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St. Joseph, Missouri
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hillip Johnson, 32, wa hotpltalizod in Prestonburg, Kentucky, in December with a gunshot wound just above is left nipple, which he inflicted upon himself because, as he told paramedics, i he wanted to see what It felt like. When the paramedics arrived, said the sheriff, they found him "screaming about the pain, over and over." A2 St. Joskph (Mo.) Nf.vvs-Prkss VVkonksday, February 19, vwi -Its your call VGclih!" Bne 364-6464 Weather. 2500 Roads. 5555- AGxE By CHUCK SHEPHERD YESTERDAY'S TEMPERATURES i- Northeasterly winds at 10 to 20 mnh York TODAY Southeasterly winds at 10 to 1 5 mph FRIDAY A 40 chance of ram or snow "l9rl: 42 31 43 23 Low: SATURDAY Variably cloudy skies Low: SUNDAY Partly I cloudy skies niyn.

44 22 LOW. umEMSSMm EL andpr High: 46 FJUHWUWI TUI IDCDA Prw3 E3 kszsssezzsess VflSlprrtH' itio flnf tO iPTWrnliKfi fliU' In hmin BfifUnc I-' tnn.irit iaf: Manhnrtflr ninstiiirt Wi-niH fif 5." fir 2E1 Sirwral vesieray 0 0 Siwral to- rie mDntr- 2 5 Sirwtal D-ne season 17 0 YESTERDAY TOMY TOMORROW OTY HI L0 PRC Ml 10 SKY Hi LO SKY Albuquerque 60 35 00 50 34 52 32 pc Anchorage ...30 38 00 34 26 pc 29 22 pc Atlanta 68 37 00 72 48 pc 65 51 Baltimore 63 26 .00 68 34 pc 5840pc Brgs 47 30 .00 53 32 45 33 pc Bismarck 41 21 00 38 11 pc 42 26 pc Boise 48 26 00 49 37 45 27 Boston 51 29 .00 58 39 pc 46 33 pc Charlotte 63 32 00 74 42 69 48 Cheyenne ,43 30.00 5022pc 4629pc Chicago 55 42 .00 42 38 51 28 Cronnati 64 43 00 53 45 54 30 Cleveand 57 39 .00 50 43 49 28 pc Dallas 67 50 .00 M) 55 ts 64 52 ts Denver 58 31 .00 50 23 pc 46 27 pc Des Moines 59 46 .00 40 32 pc 42 24 sn Detroit 55 33 00 46 26 42 39 Paso 69 53 00 54 45 54 38 pc Fargo 29 19 .00 27 6 pc 35 23 pc Honolulu 82 74 82 72 pc 81 70 pc Houston 73 45 .00 68 62 ts 69 56 ts InAanapols 64 45 00 51 44 53 33 JaCKsonvitle 71 45 00 74 50 pc 78 54 Las Vegas 67 55 00 68 44 70 44 Leiongton 64 40 00 61 46 58 40pc losAnqees 81 49 00 79 48 81 50 Miamt Beach 75 70 11 82 71 pc 80 72 pc MplsSt Paul 42 31 .00 30 21 pc 34 18 New Orleans 72 44 .00 73 56 74 59 New York 56 34 .00 56 43 50 37 Oklahoma City 65 47 .00 53 47 ts 51 43 ts Omaha 61 39 00 26 I 40 30 sn OnanOc 78 53 00 80 59 pc 81 63 pc PhaoeBhia .55 31 00 6235pc 54 38 Phoenix 67 51 OC 70 50 70 49 Pittsburgh ..58 31 00 58 41 46 32 pc re 52 42 02 53 45 52 39 Sacramento 66 46 65 43 pc 67 41 Salt Lake City 4632 4CS26pc San Diego 65 53 7C 19 73 51 San Francisco 59 46 66 47 pc 67 46 Seattle 45 42 13 50 44 49 37 Soux Fafc 40 27 00 34 15 38 22 pc Tampa. 81 53 81 59 pc 83 64 pc Tucson. Anz 63 50 63 40 pc 70 40 Wasfirvjon.DC 63 34 68 39 pc 59 43 Ottumwa 4431 r- Kirksvttlt jl 46A33 I Metropolis bound Someone commented that St. Joe should get off its duff and "get the prison they're talking "about in the paper.

