The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1952
Page 5
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AUGUST 4, 1961 Negro Demands Civil Rights or Says,'No Vole' Congr«t*mon T«ll» H«rUm Ntith«r Party It Acceptable —.—;,.«.«, i«y* members « race will not »oU for the or vice presidential ° r either party "iinlew -" «*>• a civil rights platform ac- «pt«ble to th« Negroes of Amcr- Powell, who addressed a Harlem «lly yesterday. Mid he »m conf( . r Jl'h Oov. Adlil r. Stevenson and »n. John J. Sparlcman on the civil "Shis Issue. Po»ell read a telegram from the Uemottrtilc presidential nominee acknowledging a request for an Interview and agreeing to meet Powell at Springfield, ill., j n , wet!lt or "•n days. The congressman .said lie »HI lead > delation to the con- He said 3 similar delegation will confer with Stevenson's limning mate, hut he did not say when thai m«tlne would take place. Alabaman'! Record Hit Powell said the Alabama senator's record shows continuous op- Posltioil to civil rights legislation Stevenson will be urged to take a stronger position on ciivl rights than the Democratic platform contains, Powell told his audience of 3,500. A declaration for compulsory fair employment practices will be •ought. ^owell, minister of one of the j&rld's Baptist congrega- Wtns, told the rally of his congressional constituents that the Negro voters were "sold down the river" br "Uncle Toms" at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. "Uncle Tom" Is a phrase of contempt used mostly by Negroes for others of their race whom lllej regard as compromisers or lukewarm advocated of civil rights. "Uncle Tom's" Sabotage Powell told his Harlem audience that "Uncle Toms . . . spearheaded the sabotaging of civil rights planks in platforms of the two maior parttss." At Chicago last month he was the first Negro delegste-at-laige from New Tork state to a Democratic National convention, Powell, a candidate for re-election in Nofember, told the rally that American Negroes "will, of course, go to the poll* this fall in larger numbers th»n ever before." "We are watching the race, but w« haven't picked our horse yet." he declared, bringing prolonged applause, "we are going to vote In November, but nobody knows for whom." ( »-t present, Powell said, he could •'iff no oiTil rights difference be- *^een Stevemon and the GOP nominee. Dwlght D. Eisenhower. ; He Mid Negroes are opposed to Eisenhower because of his stand on segregation 1n th« Army. PoweB told the rally that Hep. WIHi»m Dawson (D-I11), Negro tie* chairman of the Democratic " entire civil rights I writ behind NatiowaJ Cewnittec, "»old o\tt the s closed doors in the platform com- I mttt«« at Chicago." Dawaon. contacted at Columbui, O., declined comment on Powell's vseeeh. Fir* Insurance | Rates Dec,in* [ UTTI.I: ROCK i* _ n re i n J surance"rates on frame riwellinfts i in cities and on farms were re| rfuced by 1500.000 — one of the ji largest reducllonn ever ordered by j the State Department of Insur- S v State Insurance Commissioner J. Herbert Graves said policies I written and delivered with an ef- j fective date of June I or later may | be endorsed to take advantage of i the reduced rates. The' reduction I became effective July 31. ;' Frame dwelling rates were, re.-: duced from J3.W per thousand dol- ; lars of insurance lo J2.80 in Ft. j Smilh nnd Little Rock. In Clas-s 5 cities — north f.itile ': Rock. Pine Bluff. Texarkana, I .lonesboro, Hot Springs and Cam! mack village-rates were reduced from »3.80 to 13.30 per thousand. BLTTRKVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS B-R-R-R-R! — \Vhen anti-troe/e f^ee^ec, you Isnow it's cold Edward Plnnkard, a pnijccl engineer, holds in one hand a beaker of • nil-freeze and in the othet a beaker ot lubricating oil. both frozen solii, in tiie 90-Bclow-Zero test laboratory just built 'by Ihe Per- feution Stove Comp.u.v in Cleveland In it will be- tested for the »rrr,«d farces. ;IK.S 'j^ luijncanls, men, materials and melal' la Kt how Ihej' ra3.:-! ;o Arrilr- winditioiw. Fnmi this research will be ftuied knnvjl«:U: H ^"jk« W.i-ns easier (or mLMi slalioned in uul- po«!i >rjc! westiicr s!sl'.