The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 19, 1936
Page 3
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-MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1D36 BIA'TIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Stcelc-Cooter Society — Personal' ™ ",-"'«' Cl '";' C " wlu ,, 1b ^ 1 " °"jv»!e is rmiporattns nt the Home col. .'(,. 1 hroe classes will UP held | of her sister, Mrs. iMul Frame or '••'", cmil'isr. i 'this elly. from a lonsll operation, linlily Craw fowl ins relumed M rs. Gladys nice ami children fiom the Ulythcvlllc hospital, |. ; ,, 0 returned from a visit with wnero he underwent an appendix her puivnls, Mr. and Mrs Arch of the nmrrhse of M |« Mnxli.e day , Wl , In hono o ,,«, I I ' ^ l •luylor of Stcelc ami W. T. Pen- tiav iimil«,r.snry of their ^nul- no ih of t'.e cih 1, Is ' - " uey . . - tav iimi«,r.snry o teir ^nul- of 'Komictt. winch occurred ut. (hughlcr, Miss Mi.rjo.-lo Paul, ulm t*nt i .mi (-N.nt ,,m h,-,.. 11 n»i ____ . .... i . ... . ' M, mi . l'U 1 1 : '"Ids More Than 1,000 Pounds of Butterfal in 12Monlhs Arkansas Jersey Best in Souih • is the daughter or Mr.' ui Caruthcisvllle. MAGNOLIA, - " e Bra< " llltC " fr °'" hl *" school nt 'Dccrlng and later had 0 , "•"!»!'"'' Rt MOl ° rS SCh ° 01 ° f C ° S i- ii •! iniolologynnc list rdress ng at.Mmi- ::: e.r , t! n ciuiei on the evrnhiff of OH 17 •)', ""' '«">»" •£'$ ™ ^ I ov Iv •.urnrlscd Wvdnrsrlnv m-miiii.. >., Mays Krascvell. The recent sudden n Republicans that they would <l1 " 1 - ~ "•• -- — • *•••.»".j \>u n mm uiu ^i>have to fish!' lo «avc Landon's ' lt '"' 1 - He allenile<1 "'B" words. "Happy Birthday Goraa," tV* licme state of Kansas may b° -m EC ' 1001 1U ' n ' cnlon - i!c L<i <><> w ;1 'c n ' Indication of the reported swhic mi>ll "l! cl ' ° f lhp A "- c sh °e Shop dear I Fc-.v observers think Lnndoii will '" Kc!lnolt ' He was fol '"«rly us- (llnnei lose those nine electoral ' votes Joclalctl wilh c - °- Pttmcy of Mr,, and Mrs. Johnnie Mays but guesses ns to. his plurality dty in - shoc sh °l )s " l stcelc "««• returned to their home In no.v usually run between 10000 aml Traiton - i Parma alter n visit with relatives and 25.COO. ' | Illc J' will make their home at at Cooler. Hundreds of millions or federal Bennett ullt Mrs - Penney will con-. Mrs. Wiley Davis nnd son, Ce- fumls have gone into Kansas 1" U1C l ° °l )ol ' alc her beauty shop, cil Campbell, and Morris Turner and Republicans charge a spec- tw for tl>e !"'«*»'• have returned from IHgley, Ariz., lal delude this month. Tabor and ' 'where they visited Mrs. Davis' son ihc west Kansas wheat fanners Amo »S "'aso from here who at-1 iiailcy Campbell, and wife, form- are reported stronj /or Roose-' '""''"' " lc ,. (iance excursion at erly of this place, who went Iowa Itace Is Close In Icwa ex-Governor I.owden is a [jrciit favorite. But so Is Secretary Wallace and the eventual al'ocalion of Iowa's 11 electoral votes is in doubt. I-indon had a warm reception in Iowa. Reports differ as to whether his farm -speeches or -..j. v ., .....i*... IVH.IUHLI.