The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT'; All The "AlUAmcjicas". Aren't On' Big 'School • Teams ; * \ ! By JIMJIY nONAllllB , NBA Service Sports" Writer "Nliny a backfisld man and line' stalwart, like tlio rose In Cray's Elegy, "Is born lo blush unmeet), and waste its sweetness on-lhe desert air." The daseft, In this case the smaller.;' conferences, produces gridiron greats on a.par with those of such major loops as the Big Ten, fiij Six, .Southern, Southwestern. Pa- clflc 'Coast,' and the "other recog- nlzed'big wheels. But due'to lack of.hlgh-powored press agents, feats of these youngsters seldom hit the sports pages unless Inch learns happen lo score upsets over larger institutions. With those iipssts occurring every week this season, All-America selectors are finding "Ins task of picking their "annual learns more difficult" .than ever. Baldwin-Wallace's 11-7 victory over Syracuse University's vaunted .Orange brought to light a rimnliu, pissln? p'-snom in Norman Schocn a brilliant Bsrea, O., back, who put that 'Chool of only GOO students on the man b) pTSsing Conch Vlo Hanson's team diz?y In the first five minutes of the game S:licen, a b°sncclacled Individual on" U\5 ' bridlron, Is nn amateui :baseball star of malor league promise, and his pitching of (he pigskin Is no-less accurate than his fast ons ovor the heart of the opiate. Ever Hear of Henry Hammond? Oordon Williams, s|X)rts e-lik>i of the Readln?, PH., Tlnws, (ells IF that Caacli 'clarence Munn. of Al- hrlghl forniT Minnesota stai. lias In Dick lilffle. the best fooUnP pla\cr, of the small schools in the east Dick receded honorable All•• Amerlci mention last ycai as a fiouhoniore "Tnithfully," sijs Williams "he K a great bill cirrbr. and on" pf tbc outstanding bac'r.s In Ihe country !i<> a'so kicks and pissrs an^ Coicli M^unn tijs he is a (ins defensive plaver.' Southwestern University, 12 Varuterbill 01 A pr:at end sinmls" for evcrjbr/iy but Ray Morrison, Vandy coich The night before his Commodores were scheduled to m"et tli Memphis school, Morrison Twelve a phono cill ^ from an \inknov. Soutbvicslcrn supporter. ' "An AM-America end will b plajin<i for Southnoslorn here to morroji,"/the voice snid bo _^__- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CARDED OP Tf/e T/,ViG .GAMED /4foyos, AND SCO/tea 11 On 11H; ().ti 1 side—Looking In "!'iY DUKtT llie Turn Hugh Kctchum of We Fnragonld Press came nboiil as close to ' doping oiit a football game in advance as anyone can when ho hlntixl strongly in Friday's issue of the Paragould paper tlmt the game that night between the chicks lind-BulU dogs was very likely to be (jnlle a battle. . - . : Kctchum reasoned that the Chicks were duo for considerabl j of a let-down after the victory over Jpnesbofo. :He also ngtircd that Uic. Parngbuld eleven was in shape to turn In an Inspired game agqlnsl Hie invaders and even' ; predicted that the Bulldogs might turn the trick -that Jonesboro couldn't by making a touchdown, ire figured that. the fast little 'Paragoiild club, outweighed some 30 pounds lo the man, might sneak over a touchdown and it did Hint very thing. No "Set-ups" for Chicks Without taklny nity credit away trom the Chlcknsaws -It must be said Unit the Bulldogs put up as :oiirageous a fight against odds us the Maroon and white. n:ver*ssfc n l>3t'»r \\liwman name is Hcnrv Hammond' Ann niter th a (io = ct Moiri^on ' v '''—' ' -£,"•">« ^.,.-', cnl'e-1 H-immond, \\IID barked s!