The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1934
Page 3
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AtiGl'ST 14, 1984 (Afeft.) COtf&IER NEWS PAGE Devic e Rvnry Science Will Quintuplets. of Modern Safcgunrt! Strike Closes Aluminum Plants; Bitter Battle Looms f'opyrlglil. 1934 »> SKA Service COHBEIU Out., Aiiu. 14.— Belore tin 1 bli-iik Ciinadhin winter Kettles down over Uiu north woods. with uelovi'-Mro winds mid hisli- pllcd snowdrifts— possibly by September—a nine-room, private hospital, complelcly equipped and modern lo Hie Insl, electric s'.vlu'i: and bit of sicrlll/ed iioiTeliilu, will house the wnrld'.s mast famous b:i- ]>ies. Tile Five Little Dionnes— Marie, Yvonne. Annette. EmeUe. and Cecile — quintupk't daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Olivu Dlomie, will live in the ftrsL public liosi>itnl ever built for the children of one family. Excavation for 111 clnrildiiig has been completed. Th:t.lw and native granite rock lias l>een im- !oaded._ Work Is being rushed lw- coils*, according to Dr. Allan Ro\ Dafoe. the country practitioner given credit lor *nvlng the lives of the children, It is viiol to the infants' continued health that they be rr.ovfd as soon as pnssihle to their iifw home. Tlivfe lo Live In Ineuhalnis Three of the five Mbies are not yet "mature"—llinl is. they do not measure up to the standards of a normal child at birth. Within 10 days, if all gors well, this condition will be remedied. Then the three must be removed from their joint Incubator to individual ones. Marie, the tiniest, who weighs only four pounds and one (jimi-lei ounce and who was given a radium treatment for a leg tumor must remain in the incubaioi for five weeks more, according, lo Dr. Dafne. In the incubators, air Is kept at 55 degrees humidity and the temperature at 75. Yvonne and Annette, each with an incubator of her own now. will lie graduated to s?ioil enamek-d beds in their new home. Although the improvised nnr- f.e.ry in the Dionne farmhouse has been outfitted with hospital equipment, instruments for registering humidity, oxygen machine, eie... u Is badly crowded anu there is constant danger of accidents. • * * Hospital to Cost S5000 The hospital—to be known as (ho Dafoe hospilnl will stand 100 yards from the Dionne homestead Ftirnace, electric light, plumbing and every device known to hospital technique will be installed. With only nine rooms, it will be. in miniature, a complete baby hospital. It will cost $5000. The Canadian Red Cross and the government of Ontario will sec to it that everything about the building is the last word in scientific development. Tlie building will be one story 'file largest room will be the hoS' pilal ward. 15 by 25 feet, at the front. Back of this will be the office, and rcfji-ption room, com billed. Pour bedrooms, kitchrn pantry, and bathroom complct the structure. • • • Wards of King George V All (Ills Is being prepared I'o the infants because they arc, i effect, wards of his majesty. Kin George V. By court action Ju ly 20, Mr. and Mrs. Dionne surrendered to crown authorities tlie oversight and care of the quintuplets for two years or more. Dr. Dafoe, who preferred that the new hospital be built near the Dionne farmhouse, instead of in the neighboring village of Callr.n- u>r or in Toronto, says. "The babies might not have pulled through anywhere else. Apart from our lack of scientific equipment at the start, tbe conditions here are Til- most ideal. "The air is pure. We have very little infection. Immature babes such as tlie quintuplets have barely any