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Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York • Page 2

Dunkirk Evening Observer from Dunkirk, New York • Page 2

Dunkirk, New York
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TWO Legal Matters As Fried With tin County Clerk MoWin Bank of Jamestown, Jamestown, S. Karkula Sc 1 to First Vat'l Bank of Jamestown, for January 12, 194H P. Hayes. Adm. ot D.

i'hetleptase 1, tawn, J62SO. Jamrilowfl St. Railway Co. to Henry Schwartz. Jamestown, SI Pa'olo C.

Oenco to James Gen- tPfl echia 1. DunUlrk. ml Colburn 1 to Hatr Ccowell 1. Tn. of Dunkiik, J.

Morloy to Mnrjorle Fardink, Sherman, WllUBm Albert VerHague to Dunkirk Savings left to a sbn, Michael Jopek, RD, Fredonia. Frank S. 'Sawyer is the H. Hack of Fredonia, estate valued at and upwards in real and $1,000 and upwards in personal property passes to the widow, Mrs. R.

May (A. D. Titus Co. Memorials Fredonia, H. Wll- linm A.

1. Hanover S1 Vvmoncl Miller to Alton Anderson. N. Harmony. SI E.

CimfleUl 1 A. Walker. Sherman. $1 Kenneth a to Wll- llam D. Stowell 1.

WwlfleW i ,1. Theodore Barker 1 to a James 1. Hanover, S4000. Dlschiirge of Mortgages Belle Davis 1 to Hoy W. 1 Larso 1 to Russell tucUe Swanson to Car! Owners' Loan Corp.

to Bank SprinS- Mortgages Robert D. Phctteplnce Funeral Service 39 Fourth Street, Dunkirk, N. Y. Phones 2443, 2406 or 2094 H. 0.

EHLERS Inc. Reginald D. Gardtnter, Licensed Manager Anaon Steward, Licensed Assistant The will of Mrs. Bessie Weinberg of Dunkirk was probated Surrogate court here today before County Judge Hugh V. N.

Bodine It was the first session of court here in five weeks because the value of $8,000 in real and 85,000 Mid upwards in personal property is listed loi I provides the following siu.uuu and a watch to her son Julius Weinberg; $5,000 each to Mrs Marjorie claugn- ter-ln-law, and to Susan and John Weinberg, grandchildien with the latter two receiving-new elry and one-half each of the gov 'enfment bonds owned by Mrs in real and the same amount plrsonal property. Ihe heirs at aw are the widow, MM. Anna G- Hemphill and a Grace I. Sager, both of Hamlet. W.

N. Bogue is the attorney. Funeral Notices STAHLBERG. Fred--Remains are at the Morse funeral Brocton where may call. Services will be held Friday afternoon with the Rev.

Henry Masman officiating. Burial will be in Portland Evergreen cemetery. LIVESTOCK MARKET East Buffalo, (UP)-- Livestock market report as compiled by the Buffalo Producers' Cooperative association: A Cattle-500. including 350 direct. Market steady.

Cow and bull cows LOANS our Liberal Credit Requirements Up to 20 Months to Pay Loang Are Made on Your Signature Security MONEY IS READY FOR YOU IN ONE DAY Just See "OK" Hoffmann Today-I Like to Say-- "Your Loan Is Okay On Your Signature Alone UPSTATE PERSONAL "OK Room 204 "Hoffmann Dunkirk, N. Y. Loan Corporation Ann 409 Central Ave Phone 2314 WOELFLE FUNERAL SERVICE No better service available anywhere. Cora. plBtely modem equipment including the newest Hammond organ.

Western New York's most beautiful funeral home. We invite comparison of our service and prices. M. M. WOELFLE, Lie.

Mgr. Central Ave. at Fifth St. Phone 2263 Bank to Stephen J. S-Allcne Hayes to Fred Grovcr Hayes.

Assignment of Mortgages Union Trust Co to Mt. Moriah Lodge, F. A. No. 145, fi rrank Stowell to Isaac Benton, Ex.

of Ethel A. Eddy. Death Ccrltficatc Of--John Abbott. Of--John Alfred Anderson. Of-Clebert Charles Dahlgreen.

Power of Attorney James Miller to Bessie M. Carf T. Falk to Eskil A. Falk 1. Agreement Marsaret Piercs and Agnes Brand, SI m.

Easement S. Finch to Town of El- inglon. Ellington. $50. of Publication of Change of Name Of-Sebastiano Cuzzpla to Sebastian Foti Santo Foti C.i/- xolu to Santo Foti.

Assume Name Certificates Point Electric" oy Roy K. Stewart, Williams Si, R. No. 1. Bemus Point, N.

Y. Peoples Hardware Co by Anthony A. Castilone, 96 E. Main Fredonia, N. Y.

Certificate of Incorporation Of--Westfield Fish and Game Club. Inc. by Arthur J. Macet, Bank George Brooker. 9 Chestnut MinEord J.

