The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1932
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vXVf'Sr'V- i\{ •£"&? VOL. XXVIJI—NO. 257 BLYTHEVnifijCOURffiR NEWS theyllle Dally News, Blythevllle Herald. SIjJlmUl Vall&l) 1 nnr4U._ «\...l_ . n..-_ . AUKAN3AS, TIlUliSDAY. JANUAUY 31 ARRESTED IN S. E. SINGLE COPIES'FIVE G?HrS ; | III WEES Heiress Sentenced (or Ipfll |rnni||l prrp Murder^Sweetheart!b!lLimnllllllbUS FLINT, .Mich... Jan. M. (Ul>)_ •Miss Helen Jay Morgan, 27, heiress, laday was found gullly of murder in the second degree. S>e was wilh kiinnsj L:i)ij c - _. mechanic swcellir.iri, last ' ( Aprll. w; i r- • n , • -indue Janra S. Waters Lontinue to spread »<eiy semciu-ed Over Strirlfpn Micc^n Sm ' e fr<Jln ao "-° u\tr OlrlCKen nilSMiiSlf)- rjeti-oll house of CL loineys .said an np]>cal pi Delta Region. . taken and a motion to obtain her I JACKSON, Miss.. Jan. 14 (UP)- •!,'!?,??,°" "T |)mdllv =' thj 'W" 3 ' i A criminal attempt to dynamite a i " bC "'"*• Tallahaicliic levee a half mile above Sn-an Lake early today was only partly .successful. Two Jiole's were blown in ihe levee but the breaks did not extend thru il ani Ihe ivnter did 7101 break Extremes o Renorjed From All Is ol (lie -Couitli'V. through. Flood Waters Spread GREENWOOD, Miss., Jan. 14. (UP)—Fanlikc from headwaters of rivers in north Mississippi floods spread out over this ssclion 'today in an ever widening area. Heavy rains, molesting and dy- namiling of levees, and lack of material with which to • re-enforce weakening dikes, led to the waters spread. Two levees were dynamited, sending water over thousands of acres. : Al McGruder in the Cassidy Bayou district north of here, guards .found a 3-foot gap in the levee be' lore it had widened . and plugged the hole. The levee at Eien, 12 miles north of Ynzoo City, «-as dynamited Mast.' night, sending water over 8,000 acres. Motor launches, canoes'and skiffs were rushed into the newly flooded area to rescue marooned families. Many highways and railroad lines have been closed. A majority of state roads in ihe flooded district are closed' and railroads there op- erale from seven hours b»- . htao; schedule. Waler stood three feet: deep in sections of Columbus and Greenville, not from floods but from-excesstve rains. . '"KftgrrnVcn -said ^had -the dyna- rrtltferV been succeeslul "in'breaking open the .McGruder tevee the break would have permitted water to overllow 100,000 acre.-; of (and Wilson Agricultural Student's Crop The Best in Arkansas. By I'nJirii Press The most freakish weather of Ihe year was reported today with snow fulling on California dllrs when H lias not been seen in M years, iirnadors aii'l torrenl'al rains In the soulh, and rosebud temoeraturcs from Chicago lo Ihe Atlantic seaboard. - Bitter sub-zero temperatures were I fell in Ihe I(o:kl-.-<; wb«rc i«-o have been caused by bllz- W1I.SON, Ark.. Jan. 14.—Fred Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Smith of the Hatcher community on Little River, and n student of rorK BK . rtm _ h ., ,„ , vocational agriculture U, the Wll- «cted in ih, ,^H, son high school, added another to „''„, '',,«° ' , , 5 "- "Ihe long string of honors which m g ' C " ! " r<!p0rtci1 roses blD .™'Wilson sluienls have won duriivj recent years,'when he was yesterday awarded thc slate vocational championship for cotton, produc- Iton, bringing this parlicular award to the Wilson school for Ihc Ihlrd er conscculive year. , Kcfl Cross Aid in „„„„,„ BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Jan. 14 vu P)—Alabama Red .Cross officials took lo aid 1,000 pe'r- tons made homeless by. the. state's worst Elorm of recent - years. Relief workers cenler-sd their attention; about Millbrook and Robinson. Springs, Elmore county.ham- Jets where .Tuesday afternoon's tornado blew away residences 'of oCO inhabitants.' A score were injured. ... ... . Elcicn persons were known dead end 1C5 injured as the storm ripped across northeast Afississippi . and southwest Alabama — ...