resistance. A sliny s»nn might have lakc-n them off within n few hours if the air hud been contaminated. . : These mammoth plants of the Mi'llon-controlli'il Aluminum Company of America were closed when 15,000 union ivoiki-rs walked out In live of (lie right plants of ilic so-called aluminum crust, with others prepared to follow. Shown here are the plants ni New Kensington mid Arnold, Pa., facing the Allegheny river, with Hit- thriving towas of which they are [lie chief industry in the background. The .strike, federal officials fear, may I;' 1 tin- mo-i bitter iinif.jle tbii.: mi 1 undiT the New Deal. Waters demand higher pay. shoner hours, union recognition. Privalr Hospital for Dionne Babies [This CURIOUS WORLD 'R "Hike you Asks Powers for Permission to Increase Her Armed Forces. (Cnnllnncd Fi'iuii l'in;i' One) ii.irlicil LI few mlimlr.s luliT liy lulhcr nllloinl nnd dlscluiri'txl. Mis-. Itivil iilso iTf.'U'd In Ihc llldnvll In hi'r s|n'ech nnd brought l:i'i'i'.s from lin 1 audli'iire In hjn'iik il, r of Wank. Eluilmin of C. A. Cnnnln^lmm ill illytlii'- IIU' us "deputy i;ovi-i nmV In Mis- tsjiippt counly. MKs Iti'i-d tk 1 - luird rllori.s v. oiild lv nuidi' buy volt's by tin- opposition r Ui-i'il siipiimU'rs lu'H iiidiu-y" bul "vtn viinl In." Ml. 1 -.; If-Td I'liiU'liidril lii'r CIIIH- lljjll Ill'lV \\ltllin II fl'W mill's 01 Armori'l. where .-.In- wus a ini-m- ol UK- ii'iii'lilng stall' Ins yenr. - .She .starlcd by making III- intniiU' talks whfh 1 he]- InlhtT's prmomil campaign was ii'iii]Hiriirlly InlcmipU'd by Illness nnd .soon (let'dupt'd Inin a full Hedged omi- patgnfr, tjolnij her .srparnu- «ny with her own Hln?i'.iry. lieforc Miss lici'ilv, "urrlviil ut (he court house 13. K. Alexander, foinu'r .sliuc ivpiVMuiiinlvi', tulkrHl dlO'.vln^ly of Ihc lineage of th<' Heed fiirnily. Alli-r lirr uddtiVi i In 1 following aindlilalcs lulJrosvul tin 1 miwd: (Jln.rk-v 1'iiikfr. lor tnli 1 aiiililor; flmvy Wrtxlbuin, for ['nntity loinl dork; li. n. Slout, fur dicitli I'uiirt d,>rl:; Mnj. Ivy W. Ciaw ford nnd MnJ. c. J. Lltlli' for rcpresi'inaliv." und Judxe Zal n. Iliirrlson for Kiunty Judse. ONLY A UTTLE MORE THAN GIORDANO 6CUNQ ITALIAN PHILOSOPHER., WAS BURNED AT THE STAKE FOR /VAKIN6 THE ABOVE STATEMENT. WHISPERING FUNGUS... A/WJSHCOOM THAT MAKES' A NOISE OESEMB11NG A WHISPES-. LONDON, Aug. 14. (UP)—Aus- Irla 1ms sent a note lo nrltnln. France, and Italy, asking pennl.s sion Hold Services Today for Accident Viclim WASPS AND HORNETS KNOW EXACTLY WHERE TO STING* AN ENDMy INSECT TO PARALYZE If.,.YET NOT CAUSING DEATH/ THUS, THE YOUNG WASPS ARf; ABLE TO FEED ON LIVING PREX, Funeriil services were lieiil this morning nt North Sawba i-cme- - - I fry for Georiie llarnr.s, :IO, of Utto eiilnree Us nnny lictauw lie Rlvrr, victim of im unusual il fears anollier Nazi pulsch Is au'.o iiccldcnt ycslerduy imminent, it was learned today. I The Rev. VI. J. I.alioy. paMor The note seeks an nRrmncnl of Ihe Luke Slieel MultiiKlhl lierniiltini! Auslii-i to nmintaln n church, oiriclnlcil at Ihc wrvlce.i. sptcl;il nuxllinry nrmed force of Interment was Hindi' nl. ihr 8.000 irno|K beyond the existing tery. 50.noO In Ihe regular army. I Thr- deceased If survivrd by: his The imwcrs me considering the father. J. M. Barnes, four broth-,- uniesl nnd are expected lo reply m. J. c., and H. II. Humps of | Fair HilS avorably. Cypri'j*. Tiiiin., O.M-III- and An- Advici's from Vienna Sudicntcd diew niinic.'i of the l.ltlle fllvrr Him PrliiPc Krnst von Stmheiu- community, nnd five sisters. Mre Austrian vicc-chnncellor, who ivy cirey of Savannah, Term., Mrs. cemc- Tlir! whlsperl!!!; mushroom. Elvrtn mlliu. produces the curious whispering sounds when air currents drift over ils surface and millions of il|K'iK'd spores rush out through the liny openings In the spore sacs. liner, furrowed a fo«' days prcbubly sets t> record. Aclin: County Ai'.ent Hudson Wren Ihink.s MJ loa. Without access lo exact (lulu. MV. Wreim !