Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 20, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1942
Page 2
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Page Bit Ctont Krupa Is Stage Lead at Loew's Tonight K'ni pa, tho "lilol of tho Alll- 1 ami tho bo.Mt clruiwnor In Uiu world, Is mirronlly appourlntf In person ort tho ntago of tho Loow Poll thonUu 1 , togothnr with bin ram-, otr.H orohcHlrrt, whloh •tiruidliiiflH an vooalls't, rioim other limn papular Hay KliwlM, formerly with Oionn MlUor <in<l hl» band, Also on tho bill aro suoh grand onlwUvlrun'H aw Ho n" Pop Ik off" Tan- IIUP, ooirUMly star of Iho Ml V/yiin • radio l\our, awl Hetty Ann Wynwn, Uanplng star oC tho Broadway .musical hll, "Bent Foot Forward," In, fuUUUon In a flno Maroon program 'topped by M-O-M's "Galling- Or, (III- Iprtplo" with Ltonot Uarrymoro, -Thin grand I'omhliwtlon ovoiil. of, stage 'and normm OOUH'.M to a ulOHO at thr Loow Hoi thtuitro tonlwhl, HO If you lumm't alnmcly boon among lh« thousand* to witness- Ihlrt big Htagnand SOIMHMI treat, plan; to attend ono of lht» Tour port'orm- awes being given today, Hetty drab In, John Payne awl Vli. 1 -. tor Ma-turn art 1 .Mtam'U In 20th (!un tury Fox'.x now muMlnal, "Fool. Ugh I Serenade," opening tomorrow .'it LOOW'H ['oil I'm 1 an engagement or, five day*, Hero Is n plcturo thai Is bolng balled an a peri'eef Ionic for Ihe times. Feu lu ring love, laiiM'h. 1 and lyrloM, It IM liuUiod a merry mu- .nlcal treat, Leo Uo/bln awl Ralph Fin Ingot' have provided Mie ploture with SI-Y. en new xpnrkllng miiHloal hlt.H, •among llidrfti the following, which you'll Minn ho hearing with Inereji.H- Ing frequency; "I lizard Ihe Hlrdlex ttlng," "I'm MI.III Ci'M/y For You." "Arc You Kidding. Me?", and "I'll He Marching lo a Love Sung." Pax/ling n<nv dances .havu been omtsteti by HermoM Pan, who trams With M|SH Orablo In some of the POUtlne.H, • On thu same program IM nnol.her amaMh hit, "A-llaimtlng We Will (k)," tho n«'WUMl Laurel and Hardy laugh hit, Next week, WwlnoMd'fly nndThui'H* day, Jackie floopor, popular young Hcreen favorite, svin appear In per- aon on the ytago of the Loew poll thoater, together wl-th a name band uml.uii a four Mtago and normm porformunooH presonted on both Wednesday and Thuwlay HO plan now to be -horo, Fine Double Bill Now at Loew'* Poll Jiamon nunyon's oolort'ul Hronrl- way ohanie/tors conio lo 11 To on tho loreen In UnlvnpMal'w "Butcvh MlnciH ho Haby," \vlrle,h openotl today 'for throe day*t at tho-Ooni thoatop, anil tho mob movoa In on i-liu movlo.s ,vith the eane wIMi- wliloh they npear a herring at Mlndy's postnup- \nl. "Huldh -MliUlH Iho Haby" Is por- iapM |.ho boHt Hunyon ytory to bq nude Into a movlo.Hlnco "Little Mis VlarKei 1 ," 'which