The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1939
Page 7
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TlltmSD'AY, -NOVEMBER 2, 1930 Nazi Raider Seizes U. S. Sliiii *•'•*,•* *' ; * » • ^ NEWS.. First Condemnation Action Oct. 27 Affects 50 Land Owners WEST POINT, N. Y,, Nov 1 frP " * tte - sro °l)> iMUIefleia 'foi Uio army's fnt.ure officers will lie Kl!!'«^^"^c- Oovernmrnl attorneys arc push- iig .ttgollaiiott, for an even!,,.,! ir>.OCO-acre addition to the re .s-w- vation, which ,drcady S))1 . Avvls „ ' "^ <*"""« ..' officers admit that al..though (he project coincides with the War Department nrmy expansion program, enlargement, of Ihe 01 Heels' training unit considerably predates recent, activity. MaiM weio authorized by Congress in 19^1 ami ?l..iOO,000 was appropriated for Hint purpose. Maneuver Fields Included .' H will offer, cxteiisivc facilities for field training iu'lhc academy s own back yard. Provision Is made for maneuver ncWs. camp slles, and practice ranges. Tlie ranges will permit, small nrms and rifle target shooting, phis . ]j sllt neW artillery training. Tlie projected boundaries also will surround three small lakes providing a new water supply an iron mine, the fcrmer j. Pierponl Morgan sumpier estate nnd virtually win engulf Hudson township. More thaii 50 landowners are scheduled lo appear at Federal Court in New York Citv Oct ->1 for the initial actiqu lit one of'the largest condemnation proceedings undertaken in this section of the couiitry-2,G55 acres is sought, by the government. The project marks the first major expansion of" the military academy since its Inception early m the 19lli century on a.siie militarily significant almost since America was colcimed. At Hudson Bottleneck Before the United Slates became n nation, and for many years after the Hudson bottleneck" was the' : military key to control of the con- : tineiit. At the outbreak of the Revolution, the Colonists and British realized ( lhe importance cf the Hudson Vnllcy, and West - Point became the strategic center Gen George ;;, Washington established' headquarters there in 1779. ' If-was,'thrce-years--earlier thnt Gen. Heni-y Knox proposed a national military training school Although the Continental Cnigrcss resolved thai a committee prepare such a plan, no action was taken until after, the War. Then, Gen. Washington recommended 'establishment O f the military .post at West Point. Teh 'cadets, attended the u s Military Academy's first classes July .4. 1802. ..In 1812 it was expanded to ;nccoimncdate 250 'cadets and in-I9n was evolved Into substantially its/present form. Its authorized enrollment is 1,050 cadets c p Auxiliary Fire •Serv.n Would Have Cost Large Sun, LONDON, NOV. 1. (UP) ._ .|i ln .vTlmion il,nt l|,» wnfto foi ihc,d()i| Auxiliary j^A-V t f ?1 4. * ,*\' ^ *r $• ~^ German Cniispi r ^$%.™ f %*•* •, \ A * ^"ij * ""' * % f <\ t &H J VV "&? * < SMi*W« V t >^ V ' . S? .v v^ Xi.x* ~ :. .*6 ! ^^ **^i!^^. kN V^< I } n -^ »s i.^'SsaJ '^ r «i t.* 1 l l v< ^V^'pHi 71%^rfc^ry^ v,^^w J^V..vS Ai" *^5 t> J r) nppei left 11)10 h-id uscued 220 Mhcnn ^uriuois, gets hi. second bum. ™IFI, """ *' -"""" -"«.-;':,^€HE«,-r"' It Won't Be Long Now! *V '""^PTWQWBT JK^Kf— " i^^n •.!, . Steele-Cooter . Society—Personal Hostess To Hunco Mr. and Mrs. Jsines L. Cassidy cnlertained lour tables of bunco players at. their home Monday night. The entire home was decorated in Halloween.