Dibble, 4 BaSSnan Joseph Hcwson 115 Elm Rex. Talbov, 7 Ash Ray Naeser, Kent va'rd Finlay. 7 Bliss Paul Benson'E Main David Stratt 8' Wells Hajr Benttej, Main Paul Dioble 41 Clinton all Westfield, N. Discontinuance of Partnership Name Certificates Of--Mori-ell's Plumbing Shop by Tony Morrell Pgi'er Catalanc Of--The Peoples Hardware by Anthony Samuel P. Castilone.

Change of Name of Corporation Of The Ohio Cities Gas company to The Pure Oil Company Lls Pcndens Union Trust Co. vs. Glen Heil, el al, Chautauqua, County Court Leigh A. Lyne 1 vs. Percy S.

Lyne 1. Pomfret, Supreme A. Hine vs. Leland W. Atwcll 1.

Charlotte. Supreme Court. ernmenc auuua ct Market sieauy. Weinberg at the time ot her death stead Fancy, beef cows S4 000 to Morris Gerson 01 Phil- TM to 2 dairy type fat brother; each 10 0 fpw 17.50: med- a a a Miss Margaret L. Hyland and Newell M.

McCroskey of Dunkirk, no relation. Certain jewelry is bequeathed to Frances Gerson Applebaum and Sylvia Gerson Marks ot Philadelphia, nieces, and to Sopme Lang of Elizabeth, N. anotiier nl residue of the estate passes to the son, Julius Weinberg. Saperston McNaughtan Saperston of Buffalo are the attorneys. Other wills probated were; Mrs.

Eva Kopliner of Dunkirk estate of $2,000 and upwards, real property and and upwards' in personal property. Ine w'il provides bequests as loUow each to three daughters Mrs. Virginia Faszcz of Lacku wanna, Mrs. Emily Kaszuba and Mrs. Stella Bialaszewski of Dun kirk; $500 each to three sons Chester, Clem and Frank Koplme Jr.

of Dunkirk; $300 to a sol Vincent Kopliner of Dunkirk S800, Series government bond all real property and the residu oi the estate to the husban Frank Kopliner of Dunkirk. Joan K. Patterson is the attorney. Mrs. Anna F.

Canfield Of Sm- clairville, estate valued at la real and and upwards in personal property all ol passes to a' daughter, Mrs. Jean Canfield Corbin of Sinclairville. Frank S. Sawyer is the attorney. Fredonia Cases Clifford A.

Smith of Fredonia, estate valued at in real rsonal bulls bulls 1 7 ullt 15.75-1B.75; plain bulls dovvn ows 1617; few at fat cows cutters 15-16 light medium Calves-loo. Market one-dollar 6wer. Good 35; choice-selecte 36, nediums 25-30 and up; culls 20, including 500 di- re" Mlrket steady to strong on hogs. One small bunch 29. to choice, bunch culls and car.ners 4-6.

lambs sold at BIEBEK, Mrs. Mildred Colman -Funeral services were held Tuesday at 2.30 from Woelfle Funeral parlors. Mrs. Hugtt Metzler officiated. Mrs.

George Wheeler was organist. Relatives and friends from out; of the city attended. Burial took place in the family plot at Forest Hill cemetery. 3tt iHnitnriant SCHIERES, John loving memory of our dear husband and father, who passed away years ago today, January 14, 1946. He little thought when leaving home He would no more return.

That he in death so soon would sleep And leave us here to mourn. Sadly missed by WIFE AND CHILDREN. SITKO In memory of our wife and mother, Anna Sitko, who passed away 23 years ago, Jan. She always learned to watch for us Anxious if we were late In winter by the windows In summer by the gate, And though we mocked her tenderly Who had such foolish care, The long way home would seem more safe. Because she waited there.

HUSBAND AND CHILDREN tion on the part of investors to act. SHIP'S PASSENGERS HAVEBEENSAVED Kodiak, Alaska (UP)--The 24 passengers and crew members of two distressed ships in the Aleutian islands were safe today alter rescue vessels won a dramatic race with a howling Arctic storm The coast guard cutter Ceda rescued 15 passengers and crewmen from the inter-island freight er Aleutian Mail and was towm the ship to Sand Point, Alaska. 1 was expected to arrive at 4 p. (EST) today. The 15 were taken aboard the Cedar after rapidly increasing vinds and high tides tore the Aleutian Mail from the rooky perch where she went aground on the shore of Uni- mak island, 400 miles west of iodiak.

