The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1967 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 16, 1967
Page 5
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Ascription of Courage Whenever a democracy is at war, then it follows that war is a political issue. It is perhaps the issue that the iiiiliumil administration in Washington '^ars most as the 1968 campaigns approach. On the basis of recent utterances by former Arkansas governors Sid Me- Math and Orval Faubus, the war will be a state issue, also, insfoar as it might relate to the Senate seat now held by Sen. J. W. Fulbright. :•!'•':. Mr. McMath told reporters this ; .week that Senator Fulbright's position on the Vietnamese war is not the pop. ular position to hold in Arkansas today rand is one that is not endorsed by most •.'Arkansas voters. In essence, he is right. However, by calling attention to - this fact, Mr. McMath has ascribed to Senator Fulbright a form of political courage which is rare enough. Senator Fulbright is not unaware of the tem- 'per of his constituency regarding Viet - nam or any other topic of wide interest. How much sweeter the Senator's life would be if he would desist from making waves on his Foreign Relations Committee, visit the state more frequently and generally confine his remarks to announcing new federal projects and 'lowing as how he's proud to represent Arkansas in the world's greatest deliberative body. 3, (Lettorf to tbe editor ate welcomed. They are subject to editing, however, and must be signed. Signature Kill not be printed at the request « the writer. No letters wiU be returned.) I am writing concerning Renee Edwards, the six-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Edwards, of 515 No. llth Street, Blytheville. Henee was operated on in February of 1966 and found to have cancer. Since then she has had 23 cobalt treatments and another operation May 1. Although.she has been cared for before and after her operations at St. Jude's in Memphis and also received the cobalt treatments there (St. Jude's make no charges) ttie family has been put to a tremendous expense taking her to Memphis for treatment and for the operations which cannot be per- tU Of Otic* When the safety-first senator feels constrained to go dragon hunting, his dragons are neatly lettered with words like "crime," "sin," "draft-dodging," and "communism." How different it is for Senator Fulbright, whose continuing analysis of United States foreign affairs leads him into such politically hazardous areas as new approaches to dealing with communism and the Vietnamese war. At issue here is considerably more than the Senator's attitude on a single issue (Vietnam). It seems that Arkansas has in Senator Fulbright a man whom over the past quarter cenutry the voters have had ample opportunity to know. They recognize him as a free thinker, and one who will not always reflect their thinking. However, they further recognize him as the sort of iconoclast who discomforts the comfortable and who, over the years, has attempted to use his considerable abilities in the best interest of his state and nation. Thus, there has existed for many years a reconcilliation between Senator Fulbright's global intellectualism and our own parochialism. By and large it has been a happy arrangement and doubtless most Arkansas voters continue to view it as such, however they might disagree with the Senator on the specifics. Hollywood i Highlights THANK H»YBi IT M ONIV Poui/fiuM, WOT A MUctfAR formed at St. Jude's. Mrs. Edwards was operated on in November of 1965 and was hospitalized for several weeks. Mr. Edwards was in Veterans Hospital for four months, April through July of 1965. This four months' loss of Work plus medical expenses have put the Edwards family in a severe financial strain. Mr. Edwards is a good working, and steady man who is always on the job and uses his earnings for no other expenses than to care for his family. If you could see your way clear to write an editorial concerning this child, I personally would be very grateful to you. Yours truly, Waldo Cotner Archaic Those who think that the State Constitution written in 1874 is sufficient as it is should take a little time to read it. For example, Secton 2 in Article XIX reads: "No person who may hereafter fight a duel assist in the same as second or send, accept, or knowingly carry a challenge therefore shall hold any office in the State for a period of ten years, and may be otherwise punished as the law may prescribe." When this provision was written, dueling to settle '"affairs of honor" was a threat to the public welfare because it often resulted because of hot politics. Dueling, like snuff-sniffing and quill pens, disappeared from the scene but not from the Constitution. This provision isn't going to hurt any Arkansan, but the lack of a modem constitution and updated government is cumbersome and costly to the taxpayer.