The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1941
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 11, BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Tide Of Fashion Runs Shoulder Hi^h PAGE THREE i Instructors Sera p Old Traditions To Give' Youth New Outlook SAPULPA, Okla. i UP)—"Will/the class please lie down on the floo 1 and take a nap?" I That is just one of the unorthodox instructions given at the Euchee Indian School for Boys In * Sapulpa, tribal education center f where streamlined leaching meth- < cds are beintj- te.sted. f The school's methods are syn- ' chronteed 10 meet the needs and I demands of today's Indians who j face adjustment in the white man'*- *• world. Rev Heagy, superintendent sees education for the red man a bit differently from the class room instruction for paleface brother*, The Euchee school, with 126 boy^. is .stressing the need for adjustment and conditioning of Indian youth to meet the kind of life they will lead, which Ls not that of the majority of white citizens. Course Covers 4 Years This school is putting emphasis on farm and agricultural life, on handicraft and design. "Training for the experience of life, not its experimentation" is the credo Heagy preaches. Practical application of the three R's, in so far as it Ls needed, is taught. But Heagy has revamped the life perspective .of the Indian boys who spend four Benenson chows one of her years of their grade schooling in tcrlct ' kih Euchee. ° \ are blue "I want them to be useful ciii- STORIES IN STAMPS dclny lion. development of (his condi- Motorist Shuns Licenses Involved In Past Mishaps DUNKIRK, N. Y. (UP)—James A. Vlfichos was 11 little put out when In* received license plates numbered 3-jl ijuo insiejid of l-H IJOO.' He | had bi'i'ii receiving the latter num- j ber for several yours and decided to invi'.siigiu.i' the change. Vlnchos, as a Imbiiy, ia-i-ps :i rec- MiMnuiactuiv of ice neam. ices mid ' cml (;J Hvensi- numbers of uuto- GENEVA. N. V. .UP), moms can-led on in the <juiry oratory ol t,h,> New York Aj'.ricuhuriil Mutton hi-rr indium- ihat cunt si^ur or syrup nmy replace appro.ximutely om?-fourth ul (tie cum 1 suuur now used in the ihunni«ie->i, Norway,' is 'ihe northornmosfc city In the world. Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, with Ease for Stomach, too \Vhcn constipation brings on acid in- uiKestion. stomach upset, bloating, dizzy «f Jells, «as coated iou«ue, sour taste and [>;uJ Breath, your stoninch is probably crynin the bluc«" because your bowels ' ,HMV short capes, .-_*.X:iiki£s left, \vitli "huj;" slumhli'i-s with u silk print of Hi- to themselves, citizens who can live a civilized and self-sustaining life within the bounds of i heir capacities and within the provinces of their interests." Heagy said. Tnerefore. Indian boys at Euchee are not taught to keep quiet in the classroom. Instead, they are encouraged to talk out loud- supervised, constructive conversation, of course. Heagy recommends the suggestive psychology of "do" rather than "don't." Cuoking: Classes Held Classes in cooking, furniture making, decoration, painting, plastering and paper-hanging are routine courses. Shortly after lunch, tribal students who wish to do so. take blue circles and tiny white flowers in all-ever tfcsi B u on sea-a nemo no pmk bm-kirrouml Thor<- oldhsh clips ut the iieekline, ami ph.k K ohm,;i t lu:lkl , the , )e!1 1)Ucklc . Featun;il iu rim , 1(MUl|lson - s day dress of black silk ierscv. soon at r i K IU. Hor^iilal, loop«'«j ^M^VroW History of Weapons Detailed in Stamps rpHERE'S plenty of war in stamp " designs. Victors and victories- seem to be n favorite choice of ' postage designers. And you'll find ' every weapon m:w has em- \ ployed iu warfare chronicled in ', tlie catalogues. Typical issue is Finland's stamp, above, picturing a «TOSS-bowman of the late middle ujres. Man probably fought first with his lists, so a Greek stamp pictures boxers. Later he took up clubs, then spears and bows nnd arrows. Stamps of Ruanda-Uranda show 'primitive spears and shields; archers are well scattered through the stamp albums from Bolivia's natives to Switzerland's William Tell. Early armor is pictured in Italy's stamp showing Aeneas at the head of his army, ;lnd later developments of body protection can be found iti Rhodes' Crusader. Liechtenstein's knights, P o r t u g a 1's chain-mail clad King Alfonso Henriques. Morocco's Ramparts of Sale show an old cannon. Modern armament is plentiful, especially in Russian, Spam's)), Austrian and Kalian issues. Austria showed men in trenches and n creates an apron line bcio iv the waist and ;, "souncatcher" shelf just "above U. IJy MARIAN YOUNG NEA Service Staff Correspondent NEW YORK.