The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1934
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, - 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS DE55ER! GPIOPERVn mi New Deal Foe In Senate Race Frcquenl Repetitions Will. Bring Blessings Entire Family •mm Hear Kilends in Hlythcvllle: U is difficult lo think of any; liim-hcon of dinner at any time of j flic year which is not improved | will) "a cooling desseii, but at this' season we certainly should con-' ccnti-nle on these for they give n i ccjol finish to any mcnl, and wlllj cull down the blessings of your! fr.mily on your deserving head if' you just make enough of Ihcin | iiiid servo UK™ often enough. I have <-ho;cn some of my favorites for this week's special lel- ler lo you. Try llicse and see it Ihc results do not warrant a second nnd third repetition of each Ijr.-foj'e the hot weather ends. Each : recipe makes .six servings unless oll'.crwlse staled. Apricot Mnussc i One cup canned apricoUs and- juice; CMC lialf cup .sugar: one lii'lf pint cream whipped stiff. Fin Ihc apricots through a sieve, mix with the juice, add sugar and mis thoroughly. Whip the cream until .•-tiff, slowly add Ihe apricot juice, mix all well together. Pour in a mould and corer Uglilly. packing: in ice and salt for three and a i half hours. Or fiee/.c in Ihe aulo-1 matic icfriyeralor Recording lo the : directions for mousse. : ftannnii Frappe l-'our Ijananas; one half cup or- aiifie juice; juice of one lemon; one half cup su^ar; one cup ot i cii'.-im whipped. Cut biinunns inlo I bryers and finish with the cream. Miiall iiicce.s. add the orange and Cover tightly and pack in ice and lemon juke and sugar. Partially salt for three hours. mash, and slir well. Whip the Oranee Sherbet aeniu unlil stiff, add banana mix-' Juice of six oranges; juice ot Hue and mix well together. Pour j one lemon; one pin', of hot wa- VOTE GUIS DEEP INID JS LEftD (Continued from Pane 1) se&tor, received big complimentary voles. In Chlckasawba township returns Indicated miomlnatlon of Harry Tayly as constable and the nomination of R, L. McKnlijlil, Oscm /Vender. J( N,ibors -find Kd Walker for four places us Jiisllf- 1 of Ihe peace. ^WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LKS80N* Luxury and Ease Are Basis of Self Indulgence K, Owns Cur. 'It I ASHTABULA, O. (UP) - Mike Tinley, 9i, owns an automobile; Tcxl: Amos G:l-7 ll-H 'hf IntiTiulloual Uniform Soil- School l.t-Bsun for Aut. 19, * • • ny \y,M. E. G1I.KOY, I). 1). f Mll>t ut Mnnef Utnenlh the slumi and Injustice picsslon settling upon Hie nation it the nan frani lhat hnd been building u luxurious; denies and the country supcrstiuclure and he futindntlon.s of mil right. votes arc in his lead will be sul)-j nn( ] W hlch he drove regularly for which he has Imd [or 22 years ot KSi . : Al)105 Mvl nlso |nc cv) , or ilantially cut. Reports from fifty precincts, not s[ |li i s j,, g0 od condition all of ih:ui complete for all rac;s, provided Ihe basis for the tabulation which appears on this pane. ^elf-indulgence, in the 10 years until he was 88. The car' prosperous society that lie ousorv- and for the following summary ol county races; For Cotinly Judge:—Barham, '£,610; Harrison, 3.!152. For Circuit Court Clerk:—Smith, 3.054; Craig, 2,300; II. B. (Skeeti Stout. 926. For County Court Clerk:—Miss Carey Woodbwn, 3.127; Flmiun, 3,370. For County Treasurer:—Green, 3,315; Joe S.' Dillahunty, 3,103. For Rcprawntiilive: — Ctuwfoicl. 3,321; C. J. LitXIs. 2.881. Sherill C. H. Wilson, unopposed for it-nomination, and Billy Unifies, unopposed for nomination for as- !cd as lie raine from his fields unit Ifnriii life, he saw no! only the frirsl (ilrl if, Gl Ilirtlis depth of soclnl conupllon but he SAUGUS. Muss. (UP) — When <.;m- >,iso (hi- debafemcnl uf huii- Mrs. Henry W. Westendarp guv.' : tlcliml life and clmiiicler birth lo a daughter, it was UK j He iwrceivcd llinl llu- character !"' S M 6 "i' 1 ! 