Forty miles southeast of the rescue scene, the crew members of the self-propelled army baree BSP-1927, which usually carries, a crew of nine, were reported SJte vessel rescued them from a rubber in King Cove. Alaska. A fishing life-raft dropped by an air force B-17. French athletes gning to the 1948 Olympic Games in England have been promised extra rations including three pounds extra bread and a special ration of Scotch marmalade, Paris re- 1 ports. rrrr NEW Cellar-to-Attic Cleaning Wonder A The most complete tltan'mg combination the market today! i MARKET estate a a property and in personal property, which is bequeathed to mith of Buffalo'--(UP)-- Produce mar- Early Stocks Uncandled (nearby): large white 57-16, large white 56-59; medium white 53-b medium 'brown 51 53 pullets' 47-4D.

Candled property, which is Dequeaiueu AV. extra large the wiclow, Mrs. Frieda Smith of (NYS Giade 61 63; Fredonia. Frank S. Sawyer 3 te 56g -59; the attorney.

extra la rge brown 59-62; M.inna,A., hirey in Of i Jredon a medium brow. 53- rouury. Box-packed eliminate northwestern nna estate valued at in personal prooerty which passes to a nephew, John Edward Stuiler ol Washington, D. C. K.

W. Glines 5 Brazil's vets "rights." demand of Dunkirk estate valued at in real arid SI 000 'in personal property, ine will provides life use and occupancy of the family home until tie dies- or marries to a daughter. Miss Rosalie Yanello. upon condition she supports and cares fqjr her father, Raymond Yanello. Upon Ws death and in the event Rosalie dies or marries, the estate is to be divided equally among the lol lowing children: Guy Yanello salie Yanello, Caroline Ba Mary Schabert and Vincent Van ello.

Anthony Johnson is the at 0 Mrs' Catherine Jopek of th town of Pomfret, estate valued a in real property which Canadian 41 coops 10 coops near- New York, (UP)-- The stock market held narrowly around the previous closing level at today's opening, pending release Washington of President Truman's eco- Cotton was down 4 to 16 points Bonds steadied. International Harvester, on 1-point loss, had one of the w.ides initial price movements. Pure Oil American Airlines, West Indie susar Lockheed, Plymouth Oil Palme- Western Oil Curtis Wright, Standard (N. U. a and General Motors wer fU Armor America Smelting, International Paper Columbia Gas, North American and Wilson were dow sinll amounts.

Pending release of the econom there was little inclma- TIDY 44 75 Ttnv small powerful tank-type cleaner all above-the-floor cleaning. and 8 Sn, scfatch-proof finish. Especially for cleaning rugs cleans any rug nap. Quiet powerful motor, dirt- spotter light. Buy them or together TIDY in combination with any other upright cleaner.

328 MAIN STREET Formerly Aronson's 307 CENTRAL AVENUE Formerly Stapf'i Ebenezer bu. bskts add best Globes No. lb sacks 0-73' 5-lb. sacks 32-3 b. Eliminate acore iarge and small and quotes.

For measured telephone service in Vh-mshai with 85 calls allowed the 3hly telephone bill for a subscriber is $2,860. Extending BVERY DETAIL GIVEN CAREFUL ATTENTION. McCRAW and Ambulance Service Central Phone 2123 Dunkirk, N. Y. Entered Into Rest SZARY Marcel: Monday.

12,. 1918 at the- residence of hU daughter Mrs. Palrlck Ellman, 411 Ncvliw street. Born IB Poland" of this city for the past 45 Member of Ifc Hrdwig's chureh and the Carpenters Union. tttnband ot the laic Mrs.

Balblna Szary. father of Mrs. An- thonv Mrs. Frank Bartcla, Mrs. John Jakubowlcz, Ellman.

Mrs. John Gestwlckl. Mrs. John Roman, Mrt John ZlcUnikl, Browlslaus and Mllo Szary all of this city. Ntaetecn mndcWIdret.

and nineteen great-Krantlchlldren also sorrtve. from the residence of Mr. and 5Iis. Patr) KUman. 411 NevU street, Thursday, Jan.

15 at 8:30 and rick 1 TM' Hedwlg's church. Interment to follow Jn the family in parish cemetery. Supkoski Funeral Service Incorporated BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! SAVE IMPORTANT DOLLARS at HABER'S January Clearance SALE! Prices Drastically Reduced on All Kinds of FUR COATS OTHER IMPORTANT SAVINGS ON FUR TRIMMED COATS UNTRIMMED COATS DRESSES, GOWNS SKIRTS SWEATERS SPORTSWEAR ALL WINTER MERCHANDISE INCLUDED at SAVINGS FROM 331-3 to A INVENTORY CLEARANCE This is the sale that folks wait for. AT COLLINS' YOU SAVE DOUBLE! I Because we manufacture our own Living Room Suites. Because we are clearing out a large of Fine Chairs and Suites at SPECIAL CLbAK ANCE PRICES.

People hav, been SAV1NGS more than worth your while. 333 MAIN STREET DUNKIRK, N. Y. COLLINS Telephones: From 8 5, 343 From 7 'til 9, 216 Evening or Sundays by Appointment!.

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