First of all, they don't want to do that here because next thing you'll know they'll be paying S8 or $10 an hour. Then everyone won't be able to hire good help for $6 an hour. Second thing, we'd be a pro- gressive, growing city like ZZ Cameron. They've smoked us for "years. 1 predict 20 years from "now St.

Joe will be a little bitty town and Cameron will be the thriving metropolis of North-lowest Missouri. mm Where did channel go? I was wondering what happened to Country Music Television on Channel 24? It's now Great American Country and I particularly don't like the new one. The old one had the countdown and different programs. This one is just straight music. Jailhouse thoughts There were two very different articles in Sunday's paper about prisons one in Japan where the prison is a deterrent and obviously works, the other about the Maryville treatment center.

which is obviously a liberal way of allocating money for the college experiment. Resident on refs 71 I was reading "It's Your Call" in Sunday's paper and would like to comment on "Foul play" and "Rough on the refs." The people in Wathena are raising cane about the refereeing. I live in St. Joe. and I have for the last six years.

I was born and raised in Wathena. went to Wathena High School and went to a lot of basil ketball and football games. Every time Wathena didn't win. it was always the referees fault. Where's the money going? In the near future, the bond issue is going to be brought up I for the St.

Joseph School Dis- trict. I was wondering if the dis- trict is going to print in the paper where ail the money is going and what for. I'm just curi-" ous to see if this will happen. I would like to see what schools are getting what. Are the rich schools going to get all the money again? What goes up comes down tl Three things strike me as odd about the natural gas price increase.

No. 1. the increase never occurred until the highest- use month. No. 2, it was virtually unannounced, leaving no time to protest through legal means.

No. 3, temperature goes up. the price r- goes down. Perhaps investigation of possi-M ble scandal should not be limited to the White House. Take a bow I would like to thank all of our volunteer basketball coaches.

Teaching kids how to play bas-I ketball and how to win and how to accept defeat, while at the same time making sure they all have fun is not an easy job. With some teams having 15 to I' 16 players and some kids not get-I ting to play at all because of lack of coaches, more volunteers would be appreciated. Two timing? Z'. I didn't think the judicial sys-tem in the United States could try a person for the same crime twice, but it looks like that's 5' what they did to O.J. Simpson.

If he was declared innocent in the Z', first trial how can they have Readings at News Press vary from official tempot) recorded Uy National Weather Service Midnight rva 10 am 1 a rva 11 a g-, 2am rva 12 noon 3am a 1pm 52 4am rva 2 53 5am p. a 3pm 1 6am nj 4pm (,) 7am na 5pm 8am rva 6 511 9am 57 7pm Maximum winds yesterday: SW at 25 mjh TEMPERATURES THIS DATE Record Temp Year Hin 76 '330 I. -10 19T8 Normal H'pi-. 43 LO 22 PRECIPITATION VM-i-sr tc 6 0 05 Normal Actjal fy Tontt- to date 0 56. 0 $1 ea' tc date 1 55 0 85 SCHL TEMPERATURE al 2" level 37 County fitensjon CVh- BAROMETER LIVESTOCK STRESS INDEX Her RIVER BULLETIN Flood Missouri River Stage Omana 29 ft '6 5rt Nebraska City 18tt 5 Rulo 1 7 ft 104! St Joseph 17 ft 93 ft Atchison 22 ft 12 ft Kansas City 32 ft 12 8 ft Platte River Agency 20 ft 7 8 ft Grand River Chillicothe 24 ft 6 0 ft Gavins Point Release 30 000 orts LAKE BULLETIN Normai Current Lake of the Ozarks 655 ft 654 3 ft Artist: Caleb Gi'gour Age: 11 Parents: Ma'Cia ar-3 G-'gcur School: Ham-ttsf ViJ.e Scroo.

What's UP TODAY The Platte County R-3 Booster Club will meet at 7 p.m. in the Platte County R-3 High School home economics room. All members are encouraged to attend. Dylan Pritchett will host story-time at St. Francis Xavier School.