->, •• Hcc'evcK's have had the better Mlsscs Marjorie Paul, Nina Brooks, cffrcL I Juanita Lossing, Opal Taylor, There's more general concern Jl " lc Crlce, Lynn ISarber. Glenn In Nebraska over (he political Mic| ilc, Kalye Ridciick. Faye Rid- fnlc of Senator Georpe W. Nor- " M ' i-is than in the slate's seven electoral but Republicans '"ere ""' nw "' Mra ' '"' d "< Sl <- ^S ,u ., ''"tioiib as h:m\ worklilvj meiAbi>r.s S^ 2 *' '" Minn. ,, ,„,.,„,,,. ,.„,„„,,„ ............ ,,,_ . . PAGE niH'eslors Imve Joriciis contlltioii with colitis. yj e |.j |,. t | |e ),)„],_ Biiluuie'ii Magnolia Dclle, highest i::odu:li, t! .Jersey cow In tho Soulli Meldid U'« Iks. tntter-lal, tun Ibs. milk In one your In Arkansas Slate A. As M. College dairy herd, Mugnclln, Ark. . rst c'-'iiipbiKl s-j far this year by „ , ""' ~ " " ' " Df'l Rilw Dip.: ,?" y cow '" lhc Ullltwl Stales! l ; G(ll<1 »»<! Silver Medals for the simlluvesl quarter *-**• 1 u:lljy UIZ5 £m[| |f s i,,, ,..„.,.,. pol,,!.. ,.„„..,,... hin I nrodllntinn i\( pmvi: h/. *lr,i/l .....,..1.,.. ../ -..-.I.. !'•<• rid I'.'sk.v. nine '"liter o( Mr. and If slvj i lra ts cnlvhij rcqui.^- inon- '"rats may rumllfy her for ihc and Anurlcan Jersey Cattle Cltd) 1'res- ,-.„,.,,., ... ^ . , . , ..... •? ..... - i""~''i .."" ..^ILL w i •.*>,'• i-iiu nii^tin'-'nc. wn.s nnuie Lniulhcrsvillc Friday night were Arizona for Mrs. Campbell's :•' V.MVlns ccmninrv siw K «n- ' Mr ' ' home near Dell. , of Hie tuembers of tills national r.-i' seivi--\i were held yes- oiwinl/atlon of Jersey cattle bree-|. -"•' '"' ' was made ers. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Little. Mr. and ]I'.ealth. She has spent two months vim! l>v hor ini-rnts imi Ihrn- n n . Mrs. Cecil Wdngflcld, Mr. and'in a hospital there and her friend Lrolhrr'!.'wlude » n d R^! "o^V B^l M 1 r, LCS ' Cr p f ; I 'i' """ Mrs - lll r c *'"' "° ! " C " SC " to le;lm " ml! T "" crl '» rimer;! "«'"" «™ t" I V pro-he' Basel McClurc. Ralpli Kushmg, she is new improving They live rltai.-c c! fvneral -- - - - ' c Eddie Crlce, Joe A/bill. Alfred on a farm about 20 miles' from I Pounds, Tom Hopper. Jennings Al- j Phoenix. Johnnie and Minnon 'loid, Westall Riddick. Gray Hop-; Campbell, who have spent the 'past two months here ,wi(h relative:; while their mother was In the hospital, returned home with their cjrandmolher. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Northern have gone lo Corinth, Miss., where Mr. Northern has a position with an implement company. Peggie and Jane Cooper, daugh- t ,„, ',' • " '""° n ' Slllt(ll «''s Mngnolln - .... --ay Hop per. Jack Travis, James Reid. Ar- Ihin- Taylor, Archie Richards, Announcements have of tho arrival: of arrived an 8!-'.are fairly confident of carryin" P°«ud son to Mr. and Mrs. Otlio Ihn slate even though Rrosevelt's! Stnnficlcl of Caruthersvillc last Cmslin speech iiirn-cssccl iiianyj wcct: - tllc baby has been given fnrmeis. the name of George otho. Mr. Ncrris. (lie 15-ycav-old veteran' Stanlield formerly livc<l in this independent progressive, passed iip) cit 5' an<1 wns connected with the belli major party nominations "' ' "" ~' " and ran as an independent. Although Rocscvcll went to Omaha Standard Oil Station. Mrs. E. B. Uenton nnd .lack have returned from Pine where they visited son ki.i.t.f.i nu^anLiL \vutii. 