The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (AflK.) COUTHER Tree-Hearted* Breadon's Aces Dizzy Lugged Nulsy Mont; After Former Col Half Hundred to Sign. BY HAJiKV RHAYSON NKA Service S|wls editor NE\V YORK. Aug. n.—Jerome, Herman nnd Paul Dean cost the i Si. Louis Cardinals Just SW. H j • hat Isn't a record for "(he-ami- i ten" deals, ii will do until u bet- j tc-r one bobs up. | Sam nrenrton A: Co. .still have the services of the Dram at bark-Hill rales. l)iz?.y. who has turned in 21 vlcloiies and Is In u fnlr way to make good his boast that he will win 30 games, gels S7SOO., who bagged n down engagements, get.s only s:iOOO. It. In Niitsy's Ital year in the majors, Between them the Oklahoma Isds have accounted for more limn half of the gnmoi is on liy tlie men of Franhle F.-isch They hnvc kcntMhe Red Ulrd.s within .striking distance ol the National League lead, but If you have im idea that they got ^omesvlicro when they went mi strike in Pittsburgh nil June- 1-. (leiunmllng S2000 addl- iloiml I in- Paul, yon don'i know Ram Hrendrm. Hit brotheis may not 1» so easy lo sign nexl spring however, fo.- m«.y nlivaily is asking $18500 for mi. WfWon Tlnrt, spoils r-rlitor of thfi Austin, "Vx., Ameihnii-Stalesnunt, tells me Ihe slory of tin: .sibling -.01 Dizzy Dean. H was five vwirs iigo at Snn Antonio that Don Curtis. Cnrdlnal scout, siiirt.ta Everett E. Ellis, veteran nF;iiy Jerueant • and baseball nmplv,! then stationed nl Fort Soni Hoivlon, "What about, IhLs blf. ''.''sify rlghl-luindei- down here with the. Public Sen-Ire U'limV" "He's just a big country boy, nnd-he's ns dizzy as his nickname _-bnt he's sol thin hi-.'li. liiml one'' -'. replied Ellis. . " "Host much .sh:ill I |>| TO iit m t n Men u contract?" asked Curlis. Who lied hr-en nilriseil by Puncho . Snyder. then munaiwi' o[ the llous- lon club, of the Texas l.cnyite. „ St. -Ixwis farm, lu inkc H |x-ck al the big fellow. "Vrry iidlc, unless you wnnt. him to go on n spree and slay A. W. O. I,, for n week," .snld Ellis '•Wave :i SMI bill untler his nase.— he probably never saw one—and he'll be ymir.s-." . CiirlLs took Ihe advice and the WO bill, sn-,v D.'an pitch that afternoon, and (ilpm-il him the following (lay. Dizzy tells of ihst game himself. 'Curtis hid in the grandstand, and T didn't, know- he was there \Vc were playing the Cuban All Stars, n punk'team. and 1 wasn't bearing down any harder than I had to. About the fifth Inning. I found out that Curlis wns there, nnd you should have seen me go then. If a guy made n loud foul oft, me I got mud bccniisc T saw thai major league contract waving' at me. Tlie Cubans °ot one Ir.c.xi hit. nnd that before "I found out that Curtis was in the slnnd. 1 struck oui about 10. Alter the game Curtis - asked me to men him at ^the Hamilton hotel the next dfly/ T didn't touch tlie ground going home. 1 walked on air." Curlis also gave the Public Ser- Mcc team manager $50 to comfort him on losing his star. That makes $100 the Cards paid for Dizzy 'Denn. but at Ihc same time Curtis picked up for nothing n kid brotlxr of the recruit pitcher, who decided he'd like to d-j whatever Dizzy did. The kid's name was Paul Denn. * " » Many are the memories of soldier life and baseball personalities Hint Everett Ellis has collected during 22 ycnrs in Ihc service but none he likes better lo recount than those of the gangling country boy named Dean, who became a doughboy behausc he was hun- «ry and needed a pair of pants. Dean's father arranged for his Eon's release from the army. Ellis, now altaelicd to the or- By Harry Grayson CALLED HIS SHOT NEW YORK—From n casual remark two years ago has develop! (lie most novel and one of tlu most interesting golf events ever held. U Ls the New York World- 'feJcgiain hole-lu-ons tournament, Jn which accredited makers of aces attempt In five shots nnd In con-' petition lo duplicate the fctu which thrilled Ihem In ths past. Jo; Val, World-Telegrum SPXH-I.S editor, was walchlng foursome.s come and go on a par 3 hole ai the Shelter Hock club, on Loin Island. "This Ls our ace hole." said a member. 