brought Slfirlo femplK to wUrdom sovorai yoar ago, Hrod (IrawTord turnn In onn- o he bent per forma IIOUH of -IrlM POOP as "Hutoh," a big lug who IH Known to one-and all an "tho bos •wfe-opaokor of tlw Hlppl," , Mill of 'the thrlll-4eomliiK pagow of i mighty novel,,;», Immortal Jaok ondon'H bi'a-wlliiM 1 , lu.sly, hot-blood runen "Advonn ",.,tho yoap'w ! Powor- of- a liupploann,., Mantln Melon" Is liuliniillahle spirit oould e.oiuiuer.. ,nn could Canadian ^Spaghetti' •uroH of .Martin threat ad venture Cu I an tho iimli •'AdvenUu'OM. of the .story of ,<ui no man's flslf woinan'H hearl KPOHI 'IVihltl to Singapore,,. from Kpl-Miui to (Jailix,, .iMaptln Kden beat his way wl-th baro UniuMilcs and Tl>o Cu bou L-"\V^« t,,'X J oi n t, .v,,, ;:„; !i *rod oust IH, Jicudud Laird- Clpogar, who play.s tho uiommandant of the, whiip John Sheppord, Viotop Frahpen, Happy ' JJavoii-po'pt,' WuptJ Bond, Douglas Dumblllo and Ralph Byrdc'om- pluto the* cast. DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, AUQ UST 20, , French -Canadian, munition* worker, Rolando Gonois, employed in a Quebec small arms plant frames horsolf with a rcnm of TNT. It'? Just like spaghetti to.Roinnde, former roataurant worker, who nonchalantly feeds it daily to shall fUU machines, '(Central Proso) LEGAL Great Program On Tap Now at Strand Theatei Tho Slrnnd, Wuterhury, now pro- entM on the screen, "Ten ClnntlomOn rom West Point," oo-stapplnj? oorgo Montgomery, Mauroon O'llMi'o to win aland .John Sulton. ll'H a rousing suo of magnlfleenee and. gran- ' «nssop lo "To thn Sliopo.s of.Tripoli, 11 In bringing bin .story to Iho i The Him has a patriotic appoal thai District of Naugatutik, ss.'Probate Court, Augtmt JO, J9/ f ,2. ' • EH talc of Doll'aNobie > ..latO;OfNau- iln Haj(JV^ist;riut,j;<loiDca 1 sed. r 1 . ! 'Ilho A(lmIn'lstrartor. GTA : /;haying' exr hibltedvhls' udmlnlRtratioh ; accoiirit with 1 sal.d estate to th'is Court i'or; allowance, it is , ; ' : ; '', RlDp-^hnl, ;Lh Q 24tb , 'A. B.MW2, al, '10:?^ in the forenoon.'-at -the Rroibate flco-In Nau'ga'tuek,, and'Uie IH assigned for a hoarjrig ,on : t!lQ allowance .of »aid A-rtniiinlstrat^oii Afuiount with- said Astute, and l,b'i G o u r t; • d I roots Mi o, -. Acini i.ij l-slwi tor • OTA to. .olio .all person's : Ihteresttjcl/,' i/horoln -••to 'appear a,t '.said •time .arid-: place by publi-shhig; t/blsi> order . in'-: some newspapei' pU-ljljvshed 'in :New Havon County and th'ayiiigi'a' olrcula-, 11 on I n • sa I d , D1 a tr i^t^ 'and by p ps ting a copy on th'e xpinliiic -sign In the town 'OT .Naiigajaick;- ^ tho deceased last•,.dwelt, • ai. Hi roc days before .said flay D. LAWYEH Wtiterbury, Aug. 20—(UP)—For- >mei',"Tax 'Co]Ice-tor Frederick B. Buuby' -lias succumbed -after a short