The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1934
Page 4
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fOUB <ARK.>; comma KIWI BLTTHEVILLC COUMMt N1W8 GOUIUB mws co. a *. UBOOOX. Kttor H. W. HAMB, *»« KiUoaa) JUnrtuuv RepiuenUUrei; Arkuut DtUkc, Iiw, New York, CWcwo. *- p«, et. Look, ttollM, K»r<eM Otr,»i«ai*Ji. PuUtabed Every / g«m sunaty. Entered M secomt citss matter it the post ofllcc it Biytheville, Arkansas, under Jet ol ccnswu, October 9. 1917. RATES ~ H""cnntfr in ti)e Hly 01 BivUicvllW. 16e pw •«>k or JS.M per year In advance. Hy m»ll within « radius of M rallet, «3.00 pel ye«r. $1.50 for tlx monUx, 8So fur three mooUm sy niati In posUl vmts two to six, IncluilTt, Ki.60 per yenr. ID zones seven »nri eight, 110.00 pri- ycnr, payable In idvanw. &.i We al Lasl Awaken to F'ghl Misfortune It is :i (|WEi' i|iiirk of fato (hat the Vworsl (troutI) in modern times should hit us j\isl as we are trying to draff bui'Kclvos out of our worst depression. And while there isn't imieii .similarity between I he two, it is interesting lo note that each is arousing in us llie same sort of reaction. Industry i-olhpses, and what do we do? We adopt action thai we hud never used before; we subject industry to government control, put millions of people on federal payrolls, spend enormous sums on public works, revalue our currency, and make billions of dollar.-; in ; loans available direct from th« public till. We go farlljpi 1 ; we begin great experiments such as I hose., in the Teiines- ^see valley, we siwinl millioiin on stihsistenei: h.otnesteails, we (iilk of' :<le- . centralizing industry and moving workers out of city slums into semi-rural stUTqundings—all in the hope that we can soinehpw rearrange, our life together so need not suffer'this way again. • * • On the heels of this, along comes a terrific drouth. Dust clouds rise from the beds of watercourses, broad lakes turn into dry plains, green fields turn '.brown. So we put engineers lo work building dams and impounding streams, \ve have^ our foresters .begin, .the crea,- tipn of'H'fBrtSt' that will reach' from Canada to Mexico; .we talk of shift- .ing hundreds of thousands of people from land that may never be green again to regions which irrigation schemes will turn from desert into farmland. Once again, we arc trying to rearrange the existing system so that a cataclysm like this need not hapjicn again. Now here is the most interesting purl of it all. T Both of these disasters, drouth and depression, arc the sort of thing that -.used to be looked upon as "acts of God," pure and simple—natural events which could neither be prevented nor v ameliorated- '- v however, wo have begun to realize that we helped bring them on _. ourselves. We invited the depression by unwise speculation, by a poor tribution of the fruits of prosperity, by imperfect alignment of our economic machinery. We invited the drouth by destroying our timber, by exploiting virgin soil too extensively, by permitting erosion and stream depletion to go on unchecked. And just as we helped cause these disasters, we now have tin: idea thai we can help cure them. We. are not sitting will) folded hands waiting for things to get better; we arc rolling up our sleeves and going out to make them better. We are refusing lo acccpl our misfortunes, any longer, as inescapable. —liruce Cation. