The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1936
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V THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND VOL. xxxur—NO. i8r> Blytheville Courier Blythevlllc Daily News Blythevilte Herald Mississippi Vnlley lea I « K, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1930 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Home State Democrats Raise Umbrellas to Roosevelt I ii Affirmative Vote' Thursday Will'Open. Way'to Free High School »y W. 1). McCI.DRKIK Suiwrintendenl of Schools TY»r the first time since the high school went .011 a tuition basis in January. 1932. the residents of the Blytheville Special School District No. 5 have an opportunity to provide for a. free high school without ony increase in their taxes. If the plan to be .voted on In the special election October 22 is aoprowxl. BlytheviUe schools will be free beginning the second semester will continue free as An overflow crowd ot several thousands, umbrellas' raised, ..walt?d In a drenching downpour to hear President Roosevelt's address In Convention Hull at Rochester, N. Y., as he wound up his S.OSJ-mile campaign tour. It was a busy dny for the president, shown ai tlie. right, slicker-clad. Before arrivin Hyde Park. HIT VOTE TIL Announces Plans [or Campaign Trip to Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania WASHINGTON,: ,Cct. 20 (UP) — ULS PEOPLE DF in Kcclioster he s]:okc at -••"&."•* i „,,;, anil- Buffalo. Later he addressed a crowd in Utiaa, Hues remain at their present'level. s ' 7ent two llours in .Albany and then went on to his home In To understand the question thoroughly, one must be aware of certain fundamental factors in the operation, of the local system. We have'three issues of outstanding bonds totaling. 5227,000. Each year the bond maturities and thc interest together totaj about «25,000 Our local- lax for the past four years has averaged $42,872. Our annual payments on bonds and interest have, therefore, been amounl- , ing lo about 58.3% of our local tax or about 36.3% of our average total annual income. This Is at the rate of about 10,5 mills of the total 18-mill local school tax^ Would Cut Debt Charge The proposed 'plan provides that the district'set aside for debt service 7 mills of the 18 mill,tax, instead of the 10.5 mills we have been paying, and without any Increase in the tax. . ' : This difference'of 3.5 mills, an average, of $8,331 which is thus made available for eurrcnt'expans- , e.s, will.;provide for.a free semester °. f :high school. The plan also prd- thiriMiaT'be'cut three-fourths^ one per cent. There Is no probability, thai revenues will increase- this opportunity presents the President • Roosevelt leave Washington late Friday night on a. campaign invasion of Indiana Ohio and Pe.msylianla v,ith a major speech scheduled \ at Fort Wayne, Ind,, it' was .'learned thoritatively, tcday. Mr Roosevelt also will \isit Toledo arid the return au- Akrop swing and call heart toi-y chance we are likely to have to operate a free high school. .1 have heard several conflicting comments by-interested but uninformed patrons regarding 'the refunding program, and I think a brief explanation will clear up the matter, in the first place no one lias an axe to grind. No bondholder or group of holders asked for or sponsored the plan to refinance, arid no bondholder or group has influenced the program. On the other hand, for several years the local school boarS consistently rejected all Plans to refund, in the hope that some other solution for the problem would nrsent itsslf. None has. and the board of its own accord has employed its agent and has developed the program to with the approval of th parlmcnt of education. Only Solution point -' Scranron Pa in thL Pcnnsjlvamas ^oal uiinlng tern - t Scrantou, it was understood, will speak In connection with celebration 1 .ef'j John!:' M/£~ day 'the '.'miners chell have set aside labor leader. • to honor that "' . The president.' who leaves at ' War Commissar Summons Entire Population to Defense of Capital MADRID, Oct.. 20 <UP)—Julio Alvarez del: Vayo, foreign sf ere lary and general war coimuls sar, summoned the ' population ' of Madrid en masse, today lo, tie fend the .capital against the' In vadlng- rebels. Tlie General Labor Federation . ,..