illness, Bauby -ha'd been'-a practicing attorney -in Waterbury for the iJ4-years, "He*served ' us tax collector' from -liUS to 1922. LEGAL ^ • District oi' Naugatuck, as. Probate Go'urfc, August 19, 1942. -'jEsl^to of Carolyn W'llitnian Bi^owh) Ip^^of^augatuok, in.said District, depeased; . ' ^ ,./J? : hc Exo-cutoi'is 'having exhibited llielr: adimiriis.trdition' -ac'count with; said 1 estate-to this Court 1'or- allow- That the 26l;h.. da'y- of s't,;' A, D. 1942, «'£, 2 :QO o'clocJc iri the afterriobn at: tili'e Probate oi- -ice: In Naugatuck,, be ahcl the saine ^assigned 'for a hearing' oh" the a!4 D\yarij(Jei.:-.«6'f said ; Adminlsl;ra-tiori Ac- f'•wUib" said Estate,-and this •; directs ' the .Executors to cito ' intercisted t'here!n"to ap- a|cr''- : tlmov^--an'd- ( ; pjacc ; by - Ifiift oi'der- in -some news- j .li^bedv: in ;New Haven 1 .Qpiihty'• and ' h^irig -a circulation ^n^saidjDIsliMct^and' posting a copy 'on' the pub.Mc.sign post, in the l;own ' Naugatuck, 'where-, the• deceased- days b&t'oro, l;^J/;^d^y0H t ' at legist 'i'ivc dtiys bc't'c ^^cla-^--a.%iiiKned. - . %'£$£$$%' 7: '~^• -.D.,' ; 1^MMJ3T SHEA, rSS)iU : ^ ; ''f'v'^,:,-; :.••••;; '. .Ji.l( Judoro. NOTICE The, Democratic electors of the /U'st ward of the Borough of Nau- gaiuck arc requested to meet in caucus in-the town hall building of Naugatuok; the Democratic electors of the second ward of the Borough of Naugatuck are requester! to meet in caucus at; Goodyear'hall', Odd Fellows'•"' building; the Democratic .electors .of the third ward of the Borough oi" Naugatuck are requested to meet in .caucus at the Raytkwich hall, Bridge'street, Union City. ; - : ••• • -•• :^ . ' 'All above jn'en'tioned caucuses : -wilj he held on .Tuesdayevening, August., 25, 8 o'clock, for' ili'e : purpose o electing seven /delegates and two alternates lo the .DenVocratic conyen lion krbo held Thursday evening August 27, at.S'O'cI'oek, In the Borough court room in the Town Ha] building for the purpose ,of- c;lq delegates to 1 the/ista.te 'eonv.critionj congressional" distri'ct' convention state senatorial; district cpnvontioiv the sheriff's convention and the probate convention and' to./transact any other business ••proper, to'^come he- fore said"'. rneoutijsr. ' ." MATTHEW, StlULLY; -Chairman, Democratic Town Committee, gatuek, Conli., August lj&, SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK By RJ. SCOT TRY A CLASSIFIED AD,IN NEWS .... RESULTS ARE CERTAIN! By PAUL ROBINSQJ (lem theater sureen, iuduy for three days, (lolumbla h-aa puwncad the film with a Hupnrb oast and mighty production, to make "Advonlures nf .Marlln Kclen, 1 .' as big amf as earlhy and «u» human as life Msoli'l Mlenn Ford IH seen | n Ihe lltle roK that of a two-l'lnted Htwnwin I'tghliiiK for his beliefs; (ilare Trover, Kvulyn Koyen and Stuart Kr- wln aro oMior principals, Sidney Sal- k'ovv dlnmted .