Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York on September 5, 1922 · Page 4
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Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York · Page 4

Dunkirk, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1922
Page 4
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1'AUE POUIt D U N K I R K K V K N I N 0 0 H S E B V B f t TUB80AY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1922 WILLOW FURNITURE Wi! iivi' i l n r l i i K on »alB ra. "Hiiro M n u of Willow Uockem, Chairs l:l,d K.;llc::i nt irihn-liiins 1 " M,',!IH L' r !«'r t-ciil from raiilw |irli:'rn. Willow riiniltiiri! lias nil ii'iiial, It la I l K h l In w u l K l n , coinforlalile lo Hit In, and ;iiTvh-i-:il,Ie. Hny li',w and nav: nioiK-y. NIE 339Ma=n Street, Dunkirh.N.Y. DRIVER ON MR. AND MRS. F. KIMBALL' MARRIED 50 YEARS "Happy Frank" and His Wifo Havo Spent All of Wedded Lilo in Dunkirk. Mr. nml Mrs. Frank Klinliall \V:iHliln#ton a v i i u n f ) ci.'lfbratci! Coroner Blood Investigating Do.-ith of Corry Man Killed in Auto Accident Near Ripley. nany fj'ltnds. Thuy Jiavj j'e.sldoil In As ;i rc'-nlt jf t h e d e a t h of J-'runl:! D u n k i r k uvc-r «fm:'. 4 t l i u l r iimrrlit^'; la I ' urry, J'a., j l l o n l M N v l l l c on S.:|il. .'i, Hi72. Tliolr f t al lii!)lc"'^"" u H i m ''" tr ^ ^'"il'^H. Is · · BEAUTIFUL « TO BE ON PARADE AT ATLANTIC CITY f i f t i e t h unnlvcn-tiry of Ihelr in»rrlag.j from Among the Candidates on Sunday, b u n t , li at th:lr homo, r- ,.,.., ,, _ , . . ,, and rrnin Murphy, -'.I j-cilri ii in an ;M,t..,n.,l,il: a [on .Stiii.lay, in which live i,thcr 1'"- |mipirlm.'iiil:iil at t l i u D u n k i r k Water Will Be Selected the One to Bo Crowned "Miss America." AllKiillc Cliy. N. .)., Sept. B--(Unll- ,1, oiur ; " r i ·, v , ,, oiur ,r . K I.K . l" i l , V » TM n « of t l u : 1 !"··'"· »'»TM " 8 " "' I " slr !l "'"'I' """ a c c i d e n t nn Suiid-y n n . r n i n , . and all ['"'' II repnlallon as an entertainer. " I """* i MRS. EMMA M. WOODCCK DIES IN F R E D O U I A Tin.' u l l i f r orvii)Kiiit uf thv v;ir were Cliai-h". J. M e i . ' : n i h v . i'loyd \Vonds and KnK'.sl X i-! si in of W a r r e n , J'a., . - , i.cu Uupp "i f u r r y ami A r t h u r K. She Had Been l i t For Several · i... i. ...... .!,,:..: SJH ;ikcr nl U'.iiu'ii, t i n - l a t t e r driving. 'I lie MX yum);; m e n , .tccording lo h l a i n t l t ' l H H t n r i , n , H I - r U l n n i l ail'l I h i c f of |'"|H:C Tilli.-.m K. Sh.iyk- of M o n t h s -- F u n e r a l Thursday Afternoon. ESTABLISHED had been r e n t a l hy Floyd \V '»:' (lie parly a I llu- ' f i d - m o b i l e in U'anrn. W . H M ! - , h a i t Sp'-aU-. Mrs. Ki i ma . M a t t h e w s \Voodr.ock, J ' o i d sedan w h i c h | widow of Jtm-pli M. Woodcock, died '·'' ' u ' ' ··"-· i M M i d n y m o r n i n g ;it 11:30 o'clock ,U , 2'..