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST IB 1984 ' Peril /.s Qocrralcd That North Carolina clergyman wlm lei a rattlesnake bite him and trusted in Providence to keep him from dying had ;i big percentage in his favor right from the sliirl, according to Dr. Raymond L. Ditmars, of the l.ronx X.oo. Dr. Ditmar.s, who knows about as much about poisonous snakes as anyone in America, says that only about JO per tent of the ]>eople bitten by rulllcsimkes die, even if they receive no medical attention whatever This fad was doubtless unknown to the clergyman, and does not detract in (lie kasl from the bravery with which lie set out to test his faith. Uul it may help to account for the supposed efficacy of some of the linn 1 honored "CHITS" for snake-bite— such, for instance, as the use of whisky. If 8i> per cent of the victims would recover anyway, it is hardly .surprising that copious drafts of strong waters should occasionally be given credit for saving a life... . .• ...... The 'Pie' Evil Is Bac/e •I lift about the worst news that lias como out of Washington in recent months is the disclosure thai the federal "pie counter" is oi>en again in old-tirno style. The old spoils system seems to have revived almost entirely, and the anciejit game of using the^-federal gov-, ernment as an agency to provide jobs for deserving party hacks is being played as merrily as ever. The New Deal seems to mean a good many different things, but one of the things that it ought most of all lo mean is a break with the sorry old custom of handing out plums to wanl- heclcrs. The abuse of party patronage has been a crying evil in Washington for generations — ever since the day of Andrew Jackson, in fact. For a while, it looked as if the present administration were making a genuine effort to institute a reform in that lield. Hut Washington correspondents report that there has been a complete re- , version 'to the old-fashioned spoils system this summer. To those of us who had hoped that fi new standard of gov- ernmenl service was being set up. the news is exceedingly discouraging. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Lady Houston Suggest! She Can Use Two Garters LONDON. (UP)—Lady Houston, who owns and edits "The Saturday Review,"' doesn't mind being saucy occasionally, she writes: . "Tile deaiiis of the Dukes of W;l- jllngton and Marlborough iiave created an unexpected problem, that, or filling the two vacancies lhat have arisen In the Order of t;:e Garter. "As one would be no use to me. I modestly suggest that 1 be given both of them!" Merchant Marine Ofiicer Gives Advice to Lovelorn (Q.O $ cw IP OMtlDV GEORGE SCARBO I PROVIDENCE. R. I. (UP) - Cap'n Chnrlcs Bradford Rlckct- son, 1)3. cf the steamer Ml. Hope. oWcs: licensed officer In the Amerl- . can Merchant Marine, has been j r.appily married for 62 years. His advice to a young married coi.pie? "Only this—10 the feller—take livr and like her." "Well, I'll ho hanged! Martha, here's a man who has rchUiYCs living in our part of (he country." Speed Ace Says Young America Idolizes Fliers CLEVELAND. (UP) — "Yoilllk'j Aini'ricn no longer idolizes boroes of Hi; wild West. Their hero today i-3 the flying Me who is breaking jpcccl mid endurance records," said Col Roscoe Turner, very much an ace Mmself, when - intcmcwe:! here. j Colonel Turner said thai since children nowaday.; see none of the mystery that envelope aviation for the olil-timer. they should .