«iid It was hb; opinion iho lilijisr-sl llller of record tndiKhd iinly nineteen plus. The sow !.-, u lluroc .iVrsey. twenty-four months old and '.vi'iijhs ROO iKimuls. Jnitnic among hospitals is tin; building sketched here, when- the Dionns tniinluplcl.s will l» reared every modern device for safeguarding their liealtli. Arranscmem is such that every precaution has been ,aken against chilis, deemed the greatest incline? facci! by Hie babies during the Canadian winter. 030,jet' from colored photographs by William Nelnlck. n Ciilcugo artist. VLsltors will Ix: mile to see. niiiny Eiypllan prwlucts made at the booths ulong Ihc street. An Egyp- lian gI nss -blower has been i brought to the exhibit, bringing with him not only the primitive toots lie uses In Egypt, but nlso | the matcriid to build Ills own fur- •nacc. He will fashion glassware !tn order, while you wull and' 01 Street in Cairo , has been confenlng in Home with Sma Jones of Micliicl, Tcnn., Mrs. Premier IK-nilo Mussolini, would Virgliilii Carler of this city. Mrs. to to Paris .shortly lo srek French support of Ihc army plan. Well informed somces here weie ready to credit the Auslrlan fear I o A n- • i •,. of another revolt. It is known I '" * 'K s ln Litter liead Courliir Kews Wnnt Ads. illy quiet. Yvonne likes lo wave ler arms tdxml, wrinkle up her iltlc face, and is likely to kick i nnd struggle in lier baih. Marie.! the tiniest, Is aL=o the prettiest. | ^raehe makes the knist coihnio- lion at menl lime. Cccile nho is usually quici. Ail have silky Iiair and slatc- colnred eyes. Since Nfr. nntl Mrs. nionne surrendered the quintuplets to tlie care of the government, the in-1 lams' welfare is in Hie hands of four BUiudiina: Oliver Dionne, their grandfather: Dr. Dafoe, W. H. Alrterson, chairman of Ihp Northern Ontario Relief Commission: and Kenneth Morrison, merchant of Cnlliinder. These guardians have o'olaincd funds to build the hospital. At present the cost of caving for tlie children is aboul 5150 a week, 'me sovcrnment of Ontario is supplying food and medical goods for tlie Dionne household. The Red Cross pjiys the sala- i\rs of nurses, one orderly and a housemaid. Mother's milk is being provided free by Dr. Allan Brown's hospital for sick children in To- lonlo :ind the Royal Vicloria hos- ,)ltal in Montreal. Is Next Stop ions. Dallas W.. of Granite City, 111.. Oliver, of Chicago, and Lewis ind Thomas, of fronton. CHICAGO. 'Un —Iteproiluctlon of n sw.lion of u typical Mrfrl of Cairo—even to the Egyptian nrtl- Nellie Lnrren of HollntHl. Mo., and -suns and vendors—htis been Mrs. Vejila iJirren of Little River.'completed on Northerly Island at! 'the World's Fair. ' | n i^» . . B » ... n.n t , , ' n » ! *"* 1 ts lln « rt wl , lh lmotl ; s i ........ , . "! ... „. , „ ;dLs[)ayni! vniious Egyptian iirod- that the abortive uprlsmg o[ Ju-, „„ yf^ RJJgg farm'uctls. hand-made wool rugs, silver, rinbroltlery, mosaic coffee tables ly 25 was premature and 111 plan- nod. II did not liavc flic supjmrl Bragg City Death Case Set for Trial Sept. 4 CARUTHERSVILLE. ,\lo. — The trial of William r.fcPherson. held in county jail here, charged vdih murder in connection with Ine dealli of Lmu Mills. Brau's Ciiy cotiununily farmer, has been [xvi- |:oncd until .September, Elmer Driskill. 