>nj | n the vicinity of the North Pole Test-Tube Victories Presage Coming of Attack on Polio NEW YORK W)—New test-tube victories, says the president of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, "presage the coming of n direct and specific attack upon Young 'Ike' 'Happy' But Korea Is 'Hole' WITH U. S. THIRD DIVISION, Korea Wj—Maj. John Eisenhower. son of the Republican presidential nominee, says his first reaction to Korea is "It's a hole" but- "I'm vpry happy where I am.' 1 Publicity-shy young Eisenhower. 30, told newsmen who songhl him out "there's a little bit more war going on than people realize." Oi'.'eii his choice, he joined the 15th Hegiment of the Third Division because it was commanded by his father as a lieutenant colonel at Fort Lewis. Wash., in 1940. Asked how he felt about his father's nomination, the major said "well, I was for it." But he doubted he would vote In the November election. paralytic polio In man himself." In this way, foundation president Basil O'Connor yesterday cited the trial of a possible polio-prevention serum in a message accompanying the organization's annual report. The report mentioned the first mass injection of the new serum at Prove.. Utah, last fall. Similar tests are being carried on this year in Houston, Tex., and Sioux City loiva. 3 ' Also noted in the report were other research advances and H lotal of 26.668 polio acses in 1051. The U S Public Health Service was reported as terming the year the third worst for the disease in this country. WARNING ORDER In (he Chancerj Court, Chick»- •»wbx District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Ju«nltn -Miller, by her mother and next friend, Mrs. C. L.. Richardson. Ptf. <'s. No. 12,093 Johnnie Miller, Dfl. Tire defendant, Johnnie Miller. :s hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Juanita Miller. Dated this 12 day of July. 1932. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Laverne Bull, D.C C. r. Cooper, atty. for platntlft. Ed B. Cook, atty ad litem. 7-H-2I-28 8-4 Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election Aug. 12 1952 For Stale Representative KENNETH S. SUI.CER For Post No. 2 Wife "Freezes' To Accelerator; Car Runs in Pond NEWTON, \fass. W) - Thomas Mullen of Watertown was teaching his wife to drive yesterday. Here's what happened. The car tore through a fencis sped up an embankment and dived into nine, feet of water in Horseshoe Pond; Mullen and his wife swam 20 £ert to shore. Then Mullen realized their pet collie was still in the car. He s-~m back to the car just as the dog's head appeared on the surface. None suffered any 111 cffe.its Mullen told police his wife's foot apparently "froze" on the accelerator. Japanese Say Saucers Are Only 'Meteors' 'TOKYO ur y -The newspaper Yo- miuri said Monday it had received more than 150 letters from persons reporting they saw flying saucers over Japan Friday night. Japanese astrologers, however unanimously agreed the objects' were meteors. In Taipeh, Formosa, newspapers quoted a Chinese man and wife as saying they sax two shiny circles Saturday morning streak eastward across the city at 10 minute. Intervals. The couple described them as going faster than a jet but slower than a meteor. Wotfim NOWOPEN FOR BUSINESS T. .1. Bailey, formerly manager of Don Edwards Co. and Fletcher Wilson, formerly service manager, have opened a sales, service, and repair business for office machines »t 116 South Broadway. EXCLUSIVE DEALERS FOR Smith-Corona TYPEWRITERS AND CASHIERS BAILEY-WILSON Co. TYPEWRITERS OFFICE MACHINES 115 South Broadway Phone 8S91 Armed Forces Information Funds Are Cut WASHINGTON W) — The armed forces' public Information services have been sharply reduced by appropriations cuts. The Defense Departments' Public information office, an official said yesterday, has let out. 120 workers, cutting the staff [rom 270 to 159. because of a 44 per cent slash In Its funds. Th«e three services have been discontinued entirely: I: The Industrial Service Branch, which furnished information to manufacturers on what the government was buying. 