„ b . ^^ 0 ,, i,- s - 1(v ju LI 1C ieed, the yield was, nearly 'three bales to the acre. The championship winners for 1929 and 1930, both Wilson school sludents, won oh considerably smaller produclions. In 1829' Charles Seal] produced 9,360 pounds of seed cotton for'arl 'and H j Meadows in .1930 produced 6,4*7 ruilinslr ' ..... Smith "-rated his. record Ouiohila Is Rising CAMDEN. Ark., Jan. H (UP)Thi . Ouachita river, which ha' £UOJ above UK. 30 foot flood stage for more Ihan a week, was expected by rivermen to reach t.'ie 39-foot stage here tonighl. The river has overflowed below here inundating thousands of acres of rich lowlands, forcing to move stock and household goods to hi?hcr. ground. Other"slreHm in soulh Arkansas v:cre reported receding today. Damsje to highways in this sec- lion will run Into thousands of dollars. Several roads remained blocked today and crews were inspecting bridges and culverts winch have teen under water for Several days. Missourians Injured in Accident Near Yarbro Mr. and Mrs. Charles BolU of fciater, Mo., -suffered slight injuries wnen their car failed to make a. Highway 61. c»rve east of Yarbro and craved -, hrough (hc curve railing and into a ditch beyond. ' Reporis lhat ins Missouri motor- irts wsre seriously injured proved unfounded when Mr. and Mrs Erltc registered at a local hotei when brought to this city Instead ol being carried to the Blythe- villc hospital, as first reported. Their car, a Lincoln sedan, was damaged and is being repaired here. The student -automatically becomes Arkansas' conlestant for the southern regional championship of 13 states in cotton production. His award consists of a cash prize nnd a told watch. Young Smith produced 13,138 pounds of seed 'cotton • on thres acres, or an average of 4,3193 pounds an acre. Figured on t'^e usuiri basis of a third, as much.llnt the gross weight 1ri tlfe pounds. Young crop on sand loam soil which had been in clover and timothy for the past six years.. He,broke the land in, .December, J930, bedded it early In the spring, disced down the beds and re-bedded at planting time. He used 100 pounds of nitrogen fertilizer to the acre at planting "time ind later used another ICO pounds as a side dressing. The variety was Delta Pine; Eleven other students under the tutelage of E. c. Lighty, vocational :-!iruiture teacher in the Wilson school, this year .produced nn average of from 6,497 pounds lo 9896 Joimds on their three acre project Young Smith spent $101.90 to produce his crop, including rent, labor or himself, team and hired help- S16.50 . for 6CO pounds of Chilean Nitrate of Soda, and the cost of seed, interest and ginning. The seed and linl cotton sold for i282.35, leaving his a project labor Income of $187.35. Tardieu Given Place in New French Cabinet PARIS, Jan. 14. (TJP)^pierre Laval headed a new French cabinet today, former rapidly to solve the debts, reparations and disarmament Problems. Layal succeeded himself as pre- ™er and also became foreign min- ""'iclng Aristide Briand. He "-premier AnJre Tar- that left a trail of destruction nnd II<"Klp'i river-; in their wnke. . Southern California cities, where snow, is virtually unknown had a light covering. Chicago hud 58 degrees, Philadelphia 70. and N«w York 68. A-.drop bv tonight was ••;-!- wheie nu- First Snow In 5» Y«r s LOS ANGELES, j an . 