The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1936
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLBJARK 0 .) COUltlER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER SO, 103(5 - pj-~~~ Calenda* ['WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs, Farnstt ort h : , Blaf k having Wednesday Bridge club, Sunbeams meeting, First Baptist clnncli, 4 P. M Central P. T. A. executive board inteting} 2:30 P. M, followed by general meeting, 3 P. M Bingo party by Altai society ol immaculnle Conception church at social hall. ' Bible study, church, of Clirlsl, meeting \\lth Mrs, O. L> Grimes, 2:30 p.m. i THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. p. C ^Liiisjston hiulng Town and Comilr; • Bilrtge club. Thursday Contract club meet- Ine vith Mia Edenr Boritm. Mrs. ,A. "G, Ultlc having Thurs<lay Luncheon club. Mrs, H A.' Taj lor entertaining Triufedny Bridge club 'Mid-Week Bridge club meeting nilh Mrs. M. O. Usrey day Afternoon lliidgc club luncheon at 1:00 o'clock. • FRIDAY'S INVENTS O tZ.,S meeting 7,30 pm. Baptist Women Study Royal Service. .The Royal Service, a studied by members of the Wo: man's ; Missionary Union of the Firsts Bnpllst..'church, was nscc for the projinm at a mcctlii), Monday afternoon al tlie church when 45 attended. Mrs. R. I- Recder, the leadei, used llie general theme of The Blessedness or the Grace of Giving." Mrs.: Recder " gave tho dcvo- lipnal, in .wlifch Mrs. Waller Illv Ijop ollercd prnjcr, befoie talKs were given. Mrs. .Theodore Lognn spoke on "Some Tillicrs mid Givers," Mis E. F Blomejcr on "Money for llie Kingdom," Mis. Blahkenship on "The Grace Far the Young Also" and Mrs. Lloyd Sllckjnon • oh "FaillifuUicss ; and Stewardship," Mrs:: Will Rogers and Mi's. Leslie Moore snld Uic closing prajei.s v » * • To Address V. T., ,\ The Hev. Allied C.npcnlcr, ujis- lor of the Fnt,t Baptist chinch V, ill address memlqrs of the Cell- Irnl • Ward Pnfcnl-Tcachcr npso- clallon In a meeting Wednesday afternoon, 3 o'clock How rTNT" Bidders Handle Overcall 'by Opposing Pair ny ^Vl^t.. i:. oicKHNNiiv . ; Serirt:iry, American Urlilge I^ii^'ut! 'i'hc five preceding articles have dealt only • ; with situations in which the opposing players have made n . tiki, its, he. would have done In any case., •,'•'•',,• ^ Two spades .•ihb'wccl at' jeast one honor trick, with'.'3 1-2' to-four pluying tricks. The ; subsequent l)lds speak for thciiiselvcs.' To AK432 VOS'l * A 10 7!) 3 AQ8S VAQJ * K J 3 7 -I A J id 0 7 van 2 4.Q10CG 3 VK1087 « K Q J 9 8 Duplicnle — All vulnerable, South West North Kasl IN.T."2* 2* 3* 3 » ' 1'nss 4 » Pass. 5 4 Pass — P;iss', 1'oss Opciiint' lead—*?. 20 Bits of News Mostly Personal make the contract ful piny, Mrs. I. O. Crosthwall,.pf Osceola; 'is a patient ut the Memphis Bapllsl hospital. W. II. Johnson jr., of Gideon, Mo., hn.s been admitted to the Weil's bid placed-him,, with most ot( the Kireiigtli, and Spilth, niter drawing truinps and;-' rufdng a club, climliiiitcd spades from the West hand. Tlien:he led a-heart froiii dummy mid finessed the ten, forcing West to lead n heart ami give South ii Irick wllh his king, or lo play a club, which would permit a, discard in one 1 hand and 11 rnlf in (he other. required care-! 1 Memphis Methodist hospital Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tlpton arc not entered the bidding, and thus Ilic exchange of partnership In-1 foinmtion 1ms been uninterrupted.' However, opponents; often arc not so The situation is met by providing tlmt, If there is an intervening a puss conveys the same meaning as u two club bid Uhc- bust response); Any other bid, cither a raise of the no trump or (he bid of another suit, means exactly the same as (hough the jOppoiu-nts had kept silent. I Today's hand Is an Interesting exinimle of how (his situation Is handled. Had North held 'n weak i hand, lie would have passed' West's two club bid. Hut lie held 1-2 honor (ricks, and thus he Norman-Parsley. Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Fcun- ces Parsley, daughter of Mi and Mrs. .H. S. Briss, nnd Allen Norman, of Little Rock. Justice A. Elliott performed the ceremony Saturday night at his home at Oarulhersviile. The bridegroom, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Norman : of Little Rock, is an engineer with the government, lie is'how stationed at Osceola. * * * Lake St. Mcthnilist Wrmcn' Transact ISusinev,. The 15..members of the Lake Street Methodist church' Woman'' Missionary society, who attended the business meeting ut the church Monday afterncon, marts pJans to' .havo another dii/.icr ;down town Saturday. Mrs. Emll Damon was enrolled as a new member. Mrs. C., TV .Shamblin conducted the devotional with the scripture taken from John 4:8-14. Mrs W.; L. Green offered pr.iycr. Mrs A. ; S. Dcen disniissed the meeting. * * * Business Women's Club Has a Part}. The : 20. who attended the macl- ing of the Business and Professional Women's club Monday night had a party nt the home of Miss :Eula Epperson when Mrs. Garland Morgan and Miss Imogcne Morgan were also hostesses. J Louis Cherrj' deck racing game,-similar-to-thai used on (he Cunard imp v)\i-)i Af Cherry fashioned himself, was the chief entertainment. The new year books were distributed before the hostesses served individual pies : and coffee. Today's Contract Problem Soulli is ; playing the conlrnct at four :-sj>ades. " lie has lost tlie first three tricks lo Kast. The fourth diamond' is' led, and now SouOt must utilize every bit of his trump power anil positional advantage lo make his conlrnct. How does lie do it? • A K G 5 2 VQ 4 J 7 0 2 *AJ7(i ' A 0-1 3 V K 8 4 3 » A'KQ3 * K3 20 In Dyersburg, Tenn., for several days • stay ."with relatives. John V/; Edrington, of Osccola, was taken to the Memphis Baptist hospital yesterday. Miss''Clara. Louise v Davis has iiccn' brought liomc from a Mcm- liosnital, where :she recently underwent an operation for appendicitis. She is mutiny recovering. Mrs.: C'elia. Fischer,, of LaCygnc, Kan., has arrived to .-spend-Mini winter v with her nieces, -Mrs., S. Joseph and Mrs. C. E. Coulter,-au'd her nephew, Milton Sternbcrg, and their families. ; Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Coulter had IK their guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Coulter jr., of Memphis. '. Mrs. "M. T. Moon spent yesterday In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. J. Norrls Moon had as. llieir guests for .the weekend, Mr. and Mrs! E.. J.- Owen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wood, and Mr. nnd Mrs. 1J, Smart, of Mcm- pliis. None vul. Opener — ^ 5. Solution in next issue. k VllSS KatllCnilC loilCS college at Quiiicy, III. slip was cm_ . . jyi**-o t>lnvprl . Tor II t.llim In Ihn nnntpr n . , ... - • , ployed for u time hi the Cooler Dl'lCle 01 Nc\V York IVIiUl J»slclllec, but for the past two . I years .she lias been employed as COOTEU, Mo.—Mbs Kalherlnn' lx >okkeeper tor a. II. Tucker ami Jpiics, of Cooler nud Memphis, and Clyde crammond, of Ticonderoua, N. Y,, were miirrled iit a o'clock Wednesdny evening, October 14. ut Albany, N. Y., by Rev. R. L.-Dc- vns jr., Baptist, minister of'. tlml ;ilacc, in the presence of a few lii- -Imale friends; The bride \vprc-in.' black crepe dress'.with .white '-'tfiiiii ! ming and accessorlesV'of black .