—The battle of the shoulder lin» rages furiously in the spring fashion openings of New York's most famous designers. Tall, blonde a n d beautiful Sophie Gimbel. head designer at Saks Fifth Avenue, scornfully rejects sloping shoulder lines as un- ;•••> becoming, unnecessary and un- ] £$ worthy of her artistic attention She points out that obvious pad ding has not existed in clothes of her creation for the past thre seasons, anyway. She further points out that nobody is going to find either conspicuous padding ^•>? 4«^ ^ - fr** ••* \ •> eifl they have woven and flop down or complet under their seats for JSL nap. They i an V Collection get up and wash their faces and a i ~ con class in laundering is held under i On the other h.urJ. lack oi padding in of hers anvtime teacher's supervision. Tubs, wringers and: laundryv SO ap are provided •5'uru. clarl' artistic Fira Benenson, chief de- ^ signer at the equally swank -Bon | 1 •- - * „_ ,_, , _ . Vfc .. ***. *-^n*,kkij .:»> CII1JV LJ-Jf I irom a specially constructed room, i wit Teller salon, uoes all out fo Clothes lines are strung across one sloping shoulders—in a n'ce 1 waj end of the class room and the wash The shoulder lines on Miss Be is put out, nenson's chic- clothes do not "droop L. u Litilefield, agricultural '.she'd rather the word not be supervisor.' is teaching the Indian jJ mentioned 'U all), but they are boys about herds and their care. : rounded. And they do emphasize All students who want them re- • ni P s in il way thai is charming o: ceive a-setting' of eg^s -and are per- ' l '-iP-V looting, depending entire- mitted to take the chicks home with them a-, the end of the se' cn y° ur personal point of view, Anyway. Fira Benenson calls mesier. Before' they go. they con- her Bounded line the "hug" shoul- i struct pens nnd .small hatcheries. I der - Anci there are plenty of Tribal Languages Spoken Conversation in tribal tongues in her spring "hug" shoulders collection. is encouraged and the "40 - acre i !IAT BUTTONS ON campus is a babei— Creek, Choc- j A IIAT B ^ x PRINT taw, Euchee and Chickasaw. Even ! The Benenijon trimmin-s and Heagy doesn't understand. all of it. gadgets couldn't be more"' subtle. But one thing- the superintendent or. in fact, more interesting She do3s i-.nderstand. and that is the uses hat buttons on a hat bo need of making the Indian suffi- print. A less adroit designer would • S on«-- eiant m himself, self - sustaining have used tiny hat- boxes for buttons ' and self-supporting and satisfied to match the printed motif. in the maze of the fast-moving She uses angel fish clips and a world into which he is thrown but buckle on a .scorpion print dress- •liich he doesn't always altogether white crocheted hats to match like - ! crocheted collars and cuffs on dark ! its ' silk modern warfare, including bombing and gas, in a 19.')-! series. Spain has machine 1 gunners and grenade throwers. And don't forget -the anti-aircraft gun of the U. S. defense scries. In 11 bulletin describing, tin* experiments, Dr. A. C. Duhlbm, said the most Siuisfuctory results wen- obtained with ice cream when 2ft per cent of the Minusc or cane su- utii' was replaced by corn .sweeten- ei's. "Bused upon sweetness alone," Dr. Dahlber[< sahl. "n pound of I'mie sugar wn.s equal t.o 1.1 pounds i:f corn su^ur or dextrose., i,f> pounds ol ctixyinc-coiivei'ti'd corn syrup, nnd two pounds of com .