Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 19, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1942
Page 3
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P*g* 81* Beauty Parade t The Strand Theater at the Strand- thoutor, Wiilorbury, ami ovory Wodiwsduy nl£ht thfTflftftor I'oi 1 thrw woks, VvlJj bo p'rosorilrd on Itn slngo 'Thi OlAhUl«th'l*ik Houuty Contort," will: .riwny VVnlwbury -lovnlUiH pnrllol Ptitlflg, lluro, Imluotl, IH an oppor- luhlty ; fo'r nny #>lrl ovur 10 to ooni- pete Mr fliOO-lri pr tooa plus (ho tltli -Of'\ u Ml4W.VV«torbury of Wa," Kn- try Wankn -aro avullublo al. tin •Strand thonfor, Thuro\M no priori^ of b««uty Ho.o'mon down and hol| ^dMfot- Mbto Wntorbury of IMS. The 'Stifftnd's Hoi'wm orrwlng hcglnnlnf ft tyrftio flay run today -|.M that rous Irw HUbnftjwor to "To the Shorc-H o Tripoli,' 1 "Ten (HMitk>mcn Fron AV«»tl»o|nt." Slurring Hcorgn Monl Kornnry, Maurod/i frHiirii and John Sutton, Mo film boii»lM u ollfiia.s \vhluh .provlmvm'H o|.;i-lru will you Mtimd .up and imcor, Krupa Is Lead Now On Loew's Stage Oonp Krupn, "Amcrloa^ Aoe Drum rnpr Man," and his famous orchcM Inl, will -bo^ln a,n cnKaKomnrit at Ihb Loow Poll IboMtiM- today for t\vo -days. Tho Krupa band oomes to Wuf-erbury direct from Hollywood whom they worn featured In tho HuWh hit, "Hall of Klro," with florbtii'a Stanwyck. Whllo In Hollywood Krupa and ^W a : ycxlng, Pi'oblem^'fo^^tho^rj^i,^;^^^^ 'aQtori.v :<^rt-.'^•'H.^W^'^^•• •&&v : ^^^^^P e ^-^^ : ;'. v V- :: •..-•:" •: ;•;'-'"Iv npveru'-ponlti ; de^ide^' fsalcl;rBAl4/p>^ ''^^(mies^'iMd^V : fe^ : - '^ 'lainy,'"-' f whorivJ.'^n^'J;nfo!>i)loUiips • ^*^-. ^ n ^ ,• : :••• t 'min-y, .'iw/ipn. i- went J ( nio! pjcturpsj [ •• . . , ' . ^; ^. : »/: •avfe\y.<-yejii»syMo l ;wb^wier;ii;';^h^^to :;-v ; H Statia Hai .sppciali^e',- 'Ini.^draima,, -.M;e filing • Xi" ': v 'y ' r ; r : 'had 1 doho on the staff.e. 1; 'o'r: v trv' com-.I' ; '• ;; ;i. r ; :» • ; '•-' --'•«•, • .-•„ Sta;te>; Hartford WEDNESDAY, ATOPST 19. had; doh<x on the ~-.~ 0 .-, >... .„.-,, wu ixly .'roles, •which pro'irilse' to'.' mono :i'.un.",' 00m ?I V :-' All °ftiGi-':great • screen.personality •c^mgs-.ln Peraon to Hartford. Jackie; ,'ht in esta-bllstiod uolca, jpi;vy e< < '''T-w^- -^m ]*>>£ , V v i+ >^xvM- ""$» v^ X , •• >. •• x •. •>•••... •• i ^^kv-liyy^i^w^^^.^.