Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 18, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1895
Page 8
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Auction. LAST CALLl The stock of dry goods of the Golden Rule Dry Goods House will foe sold at Auction, commencing Thursday, April 18th. Tflree Sales Daily—9 to 11 a. m., 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m. W. D. PRATT, Trustee. THE PROPOSITION OF THE MASONS TO SHELTER CITY OFFICERS 13 REFUSED. A Minority Keport !• Mnbadtnttd for the Reporter the Special CoMmlttve of the Coaoell. and Pmaied by a Vole ofHIxlo Four— \ Warm B«bBle In dnl(ed !• by Friends and Opponents ofth* Masonic Project—]«. McCaffrey Proposes -to JLvase the Preient quartern to Hie City for Five Tears at »5OO a Year— May Be Taken Up. FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers And Retail Dealers in [FURNITURE Of all Kinds and UPHOLSTERING. 424 BRORDWflY. Calls Promptly Attended to Day or Nijht. Phoae No ! COCKBURN BROS. Money to Loan .on Mort(>iiK» Securltj on Easy M tnthly Payment*. TT»"Write Fire, -Life, Accldont, Plate Glass and Tonuulo Insurance. DUJ find S«ll Beiil Estato Call and S*e Us, OIllcB Booms -2 and 3 Spry Building. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 18 Tea pound prunes 25c at Foley'a. M. D. Pansier U reported %ulte ill. -iprlcots, 3 pound can, lOo — Foley. Of course you trade at the popular "3eollive. •Capes, capos, at reduced prices this •*eok— Trade Palace. Mrs. Tead la reported sick at her fioniB on Fourth street. The Loyansport base ball olub will piny at Lafayette next Tuesday. ilrs. Wm. J. MeCarty is slowly (.•ecoverlng from a serious Illness. Yurnlsbed ana unfurnished rooms •to rent second floor Harry Frank. If- you haven't read Otto'* advertisement do so now, aa Bale closes Satur- A»y. See the special low prices on drees jgoods and allies- this week at the Trade A. Secret. Manager Patterson is to be encouraged on the fact that he has seoured for the theatre here on next Monday night that splendid drama, ' 'The Girl I Left Behind Me." This play Is one of the few of its kind that demon, strates that a mefbdrama need not be necessarily replete with bombast, rant and absurdities of speech and event, "The Girl I Left Behind Me" Is thoroughly rational—that Is the secret of Its charm; it is thoroughly startling— that IB tho secret of Its great success, not only at a Broadway Theatre. The Emplro, but also at the old time play house, the Academy of Music, where it was last staged in New York. To Taxpayer*. The County Treasurer's office will be open this weak day and evening to accommodate railroad men and others. This is the last week for the payment of taxes. B. F. KBESLING, Treasurer. YODK SAME IN PRINT. Item* of a Personal Character Con. earning f/oganuporterM and Their Friends. In the city yesterday: Henry Melz of Polo, 111, Geo. Burson of Winamac. G. B. Davis of G&lvaston. J. A. Park of Royal Center. William C. Smith of Delphi. Isaac Lutz of Hartford City. •John Zaldors of Maxlnkuckee. J. Thomas and Dr. C. P. Dutchegs of Tlpton. N. V. Hoover and A. C. Capron of Plymouth. De Forrest Davis of the Uncle Tom's Cabin compacy. E. L. Goldthalt of the Marlon Chronicle and C. E. Kilborn of Marlon Dr. Z. U. Loop of Galveston was in the olty Tuesday night. Thomas Parks of Marrlsburg, Pa., Is visiting Charley Young In Logansport. Mrs. Charles Leebrlck of Peru is visiting her sister, Mrs. D: A. Hauk. •Indian Charley" ie back In the olty after an absence o' several years. L. Barren, at present employed on the Fatrmount Times, was in the city yesterday. H. B. Turner was at Ft. Wayne yes- ;erday to attend the funeral of Frank Thurmuu. Mrs. Emma Skillman of Union City will soon organise a class In china painting in the city. , Jas. M. Ross of Hebron, Ind,, Is visiting his daughter, Mrs. S. W. Boys 1 suits to 19 years |3.50. Men 9' clay and Scotch suits |5.00.— Harry The Bee Hire's underwear and hosiery Mock contains everything that 7011 might wish. Henry Burgman and Miss Lena .'Urookraoyer wore called at the German Lutheran church last Sunday. Attend the Diamond M. & P. Butter O1V> demonstration today at Vincent 3ardesVS44 Market street. Souvenirs 10 the ladles. .May Delineatore and fashion plates :Mn a week l*te this month. Due iwtlce will be given of their arrival — ' 'jjt» Bae Hive. The national executive council of •ill* -American Federation of Labor •will hold an important meeting/ next week at Indianapolis. Attend the Diamond M. & P. Butter •41 demonstration today at Chldester A Green's Cor Sixth and Broadway. Bonvenlrs to the ladiet. Special grand offerings this week at Harry. Frank's. Double breasted children** suits 93o,' $1.48, $1.98, «2.4S. All worth double the money. The trial of Aih Crook for alleged Malicious trespass, in which Lewis W. ttaith is the complaining witness, will a»me up Friday In the circuit court. If you are in need of curtains of n*7 kind from 63 cents to f 25 per p»ir, step Into the Bee Hive's annex and see what they are doing this week. The two men who were placed in i*}l Tuesday on suspicion of being aoccerned In the alleged robbery of OMldents of Woodlawn addition, were discharged yesterday. The ladles of Trinity Episcopal <akurch are said to be considering the carried out so successfully else-. of issuing a local newspaper .