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Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York • Page 13

Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York • Page 13

Dunkirk, New York
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DUNKIRK (NT.) EVENING OBSERVER, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20.19SJ PAGE THTETBl NIAGARA FROSH STOP ST. MARY'S FIVE MONDAY, 36-2 4' eis with 15 points. The lineups: St. Mary's-- FG FP TP Scholtes Loses Two Teeth and Zatorski Suffers Injured Elbow In Wide- open Affair. Klocek 4 1 Crane 0 0 Zatorski 0 2 Scholtes 0 0 Fupenbroke 2 0 Dougherty 0 0 Lakas 0 1 Kane 0 0 Sauberan 0 0 Schulenberg 0 0 Beilly 0 0 McCarthy .....2 2 WINNING PLAYS OF 1938 Souhtern California Uses Sheer Power to California From Title Path 4 0 1 0 0 6 A valiantly fighting St.

Mary's team went down to defeat Mon- 8 6 22 Niagara Frosh-- Sheridan Cahill 1 Mclnerney 1 day night at the hands of a pow- Grunsweig 5 erful Niagara Frosh aggregation Brown 1 Austin by the score of 36-22. It was a 2 wens wild and wooly game through- out. A flagrant case of home-town quarters: officiating contributed in great i ancra 7 6 measure to the Irish downfall, i arv 2 14 The official refused to believe the rfer striker, numerous complaints 01 the Saints about rough work under the baskets despite the fact thai Scholtes was forced to leave the game with two broken teeth while Zatorski received a severe- iy bruised elbow when he was picked up bodily and tossed down Niagara FG FP TP .4 1 9 1 3 0 2 5 15 1 3 0 0 0 Red and Green Team Cancels Game Because Age of Warren Players Is In Excess of N. Y. Limit CALIFORNIA PUB POHEFf 75 -Re WGHT AND THROWS IT INTO FOR piKST TOUCHDOWN IN SMASHING, 13-7 CALIFORNIA.

14 8 3-5 8 15--36 2 4--22 Fouls made: Niagara, 8 out of 15; St. Mary's 6 out of 11. CLASH WITH DE LURY'S STARS AT Four minutes of the first quarter passed before either team could score, Zatorski finally breaking the ice with a foul shot. Niagara then stepped out and rang up seven points before the Saints could add another, the fcore at the end of the first per- iog standing 7-2 in favor of the Frosh. The Irish came to life in the second period and ran their bigger opponents dizzy, racking up 14 points to their opponents' 6 Klocek, Pupenbroke and McCarthy with two baskets were the tig guns for the Hayesmen in this session.

The Freshmen 'and referet took command of the situation in the The Polish Falcon basketball team will play their second gama of the season when they journey to Fredonia tonight to play Delury's All-stars at the Fredonia school's court. The game is scheduled to start at 8:15 sharp so notice is given at this time for all Falcon team members to be present at the Principal Merton P. Convin of the Jamestown high school has received notification from Warren, high school authorities that the Pennsylvania school's basket-; ball team is unable to meet the' 3 requirements of the New York! 0 state regulations regarding ath-' 4 letes and regretfully cancelling the Dragons' engagement with the Red' and Green five, originally scheduled for tomorrow night. It was to have been the season's opener for the locals. Superintendent Clinton V.

Bush of the local public schcols statec" last night that only the basketball schedule is affected at the present time, track, football and oth er sports competition coming 11 for attention later. The announcement Saturday the cancellation of the Warren- games by Director o' Leidigjind Princi- ren High with expressions of club rooms at 7:00 sharp. Portland By Mri. W. B.

Mead city. The football rivalry between the schools reaching back to 1892 may be brought to an end by the new ruling of the New York State Department of Physical Education. The age requirement in New York is 19; that in Pennsylvania is 20. The local school authorities i have written to Erie, Acad-' of emy and Erie Strong-Vincent high SWEEPS YARDS BZHIND TH3EE IWOODY ABERNATHY GIVE RELEASE BY BUFFAL Man Who Buffalo, N. Dec.