^ii^^w^fc^K** iinSMJ" twiwi'i 800110 from "Advonlni'Ofl of Martin Krton" on double ,featuro bill. hla HenmiHonal orcsv did miuh con Hlston'tly Mpli.mdhl bitalmuiH at the fwnOUM. JwincHwn that they won- Jrnniodhitoly hooknd foi- a return hngHgonuwt a t'oiw monllKt later— the Drily oroheMlrn MO honorurl by tho Palladium. Ono of tho truly groat drummer- of afl llrnf, Krupa IH rapidly winning equal anolalm an a hvadiT with a,n onvhi-vstra that mon^urai up to hl-4 high stantlards. Knurl mw.Ht to ooiwfc. they hi\vn broken records al thoatoi'H, hotolM, ami ballrooms with innchlnn-llko regularity, Koutuend w|th tho Krupa hand Is one gf tho .outstanding vooallnls ol Urn day, 'popular Hay K'berle, who first gained Tamo svlth the (llorin Mlllor oroheHtra, SInoo then he HUM ^ono on to become a yltiKliiK favor- ito of HlaKt'i radio and screen. Handling HOIIK; of th nu.nts In addlMon to lovely lady of melody HoundlnK out the ire Aiioh hoadllner.s and vocal liJbcjrly .la that , Anita U'Day. stage program as Don "Popl- Tan non, slur of Mio Kd AN^fin radio stiow, and Hetty Ann iNyman, ^MiMutlonal tapHtor from Mie George Nhbolt sucofsMful niuslual comedy, "IJost yool Forward, " In addition to the stage bill them I.M a grand sereon program lioadod by tho ,^^-^..M hit, "Calling Dr. lill- loHple," t'enlutirlng Lionel Uarry- w|(h PHI lip Dor.n, Nat Pen- Donna Heed, Alma Krugur of ol/hor favorites. at Laew'.M pull on Friday more, 'llelon, uirl a for a five cjiiy engagement!H; "Foot light Sor ; (Miade,'Vtttapp|[ijt, r BQ'tfy.Oija bio, John Piiyno niul Viotor Maturi with Jane Wyman and others, bi tho, same program is the new Lauro ancl Hardy laugh-riot, "A-Haimtln; Wo- Will.- Go,- 1 ?, •• . • Don't forgot to buy your -wn bonds 'and' stamps at your favorlt •movie 'Ihontru — they're on- sale a all Minus, '. -• •—«-*-•> .— Murder Film ' Tonight at The Gem Theater 101 lory Quetm has b,wm a god-sen-' to Hul'pli Uellamy. ,TM 0 populai sleuth he plays \\\ Columbla/s "El y Queen" doteetlve'dra-mas ha?' Consult Classifications Below For Profit. Watch Them Daily •cuwtfMi. MI usiuuiisnuu T.OJGH, <P^vyoi^i^Mgo;.or,^ Sta-te both kinds iOf roles -in ' We( gear's I'ipea^ that followed, <13i*t H •diehVtUh&jn^r^ 'SundaY only 4 He was 1 still undecided ^ until t:6p^ri^ J^acltimCboper.; isva -groaf-entertainer; y, trying to figure,put:w]iIo^lyj^;|ft|ifJ ^PJa^sOii«;;pVQncienoy atJtbe^ >l' part .he was best '-su'lted, tpr^ncl;hdrurtijfKa's;part> oi'liis stage act h'ere tt|hleli , jgttvo 'him "'more s&tlMap^ • "•''^•'•••''^fl'fi^QP'orj'j/laHljO'' ^TiskethTasket'.V Girl Ujd Tiro ^Mur^jTO^Ufsgorafd, .; ^Firstv; : :i;ady;^of — _._—,_, ._ —-— • rourtn.'