\vrup solids. Whew usr-d in these pi'cjxii'lions, tin- corn sweet en erf. showed slight bn dethUto impfove- meni, In body mui texture of tee en-am which could bo detected by eensumers. Consumevs were unubie to lelt whether corn swecttmers had Ijee.n ustul, howi'ver" A shift from all crtm; mi^nr, largely Imported, lo pure corn sweeteners., entirely domestic, would represent tlu 1 use of .some '2f»,000 tons oi the corn product, by America - s tee ci-eam lmilu;|.ry euch yenr. Corn syrups are .snld to lwv« Ini- proved the body and texture of ices and sherbets noticeably. Both corn suuar and corn syrup delayed the crystalt/ation of cane sugiir which caused the condition known to the Ice cream industry a.s "pelrini'd ice or sherbet." These, sweeteners hurt little pronounced etl'oct, however, on sandiness in ice cream, caused by crystftlizailon of milk su«;nr, although the com don't move. It calls for l.axativc-Scnna ]) • tllc l "KW r °» t!los « In^ bowels, D^hVT'r' 1 '» "^W 0 " 1 * 1 " *f combincciVkh^^plV^n'^'p^S IJiinklik area, f.lancinij throufih «ispwyourston«ich5nir,kiiJK Foryea" his notes, the motorist was shocked -' IV ' ' "•.''"» 10 find tluil the I-H 500 plates hud been involved in fatal accidents In UKW and HMO. That, was enough for Vlachos. He «J)plle{J and i;ot u new pair with a. inrmbc.r that, carried no blemishes. iU lenst, according to his records. The now famous Carlsbad erns. in New Mexico, were covered tlmm.'.'.h a .stream of flyine, out of an apenlny;. cav- dis- bot.s •/•• "Doctors pave tfiven pepsin preparations in their prescriptions to make medicine more agreeable to a touchy stomach. S<> be sure your laxntive contains Synip Pojjsm. Insist on Dr. Caldwell's l.axntiveSennacoinbineil with Synip Pep- fiiii. See how wonderfully the Laxative Senna wakes up lazy nerves and nniscies in your intestines to bring welcome relief from constipation. And the good old Synii) J^ei'i'J" "takes this laxative so comfortable and easy on your stomach. Even finicky children Jove the taste of this pleasant family laxative. Bay Dr. Caldwell's Laxative Senna at your druggist today, Try one laxative combined with Syru|>Pej>sm for ease to yourstomach, too. FARMERS AUCTIOK SALE EMERY TTOSDAY! In Arkiinsus' «vi-kly . . Jit Anstiou H;iru :ill times 1 . . disinfected twice convenient prompt Corn Stalks Tested For Synthetic Rubber PEORTA. 111. (UP) —Automobile •i.'vs miide from corn stalks sound like a strange drenm. but It may l)ecome a reality if experiments be- in^ conducted at the new research laboratory here prove successful. Department of Agriculture scicn- L ist.s are inve.sti^atint' the possibility of producing synthetic rubber from the stalks or ether fibrous residue of corn. They hope to better h in quality and cost the synthetic material now manufactured from chemicals. Road Conr)er News ivanl nd«. LUX "If Euchee school makes suits; two gold . padlocks to 1 summer dinner with has black pnjiic. also rlc-rac trim- j w.irt br, K ht plaid sunh skirl nnd but n (° a 7 SC5UiirC> ! a While Jacc t0 ^- Thfc "^klacc but not exaggerated. 5s of whilc plastic fl()Wcrs _ graduates intelligent human be- fasten the front of a black silk ings, if it opens up avenues of lit- dinner jacket; short capes with eraturc. modern reading, method , "hu-T shoulders, each amusingly and direction, it will have beaten [ called "preiend-it's-a-jacket " all kinds of fancy goals of common j Mis,s Benenson shows summer ciutuie and the 'less than average 1 ! afternoon dresses of black o™<m- educatzon too frequently heaped za . transparent at upper bo°dice , and sleeves, but neglects to say just where one might wear them. A new "soupcatcher" drape Ls used for two day dresses of black .silk jersey. Both have shirred sections to create apron lines and a thickly draped look •ouon dance dresses with a or handmade detail such as nicks, shirring, intricate st :ng to form definite designs. "Sophie gray"—a subtle, pale Dunagan Heads District Group In Chan^Up Drive CABUTHERSVILLE. Mo., March *-• • ** -ifct *^i.*w, ijt\i\; rone—appears again and again in ! Mrs. both dn£ and evening cioLh-^s "Batccrsea blue" and "teacui. pins" are the soft pale .shades o; old china and enamel, neighbor" print shows hands. A French poocll skirt invariably gored for daytime, and there arc more full evening skirts than those draped to slimncss. The iannediate conclusion that Average Consumer might draw from a report of the spring fashion openings ol Sophie and Fira Benenson—both top-ranking print. tween neck and wa'stlinp<; The ,,Hn, .ilhoueu p r , 1 , llell t 11 .