14 (UP )_ ° f sl!)rm ih n, <! s!)rm the Rorkles. wliiopinp over South- . California, brought the snare Wte of \vintfr snow and cold to --•- ~- .TIKI,* ^;uiv Hflu Muthem California today ^ Snow fell at Santa Maria' fn r the jrst time in M years, «vl Ri,..,,_side saw its nrst white flakes sine-- Bliturd In Rockies DENVER, col.. Jan . . ]4- (tjp) _ Sreadilv f „ n I n * t » mI v>rat,,L iroiieht bitter cold to th- ortay. Sub-zero recording common and s(rdn a :winri,"orf First in Mississippi Politics Bf. plfELT Norll) Dakota Action Wit! Bring Governor's di'Jacv Into 'Onea. Cnn- Tlic Best woman elected lo the Mlnflsslpul House ot llonrcnoiitnilvos Mrs. Nellie Nugent Somerville, right nlmvo, saw h« daughter Mrs' ii?fi Ph | S !' IIoworth ' le(t ' '"«•".««> «» mo first woman over elected I.' II e legislature from Hinds county when ll, e MI» B I SS |,,,,| , 0 lon a alail ed their nresent session. They afc iho first mothor ind honored [n «h» history of ijin state, OUT FDR SHEilFF Hightower Held Guilty of Murder Conspiracy Sheriff Shaver's Chief „., Deputy Announces Can-;^ diclacy Today. MT. STERLING. Ky., Jan 14 'UW-wmiimi Hlghtowcr, 77-ycar o.d Evarts, Ky., mine union prcs Wejil. WHS found guilty -*.ul s«n- c<1 lo llfc imprisonment today -irercur,- ruts OS " An unofflciaj rcad'in» of 95 l^recs S V l 2e '^- nt i "* m ' bs> flr th * »otl ,. st »' 1 »th2r ever recordM fov ,*,. time of year, was renorled here lo-' -._... Brings Policeman to the Scene frnrn h^ railing < »nr«ln J. i. S i ecd gi n!1W( , "'hTL!T aSMtn " or »he ne bndj^e over the Ar- I!£ re .f'" l ?* ew -. wr lnsln<* her voter. what's and looking down' I here at the Patrolman Eastern-.' he called to turned. minutes later Easterly .h'^ao'tL" 10 U ' 6UbIC? " «" ^"Just bein? initiated into 'a high J<HV IlC b . r ' dlr<; wi ^ he*r a thu"mb!" sa.d thc patrolman. Germany Hesitates to Default in Payments BERLIN. Jan. 14 many might accent (UP) — Gera six months Clarence H. Wilson, well known Jlytheville man and present chief deputy under Sheriff W. W. Shav- tcday authorized the Courier s to announce! his candidacy or the oflice of sheriff and : col- eetor subject to Ihe action of trie -cnio^ratic primary ,in Au^us't. • In announcing, his candid&cj-, •"•SSf..Boy'.' . Wilson,, u h(. 1* knffe. to many friends In the county, offers ihe Mississippi county electorate, if elected, an adntlnistu- tlon that will comply with con- slitullonal llmilnlions.on the -office and at the same time give the county a full measure of adequate service." . - , Mr. Wilson is non' 'serving ills fourth year as chief deputy under the. present administration and joints to this experience as .qualifying him for.the higher post. Most of Mr. Wilson's work has been devoted to the collector's end of the i office, though.he has been in dl-"- rect charge of-law enforcement hn- nedialely under Sheriff Shaver. Wilson has. lived In Mississippi county for 20 years and has made his residence at Bassett, Marie, Kelser - and Blytheville during that time, which gives him a wi-de acquaintance over the county. Farm Board Asks Coops for Advisory Committee WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. (UP)— The federal farm board has osked cotton cooperatives to elect a new- cotton advisory commute: to assist In formulating n national cotton policy, it was announced today. Ballots have already been mailed to local associations. Four of seven members of the commltlee are to be elected from.specific districts The other three will be chosen at on a charge of coiisplrncy to miir- " n Daiiich, linrlr.n county uillf, slain In u gun bnllle strikers and deputies lost May S. Neyro Convict Confesses Killing Doctor's Daughter UELLE PONTE,, Pa., Jail. 14 IUPI— A murder charge."wlll be filed agnlnsl Fred Collins,' 31,. ne- gro convict at RockvleW.peniten- tiary, who killed the ; prison.psy- chlnlrlsl's daughter yesterday: Collins assaulted Miss Elizabeth Hickok. 