Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 19, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1895
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VOL. XX, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 19, 1895. NO. 93. HIS LIFE IN PERIL. Discovered Plans for the Assassination of the French President. To Be Accomplished on His Visit to Havre—He Arrives There Safe- ! ly, Closely Guarded. . i er Majesty's Corset %j j Best in the World. It (jives us great pleasure to inform you that the Princess of Wales Co., manufactures of HER MAJESTY'S CORSET, will have at our store on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, .April 15,16,17,18,19and20tlk, MISS ALCUTT, One of their EXPERT FITTERS, for the purpose of explaining to .'.Ladles tho many merits of Her Majesty's Corset, and the reason why it ia superior to any other Corset made in. tho World, We have a fitting, room prepared and it will give Miss Aloutt great pleasure to try upon all those Ladies who wish it, a pair of HER MAJESTY'S CORSETS, thus illustration without douat, that they will give the most Porfe »t Satisfaction aad Croats a MagniQeent Figure, We trust tbat all Ladies will avail themselves of this <3rand Opportunity to learn what a Perfect Pitting Corset really'is. Wo desire it distinctly understood that Ladies will not be expected to purchase a Corset if they do not desire to do so after a fitting 1 is made. Yours Truly, Wiler &. Wise, Sole Agents for Logansport. /1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! .And we feel justly proud ia the success of our untiring -efforts which enable us to f how yoi; this season the Latest, Moat Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. PARIS, April 18.— The Petit Journal announces that it has good authority for stating that the prefecture of police has detailed a number of detectives to investigate an anarchist plot the ob-- ject of which is or was to assassinate lil. Faur'e, the president of the.repub- lic, during the fetes at Havre in horiof of his visit to that city. .. i President Faure represented one of the districts of Havre m the 'chamber of deputies previous to his clectiori'to the chief magistracy of the 1 republic.; The president is also a ship owner of Havre and a member of its chamber of commerce, of which body he.wasior- murly president. During the Franco-Prussian war he commanded a battalion of volunteers from Havre and led them to Paris, where he took part in the suppression of th". commune. Naturally tho inhabitants of Havre have been looking forward to the president's visit to their city with considerable pleasure and a number of elaborate fetes have been organized in order to show the esteem in which he is held in his electorate. IViitchlne tho Would-Be AtHnnsIn. According to the Petit Journal an anarchist known as "Petit Bordeaux," a man of a type similar to Casero, the murderer of President Carnot, and Ruvachol, the anarchist who was executed after havinc" been convicted ol being concerned in dynamite outrages, left London recently on his way to Havre in order to assassinate President Faure. Petit Bordeaux, who is a deserter from the, French army, was watched by the London, police and by the French detectives detailed to keep an eye on anarchists in London. Consequently his departure from London was promptly signaled to the police of Paris and of Havre. The authorities of these two cities and elsewhere are taking the most active precautions in order to protect the president from injury. Infernnl MnclLinc* Discovered. Whether the story is true it would seem certain at least that the anarchists have recommenced operations, for two infernal machines were found in this city Wednesday. The first was found in the Rue St. Simon and contained a number of loaded cartridges: 'the second was found on the Esplanade des luvalides and consisted of a cylinder charged with dynamite. The President Arrive.4 at H;ivr«. HAVKE, April IS.