20-- Outright release of Woody Abes nathy, outfielder injured critical ly last season, at Syracuse whe hit by a pitched ball, was announc ed today Manager Steve O'Nei of the Buffalo Bisons. O'Neill said Abernathy request cd the release so that he migh Brought Chicago obtain managerial post in LEAGUE IMS YEAR Cubs Into Pennant Followed By Derringer. New York, Dec. 20--(UP)-Big Bill Lee, whose buggy-whip right arm sent the Chicago Cuos into the world series, was the National leaguas most effective league operating near his Shrevt port, home. is NEW BUFFALO EXPERIMEN Buffalo, N.

Dec. 20-- (UP)-i "Aerial refereeing" is to be inncj vated at a basketball game hef pitcher in 1938, according to offi-. Thursday between the Nichol c. al averages made public today, sehool va ty an Alumni. He won 22 games and lost 9, and his earned run average was 2.6R per game.

Ray G. Schiferle, athletics rector, said officials working tl game will be stationed on a ba Coming down the stretch the cony above the a fl oa National league race, Lee carried Ball boys are to oss tho ball f( burden for the entc umps a handle out-o; bounds plays I Schiferle said he got the wnile a hing a game from tS balcony when lie noted that nil infractions appeared more obvi Cubs and it was his fireball flinging, molt- than any other one thing, that won the pennant for Chicago. He was involved in 44 games 37 of which he started. Only three National league OUs the high vanta po pitchers, of those who worked 10 I a frcm the collrt floor complete games, finished with an earned run average of less thai, num I A A A three. The others were Paul Der- IL ringer, Cincinnati, with 2.93 and IS I HIS RELEA9 Danny MiicFayden, Boston, with 2.95.

Clny Bryant, a team-mate of Philadelphia, Dec. 20-- (UP); 'Wild Bill" Hallahan, once one Lee. led the league in several de- baseball's great pitchers, was ri Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lewis North Girard, were Sunday schoois, informing them of the guests of Mr.

and Mrs. E. L. Per- situation caused by the ruling and Henris, Leland Ryon' schools abide by the New York Sherld third quarter as four successive and Allen Cranston are home from so Red and Green foul shots and two rebounds were tapped in to give the Niagarans iheridao the home of her daughter, Mrs. their instructor Harold Gulvin, Carl Merrill, returned to her home visited the Buffalo stockyards last week.

Glenn Crabtree of the U. S. S. City is on a visit to his 21-18 lead. The teams battled on even terms for part of the fourth quarter, the score with 4 minutes left to play standing a 1 25-22 in favor of Niagara.

McCarthy was ejected from the game on four personals and the Freshmen capitalized on four fol- dAiu. ulC flOITlC Ol IVlXS. Alfred university for the schedule for the season may be Christmas party at their regular berg Dun kirk on Tuesday. A Mr. and Mrs.

Fay Hangood en- carried on. Both these schools are meeting on Wednesday evening. hi kw dinner was served at tertained a family part'y at din-, on the.I. H.S. chart this season.

1 Coach Karl Hoeppner of Dun. The Congregational Christmas kirk stated contact "has already which will include several pupils exercises will be held Saturday' Dsen mad W1 th Erie heads in re- i from her school on the Lake road, in Amarilla Saturday. Christmas Party The Maple avenue Missionary Cnjb society enjoyed a Christmas party ree Christin as vacation. The Christian Service society will meet at the home of Rev. E.

E. Crabtree on Monday evening. The Rev. Merritt Soper of Cin- partments, some of which were to his credit and some not. He allowed the most sacrifice hits, 21 he gave the most bases on balls 125; and he struck out the largest number of batsmen.

135. Johnny Vander Meer, Cincin- leased outright today by the Phi adelphia Phillies. His release was announced I President Gerry Nugent. "Wii Bill," formerly with St. Louis aJ Cincinnati, served a year with tl Phillies.

His best years were wi nat'i. pitched 21 2-3 consecutive, the Cardinals when they innings and in those innings National league pennants in 1931 two complete no-hit games. He'31. also had the longest winning Hallahan said he had no plai streak of the season, nine straight or tne future. Lee and Derringer were the on--' iy National leaguers to win more than 20 games.

Miss Dorothy Brown lecturer one Vclock by the hostess. There, be in charge of the program was a christmas tree and an ex! evening, Dec. 24. The afternoon A gard to the Maroon's game with' district No. 2.