«- ollt ' wei S 1 i"J .some M pounds lo the nals and olaved a ban"up same fni Ooach -Shorty Propst's team, the b"st end he ever sin step on field Although Washington Univarsily of St Louis clUn'l beat Notre nam- Ihe Tiers' thr«« m |( e a inre into V'e Irish nnd sbT\-"I FHi-r J nv- <l"n a fullback in "Bucktn 1 Jne' Piikonf w^o remlnd-d him of Joe Joe ca'icd ^r Jlnrnv Ooir-ln^i the hardest line plunscr In th« country kicks nnd passes, too Ifc rot only scored the Bears' touch- no vn arainst ths Irish, but nko rf'-lstered a counter against illt- tlO'S Ui !~^ Moon I am reve- ^eaT roicnes mle lint UniverVliv'of D"nv»r lad 05 one of lhc b°st Finn's of the corntrv .-\nr] \w-th> of /Vlt-Am»nca consitleration TSVOS Tech of Lnb^'V, ha<! in •i"n Nelll siarkline back a bill .on ll\p in the FJockv di^trirt. von nrnbnblv I of Ai-\ Drolmitch Yet is d9':'rvln<; nation- si .honors, according to his coach P--r« C-wtnon Neill. his mentor ''atcs, showrrt up Sammv Baii^h Texas Christian's er^it mssir. bnd- Iv in the uo:«t the Matadors scored ww ths Horned Projs early In nay z»h mi -i s i n ndi"T «» frnm Westsrn Reserve, C!c\ child last \n-ir. Is back again, i>-.-ij b^t ter thTn-cvcr. A s-Dim-' win c?n nick ari pi ss a j>l"Vm as h can deserves a great d;al of rani .Tpck Polav. one of Tom Ueb's twi returning veterans t-v thi-i s;a^n'r ?"eat ball phver and one »ond/>r.< you could have found on any gridiron Uic pnst week-end Dulldogs against the _ Jutj'^crtiaut is sotneHilng that Para gould fans should appreciate, All of which adds just that much more emphasis to the precarious situation of the Maroon and .White. Thai winning streak of the Chicks, which has now reached 23 straight, BOUGHT IE! ON TIRSW NIGHT . p Game Moved Up 24 Hours At; Request>_of WalnLt iRidge. '',;.' '/I , -' By J. P.' FRIEND ';''! ! The Blyllievllie- ctiic'kasaws 'Sill play the Walnut nidge Bobcats'Sin-i <lcr Uic lights Ihcrc Thursday cyjih-' Ing Instead of Friday, as orlglnil- )y scheduled, Superintendent William D, McClurkln nnnouncedVto- day. . ' - . .v •; Because of the pr«sence;6f a cur- nival for (hat clny i: '3uperlnUm'd«hi; A. Wi Rainwater requested that;£lio game/bo •:moved ujvla night jvlth views of'a linger crowd, i'lay'yylll bcfilii at 8 p.m. •'•" ' ' ':j! The Cldcks emerged from t-W Parasrould tussle with but i'fcw 1 brulsc.s and in nnc shape. NoTa 1 casualty was reported and One'!' Craig and Byron Walker canie' through nicely. Craig played-almost the entire game while -'the lilanl captain substituted soon-after Paragould had scored their touchdown. .. ; • •'/. Complete statistics on the ga'ips revealed tlmt ths Tr'lbs registered Ml yards from rushing as compared lo 97 by thp Bulldogs, arid hail CS more as a result of tyo aerial bombs, Ru.sfcll Moslev to Efkn Wavilnglon. and Mosley to "Bap" Roberts. They hnd 18 first and paragould 7. Incldentally,-the touchdown was the first adored, oh them this year, and the-91,,yards frotr. scrimmage was second to Joncsboro through tho.tyaroon'and Although the passes were ' beau- lies, lhc 50 yard run hv; Max Hut- chlus climaxed, all .thrills .during the game, with the ball almost In midtlcld, Max took the pass from Walker, faked to a.back and spun ly to the sidelines, ran'Mown-the mark,with Homer Besharss leading the .way. Homer went after a back and Max cut behind him Into the opsn. Just as he'reached pay dirt Dunham lunged ' 'forward and tripped him, ' ' ••'" ' ..-..'