—Dumas Clarion. BIOSSAT AND CROMLiY IN WASHINGTON New Tool (Not CIA) Sought Curb Red Subversion To Ry RAY CROMLEY Washington Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. WASHINGTON (NBA) The latest "expose" of Central Intelligence Agency activities raises some unsolved problems in the war against communism and other subversive insurgencies. The U. S. objective is to prevent future Vietnams. Tiie most By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer SALT LAKE CITY (AP)-He Is an average-looking man, su'ghtly overweight, with pink face and large, heavy-lidded eyes. But there is nothing average about the way David L. Wolper operates. He is one of the new young—he Is 39—tycoons who are filling the vacuum left by the aging or deceased founders of the film industry. After nine years as a producer of television documentaries, Wolper is making his bid for the bigtime. He is gambling $4% millions on a World War H epic, "The Devil's Brigade," starring William Holden, Cliff Robertson and Vincent Edwards. Of course, the real gambler is United Artists, which is putting up the cash. "I'm gambling with my reputation, too," asserts the producer. "I could have continued making documentaries and winning prizes with them. Or I could also get into the making of features and shoot for.the big prize. I decided to shoot for it." Now he is not fashioning documentaries out of miles of film from the vaults. He is working with real, live actors and a movie-making crew. He transported 119 people from Hollywood to film the training of the first Special Service force, a U.S.-Canadian outfit that was a forerunner of the Green Berets. Location scenes will also be shot in Italy and England. "This picture will have a big look,' Wolper assured. "In nearly every scene you will see 50 to 100 people. And in some scenes, thousands." This has been made possible Vietnam. Then how should the United States and the free world go about strengthening the democratic groups? Also, what should the United States do when the only anti- Communist groups are not democratic? (The Communists don't hesitate to subsidize extreme serves their purpose.) If U. S. government funds effective way this can be done;were given openly to democrat- is through strengthening demo- ic groups in foreign countries, cratic student, labor, parent-i these groups would become teacher, farmer and women's known as American stooges and groups, political parties and trade associations. But these are the very groups the Communists attempt to infiltrate, and take over or destroy. When Communists cannot subvert these groups, they I been through the CIA men who JACOBY ON BRIDGE NORTH 18 WJ743 4862 WEST AA3 VAKQ2 4KQ103 *KJ8 EAST V10965 *A4 +A653Z SOUTH (D) AKJ108642 4J975 + 10 East-West vulnerable Sooth West North East 3* Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— V K The introduction to Mary Jane Farell's chapter on "Bridge for Women" mentions that long be. fore she took over as the world's ;: leading master point winner among women she had establish".. ed a reputation as the most eth- ;. leal, courteous and nicest opponent one could meet. ; We aren't going to go quite •• that far. We will say that she ,' ties for first in each of those ; three categories with a few • ottier women and some men. .. '. Jules Farell, her husband, is a mighty good player also and , he and Mary Jane have won ; many titles together. Mary Jane has taken on the tough job of discussing preemp- • tive bids. We aren't going to get into the merit or lack of merit of East's pass of the three spade double or of Smith's non- 1 vulnerable three spade opening. : Suffice to say, that the game : was match point duplicate and ,' South was playing three spades • doubled. He didn't like his pros: pccts, It looked as If the best he ; could Jo would be to collect five fi spade tricks and lose 700 points which would be a very .bad score because all East and West could make would be a vulnerable game in either hearts or no trump. Mary Jane points otu that South held his losses to a respectable 500 by using the diamond suit as a threat. He ruffed the second heart and led a diamond. East won with the ace and led a third heart. South ruff- ed that also and played a second diamond. West was in with the ten and cashed his queen to see if everyone would follow. When East showed out, West decided to lead ace and another spade which gave South a sixth trump trick. We have only space to poinl out that as long as South played nothing but diamonds and woul make the. right guess in eas East led the five of spades af ter taking his diamond lat South was sure of his sixth tricl and a good score. lose their effectiveness. (T h e Communists provide their funds in secret