('ho rilni, w-lHch was produimd by U, p. Sohulborg and i ilronston, Is bound to thrill ovnry Amnrlcan. It xnoniH through Its paces wlthoul a hlloh, It Is t|in valorous- story ol 1 cadots who mado tho Wont ] > olnt of today possible. Against tho stirring brt'.'ilhlOHH bjiolvKrounrl of tthe Polni of MO years ago, tho star spangled Him authentically depicts« the ad- vunturoH of the first graduating class, on whoso record di.-Mi.'ihH tin vury llfn of Ihe nundomy. Their trials and tribulations are told in unusual lorniH, and the dim lias tho] Mllstlnotloi) of .being unlike any.oth- Consult Classifications Below For Profit Watch Them Daily Merchandise i' and -~.A Fraternity pin u-lth own- 'riawf on buck, lender pluanc &OKO,. utter 0 p, m, Howard, While fox tiM't'iot 1 , brown on fucn and hip, l(ud Jiar- ( "!iuHH and NaiiK'ituok lloun.Mo tag, * I'tuward. iltu;k Hrown, f>7 Meadow 50!i7. IO-I)/\Y—Special on gas and combl nation rangen. Mlootrlo rangoH, $01) inotal folding bed with OoodruH multrcHM, $10,1)5; Dxt« llnoloum rug regular $8.00, now $r>,49; &• pluo bruakfnsl set, ^il.W). He irl'eoH on all olhop floor sain WATMnWMY I'MJHNITUHl') CO, ' 8-l7-d, r Jx I 480 Muln HI,, Watorbury, ' ' ' Dial ^ JL0.ST—A bhu'k pui'si» In vlolnlty of U. S. Hubher company VVefl day afternoon, I'Mmler pi loavo Iho NOW.M onion, ward, tfitim r>:triat»u.-giiyuf«i/Cir»*.a*'ff'.T 'gv.v. HAUY — CtirrldKC'H, Couolu'M, WlckiU 1 Strolhu'H, High Ch^li'H, Ci'lbn, -Play 'YaiMlH, fifttht'iifttlim, lovviiMt prluuH. THIO.HADIO SHOP '180 Oraiul SI, n. Walorlniry H-llf MONU.MKN'1'A prloriM on All W, lCJIlAHOS 200 So, Main St, To I, ,1487 FOH ftAf.K — APIIIOJI, tiniiitoiuf uncf vinegar, h. Dillon, 117 Mnl- ' - bourno oourl. Dial 2107. LNT US SHOW YOU THIS M'JTTMH KMOM A WUHKKIl NOW woott, ohvuii. la- (julrn ml tho Chmrrl KOUHH, Kirn slrout nxtnriMlon, or phonn O^iJU, p»Ag | g?i'T-'T' ytri ittnwr^[i-u + fttftft^^fa*^. .liiyat^' ^*ft »| 'Jiflff^Y*iTTV^f»iHi'yU ti I'of PACKARD 4040 Packard CJnnv, (Jluh Coupn 10(10 me, Paokarrl Sudan ..... . ..... ,'«ft Hulck 7-piiMH. H«(lwn ...... 445 I'ackard Sodan ........... OOfi — Opon KviinlngH — Paokavd-Watorhury, Jnc, , ."A HAFH PriACJR TO HUY" 182 \Vftlortown Avonuo Dial 4-0109 "doing to bo ln(luul(ul nox.1 \veek inifixpoctedly. Can't UHU tho furnl- <UPn, PiooMfi HeM It fop mo, Tlial'H why you can buy a complete practically New Flomu of Modern Kurnlluro for $:l37.f)0 $'37,W> rx-pOHlt—Ijn.OO NVecl^ly ferfoct cmidlHon, nut IOHH than two moriMiM, Inolude.M Living Hoom, liedroom, Kitchen and,most ace: Horlen. A«k to HUO Mr, Honnotl'H furnllurn at Albert % 2(18 So, Main St Watorbury, I?liono 4-3.1.44 Car, b.UH op train oxponsus rofumU'd upon (>urchaHo or thlfi morchamilHo, TODAY'S' -VA i;i.j.ios~ \) A, M, to 9 P, M, MUST 001 Business Serviqe 5 UViuilrd lo .