/-pf-I'.'j/l^p.Tfp'VVJlng', , :> ,'iQnd; ! 'h'Br. .ITainous '•OroiicS'-. inries. JOllory,- lit;- t/be person^ tf& <^%6hceded one^ oi thp svyingiest- Bpllamy-, cracks :;-a / tri-pV. .m;iirdHP; Child's ,]n 1 ::Amerioa^ by ; music^ lovers 11 v*^; I cvi< \r'' \J I If If I T3krv n f .n t^ ; irt 1 n im,»! ..!*•«> P/^ IF/i«t-*rl. iu: L.. ~. . .1.1 . - » u*-. •- . . *V , » '.'. •in. the ;- Luojlle;- . ' . - - , . -. ^fj.-,—^,. —T- —. -. — -,—!_».— , ,,-,^» c « W • »«Q t \_/*^i i «\jvjm,iif3 v MJL J * 1 * 1,11G othei;. p;;o-rnhrent p.laye^s in th;q!:paafc^;;P;l.e 1 o't l 3i--iflV 1 "Prig peg"; .Bales^andVa-v i'f>--Mona Barrlc and >OMn rHowlancf^rho^bf o'ther ; stan,.entei'tainers, , Tho'.-.«ooo-ncM. lead 'is- '.'Bikers 1 ,of- ^hcue : ara two MidhjghlVstage and; 1 IT r\< Ti)lif*v\) A G n rrr* ^' \ ' • ' • \ DtTil * ^ - • r«V • ' './.*;• ' •- . . • *-' Kiu iiruiiJio oae e «.' /; . ,' ; J.viRrpQn ,! ; pho\ys: -this ;! :^week-end, .one *** ..:;:;.r.T'. ;' , ( /- I'FpIfl^^jr^f-ldn.ligh;!,, ancl .the: other on• f oombinatlonsVvlnl; S^da'.y;,vMi'dnlte, bptli sbows starl- neled .utensllSi,..'-, l.ov ing^M-'J :15 a^ m. Tbe 'shows' tfrirlnv, Popular color , porcelain enameled utensils;, '. i.ovl ing^|it v 'J :15 a; ; . m. The 'shows' Friday m«toh: : OL t \Jiai;morilzo"\\yllh lf ;..-''irijo4ci!n> are^contiriuausv-vtliroUgh Midnite, •vltolien. decora Live ;.scneines;^,are: apd^y6u; ; m'ay-.cdm;c anytime.- On .vJilto -\vlth black, trim, ; ;wHit'9^ith;Sun'da^ . the iMklriite '''od 1 ( : rim, and white 'Wltlr bJiie.'iSbiid^j sbow : :operi^al/i2:()i • ,' ^colprs also^are popularv .'•: ; j^*?$$& /-'usual; vtheue;^are' late stage The JDemooratic qliectors of- the kvard of. the liorOuglr.o^;Nau- ''jgatuojc arc requestGd^^tO; i meet jn ::cauous in the town^liail;Vbuilding ; !tbr8;io:C the second Nvkrd^p^tbp^ Bpr,; ^ougli^of Naugatuck arp-recmested to '•,,In caucus at^^(Boodyeaiv: hall 1 . '.Odd; -Fellows 1 • building; < 4,110, pemp- Jcratio electors of tije;';thirc} i^vard ;of tlic Borough of-JNaugatuck are |reqijested to meet in cauQUS ; at the ^Ray.ikwicb ball, Bridge street,-;ihiion i All^above mentioned oaupuses \\'il) ;be held on Tuesday p.vening, August £5, .atf 8 o.'clock, for .