22. then sloshed her throat with n itmlchcr unite, He .walked half a mile to surrender to gunrds and gave a detailed confession Ounrrts smuggled Collins out of the prison and took him tp Western penitentiary nt Pittsburgh to protecl him from possibU violence nt Ihc hands ol olhcr prisoners Qneen Sophie of Greece, Kaiser's Sister, Diet , Jan. lUP>-Former Queen Sophie of '., Sl5lcr of ""-Kaiser Wll"°™. died here last night follow"' 01 "" 1 weeks lllness durln ? lnforma l truest for Per- of Heart Failure After Shooting Man ,, Jan . (UP) -Simon Harris, 50 d dead of heart failure today -j— — -"••«>. «. o..\ iiiuiiuis extension of the- Hoover moratorium if innr-Jdiale cancellation of 'nil reparations payments Is not obtained at thc Lausanne, conference, it was indicated here today. Germany will ' seek complete cancellation In line with Chance)-' lor Bruening's declaration she Is [unable to pay further reparations, but ihe government Is reluctant to openly antagonize the creditor powers by an outright default. Doesn't Want Shoals, Edsel Tolls Committee WASHINGTON. Jan. M tupi— Kdsel Ford, son of the automobile manufacturer, told the house military affairs committee lodav that he was not Interested In the government pown- and fertilizer plant at Muscle Shoals for which his father bid ten years n?o. Ford discussed tho project in a secret session. Masons Meet Tonight The Chlckaswrba Lodge No. 134, . & disorder. - Von an Intestinal P. & A M., will hold communication tonight at Work win be glven'fn the , a suied 7-so third ™ n e third degree. Visiting brothers are we™ come. large. The commitlee will serve for one year. American Mills Using Slightly More Cotton WASHINGTON, Jan.. 14. (UP)— American cotlon mills consumed 416,517 running bales of lint col- ton during December, 1031. compared with 428,870 bales in November and 405,518 bales in Dccembjr, 1930, Ihe census bureau of the de- agriculture reported partment of today. Total cotton consumption for the five months ended December 31 of this cottnn season amounted to 2,195,035 bales; against 2,010,153 bales in Che corresponding period of season. Trial of Four Men On Assault Charges Put Off Trial of Mason Ray, Billic Ray, Reginald Hughes and Will Hay on charges of assault and.battery have been indefinitely postponed In municipal court. Judge Gravetlc withheld sentence yeslerday aflernoon after hearing .evidence against Curtis • M. Chcate, charged with failure to pay rent or move after receiving notice. Announces Sermon for Lake Street Meeting The Rev. Paul Galloway, who Is ccnductin? an cvangeltetic service at Ihe Lake Slrcct, Meihodlst church, will use as his subject to- nl?ht 'The Fellow Who Missed [Home". As special fealuros Noble jaill. of Dell, will lead the singing . and Miss Martha Matthews of 1 Manila, will sing (he solo "Give the Flowers to the Living". In a radio broadcast over KLCN &t noon today the Rev. Mr. Galloway spoke on "God's Vote" and Noble Gill rendered a voice number. Three men were fined $10 each on conviction for. public drunkenness in the police division of municipal court today Treasury Saves Money to Par Bond Interest LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 14 «JP)~ State treasury officials today bc- ?on hoarding revenues from gas. rnii noarain? revenues from gas ul '"? "' «acme oline tax col!«tlons preparatory to P".*eek In 1852. mPfif lnr> 4nf &*•&*!• >%a..MuA«*fi Ji.rt' FiVQ Vf**r* !•». College Expenses Light Back ia Old Days RACINE, Wisconsin, <UP)-In- lereslln? Information regarding the < ?L c f" eg * education, clothing and living expense6 w VKirs a f°' ff *,,r :ve *l«' here when Ri- clne Military Academy students uncovered some old documents. Meals were available to the stu- """= of Racine College 'af «l.T5 lAfc IU.IMA ° -T- on the »15.000,000 "issue'^of" siaU highway bonds disposed ol IsM July. his !