untold benefit and good-from the brief visit by tfe national realtors.. The visitors throughout the balance of the tour, continually referred "to Sallisaw and more than once cheers were heard for our city. A follow up campaign of advertising and direct correspondence is being planned by Ad Club officials, with every visitor who came. Chairman Ahrens and President W. A. Peters of the Ad'Club this week are extending personal thanks to every person whom they can search out who had a part in the reception and entertainment but fearing that they would not reach all, asked The Democrat to express their sincere thanks and deep appreciation to every one who aided and who made possible the successful day, and particularly the citizens of Marble City who joined with Sallisaw and "gave, .such able assistance - throughout, .the. .day ness worldT Her future plans are riot 1 handed. Search of the car they were yet definitely worked out, but she does' driving, disclosed a rifle and 45 calf rankly state that she will onjoy a ibre revolver and many auto acces- well earned rest during the balance of , sories and tools, the year. The big mercantile sale is Wednesday morning, inquiries were now on, and in addition to the big sent out to surrounding counties both list o? Bargains offered, Mrs. Woll is! in Oklahoma and Arkansas and it was offering -§100 in gold io tKe\ contestant J spon found, that t&e three men were who secures jfte 1 greatest number of votes by July thirid. Retails Of the gold vertisement contained on another page 1 — —— 6 HARRY PITCHFORD TO GUIDE TBAPP CAMPAIGN HERE much wanted. They are Said to; be from Rogers, Arkansas, arid two of prize offer will b£ found 119 &g a^jths, brothers are .badly wanted' on * rSBbfe'ry charge. Officers at Hart- sha^y Oklafidma; stale that three, brothers named Atkins are muolv wanted there on thie'vety changes. The car which men were driving is said t© have h^^^t^n^ 3&an afWinslow, Af !»nsas7 about montage but ffiB Bed had been 'sdld' to Jim Riserihdover who' Jives near old Brushy and near where the men were living. The •three brothers have'„b £en ', visiting their sisters who reside north of this week that ;Harry R Pitchford, fonder county attorney of this county} had been named by state headquarters of the Mi E. Trapp for Governor Club, te handle Lapp's campa^n in' m ^ near the Adair county , ine Sequoyah.,eo«nty Mr. PitcMord en- b ' ody of the car which the men tared upon- bar duties Monday -and drivi had been traded frQm headquarters w»l be maintained in 1 ' . , . , , , XT„..V „„, , Risenhoover. The license tag had been PERRY CAMPBELL ROMPS OFF WITH.GOLF HONORS Putting won a great game for Perry Campbell, the "Be-spectacled" golfer, and won the President's cup for i92d. He defeated Sam Point er two up Sunday afternoon in the finals. The game went the entire thirty-six holes. Campbell was down at the 30th hole and had only 6 more holes to. go- He had to win them in order to witt the cuP, so he .began spectacular putting and won the last six holes. He sank his putts from the far corners of the greens and on one shot-holed out from the grass embankment with a splendid. masjije shot., This proved to be the turning, point of the game : and Pointer cracked, as tho' someone had hit him with a sledge hammer. Campbell was down from" the beginning of the feame until he won the 35th hole. The winner had a hand! cap of four strokes and he won three of the four handicap holes and halved the other. Pointer was the betting favorite and the dope Was completely-upset. Pointer fought his way to the finals by defeating B'reedlove, Arnfield and Drake while Campbell won over Wheeler, Bdydston > and - P. Frye. offices over the Citizens Nationul Bank. His selection as manager here was decided upon last month but state headquarters, concluded' to withhold announcement of same until the latter part of June. No man in the county enjoys a wider acquaintance and knows the political situation as well 1 as does Harry Pitchford, and he has handled two successful campaigns within recent years. He has served a'sf county attorney for three years past- and recently/tendered his resignation' to re-enter private practice. Governor Trapp has many supporters in Sequoyah county and Mr. Pitchford is already hard at work, assembling this support and mapping out an intensive campaign