-the. purpose of .oleotjng seven..clelcga.tps, and; Uvo aj^ iternates /to the peinocr(itip- : convcn- •tionvlto be held Thursday' eypn ing, August 27, at .8 o 1 c^qtck; Jh v tbeiVBor-1 pughi court room in!' tbe Town/ ; IIall ;bui'lding for the purpose 'of; .electing I delegates to.'thq state convention,' cong.Dessldnal district: , convontiph.' ,state senatorial district- ponventioh. •;tlie<QherifT's convention and :tb^ probate •convention .and Ho transact any bthc.r business proper to. conie be'- JTore.jSajd meetltig. ' .. / ' RlArrTHEW SCULLY,.Gbainrian,, Democratic ; Town .Committee,> Nau-, gatuok, Conn., Augpst 18, 1942. BOOK Wlfa KEAREf/ At Kl$5tP.Kt 1 ETTA KETT VOU'LL JUST HAVE p5.(3Cy;' ' ALONG - THESES wo 'PLACE FO/Z. voi TRY A CLASSIFIED AD IN THE DAIL] NEWS .... RESULTS ARE CERTAINl ~*~~ ' »i"^—««^^»»—^ ,,. ._ •-^ By PAUL ROBINSQ] 7HB2ES .WE. , P002- Tn.-- : '- ;•>•>. • ;| "" w ••-'•/^' "T^ Jf,-^ ^ , j&£ -A ••,/ -.. <?tifn, *.** iv* lf, tnr. WarU t ; ^QU D/NWir-I SAID 1 ®, DOD/£.- HOT 720ADE/.* . • DODIES MY <3/r2t Pf2ieMo;l •SEE-WHAT & Announcements A , I.O.HJ mid Found Merchandise I IU-U.'II nation 10-UAY— Sp'oelnl on K»M and coruhl 'fl nurno on bjiok, K ploano call flow, aftbr 0 p- in. Howard. < Ig^t "A 11 waHolIno r«i .lion card Kt8yHOO, iHMUud to nu 1 - by OuNollim Hatlonlng Hoard., ra, Klech-lo metal folding bed with (loodt'es 'OHH, $K>,or»; U.xtU llnoruurn rug regular Jj»H.(K), now *5.40; R plec Mnple break I'nHt net, lie pj'i'ofH on all nlhor lloor sam 'I liavn rnado'iipplioatlon for a new ( VVATKRIUinY FUflNITUniO CO. West iMahj St., \Vutorbury. Dial A-U022 • --OUR. U'hMo fox lorrlrr, . brown On fuon. arid hip. Had har- nnd Naugntuck llonnHo tiig. . Jack Hrovvn, 57 Meadow . Tolophonn 5027. . 8-17-d3x LO,Srf ; —llflllon book, No, F4r»78«C, KliKler rdna/ut return samo to Har, ry «A. VaiiKnan, \w\ CJIlff'»ti'0ot, f)AI)Y — Oari'laK'-M, (Jo«(jlt«H, Wlokur Htrt;i«.U'H ( High UhjUi'M, tJi'lbH, Play Yards, Hathonrltoh, lowunt 'prlooH. THK'UAtHO HMD I 1 .1HO (Ira'nd St, \Vi\torbury 8-7 If lHOINlJ.MKNTft prlcoH on All Mornorlala 2GO So. Main S Tol. IM87 LfciT US SHOW YOU THIS LKTTWU I'M! DM A .DKKKNSW WOHKKM NOW "Doing to he Iruluolod next wook unoxpootorlly, Can't use the 1'urnl- piuaHO It for mo. That 'H why you can buy a oorri- plete practically New Homo of ModtMn Kurnlluro for Business Service • IVnnUul to Homier HorvJco THE r$pu POr OQCTOf? STORM IT WANTKI) — IM»c<5 to board out 4- oUl boy, in good family. Mrs. iUiSMell, Beuoou Fully. , $<\,VK ON YOUIl OIL /\ND Installed Storm Siiah :'Coml)l.imWon Storm Doors Insulation. Ordnr'now for Later Delivery. Froo!''