The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1936
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLE '(ARK.); COURIER NEWS THK BLYTHRVJLLE COUK1EU -NEWS 1 THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS ' .A(3. R, BAliCOCIC, Editor . H ;,\Vi HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Slv Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published 'Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered us 'second class matter nt the i»sL olllce al Bljtlievillc, Aikaiisnb, 'under act, of Congress, .October 9, 1017. Served by Hie United Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier in the City of Blyllieville, 15c per week, or C5c per nionlli. By mail, within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, 51.50 for six monllis, 75c for three months; by • mail 1 'liV postal zciics two to six, Inclusive, 56.50 per year; In zones seven ami eight, $10.00 per ..'year, payable in-ndvuncc. Mr. Lamloii Turns Ahonl. Not, long ngo in a spcwli nl Minneapolis Governor Lniulon :iltnckcd the administration's rcci])vociil lai-ill' program and promised thai in ilie- event he WHS elected president lie would seel: the rcncul of tlio law an- it. The response was not >so (,'<><><!• Even the Kansas City Star, the editors of which claim to he (lie daddies of ' Lahdon's candidacy, rcmonslrated mildly. Sow-Clary of State: Conlell Hull traveled to Minneapolis and made a reply which .made Mr. Uimlon look silly. So new the Republican candidate has doiic an about face. After 'several weeks of discreet silence concerning tariff reciprocity he returned to the subject yesterday at Albuquerque, N. M. Di;l he renew his pledge lo'i-cpcal the reciprocal tar- ill' law? lie did not. Hu said: "\\VKcpublicaus will so conduct the reciprocal trade negotiations as to reopen foreign trade channels in such a way as not to penalize the A'merican fanner or the industrial producer- and workman. This can bu done and it will he done, once 1 am elected." It can be dune and it is being done by a Democi atiu a'Jmiiiislration, though'not us rapidly as some of us would like. We believe, however, with W. L. Clayton, J.iines Warburg and the New York Times tlu.u there is a KOod deal more hope for further progress in that direction fronv : an; ail- imnistrutiojv that freirts a|- Iii.asT-,t6 111;- dtirijtand (.hat trade is a two-wl*^ proposition thnn from a party (the Ke- piiblican} and an individual (Mr. Lan- ckn) obseshtd with the notion that in some mystciious fashion we can find a way profitably to dispose of our Mil plus coHon, wheat, tobacco, pork aiii nianuluctiiral Roods without taking anything in exchange for them. For Mr. Laiulon, although he now pays, lip service to the principle of trade •'reciprocity, cites increased im])Gils as evidence that the reciprocity program is not working properly. As a matter of fact, of course, it would be a complete failure if it did not result in .'increased'imports, for only by selling to us can OHV foreign customers obtain the buying power to increase their purchases from us. Any vomim who \\ould tell her ago would tell amtlnne. — Panic It: Go.tchrcl, movie nc- tiets, who is reported wed to Charlie Chaplin. OUT OUR WAY Mr. Hoowr's CJiargvx on Herbert Hoover's speech al Philadelphia the other night in which the former president, accused the Hoosevi'li administration of juffgliii).; its books to deceive the public as to New I.leal expenditures, the' St. l.onis I'ost-IMspalch say.i "no man of character or principle, narlicnlarly no' one who holds the special responsibility of an cx-presiueiil, would go before the public with so serious an indictment unless it were well-grounded." In other words, aironliiij; to the Post-Dispatch, it must be I rue or Herbert wouldn't have said it. We wonder. Headers of the Courier News who listened to Mr. lloovor over the radio, if any did, nifty perhaps recall the ex- pre.sidcnt's reference to the Hoos'tvcl- tian parable of the old man who fell oil' the dock and was rescue;! some fhree and n half years aj,'o but who now hliinifc.s his reseller for the loss of the silk hat he was wearing. The old man's present resentment, said Hoover, may be due to the fact that lie .suspects he was pushed oil' the dock in order that bis rescuer might make himself a heVo by saving him. The man who would make a dirty crack like that would not let "the special responsibility O f an. ex-president" cramp his style in a partisan political speech. IflSC SIDE GM1VCES . - By eorge lai-k ••^^UM:%wmi.