• ..~....,». 4 ^,,-, i i Jill) M GUI-. l-Ymiklln u, ... wlcd lo iimicnmci' Unl riindff.ncv nimbsi im, nmv. ' '''hi' llrsl biiijlf. cull- sum ill" Is i-xpocii-il from In, Dakota Democratic central T'Hii-.j nov" incoijn"' '.' Cily. This commuter rsolullon ctillltm i l|1m , u,,, ( , Ti",' 0 ', T 1 " 1 ""'Iwstniwlln, here J 'I" Is to be thn vehicle by wl '" Bm-ernor \yill break the l: tlnii Nor( coin- U'«shln«lnn In Nnnw IIMt-mlri The western stales of Norlh Da ^... n "." w <«h"'i<lon have been li irt tl'.-j ttoosevt-lt dilvi- IS l!X|)OClC(l lo |lr. tin » iV .I" 11 ?,""""'"* <« Klvc noosc- vention FetCy * " ^ ^ Roosevelt's nnme nlrcndv ha- been entered for Hie 'I>)i>nei-nl!< urluinrU-s In Oregon.. Ujider UK, Orcson laws, .however, this acllon could bo taken byhh proootio.ils jiicrc wllhoin. any . dnclarnllon by HMsevcIt himself. .- ' . •• •- Hfronj In V/nl Western liilttiittvo lias been cs peelally welcome by Ihc Rooso yiOt fnrtTO. T), c 6Q vcrnnr's oiinosi lion has teen greatest In Ihc east. He hopes to .start hts snowball rolllni! frum Ihc Paclnc const so lliat when It reaches Hie eiut It will be big cnuujiii to flallcn out Iho ooiiosltloiv The othemnd of the Roosevelt', line atrctchen through the aonlh. Deer*!*;-'i,.regarded as nailed, down, and ROQW- unraca av nulled, down, and R veil followers br-l'^ve Ihey arc of Alabani'a. Stvong pressure 1 being. UTOiKlil on Sunutor Robin TOti of ArknnstiK nn<f Senalor Har rlson of Mls-jl-ulnpi to .mini* tliel slates Into the'Roosevelt cbliinm. WiU Not Appoint Clerk Of New Court For Present Optn Fund Drive NEW YORK, Jan. 14 (UP) Democrats of thc nniion will gnth er at more than fifty vlclory din nei;s .in 33 stales tonight toMnau gurntc a drive for one.nnd one half- million 'dollars lo put tho party In fighting shape .'or'the coming prcsldenllnl campaign. The party's most prominent speakers will- attend. Oov. Prank lin D. Roosevelt, John W. Djvts" Senator Robert W. Wagoner' arid Reo. Henry T. Ralney of Illinois will be Ihe chief speakers at the New York dinner, for which 3,000 reservations have been made. The speeches will be broadcast owr a national hookup. . In Chicago Melvln Traylor, Joil- elt Shouse and Robert Cnrr, ini- nols chairman of the funil rals- Inc coiiiinlttee, will ofllclatc. Former Governor Alfred E. Smith will b? the leading figure at Boston. Other points which will celebrate tho opening of thc drive and tome of tlie spcaker.1 include: LCK- Inglon, Ky.. Gov. Ruby Laffoon: Jackson. Miss., Oov?rnor Bilbo and Governor elect Mike Conner: Atlanta, OoVcinor Richard B. Russell. OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Jan. 14. tUP)-Gov. William "Alfalfa 3111" Murray began n speaking tour oday which will take him to Wash- ngton and which his followers hope will carry him to Ihe While House. Murray's departure was without «remonv. His nrst stop will be at Marshalltown. Iowa, where he Is lo address a ;tntc Democratic rally to[morrow. At Washington he will ad- Idress the national convention of Ihp I'Antl-Snloon league Monday nlghl December 18. rand Jnry to Report Today in Hudspeth Case ..HAIilil.SON, At*., J:;,,, TRi'liorl of l)io. JK ..'ivfii i uy.A. T. IludS|»lh. wlm •'.