'Three hole.s in one here this year. Ii you watched Ions cnoi:g>>. you mlghl see un- ol her." "If 50 good players each umi: live pol shots.' I wonder ho 1 *' many holes-ln-one would be r>- corded?" mased Val. Quite logically, the way to nnd oul svas lo >;;T,.i.t ".'.Tnr' Hy it. . C-GU.Ofc, MAPk Joe Williams, famous sports columnist, solved Ihc problem of nn entry Jj s i. ' A hole-in-one tournament ought 6ARDE/1 to be for holc-In-onci.s, It -! decided. The acers Tlmi's what, nto.y T)ean ami hi'. l:ld brother, Paul whom lie Ls showing how tn htilil a furve ball, are likely to turn In fur the Rt Mills Cardinals. rounded | Schoolboy Gets a Lesson "Keep -cm low and on the outside," Head Professor Mickey Cocli rane tells his star pupil. Schoolboy Rowe, just before ihey team up as a Iw.tpry for the Tigers Cochrnne is eiven credit for bringing the orilhant Detroit (linger tack to form after he was despaired of 1033. due to an ailing- arm. Rowc is leading the Bengals in their mat! rush toward the American League pennant. up. nnd Huts was born a loiirna- { mem wlilch since hns bfen copied In several cities—n tournament »lilcli Is n lalxu-atory Pxperlmcn: un the possibilities of u hole in pne. and which makes un elfor; lo answer the old miesiton ol whether an nee should be nttrlbul- ed lo luck, or skill. The World-Telegram now Is conducting its third nnjiiin) hole-ln- one tourney, again en Ihe third and 148-yard hole of the Salisbury Country Club's No. 2 course til Garden Cily. Ixing Island. • * » Duffer on Even Terms Wilh Champ Competitors) iimnbcr close to 500. making It the blggesl i.-.nglt golf competition In the world. The field Is nl once uncommon md engaging. A century shooter plays on even terms with an Open champion. Caddies are PRO, •GOLFER TO SINK J(V A HOU&-/N-ONE TUESDAY, AUGUST \\ t 1934 Defeat Bitminyham Barons Rend in Only Southern Game' On Monday. KH«Un Mlarts fiM GoU MOSCOW. (UPJ-TWgoldmi gets of unusual size and value one weighing 1.05 kilograms and o> hr-r 3.60 kilograms, have discovered by miners in gold fields, &CCCH reaching here. The Chaiiniioo^a LooXouls defeated Hie nirinlnehniii Barons 3 to 1. In the only Soiitlier,) association eam.i played yt-iilerday II was Hie fourth straight vic- lory for (he Lookouts. Armbrusl was the winning pilch?!-, the Bmoiis 10 tin blows eolleetr:! tcven I Murray and Sect'. GD32J Tuesday • Weds. Mat. 2:30, lft-25« Nile 7:15, 10-35* Cowboys (-'i't Sonic Shock In Game Tonight | 'Ihc AikaiiMs-Missourl Power (company team will make its al. lunpi to stn;> ti le hard riding Carboy.? of Uobinsdn Drug c-om- pnny in Hie Comme.xial Soft Ball U-agiic [ilay al Halev Field lo- night. The Cowboys, fust hall winners arc riding high, svide and hnnd- . ycnie in the second holf parade j I'.-lilwiui a dcfeai. They will be I easy luvorites lo take [he Klec- irics into camii but (he nosslbllily always exists that they may l» sivcn miile a .shock. Tn the owning game of ihe night's dotiWehcader Ilayne.s' Men's Shop and Terry's State Liners, two of tlie most formidable lenms in the circuit, svill clash. Election returns on the Courier News-Kl.CN broadcast will be a\ai!able at the games. COMB TO 1'ARKK! (;AV your "I'm i.iiuui]jiun. uuudtes are' — quite likely lo oui.shine club chain-! tl ' t0 " 1 nhou pions. v/oinen ret|iiir? no hnndi- ™o»gh cap. More than a score of 111, 1 ]pss " wn " leading prore.sslonnls tee off In an effort to .score aces against. 11 tic- mcmlcus company n f men mid women— anialeiir ilurs, caddies, ordinary club meinb.-rs. financiers, professional men. men of trade, students, actors, and baseball pl.iy- frs. Tlie only ref|iiiremenl for entry Ls a iirevlous uce. Paul Runyaii and Ofne Sarazen are taking IhMr Ijesl slinls. So are Babe Ruth, who left .htinds his wny around a course in less than 80. nn d Sammy nyrtl. ihe test golfer in baseball, and Ihe o.uartet are partlclpnttng in an exhibition In connection with ttir tournament. Tlie event already has contributed to the statistics of the spor:.i Lost yenr, .luck Hagen, 53-year- i n ,. Vi~ Ti ', — old designer of ehe Salisbury' my- Kadio Band Leaders out. (he first man to play, dra'ii- ped hLs third