-and j white, she had a shoulder cprsagi: I of wlille rose buds. Immediately! : Co. of Memphis and has been making her home in tlmt city with Mrs. W. H. Howies. , Manila Society rw ' •• ifler the ceremony the couple left 'or a two weeks motor trip through Massachusetts, New Hampshire. Vermont nnd northern New York and after November 1 they will be at their borne on a ranch ncnr Al- 'iany, which is owned by the groom. Mrs. Crammoiids is the-daughter of Mrs. Allie Jones of this city-and the late Jim Joiics. She graduated wllh lilgii honors from Cooler high school and later attended business .Evening Wrap or House Coal Tiic W. M. S.'bf t Mr.s. J. J. Moore, who recently l)r. William Arndt Dr. William Arndt-of' St Louis Will Address Lutheran Meeting Dr. William Arndt of St. Lam will be Uic principal guesl-spsate nt a Mission Rally lo be held Sun day at flic Lutheran church, Sixll and Walnut slrects. en Arndt. who earned his doctor of philosophy degree; at Washington University St. L,ouls, is professor of New Tes lament Interpretation at Concord!: underwent n major operation at a Memphis hospital, is now iuiprov- I«K and ex|)ccls lo return 1 within a few days. Irn Gray nnd Miss Mary Outlaw, accompanied by Mrs. Robert Seminary. He will speak twice, a 4 and at 1:30 in the evening. Ai ;'';5, Invitation to hear him Is extended j llomc to all by the Rev. H. J. Klein- 1 dieust. pastor. "Mission Sunday Is an annual Ch liit-.-rnullonal Uniform Sunday kliool I.isnn for Oct. 25. Devotional Kauling: Jolnil5:12-17 i ..... BV WST. K. UIUIOV, I). I). \ Kiiitor of Ailvancc In Athens, which represented he cenler of Clrccian art, relig- on'i nnd culture. Paul in-cached lie famous .sermon on Mara Hill. This sermon, fortunately, has j'jecn recordc:! In the nth chapter of Acts. From Athens he went to Corinth, which was called "the eye of Greece?," a great ccmmcrciiil center that also rivaled' the si enter Athens In Us •culture and magnificence. fn Co-mill, where commercial prosperity and outward splendor covered depths of vice and llcen- tlcusiiess, Paul found two of his cv/n race, Aqitlln and his wife, Frkcllla, wllh whom Paul had Che .additional bond of a fellow ciaHsman, (or all Weil 1 tentmakers. Here in Corinth, living with ;\ciulla and Prisdlla and working at hl,s trade from day to day liu supported himself while he carried en his real work as a Christian mi.ssionary and evangelist, livery Sabbath, we are CLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LES Lrisliaiiity As Lcn 'u-ingllur his Christian ; leaching o both Jc-ws and Greeks. What was the quality of this elisions wcrk that Paul was do- 'ng in (lie ancient city? What vas there al:out It that was real, md |>;vmanent. and of genuine interest for today? * * . * . The answer to this is found In, an : immortal .writing In two ^reat : loiters of .Paul, addressed .'6' tlie jChrisliansrin tlie cluireh (hat he 'established at Corinth. This Is what we call the 13th chapter.: oi first Corinthians wlileli was divided into verees in' : our 1 ( King James version, has SON= rer •• : r truer a cause : t: in '. latei <!efed '; have a Ihan It laio'is •< With word "1 ness in cmphas! lirrirrn po'ivrr Love of true ity. fa there b 13 . verses,.', corresponding to Its I Love is i.urnber .in 'Hie book. | of all Here is ' Paul's great eulogy of, with t love . as ' .the basic fact of true righteoi religion ami of . all that is fine' abiding and t?st in man's relations with his . fellc which. • Henry /Crummond, in this little booklet ilmt he wrote about tills chapter, called love :\'Uv; greatest thing lii' the world," and this chapter is certainly the greatest sermon oi- exposition that ever dealt, .with love. In (lie King James version, the statcliness. and beauty of the told, he spoke in the synago&s, periods failed to suggest the TfflpUCDC U|||l iHUjflLHi] ilillLL U [flD OR Kpicn Blytheviile on Air in Two Broadcasts Blyllievillc was "on the air" last III Hil Hit M I ill) "'SM, In coast-to-co!ist broadcasts. IIUIMI Ulli llUUUU W. E. Phipps and Eel Mc- Cuislion Also on Pvo- gram for County Meeting It was, announced by the Sinclair company that Miss Ellen .Bryan liad won an auto radio as a prize in the weekly football contest sponsored by the Sinclair company and on another liqok-up niytheviilo's vole in the; Literary Digest nrcsi- where ing - un Love slandin As a 1: nsi:ire( : poem. "Race llkcnc Its M large .