__ - (WAUffiD BdJ'JH SCKXX *O UVED be encouraged plnnos. to bnild model eteftf TYPE OF 03LE EX- .. ^,=<2 PossiaE, HEIEN MACK TAMES OFF K=G SrOES Y*^l SHE SuXjS 1 . s^sAYsaso^ svxateTteQ-imTW'i'. '•-—rr-j—- Head Courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Warn Arts. CLUB f<K<ll!l HKUr) TODAY •SYtVIA HIV BUS, rick i • pullrd. rml» <k« r«u«xcr Kl _. Lnr<'haevk. r»kl«Blhle Km York • uliurl,. Sjlvla KlvrB • tarty at the Ynchl Clab »d • •!<• Mil »ikc crowd" eicrp( HOOTS RAEBURN Hnntm, kr&rthrolcen br the mitmb, «ccrit(» H krlHlrd InTltfttloH (n m dinner t»t thf club 1k«( *ani« nlckl Ilvrn kj MKS. WATERMAN. o» lit Ik* IniTM'H «vrUI llflil*. IIAHDY WKITMORK, our at Syl>ln'» Kurtlv, rn«kr» Rout* <>lt 1k>- danre flour anil trlfa („ pfr- nunilr krr lit KO lulling. She rc- tm* «orf r«» »r,«y. In.I.* krr • he*.. Hardy Kuril oft IN hi. h».r ntul full* iivfTkmird. Tbr rntlrr rlul, !• aroyicd Nnd lie I* rvit-nrri. lluul.. c»b«rr»M< nnd .biH-lr.., *• drlrrn knMC by HUSH LUM). >Vrxt mo Wnlemnn her iMime iiv Hht t-nlU an Mr*. avnlnclzr »n<l. lo rellrr. flMti» It nn- Williams FngUive from Rang, Howard Beck, to^ 1 was arrcstcil after a year nC freedom an lie aaL at his ilinnrr table In Chicago with Ilia lirido ot tlircc months, formerly N'cllio (.Jlffnoy. below. Heck was serving life In connection \\\\\\ a policeman's killing In a ruin rufi- ning fight. Dclftrtlvfj pnifi a woman's tip brought his <.artur<v i Collrgr In linnor Frciy SPKINGI-'IKLD. Ma.^. dil.'> Springfield College slnrHiK. alnni- nl and frietul.s already tire nuking preparations for hnnorinc rrcsidi ill Lnnrcnce 1- DngRctt of Hi- roll^je on his 70tli birthday Hmnvcr:.-.iry December 22. S,-wali Palfrey Knjasrtl IHiOOKtiIN'C. Muss. (UP)—Sarih Palfrey, the Whitman Cup :<-u- nis hcrclnc. is cnKace<l lo marry Marshall Fabjnn, Jr.. of IMon, Harvard grcidnnte and ron o! a for- t mcr Harvard medical school professor. OUT OUR WAY PEOPLE, LJ SUCH A LOOKING CXJTFir ARCH OF TRIUMPH, TO STRUT OV&R THERE Bwtaparte ^ir Walte y. more, AmericSr actress, born- vnlle^ TiiTny fnim thr clol. rliMl nlKht lir • dralh In (he fUMilr. KO»V RO OX WI'l'H THE 'TORY CHAPTER VI TT took courage of a sort to face the Bench Club that moruiii?. but Hoots ran llie gautlet with heart high. No matter how clear her bouks wcra with Mrs. Waterman there still remained the problem of tbo younger crowd's attitude toward her. Tho first person she ran Into; on nrrIvlii K at tlio club, was her escort. of tlie night liefore. flnsa Lund woro his usual dark Jersey svrini inliiB suit and had his woully sweater shins over his square shoulders. Put to Uoots. today, the facu tliat had seemed merely rather ordinary, rather lantern-jawed, appeared kind and Intelligent. Indeed, sbo might almost have called him handsome, in a big. crude. male way. His wcll-knIL fiuuro was hard-muscled, liurned lirosvn. It WAS tho lioily of an athlete. White teclli hashed In a big mouth, and Iho eyes under tho crajjgy. irregular brows were laughing, loo. "llo-.v's Ihiugs?" Ones Uoots would have resented his ready assumption of friendship. There l.i no one ou earth so essentially snobbish as a young, pretty «ti'l unsiiro girl. But today ilie emilcd ot bim iu return, limosl R3 nn accomplice. "Just line! EvcrylhhiE ranm out beautifully." with a swift glance fit tho nearby groups she outlined Iho events ot tho luornluf. "Thai's swell. Mighty glad II turned out so well." Ho waved his hauil nl a Idg, ilabhy blond woman In a rubber full who cama toward them from tho direction of Jhe Iwtblioufcs. "De with you In a minute Mrs. Kprasg. Tlia end o! the pool." Tho fat woman went and sal on tbo toucrcle curb, looking forlorn and