—President; Faure arrived here Thursday from Rouen and was enthusiastically cheered, At the prefecture the -president, cor- • dially received the officers of the British warship Australia,.specially sent to represent Great Britain in recognition of the French courtesies extended to Queen Victoria during her stay in the eouth of .France, President Faure drove from this villa to the subprefecture Thursday morn-' ing amid the cheers of the crowds of citizens who lined the route. At the subprefecture the .president received the local arid government otlicials and foreign consuls. LAID AWAY. •em*lng of Jmmei W. Scott Placed IB Their Lm»t Reitlng Place. CHICAGO, April IS.—Not since the remains of Carter Harrison were consigned to earth has there been so much public in teresksho wn in a funeral as was manifested at the last services over the body of James W. Scott, late proprietor of the Chicago Times-Herald and Evening Post, Thursday morning. The ceremonial took place at St. James Episcopal church at 11 o'clock. Representatives of all the numerous clubs of which Mr. Scott was a member, alone made an assemblage almost big enough to comfortably fill the large house, and hundreds of persons were< unable to gain admission. The listof active pall-bearers was made tip of old employes of the papers to the acquirement of which the deceased had given the best part of his life. The honorary pall bearers were taken, ••from the ra.iiKs of men who are prominent in ' public life. Rev. Ernest M. Stii-cs, rector of Grace church, conducted the services, and Rev. Frank W. Gunsaulus made an address, in which the public spirit and sterling qualities of the dead man were •lauded. As the funeral cortege passed the church the chimes rang out the music of several hymns. The burial was private in the family lot at, Graceland. Besides nearly every club of any importance in Chicago, numerous other organizations sent delegations to the funeral, among them being the elks, and the Chicago Typographical union. Great crowds lined the line of march of the funeral procession, which was one of the long' est ever seen in this city. ON THE UP GRADE. SIMPLY DEVILISH. Awful Treatment Keceived By an Aged Lady at Hands of Bobbers. In Their Greed for Gold They Devise Horrible Means of Torture —They Secure Only $23. HOOSIER News Briefly Told 'from Various Towns in Indiana. Standard'* Trite for Crude Petroleum L*Iuc«tl tit S2.GO. PrrrsnuRGJi, Pa., April 18.—There was a crowd of eager and excited people in the lobby of the stock and oil ex- change.when the gonp sounded Thursday morning. The disastrous break in _ oil from a t Le Bouf station, and a fight CORRV, Pa., April IS.—Xev,s of one of the most horrible outrages ever perpetrated in this county has readied here. At a farmhouse 0 miles west of here old Mrs. HauJilian, aged S5 years, lies at the. point of death from injuries received early Tuesday moruing. One part of the house in which she lives is occupied bj- a. family na.med Calahan. Shortly after 12 o'clock Tuesday night three masked men entered the house and demanded Mrs. llanlihan's money. The old lady protested that she had nonu, whereupon the rnllians assailed her and choked the poor old woman almost to death. The family in the rcur part, of the house had by this time been awakened and interfered in behnlf of the old lady, but were frightened into submission. The fiends then took a lighted lamp and Set her hair on lire burning- her neck, face and head in a terrible manner. One of the brutes the:i criminally assaulted the uu- fortnuate old lady. In the meantime the other two searched the house, securing about §23 in money. While this dastardly work was progressing one of the Calaha.n family managed to escape from the house and the neighborhood was soon aroused. The masked robbers by this time made their escape, tiring their revolvers as they ran away. The old lady, was found almost dead, her hair burned from off her head, her teeth knocked out and several ribs broken. .About two hours later the robbers appeared at the-house of Tom Moore, See The Specialists For CHronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that has given wonderful results. Don't forget that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Lang Troubles gets the remedies to the diseased spots and cores when everything else fails. Call acd investigate anyway. It costs you k .nothing for consultation. ; x . , Drs. Cnristoplier & Longenecker, AtiThe Medical .and Surglcalilnstimte. 