.,«Htiiriate. JOHN ,1, (J.AIUtOtt ti SONS, IN€. U Spring St. . :Phone 2572 AFILE.QP' J^TK\ OF IT ePEaAL] ISTHAT THEY ALL ]lN,THE •ALL T LOVAL COUNTRIES.. CONTROL. I FOt^ ZXAMPLEl ''' ^W tfM»#* f HERE'& ONE NAMED J /fJOJHEff/4/yD wietiHef L\\/^H^e^ LErT^FpXAMBfttAb XTHINK HANS Ftl=T£EM .y^fefe^ 1 SAKE CAt4 BE ip£f?£UAPEp" ,70 WORK f ti*z / Metal Ceili Gutters, Leaders, TinhJog, and Kurnaoo NVOrk JAMES BAKER BRtGK BEDFORD I!VE GOT THESE PEOPLE TOWARD. BECOMING CIVILIZED SOCIETY WELL By WILLIAM RITT and CLARENCE GRAY IT'S A TOUGH.LONG (LUBE THE RESULTS; PROBABLY BE.AN OLD •m 0 Rradloy St. Naugaluok, Conp FOR SALIi^-Suddlo liqran nnd Welch pony. IruiuU'o Cannon Farm, Andrew Aye.,- Naugatuck. 8-17-dli, $137.50 •$*n.r»0 DopnHlt- r $a.OO Wonkly Porfoot uondlH'oh, Out lefw than two months, Includes hiving IU>oin, Modrooin, Kllohcn and most aoo-is-, Ask to HHO Mr. nonnolt'HJ SEVERAL lmr»alns in fjooU nse<l Automatic ; IVecorcl Player ravoson ; &-SluiH, 286 North Main St. W, FOR SAf JR — /ippiow, potntoof nn( elder vlnogur, I). UIHon, 117 Mel bourno court. Dial FOR .SAI^r-Fb'o wood, cltPfti), in quli'o U't \\w (luard Hoiwu, wtroo't ox,tonHlon, or phono TruokN For ... .PAOKA.RD 10'»0 l?noknrd fionv. rJlub d I0«% Packard Hrirlan ........... J 7-ptrMH, Siirlan ...... i'i5 Open Kvonln«« — FttcKavd-Watoi'l)ury, Trio, ' 'A'SAPB PI/ACIK TO UUY" ia«/Wfctortown Avrnuo Dial 4-0109 CAR HAr>; ; ICoril (!onvt>rllhlo (ionpo Kovd :• Ccuivfrrllblti Hodim TiufoV ,furnlturo at Albert ; «, 2G'8 So, Main St. AVatorbury,' Phono 1 4-3144. Onr, him or train oxponsoo refunded upon [HirohaHO of tblH morohandjHO. M.ID-Wi'IWK AUGUST SPISCIALS Plftforin llookni'H $ 4.D5 radios,, priced At $3-,?r>-JJUO. New Wngiund'.Miislo Shop, 102 Grand St., Watorb.ury. Dial 4-7193. AL ANI> RADIO Table LHIIIPH , 08 Possible I SWAN-ELKCTRIG CO. Electricians. ,15 u'hurob Stj-eot Tel, J57/4 JWEM, f r^DRGOTTEN: MY ORIGINAL .;PURP>Q$£ - TO FINP.SAHDY/ uw / ^ryv 5# 3M CX?PVBIQMT. m>. KINO SVNDICATB. >« WOULD RIGHT* HCIERVCD BARNEY AND SNUFFY SMITH;,? 1 NOW Is tl»c linio to slore n ,. . , fu yrtup fur coot. Pick up And MJMflgu i.«ampH .,, ,. l.iw I- diMfvory 'icrvlco, Also for i"\ Lft W, pM , ( ?,i w ? y) ?'S?I' thb ^ ™y c'««nlni f t«lo- Haby lll/i(h (Jhah-M. H.05| phono 2023 .