Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 20, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1942
Page 3
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,«tJRSPAY, NAUOATUCk DAILY NEWS, Paffe Seven " -* ,v^ •'•'i A:V • • Corum I But a Fair Sort of ji Pitcher Named Johnson |; Will, Be Preset Sunday. THE HUMBOLKT^nVRRVoAN^E" |»body Knows For re That Ho Was oBost of All, IP- wasn't I IM-IU all? UH> gt'fat Most guy.' i\v, bring a. non n'Vcr hail In IIM agaltiMt him, any urorc Uhftii i hai tn w-ing aK'al'nsI Mn 11 y, NVaddelt Vaiifr, Hubliel! 01 |i o a n. Sr» hosv would I ho SUP- posed t<> know? All I know about Is t h o Hlorlo ir.s tluil rend by •pin 1 s I 'hav Van I, i) A n t, a r (I n r r, h'-ard and t 1 r u.iin Al Srhaeht and ilab- hy Street, ''rin'i'i'Vs .lust thl,* one IhlnK l-bal iibnut the lilK M'liy. IhliiK lliut lunppoiioil siM'ks of U)VM, TluI U'd and knew .ihoilt rves and «\ira, t.i rid.- nn Hie saint' li-uln n .,,iu New York lo Wash SI 11' 1 •t\s. Ihe HI«V- that .11 i* SVUH Ihe Mountain Hymn Hanp his Mlilrt on. H'liiK based On had been some rlscb, about ,,,Ki!Mli|i' liiM'ftimt' M IM \\liieh Kcnes, .iilvi-i'-d the tali MM! iiilvlre t Hi' 1 ! 1 ! I nufiii- Frank ,w <>f the N LMnl by Hir (Hants, h y.jiinir in HI named o Connoll hie tlnin in whloh 'If that 11 wasn't din- .mi i',tr as lie was wound up helng barred from jiiUi'(llr;H<'bdl fori'vrr. That, no ibl, \v,u ,|nsl one of baHohaH's tank-it .Ink.vs. (though not, unfor- li;ly, I'm 1 .Mrmmy U'tiomiull. U\V IT lOHKKI) IH'T: |8tfHiisi< of i'0/y (!o/y Dolnn nnrt lilunts whoso memories for- kilH.v forsook Ilicuj In ,n pined, world's xi'i'lcM In ciur'Nlhw l»o« muter .soiiu>thlnu of «i ulmul, budo f»ilr lo thut wny n tlic sixth fimnn ended In Now kk, tlio (HunIN hull klelo'd every- M u v e their const It nl tomtl t from under tho WnNhlnjjtou ITS In the sixth (inine ut Iho No (Ji'iMiiifK mid, in so dolrif/, hud on H pltchrr nuinod Waller Nip.son HS Mionuh they o\vne(t him 'ilrlglil, ttoii'i todny reineinhrr \vhnt thr. 'ft of tluil sixth (mine ut Iho |No (iroiiiuls hnppciKMJ to ho, I do 'fiiil'i'i 1 like It wax yo.slei'flny, ' <nni of Ihe fjivnt \vril- »( !lii< ilny lu'ffnn his Iriul In u »' Viirk oioniinu pnprr Iho next : "Tlti'.v scourged Mir* Prhioo 'ilcliiTs yc.stiM'diiy,,." 1 »VC nuiflhl U,,.' Hi,;!,! ||<,t||| tO. ••wliliuiion, (hose of us who were toi'i'limiiliMl cnniif/h lo (Mitch Iho nflcnwmi I ruin, When I \vokc u hurnl wus pluy- (-iioiiijli lo h-y to l/ot , IHI.V SIIM'IHT, U'llllOllt Hut on this occasion 'thorn wo .wore In \Vnslilnf|toii, Ihoro wus no pluco olso to OOTOII thul h'—-»nd (lie hiuul wus ph»yiii(l« Hut loudf... . .So wo slruotilod Into our clothes und \ve.nt out lo I'uco (lie, music,. I cull sro Ilio slufjo soltlnjj si III. Wo \\'ere urrlvlnj) in \Vushiiij|ton, ol 1 nil places, for u world's scries (lunus und \Vushlnjjlon wus very much the. nndordou In (ho sorles setup, >WT III'! \V.\S •nil-;in uuv What we Ilinernnl oorrespondonls didn't undoi'slnnd was Ihe t'eollng l hat WashlitKlnn hiippcnnd to liavt about a bwUon, dead MIMM.I plluluu 1 .who was aboard our Irnin. The . jiilnher who had gol, brains _ plaslerod agMlnst Ihe polo (1 rounds fenco in New York tliu ternnon before—thn pitcher n annul •Jo'mson, Ikiavon laioWH that ho, Sir Waller,, was no conquorln.