• MONDAY, OCTOB1CK 19, 193Q .., Harry Grayson NEW YOUK-Oiicc lie is 'hired, the new manager, of the . Brooklyn Dodgers will'spend most' of Jils time trying lo find-one of Iho club , officials.,....,. , . ', It's the same old trouble lii Platfcush,; of-.course. Debts, '•' constant bickering between the Eb- cls r,ml MeKeever ' factions, a poor organization,. sehlllly ; In the president's seat, and a mediocre club to begin with make the situation Intolerable. Casey Stengel got ho help fit nil during>. h.fs -three-year 'sentence, Bropxiyn cllib vlce-presi- ('cnts only'- shoiv up to compli- calc Ihlngs. i Joe Gilleaudcau, wlio Is a hat saltEJimn, goes south with the club racli • spring, and does' the old Hawkslmw on ! , the; 'manager ami the '.ntliletes.' ,' :'-.-:'• They seldom see Gllteaudeau (hiring the season.. He's too busy peddling hats. When he does put In an appearance In Pittsburgh Cincinnati, or Boston, where he apparently sells the most :imts, It's only In the grandstand, He never gets In, touch with the manager or drops aro)intl to the hotel. -•'';'• Jim Mulvey, the: other j vice- president. Is a : more /projctleal baseball man, but Is seen even less. .A big shot in a motion picture organization, he's in Holly- wcpd .most of the time. The -'rest of the time he's too'busy iiuuiins the . company's business from New York.'. He probably sees a half ddzeii • ball games a season, and never.'makes the training trip. SMijel Had Deal, ; But No Vice Presidents Mulvey. son-in-law of Judge ,le,, B ue , l^rdeadV. lie didn^ / • - £3* iSM? 1 ?. .T »"° ^oSanS ^o—Meet in Legion CaKlTca.'^^,^^ •••;• , , . , . •!• • i , r\ Be at Ills usual top form with the c.«-. .... ... lure loniffht: Lhanev newcomer. with the Chicago Cubs during the season Jiixl closed, which would have helped the Dodgers. Ho could have obtained Chuck Klein and Stephenson, the young catcher, for Fred Frankhouse. But he couldn't find either vice- Dresldnit. The day of'the major 'Sliikcy wish he had never Been him." / i ', '' • For (lie supporting cast 'pro--/ moter Clarence Holder has matc/^ ed Lon Chancy, the ludlniiu toughic aiid winner last week : over Lee Myers, with Billy Euin Laredo, Texas. Cimncv wai •r "• i t /-V I UB " l " ls « s «iu top f"nn with the lonignt; Lhanev newcomer. Returns Aoiin , Both m!Uchcs wl! > ""« a iiinc- ULiuiIlb again. \ ty-mlnule time limit, two best —— • ,,i falls • out of three decidin»~ tiie «V J, i>, FRIHND ;• winner, Aflcr an absence of several weeks due to Rex Slfr Uj> Interest By Firing Manager But the club again showed a neat profit, and Dial is all 1 lliat Interests either faction, it seems. The goat was Stengel, as Max Carey was the goat before Him, ..... „ „,„»,„,„, i^and Wllbert Robinson the goat, as, glarit. faces Charles "Titanic" tine urn before Max The officials prob- Sinkey In a return match lo fen- ,, Mke nnlv /fnMrinl thai tlinu />An1,1 eif,. i. ,».. .... , . ... . "'• MIM. *< ' " " will . - a reu ably decided that they could stir Lire the wceky - e wcey w ,g show up -enough interest to get by for tonight at the AmeSn Lf ion another year or twp simply by open air arena on North Second ! . Hie flrsl ycl- promplly at 8 p. colorful referee, ,g show win n m ooru W1 " offlcl!tlc '» "» events, showlng a new manager. The club drew more than 150,OCO paid .admissions by June 1, enough to pay all expenses cheapest payroll in - the BOCS suuin vvitii tiiej "^ llle cheapest payroll in me spring, and does the I business, unless llie jSt. Louis i,»... ...,,.__.