•il slioilly Ix'finx. Ihe bniik.s wus cxiK'Clnl today. Mimy witnesses, Indiuilnu mnklni, i.smiilnvn,, tinvc biiforc Ihi; grnnd »»..!. .. . . sluli> Cumpaign })y Twenty Fcffc oral Agents Carried Into Three Counties. - ; -W: HAYT1, Mp.; Jnn 14. elglu » omil ». l".»vt 'bc«n held t« 1 Til PIT OFF »v Fnrm Damage Action Ci-atiter! Continuance. OaCEOIrf,, /\rk~ .Inn u-T 'so "' L. 0. Hlllm'nn versus ilrln i Hrolhcrs. „ 5u | t for J SO( *cn e.. liivd by Illllman. ti, brtitnlly ireful' nna"d"i"i"l :nl allcnllon durlnn -d., „ , -JYWl "I'd- n year imo on Brlnkley opcralcir cnunlv convict fnrm. **<. conlUmetl for 'the term In clrcutlco"i| hero '•• v \*,, A' motion fni 1 1 made by Hillmnn's ntto,,,, \ anil Davis of Memphis afler thc court .had lusfnlned the n=L mc t b *f. T ' c °*lon, «- . who . , - tha dsfeniltnls, which »p Iht fnot th.Hhe nutnte 0 had run M to »ii« crl », nnd '"^'"" e Brlnkloys (?n the «rved a l»h* for if 'rorn January fo December' 0. on Iho Mississippi couhlv farm. -•r,3 continuance, .was granted In order, that thc defendant's .complaint might .be nmcnded .und J. U Willinms; bond sin aii.,f or.;' the former tolinly fhrni nporntorj made ' H 'parly lo the full. Scheduled for hearing today Is 'e Mse.n'f'A. S. Administrator, vs. W. W. Prcwllt, Exc- :ulor, in which Ihe heirs of Mrs. jiita 'Garner, former 'housekeeper [or J. L. Wrolen of Joiner, seek settlancnt of $2500 from thc Wrp- cii cslalo for services rendered bv t1rs. Oarner prior lo the' death 'of Mr. Wroten. All cases against • the Frisco atlroad ara set for Friday, Includ ng lhat of Monk Rullcdge, suclng or $3,000 damages for injuries which he received when beaten ver Ihe head wllh a ho;,? by lal agents of the railroad In. nn ffort Co make him confess com Jliclty In the Luxora depot'rob- ery. |j(|uacl of twenty federal.- »'hlch started Tuesday- and. may not bo ended yV ' ' 'U.^i'S. Court' -t.^i^ll . H, Hljclcicy jicrt 1 ,' *•. >•• ~>i:". : Fourteen of ihe-«|efeiidjriij'h»vi v ,wen committed to Jail pendini trial; / iwlle the, other n were'succoistur Pin 1 i-ff • *CAAAA/> l'» I " a)ti »« ».«» bond each.-Foiir'-: t milltl'fi in $50,000 Conn- °L? >L ' ]Bl1 PH»w>«» nre women.' Tlie raids extended Into Dunkllri,: New Madrid arfd ' nemHc'ot coitni' lies, nnd *ppnrenlly represent a do^. cimncd enorl by ihe federal au- tnorllles lo dry up this section of": llie stale. . . • .--.-' L. defendants cominlUrrt- lo' jal! r John fylimtl, Qidion 1 James ' Shcpard, Mrs. Francis Bim'elt^Ali vlii Rogers, Mary Vnnco, Luijy B411 sum Laiio,- 'shtl Andrew 1 Taylor'- • New Miulrld; D«cadcr 'BrUcV'Ml-'- : cola; Mrs. Jcsfe'Brock, P6rta»-vllle' ; C)«t(.ey. Simmons, Kcttnet'l; BUI :•• Those 'released on T, B .?"-' M ' co '»: » and . -l.uthtr .0. Cook, negro, New" ,- D1 ertson Stoy»r,..willl4m D.' - Stanley, and - »y«TS»m sie C«cll, .Bruit -OHyt f teltner. «* W, L . Hns, Cnrutlitravlllo. No municipal ecurl tc named until th c clerk court will becomes sclf-sujtBlning, at least as far as (he county's share of the cost Is concerned, according to •Judge w. D. aravcttc. Judge Gravette Is convinced that 'e new court, which pracdcally nplaced magistrates' courls in this district of the county Jan. 1, will be self-suslalning. However considerable revenue of the court will not be available until afler circuit court disposes of a number »' appeal cases, many of which h»ve been appealed simply because of thc element of time Involved, it Is pointed out. Under th c statulcs by which the court Is operaled expenses ol Ihe tturt is divided equally between ; nc city and county. No money -.VU..-VUUI15 firepttriuuii lu .— — »-- too*. »i ft i»l& u *•*,] ..* %r Interest ptymenta d«e! nw JTJM, ut er . according to b now a«nabl, to^'na Z-' y 1 amountlni! to S315.0COBother document, the cost of Slarv .«i it? J? p y >15.000,000 is/ue of slalo meate h«d incr^Ld M £L « Sn ."L a " d .. Jud8 .?. O™vMtcsays no --- -- -.