^ hero as relumed to I tie Capital tluit murky Dcloher niorniiiK. H<! was but n hero, KO far as Iho world'.s Hut Ihnro thoy worn, .tho fans, wllh banners I ha I. read: "V/elcoino home, Wallnr" mid "\Vn know the KiK Train will run'em down." Not thai Ihey Ihe Wasliln.«lon fans, hHlrvcil it. Nol>0fly oould luivo believed it Dial inorniilK. Nor even thai, al'fernoon. Hxcnpl that 11 happuned Iliat al'lornoon, For that svas tin. 1 woi-lds SIM-ICS day thai, Sir Waller, .'MilK Barney," "Old |»e|e," nml ' 11ic'. lltiinboldt Hurricane," eall blin what you will, pl.tuhed NVashlnglon Into Us tlrsl,, niul only, basejwll ohaniplonnliip of the \vorhl. (.lalvln Coolldgt! was Ilieru that af- UM'rtoon, when in Ihe Ki'owln^ dusk, with Just, a patoh of sunlight, K fivl-r Ihe pllohr OrllTIn Stadium, Ihu from Kansas dually own. > W •: ries AMERICAN Lb/vOCJft Ybstordoy's, ItosuUn noston U, Now Yoi-U-4 (1st). Now York 2, Iiosboh 1 (2d), Detroit 0, Glovul'nnrl J, IMilladulphla 8, VVaH'hlngton 0. (Only games' scheduled.) Tho Now Y'ork . Roston , ..; Cleveland .. St. LouiH ,, Detroit .... Wash/lnKton Philadelphl-a pet; .001 .504 .525 .02 L .4«J2 •,44G( ,•41(5 •AWl 11 s old play mound at Kenlleman Into his . They hit. him,, Kelly,. FHseli, Terry, I.indstrom—nil; tho..,0lnnts hit him—hnl lhat day avas hlwday uiii" Washlnfiton's, And 'Wht'ir-.'Ilio <nn dropped down, a red hall across flio plaeid Totoinac, Wnshhifiton also tlio hasehall capital of the world, Hceauso, and hceauso only, of a follow named Walter I»i-rry John- who will he. amoiMl. those, pi'oxonf \vhon I ho VanKees play Ihoir \nii.v-<\av.v Fund finite at Ihe Yanker Stadium, this oondnfj Sunday. Let's dott'l miss II, Wo'd ho chumps f wo did, OALLKI) IN UHAFT f,os Afm'r-le.s, is ho was preparing *° ( ' 11 " M I^ ,oyola of f^os Angeles, footboll warriors toKelhor for praol.ioo, loach Marly Mrlll has been ealled ip f,,j' the lilK IlKhl, UrNI's draft ioard nolUled the former Notre )amo star to appear for Induotion in August astli, — 4 > ^ Fn ari'Lvhiif plywood to framo- vork of prefabrieateU houses , twi ablesjioons nl' Kbit) dnns the work hat formerly required 00 lo 120 lalls. Today's Gajncs, Pitchers ; Ph-lliulolphliL at Wushlnaton (2)— K'nott (3-D) and L, Harris (:1()-11) vs. Muslerson (0-7) and - Newsom ' (JO- .15), ' •-, ' ' , New York at, 'BosUon—Hrouor (0(i) or tloinux (G-'i) vs. Bnlland (2-1). SI. Louis al (.Ihloago (night)— Sun- tlra ((5-5) vs. Hurnptirlus. (^-')). (Unly games scliocluloc!,) ON HT<\OK VKHBON Gene Krupa ,V^' Band ON SOHKKH "CALMNG DH. GILLESPIE" WATSTUIS YOUR WITH .. JANE WYWAN •JIMMY PHIL f ftVEM PLUS LAUREL* HARDY A HAUNTING WE WILL GO with SHEILA RYAH NATIONAL tliJAGtfB Y«s lord a y's Hcsn I ts SI. f/ouls :l, 'Chloag'o .t. Brooklyn .1.1, 'Boston :1. JMLtshiii'«lj 1), Cincinnati 2 (Unly games The Brooklyn . SI., lauds . Xow York (llnelnnuH Standliin W. HO L. Pot ,55i .50'! A 78 Today's (Jamos, Plt New York al, Hrmoklyn —Mc'Meo Ci-2) vs. Wytitt (I- •PIllahUTKli at GliuJlnnatl (7-8) vs. VandoNiiooi- (1M-0). (Unly games sehedulud,) NEW LIFE By tack Sords • • / . . if ' . ' >f y ALL STARS WIN 144 Marsh Swallows Lose ! , A -T 'i 15-14 COOPER WINS 15TH GAME FOR ST. LOUIS CARDINALS m Icemen Scheduled to Play U, S; Rubber Team at Recreation* Field Tonight, ; For Bout Friday MigSt 0 (B.v United Press) , "Het, a pi-wiim, Ntvincs'.nmrnmvi- bers of nil Ilio players."' But you need morn Minn ti program to figure-out the lineup wUcn Him $L Louis- Onrdln-als Irot onto t'he field. Knr Instance, Mori Cooper, -tihe bl'V Rod Bird pltc.lier. Mori, wears a