There will be a Erie Academy Friday. Christmas tree with gifts for all. "We have been given to defin- i Candy and popcorn will be served understand that not one of at th close of the program. i a COON HUNTING EXPENSIVE put the game out; Tahlequah, Okla. (UP)--It players is over 19 Entertainment of the reach of the hard-fighting fpur hunte rs a total of $108 a not have to worryj The pupils in school j-yui tutai, wj.

AVI i Saints. the privilege of seeing their dogs' about tnat; Little Benny Klocek, playing tree and kill's small coon near! his first full game of the here. The hunters were fined in SMALL FOREST "RUSTLED 11 forest was in brilliant form as he drop- the court of Justice of the Peace Holdenville, Okla. ped in nine points, besides play- G. W.

Corn for killing a fur-bear- Someone "rustled" a field, the fi --Do you know that of the where his prized cedars should 1 No. 2, Miss Dorothy Brown, cher, will give a Christmas program at the schoolhouse on Fri- Mrs. Gilbert won prizes. Gilray-Lucas Hugh A. Gilray, proprietor of garage, and Mrs.

Lena oismct a i so Sheridan, were mar- at the Methodist church parsonage on Saturday evening at seven o'clock by the Rev. Bernard After a short wedding trip day morning. The evening service is one of Union service, and will be held at the Methodist' church Sunday evening. The Past Matrons' club will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Blanche Montgom- and a Christmas tree and so stood out for the Irish.

Big six foot, five inch Nlck homes in Dunkirk and Grunsweig led the Niagara scor- take the OBSERVER. Fredonia have been. Thieves had chopped them down and removed them. Forestvilie Dr. A.

E. SERIAL STORY SKI'S THE LIMIT BY ADELAIDE HUMPHRIES COPYRIGHT. ME A SERVICE. INC. Coter ker blow whn tfcmt Du pralmklr wltk llMf, CHAPTER DC fOREY'S wordf Dan would walk lor the rest of hii lite a limp, beat feverishly in Sally's brain, long alter Corey had taken bis departure.

They re- with a dull, heavy blow, mother before her had been. The i "Let's not dar.ce any more, rl thought held all the aching beauty Sally said. She drew away from club. i Personals Mr. and Mrs.

Ralph Tarbox re! turned home Sunday evening after spending the week-end as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Richard McDonald in Jamestown. Mlw Hurlbe'ri Miss Marian Woodward whc ii Entertains teaching at Celeron "will Miss Florence A. Hurlbert en- home on, Wednesday evening to I tertained the officers of Forestvilie the holidays with her par- Chapter, No.

247, Order of Eastern ents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wood- Star, of which she is worthy ma- ward, i tron, Saturday evening at her Mrs. John Mirth fell in the home. Dinner was served at six SPONSOR REFUGEl Berkely.

Cal. (UP) Greek letter fraternities at- University of California have til dertaken to provide scholarship room and board for five refuf( students from Europe. None them has entered the count yet. New York, Babe Ruth may soon return major league baseball--as a radio announcer. All three New York clubs--the Giants, Yankees and Dodgers-cry.

A six o'clock tureen supper lan to air ames will be served. Gifts will be exchanged and electicn of officers will take place. To ward off rheumatism, Oliver Wendell Holmes used to carry a first time next season. Ruth indi-j cated he has been approached by representatives of firms interest- ed in sponsoring the broadcasts. "I haven't a thing to do next season Kuth said, "and the pos- horse chestnut in one pocket kad sibilily of radio broadcasting ap- A potato in another, peals to Frahm's Liquor Store Choice itocka of and Wjnes Liquors 37 Third 8t Phone H68 of this spring twilight with fire-; Corey's arms.

She could not go back yard of her home recently i o'clock. The evening was spent on dancing, remembering that and broke the bones in her right! in games and Mrs. Frank A. Brad-! I igan was heard in two piano solos' Bernard Howe who is a I which were much appreciated. Sally loved to dance with him.

teacher of French and Latin in! Mothers Club hart i 1 flies lighting little torches, frogs plunking deep boss strings. "We've only started," Sally said. She had thought it out, thinking of nothing else, since Corey had left Corey, who would he hack in an hour to take iier dancing, to feegin to collect payment on her almost incomprehensible, brouiht such pain. The reports from Doctor Barnei they debt. "I want you to see that Dan gets a job.

A good job, Daddy. Here in Boston. I want you to not prepared her for that. He bad claimed Dan had made a remarkable comeback; that, given a little more time, his leg would be at food as new again. Perhaps he, or the lawyer in conveying the reporti, had hoped to spare Sally the truth.

