The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1939
Page 5
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FRIDAY,- HOVEMBER"g, '1939 UlA'TIlliVILLK (Altlt) COURIER' NEWS Improvement Contest Winner LEflD IN MIEN War Dims European Embassies; Pan Americans Fake Over BY GKItllY DICK ' XKA Service Stair Correspondent WASHINGTON. Nov. 3.-Wasli- Ingtoii's professional paily-goers :irc having a disappointing season. The posimiin brings tliem few of those thick, cream-colored envelopes with pretty crests and engraved invitations. l^r the ambassadors of the countries at war, or on the edge of war, liave neither the tlmo nor Hie InetlnaUoti to play host in a Ulj; way. And other parties arc trumped because guest lists have to be chosen so carefully—'otherwise a Ucnnan under-secretoiy "lislit Mud himself seated next to (he wife of n Polish or French military attache, which wouldn't do at all. Bui, this doesn't menu llml Ihcro is no social activity in Ihc diplomatic colcny. There (s plenty of it—with a illflercnt twist. > Ambassadors of Hie belligerent European countries arc entertaining frequently and purposefully. They sire having small, carefully chosen groups in to dinner several nights a week. Their guest lists never reach the desks of Ihc society editors, but they would make interesting reading it they did, for the guests are men of influence. Lobbying lias always been one of the major motives for social activity in Washington. Now the .stakes are the sympathies and resources of a nation on the neutrality fence, alii the game Is being ptoycil with consummate skill and discretion. Since Washington lias a bis bump of curiosity, lliis has set all kinds of miners in circulation, whispers financier, i'ovci nmciilal official or army ofli- cer was dined at this or that embassy last night, cut you never can find out whether any sivcn rumor Is true or, if ™, whether anything was accomplished by the table-talk. Meanwhile it ;s perfectly true that, the social season Isn't at nil like those cf former years. Tlic biggest centers of social activity in late times have been the Hussian .Mrs. Melvln Bellinger, of the Shady Grove community, is shown scwlns in the living room Mr. and Mrs. Dollingcr won Ural honors in her home improvement division of (lie° Plant to Prosper contest. o[ her homo Mississippi County Ccmm-r NtMVa f.lutl You arc forever homing that such-and-such a "II is my home while I live hero and EO 1 do all I can to improve it" said Mrs. Melvln Bolllngcr, who witli her husband wen the Mississippi. County home improvement division of the I'lanl to kitchen uiui --— ... kitchen nnd Prosper contest, in explaining her j bedroom; put concrete blocks un- tlcr the house; stained house; slato vccked ceilings of rooms; painted walls of rooms; painted floors and all woodwork and built clothes closet. To mnkc tiie house into a reiil home, Mrs. Bellinger made slip ed the house; added a rear screen- she and her husband loved visitors cd porch which was piiinled; built largo storage ctosel for cnnnrd IjOcds oil rear porch; built closets under the sink in the underneath flues in tniiuiial interest In n home she does not own. From "the time 23-ycar-ohl Elvina Douncr married Melvln liol- llngcr twc years ago nnd they went to housekeeping in n rented farm house Mrs. Bellinger has worked to Improve her home and her efforts have not been in vain. With only a three-room building two large trees and very little money lo start with, Mrs. Bol- linGcr has cicuc what, she could \vllh the money available and the result is an attractive farm house, both inside and outside. It wasn't easy to do all the things Mrs. BolHngcr hnd dreamed she would do, especially when an and Spanish embassies. The huge illness and operation' of the past oliteial parlies at the sumptuous summer' made even Jess money lo _, . t • [ U.UJUIl^l 1J1I1III-. I.H.-II JL.V) IllUll^y IU Russian .embassy, ir. particular- s ,, tm , , hntl . canscd I- I(M - lo i oso SC v- avhrw^ucsl.s.were. free, to wilder-Ural-months-lime-in her wsi'K.