\ Ka-4 Main street, ivflvr ni .six m o n t h s , aj-cd 67 year*, · ' ' ' ' i i x r m o n t h s and 28 days. She was t h e Expert Shoe Fitting ittso attiro attuiijst Ihoso Iroin uvcry corner ol' tho U n i t e d States. Hudson Maxim, the inventor who will bo kliiK uf the carnival and who \vill rise from tho sea w i t h h i b court to s t a r t proceedings Wednesday will ori u successor tn Muiyaret (Jor- .11 or Washington who was crown- yd "MlKB America" itl 1021. The irm.Mitor has iiuiilu hut one rulu for the contest, tlio fair partici- lu'.nts may not use perfume or wear IIOWCTK. Miss lifirimui will dufend hur title against the t-ontcaiunlH who have been Kojoclcd ut contests liehl at buuehes throughout Uio country this summer. Kadi girl is known by llio n a m e ol UK? city ?he reprcsr-nts, for instaiic-p. Many of the Foot Allmenta, mod prevalent, are due to Ill-fitting shoes ' I'lila Is a truili acknowledged by ill. foot Specialists. Often uo ou'ier cor ! recltfe t« neceetir.", ntl.cr than prop | Qfly fitted sboes. to correct YOUR FOOT AILMENTS liowever. we curry mechanical tp yllaoces for every Koot Aiiaait. Wo ir« Ejpori Shoo Future. "We" are, a graduate ol the American School of Pracupectics. Ask your neighbor, ne or it«, has been helped, wr can qolp you. I Henry F. Brick Practip-dlc 315 Main Street There aro bound to be Fires. The only protection against them is a Fire Insur- ance Policy issued by a reli- able Insurance Company. We represent only reliable Companies. m swum « Dunkir Realtors in- n i d i i l l K and IK days. She was t h e ""- '"· · "" 'j-i"'--- "··=· ·. · " - -- laiiKliter oi the late H e r m a n a n i l Irene llis3 - Xc ; w \" ek . ov X ! 1 s S TM Ulc \. 3'ou owned a business, nol only for the sake of profit but also for the independence it would brim;. Practically every successful business enterprise is launched with capital ac~ cumulated by systematic thrift. The best way is to deposit n fixed sum regularly in a 4% Intercut Account with The Lake Shore National Rank. Regular deposits will soon provide the capital for it start. E LAKE SHORE- NATIONAL BANK I J u s t niilMd.: of U i p l r y , the car w e n t j M m i h c w - i and wa-i ho, in the Town . i n t o i h c d i t c h ami t u r n e d over two t i r o j 1 A r k w r i ^ h t . S h e h a d always re- llhn-.: tnm-s hnally la -lin^ ny.;uwl t h e Uj,K-d in tlii-i "ian'it" an i had a wide ··ml.:inl:ini'iit ii 1 . llu- occupants i c j r r l r nf 'nVmls. She v:as a i.icmln-r : s | i i a n l i - i l n u t on tin- in.tide of t h e n i o i ; , . , ' t |ie Women's I'.cnelH AbSociruioii 1 w h i c h liad licrji t o r n olf tin.- car a i i ' i : f , f the M a c c a h c c i . _\v.ti upsidr down. M u r p h y ' s nctk w is j Mis. \V n i ) d«-ock is s u r v i v e d l.y three i l i r t r k n i wlul.: t h e ollH-rs rscapc.! w i i h ! s f i n s , J.-s^.U M. ;uut K. Leslie \Vnoil- i n n i i . r mjuno ui mini!. Jv'upp h a v n i j ; i c , ) r k o f l-'mlonia; Knlert M. Wood- j s i ' v i - r a l c r a c k e d nli-, ami X c l v i n hav-\- u i : | c u f U r o e t n n ; a h r n t l i e r , M a r v i n | i n n Ins l e f t car m a r l y severed. | NUUliovs ol Fali'om-r and a sisicr. Uii tiic way to Kn-doina w i l i i CliK-f!.M r s . M « I i s a L c C o i i . p l j of Caldwcll, of I'.ilit-c Stoyle. CorniK-r Mh.od and [ i,! a | m . t. M i M n M v i n ' M i K t Sli;\.v of Ui]»k'y,. 'i' ne f u n c n t l \\-il) be hrld T h u r s d a y b i u n c i r u n M c was J i a i i w i t n U nutls. j iilimioon at 2:30 o'cJocl: at llie lam | I iV y..i m i ; iii ; i n w a s i i d i n j ; w i t h Shaw n-siik-nce. hnri:il in I - o r ^ t - 1 [ill CL-II:C, : t n d -, -;u,l i , l i a v e a n n n p i r d t., a.;- tl . ry . n KVt v.'.ilter A. Sniiili will uf- j - a u l t I h e c i l i i c e r . Shaw Mnppi-d liti ' ' j r a i a n d S l i . y i r a n d t h e COHMUT com- I 1111; lip a . -i.