The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST M, 1934 fLYTHEVILLE, (ARE.) COURIER NEW! FACE PIVl SECTION- : s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Ailly rait per iiuc «or consccu- il-'Ivc avenge woios to a lino) One time; per line JI)C 'i'v.n limes per lino !»'r day .. OSc ';hrcc limns per lln- per dny .. 06c tu llmM p^r Hen per emy .. Vintli r»lc |X!r lint 100 Minimum ch»rge CDo AUs orceri.a :or inree or six umes and sloppcS before cxplia- I'nn vlll tu crmrjfco lor the nura- I.-T r of limes Ihc »(1 appeared ana Ml Cla&slrica Advertising copy 4i!bmlllcd hy persons reading out- •-'Irii' ol !ho city irusl lie accom- 'janlcri by cash. HaU'.s may tw 'iit^Hy compute' 1 l.-uni above Lnblc. No rcs[)onslt>:wv v.'ill Iw IUKCU <r: more Uian one li:ccrrcct Ui- urlfun of any clarified sd. j\dvcrtbln8 uriicitri ior urcjju- >»r Inserlioiifl ;«ki' llic cue Uinc i«l(.-. KKi'AlKlNC; ROOM & BOARD !••:!( lory »ulliurl2Cil nUCIDAlKK SKKVICK Day til-1'lionc—Nijlil 38'i K. H. (iKK SALKS CO. 107 .Main St. W. i7 KNOX Has j'C'iiuirrd shoes here \vo31 for 1^ years. i;c:isonable - TKUMlTlT UNDKU TIIR ANTIM1TE PLAN. C. O. Kulilnson Mir. Co. I'liuiic 1UO [G(X)l) Mr:ils and RMML Reasoli- I alile prices. T. K. W»tsun '. 112 ta&t Cherry, 1'hgac .C8i. low. blended "S", lont; manes, 15: 1! j J liands. Bunch's Store. Ynrbro. i ul 'M*lgrOUntt O»d Town Marks Anniversary MANCHESI'ER, O. (UP)—Maiv- ' clicslcr. Ohio's nurd oldest Celtic?".] ini'iil cclcbuued lis 14-l(h birthday •recently. It was founded in nM Only I'li-e Hume l.n.iti liooruw. Painting, Uepairs THK ARKMO LUMfiKft CO. lOc kS)-10 COA1, ^ WOOD .III Cii.-il Is lint I lci:il you ' ' Phillips Used Cars Selected Values Jt>II\ lil.'C'llANAN - l-'UKNITUHB f-iwn Unpainlud 51.B5 THE ARIC-MO LUMBER CO. FOR HALH L-heap—Lur;!c 2 door| Gary Snff.-, M-IO Ibs. 2iul Hand. [Snrhn Hnrdwarc! Co. a8-ck-3-23 CJ.OSJ.S7i OUT ^t71.-."> iiuitnd Id IfiO iwund Ice ritk-s, Alt jiorcehiin, all slcol, anil .. Slo.'i; MiKill nak (hiisbr-il refrigcniturs al | ,.... C.JVK AWAY I'UICKS. ' I 'J E. B. GEE SALES CO. •31) rOKU COIT'K fl'lj; ,„_ „. ... p. 1 407 W. Mam St. '3i r(IIll) Tl'DUl! •a:i cui:viit)i.KT '33 ( llf.TKOI.KT COi'l'l: "23 ESSJiX -l-IJOOIl SK1IAN '!' K I' C K S ! •31 FOUU 'I'lU'CK. I 1 ; 'I'or. 1 re. »\v i'-" 'jy CMKVIlOl.liT TKl'Cli. 1'j 'l's;ti. (lootl Hotly 51-J •:;u RMC Tiirou. z\- Ton .. Siw) •oi) IJOIXit: 1'ANKI. '1'Ul'CK . SflM PlilLLiPS' USED CAR UEAI, ESTATE Fur Sale Untidy -10 jicrc OXAHIC fnrm luthin li iiiiie^ [rood town. On daily mail rouln. Four house, woven wire lencc. Fruit, 1'ricii S350—only part cash, J. C. CHAPIN Ark. AUTOMOTIVE Cornrr Walnut .t lit Sis. Save Time and Money by using our complete stock Auto Urplai'Cineul Parls HllimAKI> 11A11DWAKC CO. Automotive ncpt. - - I'lione 470 Go M-G Of J lift jNKiHTK UNTIL 0:31) AUTO ACCIKSORIP:S , . I Grl ready for siunnier driving al liUSJNKSa iHKECTORV -I bargain prices you probably will • nr;vi:!;..£cft.. again. Come in. .Coin! pare our prices on aulo parts, ! tiies, lubi's, motor uij, 5 gal 51,50, | WOI.F AK1AK I We Sell Wholesale and Retail I'liuiw. I7C - - 128 t. Maiu PETER VV SCHUTTi,ER And MISSOURI MULE J-'arin Wnjons WINCHESTER Shot (inn Shells Bi-st I'ricra On COT'IXJN HACKS PAUL BYRUM -1 Room Furnished Apartmenl Privatu Bath. 2M Dugan. H. K oihmnck. FUHN1SI1ED f, ruom l-.otisc, 301 E Kentucky, phone 83H or 32. 10-ck-li; Opiiobilc uhl I'lislufficu liiiildinc j mrnir-hcd UliUUOOMS. Mrs. I'liune. 2r>'. '• llardin. 1017 \V. Wstnul. Call Krrp Kunl vilh Hunter Ulcclriii} l-'A.VS. i;iH-oiifliti[):i;illj- ^uarinlcctl.' "'•tOIM^iN' o riioni lnrnislicd or un- IIUUBAKI) HU\V. Ctl. , fnrnisliMl aii.n tmi-nl over .... lie k9-cll)rug Store. 1'. Pinion. Call 7CL . . . i 30c CLKANKH?, TAILORS | WANTK1) TO KENT M'lr.ili'.i- — i-i.ojnijiiieal. ynnr t'rlt li:ib: relilncl<rd nnv.-. The j Fi'.e m Six Roam Fi]riiL«}ied House rroti np]:n::'.rlics. Avultl tlie ru^l]. • Relncnces fuinishcd. Cull Roon UNIQUE CLf:i\NTNr, SERVICE \ 1?. GolT Hotel. 14 k2. Tw/s CTOOUS WO/?LD BLOSSOM, HOLDS Tl'K PLACE, i: I Till; LEGENDS Or 1HF, SOUI! IWE5 TERM IMOIANS •sT-v^lHAT 1HE. lOTUS . ^-^N HOLDS IM ORIENTAL LORE. 8-" , (HE rtivia:!!.: veil is carried In (lie hand ol the person seeking a location lor a u-j]!. nr.rl. as the person approaches a location \vi(ii mul'Tlyins witti ihr Ic'.l-i'c' pncliy or 2,600 gallons |Kr mli'iiite, Tlie stream, flowing l\vo deep woll turbine pumps Puzzle for Engineers under around, Hooded the I'olri'ro i ve been iiululled lo |>umi> the Mmfl to a depth of 0« feel" HIT out al the rale or '.MOO gai- K[S \Vrlgiu-il .Half ; nillMHKLl). Mnia. lUPl— An iiixlc-ruraiiiid stivnm .