- ' , The high score prizes went to Rucl Ashc'r and Mrs. Tom Perry, bunco to Tom Lewis and Mrs Perry, (raveling - bunco to Mr Lewis and Mrs. Fred Vaughn and low score to Tom Burns and Mrs Ruel Asher.' : " The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Asher, i\tr. and Mrs. Tom Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Burns. Mr and Mrs. Pred Vaughn, Mr. and Mrs Abner- Ashcrnfl., Mr., and Mrs Tom Perry, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill RI, S . sell. The hostess served chicken salafl sandwiches, pickles,- olives, potato chips orange cups of fruit salad' cookies nnd iced drinks. • * • Missionary Society Meets There were H members present at the 'regular meeting "of the Woman's Missionary Society when they met at the Methodist Church Monday afternoon for social day. DRIVE TO LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION ARK-MO STATE LINE FOR Gas and Oil NOW MANAGED BY ' Walter Cox, Jr. and E. M. Murray The high score prize went, lo rs. J. II. Workman, second high to Mrs. w. c. Held, brlclgo lo Mrs Jerry Holly and in Hie fortune box Uic prize went lo Mrs. Havmoiifl Brooks. .. . •' : The hosiers served toasted cheese sandwiches, orange cups of fruit salad, devils food cake will, orange icing and chinks. ° * * * i Miss Eunice Giilhric of Jolnev Ark., ( spent Sunday here with her sister, Mrs, Until Lnwlipii. A large number cf friends aild datives from Cooler are In Bells Tenn., today for the funeral of Jesse Crowe who died yesterday Air. and Mrs. Dan I'orlis Jv nnd daughter, Daimettc, of Le- panlo, .Ark., spent Sinulny here ns suest of Mr. nnd Mrs. A Jordiin. •-- '.. . Bloncy Is Trash—At 2 AM SPRINGFIELD. Mass, (UP) — Stanley Oronskt, <M, was- convicted of tlruiikoiiness after n ii:llc(mmn tcstlilcd he H'as walking nlonjf East Main street at 2 n.m.—tcnrlna wp S5 Mils. Take (he carinulTs out of mothballs, lor here con,e* old man Winte Blboml n Edmonton, .Alberta, Caiftda, leaves 12 inches of fflo for, hmiMhoUleis lo dear from walks and hernlcLs approaching en.-] to mild spell in U. S. M The hostesses were Nfis. J, p Vlekery and Mrs. II. S. Hollcy. The meeting was opened wltii prayer by Mis. Newbcny Johnson nfu?r which Mrs. P. P. McCutchen gave n splendid report on the 4tli chapter of the Bible study book '•Songs cf Zion". Mre. Qeorge Spence gave Ihe World Outlook program assisted by Mrs. E E Bcnton, Mrs. Lucille Stephens nnd Mrs. Jiianlm'Sfcele. Tlie hostess served a lovely re- freshment plate. Next. Tuesday the society will have nn nil day pot luck dinner nt the church in observance of the Week of Prayer. Mrs. McClann entertains at Uflrtjc Mrs. E. w. McCann was hostess to fcur tnbles of bridge "itests at her home Friday night, when she had sixteen guests from Cooler and Stccle. The Hallowe'en motif wns carried out in the decorations ,1— Coming-New Showboat Dixie Queen PRESENTING "THE PEfiSSHflUTV B1BL" A MODERN COMEDY-DRAMA IN FOUR ACTS , ALL-KEW VASDEVILIE SOTS At the Following Landings. ' ONE NIGHT ONLY Cottonwood Point ................... : ............ Thurs. Nov. 2 * arf "f ......................................................... Sat. Nov. 4 usccola ....... ii»« M c Wi i • ...................................................... M O». Nov. 6 W)lson ......... :•: ........................ - ............... ....... Wed. Nov. .8 CHILDREN 25c .RESERVED SEATS CURTAIN -8:15 P.M. Sluilcnls from 47 Stales HANOVER, W.U. (OP)—MI states but one—Nevada—arc represented In the student body nl- Darlmouth college this year. There aic 701,3 persons (v Hie square mile In England. Air rndiistry lion,,, SAN FRANCISCO,- Cal. (UP)As the result of sharp incrcnscs In . qcstc lllr a c orders, CnJIfofnln's avlallcn - 1 ,year lm» ptiu;:«l iiuthoi'l- f o 01 ' 1 !'." 1 ,"" 1 '" 1 of I he oityvs uiv i aid Al. piwciit. London | ms „ f(m ,. of 2MOU mixlllnry flm,,,--,, 1 . ( ,,' ( 'n-. ing $12 u week, in luKiiiii), „, , Jlf) JJKrwsioiwi flw-tWilcW and Ifl.wiS uii'n who Imvfl volunie.M'nl llifir OTVIPOJ for ,. . f,w hours „ n y wlllioiii. paynieiil. • ' " I " ilJ '"'" y ,° r »'«- auxiliary aroniiHcliMl (o iho r,B sin'° n "' 1X "" lmi P "'° l la «l °, ri - m , 'I«CMI ii| various iuil)-ji!n|l (In. city, .,'-,„; b , n-irt or (l llw wiMmion, rrachliiK rtlmeuslons wlili-h UK, mmiorltle.s (, explore tho vvliolo .sHimlloii;. Ofhrr Ki'Ciionilc.s- Siinilur lo |l,(. stl , |JK , Mussolini Names 'New Army Chie , -. employlnjr cO more men than a'year officials huvi! amiounccd. per cent ' ' Lcllt of •loiidmi's nlr mid -piwaiiiioiw" i-ycciusnie oxpecled, lo hu ,mule III the pei.soinifl of tin; riri>-(l|iu|. crvlccs. A number of n lo moil reeolvliicr imymenl urcbui,i\- wlllbe <ll S) «l.