•'Krone day for charitable purposes. Tho paly Remedy. Those who suffer from foul breath are open to the charge of carelessness. It Is an offense that can be speedily abated, as a single bottle of the fragrant SOZODONT will Unmistakably accomplish the work. It will preserve and keep the teeth white, and the breath pure and sweet. 'Attention. Logan IMv. «0, V. K. K, P. Special meeting this (Thursday) evening, April 18th, to go to Indianapolis. GEO. A. SCHJCEFER, Capt. An Easy Way to Clean Tan aud Black Shoes. What is there that spoils the appearance of a nice dress or suit more than a dirty or rnsty pair of shoes. The way to keep them looking nioe is to have Filling's artist clean them for you. No charge. Surely it is the easiest way to keep your shoes nice. We will clean your rubbers" and shoes, and polish them free of charge. We keep a man who is an artist at the business, expressly for the work. Ladies and gentlemen, boys anil girls all are welcome to free shines as often as yon want them providing you are Filling's customers. If we forget to give you a shine card ask for it, we assure yon, you are welcome. Liso W.'FILLING. 412 Broadway. Brown of 926,Broadway. Elmer Fitzgerald returned to Ann Arbor law school yesterday after a short vacation epant in the city. Mrs: W. C. Murphy of Crown Point, who has been the guest of Mrs. E. F. Keller, returned home yesterday. Prof. Wm. Steinhart went to Peru yesterday to lead the opera housd orchestra at that place last night. James A. and P. A. Elder of Lima, Ohio, attended the funeral of Miss Bessie Elder In, the olty yesterday. Mrs. Lou Scott returned yesterday to her home at Newcastle, lad., after an extended visit with Logansport relatives. J. N. Roach is here from Fort Wayne for the purpose of organizing, a branch of the Fhceal^Bullding and Loan association. Mrs. F. A. Cline and two children of Fort Wayne are the guests of Mrs. Cllae's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wefel of the West Side. Miss Mabel Bronson of Mbrgantown who has been engaged in teaching school in Bethlehem township returned to her home yesterday. Israel B&chraoh and wife and H. Baohrach have returned to their home at Plymouth, Ohio, after attending the funeral of Herman ; Stern in the olty. The Very Rev. M. E. Campion yes. terday had as his guests Rev. D. J. Mulcahey, of Anderson; ' Revf P. F. Roche of Lafayette; Rev. P. .J. Crosson., of CrawfordiviUe, and Rev. J. W. Pratt of Lsfayette. The Columbia single tube tire seems to have established a record for holding air. A Toledo rider reports that his tire was pumped up in Oct., 1S93, and did not need to be inflated again until April 14, ISM. Surely that tire knew how to hold its own. See samples at LING. W. FILLING'S, Shoe House, 413 Broadway. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. If yon want yoar lace curtains to look the same as new, send them to as for laundrving. A long experience n this line of work enables us to ;u wan tee satisfaction. CjLUPBEilJBllOS., . 439 Market St. Prunes, 2} cents per pound—Foley. C. L. DUley has taken . possession of his new brick residence on Eel river avenue. The county attorneys, tteleon & Myers have been appointed to defend Hart and Vigua, the alleged poultry pilferers. Acting through the blood, Hood's Sarsaparilla not only cures scrofula, salt rheum etc., but gives health and vigor to the whole body. Miss Charlotte Grain left St. Joseph's hospital yesterday ; cured. Miss Grain was recently tho aabjecfbf an operation performed by Dr. Stevens. The mayor last night appointed Messrs, Boyer, Halgh and Reed as a committee to confer with M, McCaffrey, owner of the structure occupied as a city building, with reference to a proposition ho presented at the regular meeting.of the council. Mr. McCaffrey offers to lease the second floor of the building to the city for a term of five years at a yearly rental of foOO, with the prlvelege of renting it by the year after the expiration of the five years. The rate has formerly been $700 a year. The object of the committee is to