The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1934
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l/niferf fty VOL. XXX!-^NO. 127 rTHEVILLE COCKIER NEWS •1'HK OOMIHANT NKWBFAVEH OP NOHTHKABT AKKANU1 AKD BOtrmAVF WMnnBT ^"^ BlytheTlUe Dtllj Newi Blythevllle Ccuitor »mi«»lppl Valley Letder Blythsvffl* Ifenld BI.YTIIEV1LLK. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 1934 SINGLE COPIES FIVE'CENTS SPECIAL "Baby Face" Nelson . Sought in Far West SAN FRANCISCO. Allij. H (UPJ —"Baby Face"- Nelson, the nation'* present, public eiiriiiy number 0112, was repuiicd toiluy lo be heading | westward in 9 r'-cyllnder uuioiiic- , Lile alter a Salt Luke City hold- ! up. _____ I Teletype messages to department n il CT .' r n ir ' oi i uslice agents aiul LOIU'O litre Both tlectlOn LVC Kallies identified the banilit as the miicn Draw Large Crowds ' ol Ihc '"" A lvoma n wl >s wl 'h the man, who Powell-Barlow Romance Hinted ,. i , „, . ' ... , ... lynt, slugged him with u revolver, Voters of Blythevllle and Mis- nnd Cu r u ,, ephon2 wir ,, 5 at Snl sisslpp! county last night, chose Lakn cjlv Nc hon"is chined with several Held for Trial, Freed by Gunmen. ST. LOUTS, Aug. H (UP)—Two between election eve rallies in bc- lialf of rival candidates for governor and turned out in about equal numbers to hear Governor J. M. Futrell defend nnd Miss Bernice Reed attack ihe record of, the present state administration.! Somewhere between 3000 and 4.-, 000 persons attended the two] .meetings, and If either crowd w_as larger lhan the other the difference was too little to get excited. about. Both audiences were large,'p •.; ]| \v/ i j \n but neither approached the ad- >. Critically Wounded Men, vance predictions of their respective promoters. Governor Futrell's address, delivered at Haley Field, was largely, a summarization of his accomplishments in reducing Ihe cost of men. critically injured, awaiting state government and in removing : trial, were freed from the prison the danger of foreclosure from ward of St. Louis Counly hospital highway improvemenl district here today in a spectacular de- lands. He also made a plea for j livery engineered by two gunmen, adoption at the general election A widespread search was order- next November of constitutional ed for the escaped prisoners. Wil- amendmpnts. which he is sponsor-1 liam Perkins, murder and bank Ing. laking from the legislature i robbery suspect, ..wanted in Texas the right to vote bond issues and | county, Missouri, and Paul Mills, placing a limit upon governmental suspected autonlibile Ihief. and expenditures. ' j their two liberators. FERA Out of His Hands j " u was " «"* wel1 Planned de- The governor denied rcsponsi- „.'?•" a llei>uty sheriff lolcl lhe UK. guvti iiui utiucu iL.3|n/u»i- UllitOtl PfCSS "but it IS JllCOll billty for the Arkansas federal ceivuUe ^ „ can ' emergency relief administration., t ».„„,<,„.( have ' lvel , ° M tl declaring lhat inasmuch as Arkan- |lor Mill's lite when he entered the fas had been unable to contribute hosplta) whjle Perkius elled blo financially to the relief program I murder when he (ried \ 0 stand 0 * Its control had been kept strictly ^^ shattered leg on entering me * h»-d recommended the 'appointment'. f& ^ ^ w e in ^ of., no WJ*,.« U W of-'ah-admitted*'skeleton the relief administration in this . [alce . at tn? hospUal , ' when the £tate - I delivery occurred. The two men The crowd was not demonstra-1 who engineered the break posed live, but" the governor's recitation 'as police officers, overpowering the of his accomplishments in briBgi~fmain -floor telephone operator anu Ing the cost of state government. going *j the fourth floor, -where within the state's income, with- Mills and Perkins were under out the imposition of new-or in-! guard. creased taxes, was applauded. • The. 