-ilrd in ;^'ltin^ the man . u i i d i - r r m i i r i d and l i r i n i l c u f l i i i H h i m . | t J W M I L ; t o i h e f a d t h a t t h e driver : nf tin 1 M - d a n w.-is iiii.n r ] m i m e d w i t h io'.mlitmn '"l"' w'l'-t'hi-u! "i'u j-'iV di-ir-ed ! l l l l ! h K n " n i 1 ^"ovei uo., win uo roc w i t h m a n . l a u n h t r r w h i h - i ' l i t u s i c a l i o i i ! 1 " 1 ' 1 1 ' '" n m i n , H p I l t O D l h o r *· l ^ 2 ' , I ' l i a i f c s W I T - cnti-ri-d 'u''iiii-i t h e 1 ' l : n ( lt-i'-t alnill bo mailed addruHsed t t i l i v i s \viilt "ivNiMnir an' illiircr amH 1 - 0 ''·'* ltl ^ktiHoii fjhovol Co., caro oC a l i c n m i c d a ^ s a i i t t lu-hir addfd' in 'the i ^^'l^'lc and Kelly, J l a n k of J I a m i l t o n F \Vnod-;. I Hl'Or., J l J U i i i l l o n , Oiniidu. IMiiiiH nml spi»clilo:ilioti3 may be ^ryn at t h e Chamber of Commerce, D i n i k i r k . Tho Imvust or any f o n d e r not nncps- ncrciitiMl. Mcl'liio and Kelly, TK.VDKIIH Olt 1'IIOI'OSALS TL-ndern Tor t h o s«voral trudoH In mnH:eUnn with tlm croetion of fne- l Co l,o rceolv- % on Interest Accounts ·COMPOUNDED fllMTERLY 229 CENTRAL AVENUE- DUNKIRRNY fuaddifionio regular Dank- inj hours, open' Saturday freniiifs from 71 o 8 o'clock. FOII FIIIDAY AND SATURDAY-- For Boy's Girl' One lot nf I K I V H * Hhm'S, thn K i n d flu 1 }' waul, fur school \vi-ar. tor ?I.6!I. One lot of girls' liinh lihoca, black and bro\vn, for $1.09. Onu strap piiinps uml d.xftirthi inrliuHul in 111!:; lot. OHO lot of girls' n x f o n l u atul H l r a i URDU'S, lirowti and bhirk l;ld, r^-'fnu!(.'\j l ;iJl slw.A, Ix-^l ininl- it made for .li s One lot of hoys' dros* Klu»m, h n i w n nilf w i t h ruhhiT liocl, for J^.ilii and f^-lTi, w o r t h up to $I.Ut). Onn lot of IMIVH' h f « h p'mlo KluHis. In-own calf and KUII m e t a l , ?-..'l!i, regular prlcu $2.115 ami Iloya' suit.-;, om Ini of luiyrt 1 f j u l t r t w i t h two pair p a n t s , ail si/.os. a pood assorliiu'iit fui- ?l.'.ir«. w o r l h $7.fiO. Hoyn' hij;h j;rado suils. a l l al?.- «a. well made, In tho lulo.st ulyU'a, a l l wool, two paii' j u i u t s , for ^7-ii'i, l IIKUIO, 1OI ^ J . I ' X lluys' Kutts. till wool o:\Hsi)ui x r« and KtiKMsli twceil, all slzos, for $('..45. l l l u e si-r^'s Inclndwl. One lot o( Kirls* hl^h cut »ho(!H. Mack It hi, cnn m o t a l , brown kid and brown c;iir. all sizes, fur $-.3i. J J l t i u srrj;a inclndcd. .Mt-n'3 !iml YOUIIK Jlon's Suits of I n n latest ] ) a t l o r n « rtn!in'0il In price. Men'f ami Ladies' Shoes rcduci'd In price iici-ordint; to proportion. The Surprise Store 317 MAIN ST Dunkirk, N. Y. O n M u r n l ; t v m u n i i i i L ? , Nt-lscn, l v i i i p ! :ird .Mf ( ' ; i r t h y umr ;n r;ii«ii'.-il ln:M»n-! J l l s l i c c nf 11 it 1'i-an: l'' L'liii-f i.f I ' u l i | n t l - ) c i l I n - f . h i i - f Sluyh- ili:i[ Spralu-r was now a w j i i l j r (n:il in \\';in\-n foi- nirr.\\hi' rl . :\ motur vclucU: while in- tc.\ic:Hril ainl lii.il p n - v [ M i i , ! y !,,·.