shot into 'the nip on the My. A 20.COO-to-I shn: A cusiom-mnde nee if ever one WM made. One so remarkable that It at .once made the tournament known throughout the nation There were 339 other comjiem- ors on the two-day piosram. b;u the next most accurate sho; that of Charles Newman, a lawyer was one foot away. Joe LomaYs' ball one foot 8^; inches from ihe cup! took third prize. Ini 1932. Johnny Mikruti. eapiain of the New York University «olf team, prevailed with a biill = ->i inches (rom the pin. ran expect to put his hall on thi 1 green two out of five lime:. And of th:> balls that make ths nhoul one In 12 ssill b; _ for a possible birdie— lhan 10 feet away. individual clubs have thken to ihe hole-in-one idea in n rllglulv illilerenl way. They take a a I hoi.-, nnd invite" mcmber.s to ccm- !»•!<• in aii'iipproachlnij or iiccunirv i u is nol hard n, svi •*hy !l is ona of tliu mast popular i h'.s areai fun fur .s|ici'i:Hnr>. lor,. | hv h;:rd lo pull us'.':iy. '1'ho m-xi .-lie; may be the ace, :UKI jon'il U 1 surprised liow they .May 1,0111.-; nnri hours. Holc-in-oners see no ivafon why they shoulitn'i. repeat what they've once achieved. Anything can hnn- p;j, in golf. Periiaps one of liic nnesi f|iuilitif>s of the royal and undent game is that its devotees j nl owe become supreme opllmisl.i. "Twin" Itnasllng Ears i , PAINESV1LLE. O. (UP)—In llnc'l / _ v - r -_i«'iili Hie multiplicity in reproduc-! • lion, reported of laic in Ihe news, j A M ,, ro rolrt ... v _ I 0 Stalk of A. W. Parinn's r-,,rn ^ A M«tro-Gpl(J»yn MADfifi EVANS, nOBERT YOUNf;, OTTO KRU(JKR College Kvpands Faculty |c stalk'of A. W. Pa'dciV's ASHLAND, O. :UPi — Ashland• duccd twin ears College, which failed recently of! — j annual ,-ippmvnl by. tiic North' Cenlrril Association of Secondary Schcols iinri Colleges, has addrd Fi'vc-n new members to Us fneiiliy, Ui. E. E. .ranibs. pii-sidem aii- iioiiin-rd. . Razor Blade Industry's i , ganized reserve corps and . he umpires Mumps Frrtd Prisoner 01 iir " ,, j SEATTI.E (OP)—just get a case dales Were Up;of mumps In jail and 'see how -quickly you get out. That's what WASHINGTON tUP) — in for- Sidney Hoot did. and he wus remulalhii: ibe coelc [or the safety.'cased. He was in jnll on marital razor and razor tla.dc; matiijfac-- tro " 1>lM ' Mirers, which became- effective' July 31. NRA_ .iiscovered this In-1 Active Fire Warden *t 78 (lusiry. was one of the few which i AVERILL Vt (UP)— Jack th'irnw ti'" "'''''T '" " nit " 1cs j" olm «. 7 «. Ls still an active slate "uiing the past four yeais. This! fire warden nnrt keeps houw for condition was not reflected in do!-i nts 100-yoor-nld father. Out or Kive Make It Two Timrs Stutbtlcnlly t h e lournamen' shows that 217 played ,. 0 e5 S | :OI s In 1932. 287 balls landing on 11 e green, nnd only 27 In a *o failed birdie circle--within a 10-foot 'radius of the pin. in 1933. 310 plaved 1.698 shots. Hagen slopijlii^ .,f t , r sinking his third, and 7« ', ver , parked on the green, with CI in the birdie circle. Boiled down, last years rvures be-! lar volume. NRA announces cause of "drastic- ,,-ice rcvis™.,,.. In writing to Prcsklenl ROOM- ' veil to reiwrt approval of the code ' Administrator Hugh s. Johnson i traced the Industry's growth.' from an Insignificant beginning! .show tlf-.l In general wh er tecs up on a ,« r 3 I'lioue 777 t \ijilil~ Sunday— Any lirr.p nr Quirk anil nrpenimhle Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. -Mayer Picture SHORTS EXTRA! THURSDAY NIflHT —ON THE STAGE— BEAUTY CONTEST 31 PARTICIPANTS To Clean Up Songs NEW YOUK (UPi-Outstiinding orchestra leaders of radio have banded together lo purify the seductive music and songs of the air. According 10 Dick Himber, originator of the idea, the orchestra leaders nre going to beat Ihe re-1 formers and crusaders to the punch. 