'fourth floor nurse dc- Govemor Futrell was introduced • manded to see their police badges, by Mayor Cecil Shane. Before the whereupon the two men flashed governor spoke other state and.. revolvers and ordered Perkins and county candidates were invited to. Mills released. When that was make announcements. Brief talks done both convicts were given were made by C. G. Hall, candi- j guns, Perkins |<ii<ng command date for secretary of state; Char- of the actual release from iho'luxs- ley Parker, for state auditor, Miss j pital. Carey Woodburn, for county court j Because of his condition Perkins clerk: R. B. Stout, for circuit' could not walk lo a wailing auto- court clerk; Maj. Ivy W. Craw-! mobile. The nurse was forced to ford and MaJ. Curtis J. Little,laid one of the bandits in carry- for representative, and C. H. Wil-1 ing him to the car. Mills also son. who is unopposed for sheriff j had to be aided, and collector. On reaching the automobile a Sheriff Wilson thanked the] discussion arose as to whether crowd for the confidence shown in; the nurse should be shot, liber- VDIES DIE [XPECTEi IN 'S Ohio "Slasher" Knifes His Sixth Woman Victim DEFIANCK, O., Aug. 14 (UP) — A inyMcilulls "ilaslii-r," whose uc- llvltles hiuv terroi tod lJ?!lauc<j women for three months, Mruck clown his sixth victim early todny, ciilliM;f her In the nun ns .shi: buiiK'd hush In an alley. I.CE.S than n half hour later Policy Chief Carl Wenncr nnd his entire force nnd more than Bitterly Contested Cam- nAiuns Fml anrl RHCLI||C m vlgllimU'S were on u clty-wld-' paigns uio ana KesullSi hlim fqr tllc c i, IS | VC knlferi Are Awaited. al TED II. MALOY United Pr«» SUIT Cormpondent LITTLE ROCK, Aug. H. IUP) —Arkansas voters cast their ballots today In the state's lint Dcmocralic primary elecllon. Only one of Ihc five major slalu {offices and three of Ihc seven congressional offices had any chai|?| lot going to the run-ofl election' 'August 28. The audllor's race and the first, fifth and seventh congressional races were the only ones in which there were imiru than two candidates. More than 200.000 ballots were expected to be cast although county poll tax collectors have reported receipts for only 143,000. No reports have been received frum 41 counties that received 188,000 lax receipt blanks. In 1U32 there were 329,000 receipts made. Polls opened In some communi- jtles at sunrise and will close at sunset. Others opened according to Instructions of county cciHral committees. CunpUfn Bitter The voters ballolted today campaign Issues lhat started mild enough but Increased In ullter- ncss as election dale neared. Family skeletons of opponents were |saved for the last week, of expose In some of the candidates' grand finale drives,for votes. . Climax of (he gubernatorial race Miss Mabel 1'rotn wns blinibu; trnsh In the alley nl • tin; rear of her home Just after dawn whi'ii sluslier struck lii-i 1 left b2low the elbow nnd fletl. anil FIRST TBDI1 FOB n 1-2 0. 0. Hardawa'y Company High Bidder on Earliest 1934 Cotton. Blythcvllle's Ilrst bale of 1934 cotlon, grown by John Franklin on Clear Lake Fur in. brought 20 1-2 cents a pound lit auction this morning. The O. O. Hardaway company Legislative Investigation of New Orleans Adinims- tvation !.ikcly. r HATON ROUGE. La., At*. U. - IUP)— Louisiana's legtslnluro was : (•rilled Into sprchil session todny to Iryali/p Kcnator IJ/ioy P. Long's fffniLs (o wrest control of New Drlenivs Ironi hh pnlllU'al cne- nles. The s:. r slon uns railed fov 10 o'clock tonight. . • . • Tiie olllcial order for the session'- came immediately afler a • conference between Clnv. • O All™ mid the senator. The call revealed Long's plans!' to have the legislature enact new-- 1 ' -.| laws which -will paralyze the New Orleans city administration, hcful- i'U by Mayor T. Semmes Walms-. ley, An official Investigating Ixxiy, siinlltir Io Ihc Scnuury invcstlga- loi's of New York, will be appointed. This olflciul group \vlll sun\- mon Nfayor V/ahnslcy and bought the bale afler J. B. Has- mcmljern of the "Old Regulars" son had dropped out of the bid- administration before It for •que. 1 ;- altar as friends of the pair wns reached last week when Oov. „ ... „ . ... i ,J. M. Putrell «nd Howard Reed, If the Jean Harlow-Willmm Powell vacation friendship at Del Monte, Calif., eventually leads to .the aspirant, met »t Morrllton. Many .i.._ .. f-.