- Browns get by for less. The club did Stengel more .harm by the way they handled Hie Van LIngle Mungo ease. llraln Waves Measured , -«NDON !UP)—Science at last Kevenee will be the primary has found u way of measuring bruin :0tivc of (he clever Texan. On waves. A Cambridge scientist Gr'y appearance m the local Walters, lias recorded them on a 'blcy was matched witti simple electrical measuring anm J. In-a. previous matcli Tex, ratus, using an ordinary radio it biuisctl'his hand, but rather tlmn > an amplifier." S Street force substitution lie went! through with his- agreement, bum hand and all. Using !,-iiy ic hand Mob- ..,,__ ------- a _ ------- iKLuu HUM .Hi. uaniK ;s I Munpi ta a real hill-billy who lhc mRjor |)iut ofBthe I Bets a bt wacky when he steps: i ey gave Sinkey a hard way to go out a bit and realizes how good but was forced to forfeit the he ean pitch and how poorly he ma t c )i when the MissLiup an is supported. Stengel always was 1 continued to pound hbV in urcd unable lo handle Mungo the hard, „„„„. Lasl wcck Mob ley noUfiod way because the officials wouldn't; (ne local omc ial s II at he ™ n I .b.ack him up. Stengel had lo try g0(K , ihapc llmv and wanted an ,' the soft way and Muneo didn't other crack at Sinkey " understand n ,u! ™ and asur E " " , . ., "v,.v.. . i,inv,v db oiiiivty, llssui sMcesT" I " lem that h ° VV3S 8oil ^ to m Mungo came, went, nntl did led to make that , , rliout as he pleased, and the club mcrBlc suffered, particularly with EO many kids on it. .Casey Should Have DemaiMtrd Full Conlrol .Stengel's big mistake, of course, was made that February clay of 1935, when they called him into the office, broke his old contract which had a year to run, and posllion' or" to give ,., u , t „„,„ to baseball. This.,perhaps Is the reason why the MeKeever Inter- t>,™,,«i n, n. i. I -I-"* F luisun wny cne MCKeever inter!v r ™ g t,,l hC j;"i;. tHe ^ r .l d . q _ Ul ^ «* '-™»'' S°'" °'" and: du g . Ip outside money and taken over the club from "tjie/ Ebbcfs'.half.. • 'Ihe. buslnes^r manager/ Is •, John Gorman, "wlio'';-ippks. like •-.a•'• misprint from -Esquire.' Gorman is a •on c pas wee-em , . , . m \ h i m ,...,: ,«. ,•.. .- ... The stand of the much lighter 0 •„ ™' r ^L ^ .already .over . . °r a touchdown.'The.Manila flash ^.ic Manila flash had bed with 'the flu'for several days and was withheld 'from Ihe starling lineup. n / ' <•',<•" Max carried 'the ''ball : on tiircc occasions for a .totaj'of 56 yards'V 18.0 per try. Homer lugged;!'the oval six times and gained 45 yards for 7.5 average. Robert "Scatty" nnd the popular clamor In' tire press „ r ,, 7 - 5 . , Bv . er »S«- Robert "Scotty" throughout the stale .over the f 00 ' 1 t>'d«d "P .13 yards'in two "aU 'Chicks for 'three years bos every 1 wn| l> ls ' but *<« cheated out often /.....,...«..i i.e.. „.. 11 :.(.. ,_ i more during tap slHaiinn n«MM",f¥ 0|)ponenl, big or small, gunning-, for the Blytheville grldders. They rc- nllil!. that lo reverse -the Jiblcs and scalp the Chicks will be lhc biggest, feat that they could expect to accomplish all season. If anything works to remove the ."set-up" complexion of. a weak team it Is'llie knowledge that/It lias the chance right at hand to accomplish something bulieVed almost impossible. So as far as we're concerned Walnut Hldge presents a very definite obstacle lo tile Chicks this wcck—"sst-uijs' 1 refuse to play the part when opposing leges have lured heretofore with their splendid athletic plants, Lepanto Team Holds ' Crawlordsville to Tie LEPANTO, Ark.