2J. confesjed .slay- .(r of Mills, will bo the principal Hor that reason I frit they | , v itness ot the trial. Driskill i-on- .shuiild stay within a few jard.- ulierc Ihey were born." of Hard Itoad In Re Itnill Provincial aulhorities have prom- L?cd lliat a hard road will Ou built tonnccling the homestead with Callnnder 2 1-2 miles away. The Ontario Hydro-Electric sion is to erect poles to bring electric current to the new hos- pilnl and telephone connections are to be installed. The hospitrl will have the latest in burglar jlnrnu and two special constables have been sworn in to give 24-hour protection to Ihe' quintuplets. Dr. Dafoe admits he is pleased with the progress tlie babies have made. Asked if they were nourishing as well as might be expected, he answered. "Belter." "But; he added, "our guard in'.iM not be relaxed for a. moment. We must maintain an tib- jolute embargo on germs.' t * • They Dtvflop Personality Described by a neighbor as looking like "skinned squirrels" at the time of their birth, the five babies have already begun to display personality, according to those en- iriistcd with their care. Annette Is peaceable, and fe.'scd the slayinsr snon after into custody following the. rlioot- insr. Tie said McPhersnn offered him a team of mules. wav;on and j hr.rncss. '200 bushels of corn and [ 40 acres of land free of rent to | "do away with Mills." Family troubles is raid to l>e the motive Canning Company Will Start Pea Pack Tomorrow The Blyihevllle Canning company Vvill resume operations tomorrow after a brief period of nactivity, starting on its pack of pens, which with oilier packs will keep the plant in continuous operation until about Christmas. Between fiO nnd 75 men will IK employed in (wo six-hour shifts white Ihe |>ea pack Is in progress. Peas for Ilic pack are imported troiii Idaho and other states, -his pack supplements tlie packing of spinach and beans, locally grown vegetable*, and enables the pbnl to keep in opoicition over a period of lime when it would olbfr- wise lie idle. of the full Nazi strength, which is ircmendous in Austria. The hangings which tin: now In progress lend to keep Ihc Na/is infuriated and eager for reprisals. Under the St. Germain ln-niy the Austrian army is limited lo 30.000. althouch It actually totals a*, present a little more than 2(j.- 500. The number of cur.loins of- OSCEOLA, Ark—The New Deal mi(1 stands Inlaid with mollicr-of- may frown on over-production.h ;c(lrl . lvor i' " M(l teakwoml. bill Tom Cooncr, Wcsl Ridge farm-' 'r'be ed'cr/i or Ihe .street scene is 1 rr, is nevertheless right, proud of j heightened by a large mural cov- liis anil I'AO-ycar-old sow 1 of twenly iiigs. Mr. Cconer b?licves ler. llt-iering the entire back wall, mtn- '• ulely '(tepidlng n view down a lhal Ihe Cairo sireel. Tlie mural was paint- SI-JO LI SHOP tho Street Ffom Roxy Theatre High class shoe repairing wilh tile lalcsl ly|H: machinery and Quality material. \\r Arc As \tar You As Vnur Telepliuue Free call for & delivery service Paul Hargrove - II. B. Campbell ficers and members forces must noi exceed of police Ihe number employed in a .similar rnpncliy in ISM. Traffic on Great Lakes Ships Shows Increase CLEVELAND. (UP)— Passenger traffic on tlie Great Lakes has in- crcnsetl from 20 lo 40 IXT cent over Insl year and 1932. survey among the passenger lines rcvcnls. The Cleveland and Buffalo Transit Company reports a 25 pc: cent increase over two years ago in passenger traffic and a 20 in-r cent gain over last year. The Detroit nnd Cleveland