·[! con- \'ivh'(l nf i t i t u x i i ' : i h i i i a n d more MTI- 01! i C r i l . t'S. J'llv l i i . l y ,.f llu- dead man was 1 ! ;tn u i i d f i l a k i n ; ; A r i r l i i l n i : l » a n d r:an., UufTalo, N. V. H a m i l t o n , Dorothy Himlu'S, Sliss New Vorli, and hi?r escort, beauties from nelKh- Ijeai-Iios wcro to lly from Manh a t l a n tills aftprnoon, land in tho sea off Uio board walk and swim ashore. Oilier contestants were: Miss Utica, Janette Adams. Miss Rochester, Mildred Moon. .Miss Syracuse. M. Hosamaud Fancy. Miss J l u f f a l o , Sirs. Ilcrllm D. llent. Miss nitigliamlou, Helen Agues Scarlcs. Miss Suhonectudy, lloherta Coonor. Miss Hucliuvfay, UoroUiy llllglics. .Miss Kouth beach, Mary J l l a v k a . Miss Long Dutch, I.IIyiin llarnai-h. 1 Miss Hrlshloii lieacli, Ruth Andres. D E A T H OF AN I N F A N T J u n e 1 ; . Tynan, i n f a n t daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. J o h n Tynan, died Monday m o r n i n r at four o'clock a f t e r an illness of H i r e - weeks, age one year, nine m o n t h s a n d 2S dafr?. lieiidcs the parents.' one sister, W i n i f r e d M. Tl\c funeral will be held Wednesday ivorniiiK at 9:30 o'clock in St. Joseph's Cluirch, burial in St. .Mary's Cemetery. India's area is 1,S02,U29 smiare Homes For Sale No. 93 E. 7th St., corner Grant Ave. 9-roouis, bath, fine cellar, pavement, lot 50x100; easily converted into 2-family flat. No. 410 Park Ave., two-family flat, 7 rooms and buth in each liat, all modern conveniences, fine location. No. 611 Roosevelt Ave., new stucco resilience $6000. 7 rooms, lot 45x120. ). J. TILL, Real Estate Agency. Telephone. General Insurance Second Floor, Masonic Templt Tutu plant, ;i tropical (Jye-ylclilins shrill). IH considorvil purer than logwood. IM C. MAYNARD NOYES DIES UNEXPECTEDLY Fredonia M a n Striken W h i l e Talking W i t h His Brothers' From Away. C. M;iyn;ud .\nycs of MIL' Ch;iu(.'tu-j ly M o n d a y iminiiiiv,', a l u u l l l n Y I i t c k } uf h c a i t iliscasi-. Mr li:id lu-i-n in his u s u a l iR-allh do' £ t l i c chnns and j u s t hi.-f.iiv lie u-as la! -11 ill he lial ln-cn j o k i n g v. i i l i Jii-i b n ' t i i c r H . I wo of win.ni hail rnnu- from ci-iiti.il N o w | Yurk, to spend ilu- da/. A f t t - r m a k - j iiiK some n - i n a i k lie t o p p l e d t)vi-r a n d , died a f l r r n i;ap nr I :D, i Mr. N'oyi-s was InTti in I l l i n o i s , 3"| I C i i r , 1'it., about f o u r years ai;u. ,vas r o t i d t i c l i u i : a i.u'in nn t h e Ch M e UMVCN liis wife, Florence Noj ;wi» e f i i l d i en, H o t t y J a n e and I C I n u r a and t w o ;.ti'p c h i l d r e n , IVarl and H e l e n of 1'redoni.i; lour lirolliers, Ar; h u r and (ilyde Noyt-s of 1'iedoni.i, I.ce Noyt's (if S i t h I'lyron and ( t l i - n n N'oyi-s of N e w a r k , X. Y.. and also In".n i o l h c r , Mis. X o i a Xoyes of l-'ro- ilonia. The fniu-ral w i l l he hold \V-dnpsdav I n i r i a l in the \ \ V l s t e r Street Centc- For Wednesday 15 bushel fine Elberta Peaches for canning--Buy the early peaches they are better flavor. 11 bushel fine Sheridan Melons, they are. fine. We will have a fine lot of crab apples. Buy now, they are better now than later. A fresh lot of Fruit and Vegetables Daily. -Fitzer for good things to eat- Fltzer's Grocery Exfbe BATTERIES If your battery is ailing but stiU curable.we will put it in tip-top shape mis goes for every make of battery HAVILAND 132 Central Avenue Phone 5843 Dunkirk, N. Y. BtJICK MOTOR CAR., Sales and Service Station 16-18 Buggies Street. Telephone No. 3096 Second Hand Cars 1 Dodge Roadster, 1919 1 Dodge Touring, 1918 First Class Repairing' of All Cars. u; S. Tires Ignition Parts Schafer Bros. Garage For help at night, phone 5601 it ill mj Ubu u liuUl 1 %K1 y r u t ' u i K U to cieuu yiXii Car- ptU (oio tluR8 LhorouKiily. \V-:;J call tor aud roiuru uicio Give me a trlfiL J'oic^hane m ilr^T 1 n poirtnl Alo-,3 Smith, I I W M I MU. /Ui, tusy.i .