^H *••! & n f 1 Evervll Contii r (Plftfl and , deeper meaning, be. : the' word: "charity," 'which' in . later vcretoift has 'b6?n rendered 'as '''love'/' lias-'come '10 liavc a more limited meaning Ihan It liad when the, early Irans- WC'l-fc. With ll\c substitution jof ford "lovci" the'(ieplh :! ahd' tho . . (unless in ; ll)i> thought- hayc been and broug'lit into ":iy ,v,Sti) the richness nnd Paul's eloquence.' ' • Love is the one great requisite living. Prophecy, char!th, all are n'othhij if o not the reality of love, the source and flowering the virtues. It is nltied truth, and licanly, ' and ness; and it, is ihc ono and • permanent thin? 1 else fails in a chan-j - ,-ersc. is Uic secret cf itndm 1 - nml Uic enlarged life. As a laid- poet has expressed it. '•—•••—'. by Paul's own great lifter race hath cut its linston, of Tyler, spent Su'ndny In LaSalle, 111., with Arch Gray, who Is'seriously ill at a hospital there from Injuries received In a : recent accident. He 1ms not yet been placed In a cast but is slowly improving. His legs ,'arc broken ill live places and l.ic'j'luis other serious injuries. ' ' "'. . ' ' Miss Rosa Hardy, accompanied by her niece, Mary Gray, and her nephew, Hardy Gray, spent .Sunday in Paclucnli, ICy., as gUest of sister, Mrs. Louis Briscoe left today event. In tile Lutheran church." Mr. Klelixllenst said. "It serves to stimulate interest in tlie foremost work of the church—mission work. As o vet S Secrclnry ° f tllc Porel S" MIssloll: °. l 2 e .,., lj ,.? b ^»'". Dr. Arndt. is well q.mlifiec Miss Iliudy's Pnce. Mrs. L. S. Liixora Society — Peisonal. Mrs., M. .C. -Cooke and Mrs. Charlie . Mifflin , have as. their guest*, their .brother, W. : if. Rcn- fro, and Barney Holdbrooks/ oi Rosiciar, 111, for several das S visit. Mrs Jimmie Slack spent Sunday with Mr. Slack's parents at Giirdon, Ark. She was accompanied home by Mr. Slacks brother, Jack, who will \isit with them for ' awhile. Mi<s Maggie Sue Flemming, who teaches in the West" Memphis- Huibert.: schools, spent the weekend ;herc. Mr. and Mrs T L Mcivaney, of Paragouid, ha^c announced the birth of a s6n on October n, weighing 8!4 pounds He lias been named Thomas Lafayette. Mrs McHancy 15 remembered here as Maxlne Biown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Jesse Brown. Mr. and Mrs Fred Glascock and Waller. aiiiiouncing the birth of a daughter Monday mornhig, Octobei 19. oftlsl church of Manila'was entertained by Mrs. G. E. Siiidct' of Blytheville Friday afternoon. Mrs. Lorn Flcctnan, chhinnnn of ttie Christian Scclnl Relations department, gave n report o( plnns for a Hallowe'en cariiivnl lo be held in cooperation with tiic Coinimm-1 ity cpnlcr leaders. Mrs. Fred' Nccdhani, mission study leader, had charge of the program introducing th(j new study book, "Hie American negro. It was interestingly presented by negro spirituals mid .special songs by Mrs. Albert Scott and Mrs. Myrtle Brown. There was n reading bv Almcdn Berry and lalks on the negro by Mrs. L. E. Mob.lcy and Mrs.' Gene Ashnbi-iiiiner. The rie- volioinil; was led by Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Lorn Flcemnn and Mrs Claud Crane. Kirs? SivUlor wns as- sislefl' In serving refreshment;; by Mrs. Kendall Berry, also of Blv- Ihevillc. . Miss Zora Miller. Is the guest this week of Mr. and Mrs. Clau'd Miller : of Lcad\vopd, Mo. She vvlli attend "the •' Teachers meeting at Cajio GiiT.rdcau, Mo., before rc- tunilng, home. ' Mr. niui Mrs. Clabourne Tipton oI'AIoncl.'t.c. spent Friday witli Mr MKTMrs. C.'.W. Tlpton of Mnnlia' .Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Wagner and children rpuhncd Saturday from a trip to,: Wiiiflcld, La, . . Miss" Grace Thompson of Har- jriibu'rg' |s. v the guest of her sister Mrs.