The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1932
Page 8
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KT.YTlllW1f.LE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WIN >imi S. FIRE Cross Roads of the Pacific ' - Is A Melting Pot of Many -."Races. . By.NEA S«vlce •'Has Hawaii, the famous "Melling pot of Ihe Pacific," at lasl foiled lo melt? . The events that have followed Ihe Stilling of a native in Honolulu as a.result of an attack on the wife of an American naval officer have raised (his question. , Hawaii, with Its rapidly growing population of nearly 400,000. presents probably the most complex mlxture^of races to be found anywhere In the world.- Its population is made up of native Hawaliflns, of Portuguese, Japanese, Anglo-Saxons,' Filipinos, Chinese, Porto Rlc- ahs' and Koreans. ; No nationality can claim more than a third of its total population, and In the veins of many ol Its inhabitants is the mixed blood ol many races. * « • • ..This strange racial mixture under Uncle' Sam's Hag Is a resull ot | . ' the'rapid and profitable develop- | . IM)r <"'d the .Sch,,(lcld urmy kirm-ks io the dij- inent of Hawaii as a sugar and pine- I? ,°' c "a'"'"'" K™i|> In (he Iropiral mM-rs.-Hlf. .apple producer which has re.sujied flciiECcl Amtrlcan clllrcu as ..he «us burn under in' the cxporls as high as $102,000,- Where Trouble Threatens as Result of Native's Death - a. year. . To reach this figure, ft has been . necessary for the sugar barons and ihe pineapple princes to Import great numbers ol laborers from Japan, from China, from the Philippines,' from Porto Rico, trom Korea,' and from oUicr park* of the world wlwre cheap native labor ts plentttul: .'Most ol these laborers arc brought to the Islands on contracts, under wWeh they 'work (or five years at stipulated wages for the concern paying their passage. At the end of ; th'ls period some return to th;lr na- "ilve lands, but many find U:c balmy 'climate and the easy lite of Hawaii to their Ifking and remain to add to Ihe constantly growing problems of the territorial government, '..Hawaii was annexed. to the Unlt- .W States when IU new republican government's petition for annexation was adopted by Congress and signed by President McKinley in 3898. A previous petiliO!!, In 1895, ' Jiad been rejected by President Cleveland. Previously, Hawaii had been a kingdom. ~ * * • • '.Hawaii's population, in round .numbers, Is divided as follows: Na- -tlve -Hawaiian, 20,500; mixed Hawaiian, 23,000; Chinese, 32,000; Japanese, 144,'000; Portuguese', 32,000; .Filipino, 70,000; Porto Rican, 8000; .Korean,' 7500; Anglo-Saxon, Including' 15.000 soldiers, 40.000. . :Hono!ulu, the commercial and political capital or the territory, is a modern city of 150,000 population on the Island of Oahu. Its citizens in- .'Clutle a majority of the Anglo-Saxons on. the Islands, a iargc share of .the. .native and mixed Hawallans, '«rid thousands ot the x Asiatics wlio "do most of the heavy work. i ':R'ace ts always a big issue in elections, and since the Haivsilans are ,U.. S. citizens, menibcrs of that race »re usually' given the more Important posts in the local government. ' , One recent political aspirant claimed Hawaiian, Portuguese, Filipino *nd Japanese blood as h!s principal qualifications for office. Juries are made up of men of main- races. ... • • * • •; Of the 250,000 or more Asiatics on the islands, less than 50 per cent era citizens, and few of those who are take the trouble to vote. This .fact gives Ihe Hawaiian element of the islands" the dominant voice in politics, .and a combination of the Portuguese and Hawaiian elements is. almost always successful. : Racial prejudices awl hatreds arc offset to a certain degree by the public- school system, which makes pbymates of Japanese and Portuguese, Chinese and Filipino, and by the numerous intermarriages which, in time, may bring about, an entirely new race, not European ana not Asiatic. ^Regardless of their parentage, all CWAfiCl __ . TO «AN FMMCHKO-zoOt KU. Gandhi Foe diiMren born in Hawaii are. of course, American • citizens, and this fact Is expected to make the Japanese population a political power in (he future. Aerial Traffic Pistol Directs Planes to Earth DETROIT, Michigan, (UP)—High up in the signal control tower al iho municipal airport here n man .'