arrange with Mr. McCaffrey for putting in additional vaulls and making necessary alterations In the police headquarters and elsewhere in the building, before tho contract is made. The committee is to report at the next meeting of the council. The above was the outcome of the report of the special committee ap pointed at a former meeting for the purppse of considering the proposition of the Masonic committee relative to the leasing by the city for office rooms the first floor of the proposed Masonic Temple on the corner of North and Fourth streets. Messrs. Reed, Blass. ingham and Boyer were on the special committee, and Mr. Reed presented a report, signed by him and Mr. Blass- Ingham, recommending the acceptance of the proposition of the Masonic fraternity, and letting forth his reasons for making such a report, he said that during ten years, the time called for by the lease,, the city would In all probability contract a load of $260,000 of debts which would Include all kinds of improvements; that there would be no show in that time for the erection of a city building on the city's property; that In time both the Temple and the city building might be put np, but not both in ten years; that the quarters at present were inadequate; that valua • ble papers were exposed dally tc danger of destruction by fire because of lack of vault room in the city oflices; that the erection of a Masonic Temple would enhance the value o property, thus increasing the tax duplicate, and that it would not be question of $500 more expended during the year, but a matter of thousands o dollars added to the city's Income in that way. Mr. Boyer put forward his minority report in favor of considering the proposition of M. McCaffrey, who proposed to reduce the rental $200 a year and enter Into a lease for five years of the present quarters. Mr, Bojor said that the city ought not to«be tied to a building for ten years; that there was a chance that she would be able to build before ten years; that- it would be better to put the $5,000 proposed expense for higher rental of new offices into a sinking fund for a starter cn-a city home, than to pay it out and have nothing to show for it; that the credit of the city must be maintained. He said that in eight years the city would be practically unhampered, and in less than that time would be enjoying a revenue from the various projects that have been a heavy expense so far. Economy must be practiced even at the expense of comfort and show. The cost of moving, purchas. ing new furniture, and other necessary expenses, would be enough to make the plan, impracticable. He believed the people would look with decided disfavor on this movement toward Increased expenses. By the following vote Mr. Boyer's report as an amendment to Mr. Reed's report was concurred in: Yeas—Powell, Haigh, Wade, Kaiser, Boyer and Had ley. Nays—Reed, Ringleben, Kenny, and Blassingham. By the same vote his second amendment to appoint the committee named at the opening of this article was also passed. In Men's, Boy's and Children's SUITS. 3 Underselling everybody because the styles are all original and the, makes are all our own. That's the reason we are underselling every- bod/. Men's Scotch suits, $5; Men's Clay Worsted Suits, §5; Boy's Scotch suits, up to 19 years, $3.50; Children's suits, 2 to 14 years, 98 cents. Nobby Reefer suits, $2.50. See north how window at the Fashion Store. Everybodycordialiy invited. HARRY FRANK, TO BE, SURE,. Ne v York, Logansport, Delphi, Flora. Spring Suitings, Spring Overcoatings, Spring Trouserin Novelties all in waiting for you to come and select them. If you are hard to please our goods and prices will win you. PIERCE, THE TAILOR. 310 BROADWAY. Not Samples! Of what you don't want but a full stock of Desirable Shoes At WflLKER & Rf\UOH. Where quality is our first object at prices to make them GO. ALL THE LATEST STYLES IN Summer Suitings AT $, 4i8 Market St. MOTHERS! Death of a Wm. F. Sanders, aged 26, died at the residence of hia parents in Shultztown, at 4 p. m. yesterday. Consumption was the cause of his death. The funeral will be announced later. Lizzie Jann, tho two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jann of 1236 Stevens street, died at 7:10 p. m. The cause of death was an attack of measles. JL Hale ud Hippr Old itc May be insured to ladies by using Zoa- Phora at the critical period of change of life. Sold.by B. F. Keesling acd Coulson & Co. If you want to dress your little ones in Up- To-Date Clothing see my line of Combination, Reefer, Junior and Jersey Suits. They have never been equaled in Logansport. JOS. G. GRACED 426 BROADWAY.

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