Or perhaps her father see that he accepts it. That there's no chance for him to refuse. And, "Check," Corey said briefly, wrist But he was surprised. Usually. Mrs Tney had been getting on famous- the Sinclairville High school will ly.

"Want to go on some place arrive home on Wednesday even- else?" he asked. "I know another ing to spend the holidays with her spot, farther on." The members of Mothers club will hold their annual Christ- husband the Rev. Bernard Howe. Mrs. Sydney E.

Aldrich "yD rather go home--it you two daughters, Rachel and don't mind," Sally returned, tha Louise are ill with scarlet! Perhaps tomorrow Daddy would fever. Her sister, Mrs. Howard fix it, make some arrangements Brooks of Jamestown is caring i mas party at the residence of Mrs. I Mary Hawkins on Thursday. Din- afternoon behind it, or that you--or I--had anything to do with it" LIEU father took a long draw on his fine a big had thought best to "keep it from! order he admitted.

He glanced down at his daughter again. Could there be anything else, beside gratitude and remorse, in her interest in this young man? But no, he reassured himself. Sally of course, he must not know who's! so that Dan would be offered a for them. mDrolaer Mrs. Lee Montgomery enter- her.

But Corey had not taken such pains. Cony did not know how responsible Sally felt, as though she had crippled Dan, ruined his that Sally loved Dan, though she could not know what love meant. a nice enough chap, though a bit he fcarcd in time, this Reyn- made of th up in the end. Sally dimpled eat out of her hand--maybe because she had not! She had promised Corej, before he left, that she would pay She had promised him. long ago --oh, how terribly long ago that) seemed now, how young, how! A she would pay any I he cared to name.

lwa "You must my girl "CuUt out!" her father warned through spring vacation." Corey 1 15 Mmed good a sport not lo accept" position. Perhaps, after all, she Miss Elsie Cook who is teaching tained the members of the Em- would get to see him Get in Jamestown will arrive home broidery club on Monday evening, another chance to prove to him on Wednesday evening to spend' Gifts were exchanged and a that she was not the sort of girl the holidays with her parents, Mr. tureen dinner was served, he had thought she was, but the and Mrs. A. L.

Cook, i Home Bureau girl she was trying so hard to Miss Dorothy Alerritt, daugh- A Christmas party will be held' become, for him. ter of Mrs. Gladys Merritt and a a the home of Mrs. Russell as you like," Corey said senior in Michigan State college hart today by the Home Bureau, briefly. But he was surprised at East Lansing.

will ar- Mrs. Lucy Bowker is social chair- again. home this week to spend the man. A Christmas tree and re- arid freshments will be enjoyed and! gifts exchanged. Child Study Club I A meeting of Ihe Child Study club on January 9 will be an event i of that organization.

Mrs. Marion i Wells and Mrs. Frances will have charge of the M. E. Churrh The Ladies Aid society rnei He was very tender, tucking with her mother Sally into the roadster, very gal- lant and gay.

He made her laugh, and Mrs. Robert Meyers of once or twice, during the drive Ohio, will arrive Sat- home, at his downing, the stories urday evening to spend Christ- he recounted, the smart come- ma wit his parents, Mr. and backs he always could ring in. Mrs Joseph Meyers. "But I don't want you to think Miss Constance Hube, who is this is a line," he told her.

leaving a student at Alfred around. Yes, she must be a good sport "DADDY," she spoke to her 41...4 believe a lad like Reynolds would be an asset anywhere. I suppose we can make him think the offer comes from his benefactor--the old genUeman who was interested in helping the Olym- dinner that an ana through his for their evening toxtr of tbe garden that bed become a sort of ritual with them. This was the time each day tbsy shared together. time that was very dose now to ol them.

"Daddy, wilhoat this lash of anguish. It there's something I want to re-'was the cross she had to bear. pics, and wbo saw him through Ms Htoess." SaHy flinched. Never would stsc be able to hear of tie Olympics, or of anything pertaining to the sport Dan had lored so mind you of, something you promised to do for me. Or rather for Dan Reynolds." Her father looked down on her fondly, patted her band.