.lands as planes come In directing traffic with a band shaped object 18 Inches IOIIK anil e't'hl Inches in diameter, it Is tilled wilh pistol grip and Irls'eers. As (he planes hover tn close the man can be seen pointing the "wcnpoii" a; them. U Is an nerial traffic light whlrt Is visible only to ihe plane, al which il is pointed. When Ihe red light fhlm's Ihc pilot must circle some mere, but when he spots Ihe ureeii the Held Is clear for him lo brlnif his plane down. Petrified Park Unusual Sight in South Dakota LEMMON, S. Dakota, (UP) — This (own of l.BOO population boasts of one of (he most unique- public porks In Ihe world. O!e S. Qtmmmcn, former mayor ot Lemmon, caused hundreds of tons of petrlflcrt trees and fossilized bones of prchlslorlc animals ID be nsiirabled just oil (!H principal street In Ihc center of Ihe loft-n. The principal figure In the park Is a castle constructed entirely of petrified wood slabs. Pyramids ind spires nnd other objecls mnde Irom the wood surround the castle. More than 300 Ions of tho ock were used In the constructor! of the building which is 31 led long, 24 (net wide and 30 feet high. No More Gas In Stomach and Bowels If you wish to be permanently relieved of gas in stomach and bowels, take Baalmntm's das Tablets, which arc prepared esiwially for stomach gns and all Ihe bad effects resulting from gas pressure. That empty, gnawing feeling at (he pit of ihe stomach will disnp- ixar; that anxious, nervous Iccl- ing .with heart palpitation will vanish, and you v,ill again be able to take a deep breath without discomfort. That drowsy, sleepy feeling niter dinner will be replaced by n desire for entertainment Bloating will cease. Your limbs, armr, and fingers will no longer feel cold and "go to sleep" because Banlmnnn's Gns Tablets prevent gns from interfering with the circulation. Get Ihe genuine, tn the yellow package, at any good drug slorc. Prico SI. Always on hand at CITY DRUG STORE Prize Winning Family PAY YOUR TAXES NOW he * Vy penalties - attorney's fees SUB-DISTRTCT NO. 3 & TYRONZA SUB-DISTRICT NO. J OF GRASSY T " Miss Muriel tin st fortune- because 'Christmas Card Gives Away Valentine Sender 1932 (Continued from cage one) olfcrca with a icduclloii of aboul $900 in annual charges, and two furlher rale reducHorn with reduc-' tlon of while way service arc offer- i cd. The one looked upon by Hie al- i derrnen and mayor with mcst favor i last nigh'. Involves a itducilon ol i $1194 In annual charges and the | use. of only ont light on each thr.-c- ' globe u'hlietvay paJe from 10 o'clock nnlil 12 o'clock a', night, instead of j the use of all three llghu on eacr. pole unlil jiiklniKhl, as under the present service. Asks Afliun mi Water Kutcs P. C. IXmgmS, local iiilorhey and properly owner, a.skcj Ills council to dls|x>sc o; a proiwscd ordinance that passed first and .second read- Ing back In 1S130 and had been loU In the shullle or put aside. H involved reduction of Ihe minim of nuiilie.s opened and the foriml charge for water service from SI .SO resolution will probably have to be to tl.OO per month and additional na.ssc<| at the session n"\t Tiio«>lav .reduction of rates. Monthly reports <if heads of Ihe Mayor Reed nnd several oily of- I police (Icirarlmpnt. enfiinesr's de- 'l'|''tmtnl. fire dcparlm.'nt and the" city auditor were receivt^l. Upon ihc shoulders of Viscount V/il- linydon, above, resU; the difficult taik of aliemullng to preserve p-ac° In troubled India after tho arrest of Mahtuma Oatidhl. BIT7 RllL muniHIi Last Time Today Matinee— 2:30 Adm -JI«tiiiee^ NiKhl— 10 and SK'K 'Delicious' with • Janet Gaynor ami Charles Far roll Also News and Comedy Thursday and Friday A<lm.