The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1949
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRKB lolotov Reaches |lis 59th Birthday Josef Stalin's Closest Associate Is Reported To Have Kept Power By Eddy Gllmore 1 MOSCOW. March 8. m—V. M Lolotov, closest associate of Sovie Prime Minister Stalin, will be 59 I ears old tomorrow. J The 'authority of llic Sovie •:alcv,man who was succeeded a Ivelgn minister by Andrei Y. Vish Iisky last Sitlurday lias not lessen 1:1 He remains vice chairman o lie council of Ministers (deput I) line minister) and a high-rank lie member ol the policy-maktn I'olltburo ol the Communist Party 1 Molotov, who has been a do. Jncnd of Stalin since the days • he Bolshevik revolution, has r liaincd one of the Soviet leader J When he was elected lo honorary liembcrship in the Soviel Acade.ny |[ science in 1946, the Moscow ra- lio and press referred U> him as I allows: ••The closest assistant" of the Jeiierali.ssimo In working out and Iccompllshing the live year plans Ilia "the principal executor of Stalin's international policies." No Iteason for Change J These is no reason to change this Ipinion ol liis lofty position close lo Stalin. I There has been no hint from the •Soviet pi ess as to the possible in- Str meaning of the shifis in the oreign ministry which saw Vish- -tisky take over Molotov's duties, l/isnimky in turn was replaced as first deputy foreign minister by •Uidrei A. Gromyko. I Molotov, always known as a 'Stalin man," was prime minister from |930 to 1941, when Stalin took over Ihe post himself in the war emergency. 1 in London, It was reported Icrday that senior British diplomats lielieve Molotov Is being Broomed to lake Stalin's place as prime minis • er. Informants said the opinion ap Ijarently was based on reports sen the British Foreign Office b |\mbassador Sir Maurice Petcrso Moscow. The informants sal [Peterson also warned against ex •peeling any basic change in Sovic •foreign policy. Baby Bison Born Into Cold World Pastor Tells How It was a cold, cruel world that this baby bison was born into, for he (or she) made his (or her) debut at the Philadelphia Zoo on one of the most frigid days of the year. The belligerent mother will permit no one near her child, so its sex is unknown. Wounded Berryville Youth, Survivor Of Double Shooting, Clings to Life BERRYVILLE. Ark., March 8.— ; up here." PI—A 12-year-old boy with a bill- j Leon has not regained conscious- There '.screolher unexplained an- et in his' head clung tenaciously o life today, the sole survivor of a ... ilt ,„ hooting in which his half-brother j j.| f V-"i*onViad~i'wo unexplodcd carl- nd a pet dog were killed. I ridges In his mouth; the bolt of He Is Leon Tnbb, who with Dewcy hound Tubb. seven, and tlie pel both dead, was found in the woods ome 150 yards from their Of ark uountain home north of Berryvillc •estevday. Leon's .'^2 caliber rifle, a birthday gift, was [ound nearby. It had jeeii fired, but how many •here was no way of telling. Sheriff Ami Howcrton surmised the boys and the dog were shot Saturday, the clay Hie boys disnp- .he single-shot rifle had been pulled back, apparently alter the last shot had been fired from it; both boys had black eyes. The boys were lying about 10 feel apart witii tlie dog nearby. Each boy and the rtoe had been I shot once, apparently from close 1 ranee, and Howerlon said the size I of the wounds led him lo believe they were caused by a .22-callbcr i \s'eapon. The boys' mother, Mrs. Elloi Executioners Heed Holy Name MORGAN CITY, I*. Four ltl« French girls, (our women and our men stood In a meadow Just utside of the little village of I,a- alle In southern Prance. IVelve tough-looking Nuzl sol- lers faced them, rifles »t their slioulders. They grinned and wall d for a word from their lieutenant hat would send bullets crashing nlo their victims. But that word was never littered. One ol the condemned- a slender, dark-haired young mall- spolic a ew words In German to the leader of Ihe Nazi storm shooters. To a man. the 12 seasoned veterans laid down their guns