Preschoolers through third-graders will be entertained at 1 p.m. while students in grades four through eight will enjoy the stories from African and American folklore at 2 p.m. The Allied Arts Council will salute Black History Month with Dylan Pritchett. For more information, call (816) 233-0231. THURSDAY To help increase council awareness of University Extension programming efforts across the state, the first in a series of satellite programs will be at 7:30 p.m.

at Buchanan County University Extension Center. For more information, call Joe Lear at (816) 279-1691. The Boys Choir of Harlem will perform at Northwest Missouri State University. For more information, call (816) 562-1212. A Rape Crisis Training will be from 6 to 9 p.m.

at the YWCA. 3p4 N. 8th. Anyone interested in the training should call Leslie Crockett at (816) 232-4481. FRIDAY The Arising Stars Gymnastic Center will host the fourth annii al "Pony Exnress Gvmnastic Challenge" and "Tumble Mania" beginning at 6:30 tonight and continuing until Sunday at the! Civic Arena.

Jiuklki I i 271-8837; Want to share an idea or opinion? You can do so anonymously, but all remarks are subject to editing. commenting on the article "In the bag." I'm tired of all the black Americans who are complaining about being repressed. If anyone has a complaint, they either need to go back to their homeland or just consider themselves Americans. There are black Americans, Asian-Americans I'm just tired of hearing it. another trial and make him pay for a crime? Borrow building Attention to all! Now that the state is considering building a good-sized prison, let's all get in touch with our congressmen and all of our state representatives, our city officials, and anybody else so that we can get a push.

A good place which we could use for a prison is the old Sherwood building out by the airport or the former packing house down in the south end. That would be two places that are already there. Maybe we could offer them that. Fit or fat? I'm calling about the person who thinks it should be up to the firemen and the police to be fit on their own. When they work a 24-hour shift or a 10-hour shift and they have a family and lots of them have a second job to support this family, how and at what point are they supposed to get the physical exercise? When the man who is fighting a fire or chasing a suspect on foot cannot keep up because he is out of breath or out of shape, and it's your car that they've hijacked or your home that's on fire and they can't get up the steps, are you telling me it's OK then? That they're out of shape because you didn't want to pay for their physical fitness.

It's OK to cast the stone until it's your home that's burning or your car that is being hijacked. Is it a sandwich? Is a hot dog a sandwich? I say yes because it is meat and bread, with the exception of condiments. I am in a dispute with several of my friends, few of which see it my way and a few see it the other way. I'd like to have some help resolving this issue. How to subscribe Call 271-8600 earner service rates: Dairy: (plus tax) Weekend: $9.

00 month (plus tax) Sunday: $6month (pJus taxj How to place an ad To place a classified ad, call 271-8666 For a display ad, call 271-8527 No paper? If you haven't received your newspaper by 6:30 a.m.. call 271-8600 or 800-779397 rf you Irve out of the city. Circulation office hours are 4 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily: 4 a.m.

to Noon on weekends and holidays. The News-Press wishes to thank the St. Joseph Museum for the use of the Pony Express nder image. T-Swrai Rw Sao lea FH 39 S3 740? E2 5i mmumm Yesterday gn ana ic tefwatuTw ana peculation 10 24 hours encJ Girardeau 65 40 Krtsviie 5" Columbia 68 47 SeJaW 56 Maryville na na na Spnnqiec 6" 4f Jett City 68 52 St Josesr 6: ST Kansas City 64 53 St Lous a'iaSiMaafc? 1 THE SUN UV Index 2 THE MOON Feb. 22 March 2 March 6 Ma'cn 1 Topeka 4942 Emporia 4943 Dill opportunities in Egypt.

The king and Mubarak met alone and with ministers while their wives got together elsewhere in the morning. Then all four headed off to see the ancient pyramids at Giza and the 14th-century Sultan Hassan mosque. During their visit, the royals also plan to open a library at the Spanish Cultural Center and visit a Spanish-funded restoration program at Egypt's National Library. QuirttessentiaHy critical Film critic Michael Medved has harsh words not only for bad films, but for bad film executives. Medved, speaking Monday at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, said executives in Hollywood are catering to each other and not mainstream America when they release films with dark or violent themes.