0 " 1 '" l ''. u f" 1 " 11 ?','" 07 ; of " !ll| > ami women was being cor- ''''' ' """ ! ruptcd by the ease nnit luxury that lliey had liroughC Inlo Ihclr llv-.-s. i He clmllcngcd the woith of much •Thirty-nhui every ngo hns tended to cull blilhs during several Ctvey cf S|iarruws l)r< CONNEAUT. O. (Ul'l- one sparrows, young mid old, weiv'cull drowned al one rainstorm here when winds ihren them from ne.->is In the yard Mrs. F. J. Hanui. disregarding simple verity lie warned the people against Ilielr false security, nnd he apokc of a preparedness of u different sort, thai, was essenlinl lo a na- llon und ijeople. He did not I ell Hie rich lo secure heir Ill-Boltcn gains, nnd the ItiMirluiks and cultured lo defend Ilielr easy ways, by building up great armies lo provide even hcnv lei burdens for Ihe lux-ridden masses. He lold them thnl the deepest la* nnd way of security In the life of any people wns to gel back lo .sound principles, to bull! lire nud rcnneuu-nl. lie qucs-| Individual character and social life during uuiniu-,1 whin CC iilil IK' Ihe rrnl cul-' U|ion Integrity and fairness, mm lure or lefiuc-ment of n people \vho •c-nrcd nothing for Ihe affliction of ll:Hr fellow men. nnd he predicted Hie oveillow of (hose who had not with man. One can realise lluil Amos was not n popular prophet. What scon Ihe sophisticated mun have had for his rough dress and his slmpl< ways! What scorn the city ha In Ihe liltle town of Russanach.'usuiblished their llvra in strength Italy, all the people bear the tame and V| B 1,1 and Irulh. ,„..,„ ^ c ww „„ last name as the town while all Hu saw the grcia houses smitten always hnd for the rustic and lire Ihe males lire christened Police Kith breaches ami llu; mile houses fanner, in spite of Hie fact lh« and females Fellcita. v.ith clefls. lie saw ruin and de-,h-; feeds Ihfm all! A slnirp ciiilc of the New Deal, \vlio wmi tlie nomination over a rival who Icuncil toward Hoosc- politics, will iiuike tlm race for re-election to Hie f. ! . S. Henale on ilio ; Uepubllcau ticket in West Virginia. He is Dr. II. D. ijatftel'l, above. wbr> was lar ahead in lite primary vole. His Democratic opponent will lie a fervent New l)ealer t Kusb R Holt. ome a|a|n and a|»ln dangers and to an so-:. Is own false ways and lave brouiht upon It din • * • Where IE the Arnnc o: cwslbly he U found "In > f we would but live and listen to Ills conn; We nmy be sure II more ntlrnctlvc and In this undent lime. \,< sure that lie has no out we may be sure, less we heed forces of ease lull) evil brought disaster In II continue their until we establish Ihtr.js It Is tnlen-sting to ulu nil through the peilwi o cent prosperity, und llu- prcssion, Ihcre luivc men here In Amerlc rlglilly appraised Hi-, who hare given counsel, lillle ao their fellow men were v.iirn,,; t'> lx;ed. What tragedy and ewlnc^s in the. lives of millions ol our a ti^hl-covered mon'-cl pack in ice and salt for lhi3C hours; or freeze according lo mousse directions with the auto- malic refrigerator. Caramel Ice Orram One fourth cup sugar; two eggs; j one and one fourth glints of milk; oni 1 and one half cups of cream; one fourth cup burnt sugar. Scald ler: one cup sugar. Mix the juices and slrain, ' pour hot water onto the sugar, boil ten minutes then^ add to the fruit juices. Freeze as for a water ice. in cither freezer lo; refrigerator. Peach Ice Cream One and one fourth pints crushed ripe peaches: one cup' cream. and mix well, then add the cream mixing thoroughly. Freeze as for a mousse. one half cup sugar. Skin, mash (he milk. Beat the egg yolks with and strain the peaches to make sugar, add scalded milk. Put into Hie quantity demanded. Add sugar a double Ixjiler and boil, stirring I'litil it, thickens. Remove and cool: place one fourlh cup sugar in a frying pan and cook slowly. Peanut Brittle Mousse" mixture. When cool ndd Ihc cream j One quart cream, whigiped; one browns. The add lo Hie custard land one half cups supar; two ta- mixturc. Whe cool add the cream blespoons gelatine; one cup pea- and unbeaten whites of the egg, nut brittle put through tile. mix a lillle. freeze in a freezer knife of the food chopper;'- one v.