10 Ljmana "* ikr - u^vc j primarily to endorse him. it. looks Bluff, Ark., as if he midit, be beaten by Bobj wit " relatives. Simnrcns. his Republican, oppon- M '-s. Buddy Wright and chil- <•'"'• drcn. who spent the past, three Rcpub'icans are more hopeful months with relatives in Flint of Fouth Dakota than of North Mieh., and New York City, arriv- Dakola. In the former state. ho-.v-| C(1 home Friday night. They were ever, it is generally believed that I accompanied by relatives' Irom " " r the "relief vet?" will swing thc, lr li»t. who will be Mrs. Wright's result and a realistic, approachrgupsls for several days, ivould seem to gh'e Roosevelt ani Ruble Burns who is attending edge there. ' • - her the in this fouii- - ce over 1,000 )>ounds "' oulterfal In a year after reach,,. - ~ t ., , !';» 10 >•>-'»" of age and the third M ClKPr l\f>H).<S Notes | Jmi '>' CD «' south of the Mason and ! 'ixon lino to achieve this pnxluc- high production of cows he sired. Will Hold Meetings Each Night This Week Mrs. J. 1). Cox, Memphis cvan- I BCllst, who hold meetings on the former site of tho Mahau .More of . W. C. Wall of Memphis has ac" lio " the position of as v cashier at the Reiser Supoly. Wall spent the weck-cp-i Irre ms ac- ( ' jsislant I While .she was making her exy: Mr?, ccpilonal record she was under the '>iak« Kel- special supervision of Ves w. Oo:l- ley, aiili.u.1 Imsbandryman of Arkansas Slate A. ,t M. Coileg, of the e at ' c " °°n lo ters of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cooper of Cooler, who had Ihcir loiiE 1 !-, «„„,, ',',, , ~"; ,' ~~" — • removed at the Methodist hos- ^™^ ^"';« of r-ital in Memphis last week 'jetting along fine. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ennis and ,,,^' Sflll nilllrirl I r,nn,, \, n .._ ..-1... . , >l">-" cx ' ;ecls soon ^ ''= fl!rn % hcr < hmm ' Mrs ' R ' "' Robinson and Mr,. 'Magnolia. . , ' K' PI '' g " U ™' lsc ' "! c 'V'' A / U '! C °° k " f 'Minolta. Ark., bred / , ? '' ^cdnesJay at- ; Sultnue's Mngnblla nelle, her dam lo '"'• »>» mlilr-^ f M. an he northeast t|i.:irler of section 20, norlheasl. qiiurlcr of nortlieasl. quarter ot Mellon 27. township 15 north, ranse 8 east; east, hnlf of snull.- insl quarter of secllon JO, cast lialf of northeasi, quarter of sec- lion 31, norlheast mmrtcr of soiillieast (iiinrtei- of section 31 nncl west half of southwest nnar- Ihc total of eighteen 'mills con" slllutional limit of; taxes for .school purposes. Said election will ue held In said District on' tho 22rd day of October, 1936, between '(he hours of 2:00 P. M. I'lid G:30 P. M., and olherwls3 In the same manner as piovlded by law for holding special school elections,, at the foliowlnu polllnsj places, to-wll: ' First Ward, at City Ifall; Second Waitl, at E. I). Ceo 1 Sa!c< Co. liullclh',;, cra-n,?r 51K nnd Main .streets; Third Wind, at Ark-Mo Co. UulUHng, WITNKSS my hand this 2(Jlli day of Seplcmbeiv 1930. W1NMIU VIROIL TURNER, County Examiner.' 