-^j, ., .... [he {„„,.[), Uy at m arr iagc for ihe platinum blond,'up-, stories went out »bout what hap' ^"^ 'between 2:30 .pin', and past : 7 pjn.-, whHe; the candidates debated respective merits. The debate was unscheduled. When the governor learned R«?d was. trailing him into Morrllton per right, and the third for the dapper Mr. Powell, upper lelt. .After mari:fl! .venture with Julc M. PoiteU.'vactress'. • Powl-11 • Avoir'-'ifie"' brnu ding at 20 1-4 cents. The price Included half of a $40 premium raised by the 'Board of Trade, which was divided between tlie Franklin bale and one grown by Sam C. Flncher, uf Lau-Cane, lor which first bale honors .were also claimed. At the present market the bale is worth about 13 1-2 cents a pound. The sale wns held In front of Borum's drug store, where Meyers Brothers, who ginned the cotton, have .had it on display. Henry- Reeves was auctioneer. The Board of Trade contiibutct) divorce terminated his, first 'fiutcous Carole - Lombard, lowsr ^ Iliev too were divorced after' two years. Eelow Jean's new portrait are her husbands, past and present. Left to right: No. 1, Charles F. Me Grew, divorced; No. 2. Paul Bern, who killed himself; and No.-3, Hal G. Rosson. from whom the actress now seeks her freedom. left. EILOTI cm Wm, declaring that most of or taken along as a hostngc. . credit belonged to his deputies, The escape \vas effected with such whom he named, and then turned smoothness, however, that the nurse to the race for governor. He wa * permitted to return to the hos- said that while it was not cut- P'W as [Tie automobile with its ternary for a candidate for one of- i strange cargo roared out of sight. flee io mix in another race he didi — - want to correct a story thnt hart ; ,,, been circulated to the effect that LlOSinCI Stock PriC€8 county officers of the state were opposed to the reelection of Gov- , NEW YORK, Aug. H (UPi - crnorFurell. He said that he had stocks closed irregularly lower to- parliclpated in an informal poll day after a dull swsion of the sheriffs of Arkansas and found that 66 of the 75 favored Futrell. N Flays F»trell Record Vote Is Running Considerably Below That Polled Two Years Ago. At 2:30 o'clock this afternoon half ns many -voters had balloted today's Dcmoci-.itic Blytheville as cast primary votes at boxes within ths city two years ago, leaving as many more to go to the polls . before G o'clock if 1932's total ''Is to be reached or surpassed this yenr. j A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel 110 1-4 13 27 1-4 Pleading in fiery fashion for the elevation of her father, Howard! Beed, to the hit-best office in the I state, Miss Bernice Reed brought' her campaign to a finish last' night on the court houso lawn Devoting her speech largely, as did her father on his appearance here several weeks ago, to a scathing attack on FmrelPs record, Miss Reed exhorted her audience to sweep Reed into office. As usual in the case of women speakers, the public address system which she used was not kind (o her voice, but she overcame this handicap with the force and earnestness of her- address and held the close attention of her audience throughout her talk A new last-minute accusation wns huiled at the governor's administration when an affidavit purportedly signed by a former worker at the Dress colony, was read. R. A. Nelson, chairman of Ihc Chrysler 32 1-2 Cilies Service Coca Cola 7-8 The five boxes in the city had received up to 2:30 o'clock: Phillips Motor company, 80; City Nul. 2C4; Court House. Ill: Auto Sales company, 300; Ark-Mo L-umkeri yards, 99, for a total of 834. Approximately 1.C25 ballots were caM at five boxes in the citv in 1032'.