-but • lurnishcd floors—were the talk of the loii'ii. Big parties' have not been the rule at Hie French embassy for some lime. The French ambassador, the Ccunt de Snlhl-Quentln, however has been noted for Ihe number of successful small dinner liurtlc.s he has given. Although the British embassy is lops socially, it, has not for a long lime boon the center of laryc par- tics—largely because Lady Lindsay, its hostess uiitil this summer, was not well and lacked the physical strength to do much entertaining. Washington sccicty had hoped thai with the advent of Lord Lothian—whose sister is his hostess—the embassy would be the center of more lavish entertaining; but, the war has dashed those hopes. Unable lo look forward to the receplicus usually given by the European embassies, or to " large White dinners, (lie party- BOCI- in the capital is taking n tip from the American exporter and Is looking lo the South American countries for relief. For the South American embassies and legations are the bright .••pots in the picture. They arc entertaining in the usual manner, and with great success this scnscn. They may to some extent revive the large-scare enter ta in in c n I, which is as essential to the Tall scene in Washington as chrysanthemums and colored leaves. covers for the two ovcrstullcd chairs and divan, fashioned draperies and curtains lor Ihe windows and made numerous attractive pillows mill embroidered pieces. Tlic livin" vooni isn't just a living room. Although it is not luxurious, there is a home-like atmosphere in the altrnclivc pictures on the walls, the. gay cretonne B'in covers and draperies, Ihe nidio «'ltli a largo chair beside it. the potted flcwcrs and the duy bed and divnn. She explained the two pieces of make-beds by. furniture,., which saying, (list botli and no spare bedroom was ao!HK to keep them from having company! .They don't have electricity but they made the best of the" situation by purchasing a buttery riutio and an attractive ctl burn^ Ing lamp. Tlicir bedroom Is 'equally us attractive as Ihc living room with the new closet,'; neatly arranged. • The kitchen has a sink with the pump inside the house and Ihc new small closet under the due is used for a cupboard. A large table is usrri both for prcpm-ing meals and for dining. Landscaping had interested Mrs. Bolllngcr when she was a •!-!! club member but It first appeared futile to hone fcr a pretty yard on n rented farm—nnd with chickens, A new picket fence around the' yard, built by Mr. itoiUnijeir Ariel: painted by Mrs. Bolllngcr, keeps the chickens out and form:; 'nn [iKractfvc setting for• (he ••home aiijl (lowers. A tree scat was'built, around the lnr«e tree In the side yard, umbrella willow trees were planted and (lowers ncqulreil Included file .rosu bushes, two burning bushes, n Iliad b'Ush, some caniins nnd a few other shrubs, • Tlicy wanted ta tlo tiWrc Intl the head ot the house decided he necrtfil anollier burn so nnotWr barn was built. The huidlord furnished the lloor- »B lor th6 front and buck porches. the new roof timl concrete Mocks for the house. All . cf the other expenses were bonio by Mr. niul Mrs. Dollingcr who also did all of Ihc \vork except for some blred to help on IhO roof and to lloor the house. This was In addition to regular house work, rnrinij for Ihe chickens nnd cow and cunning several hundred cans of food. "We hope to do more next year" Mix Uolllnijor said. Despite her months ot Illness, Mrs. did much a Ihe painting mul other Jobs usually left for men BO llmi MV. Dollingcr could hire out to othrr farmers with his tvnctor when he was not busy <m his own farm mul muilii this fall lie Ims worked at a islu since his collon is picked. Their record Is so oulslnnding that ii|ji (cultural leaders believe they will win Mule and pevlinps Mid- South honors In llic contest In which Arkansas, Missouri, MIs- Kl|)|il ant) Tennessee farmers pur- llolpnle. tPAGB FIVA Driver Gtroue News Ifave /llftlutny i'rtjly, Mr. aitil i\Irs. W. 0. neagftis en' toi-lnliicd n nltmbfij' of /rlciidi aifd relatives with a blrllidny dinner In honor cfMr. hengnn mitl two Bi'imdsons, 'J'hwuns and Bobblo hec Heagnn, IJouglus WudkliiK, who l«|s been 111, Is Improving. Tlie ncv. t>. 0. Cotton «t)tl Mrs. Coltou, of S'6sv Ubcrty, t|X!iU 8un- (lay wllh Mr. and Mrs'. O, K. Springer. Chester pipkins Is setlottsly 111 this wwk. Mr. nnd Mrs, Homer have moved lo this vicinity; Tom Miiyberry spent Ilio weekend wllh friends In niyllicvllic. Frank Bkelton, of iicnr. lllytlie- vllie, visited Ills son, fill! bkeiton, Sunday tilsht. Huffman News Mrs, J. t,i, Abies vUllfd l brolhi'r, I.ennlc iJnVbel', In I' coln. Mo,, Bunday. Mrs. POurl llonsoti nud Mtss I.Ora Mat; coi'ielnnd s'lWlit Wednesday «'I(li (heir iilotlicr, Mrs. Fannie Coiieland, In Cootev. Mrs. l.cnflie Merrill Is ill Ilils week of it fool Infection. Miss litoln Morgnn, bvln'inry teacher In HulTmaii school, Ima nr- MIAMI, Fia. (tiP)-Uve baby Siilors, sdilfsd ulll^nliSfi, nllluator I ,i«3 and' pocMbooks-^for ydanl (niillliir iij'llt'lis In Florida wuvejitr 1 ihops—will bu difficult for Uaulsls <i find tlilii winter foccnUM of rv iuv proU'clliiB tbt! 