2. The News Analysis Branch, Milch kept the department Informed on what was being printed about the military. 3. A newspaper matrix service which furnished feature stories and Illustrations requested by about 1,500 small ncvrapaiiprs. Pole Fishermen Take Trawler For Freedom KARI SKRONA, Sweden Wj— The Ecml-ofriclal Swedish News Aeenr-y reported today that two Polish fishermen overpowered Ihe captain of a Polish Irawlr-r, grounded the vessel near hpre yesterday and gave themselves up as political refuses. Coast Guardsmen who boarded the vessel to investigate Its grounding found the three-man crew badly rut up and bruised. Two Poles need 2B and 30. said (hey hnti attacked the skipper when he refused to fake them to Sweden. Afetr a long fierce, battle, the pair overpowered him and sailed away from their Communist homeland to this Swedish naval base. Lion Oil Balk Finally Ended HI, DORADO. Ark. W) -The 3- months-old strike of some 600 CIO Oil Workers at the Lion Oil Company's chemical plant here is ended. The workers walked out April 30 in connection with the nation-wide CIO Oil Workers International Union strike In a wage dispute. Settlement of the strike was announced last iilRhl through a joint statement from company and OWIU officials who said "a new contract was signed yesterday. No details of the contract were Immediately learned. FIVH } Carter Is Named To NATO Air Post SUPREME HQ ALUEB POWERS. Europe W>j—Mnj. Gen Warren n. Cartel- of the U. S. Air Force Monday wns immecl com- juamler of Allied air forces in Northern Europe. Curler, who WM recently made available by the U. S. John chiefs of staff, will anis-e in Oslo Aug. 15 to t;ike up lii.s ncu- post. He will be under the over-all command of Artm. Sir Patrick lirimt of (lie British Hoyal Nnvy, ulio is commander In clltr-f of Allied Forros lit Northern Km-ope. Flood Fund WASHINQTON (*) — The Oreer* Ferry Reservoir was allocated *«,000 by th« Army Engineers for flood control planning between now and t June 10. The Korvo dynasty ruled Korea from enrly 000 to the kite 1300's. They Rave the coviniry its modern Scid-bbKFACE SAILOR—Uon I-. Uemenls, of Santa Munn-a Calif., ines his home-made sub for size before testing the 5000 pounder oil California's coast Clements hopes to descend ISO fci'l " in his sub. christened "The Retriever" and "explore the ocean bottom in s diver's suit. It's his lirsi-try at ship-building. W. Berlin Puzzled as Reds' Youth Demonstration Fizzles PROPOSED' CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 . BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate, a majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the, following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted lo the electors of the Slate for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon In such election adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of Ihe Constitution of the State of Arkansas to wit: SECTION I. That me Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas be • mended modifying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 24 of said Constitution, «) as to provide for the ejection of a County Clerk In all of the said counties of the State, as follows: "The provisions for the election of a County clerk upon a population basis are'hereby abolished and BERLIN W|—Wt-sl Berlin authorities expressed puzzlement Munduy at the fizzle of a Joucily advertised "peace and unitv" demonstration of the Communist Free Oennnu Youth <FDJ). The FD.T had announced that young storm troopei.s wovitd demonstrate Sunday at two points along the trench sector, at tin area bordering the American sector, at Fots- damer Plain and, 10,030 strong, in the British sector's Junctwnheldc P»rk. Instead of nil tills, only 2,000 of the Blue-shirts turned out in all, in scattered demonstrations near the sector borders, carrying their blue banners nnd chanting Communist songf. West Berlin police, who had been mobilized nncl braced for anv eventuality, reported only two mi"nor incidents in which 38 Hlueshlrts were taken into custody. Pu/iiiiiig over this showing. West Berlin authorities speculated that It was the Communist intention to make as much propaganda as they could with a minimum turnout. This speculation was supported by a report of the Soviet-licensed ADN TICKS agency, which reported '•many thousands" of Communist youths demonstrate In Berlin .