28-5-12-19" What Diseases Do Piles Cause ? Dr. A. J. Minis, chief of stall of the world fnn;ous Thornton &' ] Minor Clinic says: "Piles arc the direct cause (if thousands of cases of functional troubles of stomach, liver, kidneys and heart. Chronic constipation, colitis, neuritis, loss r.f memory, loss of vigor and it ncneral lircd feeling are • often relieved when' rectal troubles aro cured." - : , „ on Main street Friday and lcr ° r S( -' ctlcl > ;)2 . lownshlp 12 Saturday nights, announced today nc " 1 "' rnll B<-' 8 easl. that she will deliver gospel mes ' i-nes at (he -same place each nljjiit ! ! '' OTIf 'i: OF Sl'KCIAT, EMiCTlON this week. The meetings will start. I IN TIIE UIA'THEVIIXE Sl'EC- al, 7-Tn n'<*wi- IAL, sniinni. niRT-uir*'!' \T^ at 7:30 o'clock. While Mrs. Cox Is a member of! the Missionary BnptUt church, her meetings are non-sccturlan and she Invites, everyone to attend. She tends ia'n.'csnccl'nrinvUntloii to tin; nilnLstcrs and song leaders of local churches (o participate In her services. - R<=bl««on also the comity council meet- T" ^ r ; dn> '- Sho Is pres- C Kelser P '' T A ' "'"' . n Gilbert Laccy have rclurnc C Kelser P '' T A ' "'"' visits in It. I^u s a, M P™?'?«1 Si » "'«ting_of the local from Chicago with relatives. llll( l .wciety Thursday afternoon nt Mis. A. W. accompanied Jordan of this city by her dau e h^ and her grnndam and at one tlms owned her ereat graixlnm, bred by W. D. wiiHjficM of Emerson, Ark. other ancestors on tlie ma- tcnml side of sultnne'.s Magnolia Belle's pedigree were bred in the nerds of j. c. Garrett of Hom»r 1.1. and A. D. Little of Trenton • ------ f ----- • "wii civ. ----- Hiiu f\. IJ. LjlLUL* Ol 1TCI1L011 '„'',,? I"?," 5 T ". mHm ™" car- i Ten,), jas. Ilulchlnson and Jo= Cor- Polk week in Memphis at the bedside the Ir'fsJay ni^hj. Has to atlcirJ the former's soii-in-law Dan jr., of Lepanto. Ark., who ., . ., . underwent an appendix operation just it ii-- A^II, ...... , !.„„.„., J" st *e comapny. Mr. and Mrs. f, khnd ' ro , nnished re:lecoratmic. _. or Magnolia, Ark., also owned some of her maternal ancestors. Her sire Sullanc' Gamboge Pcp- was bred hi Ihe Arkansas Stat? A: M. College l\cnl and other , nnlinnls In the'first three B encri- Marun inv<> | tions of her paternal p-diijrec ivhrc ... ~. —^ L,,I, ,,,,, ui;,],^ ;l ix?r was bre< hi I <- prize from the Equitable Life In- j A. lfc j, coll' 11 t:nr<in^n nn,..^^,... , . »juiii.t, . t Mirntsota Is Dnubtfiil Hcplng to win Minnesota's , been elected president of the Soptiomore class. Democratic with.hhiaunt.VMrs: L; C. Spencer. votes. Roqspve ; lt has cast in his lot '.with the Jj'armer-Labor party there . .bv . persuading ra-irt't'Vf.