The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1941
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH .11, 1941 Copelands To Begin New Home Added Rooms, Other Im-i provements Being Maclej By Owners Near Here I Extensive remodeling is . being j done by a number of families living . hear Blytheville who warn to have .; their improved living quarters com- j plete before late Spring. j Those residences undergoing; changes include that of Mr. and ] Mrs. J. W. Pox of Hermondale, who ' are adding two rooms, screen ' porches and numerous other improvements to their house •• there; Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lloyd, who are adding two rooms to their house Southwest of the city; S. P. Johnson, who is building a two room tenant house on the S. P. Boggess farm to replace a house recently destroyed by fire; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Bledsoe of Dell, who are adding a room and porch to their home; Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Green of Huffman, who are remodeling their house by adding a room arid extensive other improvements which include redecorating:. Blytheville Couples Build New Bungalows Mr. and Mrs. Pred Copolnnd purchased the lot at. 915 West , Walnut' Street and work will begin at onep on a modern story and a hah house to bt- erected for their home. Tiie lot. purchased from Drs. Car! and Edna Nies, has several attractive trees on it lo en' Tlie house, to be either of asbestos or cedar , c .idi.'i<> walls, will have a composition roof. Plan of the interior includes the usual living room, Wetenkamp i Certain Landscape improvements Is Building New Office (Ja n Be Financed Un d er Fl IA Plan ;f of Good Ma ferial Is Recommended By FHA; Other Practices Urged When the- average home owner i.-iks of "fixing up the old place" ••modernizing" or "property im- Work Marled today on another | i;iovem *at ( " he .seldom a&soclatcs building with A. R. lh , improvement of the landscape Many h;uks which occur in oiher- •' yood roofs arc due to the if poor flashing materials or im- ••oyer installation. That carol'ill attennon to •'.flails will do much to pn-vpni pre- re roof failure has been sub- bv replies vo a questlori- >aire recentlv distributed to 148 \ let, erectm- a one story ; sKl i ni4 of the wiih the usual | one* and tile struciure awoss from ; ^ugury of house remodeling or Hotel GJenc-oe on a 45 by 100-foot | .v.iecoming jobs, lot pu.-du.M'd irom Tom Little. i y,,, umh . r Ult , provisious ol Tii". two-unit building -has been pif.Vs Modernisation Credit Plan, remt-d to the Weienkuinp Cotton i the property owner may include Company and 10 the Un- driveways, walks, retaining- walls, Bureau with the two ! <U;una^, grading, fencing, and expecting to occupy t jiumeroiis other improvement.* and barn are built by Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hipp, miles Southwest of their new quarters by July 1. ie .•st.-ucLurt 1 except for is to cover five feet on dinlnjr room ">°W offices of the Federal Housing j souti) adjacent to the Tom kTrcijon"ViMl. Two" bedrooms and j ^ministration and Home Owners'j Jaclcson building, where there the the bath on the first floor and the up- - oan Corporation. :;ialrs will have dormer windows An analysis of these replies re- 10 take care of two bedrooms and venLs Unit nearly fifty percent of bath 10 be constructed later. "oof failure^ are due to failure of A fireplace, disappearing .stair- ''lashinpi and" faulty construction, way. built-in features in tiie kit- ! Fto.shhHf Difficult to Ituphice chen and numerous closets are } Since it is expensive and difficult among the features of the floor j 10 replace flashing after failure It j plan. i ; - s important to use materials that ; at locust as long a.s the , Copper, lead, or galva- ; \\indows. the privilege of repayment of for such improvements on a monthly basis over several years. A wide variety of types of mod- are eligible for financing. In order to comply with 'FHA reg- o! Lhe intent of the PHA's Modern- iZiUion Credit Plan, long-lived hardy trees, evergreens, shrubs, and hedges, and even hardy perennial plants may be- purchased and planted, and arbors and* trellises may be constructed with funds obtained under this system of financing'. On the other hand, annual flowering or vegetable plants whose period of life is only one season would obviously be ineligible under the provisions of FHA. The eligibility