The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1934 Pope Pius Rests at His Vacation Home How Niagara Looks After Biting Its Lip Again Y.urhl. HtiJi; ;h' B'ipreiiie I'on'.iM, mil c:iiy mu; 1 . all kn'i'.ty i.'h'jinu.' qiiMVoiis in i,-e chin::) conic l<i him Mr s-.'Uli-mcnl, but lh.~ p:hlkv.t pui;;]?!])'; v.-hicli arisi* im 1 oialStr;. Sinw h'.i nilvrnl to Hit Papacy 12 y.^rs ago. ihrr? have '•sbcci! the dillicult wars betwcci; Xtyurch ar.:l state in Mexico nnil Kpain. the question uf a concordat \vlth Na/i Ci^riimiiy ati'l many others only plijluly less complicated. ' • Has ch _ i it Wirkini; D.iy 1 t at f?!mp! Una:.' nii i]-* ind p for r Tn I Licti TJ P1 i i nm present one— '.!io main f 1 in ^ f b c n I lie PO',V: •* 1. t Of lllj n it IK I I ( [SL1 t r i > niii** i I ml' n II u up t i liv p \ an< I 1 K II •> ' l,s lo the att: in hi t h n n hou lull for', the p f o e h Y cv - I 1 :t. w.-i; i ; c.-.urcn ii.: slhootl. IL snut.. l!:e Vallran. Pope Plus XI Is shown at left as u:i lh':: ta.c-.ny .M O'.r.lel Cliinilollo to Brcei resklvnls M liie region. In the portrait at !!--. 1 uf jiliysical vigor U:'suli<> r:is maiiyyears of pontifical labors. WusL Poiul<'rs Get Coast Dciense Pointers it-, i u i 111 1 i \i , i , , lie s:::>n or a j-ll! h e 1 i t In the days tie»n 'jlln h 1 i n i 1 n i nin-ciiinber an:l Vs.I^isivl^ in Po- I lie'* i\ * o when the Bo'; near capturing the cap:l:-l ai:d M:IS 0112 of the for. diulimw..: wrn did not desert the threatened city. St-rt;ic:l Risiuilc Wllll Kings ct i:is c,i- terror i:i Warsa slicvil: :iimi:-s c.nne T.'. Dycss Colony Workers Swell Tolal There lo Nearly a Thousand OKCKOt.A. Ark., Aug. 15.—Election day passed quljtly with orderly voting u!] over the south end ol t •(.• I [ county. The bigge.M vole was p~lli.;l lilt Wilson, where employees of thc I l)>css co'ony ca-31 their votes, svvell- Ing the normal vote for that precinct lo nearly u thousand vut.Vi. A total of 885 vote.j were cits', in Qsieulii. Judges at t.'.e largest lion, t!ie court House box, where 487 ballots wers cast, v;ere still cuimting tilts morning. At Kelsc-v, M/hvic •102 votes were cast, the judges -.vent home lor the nlifnl anil co\.nling only vhl'j inornln?. il way reported in Osceolu. ballots for tr.e first time aie being delivered to the ^hi-rilf's ollbf. 1 insteu:! ui lu the oHice of the ;;ocn'- taiy of the central committee. J. E. nuiin, secretary o! the central committee here, sa!d the innovation was j I on |hc order of Jesse Taylor, Bly- H.evllle eliairman of the ccriunitfee liallols from Hit 1 Oscc'ola Conn llc'.isc. Wilson, Kelser. Etowah. Slilliimn School and Fiasior scin.j. had not lie-en turned, in at 9 o'clock ! this mofi:ing. These boxes will I contain around 3.000 votes, it was snld. Queen Bees Given Air Mail Privileges WASHINGTON. (UP)—Privileges of the United Stales Aii 1 Mull have bn-n extended to queen bees by the 1'ost Office Department. Ju an olficial edict .signed by Ilarllcc Branch, second assistant J'ostmailcr General, (he department iiiletl that "queen l>ees are mailable for transmission in tile domestic nlr mail service." Although passengers and pilots n( air mall planes need have- no liar of stings from the queen bee, because she has no sting, they I may receive bites from the crew of about IS worker Cees which are i.ililppcil with the queen tn feed her nnd take care of her. 