^ j primary. Efforts to start "band wagon" parades for tome of the candidates evidently were not meeting wish mutual success and indications vere that a number of races would be close. Courier News and'KLCN Will Give Election News Returns from, today's state and county primary elections will be. made available to the people oi' Blytheville ami Mississippi county tonight as rapidly as they can be tabulated. The United Press will furnish returns of the state contests to the .Courier News throughout the night, or until major races are decided. The Mississippi county vote will be tabulated in the Courier News office. Kndio Station KLCN is placing a microphone in the Courier News office, and returns will be put wi the air at intervals throughout the night- Those not having access to radio receiving sets may keep in (ouch with the races in which they are interested by telephoning the Courier News, No. 300. tlonlng In regard to vice and gambling In New Orleans. Driving (he leglslalure as t}f did In Ihe regular session when all;: of his 'uills were rammed throiign,-' Etnaior Long will dominaie the" special session. V That ho plans a final showdown with Walmslcy and the 1 "O!d'Rcg : ulnrs" of New Orleans WES- a foregone conclusion. Long hns already seized conlrol of the registrar's office in Orleans parish. His militiamen have' held the ollicc for more than two weeks. At the saini: lime district as»20 of the $40 premium money, sessors, working directly midei- Other contributors were O. W. Afr'Long's stole Ux commission, have flick, Caldwell's Beauty Shop, First started reassessing'" New Orleans National Insurance agency, L. H. property in a move Intended to Welch, Borum's, Russell Phillips,[bankrupt the city government, i- he decided la wait «ml "have It bui." ' . ' There was one report the governor, In*- answer to references about his age, offered to withdraw from the race If he could not beat Reed iu fistic combat. However, the report was an exaggeration. The governor only jocularly offer- . cd to wrestle Reed on the plat-1 form. He offered to withdraw If his claims of 50 per cent reduc-; lion in capltol operatlnc expenditures were incorrect. Close Race for treasurer Probably Ihe most closely con- Farmers Bank and Trust company, Weil Brothers, Lloyd Stlckmon, K. C. Patton, W. E. Richmond nnd company, B. G. West, Hubljard Furniture company, Appleba urn's stores, Louis Applebaum, and Hubbard Hardware company. ffliE IS Bans Martbl law NEW ORLEANS, AU3. 14 CUP) — Jurtgc Nat W. Bond today granted clly authorities an Injunction against state enforcement of "partial martial law" which 1ms grip- pal the parish regular's office for ] llic pnst Mfo weeks. Whcllir-r Gnv. O. K. Allen will I order withdrawal of the. troops j could not be learned Immediately. Shoe Company Head Hits NRA Rule As Dictatorial Incumbent, asked a second term! He was opjwsed by Earl Page, commissioner of mines and agrl- ulturc. Both made extensive cam- laigns. The auditor's race gained inter- si In the last weeks. Observers ellcvcd there would be n run-off n this, the only race with more nan two candidates. Auditor J. Oscar Humphrey ^L=:;Resolulions Walkout 134 General American Tank 31 1-4 Genera] Electric 187-8 General .Motors 30 3-8 •International Harvester 26 3-8 Middlcwest Utilities .... 51-8 Montgomery Ward .'. 23 New York Central 21 1-4 Packard 31-4 Phillips Petroleum 17 1-8 Radio Corp 55-8 Simmons Beds 10 7-8 Standard of N. J 44 5-a Texas Co 24 U. S. Steel U. S. Smelting 33 5-8 137 New York Cotton NEW YORK, All?. 14 (UP) • Cotton closed bately steady. Oct Dec Jan 2 ' : Sc "°° 1 ' a Thr lists were correctly prepared and certified by the shcrilf and county clerks, but in the rush ol preparation blocks of nnmcs were | emitted by the printer. LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 14 (UP) — ... , ., , I rair weather prevailed throughout election failed to develop! Arkan5M t0 day as voters went !:SSL. of _" ny _.f" 1 ^™"?! to the polls to fill important state The disturb.! and balloting was proccedinf in AH orderly manner. Further errors in printing of the list of poll tax payers was revealed today running up to 139 the number of names omitted frcm the School District 3 (UlylheviUc) Jst, the following in olhsr districts: School District Import.