$M ''••'W' 1 * ''" ;i ^feS? '$$ If ¥ "(irficc believes you should iuiuw every word (hat is said on liolli sides, or you haven't any business voting." The Public's Fuuti- The American public frequently jiet the idea Hint thc-re is more eniiiloycr-cmidoyo trouble: in Hollywood tliiin anywhere else in the coun- liy. 'Jliii-illy' it week paKsos hut some stsir or olher is at odds wtMi the company to which he i.s under cunlract. Why this .should be so seems' ra- Uier aptly, if forcefully, put by Actress Hettc. Davis, who lias been having just sucli a lid' with her producers. "Money should be made \vhen you mean something, not when the' public has had time to tell you to go to hell," .says she. So, ir : you read of some actor who refusca'to emote unless a cipher or. so is his) salary;, oi-vo'l 1 ! tmoltieru, who baJics ;bcoiuise lie feels' his an- ''' pcarance in ):no many ' pictures will shorten his career, blame it on yourself. For you arc lhc public. And Ihe public is fickle. And actors can hardly be blamed fur capitalizing to tho utmost on the i'ciw favors you shower upon them. THIS CURIOUS WORLD ¥ 3UTTERFL/ES EXIST TO WITHIN 500 OF THE NORTH- POLE/ LJT *•*,>/" V wri-U xy-t/T-UV/ LTs, v..,is OCTINCT/ "THE 'LAST TASMANIAN DIED IN •' \e,&9. . . THE LAST TASMANIAN VVOMAM, IN 1876. : Clvlll/nllon today is n raco between cilu- ralinn and propaganda. Ignorance used to be the great enemy of human progress. Today, Froimgamln is that enemy, -linbbl Abba Hillcl Silver, Cleveland. I fcei like a youngster at a wonderful parly filling on the llooi- with all my names spread cut bcfcrc me. When yui tell me f am 70, It is as if my nurse were coining lo me to say, "Bertie, it is getting laic-time to put thosa toys away." _H. G. Wells. Liciiior alone can causo enoiiffi trout;!:. Why add women? —Louis Wulir, head of New Yn-k bartenders, opposing Ihc aillllnlion of taunaids with his association. MI6HTV NICE OF VOU, GOLDV EA,T'N' AtL VOUR MEALS HERE AN 1 BRINGW K.IPS,-HELP]N' OUI3 BUSINESS.' VOL) WOULDN'T COME IN'WITH V US, BUT IT'S \ FINE OF VOU TO HELP US' OH,POM'T GET ME ,v,^,x 1 , ; ,- 1 MER.SLV TAXING ADVANTAGE ' O AN 1 OPPORTUNITY. THE ONLV 11Mb THE CONSUMER. EVER GETS A BREAK IS WHEN A BUNCH OF Sf.PS START A BUSINESS.' THEY QUICK.LV GO BROKE, BLV IN THE ^ MEANTIME A FEW CONSUMERS :^^MWE HAD A. BREAK P" ~ By Williams MOST OF THE SO-CALLED DOSSIL PLi^NTS ARE IMOT PETRIFIED./ . THEY ARE THIN F1L/AS OF CARBONACEOUS • MA.TJER.' PRE5ERVEP BETWEEN SLABS .OF m:<;ix until: TODAV KA-i'i: nu<i UAIIOI.I.VI-; Mr.un tU-r uu n llhu. <:rn»» furm ivIlM «hHr Kl-amirilllior, 3JAJOU SAJI Viuiitt, 'AI.TIIV unii /KKI-:. icm,- Ifi ntKnKvtl to hlimlnomf .MOKGA.V I'HIWTISS,. wlir> lii'Kl<'<-(n ln-r for BVB i:i.\VKI.l., lirnillirul mill withers and turned'toward the She though!, "So this Is lhc ' t t t you focl wllen y° m; lover's sli'p- ] -,,,,,„,,..„.. . • ping away!" Suddenly she couldn't 4 VE xLAVELL xvas onininrt Jrtum i.^.._ ..i ™. _ . , . .. . Luu ion t 0 MnJ,. li-i rfKilKCJ (he nurlKfiKc IN furv- IIOU'AIM), ti M(- tiiltii' it. She couldn't bear the _ al Morgan was a lliou- nnlcs away while his »rm was coining down, wearing pale yellow ig lines, and Her whcal- ', - j """ "•*'""*' >.ti. ^,,1^ luuiuiri Dear ^U^Tf"^^a>" lo^ea'niKi^'lro^,^ .