lonely, and Hoolo took tho occa- Patty "Drive you home?" ivas tlie only girl In tlie I'alty slarei) at lier coolly. would iiik Her lo come F.illln;;. I haihi t. Oil. wnll . '. . fion lo keep j - oii. iy hurriedly: "I won't You're busy." "Ynu kind of druuiisd oul of tlie picture last nlgnl. didn't yon?" Boots said composeilly. "Mrs Walerman liad a messnse finm lioine nboiit tier cousin, f^lie ({led last ntglit- We —it broke tilings up—" "Oil, rc3?" Tlicre svas franli ills belief In Patty's vuU-u. liut lJi<lci*5 anil Julin crcnti-d n diversion lust thai, rulllux <ivut and over again un tlie sand, wics tllng. Palty iMd no fuillier oppor tunlty tor knife IhruMs. liools liad a EC-use of danger escaped, liowever. Tlicio wns n look In I'attj-'s eyes whlcli Inill c«ted th« sulijcc-l nas uol closed. JTIiat was Patty's way. Slio Ind "Swimming l«E*04i " ' said Russl" 16 "lentlcssness of a steam Irac- nlideutially. "See yon lutftr." , or - Anti st " utl ' er ' ors(>u ''"' conlideunaily. "See yoi: As she wcut on down lha nirrow ' ni;lo Bools told herself that she must l« getting a bit giddy. There was something In the quality of the big young man's smile lhat had Ulrred ter oddly. Her heirt was •dually beating faster. Why. ehe couldn't bs falling [or blm! Sh« was still crazy almut Hardy, ivasu't 5h«. lu eplte of what Lad happened last nlshn Why. sho had dreanwd «boi;l H»rrty tor years. «ver tince Che «as o IHtle bit of a girl! If Hardy showed her fnvor. her day ••vas lierferl. No. she couldn't o* Interested In Husj Luud. Sh» was iusl ;,rale[111 to htm (or belug eo tfcceut about taktne her boiue last thjht. • » • 11ATTY saw her a- |h« c«o« down ^H£ ilrie'l litr liair nn n lon^lij -^ t'.ivel niitl II sii.inl fn7iily j umiinl tier lieml like a Hal., ll'tle." llnurs ivonliln'l (to In £n IIOIUR tike lh:kl t,n-i : ii h,m... She wnuld to make II small uuilillc, yon Know. I've noticed lliings. Some of tliese dolls are pietly lilgli-liat." She didn't kjio\v wficllier to frown over ilia! or nol. Tlie Idea of accepting pity frum anyone, especially funi a ncu-ciuiu'i. liow- ever Byniuatlielif. was liilter. Slie said. "I'm liiud of Iliis tuwu. Wish I liad a ioli In tile cily." Me n|i|ilauili!il liliil. "Atla girl. IJu yiiiir slurr." "We (iniri —[luirt du aiDllilnK hm DarRe nrnimil." i-iiniplnlncil, :; fnir win ds. "ll's all ri^lit fur llie kin.i hut u-liuii y<iu tet ynu wunrler uhnl il's a!4 mill." He stitiurctt. f'jc.'lliii; liet c-hntige I iiniurl. "Sure. Vou've BIU llie Why. j-dit ofelit lei he ou the Hla^t. ^ivl. with \injr look?.' 1 . His Imik uas In,1,1 luji she illtlii'li I Ihal. alls tvnrin;:! at liis up- in ei-inl 'Hiniestly. dn jnn Uiirik | cnilld Till.: »us uhnl fb» ivljintlliia. syiiip,ithv.' k'' IVIii. F-iy. llitie'r- vi.iiihis f"r glrl» r- -and - and every- I«T ninilier ronM Her niiiilii.'r. ului ifi'lv vvlR'nnvcr Hie i llnnr-il. Why tlH |IMfci-|IV FIlHs- as Ilicy iverc? Slia hn:i:c. didn't ?hc? i- Mic slum 1 ." Hi-nis sad "I've niiv^ys ivuriled to nf lii-ht^ a nianne- [i. Hcail high. hl|>g V. Kllnivini; t|| 5 niddvls . t lit. yniin^ iv si Irk. tli>, Tine wlio l-'i uni'hnt Trtne. M-mil4 liy niih his slsler. inh'ss ol H I'heie vvniilrl illVII.