—After two los- Ig games with Marion and 'Tyronza, I«panlo's "pec-wee 1 football team held Crawfordsvillc lo a 1313 tie at Crawfordsville. Criuv- fordsvllle beat Tyronza the week before, I3-C. Crawfordsville galloped lo a touchdown in the first minutes of the game. Lepanto relaliated with a touchdown, when Lochc Dean caught a forward pass from Jlmml: N;al. Crawfordsville scored again in the second mmrter making an extra point, and thus the score remained until the last two minutes of the game, when jlmhiie Meal caught a punt and ran '70 I yards for a touchdown, with Loch I Dean scoring the extra psim. walls ' and Hannah of I>cpanto were coin- mended for their perfect blockiii". Lent! Wins Flag Tourney Over Country Club Course J. .F. Lonlt, with a score of 15, i'cu a handicap nag tournament over Ui'ii Ulylhevillc Countiy club BOlf course Snndqy attcrnoon. Byron Morse, with a gross score of 81, was second, ajd E. B. Oec and "Cecil Shane lied for third place. About 18 club members participated. , , the sideline fistiiViff H«ssell , Moslems offensive "' cafi) showed 132 yard's galn»d and 11 lost.for an even 5 yards each" time. LeRoy Brown carried the' :r oval 25 limes, two more than Mosley. and had a net 83 or 3.3.yards. Respite the fact that • Moslev kicked several times for'th" "coffin corner" bis kicks' averaged 41.7: yards. James Bui 1 ton did-a fancy, job of kicking off,' averaging close- to 50 yards. - i ..--v • • It Is hard to"appreciate the ii put up by the smaller Bulldogs un-l IKS it was", actually'seen. They were In Ihcre scrapplnr all the time a.< Bulldog teams always do against' local representatives. It may be; a sample of what those Walnut" RWgeites may do Tliursdaj'. There is a sneaking suspicion that Ihe Chicks,.didn't take Jack Dale's youngsters seriously. A hint to Blytheville—don't sell any team' Steve MeKeever,: the president, Eave.him a new one for three makes loo ..much money. In thej iampalglls picture business to sacrifice hisl Cos6 y was quite a guy. then, rhore time! Tno c ' ul) niul drawn very well and , finished In Heaven, as fai- ns the Brooklyn filberts' were concerned, by knocking the despised Giants ..out of the pennant In the last, two games of the season.-, . ., Stengel should have refused „ 'sign .unless he was given absolute and trades. - - —, that .aiid .a result was out qf luck from that time until the finish'. . ' it is doubtful Whether the Brooklyn officials would place,any, .manager -in supreme command,!, however. They apparently don't want that kind of a manager. They seem to.believe that a manager is someone' to fire when ifc 'is imperative that i interest stimulated. ' . - prim i ran Esquire. Gorman is a ° . unie.v> nc w.ia givt nice -fellow, ; -'b'ltt "the only thing conlro1 of players ai he. knows.'rabout "baseball |V"'Hiii Bu f ne - didn't demand he. knows.;al»ut "baseball Is names .."'pf : ; : the ..; Nalioni'. ; cities, .and'-sqiueone -probably" told him: th'ttt.-';.'*;;.;..:.;•••... - : Ttibr- gives h ydu a rough idea of hosv ^ciighj'lt. is for the IXjdger manager to make deals.'When he does round-up llie ofliciaLs, , they iton't seem to want to deal. ' . Stensrel { could have, made a deal short,- rio matter' what thb record is. -They are ,all out to snap the streak. It. would be'quite a'feather in .the-'caps" of Walnut .Ridge: arid will serve, to "soften their woifnded pride in their 7-0 licking In '34, and the 97-0.rout lost year. ..Lately: they Before You Buy Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE z M. r. e^q Single Cyl. . W * J (Other Sizes to 10 H. p.) •-HU3BARI) TiUE & . BA'lTEliY CO. i! I hf' CORONA PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS "D«d" Man llelurns CALCUTTA IUP)—A iiian who was'lefl for dead on a funeral pyre j 27 years ago has returned to Dacca to claim a fortune.'A court has decided that he Is the rightful heir Let us show you ho\v easily this amazing little machine operates! It's certainly "the buy of the year" in portables! Easy terms — as low a? '" $1.00 a week. ACTON PRINTING Ctt Blylhcvillc, Ark. Head Courier News Wain Ads. DR. SALIBA Eye. Ear, Nose & Throat GLASSES FITTED Room 210 Insrani BM;; Res. Phone 410 Olticc 418 t he do bab a line of PitUs caliber, and a fe» bickneld The veteran'Dr. Clarence (Fall Scears, with 23 men'on his snnll ioimd at tha University of Toledo showed tre effete cast a ranter lea»ue .back in Carl Monlo, a ISO- round youngster who run >;plm- didly against Boston University These fc» fellows sininly are sin- pled orl of a group of sterling p.r- formers who are ehinj their all for their alma malers with little chance for grabbing the headlines As far r as most of us know, they are a bunch of guvs named Jos But It's those same fellows, who are practically nonentities as far as the national football nubile goes, nho help make football the game If it weren't for their stellar deeds on the «ridlron in wrlnsitK an occasional^ upset th« snarl would t have no reason to exist omons! th£ strhller colleges, for it couldn't serve iU major purt>ase- provMe^r^educatlonal program to attract students »hom larger col- Booker T's-Mud Hens Game Enrfs in 2-2 Tie The game between the Memphis 2itud Hens and Harry Batley's Booker T's at the slate line baseball park yesterday was call- sd in the eighth inning on .account of darkness. The score was knotted at 2-2 when the umpire decided to end the contest. Tile two teams will play on :hc tie nest Sunday afternoon at the state line. U will be the final game of the season for the Booker T's. - . NOTICE To Our Customers Effective loday, we will close our repair dcparlment and gns station at 9 P. At. each day, however we will maintain all night sen-ice at the Hlythcvillc Motor Sales Oo. Phone IMo for Service At Any Time Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Corner or Ilroadway ;md Railroad St. • At Iho Old Miihan 1'lace Now stocked with antl ready to deliver the kind of C 0 A L .YOU WANT AT REGULAR PRICES to the estates; of Raja Badaur. d STOPPED SMILED with PLEASURE Also Factory Kindling Gin Your Cotton With Us and Carry Home •Your Coal W. W.Shaver-OllieFoster Phone 278 • »*AKE NO MISTAKF. about it - trie ment ca ' n ' t get i n their work on 1Y1 heih cigarette is a happier smoke Doable-Mellow Old Golds The won-a HtAOLA Gold with all its original derful double-mellow blend Lorillard double-mellow goodness. (Established 1760) puts in at the To protect the rarer qualities o{ factory comes to you 100% when you prize crop tobaccos, each pack of buy Old Golds, at the counter. Double-Mellow Old Golds is Jo, io )«, Don ' t miss » h e new lasle-thrill of wrapped m too jackets of Cellophane, doulle-urapped, Every bit of rich flavor- every whiff Old Golds, of tempting fragrance-is scaled in. Steam heat,' dampness, dryness and other kiilert of cigarette enjoy- PRIZE CRQP TOBACCOS mak. th«n DOl/BLE-MELLOIV ^ . . . , ' / 2 JACKETS, DOUBLE "CELLOPHANE," kwpthem FACTORY-FRESH

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