- Wlokor (JarrlagoH /».05j« HIEVA(,\,\'S r »-po, HroakfaHl, HM!. .14,05 78 (!hun:n Slicot, IfK) IMKrjI-J U INN Ml I SM'I' KHKK wllh .'l-PIKCll') I.IVfNJJ SIMTK your oholoo of oovorinHH tf>D -HMM) $70 ! ^ iir L ,r> IKT YOdll 'fillDIMK—riOMK I'JAfll/Y HAITI/KY'8 ANN.13X ft RVGVPT, IJ3T Us Put Vour Cihwn Afowor In Hbftpp • for tho season, Mowora flhar;n3iHHl, repaired, etc. Gall for and (lollvery sorvloo. Molibournp's ; .Service 1 ' Station, Jiubber avenue.. ^Tnlophono'8480. . 4~7-tlj we oo, oo we? T ^J.? 42 ' Kmg'Pcaturca Syndicate, Inc.,'World right*'reserved.- Real Estate For Sale Oil Meadow . St VValorbury By BILLY JOE .v^5r Me ?\C \DJVX V. .t] BIG;:SliSTER SERVICE i Ford ^f .VI-Wd Cc n ,. mo( Or/jto pr St, 1JW7 Tf«C «7 Kl/KI, CO, 81. , , . Ofltolal Tiro Iniipflotlon Sorvluo- Unltod Tiro K 7 / -rr. f K>'.«fnfrni'Hori St., Wtby MM ii '»ii f,\ «* Employment ' you- $25,00 liarno Imprinlcrl iJhrljil-m«» cards *i.oo~.your prori| noo, WhUo l' J Jaln«, N, V, family.'lioaso" and lot; Prioo, ,fjrtr>00,-,'Also .lj'ra,nd"-iVeW 4-roqiiK: l hoiiHfi.•' All^lriipi^vonuuits; 1 with ' ono -extra 'rodrn ; unfbHshed Large jo,t,..:.J>rh>b- $5500. A.'-Shppv • ley, Telephone' »*««" ••-••-• MUSIC d BTUDIOS All IriMtrriinontH Tau^Ut, Hooordw Made AH Low AH 5()o, . ••««„ 257 So. Nfuln St '"dl. 4-16T.T ^V" i»AI-i!/--l^ickf Luck! \Vlu»t ai| —^^. investment, ,1(5 1-2 percent. 8 room IIKIlHIOIiHTI-JHINC* —lfl«ho«t dual- 2 'family .-houso,- f, .Karago.s ancl Ity, li()w«Hl. prlcoH—tiasy InnnH, store, Inoorno $1)7 'monthly. $7,000. 0- I'oom 2 family 'houHo' oni Car- rOl Hdroot, $5500. Sue Patsy Lab'- Tel, « M, Main,' Cor, Colo, "Walnrbuo For Bent Real Estate Tnnrinonlt , .rlola, Realtor, High-- street WANTKI>-nMNT of n or 0 rooniH by Amftrloan family. n— llpnt of 4 or fi roonw b^ fainlly Qf two adults, Irving Hoson' ;r742 or 2705, 'OH KKiNT-rMnilNhiid I-OOHI ftbJo I'oi 1 'two Kunthirnen, Apply BD'[/ ftubbor avnnuo, OH HKiVT —Tlirw* room*, .suitable for •ooiiplo, AdclrflHH J'iox It, ,earo of t Tho " 'I VE- BEEN LOOKING- AHL M %. By LES FORGKAVI5 WHAT ARE ^HOLLERING TOO : POR o .M.-' -, ^^^ - Copr. 1942, King Pcaturei SyndiMtc.-Jnc.. World righu rettpc T . . __. f-SHE'5 TELLIKI6 , , YOU.SHE.'S LAID AM E66: SEE IF YOU CAN FIND J£ IT, 1 •".^ MWGGW3 ANDfJSKEET|IR - \i f 'r~^.T /- -•:• u* ARQUW •//>; ',111 J-| tVr-,4 '-.' A''' ' -i* V wAi.''- ---*-v-' ^- |s ^i^VS^^-^^^fc&>$^' , Copr IV41, J^fat^g^k^.iiK/.iWorU.rii^ SAV,,! HEARD- THAT IT /^: By WALLY HV '/•^''Vj YACAN'T- TH1NK QP THE STORE* 6E •r-vYisR T < ^YAouT.f 5* • n ;DO ANY GOOD.^ CAUSE" 1 !' FORGOT:-' WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED THERE/ (SET II'J

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