„ ,,, u , o'clock tongUit by special tram With for a tour of New England, re- more arranged his plans this morn- 1 jstcrs u>_( to pewt^l his r,f,urn i circularized all,branch unions, ordering the members to pre|)arc to answer a mobilization,., call. .' v-'! Jr . e 9.' ( '* n t'>in ^Barcelona . . ^BARCELONA,., fact;' "'20 ' (UP) — President Manuel Azana, constitutional .head ,of, the., Spanish:, government;, -was'''liic^i.gue'st ^odajKof itlib ••' semi-autonomous • -'Catalpnian government on what was said officially to be the : first stop 'In - tour of loyalist cities. him were four of the _ , Washington Thursday evening He will spend Friday in clearlnj away routine administration business preparatory to hitting the campaign trail again *ithin 24 hours Two from This County on Theater Men's Board O w McCutchen, owner of five theaters at Blytheville The board members, the bondholders, and the patrons al] realize that refunding is not desirable if there is some alternative solution. There being none other, however, it remains as the only method by which the local schools can be put on a cash basis. The board members favor the plan for, with present revenues, it will make the district a sound financial or°anl- zation operating wholly within lls income for the first time in a decade. A majority of bondholders •will favor the plan largely through a cooperative spirit, realizing that a current bond at a lower rate of Interest witli sound security Is worth more as an Investment than « delinquent bond at higher Interest but secured by fictitious and artificial conditions such as our tuition system. On Thursday, October 22, the patrons will render thc deciding opinion when they approve or reject t ic plan. The question is simply this-shall W e charge tuition and keep children out of school in order to retire our bonds by 1950 or shall W e operate a free high school and take longer to retire our bonds it is my sincere conviction that the Best interests of Dlytheville's youth domand that thc patrons scratch out the "Against Seven Mills for Building p,,nd" found on the ballot ater Owners of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee, in'. a 'business session of the organization's semiannual convention yesterday at the Hotel Chlsca. Memphis. Miss Burn a Cox of Osceola, who operates theaters' at Osceola and Leachville was also elected one of the seven directors named for. Uie slate. R. X. Williams jr., of Oxford, Miss., was elected president, and M. A. Lightman of Memphis chairman ot the board of directors, succeeding Miss Cox. The convention closed with the annual banquet and dance last night. Mr. and Mrs. • McCutchen and Miss Cox attended tile convention. Livestock Dell Man Jailed On Charge Involving Girl Allen Lefore of^ the Dell community has been 'lodged In the county jail here on a statut o r . charge preferred by relatives of a 15-year-old girl. The ca'se against Lefore has been docketed in municipal court but no ST, iJSElMp Good vWillT,P^ty j( ;'Will 'I .' Sperid Next T u e s d a y Night in-Blytheville ' .- More- than 50: St.,Lonlsibusiness conservatue cabinet mm- men win nhke BhfheUlle thelr of the left v-lnf Madrid over-night stopping place on a t«o- governmenl , day good will tour through south Tliej" were entertained at the east Missouri and northeast Arkin Generalldad palace, seat of the. sa s next week, the Blsthevilic Catalan goverifnent, aixl wferel Chamber of Commerce has been acclaimed where\er they went In advised this always oveiuhehningly left- ~" ' 1st .city. Chasm Between Futrell And Bailey Is Growing The chasm between Gov widened when tlie chief executive took exceptions to the nominee's reported New York press statement saying : the Arkansas farm tenancy commission was without, legal standing;. "Neither .is the commission that Bailey appointed to civil service progrnrr cmployes." Futrell said. "The commission that perfected the state refunding law by which Arkansas credit was sav- On their w'ay-souih the St. Louts train will make-stous on • Tupwliiv at Jackson; Cape Girardeau, Sikeston, Hay li," Rennet I, Carufhcrsvllle and steele, Mo. After leaving Blv- Iheville Wednesday morning the train will slop at • Wl u, service program for state K0 ( t ,,„,; '• TT,,l™ll „!,! 