different, number very time he pitches, lie's-superstitious. Me Mlwnys picks a shirt arliiH" ihe nuiubor of the vlotory he's after; • LiKst idght', .against -thn Chieago r.Jul).s, 'Mori- -was nfl.or victory No, 15. So be borrowed his brnther, Wallc- er's, shirt—Xo. Jf).' Mort pitched, N\ r ulk(M' c.niift'ht. Inl'O Iflic record )upU went Mori's Jiith victory, 5 I'O t over (Chicago, The win kept the Cardinals In l»n think of l-be pennant race. They ire still 0 1-2 gu-inos back of Uui )odgers. Rro'oUlyn ooppccl an oa«y . .one from ihe Boston 'H'ruves , yeslorclay, ,11 tn :1, Hravo pltcldng reached such a low le-vel , townrd the lust l.'hnl. |">olo Rol.sni 1 got a kittenish streak and switohocl to rlght-liandefl batting, lie whipped a single through thn bnx. In the only -other National leagm' game, Pittsburgh dpwncd Cincinnati, J) to a, In UK;'Junior olrcnll, the Yanks and the Red Sox split. Boston took Iho opener, ('» tn /i, and the Yanks Won -thn nlgbtwi/p, 2 to 1, Dotroit Idusl.ed Clnvelund, (i lo :i, find the AthlctlcH whitewashed Washington, 8 lo, 0. 'The oMior American league clubs woj-u not Hchedulcd. • They Will Fight at Madison Square Garden in York. of ^ 7 ew y<ork, A'Ug:. f 20—(U .boy Ruben Shank,, 'it wallopj'n^vvoJ- terweight from the West,:,Jl« riding mernlly toward Ill's ringr-'ilenilex-. .YOLIS with Ray Sugar Robins-pn'al. "Madison- Square Garden on^M-tlfiy.' nlg-lit. : : •:.... ^ ,..^( ' :'- •:"•": " Shank, a .'Johnny-c'omo-UiI.eJy frrmi Denver, ks «uimposed lo be an easy to u c-li for lihe Dancing,. from i\ew York's HarJem. But are tihose who believe tl'kit;tlie Ij'oy's I'uggcdness and awkwar.d.'styje' mig'liL bo i;he eOinbiiiatija^vil^^ip- sel, ihe slim Negro's.•'.•^Lmf victory streak of 122'.. straight''tj umph's. - • • •••• . -..., Shank lias been dcfeiil.ed twice in $3 .starts ,and holds sions over Henry Armstrong, mer triple crown wearer, and"!' /Civic, •one-llme weU'erwelgbt- Zivic, incidentally;, is one of those who think Uhe cowboy "has a ch-ance to upset ; Robbic"s string 33 straight pro 'vJctbrics. '[ ': Shank will outweigh/''Sugar by- abouL ('ht-ec p'Ounds;.for.'t'hcir sched-. .11 led 10-roiind cla$h, and will inalcli • the lean New Yorker in reach. And 1 h e c o wb o-y;-. 11 as. ' t jllugcv h an 'da—m ore like a 'beayyweight's— produ : cts of •the days when Jie pulled wool in a 1.) e 11 v c r. Iii cl e ; h o use. : '"A •eofisfant punclicr/ sucji as llg-ht- Aveight champion • Sanmi-y. "Ango'tt, Sliank has .a tr.'ain 1 ln"g Lochnlquc which prevents" arm weariness. He uses heavy Hi-ounce• gloves for all 'his. training'-dli-orcs— making his seem' feallicr-lighL when he laces' on six-oun-ce fjgliWns 1 mittens. •. And Zivic soys :•. ." "This Rube is .strong, takes a l/.ough punch ah<;i'-'$?ouncos- back last .-Vfjoo- fast." .-;-,' '•' -••BuL Robinson counters:' • "Jf J get ond good shoL at liim, I bet I'll make, .tl^osp .spurs go j!n- glo jangle. -He'll-, bounce,.all .right— kinV.but it won't-be'-ftack!',/ . t ' , *• .', • Thurston's AlliStars evened up their scries with the >Varriors of Walerbury at soflbalJ at lleorca- tion ilcld last.'"'evening when they ou'lcloutcd and oulscorcd the Wa-' tcrbury aggregation, to win 'Vi-'i. The Icemen blasted two Warrior piIchers from the mound and garnered a of 16' safe bingles. "\Vild 11111" Dunn pitched steady bail for the"victors and never was in serious trouble throughout the conr test. The Warriors defeated the lec- mcii last 'Wednesday nigh I In Wa 1 terbury by a 9-7 score. 