—Matinee—10 mul 30c —10 nix! Me TWO, who make motion - ))icUu-(,- his- expressed a willingness to reduce the wnlcr rales if they could. Mayor Rml voiced (he opinion that the present condition ot the water company, now in the lianis ot a federal receiver, might preclude any chance of .SUCCP&S In a move lo reduce rates. He asked Mr. Douglas lo study the legal points involved and give his opinion at the adjourned meet in B. A prolonged discussion of water r*rvlc« here followed several Singer Turned to Anvil After Revolution' BOSTON, Mass. (UP) — Gm- s;ppc Gozzi, wlio once sang bari- lone parts with ojK'ra company in Italy and Jfcxico, (s a blacksmith at a Brighton iron fountirv. One after he had sui ng a lic;il joke wilh a-long-distanco end- Ing developed here over the holidays, when Francis X. Norris, as- slslant district attorney, revealed that a comic valentine he had sent a fricntl lasl February hail backfired. The friend carefully preserved the unsigned comic valentine and comjjared U with the handwritings OH the Christmas cards he received. Tear Gas Gun Gives Cafe Customers "Weeps" EL PASO, Texas, (UP) — Copious tears were shed In a cafe here because of the carelessness of Deputy Constable Hcrmengildo Garcia. Garcia, while exhibiting a teargas-'gun to ,a friend, .accidentally discharged, the weapon. "The trigger catch «lipped, teargas filled the air, everybody cried Garcia .said-at an CelcLrate Go!,'.,,, W ort,1l,, B con-.plcled a halt century cf mnr- ROCIIESrBR, N. Y. ,UP>-Mr.|ricd,l(rc. They ,vere m lr ,'.ed in "ntlMrs. Charles L. Irwin have'1881. "I don't want' to carry it around longer." . ' • Tivt Ocean SWps at Albany ALBANY, ;N.. y; /UPJ^-Albany's fame as."a' pbrt':"riaV been'further attested 16 by the fact, that five the council his company, was ready for a rale hearing nny time. Rales j here are lower Hum in Jonesboro ' where a municipally owned plain j Is In operation, Hill contended, and ' said, his company wouJd be glad lo give Blythcville consumers tile "Jowsboro rate." The minimum monthly rate in Jonesboro is only one dollar but the consumer xho pays a $3.00 water bill here woukl pay a '$3.e0 bill In Joneiboro. Hill declared. He also deplored the practice of certain property owners here who, Hill stated, use on'.y ens msler and run "grapevine" water connections lo a numba- o! houses, serving several families from one meter. Some aldermen suggested lhat consumption of water should be t.-.e real basis for water charges and not the number of meters. Telephanc rates and service Carrie in for a brief share of the general comment on ulililics near the close of ihe session. With a view to ascertaining if reduction of phone rates is possible, Mayor Re«l asked City Attorney Crawford to sludy ordinances or regulations under which tne phone service is operated here by the Southwestern Bell Telephone company. Monlhly bills were read by Ihe He y e city clerx immediately after (he E£ !±f ^SSi'jnl^l ^lon^ened—tn^I id UK.' theaters were forsook opera for he had learn- --_'r. Gozzi, who is 34, adds lo his blacksmith's pay by singing at dinners and other social functions courier Newa wjmt Ads Pay. GEM THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday Matinee—2:80 - Night— 6Mo, Aclm.—Matinee ami Might—i \ 10 and 2ac .See 'Get Rich Quick WailiMford' William Haines and Leila Hymcs Also News and Short Subjects Also Cartoon and Comedy Here is a •picturoahat tak&s Us place among the screen's migitioKt! You.can oiiJythink of "The Kid" in the same brealli! Metro-Goldwyn-ifaycr Picture If babies came...wrapped in Cellophane/ •* IfBatyBillorllahyJane Came ligblly wrapped in Cellophane, Oust- ami moisture-proof al birth, Would thill affect the baby's worth? • You know your pleasure and your priiie Depend upon the thing inside, And Cellophane lias never yet Made up for lack in cigarette! Tho' OLD GOLDS come iu Cellophane It isn't that which makes us vain ... It's prime tobacco, sun-caressed That gives their smooth and honeyed zest. i SMOKE PURE.TOBA-CCO OLD GOLDS jlio tittitici;il Uavora ' to sor.ilrli t\\c tUroal ir \. L. i XT OP. l-.iiirjr.UV.Ioc.

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