417 Markets*. - - Logansport.Ind, THE BIG CANAL. Opening of Seventottu Mllel of tho Hennepin Watorwuv. DAVENPORT, Ia., April 18.—Two hundred and fifty business men from Davenport and Rock Island and Moline, 111., jourueyed by boat 7 miles up the Hennepin canal Wednesday afternoon to congratulate Capt. Marshall, chief of enpineers and themselves upon the formal opening 1 of the west IT miles of the Hennepin canal completed last 1 fall. The locks worked in perfect shape. Before the season is far advanced it is expected that larpe barge lines for conveying 1 coal from the mines along its banks to this city will be in active operation on the canaL S»j He Cied Uynmmlte. HOUQHTON, Mich., April 18.—Charles tJ]rich, for seven years emploj'ed at the Hancock chemical works at Dollar Bay, was arrested Thursday, charged with blowing up the works and.caus* ing the death of Dominick Christiana Warch 15. Ulrich's wages were reduced shortly before the explosion and considerable jealousy is said to have existed between Dlrich and Christiana. 82.62 to 32.17 at the close Wednesday Jiad so staggered brokers that they 'were prepared for anything to-day,'but the surprise, was an agreeable one to holders of certificates, for the opening quotation was S2.25 and this was immediately followed by a Sille at §2.40, an advance of 23 points over Wednesday's closiujr. From this it sold down to S'J.37><; and at 10:30 was quoted at §2:41 bid. . The Standard 'again raised its price Thursday morning, but only 10 cents. It now stands at £2.GO, and for •&£ first time since the boom struck the market the exchange price is below the Standard's,. Kcports from all the fields indicate that there is no cessation in activity and the prospecting, for now territory goes on with unabated zeal. From 30:30 o^clqck until noon the oil marli~et~was quite active'and it has now nearly recovered from the big break of Wednesday. The highest poiutreached Thursday forenoon was S2.57 and the lowest §3.3!i. '. At noon oil was quoted at 52.55 bid. Speculators are getting over their scare of Wednesday and are gaining confidence. Tile activity in tlie oil market is having-a stimulating effect on local securities. Philadelphia gas, Westinghouse nnd other local stocks went up Thursday morning-. STOPPED BY BRITISH WARSHIP. Boston, Over- ensued in which Moore was probably fatally injured. At Moore's house the bandits secured §J(j and made their departure. The whole country is up in arms, but no trace of the robbers has, as yet, been found. INCOME TAX RETURNS. Two Floon Fall *t a Funci-al. MTTNCIE, Ind., April 18.—At the funeral of Mrs. Edward Ethel. Wednesday afternoon at the family residence •;on South Jefferson street "two floors collapsed under the unusually heavy weight. Soon after Hector Grannu»- began his discourse there was a noticeable cracking under the door- in the larger parlor. Before the . people could get out the joist had'. broken loose and tho lloor dropped fc distance of 3 feet. Some men stand- injr near the casket prevented it froin".' falling over. The windows were open and the people wade a rush for them, > while some of thy women fainted and -• fell helpless to the lloor. Quickly fol- '•( lowing this came a crash from the ad- . joining room and that lloor also fell. ' Fortunately no one was seriously hurt by either collapse. The pallbearers-':'.' carried the remains to tho home of tlio ..• bereaved young husband's parents, »"'.' square away, and the service was com- .• pletod thero. l'tmr-(Vnl Conr.rllmt.loii* .Are Few. ,• ' AXDKKSON. Ind., April IS.—Sunday : was the day for every mini, woman, i and child in tho United States to do- ,'-J nate ;four cents to Trunuin Stewart's ... : t 1'rovideiice colony plan. As yet but . • S?l.. r >0 has been received, lie is not dis- '.' couraged, however, ami is- confident of occupying the tract of land he has ia Tennessee not later than September 1. -,'• He is getting hundreds of letters mak- . ; ; icg all kinds of inquiries. He will ig- ,.•' sue another proclamatiou asking an- .-..'-.< other four-cent contribution. The land .1 he has under contract is in eastern . ; Tennessee, and is large enough to oc- . , conimodalc the 5.000 people he pro-.;'•.-'. poses to take with him. At present it .";."