-lllim lli:M nUlil. mys. Iptli.nslj .l.livn,.,!. Would M1S3 llailMIMI 11 T 1115 CnllMteSS? Ulll- IIM al 111? ItltT. . . . "Well. lit;ii-> (lift cas- Sl:e ll.itl liaen inil€3 d mill shilling, ptcss llio waics iln«i until lliey tilled lior liraM like : L-r,|>. Klio was slariilin^ Imlnie tin 1 j (n hHi< livr cracked. Idiie-lr.iincd tnlrrnr In Hie | n-niilrln'i. 1 iiiill. ilciina just this, vvlieu slip «.is;nMa Hu -.1,1 s o mi." lit." He got nut h* \v1shi;d tbnt h» ap« ihe. too, In lier secret Heart. ytarn«d over Hardy'a uloud deinl- sod looka. the fUps 'HI!" Pilty i*r lone hid the lf|bi fllcli L'.oleiw in It. "Ki."' !''iri« rtlurutii. wltb t of nldeiily cnnsclmis uf a sliiiilmv i , n llirown acros? the sunlight. "Oli, hello!" II was Hie liis ^11115 nwinunliis teacher asniu anil he ivns staiiiiB at lier and smiling. "Uilve you home . . .1" She couldn't rcfiioc. It woiiltl i ln igi,i nii^iin.iti;.!;,,,,] buiu Ireen t'Xi poliitcil unil, I'esidts,! Kuiluiiiiicly lin nmiiier iva« Slie w»3 llted alter lier exei lions j,| 1e ,,.„ t „, ,-,,„ |]nu . is , 113 .| |lg ^ • Enili-ii wliliu slacks. tli» •i. Wlial :i snoh she wflS! :l a- MIR u-ft ol ilium. nuke up fur I liis she wan LIB- y in hpr lareivelN.. •-•II. fliu lieeilm ili, (his. eT»T isalit. Kliu'ii iMi-e (c, avoid learns Hie cluli ulien I-., md. HB As . usnn Oil. Hungry. Inn. Oh. ivlial did it nmt- lerT She r.nuld l« merely friends witb lliis stmre-sliouldered. Ftronj; llie sweei vea viur-s =i:d didn't tea her on iiu. . Bools swam -later and ,i Da i ert . I Iy built young man. couldn't she? ••] novcr liut she was aware, drivlnc ^o'clock." tliouiilll SOU It's almost .ere one idly staring un at the sky. Tlilues Iit4-a.%ay ot slralglitenin* lliaiu Mlfes nut, sbe reflected. Jirsl tlie • elis ^as lired of llils sand- lizard life. It wa^.auiu^ln^. tiul wti'at did It get you? Sonislinief tie-was to desper*t*ly restlell she ib» couldn't eland II an otber Dinaieut: Oh. It was all rlgtil . If you were like Sylvia, coulrt keep widely. Thai, salrt Roots lo ber- tblnss «oiL£ every single mlnule- self, srlcily. «ould give Patty - •' - - - - • • something to talk au°ul a11 a ' ler along, of bends belns turned toi "Sorry." Hnuu Vls it d btr lleht- slaie al her and her compnulonJ Iy. When sbs «as ilrb ami fatinm;. r.-Hly's car was parked In (he | she tefle. ltd. her unuhcr u mild b3 driveway of her house as they-sorry she halksd her ainfl- passed, and Pally. »llli »u; (ooljlloiia. ou tlie running board, was Isrklng | "I wam t,. stm) ,„,„« ro ^ s oyer a recalcitrant "bunuy tock" Inlo|i 0 Ibe Waiernians'. The only ««T place. Patty otened her eye* lo show nur s>uto.itl!v you i;J 05 I Sylvia, wltti bor bl» car. anil llie parties she could organize at a moment's notice—but for IBB average girl, with no allowance and home lorries, life tu Lsrchueck "as "1usl pblfounus." When ihe cami lo al last tlie re^t of itit c(o^d bad drilled nw<iy They had a nay ol doing Ibat lately, pools noticed. All of them list).plaus lor ibr. alteruiwi!- Juuje of lit t!r!« »ers pljyl^s l;."!Uii« «l ' Jilcaj Uuols stared fiaukly stain, tuen itinvereJ hersell. "You diiu'i mean tn say.' ttr ! tn o I b « r dtmanded i|iitriilous!y. "What's wrong?" I "that you've (orgolleu uoor Co'Jf-^! She uad completely lorjolUn Hie I Ella! So sad . . . such a pit? . , i 'youus mau at her side. »"" yoniij ce^plp ihlnk o) no oM I "N.nothing. 1 "23 lust tblulc | lint youisthts ... ]\at ..." . ' Mtsllli Bool? htaid Ihe ^'oids- He lerked his heail back In.UousIn Ella Ma? ilicady r«le|ale<J Pally'* dtrecllou. "Doul lei Berllo Hit llmlm ot lurgotten thlnfi. gtl. your soatr" |She bad served her purpose, ' How aucb did te tr.o*? BocUlto Scots' mind nothing ttrmged. 'WUal d'sog iu»an'!' bu! th? lazediatj Al «' (To 3«

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