5V' 1 ' and : Maiden, Poplnr Bluff and Dexter, MO. Tlie St. Louis delegation will Include presidents, vice-presidents, sales managers and o r executives ring and cd [roin groups named by cxccu- lives lo solve specific, questions,"' Futrell declared. Alining Students Wanted QUEBEC, Quo. (UP)—The Quebec Government has awarded 30 milling scholarships to the province's colleges in an effort to arouse the interest of students -in the mining Industry. The scholarships are valued at from $500 to J^Q ClnCtJf/0 ' EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Oct. 20i March /rri-iv ft ' *"•• VJ (UP)—Hogs: receipts 10,000 Top 10.05 110-230 Ibs 9.90-10.05 ' ' HO-1CO Ibs 7.75-9.90 Bulk sows 8.65-9.00 Cattle: receipts 6,000 Steeis 8.75-10.00 Slaughter sleers 5.50-8.00 Mixed yearlings and lielfcrs 4.25-9.75 Beef cows 4.00-5.00 Cutlers nnd low cutters 3.00-3.75 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 20 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. "' open high low close nee 1192 1192 im 1187 1193 1193 1184 1187 1501 1201 IK," UK 1205 1205 1197 1202 1201 1202 1195 119G 1152 1152 '1H9'1152 Jan May July Get o i , . uta 110^ SpoU closed quiet at 1232, off three-. : irarty. wi" open high low close Dec 1H 3-8 114 1-8 114 114 3_ 8 May 112 7-8 113 r,-3 US 7-8 113 1-8 Chicago Corn open high low close DfO !)3 93 5-8 92 7-8 93 3-8 May 88 5-8 83 1-4 83 1-2 89 1-8 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 20 (UP) — Holland Man Seriously Injured in Accident STEELE, Mo.^M. G. Turner of Holland is in n serious condition in the Elythcville hospital with a concussion of the brain, suffered In an auto accident near the Peach Orchard last week when thc car j In which he was riding overturned. I None ol the other occupants of the seriously Injured. Turner for the L. , Gotten closed steady DM Jan March ..... open high ' low c i ose 11.88 1188 1 1B , I1M nt Holland and a 'graduate of Steele high school. • Cold, Silver or Chickens CALISTOGA, Cal. (UP) —A. L. Hawke is in a quandary, while drilling a water hole for the chickens on Ills hatchery he turned lip both go!d and silver ore assaying $4 a ton. But he cannot decide .whether It Is more profitable to keep on raising chickens or to go after, the gold. Spot Average i n WHi J < " Ve ™p P r . lcc of 1-8 men Mas middling cotton oil the ten deslg-i July ""'-' tbday was'oct nated spot markets 1187 1188 _._, 1196 • 1196 1191 12M '1200 U93''ii97 1201 1201 H93 1193 1167 1157 1147 lin Links Lucky for Day COLORADO SPRINGS, Col. {U n«S-:'. P)—Three holes-ln-one were regls- 1193 ' lered In one day on the Broad- mooi golf course. Two of them, were made on the 170-yard ersons Reported Lost in Disaster Which Overlook. Dutch Ship ' AMSTKRDAM. Oct. 2.0"" (UP) — .|i|)lanes. landing repeatedly on 'in; sea amidst floating wreckage, saved n persons today of 178 reported rescued from a mysterious disaster off Java to the steamship Van jicr W!)k-perhaps Ihe result °f nti undersell quake. Called lo tlie scene by n heroic who stayed in wireless operate] bis cabin and w Ehl)>. the Hatavla. : Seventy-two persons, including 11 -Europeans, liad been losl ports said. The airplanes arrived L PIKE mm or •Smith Says He'll Seize Gbverriment Sub-Commit lees S t u cl y ' Questions'"iri Session at Liltle Rock,Today;. ; 'pet. ' (U P) _ (K'rald 'i.,.'; K. 'smith.. follower' iof Ihe late Ilnoy p, Long, who rec- 1'iilly showed motion picture audiences how he did Ills "rabble roust"l! act," announced today the formation of a Fascist organization' to "Scl/.c tlie government of ) tenant .and .lay -laborer sltuall™ were placed In the hands ,. of se ' nrale sub-committees today : for study and recommendations as the Arkansas tenancy cpnlivlss ion's committee of 19 met in'-session hcic. .