of landscape improvements rests with PHA. since conditions which might pertain in one- instance might not necessarily apply in other cases. The probable eligibility of landscape improvements for insured financing, how- Mr. and Mrs. Tollie Peterson are eciinij a new barn on their farm seven and a half miles Southwest of Blytheville. A new milk house is being erected by Mr. and Mrs. Vance DLxon, who are also extensively repairing tlipir barn TKr>v livp four miles tlieir barn. They Southwest of the live city. Builds Service Station A nftw service station is being erected by 6. S. Wren on his property on the Dell road, East of Blytheville. Amazing low price*. Stunning new paHernsI illations, such, improvements should ] ever, can be readily determined in embody a decree of permanence be- i advance by .submitting the proposal yund the period of the loan. In I to the local office of the Federal i-omjjlian'-T with ihis interpretation ' Housing Administration. [ BUILT HERE more small residences are being erected in Blytheville. which will soon be completed. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Moore are building a four-room house "adjacent to their residence in the 1200 block on Willow Street, and Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Larkin are building a house on East Main Street, winch has four rooms and bath. Brighter Colors May End Sleepy Air In Classroom NEW WILMINGTON, Del. (UP1 —Classrooms at Westminster College will be done over in colors like salmon, apricot and "cool green" in an experiment to relieve the monotony of drab walls for students and thus keep sleepy ones awake. Moving figure in the plan is Prof. Harold J. Bremutn, head of the art department, who believes college and university classrooms are the "last citadel of" and should be "individualized." "There would be fewer dozing nized sheet metai and tin which Al'kmo Lumber Company have been uainted both skies, may he used with any type of roofing. Two thicknesses of mineral surfaced roll roofing may be used for valleys when the roofing is asphalt shingles. Plashing- should be in-stalled iround chimneys, at intersection of t- ** Has Starlec! Second New Group Of Small Homes If \VILL OPERATE AN "' AUTOMATIC OIL-BURNING WATER HEATER Hot water 24-hours a day for so little' is really a bargain. This water healer burns Kerosene or Water-while Range Oil. attached ' to Heater liivr- rel. Sold on F MA. $\w of So.OO" n<>r Month Liberal Trade-in Allowance. Wnu FRASIR Plumbing & Heating Co. Phone 108 Kes. 401 E. Cherry and sleepy students if classrooms ' noilecl lo th( - 3 roof alone- with shin- were nmde'attractive, instead of being merely 50 chairs .surrounded A second group of small houses is to be erected in West Blytheville with the new residences to roofs aod walls, valleys, hips, and i be loc " tcdt °" * httll l j"ow known ridfies .All flashing should be or-Lf ; Short Walnut Street" near the Woman s Club. The first of these- built ou Chickasawba Avenue near this location by W. L. Homer and ArkMo Lumber Company, was such a success that the second venture has been undertaken by the company, it was announced today. should be or- ranged to overlap generously, allow for any movement occuring -in the structural members, and to avoid punctured bv roofing nails. Chimney Treatment Around chimneys, Hashing is Gate Urged D Equipment ice or control or refinement in appearance without compensating .savings in operation. Finally, the selection of materials should be governed by consistency of quality. gles. Pieces of metal also are built 'nto the chimney masonry and by 80 feel of blackboards and bare j turned down over the flashing to ,'alls." Brennan .said. Questions and ^ Answers Q. Our new house will have casement windows which open out. How are such windows screened? I A. Inside -screens are necessary j-for.;;,.lhis type '-of window. They ['may' be side" hinged one-piece i screens, two-section horizontal slid- i ing. or a type that rolls up similar to a window shade. If the windows are controlled by a casement sash operating device that extends through the wall to the Inside, opening of the screen is not. necessary. With this type of hardware .a one-piece screen may be used which is removable for storing or ior window cleaning. A similar type of screen with a sliding wicket through which the casement h-m- d.e mny be a-ac!ieu nUo may be used when specijil iraseineiit optv- raing hardware is