-Paul :paiiBhcrty, llil week. Mi's. V"V$ Townsc'iid nnd son of Joncsboi'o arc ' tiic guests of :icr'parents;.'"Mr. and Mrs H M Flceman this week. Thclmcr SI totils lhal his small son, \vho ttas'oneV- atcd on (hci6 ^ntutday, Ls dom» n icily. * *• " for a visit in I3irminghani, Ala., before going to jioi.nts in'the Rio Grande valley (if Texas, where she will spend the winter;, Murioii Gray, of Mcihplils, spent the w'eekend/iWiliV his: pa rents,, Mr. and ^risr',C.'^M. 'GrayV'-. . '".V:^ Mr. and' Mrs. .0. E. Crig'ger iiud' 1 Mr. mid Mrs."'J.^T, Phillips,ami' son, Murray, spent Sunday at Rcclfoot Lake, Tenn. Mrs. J. T. Hall and son, Jiminlc, and Sara Lou McCulchcn havc- relmnc'd froin n bijcf slay in ITcrimndo, Miss, where they were nests of Mrs. Hall's parents, Mr. Hid Mrs. C. E. Emerson. Mr. and Mrs. Tom W. Jackson. left today for points of Indiana I md Illinois, where they will spend " week. .' ••' .- V . , „ ., .Although', it was dcEigncd pri- am, of Hayll K Mo, -\\ere Sunday marily for the Isisure lib«« of - giicsts in v the' home of Mrs C. O. girl's .life, this beautiful blue hem;" coat can s;rve as an evening ' Mr. and.Mr? <Paul Jactaon are Ot'hcaxy'satin, finished \uth .\ n .Ili-llll\n4nn «UA Ut«lt. -»- _ J <_ ill .... . >!*«! ILIL vine motif in hand quilting, it Mrs Jackson Is the daughter 'of straight shoulders, slightly nulled Mr. and Mrs. ^H. P. Worseley. slaves, a fitted bodice and a flared Read courier News Want Ads. neckline (Prom American t Ncedlecraft.) Higgs returned from He report: PREVIEWS NEW MODEL MlLWAUKEE-r'Tvcjusihad avio« of the now 1937 Dodge," says Mrs, Helen Wilson. ''Just one look at ihis cir h^s 5po!lc<l me for I he maJce we're driving how. I woutdn'l he surprised if everyone feds ihc same way about It when Ihcy'see this new car." qualified lo speak :0ii that, siiryect. Tho Liitlieraii chnrcli carries on mission \vork in India .ami China, in various coinifries of South America, and recently..also in Africa. But the most j Important mission Is tlie work, of:Home Missions in bur o^-n country.';" The . lo-jvil chnrcli : aiul school is, one of almost. 1600 such mission -stations subsidized by tills board. , "As..:i .member of llie program cqmmlttcc of 'the Lutheran Hour, anil being, deeply interested In llie rc!ay r >|>oi)'sor«I by the local church. Dr. A. P. Kclso of Southwestern University, Memphis, will address Mississippi county teachers al a meeting to be held al the city hall here Saturday, October 24 at 10 a. ni. The morning session will feature n program of special interest to classroom teachers. Tiie curricular program will be discussed by Ed McCuisllon of llie stale department of education. i Dr. Kclso is one of the most outstanding speakers in this SLC turn. He was educated at Oxford University and- the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and. has traveled extensively in India. •There will be a joint program of (caehcr.i and directors at Ihc Hllernoon session when W. B. Phipps, state commissioner of education, will lalk on the "School Program in Arkansas." .-The cnlirc program djnlial poll was announced. Blytheville turned'in 207 voles for Roosevelt and some fe\v for Laraion. "Bible'-blillcultic's" and "HODS the Blbls Contradict Itselt" have recently been, presented to.'the public library by -llio Sunday School of Pilgrim Lutheran church." Auxiiiary to Hold Chevrolet Salesmen Win Centennial Trips Broken Ankle Puts Stovall on Crutches W. H. Stovall is on crutches as the result of a recent vacation and he declares he will do no more chores. Willie helping at the barn ot his parents' home near \Vinch3s- ter, Tenn., he broke a bone in his left ankle, The accident occurred Friday night while he wns visiting his parents as,he was cnroutc home from Louisville, Ky., where he at- lendcd .the natlpnal convcnlion of funeral directors. Mrs. Slqvall accompanied him. Pie Supper at Gosneil There will bo