- ' ril e nve sub-cominitices, ap- I went down with the I™"'" 1 at the executive.cession of planes raced from'" 115 committee, were studying the i following, aspects of the problem Dludlng T 1 .. wcrc l0 ' reixM-l. their findings si ,.,,: "'• J o'clock this afternoon. main persons rioiilmg.'on the se™ holding on ( 0 tables,' chairs and piects of wreckage. Ihcy landed repeatedly In great d inger from .the' wreckage and Picked up « bf the survivors SOS messages;.said that tlie ship Ustal heavily, then began sinking Company . officials here, 'could not understand, how' tiie disaster teem red. They : pointed out that tin sea- could nbf have been verv rout,!,* planes:' could not hive landed^-.and that the' ship Wy ^overhauled.:, was seal Some ..believed Ihc ship might haic been caught by one of Jmas occasional sea quakes/' The St Louis group travehno bj . special train, is scheduled to arrive I here at 6 55 pm next Tuesdaj, O:- tnlw 27; rind to leave '<-^ Iteach- vllle at 8 30 the next mornin" ™ e ' h ' lors * lu te met nt thc Pr'seo staion b> a committee of ,110^ B 'l't.«eviUc men and at 745 thrr? (P> - "' be a ^n" at the Hotel No- %ys Lanclon's Statements ' Compel Him to Voto .for Roosevelt BALTIMORE, Md.. Oct. 20 (D P)—Dean Acheson, resigned undersecretary of Ihc treasury, today announced his -support of President Roosevelt for re-election. Achesbn's announcement closelv followed that of James p -Warburg, auotlier formerly estranged administration fiscal adviser, who revealed over the week-end that he intended to vote for Mr Roosevelt in November. L—A legislation Investigation --0 -• ill! L-3ll£llllUll imo the farm tenant problem by Ihc fifty-first general assembly to slop alleged, unlawful acts on the Imams' ltllUl ow " m n ','>' el1 ' "s 2.— Farm , home ownership. 3.—Educntlon and health. 4.—Subsistence . and credit. 5.—Arbitration ' between lords nnd .tenants. ' The ut a land- committee received copies suggested solution of Ihe cimnt problem by o. T. Carpenter, Maikect Tree iittornev. ivhn of , when 31 per cent 'of the c '*' fnrmors tenants, to », , o 1030, when 03 per cent were ten- Carpenter suggested liind own- ershlp with the cooperation of sate and federal governments and the protection of tenants who were nimble to participate In any land owning program Tenants unable to participate n land owning programs should have a' special tribunal to settle RlsP».'M;-l)eUccn thcmselve-s and Carpenter asseVteft H6 also Would Irate tenants assured of freedom of speech and assemblage without: molestation » nto'atlo a lay dowil .their HVeS country from "un plot to collectivize 'It. 1 Smith snlrt lie already im'd f|,,- of $3,COO u 111'be submitted" to" bus'.' uncial Imcklns to carry. on the llu ' ss mm - rnopeily owners and FDR PEOPLE IF CUT EfiECTSJILDii Public Invited to Hear Ricc-Siix Proposal' Wednesday Niglit A pioiHMa! for thc establishment in DIjllieMlle of a fncloiy wlilcli would niovlde employment foi about 200 persons and haya - weekly pajioll well in . oreunlaitlon for n year and more l" lbllc gcncially at n hiass ' 1,000 "politically potent I " l(x ' lm * i»Hcd for 7'30 Wedncs- • • leaders" In various parts' of the country who await Ills orders "Pour hundred business men In "• key cities, worried over the future of private property, have Pledged themselves to contribute one pur cent of lheh> 1035 incomes to make America vigorously nationalistic," he said. In New York nlone, he, said, he has 40 financial backers, one ot Ihom a man . vj'lth hn' Income of . *aiiO,GOO a: year. 'Tlie organization will combine the beat features of Long's political science and - the economics of the Kev, Charles, E. Coughlln and Or. Francis E. Tbwnscnd, S said. mith uEEKTOf N'evv Jeisey Republican Leadeis Cariy fight With Hopkins to Court — — •"> ^ > WASHINGTON, % 0ct 20 (UPI- daj nied suit Republican leaders to DU\iut of Will Make One-Day Drive for 'Funds Needed to Carry Out Project Columbia federal court seeking to fon.o WPA Admlnlstiator Ham I L Hopkins to open lo them thc WPA rolls of the whole .country. Tlie action was filed in thc names of Walter E. Edge, Republican national commlttccman for New Jersey,, and other state Reoubllcnn lenders. : •Previously Hopkins had refused to open up the New Jersey WPA rolls to Edge, charging that the Republicans desired the names of Deal financial methods. ' \ • The former under-secretary's decision was revealed Iir a letter lo the Baltimore Sun. He attributed his decision lo agreement -wlili the reciprocal, .,„„,. trade .policies of Semelrjry ofL d ' State Cordell Hull-the same point „,„,= ,,„„ Warburg-and to 'op- \ lh <,< ^" m 1r\u ' i. . 