"The industry is focused on peer respect. It is full of insecure people, particularly guys who are insecure about their masculinity. They were all nerds in school," he said. Medved, author of "Hollywood vs America," said executives in Hollywood believe films with sex, violence and profanity sell better. But, he noted, PG- and G-rated films have performed better than R-rated releases during the last 20 years.

"The reason 'Star Wars' did so well is that everybody brought their kids," he said. Today's birthdays Hall-of-Fame jockey Eddie Arcaro is 81. Singer Smokey Robinson is 57. Singer Lou Christie is 54. Actor Michael Nader is 52.

Rock musician Tony tommi (Black Sabbath) is 49. Actor Jeff Daniels is 42. Talk-show host Lortanne Crook is 40. Britain's Prince Andrew is 37. Tennis Hall-of-Famer Hana Mandlikova is 35.

Singer Seal is 34. Actress Justine Bateman is 31. FROM At REfKXtTS vj 4026 raixt Itland 1. 464 Lincoln i 4475 T- Sallna I 4942 Sunse 6:01 Heating Degree Days Tuesday 7 For year to date 4261 Departure from normal tor tho season J08 Wind chill forecast tor 7 a tivt.iy JO Joseph 4634 Kansas City 4339 4) Anttn Jefferson fii 4941 Associated Press Tennis great Arthur Ashe is shown holding the Wimbledon Men's Singles Championship trophy in this 1975 photo. Ashe's name on stadium Arthur Ashe, whose name went on the trophy when he won the U.S.

Open in will now go on the tennis tournament's new stadium. The United States Tennis Association is to announce the honor this week. Daily sports columnist Mike Lupica reported Tuesday. He said the USTA considered selling the name of the stadium to a corporate sponsor but decided against it. Ashe, who died of AJDS in 1993, first played in the tournament in 1959.

The new stadium in New York will open this year. CrolumhW' 3 IP I caoudy. Mm. mc. ittnol avariatM.

pciarny cloudy. Man. --sumy ihcleet snsnow. lst-storms wwmty YESTERDAY'S EXTREMES 83 Theimal. Calif, -r Bodie.

Calif. Personalities McKeehan tops nominees Toby McKeehan. leader of Christian music trio dc Talk, was nominated Tuesday for 13 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards including one nonmu-sical honor. Among his nominations were nods for best group, artist and rock album of the year for "Jesus Freak." He also was nominated for rock, rap-hip hop, pop-contemporary and urban song of the year. McKeehan also was nominated in the music packaging category for his part in illustrating the "Jesus Freak" CD.

Steven Curtis Chapman and McKeehan's songwriting and producing partner Mark Heimer-mann had seven nominations apiece. The awards show April 24 at the Nashville (Tenn.) Arena will honor winners in 37 categories. Founded in 1964. GMA has more than 5,500 members who work in the Christian music industry', including singers, musicians, songwriters, producers and record executives. Liz checks in Elizabeth Taylor checked into a Los Angeles hospital Tuesday in preparation for surgery' to remove a benign tumor on her brain.

"She checked into the hospital this morning for tests and will remain there until after the surgery," said Maria Pignataro, publicist for the Oscar-winning actress. There was still no date for the surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Royals work, play Spain's Kin Juan Carlos and Queen Sofla mixed work and play Tuesday, meeting with President Hosni Mubarak and then going sightseeing in Cairo, Egypt Juan Carlos and a 45-member business delegation arrived Monday to discuss investment Readers ST. MSEPH NEWS-PRESS 825 Edmond St P.O. Box 29 St Joseph, MO 64502 Where to call News story or photo tdea? Call City Editor Steve Booher at 271-8583 Feature story idea? Call Lifestyles Editor Linda Wiedmaier at 271-8592 Sports story? Call Sports Editor Paul Suellentrop at 271-8558 With an amrversary, birthday, wedding or society item, call the features desk at 271-8563 Correction? Call Mr.

Booher at 271-8583 Comment or complaint? Call Executive Editor Bob linger at 271-6550 To list a calendar item, call the Qity "tack nf 171 OCO-f.

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