Lines shew » 30 per cent. Increase in traffic over pressure testing appanitus. the ' asl y° nr n "d 40 per cent over orleriomanomcter, has been In-1 1932 - T "e Great Lakes Transit vented by George B. Emerson, for Corporation, of Buffalo, which has Ihe past 21 years director of phys- i' nrc e passenger boats In service. New Blood Pressure Apparatus Perfected BOSTON. (UP)—A new blood the ical education for men m Uosion i nlsn reports increased traffic. University. Advantages of the new device over the old type, arc that it can be adjusted to the arm both more easily nnd more rapidly, and mav be more easily inflated. Also, pulse 'so'.mds are louder, probablv due to ihc fact that a metallic' band, Iv.hcn fastened lo the arm. acts as 'a icsonator similar lo the round- ling board of a piano. Blnvrout Brought I)i>:itb NEWCOMERSTOWN. O. iUP>- A lire blew out, hurled an aulo- mohile against a bridge vailing kilted Bessie Pellcrs. 3:1. injured critically, Glen John-on. 34. Comrnis-1 f f . r McPher^on Killed. Use o5 Current Boosted j by Rate Cut at Osceo!a| OSCEOLA. Ark— The recent re- duclion in light and power rates has resulted in an unprcrcdenlv.! increase in the consumption of electric current in .Osccoln. The rates were lowered in June during the fiscal month immediaie Tlicy'ro looking out warily for Ilio vs'olooiniiis conuuiltec, tlieso deloKales to the national hobo convo.'iliun in CJinclnnntl, for they've met coniniiltec:! of Ibis kind before, bearing clubs Instead of keys lo the city. Top to hoitnm, Ibe Montana Kid, L. K- N. Slim, and tbe Kentucky Kid are. preparing lo detrain rtl top speed from tbe box car In which they've mado tlieir way to tb«; ecsvention city. 666 1 iijiild, Tablets, Salve, Ness Drops Chrrks Malaria in S days, folds first day. Headaches or NeurulgU in 30 minutes. Tine Laxative and Tonic. .Most Spetdy Rrmcdles Known Don't l>\,rfjc.t Caudiirs Agency General Innurunw Ftione 797 ... following, more current wos] oc ' ocl; f ( ccislimed than in Ilic same month | JnlormciH of nny prevlo;is year in ilic hts-i^' 0 - tory of t!i° plant's operation. Mem- [ tcrs of the council said that rate Funeral for Aged Steele Resident Held Sunday STEELE. Mo.—Funeral services were held Sunday morning at 11 Mrs. Minnie Miller. was made at fronton, Mrs. Miller, who died August 11. was 81 years old. A native of cuts invariably had resulted in con-j Ohio, she moved here 12 years sumption Increases sufficiently to | ago from St. Louis to make her offset any anticipated loss of revenue. Osceola now the lowest rate offers in the consumers state with Ihc exception of North Little Rock and Jone.sboro. hcme with her daughter, Mrs. W. B. Little. Three daughters nnd her husband preceded her In death. She leaves two daughters. Mrs. Little and Miss Effie Miller.! the latter of SI. Louis, and fourl FOR REST PRICES FOR YOUR COTTON SRE J. E. HASSON BUYING AGENT FOR Domestic and Export Shippers Office Grand Leader IJMg. 1'hone '129 lite the smooth, silent action of Mobilfjas. I lib the way Wobiloil pro prehy fasf at times, but I never worry when I'm using Mobilgas and Every nay wise motorists (ire vhnnging STATIONS AND DEALEr.3 MAGNOLIA Ask for Magnolia Products at the following: E. B. WOODSON MAGNOLIA WHOLESALE AGENT Frisco Yards • • Phone 419 MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Asb X- Broadway • • Fhone 315 MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Sixth * Chickassitba Pbone 500 MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Main & Lilly • • Phone IDS

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