'l^ie-All-Stars added • another victory lo-tlielr list -last Tuesday night when they defeated the newly or- gan'i zed P. 0. W. team composed of former Softball stars -from other towns who are now living at the Y .M. -G. A, The Penn Ordnance Workers scored only one run while .the All-Stars gathered 8. Dunn, also pitched this game and was supported behind the plate in both games by Doijg.-JThurslon. A tough schedule faces Ihe Thurston outfit for the next week..They are scheduled to play the U. S, Rubber Go.,,at Recreation field .tonight. Tomorrow evening they, take on the Boot Room Bulls and next week they oppose the Bristol Co., the .Warriors in Waterbury. and the Eastern Malleable Iron Co. team. Softball fans are anxiously awaiting the return match- between Hie All-Stars and the- . Ward - Sir eel Giants which will be, played soon ut Recreation' Field. The Thurslon team defeated the-Giants last Friday night,, 10-5. .. .5 .. •' ; HIGHLANDERS TRIM WASHINGTON HILLS Awarded 'E' Pin Bootroom Blackbirds Put Out of Running by Planning- Pequins. During ceremonies marking the presentation of the Army-Navy "E" award to the Wright Aeronautical Corporation at Paterson, N, ,T., Cafct. Kenneth Whiting, U.S.N.,- ceneral inspector of Naval-Aircraft for-the-Eastern.District, is shown presenting- an ."E" pin to seventy- three-year-old Horace F. Rhoads, oldest Wright worker in years of ', ' . *ervice. . (Central Press) The Gulling Canaries, who .licit with Ilio Making Marsh Swallows, for llrsl place iii UuvU. S. iiu'ij- beu Uo. J3occl league lU the end of Ihe aeasoiVs scliedule wllh 23 wlifs and JO ild'eals, del'oaled the Swallows in Iho place off for Uic league •MUG Tuesday evening by a soOre of 15-i-i, • ,. - : :< - Thcjcaguc Ibis year was Ihc^ mosl successful since the sport was starl- ed at. the rubber company and Oach match wtis fealured wllh the keenest of c-ompelilion. Only t,wo games separated the Hrsl four teams in Ihe league standing, ,;. The defeat of Uic Boot Hoom Blackbirds by two games - by. tho Planning Pcgulns, ,in a surprise u»- sol, Knocked Uio Blackbii'ds out a throe-way tic for llrsl place* The attack of the Ponguins was led .by Frank FH/.gcrald wj)o played the best game of Ills career. The elimination tournament will- J)p, hoJil- this nvcnJng a I 7:30 and throe prixcs will be. awarded. This will give another opportunity to-the competing teams lo get Into l.ho money. The score: only .duel- foi j Speaking of Sports Ily ItALPII I). Sports Editor, LJin'tcd Press . The Naugatuck Highlanders baseball learn nosed nut the -Washington Hills, of the Wnlerbury Amateur Ctiy league al Recreation licit;! last evening by a score of 2-J. "Acc M Burette was on the mound for the locals and was- master-of the situation throughout. He allowed only two hits and would have hnd a shutout but an error by catcher While in the sixth, inning: allowed the Mills to tie the score at 1 and :!. Darkness had put in Its appearance at this point of the contest but the rival managers agreed to play Die extra inning to decide the contest. In the first baft of the seventh with two out Durctte allowed a walk for the 1111 Is 1 and immediately threw to first to catch' the Waterbury runner off base to retire the side. In the Highlanders hajf of the seventh with one on base the runner advanced to second on Durelle's long fly for a sacrifice out. The next Highlander batter drove a hot- one which was fumbled by the Hill player receiving the ball and Ihe local runner scored on the error lo win the ganic. .