- • 7 mi»K i(ii>iiii^iin>i-i->. .iru ui-- inaxcu iti curly banes nci/o^i hm- ii«,. i i *-.i •*«MHU| > w vu,, ,„ .,„,, ,.,H.,« K 'ih« in,,. fo , chead . The efteet was f l o ^ V ' Sh ° couldn ' 1 »HTSS?2 $fl" '^ a( '' iCaI ^^" Sho secmS hur^ (nrlr^wMh W1 ^ C " COm '" gi ' 1B lorgan!" "Try and find u place," Morgan nil "lll ll* Iil Jlll J w fnl nif iii»il Kill*" rkvi*- Jluiiv , nuli'Ir, JJI-IU-f. Till . This irlrlM :ir.> ' hiv MMUI- «( CV.VTHIA or JL tlmiiT. The -llrijnr, li-fl ntwii lrrniii* of (lie vnhinMi- 3J ( -rd *l i-r, Inirli'il In :m tniUuoivii «*i . now 1:0 o.v « r i'rn Tin: STOHY CHAPTER XII /"•VNTIIIA came to meet Kate and Caroline and made the introductions as casually as it she had been checking off a laundry list. There were not so many, after all. Only auolher girl beside Cynlhia—an attractive New Eng- landcr with an accent thai interested Ihe sisters—and four young men in thc last stages of college. Two were from Dartmouth, two from the University of Pennsylvania. Soon food replaced cards. Someone spread a linen cover on (lie table and brought silver and iced- tc-a and plates of her/.-ty food, Cynthia called across •.>•> room, "Relatives nol allowed nl the same table!" bill the Meed girls refused lo bo moved. After tile informal meal was over, thc entire house parly wan- ciercd ahoul In pairs uulil'il was time lo dress. Thc dance was set for 0. Cynlhia insisted thai they all he ready, although she and Kale and Caroline knew that most of the guests would follow Ihe time-honored southern custom of arriving an hour late. . . . This proved to be Ihe case. Alter the orchestra tuned up, the house parly had a small dance of its own before guests began drilling in. Kale said to big Bill from Dartmouth, who had just told her how swcel-slic looked in the sea-blue laflela, "Just wait! You'll nu'et girls so much prellicr lliau I am (hat you'll Icok back on me as just an. appetizer!" were watching the newcomers. Then she saw him. .„.- „.,» lighting a cigarct in thc'hall and wearing now ilanncls. He looked handsome and casual. She caught his eye. She lifted the hand that rested on thc iiu- Darlmoulh shouldci Morgan smiled tenderly in retur hut-he did not come to her. queen entering a hotel ioycr.' ....-..„ .,„., ,,_,, , „ , T The stag line W as drawn loward ,. cp ,- c S 'Tl-c o e 1^' ,n °'f," her as ^surely _as sted filings are {|T yai'd-" ' Iu "' S ° 3 Kale said boldly, "Our old car's drawn lo a magnet. Through lhc group of men at lhc foot of thc stairs Morgan Prenliss moved de- liberalely unlil ho had reached Iho laughing, golden creature who stood there. "Let's dance, Eve!" he said. And, to Ihe boys who surrounded her, "Scat, lads! 1 fetched her!" Kate heard and saw. Stfe caught her breath so audibly lhat Iho Dartmouth man held her at arm's lenglh and looked at her. "What's mailer? Winded? 'Sense! Dance slower—" "No!" Kale said. "Oh no! Lei's dance fast.. Let's riot!" Eventually Morgan came to dance with Kale. He found her artificially animated. She round him courteously evasive. Kal* said, smiling too brightly into his eyes, "However did you and Eve happen to get together? I thought she was coming with lhat Lcxiug- ton man." Morgan replied, 'She was. But lie got himself in a smash-up today. Wrecked his cav and couldn't L'ct here. Eve enlisted me." Just the barest outlines. No details. He soltly hummed the lime that the orchestra was playing. His thoughts seemed remote. They danced on nnd on. Through two entire numbers. Kale felt that he wanted to be rid of her. She found herself praying, "Lord, make somebody cut in, so he'll thinlc f'm popular! Malic somebody cut in—" ]V"OBOD\r cut burned her in. Kale bridges had ago. She was Morgan Preiitiss' • i — -.^....-jj muni later, just DCIore d-iu'ii hide 7, ^f lakc ",T <: l ° whcn Kalc -'" Caroline ^rcgc-: , „„„ ,. ,„ '•— ,"' ' .' ' &ho saw Johnnie ling sleepily inlo bed Kal" said '.appetizer!" Baird crossing thc floor. Sho smiled contritely, "Did you have -," aood Her eyes over Bill's shoulder at him, remembering that he used lime; dar ing? I como olely °o°t Cro Walcllint- 1hn HfMir™,nnr t - in fir vo Trim- mil™, in .