by the same logic.) * * » Up to now, a share of what United States in the Internal intrigues of foreign countries. The best solution would be for private American and other free world democratic groups to do more to help their colleagues in other countries. If more help were given to Vietnam labor unions jointly by democratic Korean, American, unions, any stigma attached to the receipt of foreign aid would be lessened. United States and other free world student groups could do more tSiemselves in helping financially the democratic student groups of the developing countries. The same goes for teachers' groups, agricultural groups, trade associations, par- © I96J b; NEA, Inc.' "Do you hmt anything with tht filter in tht middle, so you can't light the wrong end?" organize rival groups. The sub- verters and rival organizations are subsidized with funds from Moscow, Peking or some other Red center. In a weak or unstable country, money - poor student, labor, teacher or farmer groups often cannot stand up against the excellently trained and paid subverters or the Communist-financed rival groups. If the non-Communist groups go under, there will, in time, have decided what they thought best in each individual case. The job has been done in secret. When the aid comes to light, it boomerangs. (he United States lias done has ents' groups and the wide array - - — • ' ol other organizations which help build a country's democratic base. This is not to discount the ex- ,cellent work that has been done iby some of these groups — U. What's the answer? Thejs. labor unions, for example. United States cannot stand idly by and see the subsidized Communist groups take over in the developing countries (or in industrial countries in times of stress.) But CIA sudsidies have It is to suggest, however, that much more must be done to secure the cooperation of free institutions in other countries and more done to substitute private money for government serious drawbacks — exposure, | aid. decisions wiSiout adequate pol-l Sometimes government funds be a Red take-over or another I icy supervision, embroiling the,cost too much in side effects. Written for Newspaper Enterprise Association Vendetta's Origin The term vendetta originated .in Corsica, where it played an By Wayne G. Brandstadt, M.D. « Lorslca . wllere " P la y« a an I important part in social life. It Q—Would there be any harm-1 before growth is complete such 1 is Italian in origin, from the ful effects from a large amount treatment is of little use. of opaque dye being left in the | u , d not cause artnritis spinal canal after a myieo-l but artnritjs may occllr as an gram? Would it cause headache, | added {eature . If vou nave had cramping and numbness of tli2:jj, e curvature all your life, it is legs and back? no t i ie cause O f your backache. A—Much of ttie opaque dye Slipped disk is the commonest used to make X-ray studies of cause of backache in adults. Ar!he spinal canal is always leftjthritis and sprains are runners rehind. It is harmless and will up . of these causes only a slip- not cause any of the symptoms you mentioned.. Their cause is either worry about the dye or something you have not men- ioned in your letter. Q—I have a severe backache and curvature of the spine. Can he curvature be corrected? I ,m 54 years old and have worn i brace on my back for three months but it hasn't helped. My doctor wants to operate. What do you advise? Will the curva- ,ure cause arthritis? A—Spinal curvature may be ped dis would require surgery and for this condition an operation is highly recommended. Q—A friend has been afflicted with Marie St. -umpell diseasa for 30 years. Can anything be done for tSiis condition? A—Ankylosing spondylitis or Marie-Strumpell disease is a chronic arthritis of the spine. It begins with a gradual stiffening of the back. Unless steps are taken to prevent deformity, the straighten up. As with any ment is required for the best ateral (S-*aped), swayback or| are an jm por tant part of ttie humpback and map vary widely n severity. Mild degrees require no treatment. It can be orre'cted in childhood by means af exercises and a brace or iwly cast but if not corrected Blytheville (Ark.) Courier News Tuesday, May 16, 1967 Page six though they cause pain, are essential. Hot applications help to relieve pain and stiffness. Braces help to keep the spine straight and relieve muscle spasms. Regular rest periods throughout ttie day are also helpful. As a last resort a spinal fusion operation may be necessary to correct the deformity. ... ....