*..'-, :—..-«..»». VEHV SNOOTY WINS INDIAN GOMEZ HEADS FIGHT CARD FRIDAY NIGHT Whistling Willie Roach Also to Show at Randolph- Clowes Stadium. HIDHITf SHOWS FBIfSUN.P AH SAT.3.SUN AUG. 21'22*23 HOLLYWOOD'S FAMOUS YOUNG MOVIE STAR •jar WAR IONPS * STRAND ;N-0-W •;•;••' ( . George MONTGoiwERY Maureen O'HARA , John SIJTTON: „ "TEN GENTLEMEN- FROM WEST POiN ; T'' r-pi us—••';..;.' ••'.-• "IT HAPPENED-'IN' SAT, —'DOUBLE THRILL' SHOWi; ."KING'-KONa'?] If the listening audience will 1 kind ly refrain from breaking down, ii maudlin globs of 'sontimont.allty we'd like to tell you about a nu'cl. hig that took placso under the stanil. In Spoi-tsnian's Park at SainL'-Loiii the other day. •'.,.'' • It began when the big Joud-voic.ei guy In 1 the "radio broadoasLingjyoot/l noticed something familial 1 about-' ; « hunohcd,figure he spied bigli up-'h the, grandstand. The announcer broke off t UK middle of a• sentence of his p'lay- ,by-play broadcast to shout, "Uytu thoi'O sits tlje greatest batlerymUit- a pitcher ever hativ." .j ./-.•.: The. game waa nearly , over 'ant that grandstand 'wnichei" bad- rise.r and -Blnrtod 'down the exit i-unway Tho anno.uneer l.urncd tT]e ; niikc'o.yei to an fisslHtniit. - 4 . • • ,: ^ ,^ ,, v • And the boisterous 'broadoa.stcj nenrly' fel'l down the steps tbV,.i r c'u,cJ] the departing figure. j. ' ! ' Dixxy Dean and 13!'ll Delancey shook hands under l;he' stands.,- . l %" Jl.'s Just as well tha'L -tii.ti..'n'.ie.e-t-irig took place in the' scml-c|ai;kr|6ss-"und out of sight of prying eyes. ; ;'- ;v 'C For though Diz and Bill..".were two'of the roughest., toughest,mem-: bcrs of the- t«us.. House Itiii'ng^ '-• of chain p I i p day s, no! tli.civ' cou id apeak for several moments. •;'"*• There/they were', a!'iTnlf-miilioh dollar pitcher-catcher ^ombmn!ion of less than A decade ,ngo, In the prime nf life, a, baschall's most celebrated boons.". Now. time is quick to dim ;"(.be" memory so Uial. to many of you-Mie' name of Bill ID'ehincey may ' NUT mean a thing. - • But Presidont Sam Broarlbii |of.;lhe Cardinals, once labelled Delanpey as the .player whoso loss.was- l.he/greai- ost .ever suffered by. the. club'.. •,,, This day bn had come fox.Sahib, Louis for another oporation':in a; thus-far -futn-c series ho Jins-.undnp^ gone in 1 - an. effort, t,p . regiiia .hi|; ; heal th—a lung, conclil Ion wlilcb CLjfe short Dolancry's oarcor almost' as «i't: was boginni'ng. The need for Iho operation forced Bill l,o give up'what may be his'last,' hnsnhnll job—in image r of tho Asho- yillo, North Carolina, Cardinal farm club of -the--Piedmont league-. Whiling away the time between appointments '\\-ilh -the doctor, Dc- lanooy,, i'nslincllvol'y/ wool to the- •'«^ .-. -,,!• ••• • park whore he once would have been mobbed by admirers ,if Jie up- Scared in the' (stands. • But NO one noticed the man who )md performed the. almost unprecedented job of, catchin'g every inning of every game of'"'the 1934 NVorld Scries which the Cards won from the Detroit Tigers. No one noticed him, that is, but Dean. . 'That seri'es had 'Jjqcn-'largely a 'duel'between two great right hanti- ers of tha(. era—fJi'XB-y, of tlie Car- 'Clinuls, a,nd Schoolboy Rowc, of Lh3 'Tigers.;- .. v v , v , , : , , There was' /a . curious .corrollary of that rheetihg/ At. the moment "it was taking place,- Rowc was. being told by' tho Brooklyn- Dodgers "that be was all washed up as a major leaguer and wo u I'd have f,o go .down on the'".