-- increased to »250 n week Room rent In 1852 was $3 to w per session for each student. appointment will be made unlil Uie court's income reaches the- an- licipalcd revenue. Negro Held On Forgery Charge at County Jail Phillip Williams, negro, has been arrested by city iwllce and turned over to county officers on ft charge of forgers-. The negro Is alleged to have passed one bad check at & local grocery but was caught In an attempt lo pass a second. One check was forged on Lutes fjin and another on Ihe Gosnell gin. 100 Men Return to Work at El Dorado Siwnufl EL DORADO. Ark, Jan. H (OP) —More than 100 employ's of the Union Sawmill company, operators of one ol Ihe largest plants in this section, have returned to work. Tho plant hiis been shut down since early In December, Bank Receiver Posts Financial Statement A statement as of December 31st has been posted by H. I,. Drnd- ley, federal receiver for Ihc First National Bank, showing 822,755 In cash on hand. The statement reveals total assets o( 'the bank In the hands of Ihc receiver as t311,S69 nnd lolal assets uncollected tit $244,405, while total liabilities arc listed at only $151,270. No dividend has as yet been pnld by the bank which closed lale In November. France Buying 10,000 Bushels of Canada Wheat PARIS, Jan. 14. (UP)— Delivery has started on a French government contract to buy 10,000,000 bushels of Canadian hard winter wheat, the United Press learned today. The ajrccmenl represents n repetition of an order for a similar amount In 1930. It was undersl-oc France expected a reciprocal CDH- ceuion from Canada favoring eitr-.T French wines or silk. Services «| New Madrid for Mi« Sue Shelby Funeral services-were con due ted'' it ?•?« MflUHH; -Mo., t,6day for Mls-i sue 'Shclbyj-^-ycitfioM rfau- Kilcr of Mr?.'ai.d Mf^'charles''. SHelby.-of.thn'fTclty, wno"'ciled -a? ' icr-home Tuaifay nlglit. fallowing " _ y . ea "' lllns w fom tuberculosis;- f The rtcccosfii.-who hud "a" studio' in art and expression liefc 'for'' 1 *-' year, became -ill while '-living here' ' "lid was unable lo . i! has been at her home. ' Wnlle Blytheville s l, e made freTuent- appearar,™ at pi.blld program!/" Mrs. Jim. Santa, Miss OU Bob' Harris and Miss Mary'Roriey i^ landed the funeral service!''^ "". Btsides her parents Miss Shelby Is s,n-ivc,i bv U-o brnlhcri »S a sister, all of New Madrid ??' Japanese Reply to ' StimsonJIote Is Ready on Forbes here tomorrow;, fremief Inukai announced today. Kcnkichl Yoshizawa, ' Japanese ' ambassador to Paris and dele«5 o the league council, who was formally appointed foreign minister today, arrived in Tokyo this morning. U was understood delivery of Ihe government's reply was delayed so Yoshlzawa might read the draft of thc reply before it was turned over to Ambassador Forbej. Legion Commander HI in Sedafia, Mb., Hotel SBDAUA, Mo., Jan. 14 (TJP)_ • Henry L. Stevens, national com- • mander of t!ic American Legion, was confined to his hotsl room to day by Illness. He was forced to cancel a 6peak- ng engagement here last night when he suffered from an attack of indlgaitlon. Farm Skeleton Believed That of Indian Chief MATTAPOISETT, Mass. (UP)-A skeleton unearthed In a sand pit on the Manual Nuncs 1 farm recently Is believed to be that of an Indian chief of the Algonquin tribe, which nhablted this area in Cobnlal davs. The body had been burbd in n titling posture, facing east. Dr. Irving N. Tildon, trustee of Maltapolsett Library, began as- sembll»« tho skeleton so It could be placed on exhiblllon. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Probably showen lonlght and Friday, except r»ln or snow in north portion. Cooler In north and central portions tonight with cold wave In extreme northwest. The minimum temperature here yeslerday waj 64 degrees and the maximum, 69 degrees for one of warmest January days this -..„• has ever had. Today a year a$o the minimum temperature WAS 14 degrees nnd the maximum, 39 degrees, partly cloudy.

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