-John Dunagan/Caruthersville. i throughout the collection Lace- has been named chairman of Dis- all American-made-Ls a " favorite slightly trict 15 of the Missouri Brewers Association and Beer Distributors Committee, to direct activities of the Association's second-year "clean up or close up" program, which is aimed at removing placas of fabric. Waistlines are from now lower, and so are pockets. Mina yellows, ginger tones, black and navy, white prints on black are prominent colors. - - . .- . Sophie Gimbel—she'd prefer to ite and bad character in the; be called just Sophie fro: y state. Dunagan's territory comprises I on - highlights quiltint: » Pemiscot. Dunklin. New Madrd! coats, evenin» jackets and full ana Mississippi counties. Walker length evening" coate are of quilt- Pierce is president of the state as- ed silk jersey and pique with sociation and directing the "clean | tiny sequins often dramatizin- up or close up state-wide drive, j the diamond pattern of the quiit- — ; ing. Sophie does such wonderful "Apple a Day" Forgotten ATLANTIC CITY. N. J. (UP)— The old axiom about an apple a day keeping the doctor away seems to be losing its popularity' Porter R. Taylor, head of the fruit and vegetable division of the Surplus Marketing Administration said that the appi e crop has decreased steadily in; recent seasons. Read Courier News wanr HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SFHVTCE STATION 49-Msnule Battery Recharpng General Repairing, Welding Across from Red Top Gin things with our old favorite, the shirtwaist dress, that, it won't recognize itself as an old favorile. The shirtwaister line appears in suave dinner dresses with voluminous skirts of taffeta or faille and tops of aluuring, revealing lace. And it appears again in completely charming white silk and white G. G. Caudill Agency Insurance OF ALL KINDS Phone 797 106 N. Broadway was inspired by a china poodle from Sophie's own collection . Black and pink prints arc- f-uurcd. Ihcre-s lots of navy blue and j shoulders the plenty of white. 1041's TRADEMARK The turned-back cuff spring 1941 trademark of collection. Almost every suit w ensemble has a little turned-back cufi of dainty hand-work. In addition to retaining the slightly broadened shoulder line because she feels that A "S.:QOC! ! J" tlieir field—is comforting. It is thut she can dress to suit herself for the next few months anyway. As long as the designers" keep un disagreeing as to whether the silhouette w i t h sloping is belter than the !.subtly full-skirted one with »cn;ly | padded shoulders, the rest of us will be able to find a wide choice of both types. It's when they start agreeing that we arc sunk. It' all of the contouriers ever decide that one silhouette is better than all others, we'll wear that, silhouette— whether we like it or not. . Jt mini- s A "tramp" steamer is one that ana waistline. Sophie has no established trade rout.;. Coker 108 Strain 3 COTTON SEED State certified, re-cleaned and Ceresan treated. R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Rlythevillc, Ark. LUXORA Phone 42 Mat. Sal.-Smi. 2 and 'I P. m Every Night 7 P. I\I. Always We - 20c We Do Not Buy and Trade * Wl<: .HAST SELI/IT FOR YOU. »»y ami sell at a fair price, net a square deal both ways MISSCO CORPORATION HAUN ON SITK. 01J) CHICAGO MHJ, & LUMBER COMPANY BI.YTIIKVIUJ'S 1'IONIiF.Il AUCTION SALE! TUESDAY IS PAL NITU Also Selected Shorts WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY The Mark of Zorro TYRONE POWER Comedy and News CHAMPION W//CET A BEAUTYHEST L ' ™ • ' PER WEEK ' A RECORD MAKING TIRE AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 81f v ^iix ^7>4T THE ADVANTAGES F THE SeAUTYREST . Small Down Payment Convenient Weekly Payments That's how easy it is to buy this fa- nious mattress and put 'Luxury Comfort' into your home. V A Beauty rest has these advantages... it has a different and better type of innerspring: construction ... it has sag-proof edges ... it lasted : J > times longer than other mattresses in durability tests ... it is guaranteed for 10 years. Come in, see (he Beauty vest, and try its superb comfort. Then, if you like, take advantage of our special low terms. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO.

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