'Thsj- are after the movies i now." Himber said, "and their next objective will be the radio. We'll beat them to it by censoring the music ourselves." Rudy Vallee. Paul Whitcman, Ben Dernie. Guy Lombardo. Harold Stern, and several other outstanding baton wiclders have signified their determination to cooperate. Himber said that., any music that was 100 suggestive would bo placed ii|xm the black list by the Hfsocintion of orcbestru lenders nnri banned from the ah. IN THE WOODS tini a R oif- he ,__ u in 1501- to 193!. w cd at Austin, where City League ganKXJs proud tojsrery riolllvr owlll lu , ,.,„,„,. „„. have had something 'lo <l5~w7Th for P'Tchascs of razors nnd starting Dean on his spectacular ^ cl «: °' that amount. ^G cents. "Dizzy's c6,-ki!ioss natural," according to Is entirely — ---. —-...*...... Lv Ellis, svho worked behind the Cardinal nee svnen he was a gawky army chucker In an Ill-fitting uniform with° ut ° sWrt. which bothered his 5pcm for' control. "Dizzy always knew he was good , >nd saw no reason to keep the' 1 . fact a secret." Ellis told Hart I EJIls umpired many E amre hj which DiTzy fanned army and San Antonio City League- batters rlrtu and left. As the umpire took his posi behind the pilchcr's box Dean would remark, "Watch Ihls one Ellis; there's going to be something on it." Then Dizzy would shout to his catcher, who had a bad finger on his throwing hand, "Keep lhal stiff finger out of the way, Thompson: here comes something!" And sure enough, something would come. If* still coming or S6 per cent, blades alone. The industry's Investment Ls approximately SG2.500.000; normal wage earners about 5 (MO- estimated annual payroll «5 150 000- ! , 1< ™,' ber o' blades produced' in j.™- 1 Ms -ipprosimalely a«».- Arctic Expedition Reunites Lost Brothers MOSCOW (UPJ-Tn-o brothers separated Ether was not put to any practical we .until 1842, although discovered In the sixteenth century of Soviet '" during | hc vicissitudes Russia's revolution and '"; ''? vc """ lm "c<I "* =1 ol the national publicltv I he rewuo of the Chelluskln expf:ditlon in the Arctic Fcdor Reshelnlkov. a former street vaif. was one of the mem- « e °i 'M «xpeditlon. After being rescued, his name and picture apt peaved in many Soviet newspapers. Ivan Reshetnikov. long scn- arated from his brother, saw one of the pictures. Utlers were exchanged and tliey were unlleil after 16 years. COMMERCIAL SOFT BAM- I.EAr.I'F AI.L-STAK CHOH'KS POSITION 1 .First Base Second Third Base Short Stop . Short Field . Left Field ... Center Field Right Pirld . Catcher ... . C:uchr-r Pitcher Pitcher Pitcher ... NOTR:-!. billot. NAME . STREET CITY and STATE r rxplainlnr m.v>m for ot to C«ri«T Newt. BROCKTON. Mass. lUPi—'AVhy don't you guyc get to work?" wise- :rncked Alex Poi;»:r as he drove his junk wagon past n police car Idling on Crescent street. Taking him at his word, the occupants went right to work. They ilightcd from their cor and scrveti PeppDr with a warrant, charging Inrccny of a toad of junk from n Kandulph resident. Coppers Took Junk Man ' At His Own Words Trie sentence. "Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs." contains all Ihe letters of the alphabet. WE NEVER grow so old that we do not recall our childhood concern as we thought of what might have happened to the two storybook children who wandered aimlessly into the forest and became lost. We never grow so wise that we can walk blindly into the marts of trade and straightway find the shoes, car, ham, cleaner, rug, antiseptic or what-not that best fits our individual need, fancy or pocketbook. Without a dependable buying guide we are all Babes in the Woods...lost when it comes to judging qualities, values or styles. "Know the reputation of the store," is one rule. "Know the reputation of the product and its manufacturer," is another. The two together make wise selection doubly certain. You can form a very reliable estimate of the stores which ad^ vertise consistently. So also of manufacturers. Only sound merchandise, attractively priced, can continue to repay the retailer or the manufacturer for his advertising outlay. If he can risk the money it costs him to tell you about his goods,' vou can he reasonably sure that your path through the woods will lead lo the best values for your buying dollars. The advertising pages are the pathway /o Hirjhcsl Quality ami Lowest Priors. ,

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