-ilrnck in the Inld by one of Stephen Pclroe'.sjklnklni; of the Potrero shall o[ the l.OH ANOELKS. iUI')--A brut ns iier iiiliiiite liul llic Tweiily-Uirou hundred silk-worms lows little sign of drying up. En- by On. Nftllmnlcl Miissic. me planning lo Install a lire required to make one ijomut of Muilcltla nnd Fcri. Wnslitngion, Rhode Islmid Heel liens wtl£li«l ( Colorado nivri- m)im',iioi |)iojci'l Is lilrd ami Inrner pump with \\ cn- now Cincliiiuiti, arc older. les, 1 brown, 1 yel- exactly hulf u pound inuring » lough eiiBinccilng mil. to OUR BOARDING HOUSE KKADY TO SWING INTO ACTION! HOWM I OONNA GITCHA OFF'N THAT LIMB? IT WON'T HOLD BOTH OP STAND OAWPIN LIKE A CLOWM! HEKE AK' S OET ME DOWN! WITHOUT LOOKING UP, ITS WOT UtvY-- BY JOVEJHE ECAD, THt^A TO rv"Ar<E A GOMFORT/XBLE f LIVING 601 N6 THRU , UNTIL V\\S . WWSTUNE 601 TOO AW ,VES ,NOW — -THtV \N A TOUCE SHOW- UP/ SOrAETH\NCb ABOUT WITH GDLORtD GLASS L.OLLV-POP-S/ LETS •PACK; UP P\N 60 SOIVIEIA.KCE THERE JXP.E. . MOSQU\TOt61 / I oor IT! I'LL KICK ONE OP THOSE VINES LOOSE, AND SWING OVEE TO HIM FEOM THAT BIG- A\VRI&HT,FOOZ.Y HERE I COME/ &KAB AHOLT AS I &O BY BOY; YOUR. LOOKS SWEL WORKS QUITE NOT WORRIED—MUCH! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES GtT \T OUTTA MV MIMD —• 6EE V. I WDMDtR Vr THOT WAS ROWt4\t, , \T COULQWT HNJE \M GOT Of TOWVi OM A. MOMtMT'e ViOTVCE '. OV I ' __ THE liOVS I'AM. TO UECISTKU! AND'REELf SAW SUCH FISHING IN YOUR LIFE. WASH TUBUS / OBCW.' iOOKIT. WHOPPERS.' fHERZt VOU CAM TAKE MY OUTFIT. \ | GOT NO 1 BLUE BLAZES' ) TIME TO . POOEV.f U <Apft|k|CC7 V ^EAH,SflRO^fE5. I'VE flOTWO \V »*»IHri»^fcJ. // SEA B/=6S WEICaHfMG POUNDS. THOSE MINNOWS YOU'LL HAVE THE TIME OF YOOR LIFE. AREM'T FIT TO EAT. THROW —" ORATIO BOARDMflN ARRWES AND GREETS TWO VERY ENTHUSIASTIC GUESTS IN HIS CUSTOMflRY MAN WE R. SALESMAN SAM 'J»*ELL, WHERE DOES DflDDY Doe, Tri BAW^f?, FOiWC' THIS U'L SuEEPIN' 1M HIS OOORWAV, THIS ! f 50RHIW', CHIEF { TU' KID'S LOST f flN Y' CftCLED Up MOPE, BUT Ms? TALk TO HIM ' JOW, THIKIK REOL 2OMMY.' (UHflT STPiEET 00 tfi Llk/E ON A 1 -! 1 OJHflT'S WOMSER? A/M7, MEITHERJ ER FRECKLES! \ FRECKLES AN!) HIS FKIKNDS THIS IS AM I5CAHD V/E'RE ^N OM...THE RIVER FORKS ABOVE US. 1 BOTH STREAMS MEET BELOW \ us! FORGET YoOR BED ROLL,. ) NUTTY... KO TIME FOC! !—' THAT • i SEE IT! irs FROM WEST FORK AND THE WIND IS AY." I GUESS TKSY'LL V/O^pSR JUST V/WAT DID HAPPEN TO THAT GET UP AS AS You CAH,-AMD A LOOK.. THERE'S A H 'AROUKJD H£RE SOME '.VHERE SEVEN CITIES.... SMYRNA, RHODOS, COLOPHON, SALAMIS, CHIOS, ARGOS AND ATHENS^ ALL CLAIM TO BE THE BIRTHPLACE OP THE GREEK. POST HOMER ,..-,,/£-> DIVINING RODS ...KORKF.O HAZbi-STICKS „ STIll. ARK W10UIV US60 BY SUPERSTITIOUS WtlL- OIGGSKS, WHO BELIEVE HIE STICKS WILL POINT TO WATER.. i'l';:c«:ti to dip tovvpid the earth.

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