and refused to shoot, Call! It Miracle And that to the. Rev. Herbert Stelnschnelder. Ihe slender innti who uttered those llfe-saviuK words. It was nothing lew lhan « miracle, the first of two he said lio saw in the dark d»ya of the occupation of France by the Qeriniins. What did he say? He said In German: "I am a Protestant minister. In the name of Jesus Christ and the Qcwpc], I prolest the inhuman slaying of Innocent women and children." "I had not the slightest Idea that those words would stay the hands of the Nail soldiers," he said. "I had no thought that they would heed a plea In the name ol Christ. "But they did, and that's the miracle." Another "Miracle" The second miracle, he said, occurred a lew minutes after the first. I As the 12 reprieved sat around In a circle in Ihe meftdow there came a fusillade of shots from two different directions. They were caught between two firing lines. French resistance forces had circled around and were shooting at them, talking them for Nazis. The Germans who were about to be surrounded were shooting across them at Ihe French Iroops. One of the little band of survivors was wounded seriously and five others suffered minor wounds. All 12 Escape About thai lime, German reinforcements arrived and the fighting broke out In earnest. During Ihe five-hour baltle. the 12 crawled Stamp of Approval Round-rhe-World Flier is Scheduled To Speak in Blytheville Thursday Tinman of Ix)» Angeles, | Calif,, wlui Ik'w iivoimd the world In n 100-hoi'sopowcr )M)icr Cub In 1047 will visit lilythnvtllc Thnrsilny, It wns Announced today liy W. H. YarbrmiKli, co-owner of the nlytlu 1 - vllle plying Service. While In lllythcvlllo Mr. Truman will address members of the Tllythc- vlllo MlKh Si-liool slutlcnl Inidy at II a.m. Tluu'Mlay nml members of the nlylhevlllo Private Pliers ,\s- n niul the Bi-nerul public t the' hliih school Auditorium lit M p.m. Thursday. The Klcirje-i'lrdliiK filer will come i Dlylht'vllle in the mnue plune he "City of Aimcl.s". whirl sril on his iicws-mnklnK. M ilte trip, lie Is expected lo liind it Dltllirvllle Mnnlclpnl Airport. K'twccn 11 a.m. unit 5:30 p.m. 'liur.sdiiy. Mr. Tiiimun nuide Hie nlobe-clr- •liiiK trip with Cliff Bvnns nl.vo if I/is An^'li's. who flew n typr plum-. In IT! ilnys. HP m-nuly made HViiillnn ne\vs a nei'tmu time when he Hew lli« Hri>l non-stop 1,200 mllM. 81nc« his around-the-world flirt*-. r. Truman hai been tourtnt th» uimtry to develop aviation InterMt mi will tell of hl« expcrieneti »»'. Is two »pp**ranc« h«r«. -''•• CIi'Mrm 1 . Truman Unlit plane fllfiliL Horn Toronto Cniindn lo Mlmnl, Fin., ft dlaliuic Coin DKidc* Frlmary Date PROVIDENCE, R, I. (U.P.1— Vt cclde the dates for Rhode I»land'» >rlmarl«s, the Republican Iff. Democratic slat* chairman flipped A coin. Tli« Democrats won th» os» and chose Sept. 2», with the, OO1> Inking Sept. 20. FEMALE COMPLMNIS Ar« you troubles by <llitr«j« ef lomat» function"! Iwnodlo diiturt- tncei) Do«i tnu m»k« jou t\iSt* liora p«ln. ff«l » inrioui, tll»4— • t Mich tlmMI Th«n to trj LydlAB. plllklKm'* VoBeUbU Compound to rcllava «ncl\ lymptotni. Plnknwni hu t grand KXitlilng cltMt on em* o/ woman 1 * moil important American Li'^ummiiros of I-o.i Angeles, Call!., dueled Pnl Ihill their H1UI "Slump Cirl." Her duties will Lie lo hc-lp promote the snle o[ the Legion's Uoluibill- tntion Slnnips, proceeds from \vlucli provide liosi>i(;ili/iHl vcl- cratis with individual uncl fanuly services. More than one-third of the accl- lents each year on American farms :cur in the homes. posure, been B ettin g cold nl«*hts'. believe the boys were aware " — they were not full brothers. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS •Sponsors Prominent Memphis Attorney In An Educational Address About Alcoholism Public Urged to Attend • New American Legion Arena • SUN. MAR. 13—3 P.M. frCG Innocence Plea Entered For Reuther Attacker DETROIT. March 8. M'l—A plea, of innocent was entered by tin court yesterday for Curl Bolton. i former minor union official charg ed with assault with intent to kil Waller P. Rculher last April 20. Dolton. 