•.•' is tlie property of a Chicago mn.u named „. Firmer. ..-.-; Serioua Riot In Vienna. VIENNA, April 18.—A serious riot occurred here Thursday between a number of brick carriers and a crowd of striking brickinakers. • The latter, were the aggressors, attacking the carriers with bricks. The police, using their side arms, finaDy quelled the disturbance, but not Qutil'after fifteen men had been wounded. • To Command JIu\ra}i'» Arnjy. " WASHINGTON, April., IS.—E.. H. Mc- Itean, an ex-nuvul officer, has been ap-, pointed to command the army of Ba- waii, with the rank, -pay -and allowances of a colonel in the Unfted States armj\ He graduated from the naval academy in 1S72 and honorably returned after an excellent record tn 18SS. ' titcntuer Barnntuhlr, from hauled ofT Grtiad I XEW YOKK, April is.—A special from Kingston, Jamaica, to the Herald, says: A strange report h;is been received here. It is said thakjfche steamer JJarnstable, from Bosto^'for Port Antonio, was fired on off Grand In- agne by the British cruiser Canada.. It is said the Barnstable stopped and was boarded by British officers. Xo reason was given for this action and none of the details have been received. NEW YORK, April 18.—A Boston dispatch says: The steamer Barnstable, which it is reported was overhauled and boarded by the British ship Canada., is itself a British craft, leased by the Boston Fruit company for their West Indies trade. She left Boston for Port Antonio April 8 and was probably on her return trip when intercepted. . Another Counterfeit. WASIUNGTOJT, April 18.—The secret service officials have discovered a new counterfeit five dollar national bank note. It is on the Blackstone Canal national bank of Providence, K. I., 'check letter B, series of 1S02; A. W. Wyman, treasurer; B. K. Bruce, register; charter Xo. 1,131, bank Xo. 182, treasury JS T o. E 12027099, portrait of Garfield. £arthqnuke ID Connecticut. jS'EW LONDON, Conn., April IS. — A ; slight earthquake disturbed the town of Moodus, and volcanic action caused the old mountain to rock again, as it has a half dozen times the last century. Some of the morn timid of the inhabitants ran from their houses. Over it HunUroiJ ThouK;tm! rvritont* Have Keported to the Coll ( octorit. WASHINGTON", April JS.—From advices received at the office of the commissioner of internal revenue it is beliex'ed that about 110,000 persons have filed income tax returns with"district-col- lectbrs.' Earlier indications gave good basis for the expectation that between 250,000 and .'100,000 returns would be filed. Over 000,000 blanks were sent out. The decision of the supreme court is responsible fqr the shrinkage. Possibly 10 or 15 per cunt of the 110,000 persons making returns will be exempt from payment of taxes. The law requires reports on incomes above 53,500, but taxation begins at the 54,000 mark. The sections of country containing cities of the third class and of less importance send in returns from about 1 in every SOO to 1,000 inhabitants. In some of the richer communities the ratio runs down to 100 to 1. The number, of actual payers of income tax will I probably approximate 100,000, o.nd at S100 each, which is considered a very liberal estimate under existing conditions, the total revenue to be .derived from tuat source will not exceed S10,- 000,000. If it is 75 per cent, of §10,000,000 the government wjll be fortunate. Wo»t of the Depreitlou Over. NEW YonK, April 18.—Agents of the great transportation companies which have termini in this city, and wholesale merchants who collect and distribute th; thousand and one finished products of industry from this center, have lately become sanguine that the worst of the long depression is over, and that from this time forward the general trade of the country will show a continuous improvement in volume. l.ulhi'raui* HI, AnUiHimpollK. IxniANAi'oi.is. Ind., April is.—Miuis- tevs and laymen members of the German Evangelical Lutheran church began their thirty-second annual district synod here Wednesday. Kev. II. G. Sohan, who is president of the thirteen districts of the church in the United States, preached the first sermon. Over 200 Lutheran congregations aro represented in tlie synod. The officers are: President, Rev. .1. 