-.i UNION BUILDERS CONTRACTING CO. Contractors and QuUdert ;8-20 6. 2nd St. Phone No. 2424 ICstniintc" Cheerfully Cilven. Jlo- pnlr work promptly attended tn. McNuIty F U N E R A L D I R E C T O R S 6? E. -Jth St. Phont 483-1 First class equipment. Auto hearse and cars, licensed embalmers. Prompt c t t c n t l o n given ell calls. N l Q h t calls received by Jas. McNuIty, 104 W. lth S», f j h o n e 31C9. ED.WARD C. BALIJ ESPERANTO BANNED IN PARIS SCHOOLS 'urljt. Si-iil. :". ( i r n i t i ' t l PITHS).-;i m t n i s t o r of liistnieltou has tesutMt in oriliM 1 i i r o h i h i t f n ; ; t h e U-achhiK of i^raiito In p n b l l r schools and uni- V l ' l - K f t i f f t . Tho reason for tlii.s onlt'r A r r o i d t n K o eortain si-liool loaehorri is t h a t tho isw.hmi; oC i\ l:i»ixuu^t :is vny as Ks- icranto cndaiiyiTS the t'.\Ist«!nrc of tho I'YiMich l a i i K i n m o tind t h n a tlu n n t i o n al solidarity of t h o ' c o u n t r y . They contend that children will na- t n r a l l y t a k o to any easy lunguir^o surh as Ksjioranto and thn*. in t i m e J'ronrli n n d 1'^nplish would pcrltsli and t h a t \\w Hlevury sti\ml«ml ot tlio world would ho doluisctl, r u r t h u n n o r o U^oy argno tlmt n national InngnaRo plays it predominant part in m a i n t a i n i n g iiiitionnl u n i t y and point to Poland and Lorrnlnn as oxnmplcs. "Ksporaiito Id .in i i r t t f i c l n l Inngungc f no roiil uiorit" writes QUO professor "U him no very ilcliuito origin and w h i l o it a l m a to drau* tho scat,1 pi'nplO; of tho world together, doprf H not rubier tiMid to donation a l t s a t i o n ? " f Base Ball Goods t (Ask to See the Wilson Hand.Turned Club) t F I S H I N Q TACKLE-- HOOKS, LINES, STEEL F I S H I N G RODS, * TROULINa SPOONS, ARTIFICIAL BAITS, LEADERS, SINKERS, * MINNOW BUCKETS, REELS. · {· TENNIS BALLS AND RACKETS. 331 Main Street EDWARD J. RUSCH Phone 4823 Dunkirk, N. Y Telephont Mo. S414 Our Footwear Paper 4 Contractgri P a i n t e r and * Hungw My slOK.in ig u uiako bomo« * more oeantllul * Bell Phone. 10J IV. Second St Observer Advertising Pays FISH AND GAME CLUB W I L L M E E T T O N I G H T Final arrangements for tho exhibit at tho n i i i n l n i i q n n County Rilr by tho Xortliorn Clu\u(i\uqua Kish tnd (Innio t'lub will lie nmdo «t tho meet- Ing to bo held toulclit. Iloimrnennz, on thu Northorn At- liintlc const ot Kranco. la tin Important cuntor of ihe sarclhio Inilnsiry. GOES OUT TO SATISFIED, CONTENTED PEOPLE, WHO EEALIZE THAT GOOD SHOES CAN NOT BE HAD FOR A SONG. THEY THINK ENOUGH OF THEIR FEET TO TREAT THEM WELL. IF THEY MUST PRACTICE ECONOMY THEY WILL GET ALONG WITHOUT SOME USELESS LUXURY-- NEVER SACRIFICE YOUR FEET FOR A DOLLAR OR TWO. · ECONOMY SHOE STORE Polarine Motor Oil 75c Gallon, In One Gallon Cr.ns S3.50 In Five Gallon Cans Deforest Rriineliart Son 65 West Main Street Fredonia, N. Y. j Wife--"We must stop a* the Wcslinghoiiso place --then we will be sure of the bnttcs^; oa pur triju.'J WISTINGHOUSF Westinghouse Battery Service for all makes of Batteries at Our Service Station Dean Stewart Elec. Co. 230 Centrci :, ... Phone 2440

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