-" r.nd consrcKstonal offices, Voting wns light and political observers here predicted that than 200.000 ballots would be cast. Vclin? at Littb Rock was one- third less than two years n^o. Reports from scattered scclions of Ilic slate indiculcd that state C iGosnell) 13; Schcol District 7 rac f wcre bc , lllg , forccd '" "" — ----- : __ tacki-icuiKl while local and county | elections held the spotlight. l\€W Orleans COttOn, -Mountain township, In Perry __ i county, first to rci»rt. gave Cov NEW ORLEANS. Aug. H (UP) — J. Marion Futrell. incumbent, a The cotton market wa°s easier to- lfi lo °" c majority over his op- day under the influence of poor: P°» mt - Kovvard Reed. , w ra | ns Ul (]lc I Fort Smith and Texarkana re- Prices sipgcrt 131 P° r Sc rt light voting, without an im- ! program, read the affidavit, which he said was signed by Joe Johnson, of Yarbro. H staled I Mardl lhat Johnson remarked on the Mny way to work at the Dyess colony last week that he was going to vote for Reed. Later the same day he w*s approached, the affidavit set forth, by Bob Bradley, a colony foreman, who asked nlm how he intended to vote. He said alter he replied that he was going to vote, for Reed he was »p- (Contlnutd on Ptfe 2) opeii hign low close 1339 13M 1332 1333 Oct 1350 1358 1346 1347 c.itles and drouth points. usual amount of interest. 1357 1370 1376 1381 1363 1375 1380 1385 1351 1363 1367 1373 1352 1353 1369 1375 Spots closed steady at 1345. off 13. Di'C Jan March May July Chicago Wheat open high low close Sep 104 1-4 105 1-8 101 7-8 102 1-8 open high low close I ^llollni;, however, was heavy at 1338 1341 1328 13°8 ' Balcsvlilc wlic-re the congrcsslona 1315 race overshadowed other con'r.sts Disorders were few. One man 1350 1357 1343 1351 1331 1350 13«b. , I3G5 13-0 1359 1359 *' ns "rresled at Fort Smith altc 1373 1376 1373 13«b| a Political altercation. 1331 1381 1381 137!i)| — Candidates For Magistrate on Ballot The Dcmocralic primary ballot presented a surprise in one race for Chtckasawba township elector* oday. No contest had been anticipated for Uie four magistrates' offices in the township, It being generally understood that only :hree candidates had filed for the lour offices: The ballot this morning however .showed five candidates for the four positions. J. B. Bunn, of Osccola, secretary of the Democratic county central committee, told the Courier News that five candloales had filed for, the four offices before the expiration of the filing period on June 14 and lhat the names of two had evidently been overlooked in publishing a list of candidates. The list, as rclcascij 01 Jun? 15. contained the names o Osc«r Alexander, R. L. McKnight Ed Wajker and G. J. Walker, the latter later being shown to have filed for constable and not for magistrate. Two others apparently overlooked but on the ballot to- tiay were: J. L. Nabcrs and U. N. Farrar, scught his fourth term. Opposing liiu were Charles S. Parker of '"armlcn. nn opponent two years go. nnd R. \v. Parrlsh of Lake Village. Both the aspiranls show- Demanding Presented at Union fleeting. NEW YORK, Aug. 14. CUP)— Immcdtnlc action on resolulions calling for a general strike In the textile industry was forestalled today when all resolutions were turned over to a committee at the 31st annual convention of the United Textile Workers of America. resolutions tonight, with led on prescnlalion of all ed strength during the last weeks'were handed to Abraham Blnns, ol campaigning. | Ncw Bcdford| Mnss rcso j lu ions Bitter words flew in the alter- ,commlltec chairman. my general's campaign in which I Deadline Hal L. Norwood sought his sixth term. Carl E. Bailey, Puiaskl county prosecuting attorney, made one of the most vigorous cam- Minns of the summer for the attorney generalship. Secretary of State E. McDonald and C. G. (Crip) Hall, aspirant made vilriolic charges and coun- Ici charges In their slate stump- Ing tou rs. One ol the most closely watched 'Mary Pickford Silent