-, fcr state officu to Miss Eunice Outline," \\~ho was v ' ] ' "'• | in cnar S° °f fie Steele telephone i ins wtion has raised a storm exchange during the absence of of criticism, chiefly from anli- her sister,.Mrs. Ruth Lawhon who Rcoxcvelt sources, but has ma- was in St. Louis for a week left teiially improved Uoosevell's Saturday night for her homo in chances there, since the Derno- Lake City, Ark. A party of friends cratic tv.rty in Minnesota meant'from 1 Lake City came down Covery litlla and the Farmer-L-'.bor her and several hours in parly means a great deal. | this city. Minnesota, like most of the At a meeting last week of the other farm states, is a toss-up. I liowen Bible class the folio™" Wisconsin-s 12 electoral votes officers were elected president" ore cnmmonly expected to go to : Mrs. P. E. Ponder; vice-president' Fcrsevelt. thanks to the LaFol-j Mrs. J. P. Vickery; reporter Mrs . ^.. s, v ... ju. uvm IJiUH IUIU Ut LUIllp Jl[, VVPSt Lloyd McBrldc. of Carulhersville Memphis and Irave moved lo a as m-rivbd for an extended - visit Place between Blytheville and 1, Varbro. Mre. Allen is the daughter i] of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E>ollard. Miss Delsie Stewart of Blythe- lettcs and the state Democrats, tc- R. Turner; secretary treasurer, Mrs. John R More™ If they don't, it will be - , rs. on More™ cause too many farmers of Oer- teacher, Mrs Grace Waffiier This man and Scandinavian descent meeting was Held In the home of became appalled by New Deal Mrs A M Wren and agricultural M«. -Panzic Hopper is visiting her sister in Alamo, Term., for several weeks. The B. T. u. Training school of spendlng ports. (Copyright, 1936, NSA Service, Inc.) Out of Town Members Attend Temple Services Members of Temple Israel nt O.-xeola, Lnxora and Manila attended the services here yesterday afternoon. Sunday school was .5 — —. held at. 1:30 o'clock, followed by; No matter how many medicines s ni - ] "" 1 - i you Imve tried for your cough, chest not cold or bronchial Irritation, you can "" f •-"-' Crconiulslon. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On get relief now with ^ruumuision. Serious trouble may be brewing and services at 3 o'clock. Rabbi Maurice Lyons did —. speak on "The Happy Marriage," as announced, because of the pro- j vou ranrTnfTnfn' longed program, but he will dis- wiSrTnylninf less than Creomul- CUES this subject next Sunday sion, which goes right to the. seat afternoon. | of the trouble to aid nature to Mrs. Walter Roscnthal was in I ? ootnc anci »eal the Inflamed membranes us the germ-laden phlegm 1^ Irtncnrmrl nv>^l , n s ° charge of the choir which tendered special music. ,ls loosened nncl expelled. , Even If other remedies have tailed, don't bo discouraged, your More than 41 per cent .of the ^'SRlst is authorized to guarantee men's clothing manufactured in thel ninnTv".'^?,, an<1 l ? rcfun(i S'o«r United States is made in New York! results from the very^flrft^bT'l 11 l aet Creomulslon right now. (AdvO Important Notice CITY PAVING and SEWER TAXES A!l scwcr. and paving fnxcs arc now due anil payable at Hie nfiirc of the City Hoik in Vhe City Hall. I'lrfise pay (hcFc (axes wiUionl delay nnd save penally and extra costs. Ruth Blythe, Cily Improvement Collector ; bred by Mrs. Mary A. Knys I Nabb. 111.. L. K. t.lover and T. Perry ^^f'So^hasac-'^,!