for^the next seven weeks. . — o ; - SON OF MR. AND MRS. HOUSTON MILLER DIES Hubert Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Houston Miller, was called in death last Tuesday, June fifteenth. Death came at the family honw eight miles northwest of Sallisaw, and resulted from a serious attack of pneumonia. Funeral services were conducted by Reverend Drury Callahan and burial was made on Wednesday the sixteenth in Drake cemetery west o f the city. E. L. Moore, undertaker; of this city was in charge of funeral arrangements. A large number of friends of the Miller family attendejd'the services and paid final respects to 1 the deceased. issued earlier* in the year to a man in Ottawa county. Deputy Chuculate and Undersheriff Cotton drove to their home Wednesday evening and discovered a large amount of loot; supposed to have been stolen at Rogers, Arkan- iSas«<>-_" j Officers arrived in Sallisaw yesterday afternoon to take the men back to Arkansas for trial. The three men will" probably fight extradition, but the' A'rkamsas officers are positive in identification of the men. Deputy Chuculate will probably receive suitable rewaTt? for their apprehension. —. —o AGED MARBLE CITY RESIDENT CALLED IN DEATH WE MOVE INTO OUR NEW HOME! The Democrat moves today (Fri-,' day) into our newly constructed home one block east of the building occupied for teri years past. The new home is ; the realization of plans which have been in the making for two years.past and the publishers feel a bit of pride in being able to add an attractive ar permanent building to the business district of Sallisaw, The new home is builded of brick and steel arid meas- }£§ a . J.O. x 8§ feet. The building was made possible through the generous patronage and support of SallisaW business firms and the citizenship gen- eral!y..thxougho_ut the^ tha| earnest hope of the publishers that business will continue to improve and that the coming years may witness enlargement of the new quarters. The indulgence of the public is asked for one week's time. After that time, our service will "be better than ever before. SAM POINTER BUILDING NEW FILLING STATION i GrouncLwas broken this^ week for BELJEVED MORE THAN TWO MILLION SPENT IN PRIMARY f ELECTION {X —-. *j *i &'i 1 3» Washington, June 17.—Political lieutenants of William S. Vare in his- successful, campaign for the republican, senatorial nomination in Pennsylvania were jolted along a nerve wracking road of cross examination Wednesday as the senate campaign funds committee pursued its quest for trie inside' story"of the Keystone state's ?2 ,O y 9$05 prfma^.**f3S!lg- Senator Reed of Missouri, the committee chairman, conducted the questioning. Almost without a Jetup^ during the two-hour session he prod- de Jtowardthe inner workings of the Vare organization, its sources of revenue and its methods of baffle, and in particular its operations in the Vare stronghold in the first 20 wards of Philadelphia. ^*»«* r ;'fc!l! ;iar)«f Mackey Protests * —Harry A, Mackey, fiejg marshall of the organization fS IherecenF pTv mary, campaign, ; was taken step by slep^ through' these wards' where in Borne precincts Vare had polled more than 100 votes to 1 over the cp the cbntsruction of a brand new, at­ tractivefilling "station at the corner 1 of Oak street and Chickasaw avenue, immediately sdutb, of the new home.of The Democratize,station 'will be a ftftf-WSy; drlwin bnildirig and fs "being erected by Sam J. Pointer, local] distributor of Magnolia products. The work is being done by A. C. Williams- who'constructed The Democrat building, and the-contract calls^ for completion at the earliest possible date. ; o— HENRY S. JOHNSON, CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR, TO SPEAK IN COUNTY WEDNESDAY Death's beckoning finger last week called to the great beyond, Ad Tune, aged 66, at his home north of Marble Cityr-His-death came-on-Sunday,-J«*»e v sixth, and burial was made- the following day at the Maple cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by Reverend John Taylor. A large number of friends of the family attended the funeral services and paid their last respects to one of the early day residents of Sequoyah county. He was very well known and in his earlier years was an active man in community life. He leaves to survive him, two sons,; Charlie and Ben, and one daughter who resides at Quinton Oklahoma. E. L. Moore of Sallisaw was in charge of the funeral arrangements. TO THE' MEMBERS OF THE OKLAHOMA COTTON GROWERS ASSOCIATION I hereby call a meeting of the-Association at Sallisaw Oklahoma on June the 26th at 2 P. M.This is the most important business ever before the" Association. We would like every member present. FRANK KERR N County Chairman. Announcement is made by local supporters of Henry S. Johnson, democrat, that he will speak in Sequoyah county next Wednesday, June twenty- third. His general itinerary" has not been announced, but iffls believed that he will speak at several different points within the <?