„„ 1—_ ...1 i . , .. >-wiiiiMcl<.iy lost. lo drive four miles lo see her when track of you." She had told Morgan'Prentiss lhat she- was 17. Johnnie smiled back snc was spending Ihe night here, but kept lo his course. He cut in her before some oilier man claimed her Kate said to Morgan, "Eve's getting a rush tonight." 3SS.MS-SSE ^SMT^SSS. t ssasfesSaS , . si'rvation . ll parked beside the'garng>._ She walked out of the rocm and out o£ the house, willing him to follow. He came. She led lhc way lo thc back yard, pnst Ihe back porch, down Ihe brick walk lo the parked car. She opened the rear door and got in. He followed. "Now kiss me!" she said with'a small shaky laugh that was not as bold as her actions. Morgan' complied. The ro!e o£ the lender, ardent lover came back lo him. Kale quivered hapoily as- he kissed her eyelids and pressed her chock against his own. Music and laughter eume drifting cut lo (hem. Honeysuckles and fence-, ••>< roses filled the air with fragrance. W 1 • Even a cooling lover must be in- X j spired by such a setting, but Ibis ^ >3id nol occur lo Kale. She only Ml thai she had miraculously found Morgan again r.nd that her foars had been stupid dreams. Presently the screen of the back porch swung open and a serving man picked up a freezer of ice cream and carried it kitchen. into the "Heavens!" Kate said. "Supper already? I had no idea. We must go bad;, Morgan— I've promised one of Cyn's men — You'll bo having to look after Eve, too—" : Yet she stayed a moment longer in his arms and laughed happily when he said, "Damn Cynthia's man! Aiul Eve, too! This is more important — " She took him into the house again, as he knew she would. He had finessed and won. Much later, just before dawn, . "Wonderful," Caroline an- i-'-vered. "Not a rush like Cyn and - -.— -"- *.. •-- -n.n-11. i\vt .1 iii^u nKo uyn and on Eve Elwcll and had lime to Eve had, of course but a good a dozen exciting steps with steady pace. Snull hung around—' 'I'm co glad, honey," Kale said happily. "Any gossip?" 'Yes," Caroline told her, "but I'm loo sleepy lo go into it now. sound critical rather told me. iientary. Kate's checks | service." you •>- something old Mrs.'Dodtl ChcnauH' It's about n silver lea T. . . ~ . -- ••" vuuiiMiiu^ rnuc s ciiccKs service, " ;: • ( •'< *'"• C)CS brokc ti ' clr rendezvous burned. Her heart was heavy.] (To Be Continued) square miles, is Iccalctl Tasmania, an island of 2G.GCO oil the coast of Australia. In .spile of its temperate (ho culture of the aboriginal inhabitants was thc lowest of all modern known peoples. Stone-lipped weapons w;rc unknown to them, thcir ipcars being sharpened sticks, .hardened uy fire. of years Farmers Redy to Open Drive On Jackrabbits DENVER ( UP >_ Jackrabbits long have been a source of worry to Colorado farmers, whose crops they damage and destroy in part every year. A recent survey by the Colorado j biological division has the farmers I more worried than ever. Thc xur- . It is not unusual to sec cf nearly 10.000 rabbits at pile the San Francisco LOSES | to C 1"'P 1)is £ liltl « in such a man-'wts toward the center In the cen- ni 1 i ?• r>i i i i cr ft cl ' 5t °mcr could have his' ler is a pen into which minv nf Oldest Livery Stable <*,** between 0. ;I Dobbin or a; them are 7lven wmie othm are C , M ' m " 10 ' c '"j killed as they attempt to escape SAN FRANCISCO. (UP) -Tru TT through thc lines of men oldest ot San Francisco's livery st.i- Wcs has passed out of existeiic:, to be succeeded by its logical su:- ccssor—a garage* Thc Kelly Livery. Slabbs, as they vvrro known, wore founded in 1850 aii:| had a continuous existence down until the day wlrai tiny hart lo s ivc way to the automobile. ThD founder, Thomas Kslly, landed in San Francisco in 1854. having sailed around the Horn close of a hunt of this sort. Sometimes lhc drives arc made with Sims and thc rabfcius are Eliot as tl'.ey run from the circle. | iliay played a plcturasmie pirt pound sheqi and 588 rabbit' in the early days of California, \vculd consume as mu-h fcert T^ T .when