'Ihc- (-.lined Canadian Hortf-shce falls of Niagara pivsrntcd a new face to sightseers alter hundreds of [cm of iofk pitched with a deafening roar from tliu iip of the crest lo the gorge ItiO feet below. I A. the point shown In the circle, thc water is plun 2 lnE over Ihe brink ii |.y the lock collapse, this new recession being about 100 fee- deep and action thai fell extended beyond Ihe fijst notch of the horseshoe from close to Goat Island. the new curvature formed 150 to 200 yards long. The the Canadian side and was F.D;P.,'s Invitation Three Grains of Corn the safety oi it;, lions fiom the drouth. Inindrr-tl \Vw.l I'ohil rntlcl^ wrre given u change to juit some of their classroom theory into prac- tici; when Iliry-viMtcil Korlivss Monroe. Va., for training in the use of 1S5 mllitneter rllles, the ui ucbilc co:=.-;t tleff-ib:e KWi5. 'I'hr jiresencc of thc aircraft carriers Lexington and Saratoga gave their practU?. jiielnrwl nbcvc, a realistic war-time touch. No, the big ships.weren't used as targets thc caciets. r«i. yj hr. lu- '.icrn the of 11:; I/Ucran Treaty niih Mi:s- Ec, live; years n»o. Tills emlcci nn isittm.- blocdlr-i--, war whlen hiicl iKin existing blii. eon u\c Vatican luHi tii^'Q:jir;n:il-- tile place of Ihi' iluHi.n Kiri; 1370. When the ItaHun armies enter-;;! Roini; a!i;i made }!:il city ihe c.ipital ol l::e kingdom. aYnrivrd tli. 1 p.^v n ills st.imiiui; as .1 temporal n:br. Uie Ihen Pmiiin mndi- ;:im.<elf a vcJuuttvi- piisoiirr in th-.' Valiran All of.l.-i:il r:'.a!iou.s brtwmi him and t:-; Kin-; coawl. KVLTV P wlu oiler. fc!;o-,-,e,1 tiie ^ Grcylioimcl Tunis Bird \)w< >••«>" \ - 1. li-!Lu:y sV, dtiio. v.n Has-. Painl C.-.H1- U the Cast" ten mile's away, wl I-'c;;o i?. t\kii:g his rest. Ho .: n~ ir.iule hh'.urv by b^int; tl:c fiii'. po:iti!r lo cio 'a ?rcat mr-.ny nji-tc-dnto liiin-rs. Snlvj; P;ip ;1 l Firsts »e is \\K i\rs - . Pop;, whn frx Lo:iJon Ireni ;;-.-> t 0 ., 0 ( ., blls _ this omuriu;. v.-lien in- was aVr.i- ple Moi^iijiioT doing library 10- searrh wnri; in t.Tiidou. 113 -,vp] at.O^for.l rnd Mnnc.-csicr He is the firs; Pope ever jci have special T.-ilvfy train <vlrrh runs irom hii o\vu railway stiiioii his o'A-n Ii; L» i.ii:v..iy'tr.'.ck vithiii "= is rt'o fir-;' Pap:- \c, tr.jke us of-a pvlvsb r; ton;.:;i::c -.-.-.-i.-li h -hi'5; o;vn provverly. He K the j,rs;'po;>; with hi, owr broa<!castir,~ station from'n-riich IK has npo'scu ;o all t!io uorld He i? t':c lira Pop? even to >av ( gtwn a r2c?p'.:cri to .il; the rrrro- K-ntatives cf the press -coy-"!non-.o av.d the Va:i:r=n : 0 r th ncs=i)ap^rs of the whole v.-o-!-i And he ii ths first Pop: evc-r t have inrllcd t::c diplomats, ropre- FOnting ail the modern world, 'o : lunclx-cn pirly. He. of coare? d ; n not sit wi.h th'.m at meal, as h- csts abuf, b:ic lie n-.ius'.ed wit!) -lii$ rue;*s attji-wards. S.f.OO Farmers Attend School COLLEGE STATION. Tex.-(UP) —More than 5.000 Texas- farmers and fiirm WOIHE-H. the largest number ev;r to attend tr.c annual short coittsc at Texai A. & M. College, were enrolled when the .school opened here recently. Wood shaving, not the malerial used to NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. <UPI, --Tlnce grains of white corn in a buckskin iKiuch will be the Indian invitation in President Roosevelt to attend the Fonr-Xntion celebration here Scot. 3 to G. I „ , ' Twelve Tnscar'oia braves arc (o I If P lac «' relay the invitation on fool 4Ml cf>sc ,- e " Br milrs acrnss three slates, Kort Niagara to the White House, j uixin the completion of 'the Hrcsi- j dent's Pacific cruise. i Of the 40 volunteers for what is [ believed to be the longest 11011- jslop rim by Indian couriers on record, 20 of lh?m have been 'eliminated by' medical examination. France. Canada, England and Ihc United Stales will participate in thr- celebration. • Water for Kew Gardens ] Tolal 1933 milk; production at LONDON (UP) — KIW Gardens, the United States has been esti- the .IC.M famous gardens