-\NtKI> ~ l»laf!o to hoard out yoar-old boy, In good Family, Mrs. Hutli lUlM'soll, Huaoou'l-'allH. SAVW ON YOUH OIL AND COAL Installed, SLorm Sash Combination StoPin-IJOOPH IliHiilatlon, -OprU for Later Dollyory. .• Preo oHtlmatn, •lOilN'.!, CAHUOLL & SONS, INC, MI Spring SI, ' Phono 2572 Motal GuttorB, LoaclorH, Tinning, Roofing niul Furnaoo NVork JAMES BAKER Tolopho'nvj ^55 ('» Hrndluy St, Nniigrituok, Conn ETTA KETT • '•^ii^MiS^"^ EVEN 60/M6 • NOBODY ANsv^E/as THE" B&LU -vDOir ME" SHES NOT , HOUSE"/ THAN TAKING AT C300M LAepON SINCE I.WAS SECRET AGENT X9 By ROBERT STORM WHAT DO YOU THE FILE SHOW* THAT HE l£ A/OW WORKING AT AN AIRCRAFT PLANT WILL HAVE THG OOCTOR WELT CQNTACTEP AT ONCE! BRICK BRADFORD 'OH SALU-Siuldlo and Wolcli Jioiiy. Inqulro l.iinnnn l-'ann, An(li i owAvo. l -.NftUM 1 ul.uck.- 8-17-dG, JLKCTHJC MOTOHS— Hoiiglit,. sold and popalpnr.1. Dial M-25rtr).- Iravoson ^ Sims, U80 North Main St, lO J>ni'f;iiln.s in j/ood Odd Kltolion Tabhm I'V-po, llruakfaHl Sol fi-fio, IliM'iikrnHt 'Sot ;j-p<-'. Living Hoom Sullo Mahogany Smokor Lamp Tabhm Oil J»8 Ponl •<:oiiv^rt(l)|p Coupe MM Ford Con vttrtlbta. Moduli 10»iJ Ford .Tudor Fftfd Ix^liLTi) Foi'doi' Ford Elation Wapon ffl>35 Ford IHvSolo •.StudolinktM Hodan H<M|IUI t!IK NAlKiATOCK FUKI, CO, 47 Churrh ,^L IMiono 5 ' ' ' ilO— Anlo Purl* ?^r^^^^ Maplu Platform Jiookora «'J.i>0 Odd Living Hoom Chairs -0,1)5 SN'leker (larrlage.M ,, ;M.05 Haby High DhalPH • ' !).0B fitK) Other (lei Yo'ClP riholco l j ri'ced for linmo- dlatu Sain I radlosV prl'oocl'-at ,%'M|«i410,. Now I'ingland Music Shop, :I02 fJnind St., Wnturhiiry, iJln! 4-7IO!!. L AND. HADJO By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE GRA* FAR TO THE EAST. OF THE l^NDOF THE L&ROONS WELLS ANOTHER PEOPLE 1 , A LARGE, WARLIKE NATION RULED.BY THONG.. THE CRUEL — Lowost |'os«!h|n SWAN ELI>(!TniC CO. Rleotriclnns 15 dlwroh Street To], 257/« 'NOW I.s tie'tfino lo your fur (ton I. I'iok.up niul <li'Uvoi\v sm'vlco, Also for )f^t dry KIKVMA.YS 78 Clnii-iih Street, IJCT U.s l»ut \'onr m\vn Mower in Hhupo for tho Hcason, Mowers Hharp-nnod, ropalrod, etc. Gall for and dollvory 'sorvloo. fMolbourno'H Sorvloo Station, Huljh'or avenue. TolnphoiiH ,'M20. , ^' 4-7-tf Real Estate For Sale Farms For. Co i no Karlyt HADLEY'S ANNEX I0,'l Meadow Street Watorbury SERVICE' On all inakoH of rnfrlgorator» and \vaHhp''H, rnofjeratfi prluo«, NfJVV HNOLAND MUSIC SHOP JO? Orami St, Dial :J-71i)a Tiro f-nrfponllon Sorvloo 1 ' Tiro Fnotoi-y ; NOTICK Clonn,, 20th, -IIM2, ? TO THK HKPUfU/U'JAN KLKGTOHSj or •: T/fW TOWN OK NAUriATf/f!K ' yhej oleotoi-H of the town will onu- CUM on VVedrifmduy,- Aif^unt 2oth; at Inn Town Mall Hiilldlng at 8 p. rn. KAV.T,,. for..Uu»,.piii l .