-."Montreal.'../arm. Miffed, •thc-'grand old veteran thus far has refused to report." ., •Bui; back'to Dean and Delancey. Following ,l|iat. 1934; World . Series, a few of l,]jp,,Cards—including their, celebniled battery—went barnstorm-' ing 'in Illinois-. . . : , In .one of • the exblbitlbn games,) Delaucey Vwas ', pii'ciriiig. Nobody [ VO | C i,, in ' knows wliy;. unless it,\vastlu\l, the contest dragged .put i'or. 16 innings. At' a n y ra l-c} • b c I-w.e c ii >i'n n i n gs Bill violated a- funrldmenial 'basolimH rule oJ healUi. ;;He, sat:, on .the bench yviithout a ;,jinckct.-•'. • . •'.>/Next, day he complained of a pain i|i .his' chest, : /And''it's been there tfvcr since.?.',.. . •!'''." . - ...:.. •'•Shortly.-' thereafter 1 , Biz—who , had jepn . Lhi'owjjig Tils Sunday pitches n every tank 'to\vt> along /-.the way —felt a twinge;.hi; Ills arm. k ; II, was the' beginning of tho x end *• for both of -tberi) as 'ball-players. ..,Delancey. \vas :: carlcci' off to- the Arizona desert—presumably ; to die. • The. Cards unloadcrf; Di/, nnd his '(lead - flipper, onv the Ghjcago Cubs. 'The garrulous' onTJ nmclC'R good gale attraction 'to partially repay;his stu- Saratoga Spring's, N, Y., Aug. 20 (UP)—Very Snooty jumped into an curly lead In. the Albany Handicap for two-year-olds at Saratoga and lasted in a hard stretch drive for a length victory. Devils Duck—was second and Tip Toe, third. L1GHT LADY WON Pftwtuckcl, R. L, Aug. 20—(UP) — Light Lady carried lop weight, of 121 pounds to flash the silk of Arnold Hangar to a one-length victory in the Betsy - Williams Stakes at Narragansett. Valdina was second and the favored'Fresh Start came in third. IN QUARTER-FINAL. Chestnut Hill, Aug. ' 20— (UP)— Harris Everett' of Jacksonville, blasted his way -into the quarterfinal round. of -the Longwood Bowl tennis lournamenl will) a 0-3, G-3 victory over W. L. Cahall of Philadelphia. •-•-•'.' -'•> • 'The newest middleweight sensation from Cuba, Indian CJohinz, headlines the Walorbury A. C. Jlght show here on l^riday night, opposing Mike Piskin, of Freehold, N 7 . ,T., in an eight rounder. The other ^o-foalure brings to- goiher Whistling Willie Roach, the Wilmington belter, and Nunxlo Hisogna, Jersey clouter who holds a win over Roaoh and a kayo over Tippy Larkin. Promoter George Mulligan will list three other bouts, two fours and a sixer, lo complete the program Friday night. Gomez, who entered the ring here last week as a substitute for Larney -Moore, scored a decisive, victory, over Jerry Fiorello, New York middleweight, and the fans want to see. the Cuban champion in action again. Piskin lias faced many of Ihe leading welters in the country in the past six years. Blsogna, the Jersey lightweight, drew with Jimmy (Kidd) Hatcher, leading featherweight contender, and is expected to provide Roach with plenty of opposition Friday night. • . Popular prices will prevail and a • bfg crowd is expected to attend 1,be; Waterbury A. C. offering at Randolph-Clowes stadium. High School GMC/'S ; 18 Through 26 »• Me Sherry's Sparrows Planning Pelicans .........' Mongacci's Mocking Birds .. Pichulo's Parrotts Molding Meadow Larks ... Making Marsh Swalows ... Boot' Rob'm Blackbirds Planning Penguins Schlosser's Saa'-GulJs ^ t> Oul.sole Orioles Cutting.. Canaries ..'