^ — - "••" 10 iiviffumig ^e|Hcd a petition in this city at \ri-c ~\r* -n n ~" college at Cape . Girardcnu, has ihe Williams Garafc ! D if o - „ • , ' J - T -1 b .°8" Star Oxford of tlie Kn'vs hcrrt '•-- ' " ' - ' " ' - ' ' Polk ' Slte Whll) l )lc - Eli^hetl, r^n.twns one of .the great grandsires of ni i n ' - ' ov " »" C T. ii D n ,? r nxl " rr! Craves of Oralidvlew. Mo. Gam. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Allen have ,n i . M. , , «t old their tourist camp at West u ' hv h Mem !hk " Memhis an ' Sl '" ''^ S °" tll=rn Jer ' scy cl """P'<"' «•«" i wns " 11 P or '«l from the Island of M « nn, i • ^ wns 11 P or «l from the Island of r Tor i " FI(lrris "" d Joil » Mil- . Jersey bv Bcimond Duller of Ches" ' "" ° f '™ nds ter ' N '- Y ' Tlle ''"l"'''^ bull was Realty Transfers , DISTRICT NO OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY' ! ARKANSAS. Notice Is hereby nlvon that the' County Court, of Mississippi County. Arkansas, has called a special election lo he • • - Blythevllle Special Edgar Wnrranty Deeds I. Brown and wife Robert T. nrowii, Interest In easl half of northwest quarter of section -I. township 15 north ranuo 11 cast. h W. C. VanHlbbcr and E. VnnlJIubor, lot H, Ulook D, Ban-on and Lilly addition to Dly- thovillc. C. 11. Klrshner ami wife lo U W. Williams, northwest quarter of north\vest fiuartcr of section 32 towii5l.l]> 15 norlli, range <J east. General American Life Insurance company to J. H.' Grain, cast I'nlf of northeast quarter of section 15. 13 north, range 8 cast west half of section 25,! rens Colds . . .Best treated without"dosing." held In 'tho School District No. 5 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, for Ihc purpose of hav- i"S the qualified electors of the jsald School District vote on the | question of seven mills butldlnx to fund tax, to be ™llecl«l annually •' on the assessed valuation of the; taxable property in (he District beginning wilh (he taxes collected lu 1D31, to repay the principal and Interest of n proposed rc- fundlng bond issue of $221,000.00, lo which years. run for This seven mills set apnrt MIIU a building funtl Is part of Killed In Action! Millions of tiny parasites that eaiisc^lio condition known ns ATII- I.ETB'S I'OO'I' by a few applicn- tlons of a powerful limiiil antiseptic called midWN'S LOTION. This lotion is applied only at.niglil. llnny eases of (nag standing nro completely cured within four or five (lays. Your druggist will refund your money if IlltOWN'S LOTION fails to cure any case of AT1U I.ETE'S FOOT within fourteen days. Two sizes. OOc.anil 41.00, at Klrby Dros. Drug Co. If you have Piles or other rectal disorders do not fool yourself, because serious coaipllcallons, Including cancer/develop fiom what may appear tcday ns a minor nf- illctliin. Write today to Thomton .t Minor Clinic, Suite 2219,, 92G McGce Street, Kansas City, Mo., for a free copy of a new llais- j I rated bcok which explains Piles and ether rectal diseases and which (ells about Iho successful 1 melhod.'i used by lhc world's oldest rectal Institution, whe.e more limn 47,000 men and .women have secured pernnrl;nt relief froni; their rectal