It seemed The only real debt that somehow must be repaid in full. A big order, as her lather had said. But oh. surdy. die would be able to make irp in some small way the to lately, that all bis little i things that were lost forever to giri wanted was something for others herself.

This boy she had taken this interest te. The hcmsckccpcr who had an old mother. Some nate family in the vilJage- She thrraght of this again later that evening, dancing wiih Corey. They had motored to a raadhoixe on the Post road where the atmosphere was smart, the food etcel- "I thought we'd done about all lent drinks plentiful ana the or- we could for the lad," Mr. Blair chcstra noted for it? swing.

Dan said. Sally u-as srowng up, that would never be able to flance like it She was grcro-rag into a this-- Dan whs wa2ad with ber at her door once more. "I told you once before that I'm crazy about you, my sweet I told you then I meant it But now I mean it more than ever. Fin in i ore with you. Sally.

I'm going to many you one of these days." That was Corey--he did not ask; he made a statement of fact Sally might as well accept it get used to ihe idea. He leaned down to seek her lips, tried to pull her to him. But with bclh hands, held him firmly away. "Ifo, Corey-- Alfred. N.

Y. will arrive home, Ihe Jatter part ol Ihe week to! spend the holidays with her par- Wednesday afternoon at the home ents. Mr. and Mrs. Kenry J.

Hube. of Mrs. Howard Bradley. A Miss Jessamine AJdrich who is tureen dinner was served and a teaching in Jamestown will ar-' Christmas program and exchange! rive home Wednesday evening to gilts was enjoyed. spend the holidays with her Sunday morning Rev.

Henry father, Horton G. Aldrich. Masman delivered the third in the Mrs. Elizabeth Hamlet has re- series of sermons. "Christian turned to her home after being, Love." Mrs.

Harlow SummerJee a guest of Mrs. Mae Powers Mil-; and Mrs. Eenry Mesman sang a 2cr of Spring Port, Mich, for the duet On Christmas day. Rev. Masman 1 past two months.

Miss Kulh DeLand who is deliver a sermon on chin? in Medina, will arrive home Great Gifts of and Jitlle, although Wednesday afternoon to spend! Gladys Genung will contribute a was geat3e, almost-regretful in a holidays with her parents, Mr. end Mrs. A. E. DeLand.

Miss Constance Merrill, who is; Miss Elizabeth Townsend ol Jor-' student nurse in the X. on friends here! please don't," she said. And her fact. Corey was a dear, he was such lun, so bright and gay. But Sat was not what Sally had dis- "Gods covered she wanted, though once iHospiJal in Philadelphia, wfll Saturday.

she had been so sure it had been, Christmas with her nother, jjiss Florence Lamed ol BuJT- "Wnat's wrong?" Corey asked. 7 family, islo was a week-end guest of Mrs. There was a wounded expression in his blue now. He was perplexed. "I jurt wanted to kiss you.

good night, my sweet. I supposed that was part payment You said you'd be 7ny girl these next 10 don't forget that" Sally said sbs wouldn't But that kisses were not included in this bargain. She laughed at him and promised to go somewhere the next evening, if he came for her. But she did not tell him that sh was all her kisses lor Wet a Merritt undergo an op; Ralph Abbey. eration for the removal of Mrs.

Ethel Mansfield attended tonsils before coming home. the Timera! of Mrs. Kuer of Silver Mr. and Mrs. Clark Merrill larfcsviHe, Virginia will ar-' Mrs.

Lvuis Del Bello is paying rive tie later part of the. week to! a visit to her parents in Du Bois, spend She holidays with Etta; a Merrill and family, Mr. and Kenneth Williams Miss Barbara 74crrilt who is were Sunday guests trf their par- leacbJng at Arcade 'will arrive mts. Mr. and Mrs.

IViliiams, aftd fccrae on Wednesday evening attended the Sunday morning rpend the holidays with her services of the Baptist church. Miss Merritt. i James Parsons of the schooj Mrs. Helen Eavcr who was faculty suffered severe cuts and "rriour-ly injured in an autcrao- abrsjions when on Sunday he bile accident on Thanksgiving and through the windshield oi 1 to the Rhintshart hospital in an 04 PRICES ARE DOWN In Our PRE CHRISTMAS Used Gar Sale LATE MODELS IN GOOD RUNNING ORDER ALL DEFECTS CORRECTED READY FOR MANY MILES OF. WINTER DRIVING.

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