swank turnouts, with halloa 730-pound cow. Farmers arr won the Guard Againsi. Leakage of Harmful Mechanical Kcfriircralor. Gases 11V UK. MOKK1S FtSIim^". , persons in the home can escape to I'.ililor, of the American: the open air before much harm cihral AsrocUUnn, and of ' Is'dono. coa-chmcn au;l higlisteppcrs war; tiering j us t how many of the signs lhat B old had rolled in pcsls would lie required to en -,1 from the miiifs, th.j gambling la- tlic feed in the state bles, or even business. | Dminn tllc In 1906, th= son, of Kelly took : make war on thc'rnSs wi'r""" over the stables and continued tlu; soiled oat3 ami shotgun or lifl™ u«.?in:ss. Hovvavor, he was quick to In the winter they band ",'„ £ciu= the iiicoaiing power of in: gtlher and conduct hiiuls r-iih auto and was on t of thc first liv- rlubs by .surroundinp several ser , v?° " icatcr ' " !c Palncc of si ' cry stable proprietors on the coast (ions of land and driving the.rab- ' tife"dcaf S a^d ! "lu"" t ' '" Mosc0 '*" for Court Ilciiorlcr Only 21 SAN FRANCISCO (UP)-rsjll[l- tius P. Richardson, .son of the municipal director of delinquent revenue, has won the distinction of being the youngest court reporter ever appointed in California. He is FrcEliman Is "Senior" DURHAM, N. H. (UP)—A University of New Hampshire freshman claims the distinction of being a "senior" and "junior" though he is a first-year student. He is Waller Senior, Jr. class of 1940. OUR BOARDING HOUSE is cacap- ,, - lifo beside the gasa, tlmt " ' iilrendy been mentioned arc n«oclntc<l with mechanical refrii;- cralion. Such equipment now "'K' ,, . , , so common llml llierc is Imrdlv a , ' ,,v,^n°'L 1S """f "? midrtlcclass home or aiMrlmenl' in '" C " IIJ11 Cl .' ° ^ ° S "° lllcl bC ^' " ° Wh air n " cl rC5 " s " Invc ra I hose n ™ I thc United States without a me- u * , L , —' ' — clVnnlrnl refri B erator. | clnc<l "y being made lo inhale Mechanical refrigeration cm-'" h"'' c °, °:Y SC " " nd 5 pcr ccnt 1 braces use of all types of artificial Ci>rt °" liloxl(ie - B1 «"-bonalc of refrigeranU except Ice. chilled water, or air. Among the gases used I are sulphur dioxide, ammonia, methyl chloride, ethyl ehloritle! carbon dioxide, butaue. auri pnn?. Recently a new substance railed i a ,f t01 [ wl " lL ' '""•' i jin • j - i * ., '"ui\i stlmulanK (n rt*,™,,.....™ i.m^t ,,~ i dllUicro-dichtor-methauc was <ii s - T" covered. It Is fald In be prncti- rally non-poisonous and without hazard. pro- is given lo such victims overcome thc acidosis that is pro-! I The general symptoms are treal- j I ed according to their nature. H1 | the person is asphyxiated, the: i doctor will inject the necessary Occasionally deaths, or at least severe injury to health, follow the release of iwlson gases Into the home. Methyl chloride has no odnr and does not manifest itself by Irrlliithij! thc eyes or throat. Us dangerous effects may not be fell until severe poisoning has place. Sulphur dioxide, which is used ' Such patients usually are acute- I > iy sick and should be given a solt ' diet and kept in bed. absolutely i quiet, until thc physician pro- j i noimccs them out of danger. i Taliby Mothers H'Hilcats | UKIAH. Cal. (UP)—Tlic Ar.dcr-! son Valley apple show almost i made a reality of the -wolf lying; down with thc lamb." when it; exhibited n house cat motherly 1 i nursing two wildcat kittens 7 > weeks old. ' ! I SEE THE MA3OR \S \WRlMKLlkJ6 A, BROW OM THE MEW IKWEMTIOM With Major Hoonlc SEEM CTOW1HI6 ABOUT—WE SftVs THE \DEAv IS A\ BIKD, /NMD THAT IT'LL PEWHER HI? 6K1OP.E STALL A\Kir> LAN HIM A M1LLIOK1 TXDLLAK MtST ) EG6//' ~1%&. 1 "FOR 2.5 YEARS THAT "BIG BAPM OWL MAS BEEM SlTTlMG. ON) CWIMA EGGS, AMD HIS PIK1GEP.S ARE ALL THUMB'S, TROM COUMTIMG HIS BETOKH THEY'RE HATCHED "BEAT ALL THE EGGS HIS IMVENJTIOMS HAVE LAID TOP, WM, AMD VOU COULDM'T WHIP UP &€> MUCH FROTH A-S VOU f CASJ BLOW FF A MUe OF FLAT BEEP,'' ~^T \'fa#£, & i kr W>tfa m LKJARTMA HAS LITTLE PA\TH- ^

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