39, one-time vice presi dent ol CIO United Auto Worker Local 400, was arraigned on th state's information. Bond of $75,o: set alter preliminary examinatio was continued by Recorder's Judg John J. Maher. Read Courier News Want Ads. Grass Fire on N. 6th to ft nearby wooding area and scaped. Today. Stelnschuolder Is using Is "two miracles" in his preach- ug at the Atkinson Memorial resbylerian church In Morgan lly. The young minister Is In Ihe United States for three years to et his doctor of divinity degree at •rinceton. He plans to serve as pas- or of the Morgan Slty church mill some time next month. Then Is going on to Princeton. He knows German because he was Vienna-born; BleiiiHchnelder vas on a religious call to one of the 300 families In his care In LaSalle, France, his lirst pastorate, when the Nazis strotned In. They put Ihe whole family under arrest, including the visiting clergyman. They didn't know he was a minister— they didn't ask. That's how he got before the lirlng squad In the first place. Member-, of niytlievllle's voluil leer fire department answered call to 5U1 Ninth Sixth Street noon yesterday lo extinguish fire YOUR WATCH NEEDS A CHECK-UP; TOO! Fully Guaranteed WATCH REPAIRING Prompt Service — Reasonable Prices .vinir wiitdi In us for it TUKK summer con- A new mclliod lo protect It from nisi. \Vc will also be lmi>v>.v *o Jflvc n thorough exiimhmtinn of uny wrttch IUK! n PIIKK ««tlmat« of Hie cost <o »<it in A! shape. Mr. Scatleriiay Is at .vinir service any llmo our doors are open lo jtivc your watch the expert kind of repairing needed to pnl it Imi'U running »Bain. l KeK»rdless of make or romlilion, we'll clcnn, re- piiir or iitljtiHl it uromplly ut rcusoniible prices. DHEIFUS l llrnil'iis . . . Wnnr Illniiiiiinls :uii\vi;s'i \i\i\ UORLI III UlUrHII, ILITMfYIUI iHB DUnllUM A fluoroscope Is used In some shoe factories to locate loose tacks in the feet of the shoes. $ 3| 9 75 NEW. Frigidaire HOME FREEZER You get ALL this in a Frigidaire Home Freezer • Fameut Mel*r-MI**r, world'i simplest refrigerating mechanUm • 5-Year Protection Plan on »eal»d-in mechaniim • "Finger-Touch" counterbalanced lid • Ettra-tfiick, tealed-tight insulation • Two handy, iHding botkett for arranging food • Quick-freeze ihelf • Ajromatic Signal—ringt if temperature b«com*> uniofe McJe by the maker of rhe fomoui Frigidaire Refrigerator — and remember — Nor* Frigidairts Servt hi Man American Homes Than Any Other Refrigerator. V/hll« iid»-woll tfi«i and rood lampt ar« optional /(/tore peace ofmfndpermife! Convenient Monthly Terms or Farmers Terms N ATurtALi.Y, you'll appreciate llio power, tlie luxury, llic beauty of lliis fine now 1019 I.inmln Cosmopolitan. But, more important lo your peace of mind Is the safety and security you'll enjoy in il, tool Here is an automobile truly designed lo ciflrr yon nml your family llic absolute maximum of prok'tlinnl Us magnificent windshield—a curved, single piece of safety glass almost five feet wide—gives ynu forward visibility unsurpassed by any oilier liue car. Us slcciing is ligbt and cnsy . . . swifl and certain. Us bilge new brakes are unexcelled for safe, gcntla slops. There 'ire. over Iwo tons nf safely in its rigidly reinforced chassis and welded all-steel body. And ils powerful engine-trie great new Lincoln V-lype "Eiglil"-is a lower of slrenglh you can utterly depend on in any emergency! Why nol stop In and see this luxuriously beautiful, supremely safe new I9'19 Lincoln Cosmopolitan soon? A piivuto demonstration is yours for the askingl COMPLETELY NEW —YET ROAD-PROVEN ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Hgr, Complete Service Department In Connection 20R-20S West Main Phone 2071 hltnmncrrJ mikilily—lliriiafh rrnr and Me mWoii'J. "." u:rll "•' init.Mtrld -maktt lk(3 1919 Lincoln Cosmopolitan one of the uwM'j ,afc4! c«n lo dmt, COME IN AND ENJOY A THRILLING 1949 LINCOLN COSMOPOLITAN DEMONSTRATION TODAYI Still & Young Motor Co. Walnut at First Lincoln-Mercury Dealers Blytheville, Ark.

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