troubles without needless surgery, dangerous anacstlielics or liCEpUnllmtion. Con espomlenco is eonndcntlal nnd literature .13 mailed umler plain wrapper. —Adv. 903 THE GREATEST THRILL IN FOOT-BALL IS A PERFECT SCORING PLAY. MINNESOTA PULLED A BEAUTY LAST YEAR IN THE MINNESOTA- NEBRASKA GAME UNDEFEATED, MINNESOTA FACES TOUGHEST • MINNESOTA HAD ADVANCEDTWWN THE FIELD FOR A FIRST DOWN ON .NEBRASKA'S 9-YARD LINE. NOW HERE'S WHERE FOOTBALL BRAINS COME IN. HERE'S WHAT TO WATCH TOR AT THE NEXT GAME- FAMOUS SPORTS ANNOUNCER DOWNS YDS TO GO NEBRASKA STIFFENS. 1 DOWNS YDS TO GO A UNE PLUNGE OFF CENTER IS STOPPED BY NEBF1A5KA ', THIS PLAY IS NOT INTENDED TO SCORE. MINNESOTA IS t>\ DOING WHAT EVERY CLEVER TENNIS STAR, FENCER OR \\GASE8Ml PITCHER DOES RUNNING PLAYS TO GET 1 \JHEIR OPPONENTS OUT OF POSITION & OFF TIMIN5 . AGAIN MINNESOTA THRUSTS AT THE LINE. NEBRASKA STOPS THEM DEAD. THEY'RE FIGHTING WITH EVERY OUNCE OF VIGOR TO PREVENT MINNESOTA .FROM SCORING— 9 TEAMS OUT OF 10 WOULD UNCORK THEIR SCORING PLAYS NOW. BUT NEBRASKA EXPECTS THIS. MINNESOTA HAS TO USE : \;//~ AND «>MES OUT WITH THE SV/EET- • EST SCORING PLAY 1VE EVER SEEN. LET m DRAW YOU A COACH'S DIAGRAM \OF IT ON THE TABLECLOTH... ^-^'i^'toV'/A' o d'<W - B -'.- -, M'ft?'^ , •• . x */ \ \® & A VS^i / \ .. ..v •<• -»---® / - . / 'A YARD LINE. MINNESOTA GOES INTO A HUDDLE _ // LET ME GIVE YOU ANOTHER GOOD POINTER THEN: SMOKE CAMELS BETWEEN COURSES AND AFTER EATING. CAMELS HELP EASE STRAIN FOR ME AND BRING ME A FEELING OF DIGESTIVE WELL-BEING TOUCHDOWNS UKE THAT SEND CHILLS UP AND DOWN MY SPINE. I GET SO WOHKED- UP AT A 816 GU\E ANT ENJOY )OD AFTERWARDS ...MINNESOTA IS IN SINGLEWIN&-BACX FOfl^WTION WITH AM UN"' '""" • - =• WE <3UARTER-BA«,«3 SACK. TAKES THE PASS FROM , .T™ . ' " S A Mlf SP1NNER '~>' AND TOSSES AN UNDERARM LATERAL ~™ TO THE RIGHT HALF-BACK fi SACK®, WHO FEINTS AT \ THE UNE, THEN THROWS A SECOND LATERAl^TO TOE LEFT HALF| MCX, THE TAIL-BACK ® WHO HAS BEEN COMING OVER. THE TAIL- I tuw.jworc QUICKLY AND CUTS OFF TACKLE...FOR A TOUCHDOWN® IEANT1ME EVERY hW< OK THE NEBRASKA -••• - - ..-«..nj^^ TEAM WHO CAN STOP THE PLAY IS TAKEN OUT. THANKS TO THE THSEE PLAYS JUST PRECEDING THEY ARE OFF-BALANCE AND OUT OF POSITION. THIS MAKES IT EASIER TO STRETCH THEM DOWN FLAT AND OUT OF THE RUNNING THE ACTION PICTURE SHOWS THE PERFECT MINNESOTA 810CKIN6 I COVER A GOOD SECTION OF THE COUNTRY—SEE PRACTICALLY ALL THE TOP-NOTCH ATHLETES—CAMELS ARE THE FAVORITE EVERYWHERE T' THEY SET THE _ fm - TM [ AIL-TIME HIGH | , FOR MILDNESS AND FLAVOR AND CAMELS DON'T GET ON WUR NERVES CAMELS SET YOU RIGHT! SMOOTH MAY THE DAYS UPS AND DOWNS, LET DIGESTION GET OFF TO A GOOD START. JUST ENJOY CAMELS AT MEALTIMES AND ArTER. SMOKING CAMELS SPEEDS UP THE FLOW OF DIGESTIVE fLUlDS— INCREASES ALKALINITY— BRINGS A SENSE OF WELL-BEING — SO FOft OWiSTION^S SAW SMOKE CAMEiS. CAMELS ARE MADE FROM FINER, MORE BCPfNSIVE TOBACCOS- 1 - TURKISH AND DOMESTIC— THAN ANY OTHER * " IS "" OJ R ' J ' REV N°U>S TOBACCO COMPANY , R. J.- Reynolds fob. Co. • WINSTON-SALEM. NOflTH

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