'untorfi,'' • 1 'I'ho stutc law, Intended to pro- cct allientora Irom hiiritri'6 who' iiu-i! Ijrousht near cxtlnctlAn tile •e|)tlle.H tnco coinmon -In Plorldri, s ollfcliva In only 10 of Florldn'a n cinmtWs, but thoso ID MUnllos «Xe In nuijor lourlit fitnler. 1 !.The \i\w Imposes ft closed neftsoii on ulllaiUofs n"d fcrblds lidsscs- sloii or sale of livo of ilcaiV Emmanuel Community Til Siunsur Harvest SuiMifl' The Woman's Missionary Society of the ICmiuaiuicI Baptist church will sponsor n lliirvcst supper Friday nlghl, Nov. 21. nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. lilshiudson. Tickets will be placed on stile next week. I'rovceds will lie used t<r n pinno. MISH fcirllnc Hielmidson, MKi Barbara Poll. l.con Hussell, Ku^ene Wiitsoii and Wlllard lictts attended a Ifnllowccn pnrly at Holland, Mo,, Tuesday nlghl. William lirynn. Miss Arltln I3ar- Scr and Miss Vh'itlnin Urynn, of Cooler, weir yucsts of Mr. nnd Mrs. Odcan Walsrn Tuesday nlshl. Mr. mul Mrs. Willie lllehurilson. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Iflchimlson ulid Miss Miirlinc Richardson spent Sunday at Gosnell. Mr. mul Mrs. Willie Illehardson and Miss Rlcli- nr<lson were guuil.s of Mrs. jMlncrvn I'luklcy ami Mr. anil Mrs. W. H, lilclumlson of Mrs. nioliardsoii's liaicnls, Mr, and Mrs. Knrt Moody. Perry Mammon, •*)!; has been visiting his sisters. Mrs, Alvlc Jnr- rnlt and Mrs. Troy Parish, left Sunday nlyht for ftort McC'hme. Ala., nnd will go from there lo Columbus. On., where he will be stn- lloncd wllh the-(lulled States army. A hundred and fifty dollars' worth o( fond qaslly cnn be produced by half an acre of garden. For Best Result* In Baking—Use Shibley's Best FLO U F ASK YOIJR GROCER looks at her little house. As she explained it, the farm equipment had lo come Hrst so during 1938, the fnrin was fenced with new wire, a 16 by 24 loot barn with adjoining shed w.ia creeled, a garage, hen house and storm cellar were built anil sonic fruit trees set cut. But this year" she could lave the extra money and (imc for her house anil these arc some of the lliiugs done for the house: reroof- Kcnlucky Straight Uourboa Whisky Hich 3n4,Smooth ta- uosc it's ir.jdc our oM-fuhtoncd soar jvl Distributed Tly J'cldman's Commissitin Helena, Ark. Co. TAX PAYERS in 17 The tax books will be dosed for the payment of Drainage Taxes on KGVEMBER 15th After which time penalty and cost will be attached. DRAIHAGE DISTRICT NO. 1? of Mississippi County,,Ark, nnouncement 'rs- Roy Denton who was formerly employed at llic Colonial Tavern, Ca{tc Girurdean, Mo. is now in churf/c of the res Laura nt at Ihc JATE LINE TAVERN Highway 61—at Arkansas-Missouri Stale Line ^Colonial Tavern Food Now Being Served At " TAVERN Ivcd /on. nn extended stay. Miss I^contt lioyqtt, W Dlylho- llic, visited her omit, toi, Miny Merrill, SUiutiiy ftltcfhoon; Mr*. Edcl Sfilceif o! Qulin, MO., sltctt rclMiVSS Mid frloiWs: hqra l\st week. Rules Cloted Season Ort Alligators products. ' "' ,"" flowing Suak<>" ~M~^'ti.t Job MIETORIA, Bouth Africa "(UP* -TJi(! skeleton of, a rcpttls thai Mrtrt lit the middle Permian p«tjd 220 million years ago has been molMtcd fn tM Transvap] Mu- femn, The wcik ol mounting Uw will, '20 veitebras, eholilder girdle ftlid llic right hind leg has ycnia. Laundry-gleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry nnd Cleaning Scrvlc* DRIVE to tEFTY'S SERVICE STATION ARK-MO S FOR Gas and Oi! NOW Walter Cox, Jr* ana &. Mi Murray BOTT1ED IN BONIMJNDER U. Si GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION . . . This winter enjoythii: (iiinforf and convenience of ti Oil Burning " Stoves cither CIRCULATE ot llADIATE he,it> The Supdffcx Heat- lJircct6rrJtlrjsI3OTH,andm addition it DIRECTS Iicat where it is Jn&st neeclcd, Shutters 6m be, adjust.ed t<i send heat DOWN to vvdtm the floor. This is an exclusive feature of Superfex, made by the Perfection Stdve Company, for 50 years the leading hiantifactutcr of oil burning household . equipment. Suporfex btltns low-cost fuel oil- ends dust, dirt and,troublesome fire-tending, jjives just the degree p_f heat desired, at the turning of a valve. Come in. and see these wonderful heaters today. VC'idS clibicp of sizes, attractively finished in durable porcelain enamel. ':Phons32 ' , .. "Quality, Variety and Values"

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