11. I\ie- man, of Cleveland, O.; vice president, Kev. G. Schumm, of Lafayette; secretary, Rev. William Broecker, of Kendallville; treasurer, C. A. Kampc, of Fort Wayne. To Siccurc ii I'rlHon. LA PORTE, Ind., April is.—A telegram from Attorney General Kctcfiam says ' that proceedings will be begun in the. La Porte circuit c6urt this week to secure possession of the northern Indian* prison. Mr. Ketcham represents Charles llarley, the republican warden-elect, whose credentials are attested by the. state officials. The board of directors , named by Gov. Matthews rcelccted James W. French, the present warden, who will contest in the courts the act of the legislature that brought abopt : his removal. -. " " *-' Receiver for Waterworks. i 1< INDIANAPOLIS, Jnd., April 18.—Upott the complaint of the Knickerbocker Trust company of Sew York .Judge Baker, of the federal court, appointed Frank Knuckles receiver of the waterworks plant at Shelbyville and Warsaw. Knuckles was manager of tho Shelbyville plant. A default in the interest on S2G3,000 worth of bonds wa» the basis for the complaint upon. which the receiver was appointed. Vermont Knocked. BCIU.INGTON, Vt, April IS.—A severe shock'of earthquake was felt here at 11:20 a. m. Buildings and their contents were-shaken, but there was no serious damage.; a Forbidden l>uxary. ELGIN, 111, April 13. — The Kane county board .of. supervisors unanimously voted to aid no families that keep dogs. SiiiJi, Door nnd IHInd Trust. CHICAGO, April 18.—The old sash, door and blind trust has been revived on a stronger foundation than ever before. Wednesday it held its first meeting at the Auditorium- It is said that 39 leading manufacturers, representing 1 90 per cent, of the sash, door and blind output of the Onited States, have joined the combination. Henry Paine, the Oshkosh manufacturer, was made permanent chairman. "Av«race" Verdict* Illegal. MOUNT PLEASANT, la., April 18.—A new trial was granted in a case by Judge Eichelberger on the ground that the verdict was a, "quotient" verdict, and therefore illegal. The jurymen differed as to the umonnt of. damages to allow. • Accord ingly each one voted what he considered rigli I. These sums were added up and the total divided by twelve, and this sum returned as the verdict. Sci»mlc'DI«turbnncc ia Oacbec. MONTBEAL. Que., April 18.—An earthquake shock lasting about fifteen seconds was felt here. It did no damage. The shock was experienced all through • the eastern townships of Quebec. . . Ontario Parliament Opened. OTTAWA, Ont, April IS.—The fifth session of the seventh parliament of the ; dominion was formally opened at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon by Go»- ernor General Lord Aberdeen. GuJJt.j- of Murder. SUKLBURN, Ind.,' April ]g. — John Esra, the slayer of Solomon Finkstein, of Terre Haute, at Jackson Hill January 28. was arraigned before the Sullivan circuit court Tuesday. The jury returned a verdict of guilty of murder in the second degree and sentenced him to imprisonment for life. nind of Old Age. W ABASH, Ind., April 18.—Mrs, Harriet Fisher, widow of lion. Stearns Fisher, for many years one of the foremost citizens of Indiana, died in this city Wednesday of old ape. Mrs. Fisher was born in Rutland.Vt, December 29. 1809. A JSarrow Eteape. JEFPERSONVII.LE. Ind., April 18.—John and William Snyder and William Grant, of this city, were carried in a skiff over the wing dam at the bead of the rapids, and were saved from drowning by the life-savers at tbat point. To Drill m GM Well. ANDERSON, Ind., April 18.—Maj. T. ' Doxey. of this city, is at the Lcad'of »' syndicate that intends to drill a ga» well 3.500 .feet to see what is under . Anderson. The deepest well in ,tb« gas belt is 050 feet Her IfeKjy Arrireit. Ind., April IS.—Tae body of Mis* Xellie Gochler, who died at Marseilles. France, while attending an. academy, has arrived in this city. Shi was the daughter of Daniel Goehler.^ SEDALIA, Mo.. April 13.—The stock• hoiders of the suspended First national bank have decided to resist the payment or the 73 per cent, assessment ordered to be paid by Comptroller-of the Currency Eckels prior to M»y 1* next. . '

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