-ilh three parts ice to one part sixteenth teaspoon salt; three tai-all: or ficrve according lo ditcc- hlcspoons hot water; two table- llc-ns for ice cream in Ihc aulo- spoons cold water; one teaspooi iitiitic reirigsralor. vanilla. Fold Ihe sugar inlo the Maple Nut Milk Slicibct whipped cream, then the. gelatine Two i;ses: one half cup iv;ii:r; which hns been soaked in the cold two tablespoons maple syrup: two water and dissolved in the hot wa- Ihircls swcelencd condensed milk; [er, and let cool thoroughly. Fold (wo tablespoons melted butter; in the broken candy, salt and one half cup linely chopped fal- flavoring. Nfix well, pack in salt nuts. iind ice for four hours, or freeze Blend Ihe, milk, melted butterns for mousse. In the refrigerator. nnd cij; wolks hprouehly. Add the Serves eight. water and rnnptc syrup, mix and Mrs. George Thurn. chill. Beat cge, whites stiff and fold into (lie Vnixluie. Pour inlo I..J- P,,,,, U;_ CO the^ins pan nf the automatic JUd ?e <j3Ve Him 60 tclrignaLor nivl proceed ns for ilirrbrts. or freeze in a freezer. ancJ V.11CH Lilt LI..XHJ1L, JO JMIi-HlU-il DnfWt A VTTA 1. T * [TJPU) Af - WORLD'S LOWEST PRICE FOR A SIX >:%* j-;v':-. mixture is stiff-mush consistency, remove the dasher and pack the freezer can lightly .Denied in three parts ice and one Fig Fnpt»c One sud one fourth pints frwh fi?o, prelcd and slicutt; or if fuvsli lias an: nob available, UPC c-uuic^ v.'lio'n HL;S; one hnir cup pngnr: oiif 1 cup cream wtiipiKci; one foutlh cup po^'dnred. sugar. To:- fvi-sh figs: peel anci slice ULP (iys. aild onn half cup Migai, ami IrL .slutul mil it the .sugar is drsolvrrl: for thn canned figi. niasli :nid mix with the sugar. Whip Mic cream adding the now- snpar lo i ROCKLAND. Me. raigned in court on a drunkenness charge, Ena Maninen was Indignant when the complaining policeman described how he downed tfic defendant with a flying tackle. "I -went dotfh because I was all out of breath." Maninen protested. Maninen nnw has 60 days in which to recover his breath. KLYRIA. O. iTJP)—A pink lotus blossom in Ei nest. Loeffler's rock unrdcn altaiucri n diameter of 10 inches. The famous "Clack Stone" of Cover the iwt- Mecca has been worn smooth by loin of a mould wilh a llitn layer the kisses of millions of devotees. I.? Ihc uliippL'd cream; ndd a lay- since Molmmnicd himself kissed it r: of PS*- cotitmtii?. aUcmnting Ihc more than 1300 years ago. CHEVROLET PRICES HAVE BEEN REDUCED AS MUCH AS $ PCHEVROLEfj MESSENGER? CTENOGRAPHER? Bookkeeper? Cook? Whatever you need, -we're in a position lo get you excellent results. Employers who advertise in our classified section only have-to advertise once. The exceptional popularity which CL'-v; years has naturally had its effect cm OL have enabled Chevrolet to maintain co:i;l which were recently lowered even further. As a result Cbevro;-l priced six-cylinder automobile obtainable—a big, comfortablr. .; and rcfiiicincnt—sufc, weatherproof, cable-controlled brakes—!h of a valvc-in-head, six-cylinder engine—and typical Chevrolet dependability. In-off< car, and the Master models, at substantially lower prices, Chevrolet hopes-to - motoring public in some measure, for consistently placing Chevrolet so high in public-tM CHEVHOLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN Compare Chcirottl's l<no dcliitrtd prices onJ fnsy G.} unv offers -you- the -IWafr v. i! h Fi*Her - Body '-EtjIijM' f- , .-:..''•:!}>"'', : iinootiinesa:and «con A* C A Gzrcral ftfoton . ' I \' i (-V:V. ^ . I .:' --.!-".. HEVR SUousc-Little Chevrolet Co. Blytheville,

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