- —...»,. Latin "vindicare," which means to "defend oneself," according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. WOKLDALMAMC FACTS William Bidding Piw cott (1796-1859) was one of America's finest historian*, While an undergraduate at Harvard University, he was blinded in one eye by an accident, says The world Almanac. Later, the other eye was made practically useless by rheumatiim, Despite these misfortune* Prescott managed to do careful research, by employing a man to nad manuscripts and documents to him aloud. Copjrrlittlt S«Wt DNMC fta 1MT, 75 Years Ago — In Blytheville Because Susan Coe Grigsby was three years old yesterday, she was entertained with a birthday party on the lawn at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grigsby. Mrs. A. E. Miller assisted 'n entertaining the 12 guests. Miss Sarah Bob Stilwell was named Miss Blytheville Junior High this week in co"i°ction with the Junior High Booster Club's celebration of the fifth annual "Booster Club Night." Freddie Akers has been elected president of the booster club for the coming year. The Blytheville High Sctr 1 band, led by head Majorette Doris Bean, will present a marching program and concert on Monday night at Haley Field according to Bob L i p s c o m b, band director. Mrs. Ira Gray today an- Public Library acquired 50 new books during the month of April by the Department of Defense, which gave "The Devil's Bri- gad" its stamp of approval. Army men and materiel are supplied for use by the movi» makers. Wolper oversees everything. He is on the set while every scene is being filmed, though ha is careful not to intrude on the functions of Director Andrew McLaglen. At night he works with writers on his next script. "I've got four to do for United Artists," he said. "The next one will be 'Remagen Bridge' and I'll be. going ahead with it as soon as I can find a bridge somewhere in the United States that will double for the real one. "Then I've got a picture to do for Columbia, 'Of Good and Evil,' Ernest Gann's story of the San Francisco Felice Department. And I'll be busy in television, too. "I'm producing 12 Underwat- „• World programs with Jacpues Cousteau for ABC, and four National Geographies for CBS. Now I've signed ohn Glenn to make a series of films called 'The Great Exploration' for NBC. I came up with the idea of sending him on the same journeys of great explorers, and CBS. Now I've signed John cover Stanley's route to find Livingstone, then he'll follow the voyage of Captain Cook." NO JAIL FOR SLIM JIMS POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (AP) —The Butler County Jail is having its cell bare placed closer together. The other night a 15-year-old boy, only 70 pounds, squeezed through the bars of his cell and slid down some blankets tied together to freedom. One large department store in West Berlin stocks 288 kinds of bread. CHS BLTTBETIUjB COURIER NEWS rm ooiiRin, tarns co. a IV. RAINES. ttlBLISHEB HABRT «. HAINES mutant . uhllsher-Edlto* PACT, D. BUMAN Advertising Manager Snle National AdvenUUt Representative Wallacj Witmer Co. New Veit, Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta. Memphlt second-class postage paid at Blytheville. Ark. Member of the Associated Pnt* SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In tbe city of Blyvli** nlle or asy suburban town when carrier sertce b maintained 35c pu week S1.50 |>w mnntb. B; mall within » radlvu at » •nlle:.. 18.00 per year f500 for sbc months. $3.00 for thrw months, by mall, outside 50 mile radius <1>.M n?r year payable In advance. Mall subscriptions are not accept- er* In town? and cities where Tht Courier News carrier service la maintained. Mall subscription? an nayable In advance. NOTE: The connn tvowi anuma no responsibility for photograph* manuscripts, engravings or mat* '•ft with It for possible publication. Medley ACROSS 1 Bodies of water 5 Definite article 8 Ship's mast 12 Range 13 Be sick 14 Shakespearean character 15 Tidy 16 Feminine name 17 Pierce, as with a dagger 18 Steamer (ab.) 19 Commingle 21 Poetic contraction 22 Grafted (her.) 24 Biblical garden 26 Eminent in wisdom 58 Hebrew measure 29 Fastening device SO Pillar 31 Conclusion 32 Girl's name 33 Italian stream 34 Husband of Frigg (myth.) 35 Extend upward 37 Son of Scth 30 Roulette bet 40 Sped 4-1 Small chilli 46 Streamlet 48CorreIativ«of neither 49 Narrow way 50 Athena 51 Grandson of Jacob (Bib.) 52 Newspaper paragraph 53 Essential being 54 Number 55 Father (Fr.) DOWN- 1 Prohibits 2 Mountain crest 3 Is filled with great longing 4 Perched 6 Animal's appendage 6 Conceal Answer to Previous Puzzle I6IRIA T QTi 7 Enthusiastic (pi) ardor 35 Marked with 8 Bud's sibling spots 9 Magician's forte 36 Steel tracks for 10 Once more railroads 11 Steals 38 Sounder 19 Neophyte mentally 20Requested. 39Scottish hillside authoritatively 41The dill 23 Small candles 42 Apple center 25 Keep in custody 43 "Emerald Isle" 27 Within (comb. 45 Greek commune) form) 47 New Guinea 28Hodgepodg« seaport 33 Bridal path 49 Mouth part NIWlMRt IHKinUI AUN.

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