WASHINGTON, Aug. 14 (UP) — • NRA was charged today before'-- thc fcdsral trade commission with ' "constllutitig a dictatorial form of government never Intended by the trainers of the constitution." ( The challenge to NRA before the trade commission was made by Edward J. Ramsey and three Ne.v York shoe companies of which h'u Is nn oflicor. The chai'ye.s were contained In an answer lo an NRA complaint | l5si;ed by ttie trade commission, accusing Dnmsey of violating the J.fore than fifty resolulions bear-! S |,cc mnnufaclurlng Industry 'cotlt- Ing on a strike call for workers: which prohibits granting of d!-;- in the collon and woollen trades counts of more lhan 5 p?r cent. of the secondary races was the stale senate race in Crlttenden nnd St. Francis counties. Memphis newspapers canted the banner of B. C. (Took) Gainings, West Memphis, In his fight against Senator Rex Wheeler, party boss of the district. S|»ts closed Eteadv at 1330. off 14. Chicago Corn Scp open 76 3-8 high low closo 77 1-2 75 3-8 75 3-8 Dec 107 3-8 108 1-8 IM 5-8 104 5-8 Dec 19 3-8 80 3-4 'W 5-8 78 5-8 Goshorn's front porch. ! Dos Believes in Advertising , GALION, O. (UP)—The Gallon j Daily Inquirer has found a 5og ; among its readers. No sooner was [the paper on the street carrying 'an advertisement for a small boy's ^ lost Boston Bull Pup than the dog I papers as a candidate for gov- was found on Publisher w. V. | ernor on the new Progressive party Philip La Fofette Will Ran for Governor MADISON, wis., AH?, u <UP) —Former Governor Philip F. La Follette lotey Wed nomination ticket. Stroke Proyes Fatal to Mrs. Goldie Williams Mrs. Goldie M. Williams, 50 died at the Blytheville hospital at 1:30 ajn. after a stroke which followec several months' Illness. She Wfc R member of the Royal Neighbors and had lived here for a number of years. Funeral services will be held at the Nazarene church a 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon with L. G. Mess In charge of ar rangements. Mrs. Williams Is survived by he husband. J. M. WiUluns, a son Earnest Roberts oJ this city, ani a daughter, Mrs. P»ulin« Apple most, of Bentonlt, UlM. was set for midnight! on Relations With DoUK i the committee £chcd-| _ -^ led to confer late today. UnDlon | HOLLYWOOD, Cat.. Aug. 14 (tl fficlats estimated thai strike nifc p,_ Maly p ic kford hinted upon ers would not be disposed of b*. ncr relllrn from , ne cast todls , ore Thursday. j (1l ., t snc nnd Dongi^ ruirfcanks " " | are not likely to reconcile their Get M«ls by M»il 1 matrimonial differences. . ALCOA, Tenn.. Aug. 14. (UP)- ( ^ Tho Icss sald nboul llmt , n( , Yorkers marooned in Ihc plant of ! better.- she t o!d reporters who he Aluminum Company of Amor- J gree(cd llcr as shc n i ightcd rrom ca waited for the parcel post a trans-continental train nan today so they could eat. He was to bring bread and can- mnlled " hc ' own ' 5 Ti 8 £rs Yanks Pickets, established around the plant by striking workers, effect- i vely kept out all food supplies: i n Fj rs J Game of Series ilant looked after machinery so it would not deteriorate while idle, because of the strike. YANKEE STADIUM, N. Y.. Au;. tcday boosted thsir American league lead to fin and a half games ever Ncw York by wallop! 113 Ihe Yankees. 0 to 5. in the first con- r • Escape Serious Injury , op When Truck Overturns- s the double-header that their crucial five-gam: bruises when their truck I A RKANSAS-Par!ly cloudy to- over on Highway 01 near _.„., ond W ediiosdiy. Possibly Karl Greene, local dalryms. - ,[ and his wife escaped with onlyj minor turned Wilson yesterday aflernon. The truck was damaged considerably. Greene lost control of his machine when he attempted to drive back on the pavement after one wheel had slipped off on a shoulder. WEATHER night ond Wednesday. ' showers Wednesday. Memphis and Vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Little change In tempsrature. The maximum temperature here yeslerday was 94. minimum 6S, partly cloudy.

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