a pie and box supper at the Gosiiell high, school l-'ri- dny night, beginning at R o'clock, for Ihc benefit of the North Sawba comelcry. proceeds from the af- fnir will b= used to clean the cemetery for the winter; :; Calcium, carbon, hydrogen, Iron, magncsiimi. nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, pDtussimn, and sulphur are the 10 elements necessary to plant growth. For finer CLEANING try Hudson's Superior Service HATS REULOCKED COAT AND DRESS REMODELING ALTERATIONS COATS RE-LINED I^HONE S3 HUDSON Cleaner-Tailor- Clothier D. chainblin, J. c. Buchanan, IV. E. Hammock, Prank Grigsby n II I i ' nn<1 R' G Cash salesmen fnr Ihc Kally at JoneSDOrOlTom Little Chevrolet comnanv nre atiendins Hie Members of the American LeE- lon auxiliary imil have been in- vjlcd to attend the membership rally which will be held in Jones- boro.Wednesday. Mrs. Nclo Lnng- csics, stale president, Mrs. Allie Cp.x, stale' -membersliip chairman. Airs. Enltl ..BUinsbcrry, executive secretary;..will .all be (jurats of honor at llie-rally. Lccal .members who plan lo at- Icnd have ;bcen requested lo notify M|ss Co.raVLcc-i colenmn, local president,-.vyho .will make reservations for (hem. Mother, Finds Lost Son - GLASGOW (UP)—After 20 years of : 4ilsncc, Mrs. Helen Tweedle. 07, of Glasgow, has received news of her Mil, who sh = thought liad been killed in the World War. Ho is in Enint John, N. Ii. a-uins Centennial tins week as guests of the firm because they were winners In a sales contest. Tlie contest, which opened September 1 anct closed October 10, was to sell C6 new cars—and they did. The salesmen will return Sunday. checks MALARIA in .T days COLDS first day Liquid, Tablets Headache, 30 Salve, Nose Droiis mmuies Try "Knb-My-Tism"— World's Best Liniment Scout Court Thursday The. lioy Scouts of Blytheville will.have a court of honor Thursday; night,' 'I o'clock, at the city hnll,, it has been announced' bv tho vchairmnn, Floyd White. ROXY Ailni.--AlH T ays 10 .Ik 2;>r—Ic Ia^ Show I \crj Ni^ht Rliflnrcs Fcid-n, SitunU>, Su;ul.i> Friday & .Sunday Mafinces—2:i5 Saturday 'Matinee — Showinj; ••— 1:00 Till 11:00 r. M, Tuc. - Wed. - tlmr. PAL NIGHTS! |2 Adi:Us Ailmillcd for Trice of 1) All Children—lOc Also Sclcclcrt Short- FRIDAY IS iMKUCHANT', 1 CASH AWARD DAY- JACK i'0'l 1 5104.52 -. f^ Mtl-K FKOM. .S—^ [(. CRAIG'S D^IRY ?;, is ALWAYS FRESH AMD :. 16000 FROM THE FIR5TDRCC Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Corner ni Broadway ;ind Kiiilroad SI. AI (he Old ftlahan .1'laci Now stocked with and ready to deliver the kind of OA YOU WANT AT REGULAR-PRICKS Maker, as Hie i' love." eyes grew ITZ Everything foV yoiir cnlcrlainniciit and coiiifort lowing: Every Day TONIGHT IS 20ft BANK NIGHT! Last week Mrs. Incv. Siicighl was called for thi; 5115.0(1— liul shn was not- i-rcsenl— Making BANK- DEPOSIT (anight $20'O.CO! — 0V tilt S<!CIEN— HER KISS! 7tST WHAT /DID IT REMXT MEAN? ,Novclly • and Comedy —Admission— Halince—10 & Z5c^-With Ic Tax Night—15 * 35c—With Ic Tax You can attend the Slalinec Tiic/i- ( ' ;1 -y, register, am) havo h cJianrc lo win Bank llrpesit witliont-be- ing iircsent. TiiKiil.aj-" night. . - Thurs. Ue Biggest "Big Broadcast" of.yA/// JACK BENNY GEORGE BURNS GRACIE ALIEN BOB BURNS an d MARTHA R AYE BENNV GOODMAN °nd his; Orchestra SHIRIEY ROSS RAY MIL L A N D FRANK FOREST Enme.. reliable concern is cvi- I'rnci- of CRAIG'S Icadcrsliip iii 'l.iirriy and XTlioksomrncxs. - CHAD 1C A RAW Mll.K Quart JOc Phil ' tic ,HuKcrimlk, Qt Gc Also oriAar A PRODVCTI y Factory Kindling Gin Yoiii Cotton With Us and Carry Home Your Coal •V. W.Shaver-OllieFoster Phone 278 y.«r'«W,i I, LEOPOLD STOKOWSK! and his SymplionyOrch., touis Dol'ron, Eleanoro VVliilney, Larry Adler, Virginia [Piow/OVVeidler. David Holt, Billy lee. A Paramount Plcluto Directed by Milchell Uiten

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