used. form a water-Huh t joint. A metal covered cricket is used to shed water fvom behiml the chimney when located on the .sloping surface of the roof. Flashing for ooen valleys in the roof level is laid in pieces up to eleht feet in length and of sufficient, width to extend well under the shingles. Closed valleys are usually made tight with pieces of fheet metal laid alternately with the shinnies and bent to lap the intersecting roof surfaces. One of the houses has been -started and three or four more will be erected, all of which will be iii [lie $3000 to $4000 class, complete with lot. E.'a;:h will have two bedrooms and have modern conveniences but the clesign ot each will be varied, although they will be similar to the Discriminate selection of mechanical equipment for the home is f:ir more necessary now than ever before. The increasing number of mechanical appliances on the market makes careful consideration of .such items essential to the prospective householder's well-being. In the Federal Housing Administration's Technical Bulletin No. 6, '•Mechanical Equipment for the Home." the prospective householder is cautioned not to succumb to the temptation of overstocking with mechanisms at the possible sacrifice of essential romfoi'i. The basic factors of general location of property, neighborhood, the relation of the house to its site. th6 provision for natural light and , ventilation, the comfort and con- Haiiti Man Planning To Build Residence A modern house is to be erected by R. P. Greenwell at Hayti, Mo., it was announced today by U. S. Branson, architect, who said bids were being accepted. Of colonial design, the house is to be erected on a large lot at the edge of Hayti. Four large columns will decorate the front of the house, to be of clapboard, painted white, with a green asbestos roof and green shutters. On the first floor will be large living room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, powder room, sun porch and a double attached garage: the second floor will have three bedrooms and two baths, and the basement'will house a recreation room, heating equipment and Double flashing Ls necessary where roofs and masonry walls iri-'T-sors of the project said. tersect. but for wood-covered walls, j ' single fla.shin<i will be enough since the siding covers the flashing and makes a sufficiently tight joint. venience of the plan, and the . soundness of the construction de- ! laundry room. oiner group of houses -erected dur- j s , rve prior consideration FHA of- ! mg the past two years. , ridals say: - No amount ol equip- WA W f nn<strnrtJon On It is expected that completion ' ment can make a sat i sfac t ory house j ^ CW Construction UD. ot these and other new houses for whe re these basic factors are not immediate sale will assist in filling ; properly achieved " a long-needed want of new houses | A number of principles should be to be sold to those who prefer to '• followed in making selections of purchase after completion, spon- ' . equipment, according to the bulle- 'tin. Farms Now Under Way Farm improvements are being made in the surrounding sections | with a number of buildings started prcjflifcLs on u more equitable Q. The walls of cur kitchen ore covered with what seems to be a thin layer of grease. I wish lo repaint these walls. Can I paint over the grease or should it be removed? A. Paint will not adhere to grease-covered walls. Remove the grease from the surface by washing with n solution such as soap and water to which a .small amount of ammonia or other grease solvent has been added. Thoroughly wipe off with clear water and allow the walls to dry before painting. Nf.w Association Formed By FSA Farm Families 1 TTTL E rOCK A rk. i U P» - - ; "arm hnnilie:. worhmy with the r '»im Se-Mirity AthmnLstration have' r :lcil papi'-rs for a charter for the • v h:n.-ns Central Cooperative As-i \'tini.icMs. Inc. Th-j nt;w ii.s-Aieiation is set up "iv. 1 :. 1 ! 1 Act 153. which permits five r iiicr^ farm families to organize ^ cocp'riiuvr association ror sale •r r.urthuse cf farm commodities. Acvordin': to state director. Hudon Wrou. "the Arkansas Central >.cperutive Association will be the :rntnit marketing n«oncv for all Durin;; recent years the boi:c\v- : rs hj!\2 been Icsiiv; part of t'.u.