<5unty, and probably in Sallisaw "Wednesday night. Johnson is ranked as one of the leaders'- in the Governor's race and has been making a clean, gentlemanly campaign- He is quite well known to many local people and his visjt' next Wednesday will find a renewal of acquaintances' on every hand. His strength is said to be in the western part, of ^the State, but reports of late would indicate that his visit to the east side is making inroads upon the other candidates and mt '"lie '''wnr 'p6tt--a---heavy'-vo'tfe'"«lOMg- the Arkansas border. . . __ —o AMERICAN EDITOR SEEKS G. O. P. NOMINATION Chas. O. Frye, editor of the Sallisaw American, filed for republican nomination for state representative last week. Mr. Frye has been identified with newspaper business in this county for ten years and is well known over the county. He is opposed by Joe Swimmer of Blackgum mountain in the primary. Mr. Frye has been advocating Omer K. Benedict's candidacy for the republican omination for governor^. Mr. Frye was the first newspaper man in eastern Oklahoma to come out squarely for Benedict. o WILLIAM M. FRANKLIN TO SPEAK IN SALLISAW .j, $fflU}gni a , M.,, Franklin, democratic qandidate for governor will speak in Sallisaw next Saturday in the interest of his candidacy for governor. Mr. Franklin's announcement will be found elsewhere in this issue. . • o ___ Editor Cassus HaywoOd of Standard-Sentinel at Stilwell and Horace McCabe of same town were business visitors in Sallisaw Monday. bin|d strength of bis tya opponents. Governor Pinchot -and Senator Pep"- > The, witftesa aaid he could not at tempt to ;|Bc]9unt for the variations ;^cfrtopax$^ in some pf, these -waMfe^ bat he main-, tained that the Noting fatf been according to the njles of the game ttad protested that the stuffing of ballot boxe3 would have been impossible even if someone had wanted ft? as it. William A. White, city editor of the Pittsburg Press, testified that i%s story Published in the Press.say­ ing Mayor Kline had warned city employees they would be discharged if they did not vote for Pepper and Fisher, was based op a stenographic transcript of a speech made by Kline Clamped Down Lid' White said Frederic BairoV as- prohibition director, succeeded m clamping down the lid pretty tight in Pitts- "What happened to Baird just be-. fore the primary?" asked Senator -Reed;- democrat,: Missouri. "He was transferred to Philadelphia." "What happened in Pittsburg then?" "The saloons all had beer." "How abount the underworld.- Was that, pretty active? "The clubs and__ gambling.. ;.„haJtte... were Opem + _ "How about the red ligh district? "An investigation we conducted showed it was wide open. Posted in Speak-Easies Pepper-Fisher Placards were posted generally in saloons, gambling houses and night clubs, White said. "When you say clubs, you mean speak-easies?" 0 "Yes." Mayor Kline followed White on^ the stand and was asked if he made the speech to which White referred "No, sir. Some parts of it are familiar, but I did not make that speech." . Kline said he had called on the city employees to" suport the 20,000,000 bond issue he had proposed for the needed improvements in the city. He. also explained that he had made a good many speeches and could not* remember everything that he had said. ... Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Smith of Tulsa motored to Sallisaw Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Smith will remain in Sallisaw for an extended visit .With her mother, Mrs. Sadie A. Frye. Mr. Smith returned to. Tulsa in the af-" terrioon-and"Wfll return to Sallisaw latter part *of • this -month for his . vacation, - - .„—

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