|i.OHO--pf ^looting (loiog/jlcH and ftKnnmltJH to'ln'o Hiuto, OongroHMlorml, County and Pi-obat^ Convoiuiomi «nd for thirolootlon of a TOWN (lOMMri^TFJK. J. U, UAYTKWfCiH/ ,/fi, Ohulrtnan rjTowo (Jommlttoo, , A STUDIOS All IimtrimimitH 'J'aught, Madu AH Low AH 57 So. Main St f 'M. FOH 8ALIO—On Now llnvon rond, a brand now inodorn 5-rooin onc- (Vunlly honsn rind Wirago. 'vLar^n lot. Prlnn, JpiWOO, Also brand nu\v /i-room houso, All iijiprovRhifints, with ono oxlrn rooin unfirilshorl, Largo lot, -Prlcjo %WQ. A, ; Shop- loy, ToUiphono 24MM, FOII SAIJC—iiiinlc! Luck! What nn Inynstnuuit, JfJ 1-2 poroont. A room - 2 .family 'hoiiso, -'5 .yaragns • arid storo, Ihoomo"$07 -monthly, i|<7,000, 9 room 8 family 'house on Carrol Hlit'not, .fif>r>00, fi(jo- Patsy Lah- rlola, 'Monitor, 172 Hlg-h strool. n M58, SPEAK UP, SOOTHSAYER-WHAT WILL YOU? OR MUST. I FLOG LOOSE YOUR LYING TONGUE 1FITPLE^SEYOUR MAJESTY, I HAVE LOOKED INTO THE V SPIRIT SMOKE.' BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH f King Feature* Syndicate* Iric, World rlghu reserved, BIG SISTER ii i iii,sTi';«iiN< lly, fiOWOMt prlnnH— (HVH.V «M K, Mftlii r Cor, Goln, Wiitorbury Tel, rt-OWO • - - > 7-8J-tf FOM SALE—17 rtoros wlfh <JOO f««t •front. Brook and largo barn,'ijU800. /\. Shop toy. iSfaugntiiok 2/iiW,- i; For Rent Real Estate TALK ThlO MUCH ABOUT YOU'VE LAID AN EGG. i SHOW. ME-WHERE' IT IS/ By LES FORGRAVB SHEJur^TKEEPS. -/.WHY;SHE WONT^~,, ,. GOIN(S AROUND /N / WHERE THB'E(5<5-.I5.YOU CIRCLES WITH-ME ' '-BEHIND HER.. 1 <^F\V^ '• . l9 . 4 /' K'"B.Tc.;ti\iiift«Sy n Jicaic.'Ttic., World rn;lid rcK-'nTil. I-DID LOdK TOR/•'SHEkL'.ee "LAYING IT/ BUT r CAN'T / TOMORROW. WATCM AND ^ FIND IT '^^rl FOLLOW, MER TH6Ni.YOOVL Fl ; ND HER . .NEST. trunk, To I. liny box A dlmt tut of •vtry 15 OUR QUOTA for VICTORY wHt) U.S. WAR BONDS 72 Apui'tnnjriU ond'T«nemfmbl T o or G rof)ms by Amorlonn ftimjiy; -,-P I ft I -8454. MUGGffS AND SKE-BTER By WALLY ANTKO— Hoiit o'f 4 or 5 i;oomrf by '.fanijly.or two p(lii]l,H. , Ipv'.Jng Roson- 'blatt, tol'op'hono "3742 or- 2705, . ' 8-iO-dO, HIOiN'T-FnrnlshtMl room /snll- •abl« TOP, two gontlcJinon'. Apply 59 •, : -avoruib/ '.i-, .' •-'»'• •.- i'oom.s, .suitable for oouplo, Addpss Uox n, XJOP.O of ' MR.BROWNIMR BROWN^DELIVeRV FROM SCHMIDT'S BAKERY |f BREAKFAST RO •_» *t WE FINISHEP BREAKPAST WOUPS AGO /'HERE'S NO POINT-fN ROLLS AT TEN O'CLOCK/' YOU'LL MAVE TO DO BETTER TMIN3 TO VQ IS THE NAME HERB ARE YOUR BREAKP ROLLS// WEU,.T CAN'T ' 6ET MERE ANV EARLIER.?. \ ' Copt. 1943, lOnj Fticure* Sywlfc«c. Inc., Woe Id rjghtt ttttnvt.

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