in the mated at 105,135.000,000 pounds, world, filled with many rare anUj- pi-L-cious plants, tequir;>s 2.C5C.OOO ] ' " """'' '" """"'•'| exleiuiive collet- perils ol the l.r f endup in the w.ll .naintam Uieir f ,. om ', quality bellcr. C'linvdi-d Jail Helped Pikontrs CA.MUKN. N. J. (UP) - - Ov;r- T.vuli'd conditions in the Camden Jiiil recently proved a boon to 20 at •>'< pi isoner:; arrested on drunk and disorderly charges. The score ol men we re-released because lliere ''l tuo!n In the jail for them.; Brides are crowned ivllli a gar- i land of wormwood by Russian i>eas- is considered grand larceny to'ants, to denote the trials nud blt- a postage stamp. ( | teniess .of marriase. H SHOE SHOP Arro^F, the Street From Roxy 'Ihcntre High shoe repaiiin^ v;Hh the l^tc,st tv|3C machineij- nnd quality tmlnial. We Are As Near You As Your Telephone Fi'cr cull fnr f, r . (trlivnvy rprvkT Paul llargrnv^ - H. li. Campbell VACUUM CLiAI^R, Don't Fitrfjet Caudill ? s Agency General Insurance fboue 7t7 • b:):?r that it increased l!n content of m:lk led to tin g- cf. Ihe b;;t! r :ciip: it grows -"::. . : -.- '; cs', of food to i fivi;ij gets tiresome, the r.w shown above turns hilch- . A ?V'W;iv greylic-»m\ ol Uic Drcinoh. N. J.. Kennel Club, carries the perch. 2 Island Named For Famed Publisher CAMDEN. Me. i UP) — Tile Inte G'in:s H. K. Curtis, publisher and pliifonlhropist, Ins an island mined Icr him in his n.Uivo Maim-. The government changed, the name ol Nc?vo Island lo Cur'.s Is- l.uid. )!is daughter, Mr- 1 Mar> Loui?? Bck. ;:as \t',!\c?.3 a kro- ; tablet on tile li?iithoiije tii:-rc. . . ' • -" 'l-.-is. H k said '• - : . "- ' . : ?r:;i£ls in some Mtlicus (it Uio country. In China, lic-tii cots and d.;ga are pickled wlio'.q nnd then eaten. Rend Courier News \Vant Adc. -.!.- .. , Benjamin Franklin Invented , "armonicn," a c.ililnet containing a K-rics of gla.w bo»-ls capable of glv- ig forth t!:e note* o! the scalp. Ti'.e original iiisi.nnneiu is in the PranV- lln IiB'.ilule, Philadelphia. ^ MILEAGE that counts As low as Missouri <J;is anil yon r I n \ money slays in Arkansas. STANDARD KSSOI.KNK (;AS ---,-] Usiinr STANDARD (Ijifolino from Terry's Service Slalion you get the utmost in motor fuel economy Standard Gasolino jcoes farther and our prices are low 13k MANSFIELD TIRES At Mail Order Prices TERRY SERVICE STATION Highway 01 - - State Line • - On the Arkansas Side BABES •" WOODS WE NEVER grow so old that we do not recall our childhood concern as we thought of what might have happened to ihe two storybook children who wandered aimlessly into the forest and became lost. We never grow so wise that we can walk blindly into the marts of trade and straightway find the shoes, car, ham, cleaner, rug, antiseptic or what-not that best fits our individual need, iancy or pocketbook. Without a dependable buying guide we are all Babes in the Woods...lost when it comes to judging qualities, values or styles. "Know the reputation of the store," is one rule. "Know the reputation of the product and its manufacturer," is another. The two together make wise selection doubly certain. You can form a very reliable estimate of thc stores which ad' vertise consistently. So also of manufacturers. Only sound merchandise, attractively priced, can continue to repay, the retailer or the manufacturer for his advertising outlay. If he can risk the money it costs him to teli you about his goods,: you can be reasonably sure that your path through the woods will lead to the best values for your buying dollars, The advertising ixiyes are the fKttlnvay to Highest Quality and Lowest Prices.

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