«ed 11 ' clJlll)li The anlhoiltle.'i, hoivcvVr, do not mend lo reduce tho slreiiBlli O f Uio rii-c.-iightcM, • ,,nd (hey nro confident, that sufficient, volunteers are available, lo nil tho gups C re- nlcd by. the dismissal' of whole- line firemen. . -.. ^Miiiiy of these firrincn gave up other onpliynieiil at (he 'outbreak of war to enter Ihc flro service ind in order not .to'inliici. hiira- flill) on them, the .Homo. Office Una instructed local authorities carefully to review Inch' cases nuO not another job In go lot ' ' Mu«olh,l shnlcos up M; cabinet • "1 Minjr iiBiilii. Matsimi fio- < ol o Ornrlanl, nbovo, vclo/.w of Lihyni, and Kthloplan en m . ;" K "'' " 1Kl foim «f nthloplnn •Iwioy. wiccccd, Gen. Alherto I^!» ns aimy clilcr ot Mart'. _&>!..(. icclucltoiH in the .slnrr W °" c11 e nk Th t fci ,, ic Auxlllmy expected to be mm te lecolvc JB a week «W o «w« to f ,° f Lomlo » C0ntc " (l tlnu lhc VOU11U «"> vacancies c Point fltit that - \oluntcci r flic .slnllons nnd biib-stiitloiio when an air.mid wnniliii, | Riven they can icnch theh .-.tatloir on bicycles to iclufoico Ih6 .skelc (on slnff on duty. vVhoilici inch n contention !• PAGE SEVM ,,,!' offlcla|t! sa - v cn » « «* only by,nn nlr jaid shd the plan, Uicn bo »vl«d cr adJ, Js t« futihe situations, , C'ron? Afore 1'eanul KANCIER, Tex. „ ,n county, one of several conntfo, that Have tiling peanut-raising as a folj-),,, £ mid casli crop. t lie "FKrd" Jltre ' A! ?' (UP) - Assistant, « ,„ Alvln McConnell, and |W ho officers Monte Pnlbrd and John envy paid fines of ?l-each for ovciiinie pinking near tho cfty linn \ m ' l ' 1C WorUI " vo<lllce<1 tens of newsprint, of Canada contilbiited more 5vcrything-for your enter- fninmcni nnd comfort. Watch Society Paf« Of Courier News F« Free Show Gnetti .ast Times Today THI SOMANCf Of ' HOUTWOOO PROM 1 BATHING BtAUTtlS » TO WORLD ^^n mi mm I IOWI«I««HII«C.»UI( siuini f ««M . no r '' A 20ih C gu conns A<hnt,i!oii Sfalinec 10c & Iflo & 3Se *$$$$» FRIDAY Good Reasons anil also SO.ftO flboipltaisons you shiiolri attend'the uintiiiDc ol' night, , TASTE THIS GREAT KENTUCKY WHISKEY P ' US jfe| NCESTRY A True Blue-Gross At the Peak of 4-Year-Old "Form ve you eve K»T BAUPflCE . FOflNK IfcHUCH . CI^U, IIOYD BACON . Pminl.,1 b> WARNIR EROS, tc.Mn f\tt ty Vt lUi^y and Wall/ KJeh i B«oa f a S!«V !» llau ROXY rH.-S»t-Snn. Last Times today n.VUGAlN MATINEE lOc to Ercrybnily Hargaln Night Show ICe & 20o (Tax Included) TKe style sensation of the NewYodi show is taking America by storm » r? AT 1 *rf\ t-r*r> i ..,» ' . f way that foretells a nationwide' sweep to Pontiac! So if you haven't inspected l!ie 1940 Pontiacs—be I T'S GREAT TO STRIKE Out boldly .in a new direction- create a totally different kind of motor-car: beauty—have it viewed by authorities and the great motor- show throngs—and hear it acclaimed as the hit of hits! Because Pontiac's new Torpedo styling has "c!icked"-and "clicked" in the wise and don't btiy until you dol You'll see irresistible external beauty matched by appealing in. tcrior luxury. You'll sec added fffrtffaC tn frU« a*J IWfttgaaM length-added room-added comfort in the biggest, most beautiful Pontiacs ever built. There are 17 sixes and.tights to choose from- and any one wilt lead ihc style parade! Droadiray nnd Walnut ^LANGSTON-WROTiSN CO. Rlythcvlllc, Ark. will. Jlarjorie Reynolds & Verna Hille. Also sclrctcd shorts Friday - Saturday Also cartoon & 'serial Dcrildogs." CqnlliiHQus show Saturday. ,.•:••.•.' Adm: Ma'iintVs Jt Nlgliis 10ft A 2Go

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