7 of club wlilcli cited by position to statements of Gov. 1 h fl "n Alf M. Lnndon and Republ' ' National Chairman John D Hamilton. will launch the campaign lomor- row. This sum Is;needed to pay for the materials used in remodeling the club house, which Is to be used as a community center. ' The work is now being complct- projecl. Because It vlsable not to have October, the work ' lhc „. obtained to pay for | T IIC club house, long in need of repairs, has been made very at-' tractive and comfortable. Tlie French doors were converted into windows as a heat precaution arches were built between the main auditorium and sun room, a flue was changed making it easier to heat the room, tlie kitchen was modernized and a sen-ant house 'or a caretaker Is being built al the rear by the side of the coal Morgenthau Answers Charges by Hoover WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 (UP)— Sccrelary of the Treasury Henry „„,.. WHS cna , 1( , C( , .... Morgenthau Jr., today accused for- to heat the rwm I mcr Prcstlll-nt Hi.rlv.rt w™, .r ... . C r(mn : " mcr President Herbert Hoover of "loose talk" in asserting the ad- minislral|n is concealing huge expenditures by "juggling" Us books. house. Hoover's charges of double-book- , II ^ - Dla " nwl '" '"row the club keeping and faking of fiscal ac- " ousc °P C » '° 'he communit with counts were made last Friday a . sp "' a ' In a political address™'*! iy °H»:«-"U 1 ?? 1 boy open to the community w ith ' .1 Invitation for the high the • NEIIU in a ponucai address atlu ,,j B ^ u la " Philadelphia. He charged the ad-' d lg tor thelr affairs! 'If mln|strntlon witli "intcllectuall e ! 10UBh '"ouey U obtained it Is dishonesty." ! also Planned to build a rest room, Morgenthau said Ihe treasury! Eomel hlng long needed In Blythc- >cided to answer Hoover be-' ville ' tlte members realize. , decided ,cause "if the Hoover be pnb!l{ believed WPA workers for "political coercion." purposes of 'Hie action, instituted asainsl H6pkins today Is intended to force him to permit tim Republican group to have access to the WPA records. ' Justice Joseph . Vf. Cox of district federal court'" Issued an order, returnable Friday, calling upon Hopkins to show cause when a mandamus allowing access to the records should' not be ordered. Tlie Republican group demands! day night In llio city hall fiudltoi- turn The pioposal, which calls for , investment by niythcvlllc people c{ aLout $70000 in building, comes fictn factory the Rlce- SU\ Diy Goods company of St I-oulb It has been unanimously endowed by the Industrial committee! of the ChaniVci of Com- meice, of whith B A Ljnch h chnliman, following wteka of Investigation and negotiation In the cthci plants jcclcd. of which u ninnbci of pioiosaK for Industrial wcic considered and 10- Mats Mrftln B Wedntulj) !, ' So many communities arc of- fcilng Inducements to allract Industries that join committee b - Ileus that theic is little,hope of obtaining, n sulntaiillal factory ipayioll ' for lilythcviile -ultliout doing likewise, 1 Mr Lynch Icld diiectors of the Chamber of Cciunerce at a meeting last night. lie •said his committee recommended acceptance of the Rlce-Stl\ pioirosal because of its '"lathelj fiuorable terms and because, of thc company's financial 'stability and its record of ktcphi' Its factories In lontinu ous operation, even In periods of luslness depression f •> Tlie Rlce-Sttx pro(»sal ' will bo • explained irt^tklAll^vfti^i^Wednes^;, dnj night's meeting,' to which?" , spccincnlly records of Ihe WPA1 ' ° shewing the names of WPA work- "" cc ii\oijone Inlcrestcd In 'the development of niytheilllc is Invited Subscriptions to the pro- jxxscd building fund will be nci- (her asked nor ncceutcd nt Oils meeting but the plan will bo discussed fiom every angle and any questions concerning It »IU, .be answered. In brief, the . nlcc-Stix com- • pany promises that as soon as, a suitable building is piovided it will; Install machines and tither^ equipment sufficient to employ 300 persons In the manufacture of