-ir hum products for lack of adequate market. Tl'u: Central Association will :u'.ike r.:.nt:icts with larger dealvrs f or il:e counties ;;nd assist ir. msikini: salt's imcl shipping -ir- uMi^tmt-nts. av well as assisting in Uio gnuling of the products. Thr Association will handle '.he ;•:•< p. t'cr the 15 hiiicl leasing ass<.-- c:ati r ;ns and also the counties aitd (h.e ccr.pcrntive associations in the rcsirttlemeni couimunitieii. Tn addition, it will act as a broker for the mirehnse cf ccimnodities LI.--I.C! .. y the families in the cr.uiuks. v ''irh local merchants honrilinv; the contracts. This will enafck- turm- t.c take advantage ot" la rue i.iua;;tity buying. ! . The initial cost of the equipment must be carefully balanced against the cost of its operation and the probable returns in comfort and future rentability. j | It must be remembered, coo, that the first cost is rarely the last cost. particularly of equipment with , 'moving parts. ! Items of repair, operating- costs, | - ^ncl probable length of sorvtce h e- ! . lore replacement must be consid- . when choosing equipment. \ Where economy Ls a factor, it is «:.ential that a comparison be made between the different types oi' equipment and that all the costs be figured in. The element ol utility to be gained should be 'weighed against these costs. If it .is necessary to forego some items of equipment, it will be advisable to give up first those items j which provide merely of serv- i recently. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Milligan are erecting a new burn, 32 by GO feet, on their farm Southwest of Hol- j land. s. Jessie S. .Bollard is building a tractor shed on her farm North- DISTRIBUTORS: JOHN MILES MILLER 12:; W. Ash Phone 1188 or 37:1 :f ihe county assuciaticns." The ; jrindnal work of the agency wiHj It is estimated that lightning ;;• ;a !n.-lj> the low farm fair.ilies' strokes travel about 22.000.000 miles ••orkin'. with the FSA lo markf.-t per hour. PETE IS THE 1UNBE When you see this sign you know the BEST Plumbing Fixtures Are Being FURPJISHED and INSTALLED BY ONE WHO IS REUAKL "PETE" The Plumber CRANE and STANDARD Plumbing Fixtures At Prices Equal To Any Other Brand! A modern, safe wiring system is essential to your safety and comfort. You are -safe troni Fire Ha/.ards as a result of worn insulation and faulty switches ... a modern wiring- system affords greater convenience and comfort. Why delay? It costs hut little and the payments arc small. Let Us Re-wire Your Home On F.HA. Terms SEE OR CALL US TODAY! CITY ELECTRIC CO. C V. Sebaugh FLUORESCENT HEADQUARTERS '"At. your Service" 119 S. Broadway • Phones 206—70S—;uj 7H£W<- "J rerummcMii Orlnin-teed :in- the finest in ar.pearan protection they give you. Shingles. They e — and in tlie "Scr what a difference a colorful rool makes. In the wide choice you get with Ccrlain-tced 1 c n g; - wearing:, fire-resisting shingles, there's a type that fits your neerts and fits your poekctbook." Our store is headquarters for 3 year FHA Loans Monthly Payments or Annual Payments E. C. Rui^SON LUMBER CO. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. STTETOK PR8SI Home Owners! WE HAVE SEVERAL F.H.A. APPROVED LOTS FOR SALE! Because we have these building lots available vve can offer you a complete. ONE-STOP SERVICE. .lust select the lot you want and we will do the rest. Before you know it YOUR NEW HOMJO WILL BE COMPLETED and you'll enjoy the benefits, of home ownership while paying for it ju*( like rent. Take advantage of this opportunity while you can. SEE OR CALL US TOD AY! Phone 40 -«v PITTSBUR Dip Yottr Brush Into Rainboiv Hues Mother Nature dips freely into her overflowing colors to achieve her wondrous color plans. While we cannot get her to "do over" our homes, we can adopt her methods and use color freely and correctly. Through our connection with Pittsburgh Studio of Creative Design, we are prepared to offer a worthwhile decorative service. Results will be long-lasting because of the superlative quality of Pittsburgh Paints: Sun-Proof House Paint; \V7allhide \VaIl Paints—Flat, Semi-Gloss, Gloss; Horhide Floor Paint; and \Vaterspar Enamel and Varnish. May we be of sen-ice? WALLHIDE. Walls and ceil- i Qgs take o o QCW life with -IF this wonderful '^ finish of long lasting beauty. Per $AA Quatl UU FLORHIDE. Gives a sturdy. wear-resisting luster to painted floors. Dries in almost no time. Easy to apply. $00 * PAINT STYLING HEADQUARTERS A PAINT YOUR HOUSE ON F.H.A. TERMS HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. PITTSBURGH

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