...' MOD tone's Magpies Final Standing: W. Making Marsh Swallows 23 Cutting Canaries .. *23 Molding Meadow Larks 22 Bool, Boom Blackbirds -21 ,- Pichulo's .Parroll-s,.... It) I 3 lanning Pelicans 17 McSherry's Suarrows 15 Schlosser's Sea Gulls.. 14 Planning Penguins ...'..' 13's Magpies ... 13 Outsolc Orioles 12 •M'odki'ng Btr'ds 0' Won playoff. W. 1 2 0 L. L. 10 JO li J2 18 10 20 > 20 21 27 Pet . .575 .181 STRAMHANB ELIMINATED IN GOLF TOURNEY was 'win fpOndous price tag., But Dean llltl-c help to tnc,.club 5'n- the column. ;' • i<s .;^ -*-'A'mi sob 1 if the" great JEJJzzy also was in thn ,bush ieagiies^r.'the South, hoping ngnfnsLhopo ihVt tbo worm sun would restore life to his mll- Iion-dollar arm., Well, you kn'owNlhc rest of the story—or mosPof- it. v '- SEEKS" OFFICE Welhersllcld, Aug, 20— (UP)— Former-' Ropubllcan. Congressman William ,J. Miller has announced he will- bo.' a' ••.candidate for, re-olcei.ion in November.. Miller, a SVorld Wai served one term in the House and was defeated for a second term by Hermann P. Koppleman,. two years ago.; Dlz .never was able to make the grade agafri as a pitcher. But his talkati've proclivities .-"-stood him in good stead and he fell into the job of doing the Cardinal- play-by-play. Delancey lay in bed in his Arizona ranch ; for .-eight .months without ever touching his foot lo Ihe floor. His wife, who'had-been a graduate nurse -before their .tnarri-agc, -neetigd all her skill and. courage lo woo Bill back lo life. Finally, he was well enough to manage Ihe .Cards' Albuquerque farm team. Tn JlWO; Bill thought he was well* enough to .try a comeback with the; parent. cJUb. Bui he was forced'to-give.-.up. and retire to Die more . salubrious climate, of Asheville. However, the miseries gol loo much for .Dolanccy cvon tlinro/ So it was off lo Saint Louis again to see Ihe doctor about another operation . , And his meeting with Diz. . . Win Your Wings Be a Flying Officer Go To Your N«ar«tt Navy Recruiting Station Today And AMi About CUn V-I \ i Nau'gu'tuck young men wishing in: foriiKLl.ion -on. "Fly WlWi lb<j Navy r may.ob|ahi it from Halph S;'Pas-lib ."or .William J. balo'r, chairman ind secrclKvry "rcspeclive'ly of Ibc Nau- galuck Com malice for Flying' Co- :dct«. ALCAZAR • Today - Fri. - Sat. "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR"! and r'FINGERSAT THE WINDOW" fill Icago, Aug. 20— (UP)— -Thtf » major upset of the Chicago lional n.malcur golf lournamenl came when Art Docrlng eHmln«l«(i Frank SlranahanjOf Toledo, one, up. Stranahan, who was last. Jf.ear'» i /InalisL in Ihe lournamenl, hyi| the Chicago amateur going- Into the 15ih bole. Bui his pulling faHored,..«iid Dooring look the lead and.-nevcr-rc-- Hnqulshed ft. The victory advanced Doering lo Ihe quartcr-lihals. «> .; Bay Billows, i.Jife defending champion from Poughkeepsie, New -York, had a close call but, managed to beat ,]obn Wagner of Chicago, two up., WIlFord Werhle of Baclne, Wisconsin won by a Iwo-up margin over Bay Bo wen of Chicago. t . • And Slcrrc Kovnch of Pitlsburgl), Pen n sy 1 va n 1 a sl« le am a leu r cl).A'nV-' pion, scored a Ihree and -two 'victory over Jack Ouers of Chicago. GEM Today - Fri^- Sat'. — Also —-. •HUTCH WINDS THIS HAP>'! WORK • ' ond All Other Makes of Outboard Motors S'llM ATICS FREE IIY FA TRAINED OUTHOARH MOTOR 152 CIICJRCII BEN FRANKLIN STORE

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