shirts, dresses, underwear "and kindred lines. The company's"'in- veslinent will te nearly $10!)OCO Caimclty operation of the localr plant as soon as a sufficient number of emplojes can be trained Is assured, officers of Rice-Stix declare, by Ihe fact that the company, which 'docs a nation-wide" dry goods business, handles : a much larger volume of goods of Ihc the to bc nmdc "acwrles It owns lc thlm 1 can pro- crs, scope of duties, present and past salaries, detailed cost statements for projects and total amount of moitcy cxpcr^led throughout the country. Food From Pine Trees Possible Says Doctor 'PENSACOI,A, Fla., Oct. 20 (UP) —Southern pine trees may become a breakfast delicacy. . ' Tills and a number of other surprising possibilities for developing new uses for southern "waste" H. tho llnv They point out that with large nneslmenl they will hfrc they will keep , that the treasury conducted its business In that manner the people would consider whether It! were wise to hold government bonds." Four Sue for Divorces Four divorce sulls have been Mri F dent of m in P T.!« . club '' ciuD. filed In chancery court here recently. Mrs. Olela Wright, alleging desertion, asks a divorce from George Wright, Mrs. Emma. Gaskins, also alleging desertion, asks a divorce from James V. Gaskins Digest Won't Bet on Poll's Accuracy BOSTON,' Oct. 20 (UP)-Massa- cliusctts supporters of the presl- •*-— have: offered to bet $100,000 , with, the Literary Digest that Mr. Roosevelt will be rcolccted. ' The offer was made in a w^re, sent the magazine last iilght by U. S. Marshal John J. Murph'y, president - of the Franklin t) . and Mrs. Angle Swain seeks a! Roosevelt-for-Presidenl league ' of divorce from Hlgli Swain, charg- *'- ---- ^- ----- • Ing Indignities, In three actions filed through E. E. Alexander, -io- cs 1 attorney. • .-. U G. Winchester Is plaintiff and Mrs.- Hazel Winchester • MassacfiUEetts. Will Not Bet ™ local plant at work rather tlian; buy elsewhere Itoom for Expansion A suitable building is the only contribution which thc company asks of the community. A three- f story building will) 42.000 square feet of floor space, fireproof and equipped with sprinkler :system" and elevators, Is: required. It must be located upon a piece of land sufficiently large to permit 111-, turc enlargement of the factor}' building. . .-'.'., U. S. Branson, local architect, who has examined tlie plans and „ „ • . ., , •:• -' i specifications for the building E.,Bernard, director of re- sll i, m iu cd by Rice-Stix, estimates that Its cost will be very nearly $70.000. , Title to It will remain with contributors to the fund for Us construction but. under the proposal It w.ill be leased to Rice- Stix for 25 years, with privilege of renewal, al no rental except that Rlcc-Stix agrees to pay alt taxes 'and Insurance and lo main- lain the property. .-While, final' decision as 'to ft site has not yet been made an olTer, free .of charge, ol three acres of land, west of Tenth (Continued On Page 5) sca'rch ,for the Fa'rin Chemurgic Council at Ihe Gulf Coasl. Chc- murglc and Tung Oil .conference. German sclcntisls arc now • pre| pared to go to their, forests for is ,presl- food and chemists of : Hits nation | can..,do .likewise, Bernard salo\ He pointed, out however, that as .yet the now accepted means of, producing food Is more i economical than thc theoretical way. Tons of sugar and sugar derivatives have been produced by .'German chemists who extracted them from cellulose In .sawmill onrt forest waste, Bernard said. Leader of Democratic •:':. Veterans Will Speak ; Col. Louis Johnson, .'nationa.1 chairman of the DemocraUc Veterans committee, will 'speak' over WEATHER Arkansas—Increasing cloudiness, followed by rain Wednesday and in < northwest portion , tonight. Cooler Wednesday and In northwest tonight. Memphis and .vicinity—Fair anct warmer; tonight. The Xlterary : DlgesT d^,: no 'bet dCCtl011s "° P» on presidential elections' nor.,'qnlo. J^LHUe^ctairman of th/MIs- <«£"^^ Unlled Press today. address.,'! ' The maximum temj^ralurc here yesterday was 86, ..minimum 47, cicar,. according (p. Samuel P. Nor, its, ^official, weather,observer.

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