•ipaiml "the warmongering policies of the West German republic and the Western Atlantic pact nations." Hitch-Hiking Sergeant Finds Self at Controls of Plane WITH U. S. FIFTH ATI? FORCE, Korea (/Ti-A hitch-hiking ntr force master sergeant on his first Jet plane ride recently found himself piloting the swift-two seat craft. Then he'flew the ship for nearly 30 minutes after flic engine failed. The sergeant had to take oi'er the controls of the T-33 jet when the pilot passed out from lark of oxygen, the air Icrce snirt Monday. He flew the training ship until the engine cjult. He then maneuvered it carefully down to a level where the pilot regained consciousness. M-Sgt. Chnrles E, Hilt, si, ol Barker. Fla., never had been in a .let until he hitch-hlkcrl n ride from Korea lo Japan in the T-33 flown by Lt. Robert W. MacDnfll veteran aeriiil reconnaissance pilot from Avcnel. N.J. "All I knew was that It you push forward on the slick you go down nnd if you pull back you g<j up," 1:00 p.m. A1K CON1MT10NKD 11Y UUFHIGKRATJON LAST TIM US TON ITU Oottlile Fcitlnrc M-e-M Cartoon & Shorts - TUES.-WEO. Double Feature "BUDDY NITES" 2 l''or I'ricc of 1 —1'IAIS— TIIE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET NEW Air Conditioned •y Refrigeration "Your Community Center* MANILA, ARK. Matinee* Sit. * Suit. Phone 58 l.ASTTIMKS TON1TE "FRANCIS GOES TO WEST POINT' Donald O'Connor I.ori Nelson TUESDAY "THE SUN SETS AT DAWN" Walter Reed Sally I'af there may be elected a County Clerk in like manner as a Circuit Clerk, and in such cases, the County Clerk may be ex ofllclo Clerk of the- Probate Court of sitth county until otherwise provided by the General Assembly." IWs Amendment shall be in full force and effect upon and after Its adoption. APPROVED. March 20, 1951. Secretary ot State C. Q. HALL AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION LAST TIMES TONITE! The toast of New Orleans dives . YVONNE DeCARlF ROCK HODSON Kld t) SIDNEY SAW • SHxy M S». y . a ! it b, OSCUi eMONtt • hoJxd I, IE TUESDAY, AUG. 5 j "Yes, Sir, Mr. Bones" Gals! Gags Giggles! (Jalote! WKD.-THIMIS. 'The Big Trees' Starring Kirli Douglas j Cartoon & Sliorls • *••»• «>e>«»ei***«e>«*i WED.-THURS. 'LOVE IS BETTER THAN EVER" Elizabeth Taylor Larry 1'arks RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. MONDAY & TUESDAY "SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR" Joan Fontaine A Ray Millard WBD.-THURS. 'ON THE LOOSE' Joan Evans A Melvin Douglai it took a lot of money \nur waler system serves you by securing wafer, hy slortnjt wafer, by testing and nunfyinic water to make it safe for use »nd by delivering waler into yimr home or place of business. These things it Is able to do because substantial sums of money have been expended on eciuipnient and inslallaliona which perform these functions. I'orlunately, most of us benefit by expenditures made over a period of years, including periods when prices were much lower than they are now. Yel in terms of 1010 prices, when most commodities cost about half what Ihcy do now, water works facilities cost real money. A two-billion Dillon reservoir, big enough lo provide a 200- day supply for H city of 1(1(1,0(10, cost §2,500,0(10 ten years ago. The pumping station required lo move Ibis water through the city's mains cost $100,000 lo build and equip. An elevated storage tank of 125.000- K allon capacity, of the type you'll see serving small towns and villages, cost $18,000. A fill ration plant for a city the site of Louisville, Kentucky" cost $1,850,000. Whether financed by private capital or a municipal authority, R water works has always represented a major investment, ranging from $50 to $100 per person served. Re K ardlcss of prevailin B prices, it has always taken a lot of money to bring you safe, usable waler. Blytheville Water Co "Water is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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